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Ask Mama!--No.2

Karen Zerby

Maria #493 CM/FM 3248 6/98

Table of Contents, No.2:

Dad & Mama's Differences

Mama's Feelings About


Mama's Faith & Positiveness

Negativity or Positiveness?

Mama's Eyes

Mama's Sweet Tooth

Mama as Queen

Mama's New Anointing

What Mama Likes

About Peter

1. (Dad:) Here we go again with another GN full of juicy tidbits, lessons, personal examples, and experiences of your beautiful queen, who loves you dearly! I hope you're enjoying them and getting the full benefit out of them! There's so much you can learn from her‚ because there's so much that she learns from the Lord, and she's so faithful to pass it on! Praise the Lord! Lord bless and make this a blessing to each of you—and may you continue to be a blessing to many! I love you!

Dad and Mama's Differences

2. (Question: ) Can you tell us some of the little ways in which you and Dad were different in your personal opinions or preferences, and how those affected your marriage and relationship? Were you ever tempted to become familiar?

3. (Mama:) When you live together for a long time, for years and years, it's easy to become familiar. It can be easy to overlook the Lord in each other, to fail to see the Lord's anointing in your mate and how the Lord is using them and working through them. I think I tended to do this a little bit with Dad sometimes, even as wonderfully anointed as he was—and I knew he was. I never had any doubts about Dad being the Lord's chosen prophet, and I could clearly see the Lord's hand working through him mightily and using Dad to lead the way, and it was a privilege and honor to see the Lord use him.

4. Yet even though I knew Dad was very anointed and that the Lord really led him, there were times when I was tempted to think that something was more Dad's idea or his personality to want to do things a certain way. He had even told us that some things he told us or taught us were his own idea‚ and would be the first to admit that he made mistakes just like everyone else. So at times when he wanted to do something and I wasn't sure whether it was him or the Lord's leading‚ I wasn't always very quick to agree and sometimes needed a lot of convincing and persuasion. I guess that's how my familiarity with him was manifested.

5. It wasn't in the big things where I was slow to agree—the revelations or major moves of the Spirit—but more in the little things when I might have thought it was just Dad's personality ­coming out‚ or his ideas, which often turned out to be the Lord's leading and hand on a situation. Then, as you can imagine‚ I was sorry that I'd balked or hadn't gone along more quickly with what Dad suggested‚ because it turned out to be the right thing and the best way in the end, and the thing we ended up doing because it was the best.

6. But Dad was very patient with me; he was never critical or condemning. I think he knew that the Lord was using those little instances in my relationship with him, where I was a little familiar or slow to follow, to teach me important principles about following the Lord more closely myself and being in tune with the little things.

7. Of course, Dad wasn't always one hundred percent right, and when he wasn't, he was never too proud to tell me I was right and to be willing to change his mind and go along with my suggestion or idea. I think his humility and openness to hear my side of things was one of the attributes that kept us from getting too familiar with each other, and helped us to continue to respect and see the Lord in each other.

8. Although Dad definitely had the Lord's anointing, there were times when the Lord would show me things, too‚ and Dad wasn't too proud to accept that and proceed with the way the Lord was working. I think it was the fact that Dad really tried to stay open to however the Lord moved, and open to the Lord's Spirit working through me and through us as a team, that helped to keep our marriage fresh and alive and young in spirit, without a big problem with familiarity, even though we were married for almost 25 years.

9. I was quite outspoken with Dad. I often offered my opinion and even the contrary side of an issue, because I knew that Dad welcomed it. This too, I believe, was a big asset to our relationship, because I never felt like I couldn't say what I felt or give my opinion. But at the same time, I learned from Dad how to do that. He taught me how to express my opinions with more love and wisdom than when I first started out, and it proved to be a real key in my being able to talk to Dad about everything, because I knew he would listen and think about what I said, and pray about it.

10. Even though we were so different in our personalities, with me being the more conservative one and the one who liked to stay settled down, this didn't hinder our communication with each other. Some people might think that personality differences or background differences make it harder to communicate, but I never found this to be true with Dad.

11. As a matter of fact, Dad would often comment on how he appreciated my different point of view. It didn't mean that he always agreed with my point of view or the approach that I took on an issue, but he wanted to hear me out, partly out of love and respect and appreciation for me, and also because he was very prayer­ful and always prayerfully looking to the Lord for His leading, which came partly through counseling with others.

12. So as you can imagine, I was happy to give my ideas and suggestions to my wonderful husband, because he was a good listener and I knew he was open to what I had to say. That kept our relationship very inspiring and interesting, and we would spend hours discussing and sharing ideas. It was very inspiring for me and I loved to talk with Dad, but mostly to listen to him. He was the most interesting person I've ever met, and he made me feel like I was interesting too! I often felt like I didn't know very much, like I was even a little dumb about things, but Dad helped me to see how I didn't have to know everything, because the Lord does, and all we have to do is look to Him.

13. That was another one of the big differences in our personalities—Dad was so much smarter than I am, and still is! But this was never a problem in our communication or relation­ship. He was smart enough to help me along when I needed it and to teach me the things that I needed to know. I'm sure it was frustrating for Dad at times when I didn't see things as quickly or clearly as he did, but I never felt that he was disappointed in me for that‚ and I never felt that he looked down on me. We never want to fail the one we love or feel we look bad in their eyes, and Dad never made me feel that way; he was always encouraging me and lifting me up.

14. Even though we were so different in personality, I think it actually helped to enhance our marriage, because we built on each other's strengths. Dad was the pioneer and the mover who loved to go places and make changes at a moment's notice‚ and I was the opposite in many ways. I liked to stay in the same place and rarely do much at a moment's notice. I liked to plan way ahead and take care of as many things as possible ahead of time.

15. I think Dad would get a little frustrated with how much I liked to prepare and plan, and how much stuff I wanted to take with us! I would spend much more time thinking about what to bring‚ what I needed for Dad, what and how to pack, etc. I would write things down and make my list of things to pack, what to leave behind‚ and all of that. Whereas Dad was already packed most of the time!

16. Dad was already ready to move most of the time—both in the physical and in the spirit—and it didn't bother him to leave fast and leave things behind, give things away, and just trust the Lord to supply. It didn't bother Dad to do without for a while and rough it; whereas I was much more particular about having the things I felt we needed and being prepared and taking it with us!

17. But even in this‚ we balanced each other out and we complemented each other. We had to give and take and respect each other's personality and ways; otherwise you can see how it could have been difficult if either one of us had tried to stick to our own way.

18. Dad loved to work with people, not against them‚ and even in our marriage he really strove for loving harmony. When we had a point of disagreement or difference, I never knew Dad to hold a grudge or any hard feelings. He would always forgive and forget and want to make up with an apology and a kiss. These things brought us even closer together in love and strengthened our marriage as we learned to accept each other's personality differences and preferences and ways of operating.

Mama's Feelings About Herself

19. (Question: ) How do you feel about yourself as a person?

20. (Mama:) Well, that's a big question! While I feel confident that the Lord will accomplish in me the purpose that He has called me for and will give me the anointing for whatever I have to do, and I have faith that He can use even me—still, most of the time I feel like quite a wreck! I feel very incapable, very ignorant and simple. I don't just feel like this; I know I'm those things.

21. Socially, I don't usually feel completely at ease with others. I feel awkward, not so lovely, definitely not a good conversationalist‚ not charming, and quite shy. I definitely don't feel like I'm spiritually much stronger than others.

22. When the Lord gives me words of commendation or talks about the way in which He's anointed me and made me strong, and the great gifts He's given me, I almost always say to Him, "Lord, I believe; help Thou my unbelief! I know You must be right, Lord, and I believe You, even if I don't see it in myself, so help me to just have faith in what You say." I almost always cry too, because it humbles me so much to know that the Lord would say such great things about me.

23. I've said to Him repeatedly, "Lord, I want You to help me to always feel this way, to always wonder if it's really me You're talking about, to never see myself the way You see me; because if I did, I would not be worthy of those words. I couldn't accept them and still be the humble vessel You want me to be. I appreciate Your encouragement, and it does encourage me that You feel this way about me‚ but I don't really see it myself‚ so I just accept it by faith, knowing that You know what You're doing."

Mama's Faith and Positiveness

24. (Question:) You're very positive and cheerful and full of faith, something that I want to be more like. Are you that way because you spend a lot of time every day in prayer and communing with the Lord? Or is it more of a spiritual gift and not something that many of us can have?

25. (Mama:) I'm not really sure how to answer this question. I know the Lord has given me the gift of faith—seeing things through the eyes of faith, and having faith for a lot of situations. It's ­nothing of myself at all—it's a gift the Lord has given me, which He knew I really needed for the calling He's given me.

26. But at the same time, learning to be positive and look to the Lord for the faith that you need is something that anyone can do. Even if you don't have the gift of faith per se‚ that's no excuse for doubting and murmuring, because you can ask the Lord for the faith you need‚ and you can go to the Word about it and be strengthened in that area.

27. I have to do the same. If I relied solely on the gift the Lord has given me‚ it wouldn't last long! I have to continually be committing things to the Lord‚ soaking in His Words, and looking up to His face, so that I can have the ­reassurance I need that everything's going to be okay, and thus I have the faith that the Lord is going to do it! I asked the Lord about this, and He said:

28. (Jesus speaking:) My dear queen has the gift of faith. She has a large measure of faith which I have given her, for she faces many problems and she must counsel many people. She's like the captain on the ship who sees beyond the storm‚ beyond the trials and tests and battles of this life, for she has her eyes fixed on Me. I have closed her eyes that she might see Me and see the unseen more clearly. Thus her face radiates peace, calm and trust. This gives the passengers trust also, knowing that all is well

29. As you commit your ways unto Me, I direct the course of your vessel. Though there be storms of this life, icebergs of the Enemy, and mines in the ­water placed there by evil men who would sink your vessel, I, the Master Pilot, will guide the vessel safely through the storm.

30. My dear queen is also very faithful to come to Me and to commit her burdens to Me—one of the secrets of faith. One cannot carry their burdens for long without growing weary. So the secret of not growing weary when you're responsible for many heavy burdens is to commit them to Me—faithfully, right away, and consistently. As soon as you feel them settling upon you, lift up your hands to Me for My help, for My strength, for My answers. Do not only weep and say, "Lord‚ carry my burdens!" For though I'm happy to lift them for you, I also wish to give you solutions which will further help you when the burdens settle again on you. So lift them up to Me, and wait also for My solutions, My re-strengthening, and through this time we have together, you'll be ­stronger for the burdens, rather than weaker.

31. Any of My dear children can become strong in faith. Any of My dear children can change their first reaction from that of being downcast and discouraged to being full of faith, trusting, and ­coming to Me for the answers. The secret to faith is in My Word—being full of it, and learning from it daily. For if you're faithful in the Word, you know that My Word is full of promises, and you know that I never fail in one of My good promises.

32. If you're faithful in My Word, you are also keeping your heart clean. For one cannot read and fully absorb My Word without growing and becoming cleaner. And when you come to Me with a clean heart, you can have full faith that I will answer. Not that you must be perfect, but you know that you're in My will, and that you're obeying those things which I've been speaking to you about.

33. If you're one of My children who feels you are lacking in faith, or you want to become more like your queen in this area, here are some things you can do to help strengthen your faith. Many of them are much like building good habits. Building good thought patterns is much the same, and though it requires My help‚ it also requires a fight in the natural to break the bad habits and replace them with the desired thoughts. You may feel that this is hypocritical‚ that to think positively when you feel negative is not faith but a forced work of the flesh. If this is all you're doing, then it will not work, and it will be only a work of the flesh. But if it is combined with My other keys to victory in this area‚ then it's not working in the flesh; it's simply doing your part by rolling away the stone, and My power will work the miracle.

34. One of the first things you must do is soak yourself in My Word. When you read My Word‚ pray for it to take root in your heart and give you faith. Claim My promises, and ask Me to wash you clean. Then do your part by obeying and ful­filling the conditions of My promises‚ so that you can have full assurance that I will answer.

35. Secondly, make it a habit to speak My Word out loud, to sing My promises and praises out loud, and be constantly reminding yourself of My goodness and My power. Then, when a ­difficult situation hits or problems tumble about you, you'll rise above them through your knowledge of My power, which is so much greater than any problem or difficulty. The praises and the promises will wear grooves in your brain, and slowly your first reactions will change and be more positive.

36. You must also fight to resist the negative thoughts and lies of the Devil. Especially if you're fighting to be more full of faith, the Devil will be right there to tell you many believable lies. You must resist these with all that is in you if you wish to claim the victory. If you're not sure whether they're lies of the Devil or whether they're My voice cautioning you about something‚ simply call My Name and ask Me to speak to you. The Devil has no power when you call My Name and ask for My help.

37. You can also ask for prayer against anything that might be keeping you from being positive—whether it be bitterness, a spirit of murmuring, comparing, or negative thinking. Once your house is clean‚ make room for Me through the Word and through fighting in the spirit, and I will deliver you. Your old habits will be washed away, and new ones will form in their place.

38. My dear children, the victory in any area is there for you. Don't excuse yourself by saying that it's your thorn in the flesh which you will always have‚ and thus give license to the lies of the Enemy through it! It's a new day, a day in which I have promised deliverance and victory. So come be filled with Me, and see the fruit it will bear in your life! I love you, My precious children! (End of message from Jesus.)

Negativity or Positiveness?

39. (Question:) When you talk about yourself and the way you view yourself, it sounds like you're being pretty negative about yourself. However, on the other hand, the Lord talks about you as being so positive and having so much faith. I'm a little confused, because the way you seem to see yourself in this area seems to conflict with the way the Lord looks at you.

40. (Mama:) Well, in answer to that question, I was a little confused about it myself! So I asked the Lord to give us an answer on this, and here's what He said:

41. (Jesus speaking:) My dear queen feels that she's not being negative, but she's only being realistic‚ for she knows that in herself dwells no good thing. It's not hard for her to express this matter-of-factly to others, for she is humble, and in her heart she knows the only good thing is Me. So to show others that she herself is not so wonderful doesn't really bother her.

42. Knowing that you are nothing in yourself and can do nothing by yourself is not negativity. Negativity only ­enters in when My children think more of themselves than they ought to, when they compare with others or suddenly discover through a mistake or blow–it that they're not as wonderful as they thought they were. If they're not in the habit of confessing to Me that they're nothing, then to suddenly feel that they're truly nothing is very devastating for them. However, My queen doesn't dwell on what she doesn't have, for she knows that I have more than enough to make up for it. And because she's yielded, she has full faith that I'll give her whatever it is that she needs!

43. It's a good state to be in when you can face yourself and your lacks without getting discouraged or negative. It's not negativity when you look at yourself and say, "I know that I'm bad and there's nothing good in me‚ but You, my wonderful Lord, are everything! You give me that which I need, and I have no fear of lack or want in my personality‚ in my talents‚ in my work, in my relationships with others‚ because I know that You give me what I need the most!"

44. That's not being negative—that's being humble before Me‚ and positive, because you have faith that I'm going to be all that you need. The negativity comes in when you have an impression of yourself which is false, and then it's shattered when you see the truth. The negativity comes in when you feel you must be something in yourself, and you're not fully depending upon Me. The negativity comes in when your priorities are off, or you're not trusting Me fully.

45. To see yourself as bad and Me in you as the only good thing is the best place to be, and the best way to look at things. Then you're not as sensitive. You're not as stumbled or embattled when you make a mistake, for you know that I'm the only good thing, and you must just stay closer to Me! Of course, there are natural feelings of hurt when you feel you've displeased Me‚ but this is Godly sorrow which worketh repentance—a change of heart and life. But it lightens the load considerably and gives you a much more positive and solid attitude towards life when you can face the facts of your wicked self, and look to Me for all that you need! (End of message from Jesus.)

Mama's Eyes

46. (Question:) Why do you think the Lord has still not healed your eyes after so many years?

47. (Mama:) I can think of a few reasons why the Lord has allowed this affliction to continue. For one thing, it sure has kept you all desperate in prayer for me, just like the Lord used Dad's many afflictions to keep us desperate in prayer for him. It's also kept me desperate for the strength to be able to do my work. Because of the constant battle, it's kept me closer to the Lord, knowing that I have to lean on Him and depend on His strength and power to do the job, as I certainly don't have it in myself. It has also increased my faith.

48. Even though the Lord hasn't given me complete healing—which I know is part of His plan so that I can learn the lessons that I need to and stay desperate with Him—I've seen many times over the years that the Lord has answered your prayers and mine. He's made my eyes feel much better, strengthened my body, and removed my headaches or what­ever the affliction was, so that I was able to carry on in my work.

49. It's been hard sometimes for me to ask you for prayer—as I didn't want to impose on you or take your valuable time with praying for me—but I've seen time and again how the Lord has ­answered your prayers and given me surcease from this affliction because of them, so I'm very thankful that I have asked you, and that you've been willing to fight for me in prayer.

50. Another thing is that because my eyes have been in such bad condition, I've not been able to watch movies or read System material, which I'm inclined to do simply for educational purposes and to be knowledgeable about what's going on in the world, which is not a bad thing in itself. But the Lord knows that even with the best System books—even Christian—and movies, comes the pollution of the world and the Enemy's sidetracks and temptations. I believe the Lord wanted to keep me free from that so that I would stay pure from the influences of the System and be unhindered.

51. I believe the Lord has all but closed my physical eyes so that I would be able to see clearer with my spiritual ones, so that I would live more in the spiritual realm than the physical one, and so that I would be more attuned to the things of the spirit than all the physical sights around me.

52. Above all, I believe He wanted to ensure that I would always put Him in first place; that I would spend the time with Him that He wanted; that I would desperately seek Him for my strength; that I would lean heavily on Him; that through my weakness, His strength would be made perfect; that even though I'm weak in the flesh, He would be strong through me; and that I wouldn't get caught up in my work and crowd Him out. It's a constant reminder that I can't do it without Him, that I'm nothing without Him, and that it's only by His strength that I'm able to continue.

53. I was thinking about that the other night when I was going over a prophecy the Lord gave for someone with the story about the little sheep whose leg was broken to keep her close to the shepherd. I was thinking about how the Lord has had to sort of "break my leg" in a way, to get me to do His will. He's had to hold me really close and tight in His arms, through affecting my eyes, so that I would stay on track.

54. In other words‚ He had to get me to the point where I couldn't use my natural eyesight much. I couldn't overdo on trying to accomplish a lot for Him through reading so much as I used to—all that work, so many reports. There was so much I was just doing, doing, doing, constantly. It just wasn't the Lord's will for me. So He had to take that all away and put me in a position where He could keep me close to Him and where I couldn't do anything else.

55. It's interesting to see how much love and mercy the Lord has on all of us; how He brings us to the place where He knows it's going to be the best for us, either in a physical situation or a spiritual one. Thank the Lord!

56. Besides the great benefit of keeping me very close to the Lord‚ it's also directly benefited all of you, dear Family. It's helped you to labor in prayer for me‚ and thus receive the benefits yourselves of that time spent in prayer and desperation with the Lord.

Mama's Sweet Tooth

57. (Question:) Do you like sweets as much as you did when you first joined the Family? How did you get the victory over your sweet tooth? (See ML #190:7.)

58. (Mama: ) I asked Dad if he would like to answer this for me, and he said:

59. (Dad speaking: ) My dear precious little birdie was so attached to those sweets that she was almost addicted. I prayed about it one day, and the Lord showed me that she needed to stop. She was so addicted that it was a real fight for her to give them up. She just loved those little candy bars and chocolates and candies. Goodness me, she would eat just about anything as long as it had sugar in it!

60. Well‚ when the Lord told me to get her off them, I argued with Him a bit‚ wondering if it was really necessary that I get so involved in her life, and the Lord confirmed it through the voice of His Word. So I went and told dear Mama, and God bless her, she took it without being sensitive and started to try not to eat them. But it was such a fight, and we had to keep working on her and reminding her and keep those things well away from her. It was as if she were irresistibly drawn to them and she just had to have them!

61. But thank the Lord, after a few months of gentle and firm prodding, she finally got the victory to where she could at least resist them herself, and her face was clearing up just wonderfully! I remember she used to try to sneak a few in here and there, but either I or someone else would catch her and remind her‚ and she would—grudgingly at first, then cheerfully later on—skip those yummy desserts.

62. I loved your Mama and wanted her to have a nice clear beautiful face, like her personality. She's done so well and is such a fighter! Even now she asks me or the Lord about whether or not it's okay for her to eat certain things, and because she now does it in moderation it is okay, and it doesn't have a bad effect on her. Besides, now the sweets she does eat are made with either honey or raw, unrefined sugar, and don't have white sugar in them, which is poison and just totally robs your teeth and body of all the nourishment you need. That's why I've encouraged you all to eat healthy things, because you are the temple of the Lord and He wants you to have the healthiest body you can, so you can do the job better and be a better sample.

63. If you were to see Mama's face now, it's just gorgeous, radiant and lovely! I still love her more than any other woman. She was God's special gift to me, and there could never be another one like her. It's so nice that I've been able to stay so close by her, and that I've been able to stick around all of you, my dear loved ones. This truly was my heart's desire. (End of message from Dad.)

Mama as Queen

64. (Question:) When our children see pictures of you portrayed as a queen and Peter as a king, should we try to explain to them that you're not a real, physical queen? What should we tell them if they ask about this?

65. (Mama:) This is a good question. This may come as a surprise to you, but you don't have to teach your children that I'm not actually a queen, because I am! I'm just as much a queen as any other queen in the world. Not only because the Lord has said it—which is the most important reason—but because we're a ­nation of real physical people!

66. We don't have set physical bound­aries for our country, because we're everywhere and move from country to country; so in that sense we can't put our nation on a map and teach its geography. But that doesn't mean it doesn't exist in the physical realm. It does exist. We exist. You exist as its members, and I exist as your queen. Dad existed as your king before‚ and still exists, helping to run the Family from the Heavenlies. The Lord often called Dad a king, and He's also given that title to Peter.

67. The Family is not only a spiritual nation, with spiritual wealth and power, but we're a real physical nation‚ too, with strength of people. We don't have wealth in the physical today‚ but the Lord has promised that we will one day. He's even told us that we will be a financial power‚ and I believe it! The world isn't willing to honor or recognize our nation, but they don't have to in order for us to exist, do they?

68. The Lord has given me the anoint­ing and role of a queen and has spoken about its spiritual significance, but my role as queen isn't only limited to the spiritual realm; it's very much an active role in the physical realm of ruling the Family and running the kingdom. I don't wear a physical crown or carry a scepter, because it's not necessary or practical‚ but maybe the day will come for that—the Lord knows! But that shouldn't cloud our vision of the reality of our ­nation on Earth as a real physical nation of people‚ with me as your queen and Peter as your king.

69. I'm not saying this to glorify myself or honor myself, and I sometimes have a hard time thinking of myself as a queen. But if we're going to believe in our spiritual nation with spiritual wealth and power and strength, then we should also believe in our physical nation with the physical wealth and power that the Lord has promised we will see one day. And that makes me a real physical queen! (Note: For more on our new nation‚ see older Letters such as ML #C, J, 83:31, 179, 181:22-24, and many others which talk about our kingdom, kings and queens and new nation. If you have the HomeARC, it makes an interesting Word study. See also Rev.1:5 and 5:10.)

Mama's New Anointing

70. (Question:) In one of the Letters a few years back, the Lord said something about how He was giving you a new anointing. Are there any particular ways you've seen this new anointing manifested?

71. (Mama:) Yes! Actually, the Lord just recently talked to me about one aspect of that subject when I asked Him a question I had‚ having to do with my anointing of answering people's questions. Since Dad went to be with the Lord, it just seems like I've really lost my anointing as far as having answers to give to people. I often draw a blank and the only thing I can think of is, "Let's ask the Lord about it!" I thought the Lord was probably doing this on purpose to help me really make it a habit to ask Him about everything, and also so we'll see that He's serious about giving us the answers Himself, straight from Heaven in prophecy.

72. When I asked the Lord about it, He called it part of my new anointing. This is what He said:

73. (Jesus speaking:) This is your new anointing, My love—the anointing of having no answers of your own, the anointing of weakness in your own ability to answer people. Through this new anointing, I've turned you to Me for the answers you need.

74. It's so much easier for most of My children to lean to their own under­standing, to give a quick answer or judgment from their own past experience or reasoning. It's much harder for them to learn to turn to Me and seek My leading and My answers for everything. They struggle with their own natural strength and reasoning. Whereas, you, My precious queen, struggle to do anything in your own carnal reasoning and wisdom, and need Me for everything.

75. I've planned it this way so that you, as My queen and head of the Family, would set the standard and the sample of turning to Me, of seeking Me and praying and listening for My instructions and obeying the things I say. This is one of the most important things that I wish to teach all of My shepherds and children to do. And by using you as their role model and sample, I make it much easier for them to follow and learn the way that I desire to work through them.

76. It also makes it much easier for you, My love, because you don't have to think up the answers on your own. You don't have to worry about whether you're giving people the right answer or the right counsel, because you turn to Me and get the answers directly from Me, and can rest assured that what I say is the right thing. This eases the pressure and strain of your leadership role, and lightens the great responsibility that you would otherwise feel if you thought that you had to come up with all the right answers. I've ordained it that you must come to Me and let Me carry the burden, let Me bear the ultimate responsibility.

77. It's not a weakness that you can't think of what to tell people without seeking Me, but this is your greatest strength! For through this you allow Me to work and do My will as you constantly turn to Me for everything. (End of message from Jesus.)

What Mama Likes About Peter

78. (Question: ) What do you like best about Peter?

79. (Mama: ) Oh my, that's a tough question! I don't even know where to start! I could go down the alphabet, and there would be something starting with each letter that I just love about him! Ha!

80. I'd have to say that the thing I love about him the most‚ or that makes me the happiest, is his great love for the Lord. I feel so secure in his love‚ and so happy loving him, because I know that he loves Jesus most of all! I've seen him over and over again willing to do whatever the Lord asked of him—however humbling or difficult it might have been—and I've seen him consistently put the Lord first above his personal desires‚ needs, or thoughts. I so love that about him. I'm so blessed to have a mate who loves Jesus so much!

81. I'm so thankful for his willingness to hear from the Lord in prophecy, even when he's tired or doesn't particularly feel like it. He has a beautiful channel, which I'm so very thankful for, and I love his yieldedness to the Lord to use it faithfully and desperately!

82. His personality is so much fun! He's not only very spiritual and mature‚ wise and loving, but he also loves to enjoy life. He has a sense of humor‚ which many of you know from meeting him and seeing him on video, and he likes to laugh and crack jokes! He really enjoys eating and good food. He works very hard, but then when it's time to relax and take a break, he knows how to play and have fun!

83. He's super sexy, and that's a subject that would take a long time if I really got into talking about that side of him, ha! He's so much fun! I love the way he gets turned on and wants me, and I love the way we love the Lord together! He's very expressive in his love words to Jesus, which is a real turn–on for me, and which I really enjoy.

84. By nature I'm more quiet or reserved along those lines. Of course, ­living with Dad I lost a lot of my inhibitions about sex and it helped me to be more expressive, etc. But when the Lord gave us the "Loving Jesus" revelation, it was a step of faith and new for me to use the more explicit or erotic words to express my love for the Lord. To be honest, it didn't come naturally to me. I took the step of faith to obey, and now I feel very comfortable saying those kinds of love words to the Lord. But I still can't often think of new words to say, or I'm not very imaginative when it comes to expressing my love and my feelings in words. So that's another thing that I love about ­Peter. He's very passionate, and when we're making love, he'll sometimes really verbalize his feelings for the Lord and for me, which is very exciting!

85. Another thing I love about him is how honest he is. He's very open about his feelings and doesn't try to cover up or put on a good front. Although he's very wise and prayerful about the things he says, he doesn't try to hold them in, but will usually prayerfully express them so we can discuss them together.

86. He's very humble when it comes to being willing to confess or ask for prayer when he needs it, and will often willingly come before the body to ask for prayer—whether for his trips, the anointing and strength for a project, or something that he's learning or trying to work on, like not eating too much, for example. His humility before the Lord and others is something I love and admire very much, and is a good sample to me.

87. He's very understanding of me and my faults and shortcomings. He's patient‚ and he loves me the way I am‚ which I'm so thankful for.

88. I love the love the Lord has given him for each of you‚ dear Family. He loves you very, very much, and literally lives to serve you. His frequent travels away from home are an expression of that‚ as by nature he would often much rather stay at home, but is willing to travel because he loves to see and meet you. He loves to hear firsthand about your needs, and then come home and pray and counsel and try to put into effect the Lord's solutions.

89. He loves to hold you and tell you how much the Lord loves you‚ and he's so thankful that his being able to go out is a personal expression of the Lord's and my and Dad's love for you—which he feels honored to convey. I think you'll agree with me that he's a wonderful vessel of the Lord's love!

90. Let's see, what else? I really could go on and on! He knows so many things I don't know, and has the understanding of certain situations that I don't know much about. For example, the Family business needs or counseling with the lawyers and academics‚ etc., are all things he's very anointed for‚ and that I feel very incapable of. So we complement each other with the anointing the Lord has given each of us in our areas of responsibility as well.

91. He's very good at leading meetings, and has a real anointing for meeting so many of our precious Family—which, while I would love to do it, not only does my ministry demand that I stay at home to keep the pubs flowing, but I'm just not strong enough physically; plus because I'm so shy, it would be very difficult for me. So I really appreciate the anoint­ing the Lord has given him. And of course when he goes to visit you, my heart and prayers go with him to you in spirit!

92. There are many other things that I love about him, and thank the Lord for constantly! I wouldn't be complete without him, and am so thankful to the Lord for giving me such a wonderful and loving co-worker and mate. I'm also very thankful to be able to share him with all of you, and I pray that through his time away from home and out with you, you'll feel the Lord's great love for you, and mine as well.

93. I love each of you dearly! We pray for you constantly, and admire you so much for your love for Jesus—which motivates you to get out and reach others for Him! Keep it up! I love you!