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Y2K Preparation!

Karen Zerby

By MariaMaria #497 CM/FM 3252 7/99

Dear Family‚

1. With 1999 more than half over now, we're quickly approaching the time when the effects of the millennium bug will be felt on a worldwide scale—the dawning of the year 2000 on January 1. During the last few months we've been earnestly seeking the Lord to see what further counsel He has for us on the Y2K problem and how we can prepare for it. Our loving and ever-helpful Husband has given us a ­number of prophecies about the significance of the millennium bug, how it will affect us in the Family, how we can prepare to meet it, and some wonderful promises we can appropriate and hold on to. We'd like to share these Heavenly messages with you in the pages that follow, and we pray they're a blessing to you in your physical and spiritual preparation for the days to come.

Keep Checking in with the Lord!

2. One thing the Lord emphasized in our Y2K preparations was the need to keep checking in with Him. It's something He's been teaching us in many areas, not just this one, so He obviously considers it very important. After all, only He knows the future and how we can best prepare for it, and He can save us a lot of wasted time and effort if we keep asking Him what to do and how to do it!

3. (Jesus speaking: ) It's always a good idea to keep checking in with Me regarding the signs of the times, current events, world happenings and developments. My children often grow familiar with the daily events and goings-on in the world. This is a weakness of the flesh, and one you must continually seek to fight against. I would that My children stay alert, awake, and aware concerning the happenings in the world around them. By checking in with Me often on these matters, I'm able to clear your vision, and this helps to keep you stirred up and on your guard.

4. The children of men largely tend to brush the Y2K threat aside. Though in some sectors you hear it widely spoken of‚ many sweep it carefully under the carpet of commercialism. Though they appear to prepare, they're but seizing a mo­ment to grasp for worldly gain. As they cash in on marketing trinkets and unnecessary paraphernalia, exploiting the matter to the nth degree‚ all the while it's working to deaden the senses of the masses to the real threat that lies unseen.

5. Much of their hype serves no good purpose‚ as all the while they belittle the seriousness of the matter. But I call you, My children, to not be ignorant. Whether the Y2K bug brings immediate devastating effects or it appears that all things continue on as usual, all things are not as they appear, for the Y2K problem marks the day of sorrows.

6. I call My children to watch in prayer and regularly check in with Me. I call you to stay tuned and receive My updates. Listen to My voice as to whether I will move you along in the plan I have given you aforetime or whether I would have you reevaluate your plan and move along in a slightly altered direction.

7. I would that My children watch and pray so that I might speak to them often. It's not good enough to go on yesterday's plans and instructions, for My children must seek Me ­often to know which way to go—if nothing else but to get a confirming word that you're on the right track, for this will build your faith. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

8. (Mama:) Like the Lord said above, there's a lot of hype and com­mercialism surrounding the millennium bug now. News articles on Y2K and ads for Y2K-related products are flooding the media in many countries. Some of the news articles present helpful information. Others just add to the information overload which so many people experience today‚ and work to "deaden the senses of the masses to the real threat‚" because people get so tired of hearing about the subject. Similarly, some of the Y2K products advertised seem very good and helpful, while others are overpriced or unnecessary trinkets sold by those "grasping for worldly gain."

9. Whatever the millennium bug brings as its immediate effects, the Lord admonished us to watch and pray because this is a turning point in history. He said it "marks the day of sorrows!" Here's more from the Lord on Y2K and its significance in Endtime events.

Don't Just Prepare for Y2K

—Prepare for the End!

10. (Jesus speaking:) The millennium bug is more than a computer problem or technical bug; it's a sign of the times. It marks a time when new things are set in motion, a heralding of things coming to pass that I have said were going to come to pass. You may not see a lot of signs right away at the end of 1999 or the beginning of the new year‚ or even much of a difference, but in the spirit world there's a great change, and the effects of those changes are slower to be evidenced in the physical.

11. When there are great changes in the spirit‚ they don't always show up immediately in the physical; it takes time for them to be manifested. And although a lot of people will not think much has happened with the millennium bug or that Y2K has much significance, I tell you that in the spirit it represents a great change. It is an unleashing of more of the Devil's power and control over the Earth, as it says in My Word: "For the mystery of iniquity does already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way." I'm letting Satan have his day and come into his power. The millennium bug is not just a bug, but a spirit let loose on the Earth to mark the beginning of your drawing closer to the End.

12. It's not just a time when computers will have technical problems—it has far greater significance than that. You'll see the state of the world and peace degenerate much more rapidly. The signs that I've given in Matthew 24 about how to tell when you're living in the Endtime will become much more obvious because of the power that Satan will have over the Earth. There will be more wars and rumors of wars. You'll see much more strife, weather abnormalities, plagues and earthquakes, people doing much more hateful and evil things to each other, becoming more unloving. There will be greater perversions, greater darkness in the minds of men as they give themselves over to this evil spirit of the Wicked One called the millennium bug.

13. It truly is time to prepare for the End, and not just a little computer complication. It's also a sign to alert My children that the End is growing closer. It's to give you warning, to alert you that Satan is being unleashed as I said he would be. All things that I have written must come to pass, and this is his time. Once he's unleashed, you'll see how quickly his power will influence the world. So prepare, not just for Y2K‚ but for much more than that! (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

14. (Mama:) The Lord explained that the millennium bug is a sign of the times and that great changes are on the way‚ even though they might not be manifested right away at the beginning of the year. So it's good to be prepared—not just for a little computer glitch or a temporary disruption of water, electricity and communication‚ but for the End itself! With ­Satan being unleashed‚ there'll be more wars, more strife, and more evil and darkness as these events predicted for the Endtime come to pass.

15. How should we prepare for these things and what can we expect? How will they affect the Family and our friends? The Lord gives us more details in the next two messages, as well as some good practical advice.

Be Prepared for the Inevitable!

16. (Jesus speaking:) While in some places the millennium bug may be a simple glitch in some systems, in other places it may totally disrupt people's daily lives.

17. To you who are in the first world, the developed countries, I say this: Do not get so dependent on the System. For should the AC governments decide that this is the time to act, they will destabilize the banks, the credit systems, and the markets first. Don't become so dependent on these things that you can't survive a month or two without them.

18. To those who are in the third world, the less developed countries‚ I say: These are ­areas which will be affected much less, for these ­nations are still dependent on the old ways of doing things. Their systems aren't so dependent on tech­nology‚ for they're still behind in this area. But I would warn you also to have your survival and to be ready, for there are ways that this will affect you that you know not of.

19. What I've been warning you to prepare for is not just the millennium bug. I've been preparing you for the time when economies will be destabilized and there will be riots, food shortages, and panic. This may or may not come as a direct result of the Y2K problem, or it may come in some countries but not in others. As I have said before, much depends on the choices the Enemy and his minions make. I know the way they shall go, but I do not reveal such specifics to you at this time. Instead, I warn you to prepare, so that you are ready should the System of the country you're living in collapse.

20. It may be that the ACs in control will take this opportunity to gain a stronger grip on the countries that have so far been resistant to their control, and if this is to happen, you will see major disruptions. I'm calling you to be prepared not only for January 1, for what is a day unto Me? I'm calling you to be prepared for what will come after this day. January 1 is a big day on the AC's calendar‚ and whether he decides to launch a major attack on that day or not is still in the balances.

21. Whether the days are shortened as the Enemy seizes more power as a result of Y2K disruptions or I allow you more time‚ it is My will that you preach the Gospel fervently. Redeem the time, for the days are evil, and there are many more of My children to be reaped. Work now, witness now‚ win now during these days of relative peace, for they will not continue long, whatever the choice of the Enemy. What is to be must be, and what is to come must come, for I have decreed it.

22. Like I've said before, this is the beginning of sorrows. With the turn of the century you'll hear many speak of creating a new world order, a new world, with global cooperation. Things will take a sharp turn for the worse, and the plans that have been on the drawing board will begin to take effect.

23. There will be some major computer break­throughs that will be announced that year‚ things that will catapult you even closer to the End. There are going to be some pretty major events taking place in 2000‚ which is why I've called you to be prepared.

24. The year 2000 is a year of uncertainty and sorrows for many. There will be many changes in the name of a "better world," a "greater to­morrow." There's going to be a lot of change‚ so that's why I've been preparing you for the Y2K problem. The preparations you make today may not be needed in all parts of the world the moment the clock strikes 12 on that last day of the century. But those who don't immediately need them should not scoff. Don't look back and say, "It was all in vain," for it will not be. Hold tenaciously to those things which you've obtained, for you'll need them in the ­future. That's a promise.

25. There will come a time when you'll need these things that I've led you to store up, and if you don't prepare, you'll be sorry in the long run. I will care for My Own, but those who are not prepared may have a more difficult time of things. So keep working towards being prepared for the inevitable, whether it's on January 1 or later in the year. You will need and greatly benefit from those things which you have stored up in prepar­ation. (End of message from Jesus.) (See also "Y2K Calamities?" ML #3227:14-36, GN 829.)

Prepare Yourself, Prepare Your

Friends, Prepare the World!

26. (Jesus speaking:) The millennium bug will be many things to many people, and its ­effects and impact will depend upon their choices‚ as well as the choice of the Evil One, the Enemy of your souls.

27. For My Family, it's a test of your obedience in many ways. It's part of My plan to see how much you believe My warnings of things to come‚ as well as the many admonitions from David in the past on how to prepare. So check your hearts as to whether you have the attitude that all things will continue as they were and have been in the past, or whether you truly believe you're in the Last Days, the time in which the world around you will undergo many great transformations. If you believe My warnings, you will prepare and take action.

28. I've given you many warnings of the days to come in the Words of David, and much specific counsel on how to prepare physically with food and water and all that you need to be able to continue your ministries. Study these Words and see which apply to your situation. I give you more counsel now even in the words of worldly men and women who write extensively on how to prepare, what types of food and water are avail­able, and other such matters of survival. And you have your own channel with Me, through which I'm able to forewarn and counsel you of things to come‚ to tell you things which man cannot.

29. Though it is important that you survive physically, your ministry to others is equally important. I wish you to survive to continue to do My will‚ and My will is to preach the Gospel in all the world to every creature! Let each Home seek Me diligently as to how they may continue to help others during the coming time of trouble. You should begin now in ministering to others through enhanced follow-up and feeding and care of the sheep, for it's your sheep who will often help to feed and care for you during the days to come.

30. This too is a test of your obedience: Have you put the Words of David into practice and fully ministered to those whom I have brought across your path, seeking Me as to what new Word you can give them and how you can help them to grow in My nurture, admonition and Spirit? Or have you lived only for the quick sale of posters‚ tapes, and other tools, with little regard for the precious ones I've brought to you to be nourished and strengthened in the faith?

31. The Activated! program which I have inspired will help to feed many during the days to come, and many in turn will help to feed you. As you pour out in this way to minister to ­others, to give of your spiritual riches, they will give of their physical riches to you. Those Homes who give, it will be given unto them‚ pressed down and running over. Those Homes who withhold will suffer. I will fulfill My promises and keep them‚ but they limit My power to help them.

32. Seek not to save yourselves as much as to save others, My children. You are wise to make prudent preparations‚ to gather food and water, and to seek Me for My counsel about the days ahead. But wiser still are those who also seek Me as to how they can be the biggest help to their friends, contacts, supporters, and those to whom they minister.

33. As I have said in the past, so say I again: Seek Me for specifics on your situation, and even for those friends to whom you minister. During these days as you prepare, you may in many cases help others prepare too. You can share with them some of the ways I have told you to prepare physically, and also give them advice on how they may prepare spiritually, for it will be a trying time for many in the world.

34. Be specific in your questions to Me, and I will be specific in My answers to you. As you ask Me whether you should move, what food you should get‚ how much water you should have, whether you'll be safe where you are or must take extra pre­cautions, I will respond in detail. This too is a test of your obedience‚ to see if you'll obey and make full use of the gifts which I've given you and instructed you to practice and use, and whether you will believe the answers I give.

35. One change which you must prepare for is a breakdown in communications. The ­effects will vary from country to country, in dur­ation as well as in severity, but all will feel this to some extent. Some computer networks may be down for a time, affecting the flow of e-mail. Telephones and telecom­muni­cations will be affected from country to country. Even the postal ­system will be affected in those countries which depend heavily upon com­puters rather than upon people to sort the mail.

36. During this time, the gift of prophecy will come alive to many as never before, for I know what to do and what to instruct you to do, if you will but ask Me. It's good that you be prepared for such things, and the way you will be prepared is by coming to Me and seeking Me through prophecy and by obeying the words I give you through the GNs.

37. This is a time when you will be able to lead many to Me, for people will see how their god of technology in which they trusted has let them down. The crash will not have come through some great and complex matter which only their eminent men of science are able to understand and decipher, but through simple failure to use enough digits in the date field of their computer code. Through such a tiny failure and mistake, their technological wizardry has come to naught.

38. It's because their machines were built upon the wrong basis‚ upon a flawed date which became a flawed chip‚ a flawed computer, a flawed control system, and on and on the flaws spread, creating a flawed System. It's because they built upon the wrong foundation, so they've wound up with a house which will not withstand the gales of adversity. Had they sought Me in all their doings and included Me in their lives as men of old did, even of one or two centuries past‚ I would have helped them. But now they have gone down the wrong path, and the things which are written in My Word must come to pass in the days to come.

39. There will be wars and rumors of wars, disease and plagues spreading as they do even now. There will be earthquakes in diverse places, and a time of disasters such as man has not seen before, to judge the wicked and draw My children unto Me. Men's hearts will fail them for fear as they behold those things which come upon the Earth, the changes in their planet and in their society. Your job, My faithful ones, will be to comfort and help many during this time, and to lead them to Me. I long to be a very present help to them in their time of trouble‚ and to provide a true foundation for them to build on, an anchor sure and steadfast.

40. The evil one to come would have them turn to him‚ as he seeks to resolve the world's problems through the god of forces, through more technology, and through the evil spirits and powers which he has at his beck and call. During that time there shall arise many false christs, like he himself is, saying "Follow me" and "Worship me." It's good that you should be prepared for such a time, lest you be deceived, and that you prepare My church, lest they be deceived as well. For all will know of My coming, as it is written in My Word. "If they shall say, Lo‚ He is here, or Lo, He is there, believe them not. For as the lightning comes out of the east and shines even unto the west, so shall My coming be."

41. These days draw ever nearer, My dear children. Prepare yourself, prepare your friends, prepare the world. As you obey, I will prepare a place of refuge for you and do for you what you cannot do for yourself. Be not fearful of the days to come, but rejoice, for your redemption draws ever closer. Soon we will be together again, never to depart. I love you! (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

42. (Mama:) Thank You Jesus for such good specific counsel! The Lord brought out a couple of important principles in the messages above. First, it's vital that we heed His warnings to be prepared and not have the attitude that this is some sort of apocalyptic warning that won't come to pass, or something that will just fizzle out. In fact, He said that getting prepared is a test of our obedience. If we believe the Lord, we'll prepare accordingly. Even if we don't need such supplies to make it through Y2K disruptions‚ we will need them in the days to come.

43. The Lord said He's given much specific counsel on how to prepare in the Words of David, which we can study to see how they apply to our situation. We included a reading list at the end of the first Y2K GN that you'd probably find very helpful, if you haven't already looked over it. (See "Y2K Calamities," ML #3227, GN 829, page 20.) We also hope to post the text of a helpful book on Y2K survival tips on the Members Only Website soon.

44. Another principle the Lord brought out in the message above is that our ministry to others is as important as our own physical survival‚ and that we should be feeding and following up on our sheep now. He promised that those who give in this way, it will be given unto them, and that those who withhold will suffer for it, because they limit His ability to help them.

45. So be faithful in your ministry to ­others, faith­ful in your follow-up, faithful in signing people up for the Activated! program, faithful in seeking the Lord for your friends, contacts, supporters and sheep. This too is a test of your obedience.

46. In the message above, the Lord said that communications would be affected by the Y2K bug for a while—telephones, telecommunications, e-mail and even the postal system—although the effects will vary from country to country. In the next mess­age, we get more details of the disruptions to come, and the reassur­ance that the Lord will keep us through it all.

More Practical Preparations

47. (Dad speaking:) As the old saying goes, it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Though making some of these preparations for the Y2K bug may seem un­necessary, it's better to be safe than sorry. Since the Lord hasn't revealed to you exactly what will occur, it's best to be prepared.

48. Of course, you can be assured of the Lord's protection—He's promised that‚ and you can count on that promise. So you don't need to worry about it. Things will be disrupted—communications, supplies, finances—but only for a short while. How big a disruption will vary from country to country and even city to city. But in most countries the basic services will be restored very quickly. Even though the AC will use the Y2K bug to his advantage, he doesn't want things to slide into complete chaos or civil disorder, but rather just enough to further his plan of making people more dependent on the government, more willing to follow and obey his one world order when it comes.

49. The most important thing you need to do is to have an adequate supply of food and water—especially drinking water. Try to stock up on a month's supply of food if you can, if your circum­stances permit it, or a minimum of two weeks worth if they don't. You can go to Him to get specifics on how much food and water you should store. Water is very import­ant, but it takes up a lot of room and is very heavy, so it's harder to store than food is.

50. Thankfully for the Family, the Y2K bug will occur at a time when you've just finished your Christmas outreach‚ and you usually have some down time or time of rest without a whole lot going on. So it won't be as difficult for you as it would be at other times. You'll also have more income from the Christmas push, which will be a blessing, because you may not be able to do much outreach during the month of January due to the crisis.

51. While banks in first world countries have taken many more precautions to make sure things keep going, banks in third world countries will be much more vulnerable, and Homes and offices may not be able to access any funds throughout the crisis. Some banks will collapse as well. So if you absolutely have to have money in the bank for some reason, only keep it in those banks that are stronger and better prepared, such as large international banks that have spent the necessary resources on fixing the problem, which smaller banks can't always afford to do.

52. If your income or your funds are in foreign currency, be sure that you have enough funds in the local currency, as some financial services will not be available during the crisis. But you shouldn't have too much on hand, as some local currencies are likely to devaluate as the crisis affects their economy and government services and trade.

53. You should be prepared for a break in some services like electricity, water‚ telephone, etc. Electricity should be restored quickly in most cities, though, as it is the backbone of society. Without electricity, modern society cannot survive and nothing can operate. Governments know this, and will therefore try to act to restore it as quickly as possible. Power cuts should not last too long in most cases, so it would not be necessary to make expensive preparations for long-term power outages, but just enough to run the most essential services in the short term.

54. Be prepared, but don't be fearful. The Lord will keep you through it, regardless of what happens in the System. Do what you can‚ and trust the Lord for the rest, and He'll take care of you. Praise the Lord! (End of message from Dad.)

55. (Mama:) Thank the Lord that we can go to Him to get these good specific pointers on how to prepare! I'll list the tips the Lord gave us in point form for your easy reference.

—Try to stock up on a month's supply of food if you can‚ as well as an ample supply of water. If your circumstances don't permit this, then at least aim for a two-week minimum supply of both food and water.

—You may not be able to do much outreach during the month of January‚ so you should set aside some of your December income for January's expenses. In fact, you would be wise to start saving towards this now, putting aside funds every month through the end of the year, if you haven't already.

—Beware of banks, and if you must keep funds in the bank during this crisis, keep them in those banks that are stronger and better prepared, such as large international banks that have spent the necessary resources on fixing the problem.

—In situations where your income or your funds are in foreign currency, be sure you have enough funds on hand in local currency, as you may not be able to exchange foreign currency for a while. But don't keep too much local currency, in case it's ­de­valued. If you're not sure how much is enough and when it would become too much, you could always ask the Lord about this.

—Be prepared for disruptions in water, phone, and electrical services. Governments will act quickly to restore power, though, since it's the backbone of modern society.

—Be prepared, but don't be fearful. The Lord will keep us through it, regardless of what happens in the System. Praise the Lord!

Spiritual Preparations!

56. Our practical preparations for the millennium bug are important, but we mustn't ­neglect our spiritual preparations‚ as the Lord brings out in the next message. We received this just as our Home was beginning its Y2K preparations, and it has some good advice on how to organize such preparations.

57. (Jesus speaking:) A prudent man fore­seeth the evil and prepareth himself. He hideth himself in the secret place of the Most High. Your spiritual preparation and acknowledging Me is what will keep you. The temptation is to lean to your own understanding, to lean on the arm of the flesh, but this is not what will save you. It is your spiritual preparation which will build your faith and keep you, knowing that I will protect you. I will supply your needs, for you are My children.

58. Your faith in Me and your time with Me are the greatest preparations and the ones you must place the most importance on. Secondary is the practical preparation of the things that you will need in the time of emergency, and I am pleased that you are discussing these things. For you deal with practical people, with sheep who are in the realm of the physical‚ and many of the things that you are preparing will be used to be a testimony and a witness of what I have showed you to do and how I have showed you to prepare. Because you are prepared, both spiritually and physically, this shall be a testimony of your relationship and your link with Me.

59. Some of the things that you are storing up and stocking will also be a blessing to outsiders, to those that I choose. So continue faithfully with your spiritual preparation of following Me closely, and continue with your discussions and preparation in the physical. Let all in your Home partake, no matter how busy they are or how many other jobs and responsi­bilities they have. Let all feel the burden of this responsibility so that all will know the state of affairs and be prepared and alert in a time of emergency.

60. In unity there is strength, and if you have strong unity in your preparation for emergencies this will help you to stand strong in the time of those emergencies. Dedicate at least 30 minutes a week or a mealtime discussion about these things. At the beginning when you are preparing, it might require even more meetings and more committees and more time invested. But after you have made the initial preparations, continue to have discussions, read articles, receive fresh words from Me that will help everyone remain alert, prepared and mindful of these things. That way each individual will feel the responsibility upon his own shoulders; it will not rest upon one or two or three people but upon the whole body.

61. You are My prophets of the Endtime and I have revealed these secrets unto you. So be faithful to heed and obey and you will be blessed for your obedience. (End of message from Jesus.)

62. (Mama: ) It certainly is only the Lord Who will keep us‚ not our own arm of flesh or just our physical preparations. Be sure you're taking time with Him to get fed and to strengthen your faith through reading His Word, as well as to have sweet communion with Him in prayer and prophecy, hearing His loving voice speak to you.

63. Another point the Lord emphasized was the need for unity, for regular united discussions, counsel and prayer about your preparations. In our own Home we've divided up into committees with different Home members responsible for various aspects of our preparation—food, water, power, first aid, etc. It really helps to get everyone involved, especially when our Y2K overseer sets deadlines for things to be done!

64. In another message we received from the field‚ the Lord said that He was using Y2K to prepare the Family as a whole through en­cour­aging greater unity‚ prayer and counsel among us. So, even if the millennium bug causes some problems, it's also a case of all things working together for good to those who love Him! Here's what He said:

65. (Jesus speaking: ) Through all of the Y2K preparation, as I prepare the hearts of many in the world, I also prepare My Family through encour­aging greater unity‚ greater prayer, greater counseling together. Encourage this in your Home as well. Have people discuss and pray about what they feel the needs will be, what they have faith for, what their burdens are. Make it a joint effort. Compile a list and then pray together over the list and watch Me do miracles for you, as I help make all the plans and preparation come to pass.

66. Though funds are a concern, don't worry, for I will supply. As I have promised, I will supply all of your needs according to My riches and glory. (End of message from Jesus.)

67. (Mama:) In the following message, Dad talks about the millennium bug and how it's actually the Lord's mercy on both the Family and the world, since it causes everyone to prepare‚ and these preparations are very necessary for the days to come.

68. (Dad speaking: ) The millennium bug is the Lord's mercy on His children and on the worldlings who are likewise preparing. Do you know why? Because tumultuous events are soon to befall the world. Already you hear of wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, pestilences and famine in diverse places. But not everyone sees the importance of preparing or how their lives can be affected. Even in the Family, people have gotten slack in not taking their preparations more seriously. This Y2K scare has gotten a lot of people preparing, whether they know the Lord or not, or understand the worldwide events that will precede His coming.

69. The Lord has such great love for the world! He died for each and every person, you know! It's so beautiful to see His love, His care, His compassion, His utter concern for every man, woman and child. And in His love and mercy He is allowing this computer crisis to help those who will listen to prepare. In so doing, whether the Y2K bug affects them or not, many people will be a lot more prepared than they would have been otherwise. Even the Family will be a lot more prepared, as it's motivating them to give this area more time and attention. And that's very needed, so they can be there to help others in need and not have to be distracted with their own survival in the days to come.

70. Of course, one of the great strengths of the Family is that you work together, live together and prepare together. So you're able to get a lot more done in less time than most people who are going almost crazy just working the hours they do and taking care of their homes and families. One more benefit of the Family! Praise God!

71. Keep preparing! Be ready! It won't be long now! Love, Dad. (End of message from Dad)

Fear Not!

72. (Mama: ) Among the messages the Lord gave us, He also gave us some beautiful reassur­ances that He would care for us, keep us, and be with us always, even unto the end of the world, as His Word says. Here are some of His ­promises.

73. (Jesus speaking:) This is just a small beginning of the sorrows to come, the beginning of the era which will lead to the time of Great Tribulation that I have spoken of. It is a sign—one of the signs of the End which I have told you to watch for. You have been faithful and obedient to My Word, you have listened and believed the Words of My lips, and so shall you be blessed with My protection and My anointing for the days ahead.

74. You need not worry that you will not have enough or not be prepared well enough, that you will lack or suffer, or that your children will suffer‚ for I will let no harm come to My children of the Endtime‚ those who believe and are following Me closely. I delight to lead and guide you‚ as I have done with your Y2K prep. I have spoken to you, I have given you coun­sel about how you can prepare, and as you do your best to prepare, I will do the rest. I will keep and protect and provide for you, and when ­others have not, you will have because I am your God and I will not leave you comfortless. I will come to you and care for you in ways that you know not, I will do miracles for My precious Family members who have been so faithful to Me. I will be a mighty One Who goes before you to prepare the way.

75. So fear not, My precious Family‚ for this is but the small beginning of things to come. I am using this to help you to prepare and walk circumspectly for the days of the End, when you will need to follow Me closely. You have done well, you have obeyed, you have listened to My voice and I will bless you for it. Continue to trust in Me, to trust in My leading. Look to Me and I will guide you each step of the way. (End of message from Jesus.)

76. (Mama:) Thank You, sweet Jesus, for Your wonderful promises! Praise the Lord! We have a lot of promises that we can hold on to and claim, both in the Lord's living Word of prophecy and His written Word of old. When I was finishing this Letter I got a verse that seemed appropriate, and when I looked it up, the whole passage seemed appropriate. I'd like to share it with you here.

77. "I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears. This poor man cried‚ and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles. The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him, and delivereth them. O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him. O fear the Lord, ye His saints: for there is no want to them that fear Him. The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing" (Psa.34:4, 6­–10).

78. I love you, dear Family‚ and am praying for you as you make your physical and spiritual preparations for the days to come. I know you have a lot to do already and can hardly keep up as it is, but the Lord can help you and do it through you. He's the God of the imposs­ible, and all things are possible to Him!

Much love and prayers, Mama