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Desperate for Jesus!

Karen Zerby

Jewels on Praise, Hunger for the Word, and Desperation!—By Maria

Maria #495 CM/FM 3250 1/99

Dear Family,

1. I love you, and love to see you making so much progress in your walk with the Lord. I'm ­really proud of you!

2. One of the things that people used to comment on the most when meeting Dad for the first time is how much he was always praising the Lord and talking to the Lord—including Him in every activity.

3. Peter and I try to do that as well, and we've found that not only does it give us ­precious moments of intimacy with our dear Lover throughout the day, but it is also one of the secrets to having faith. Because when you're continually acknowledging the Lord, you're very aware of His presence and His being in control of the situation, and thus it's easy to leave it in His hands and trust that He's taking care of it. It also makes it very natural and easy to remember to ask Him about little things throughout the day, as you're not having to make a big transition from business to prayer, because you've already been including Him in whatever you're doing, and you know He's right there and ready to answer whatever question you may have.

4. From what we've heard, some of you are hesitant to praise the Lord out loud, pray out loud, or love Jesus out loud, because you're afraid that others will think you're trying to be spiritual and acting like you're close to the Lord out of pride. Some of you don't do it because you're afraid that other people will feel condemned that they're not doing it, and you don't want other people to feel bad. So for either those reasons or maybe other reasons, you keep quiet; therefore nobody is setting the example for anybody, because you're afraid to do it out loud.

5. Our declarations of love for the Lord and not being afraid to praise Him in front of others are things which are very important to Him! It's a sign of our love for Him—showing Him we love Him more than we care about what others will think, or any other fears we have! Not only that, but it helps keep us on track and in check spiritually. It reminds us of the Lord's constant presence‚ and helps us to be more in tune with Him. It gives Jesus all the glory, and reminds us of how very much we need Him. So for all those reasons, it's very important that we do it out loud and be a sample to others!

6. If nobody takes the first steps‚ then you won't make any progress in this direction. We need to be praising out loud and praying out loud because we need to make it a part of life; and unless we're doing it out loud, often we won't even do it. Here's what the Lord said:

Love Me Out Loud!

7. (Jesus speaking:) You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, and a peculiar people—peculiar because I have destined you, the children of David‚ to be special mouthpieces for Me in these Last Days. I have planned it so that I might use you to do the things that other Christians, other churches, have not been willing or able to do. You, the Family‚ are My ­chosen peculiar people who I have blessed with My Spirit of freedom. Your obedience‚ your yielded­ness‚ and your humility keep you free in spirit and make it possible for Me to use you to do the things that few others are willing to do.

8. So don't let the voice of the Enemy come in and spoil your sample and your beautiful freedom in the Spirit—freedom to tell others how much you love Me, and to let them know that you're not ashamed of being in love with Me, but you're proud of it! Don't let the Enemy rob you of the beautiful gift of freedom that you have.

9. You don't have to be bound by the conservatism, condemnation, and fear of the Enemy. He wants you to keep quiet, to never say anything out loud to anybody about Me, to never praise My Name out loud, to never even pray out loud in front of your peers, and to never say you love Me. These are his goals—to silence the voice of God‚ to silence your voice, to stop the flow of My love, My Words, and to stop you from being the sample of love that I want and need you to be.

10. When you talk about Me in front of your peers, when you pray or praise or love Me out loud, you're doing more than just giving Me the glory‚ which is good and needed. You're also encouraging your own spirit and the spirit of others, and you're raising your shields of faith against the attacks of the Enemy.

11. As your Father David taught you, your words are powerful things; they really do lift up or cast down. And if you don't even say those words of praise or love and aren't willing to pray out loud for fear of the opinions of ­others, fear of appearing spiritual, or fear that others will think you're trying to show how close you are to Me, then you're missing the blessing of My Spirit and you're causing others to lose the beauti­ful spiritual blessings that I want to give them through you.

12. You need to uphold the standard of the Word which I've given you. You need to be willing to be the sample of a one hundred percent follower of the New Wine, no matter what you think others might think about it. Then your sample of following closely will encourage ­others to do the same, because they'll see the good fruit that it bears in your life and in the lives of those you touch.

13. If someone else has a hard time praying out loud or praising or loving Me, rather than thinking that if you do it you'll be making them feel condemned, you need to realize that you'll be helping them by setting the example that it can be done. You'll be an encouragement to them, and you'll be helping them to get over their fears. Once they see that someone else is doing it, they'll be encouraged to do the same.

14. Your sample of freedom will help to set other people free. Just like love begets love, the spirit of freedom inspires freedom in others; it ignites the flame in their heart to want to be free.

15. You mustn't listen to the lies of the Enemy when he tempts you to worry about what others will think as you give Me words of praise! Satan uses these temptations and the fear of being criticized to stop the flow of your words of love and praise‚ to stop the flow of My Spirit‚ and hinder our connection. He uses these insinuations and accusa­tions to cause you to fear the opinions of others. He tries to plant his seeds of doubt and fear that they'll think you're trying to show how good or how spiritual you are, when in reality as you speak these words in front of others it will work towards setting them free in spirit!

16. I understand that it's difficult to stand up against peer pressure, and there are times when you will feel it's nearly impossible. It seems to you that every time you step out to love Me, you're faced with some form of resist­ance. There's the barrier of pride in some cases‚ which causes others to maintain an awkward or even obstinate silence. In other cases, there's even ridicule and labeling.

17. Sometimes those who do not have so intimate a relationship with Me, their Husband, mock those brides which do‚ because they think it takes the focus off them and their own lack of intimacy. They don't like to be shown up, so they try to make you feel bad for stepping out. Yet they do not understand that in mocking the love of My brides for Me, they mock My love as well, and do err and cause pain.

18. My loves‚ even if no one else is doing it, I see it‚ I love it, and I will bless you for your praises! I bless others through your praises as well. Your stepping out to praise Me and love Me is good for them, because it convicts them, it reminds them, and it helps them to see that if you're willing to do it, they could do it too, if they would only try.

19. So keep at it, dear ones, even if it's difficult going, especially at first! The Enemy will fight you in any way he can. He'll try to make you feel that your friends will avoid you or label you as "uncool" or "overly spiritual," or he'll even try to convince you that you're just putting on a show, that you don't really feel that way‚ so why bother? Don't listen to his lies! Step out to obey‚ and watch Me reward you and bless you for it!

20. The Enemy will fight these words of praise relentlessly, for he knows the power that lies within them! For just as My Word will never return void, but it will accomplish that which I send it to do, it is the same with your praises and words of love to Me. As you continue to praise Me and speak these words of love to Me, this will bring forth good fruit—not only in your life, but in the lives of others. It will set your spirit free as these words of praise and love will bring on My Spirit of freedom. And as you step out and praise Me and love Me openly in front of others, this will also have an effect on them and help set them free. It's My Spirit of freedom that the Enemy fears!

21. Others need to see as many good samples of the freedom of My Spirit as poss­ible! The more My children encourage and support each other to be good samples through their words and actions and encouraging spirits, the more the freedom of My Spirit will flow, and the freer you'll become!

22. So you must fight to be the samples I need you to be amongst yourselves, through your humility to praise or pray or love Me out loud, so that I can strengthen you and bless you and use you even more mightily to reach the lost and show them how wonderful My love is. Let them see it and feel it and hear it through the things that you say.

23. It's humbling to pray out loud, to praise out loud, and to love Me out loud—and it's even more humbling for those who aren't used to doing it. But I promise that as you step out to exercise your gifts of praise and prayer and ­loving Me out loud‚ you'll receive the blessings of greater unity‚ a closer walk with Me, and the beautiful freedom of My Spirit!

24. Encourage one another and speak faith! Give good, uplifting, encouraging, positive reactions to those who are stepping out to do this for the first time, or are trying to make a push on it in the Home, through your supportive spirit. Be supportive rather than critical. Yield to My spirit of positive praise rather than the Enemy's spirit of negative criticism. Let not pride and criticalness hinder the flow of My Spirit.

25. I want your words of praise, and I want others to hear your words of praise, to hear your prayers and love words to Me. This ­honors Me and gives Me the credit and glory, and it shows your humility and love for Me. I love to be honored before the people and given due credit, so hold not back the praise of your hearts, but let your lips speak it.

26. It needn't be a big formal thing. You don't have to speak in King James English, or prose, or poetry. Just be natural, be yourself, and I'll bless you for it. You'll feel the difference and the blessings in your lives and Homes of exercising the beautiful gifts of humility and freedom. (End of message from Jesus)

27. (Mama: ) Thank You Jesus for that very inspiring message! You might be wondering how the Lord really expects you to do it, if you feel that those around you are not going to be appreciative of your efforts, and instead of ­being set free in spirit themselves‚ they're going to give you a hard time about it! You might feel this isn't very realistic counsel, or that it doesn't apply to your situation. The Lord addressed that and said that even if you're faced with some ridicule‚ you should just do it anyway—that He sees it and He likes it, and He will bless you for it!

28. After all, if we're going to face heavy persecution in the future—which, according to the Bible, we know we will go through in the Tribulation—how are you going to stand up to the Antichrist soldiers and their devilish tactics then if you can't even stand up now against a little peer pressure which tries to keep you from boldly showing your love for Jesus? That's some­thing to think about, isn't it? Lord help us all!

29. One idea that might help everyone get in the habit of praising and loving the Lord out loud more freely is if you make it a united ­effort and even rotate the responsibility of being the one to remind everyone, by example, as well as by asking others to join in‚ to praise and love the Lord out loud more often. (This would be in addition to your three regular praise times each day.) You could discuss it as a Home and do whatever you feel would be best for you—putting up an alphabetical list of everyone's names‚ and each day having a new person do it, or whatever you think would help you the most! That way, if it's a Home-assigned responsibility, then it gives everyone the chance to get used to doing it freely with others. No one will look at you funny, because it's your job—you've all agreed on it, and everyone has a turn! Of course, everyone should feel free to do it at any time, whenever they remember, and gradually it will become more and more natural to you. Try it!

Praising Him Makes It

Easier to Receive from Him!

30. The Lord recently told us that another benefit of acknowledging Him and praising Him throughout the day is that it strengthens our relationship with Him and makes it easier for us to receive from Him and be fed from His Word when we sit down to read. He said:

31. (Jesus speaking:) Praising and loving Me is part of being fed from My Words. When you're praising and loving Me‚ it automatically puts you in tune with Me to receive more clearly from Me and to hear My voice more clearly.

32. When you're loving Me with others‚ you're opening yourself up to receive My seeds. Your openness and receptivity make it easier for Me to give to you. Then when you place yourself in a position to receive—either by reading My Words or sitting down to hear My ­living voice—it's much easier for you to hear Me clearly, for you and I have been loving and communicating throughout the day, and are of one mind, one heart, on the same channel.

33. There will be times when you're drained, when you've given all that you had, and end up dry and in need. During those times I understand and I gently feed you, even if you've not been so vocal in loving Me throughout the day. But those times should be few in comparison to the times when we stay in close touch.

34. As with any relationship‚ there will be times when you give and times when you receive and are the one in need. But for the relation­ship to work, both must give to the other, so that one is not taking all the time. If one partner is only taking‚ it makes the relationship more dry and difficult. But if both are giving, then when a time comes that one is in need, it's easy to fill that one's need from the storehouse of love that both have built.

35. It is the same with Me. The more you're loving Me‚ praising Me, glorifying Me and including Me in your activities, the easier it is for Me to speak to you‚ the more I can share with you, and the closer we become. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

Familiarity with the Word

Is the Road to Defeat!

36. (Mama:) Needless to say, the Enemy really fights our Word time and times of loving the Lord. He'll do almost anything to stop us, hinder us or keep us from getting fed once we do sit down and begin reading. Probably one of the greatest dangers for us, the children of David‚ is to get familiar with the Word, because we have so much of it. We've been richly blessed, the Lord says, above all on the face of the Earth, to have so much of the Lord's written Word, as well as fresh living Words whenever we take the time to receive them.

37. The Enemy tries very hard to get you to become familiar with the Word, because if he can make you familiar with it‚ then you're not hungry for it and you don't receive from it like you should. Ultimately you stop growing and begin backsliding if you don't desperately fight to renew your hunger and desire for the Word, and your receptivity to it. The Lord gave a very sobering message about familiarity with the Word, which I want to share with you here. Please take it to heart, dear ones, because your spiritual life depends on it!

38. (Jesus speaking:) One of the greatest dangers to your spiritual life is familiarity with My Word. Your connection with Me through My voice of prophecy and My written Word is your spiritual lifeline. The Enemy is always trying to hinder or disrupt your link with Me through the Word‚ and even destroy it if you'll let him. If he can't convince you to not read the Word‚ he'll try to squelch the power and effect of My Word in your life through familiarity or a lack of hunger.

39. My Word has the spiritual power to change any life, any heart, if it is received in receptive, fertile, hungry ground. It has the power to transform any personality and heart. No matter what the problem or weakness or longstanding bad habit, there's great power in My Word to effect change.

40. I've given My children the answers for their personal needs, for their individual problems and situations—it's all in My Word. I've provided them with clear, step-by-step direction for the road ahead, for their entry into the Last Days. I've not kept these things a secret from My children, but I've been faithful to reveal to them what they'll need in order to be strong, faithful witnesses for Me in the Endtime.

41. I've been pouring out page after page of guidance and counsel in preparation for the Last Days, of things My children will need to do in order to stay very close to Me, to be used mightily of Me, and to remain in the center of My perfect will—loving Me intimately, praising Me, using prayer and prophecy—and there is yet more to come.

42. These are priceless treasures of My Word, real spiritual truths that have a great effect on the lives and spiritual growth of My children. Those who are close to My Word, who drink it in and absorb it, obey and follow‚ continue to grow and move forward. They remain strong and even go from strength to strength.

43. But those who allow themselves to lose their fire for My Word, who grow familiar with it and think it isn't necessary to study and absorb it every day‚ will not stay strong and healthy in spirit. They will slowly grow weaker, and when the big tests come along, they won't have the power and strength of My Word in their hearts to give them faith and strength of spirit. They won't have the good, strong foundation of My Word, which they should have been building on every day, to hold them strong and steadfast through the storms of the battles ahead.

44. I don't blame My children for becoming a little familiar with My Words at some time, because I understand your frame and I know that this is a human weakness. It's not easy to keep yourselves stirred up in spirit, to keep your­selves desperate and hungering and thirsting after the Spirit. Your human flesh and carnal mind tend to get weary in well doing, weary with fighting in the spirit. It's a spiritual fight, a spiritual warfare, and that's one of the reasons that My children get weary with the battle. The Enemy is always trying to persuade you to take what seems like the easier way out—the road of lethargy‚ spiritual laziness.

45. He's always there to tell you not to bother reading My Word, not to absorb it or believe it. He's right at your heart's door trying to tell you that you don't need to believe or accept this or that new move of My Spirit. "It's okay if you just let this one thing slide and don't try to practice it. You don't need to get desperate; nothing will happen." But you must be very careful, My children, that you don't fall into the Enemy's trap of familiarity or laziness towards My Word‚ because this is the road to defeat and real problems. It's a dangerous road, and the end thereof could lead you right out of My service. I can help you, whether the problem is familiarity, laziness, daydreaming, poor reading habits, or an outside attack of the Enemy, who hates to see you reading and absorbing My Word.

46. If you find yourself getting familiar with My Word, or not feeling like reading it and absorb­ing it; if you find that it's hard to concentrate and be fed, to get yourself stirred up in spirit and drink in My Words and find the ­answers, the peace, the encouragement, and the treasures in it that you need; if it's a drag for you to read My Word and something that you don't look forward to, then this should be a warning to you that it's time for you to wake up to the fact that you're heading down the wrong road and you need to get desperate with Me for a change of attitude, for a renewal of your hunger and desire for the spiritual power of My Words.

47. I've promised to feed My sheep, to feed My children the things that they need, but I can only feed those who want to be fed from My hand, those who come to Me and eat it out of My hand. I've provided the spiritual food and instruction and direction that you need and that you must have in order to stay strong and spiritually healthy and in step with Me, but you have to stir yourselves up to eat it, to want it, to desire it and hunger for it so that it can strengthen you.

48. If you find that you're regularly just flipping through the pages of a GN, or thumbing through a book aimlessly to try to fill up the time, that should be a warning to you that something is wrong—that you're not hungering ­after My Words as you should be, which is a danger signal. Stop right then and pray and ask Me to give you a new hunger for My Words. Ask for united prayer from your Home the next time you have devotions together, and ask people to pray for you to be fed from My Words and to have a renewed inspiration in your quiet time with Me.

49. You have to start your quiet time with Me with the right attitude. You have to slow down in spirit and really connect with Me through My Words. Go slow as you read and really think about what you're reading; think about what I'm saying and apply it to your life. It's much better to read one page and be fed and inspired by that page than to read a whole Letter and not even remember what you read.

50. You have to fight against the spiritual lethargy and familiarity of the Enemy‚ My children, because he's out to destroy your link with Me and your lifeline through My Word. Without My Word in your life as a living‚ changing force, you'll slowly but surely drift further and further away from the standard of My Words.

51. I promise to feed you as you call out to Me, and at the sound of your sincere cry, I will answer and strengthen you and renew your hunger for My Words. It's not wrong to run into dry spells when you don't feel like feeding yourself with My Word. This happens to all of My children at some time, because you're ­human. I don't condemn you when this happens. But you mustn't stay in that condition. You mustn't let it go on and on for a long time, because then it becomes harder for you to stir yourself up and get back on the right track of letting My Words move you and change you.

52. It's wrong and dangerous to not do anything about it, to ignore this weakness and just hope it will go away. You must fight against fam­iliarity with My Words through personally asking Me for help, or with united prayer if you need it. You must do whatever it takes to stir your spirit up—whether by changing your reading diet by reading Letters you haven't read for a long time, oldie-goldies; or by reading on a subject or theme you've never read about before; or by changing your quiet time or the place you read; or having someone read with you; or by reading slower or faster, or reading out loud. Whatever it takes for you personally, you must work on it and fight to be truly fed, inspired and renewed through My Words.

53. Don't worry about what people around you are reading or doing in their Word time; just concentrate on what you need, what turns you on in spirit, and what helps you personally to be fed and inspired and renewed in spirit.

54. The power is there! The inspiration is there for each of My children—the answers, the comfort, the encouragement, and the direction. All that is needed has been provided for My Family through My Words, and My children must fight to receive it and apply it and be changed by it. (End of message from Jesus.)

How to Make Your Word Time

Come Alive Again!

55. (Mama:) If you're feeling the way Jesus described in that prophecy and you feel that you've gotten familiar with the Word, you may wonder what to do now or where to go from here. The Lord gave some very good keys to victory in that message, ways to go on the attack and defeat this ploy of the Enemy—like asking for united prayer‚ slowing down when you sit down to read and really asking the Lord to help you absorb what you're reading, praying against spiritual lethargy, changing the time of day you take your quiet time, reading with someone, starting a new Word project, or reading some oldie-goldie Letters.

56. We asked the Lord for some further specific ideas on how to make your Word time alive again if it's cooled off or you've become familiar with the Word. Here are the tips and ideas the Lord gave us:

  1. Keep a list of specific "to-dos" that the ­Letter you're reading recommends.
  2. Write down or memorize a key quote or two from each new Letter you read. Ask the Lord to show you what the key points are.
  3. Ask the Lord to help you see what things you're supposed to change or do in your life as a result of what you're reading.
  4. Make it a habit to never read something just for the sake of reading, but determine that before you put it down you will take some sort of action, in big or small ways.
  5. Vary your Word times with different types of material. Maybe for part of the time you'd want to study a certain book of the Bible. Then after a while, read some of a new Letter‚ tuning in to the New Wine for today. Then perhaps you could end your time of reading with some portions of From Jesus—With Love or some praise proph­ecies, or take some time to ask the Lord about some­thing that stood out to you in the ­Letter that you read, or that you were convicted about.
  6. When something speaks to you or seems like a very good point, do more than just dwell on it for the moment. Write it down, or mark it to review or pray about later. Take the extra step to see why the Spirit made it stand out to you. Maybe the Lord wants to use it like a clue in a treasure hunt to lead you in a certain direction where He has more things for you.
  7. Rebuke the Enemy when he begins to tell you it's just all "ho hum" and normal, and he gives you the feeling that you've heard it all before. Realize how much you continue to need every Word our precious Husband dishes out. Remind yourself how desperately you need it, even if you don't feel that way right then.
  8. Review the Scriptures about the Word and what it meant to God's men of old‚ and pray for that love and desire to be born afresh in you. (See "The Word of God" in Word Basics, page 23.)
  9. Remind yourself of the plight of the many lonely and destitute folks in the world who don't have the truth. This can help you more clearly see how blessed you are to be able to partake of each of the treasures from the King's table. Seeing what a difference it would make in their lives helps you see what a blessing it is in yours.
  10. Remember that the effects of the Word come through reading the Word—love, joy, peace, strength, guidance, etc. Sometimes we can tend to get swept along with those effects but forget the main reason these good things exist. Reading and studying the Word‚ partaking of it and letting it be your guiding light is what makes our heaven on earth the way it is. When the Word is not your focus, then the effects that come through the Word will subside.
  11. Share what the Word is doing for you. This will help stir up others to want to read that pub and get something out of it too. Sharing your lessons can help to solidify them in your mind and heart, and make the Word more real and alive to you.
  12. Have a Home get-together or meeting and all bring a favorite passage or one quote that meant a lot to you in the past month, and share why it was special.
  13. If it's difficult for you to all get together in the morning, have a time of united reading at night before bed. Take time in the temple together.
  14. Have a day when‚ instead of reading what you'd normally read as a Home, you do different things. For example, break up into teams of two and three and study a certain subject. Maybe some people could search the Letters on that subject using the HomeARC, another team could search for Bible verses on it‚ and another team could hear from the Lord for any fresh counsel on it for your situation. Swap notes and see what treasures the other teams found. Get well-rounded insight on the subject.
  15. If you're feeling drab when reading the Word, or you're having a hard time concentrating, stop then and there and see what the Lord wants you to do to have the best and most feeding time.
  16. Try reading at a different time during the day, and see if that helps. It may be just what you need to stir you up and get you in the best state of mind for absorbing the Word. Ask the Lord what would be a good time for you to try. Some people do better earlier in the day, others do better in the middle, or more towards the end. See what's best for you and make it your ­priority.
  17. Realize that the Enemy's top priority is to get you away from the Lord's Word. He'll try everything he can. Anything that either distracts or makes you feel less than enthusiastic towards the Word is a trick of Satan, so fight it and go on the attack. It's not just you and the way you feel, but the Enemy's tactic to malnourish and eventually defeat you and your usefulness to the Lord, and take away your joy in life.
  18. Work on your own "daily might" book. Get a notebook or diary and write or glue in key portions of prophecy for each day of the year. Or you could make your own From Jesus With Love book in the same way, using your personal prophecies.
  19. Write a song about some of the New Wine that came out recently; share it with your Home and the Family.
  20. Put key quotes to song for your children. Have them singing and praising and quoting the Word more, and you do the same.
  21. When there's been an emphasis made in the pubs on a certain subject, do something about it! Study it. Make a study project of it with the kids. Take action in your Home: Pray for the situation; send funds to that needy field; try that new method of outreach or follow-up; emphasize love or affection or humility or whatever spiritual quality the Word is bringing out; pray more, praise more, seek the Lord more; have a united push on it. Make it a habit that "Word equals 'do it.'" Bringing the Word to life helps it not to languish in lackadaisical minds.
  22. Make it a prayer request that you'll have greater hunger for the Word in your Home, that you'll desire it more than anything else, and that you'll take the necessary time for it.
  23. Bring your quote book to breakfast or devotions‚ and share a quote with someone. Start off with a hunger for the Word that day by talking about it and enjoying it together.
  24. If you're having a blah time in your life and need a boost of inspiration or renewal of your desire for the Word, ask someone to hear from the Lord about your specific situation. Or if someone else is struggling‚ offer to hear from the Lord for them. Tips given through others about what you can do to add some inspiration to your life and walk with the Lord might be just the boost you need and appreciate.
  25. Go outside, or someplace peaceful, and commit your heart and mind and time to the Lord in prayer. You'll come back feeling more refreshed. When you've committed yourself to the Lord, it gets you in a more receptive state of mind and better able to feed on His Word.
  26. Keep a log in your personal life, or as a Home, or both, of the good effects of putting the Word into practice—what the Word said, what your problem was, the action you took, and the victory that it brought about. Seeing the Word in action and working wonders in your life stirs you to desire it more and see the need for it more in your life.
  27. Ask the kids what their favorite stories or picture lessons are from the Word, and talk about them. Seeing the children grow in a true desire for the Word is a key element in bringing the Word to life. It will spark you to action as well, for you'll want them to be propelled to heights of the Spirit and not be left behind.
  28. Dive into the Word with all you've got‚ with prayer power for a real hunger‚ with a book on hand to take notes of what the Lord is saying, with an open heart to receive, believe, and do whatever it is you come across, and then expect miracles. If the Lord can give life to people who are dead or dying, He can certainly give you the life of the Spirit that you seek.
  29. Have faith that the Word is the answer and will bring you through any situation. Believe it and do it, and you'll be believing and doing it even more. The Lord will do His part as you do yours. Your faith will grow as you live it and see it working for you.
  30. Visualize Jesus speaking the words directly to you, or sitting right next to you studying it with you and showing you what He wants to teach you. You're His student‚ and He's right there beside you wanting to teach and instruct you personally‚ helping you to learn what He knows you need.

57. (Mama:) Those are all very good ideas, and to know which ones would work best for you, why don't you ask the Lord? That would be the best solution if you're feeling a little low or like you could use an extra boost of inspiration in your Word time—just ask the Lord what to do or what you need!

Lack of Desire for the Word

—An Attack of the Enemy!

58. I want to share with you a prayer that one of our young staff members recently prayed‚ and the message the Lord gave her in response. She was going through a bit of a low spot, and so took it to the Lord to ask what she could do about it‚ or if there was anything He wanted to tell her. God bless her, I'm proud of her! She was rewarded with a beautiful and encouraging mess­age which really helped her over the hump! Isn't our concerned, doting Husband wonderful? He always knows just what we need!

59. (Staff member's prayer:) I'm feeling a little low spiritually, and I'm also having a hard time getting fed from the Word. It seems like my hunger for the Word is lacking at this time. I read it, but I just don't seem to be getting as much out of it as I'd like to. And sometimes I'm at a loss as to know exactly what to read—or rather what You want me to read. It's probably a result of my Word time not being as feeding as it should be that I'm feeling a little less inspired, because I just don't know whether I'm getting the full benefit out of my times in the Word.

60. Jesus, do You have anything to tell me that would help me? Is this just a phase that I'm going through that will pass? Is it an attack of the Enemy? Is there something that I could be doing that would make my Word time, and subsequently my day-to-day life, more inspiring?

61. (Jesus speaking:) My child, it is not given unto you to understand all the ways of the spirit. It is not given into your hand to know the whys and wherefores of every situation. That power lies within My hand. You have toyed with these thoughts of discouragement for the last couple of days, when all you needed to do was come to Me. Perhaps you thought that in time you would discover the reason for your feelings and the solution to your little problems.

62. In times past you may have been able to lean on My wisdom through your own heart and mind, but at this time I wish to speak directly to you for every question, both great and small. I couldn't give you the answer while you reasoned in your own mind, trying to figure it out, because I wanted you to come to Me. I wanted you to bring your question to Me so that I could have the pleasure of answering you and comforting you Myself.

63. The Enemy has tried to fight you‚ My love, many times in your life. He's tried many things to get you to give up‚ to get you to lay down your crown, to get you to forsake your calling—but you would not. The Enemy of your soul has been foiled time and time again as he has sought to destroy your usefulness to Me. Just like Job of old, who lost everything and still trusted Me, so have you trusted Me completely.

64. Since coming to the household of the king and queen, the Enemy has used new avenues to try to discourage you and cause you to give up the fight. He's used comparing, negativity, discouragement, battles with the Law of Love, and battles with your gift of prophecy—but each time you decided to fight, you refused to give in to his lies, and you made progress and continue to make progress.

65. I know you sometimes don't feel like you're making much progress. You still have to fight these battles. But just the fact that you keep fighting is a sure sign of your victory. Defeat means giving up; victory means holding on and fighting!

66. My love, this seeming lack of desire for My Word is yet another ploy of the Evil One to seek to draw you away from Me, to seek to discourage you, to seek to throw a bucket of water on your fire of usefulness to Me. This should not discourage you, but it should encour­age you to know that you must be doing something right because the Devil is fighting you.

67. Just resist him‚ My darling‚ for it's all lying vanities; it's all lies. This cloudiness is a veil that Satan seeks to throw over you in your times of feeding and strengthening. He loves to try to make you interested in doing things other than reading My Word. He loves to try to make your times with Me as uninspiring as poss­ible, as unfeeding as possible. But just rebuke him! This phase will pass, My love; you just have to fight!

68. Even if you feel like you're not getting as much out of the Word as you'd like to, don't give up and stop reading it. Keep reading it and soon the victory will come. Your hunger for the Word will intensify. In fact, your hunger for the Word is just as strong as it ever was; it's just the Enemy that puts those thoughts and feelings in your heart. He tells you that you're not getting that much out of what you read, that you're not being fed. But you are! These feelings are only lying vanities. You will feel the joy of receiving My Words once again.

69. Thank you for coming to talk to Me. I see the tears rolling down your cheeks, and I know that they're tears of joy and happiness. You thought I'd be mad at you for these feelings that you have, for this slump you feel in your spiritual life. But no, I still love you as much as ever, and I still have just as much faith in you as ever. (End of message from Jesus.)

What Is Desperation?

70. (Mama: ) And lastly, here is a message from Jesus which He gave when we asked Him: What exactly is desperation? How is desperation manifested? What kind of desperation do You expect of us, Your children?

71. (Jesus speaking: ) A lot of people equate desperation with extreme soberness, getting down on your hands and knees and praying, being hard on yourself‚ etc. Desperation is so much more than all of these.

72. Desperation comes from the word desperate, and when you're desperate for something, that means you can't live without it, you have to have it! You're at the end of your rope and you have to have this certain thing, or that'll be the end of you. When you're desperate for something, you're willing to do whatever it takes to get what you want! You're willing to pay as much money for it as is needed; you're willing to work for it; you're willing to sacrifice for it. This is how I wish My brides, My lovers‚ My children, My sweethearts to be with Me.

73. I would that they be so desperate that they'd be willing to pay any price to be with Me! I would that they would be so desperate that they'd be willing to sacrifice anything to be with Me. I would that My loves would have desperation in their hearts for Me, that they would be so desperate for Me that they wouldn't be able to live without Me, that they'd be so desperate for Me that they would give up anything to have Me! Desperation is a matter of wanting Me, wanting My seeds, wanting My love, wanting all that I have to give you. Desperation is not fear, worry, or seriousness—although there are times to get serious with Me.

74. Continued desperation with Me ensures that you'll always come to Me, you'll always want to receive My seeds, you'll always want to love Me as My bride, you'll always want to put Me first. Desperation is a matter of the heart, and if you don't have this inner desperation and desire for Me and Me alone, then you'll never be truly happy. People ask, "How can I be constantly desperate with You and yet still be happy, still have fun, still enjoy life?" It depends on what sort of happiness, fun and enjoyment you seek. You can have a measure of happiness and fun without desperation, but the true, long-lasting happiness and joy you seek can only be found and held on to through having the spirit of desperation.

75. The spirit of desperation is not measured in the physical. The spirit of desperation can't be judged by outward appearances, because only I can judge the heart. However, there are certain physical manifestations that prove your desperation, your need for Me, and your love for Me. One sure measure of how much you desire and want Me is how much time you spend with Me.

76. If you're really desperate for Me, then you'll be seeking Me all the time, at every turn of the road, during every spare moment. If you're loving Me, making love to Me, hearing My voice through direct prophecy and the Word‚ then this is a sure sign that you're desperate with Me.

77. Living in a constant state of desperation with Me simply means that you're constantly aware of Me. And if you're constantly aware of Me, then you're going to want to do the things that will make Me happy, right? This doesn't mean that you have to spend hours and hours in the bed of love with Me. Although I'd like that, I know it isn't possible because you have so much to do‚ important work and many services for Me and My Kingdom.

78. Desperation is a constant acknowledgment of Me. In all your fun, in all your play, in all your work, in all your discussions, in all your labors, I would that you be desperate with Me. I would that you openly proclaim that you need Me, that you can't take a step without Me, that you're desperate for Me and My guidance and My help. If you're desperately desiring Me, then you're not going to get too far off the track, you're not going to be led astray, because you'll be constantly seeking Me, acknowledging Me, and giving Me the due respect that I desire.

79. Desperation cannot be measured by works, by the speaking of tongues, by the sober­ness of your spirit, by your outward appearance. Desperation is measured in the heart, and only I can say who is truly desperate. I'm drawn to those who are desperate, because they want Me with all that is within them and they're willing to give up anything else in order to have Me and My Spirit. I'm drawn to the hearts of these who desire Me and are desperate for Me.

80. I will draw nigh to all, but it's up to you to open your heart to Me and to say, "I can't live without You! I need You every moment of the day and night! I'll give up anything for You. I'll pay any price, I'll sacrifice any of my desires, because I can't live one day without Your help, without Your love, without Your Spirit!" This kind of desperation, this kind of yieldedness‚ this kind of sucking power draws Me close to the one who is desirous of Me.

81. Feeling weak and incapable is a form of desperation, and if you are naturally weak in the flesh‚ then it's easier to depend on Me and desperately seek My face and My strength. If you're naturally strong in the physical, then it takes a lot more effort to stay desperate with Me and desirous of My Spirit.

82. If you can usually do things in your own strength, then it's hard to see or feel the desperate need for Me. This is when you must fight. This is when you must strive to overcome. This is when you must say, "Lord, You've given me a lot of talents and strengths, but I know that they came from Your hand and that without You I wouldn't have any of these gifts in the first place. So take me as I am. I desperately cling to You because I know that You are the glue that holds me together. Without You I am nothing." It's much harder for those who are naturally strong in the flesh to stay in a state of constant desperation, because they often lean on the arm of the flesh and think they can make it on their own.

83. Desperation and dependence on Me usually come more naturally to those who are weaker in the flesh, yet they also have to fight against the feeling of being too bad for Me. Each personality has its weaknesses, and I've designed it this way so that no one would be sufficient in himself. I've designed it this way so that all would know that they need Me and they're desperate for Me.

84. I'm attracted to those who yearn for Me, who desire Me, who are desperate for Me, who can't live without Me. I'm more willing to show Myself strong on the behalf of one who is completely dependent on Me than to one who is dependent on himself—his own strength, his own wisdom‚ his own arm of the flesh. This attitude of self-confidence may not be a spoken one, but is made manifest by your actions. If you do not come to Me for your strength‚ wisdom or help, are you not striving in your own strength?

85. So if you want My strength, My help, My power, My miracles and My anointing, then stay in a constant state of desperation—constantly wanting Me, needing Me, loving Me, acknowledging Me, and spending time with Me—and I will be drawn closer to you and will show Myself strong on your behalf. If I know you're depending solely upon Me, then I'm moved to work on your behalf and give you all that you desire. (End of message from Jesus.)

86. (Mama:) Thank You Jesus, our ­precious Husband! Thank You that You want us. We want to learn to acknowledge You in all our ways. We want to learn to be more open and free in our admiration of You, our thankfulness to You, and our admissions that we need You desperately and can't do anything without You! Please help us, Lord. Help us not to be too proud to show our love for You in this way. Help us to heed Your checks when You try to remind us to pray, or to praise You, or to glorify You. We really do want to grow in this area and become the loving‚ adoring brides that You desire.

87. I love you, dear Family, and know that as you begin to obey and step out to praise and love Him more, even if it means putting your pride on the altar or risking sounding "spiritual" or "corny," the Lord will abundantly bless and repay any tiny sacrifice it could have been. After all, He's given us so very much—the least we can do is acknowledge Him and thank Him for it!

With much love in our wonderful Husband,