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Turning Weakness into Strength!

Karen Zerby

Keys to Victory series

Jewels on Strength and Weakness, NWOs and Tests, Correction and Sensitivity!—By Maria

Maria #492 CM/FM 3247 1/99

Dear Family,

1. I love you! Here's another little chest of jewels, given to us from our ­precious Husband's great treasure house! He's opened the doors wide and invited us to come and get all we need at any time we need it! Isn't He wonderful? I pray these are a blessing to you, and that you're each taking full advantage of the wonderful treasures of the Spirit the Lord has put within our reach—all we have to do is stop and listen to Him!

2. I'm so thankful for His loving, specific, per­sonalized counsel and what a huge difference it's made in my life—making things so much easier for me. I really pray that you're each learning to use prophecy more in your personal life, as I think you'll find that it lightens your load tremendously, making your life easier and happier!

3. Not long ago we published "The Weak­ness Revolution" series, which‚ from what we've heard, has been a tremendous boost to many of you and is helping you make needed changes in your lives. But we felt it couldn't hurt to share more of what the Lord has poured out about this subject, because most of us can use all the help we can get along these lines. So these first messages are more from the Lord on different aspects of the subject of strength and weakness.

4. We know the Lord has told us that He uses weakness in our lives‚ and that He even engineers circumstances to make us weak—and thus more dependent upon Him. But you might have questions about that, or wonder what the balance is between being weak in yourself but strong in the Lord and being so spiri­tually weak that you aren't able to do anything for Him.

5. Following is a very encouraging message from Jesus about the different types of weakness He allows or brings into our lives, and how He uses those to keep us close to Him.

Weak in Ourselves

But Strong in Him

6. (Jesus speaking: ) I love each and every one of My children, and I wish to draw them all close to Me. I have a plan for each of them‚ and I wish to mold them into the vessels of My choice. But in order to mold them into such vessels‚ I must allow different things to happen in their lives to cause them to be humble and ­broken; to be weak in themselves so that they're dependent on Me and My strength‚ My grace, and My mercy.

7. I work differently in each individ­ual's heart, for I know what will keep each person humble and broken and close to Me. It's all for the same end ­result, that they may learn and see and know be­yond a shadow of a doubt that they are weak in themselves. Once they know this, then My strength may be perfected in their weak­ness.

8. I allow some to have physical afflic­­tions‚ which are like thorns in their flesh, and these things keep them humble, broken, and desperate. Through these physical afflictions, they see that they are weak and they have no strength to heal them­selves, so they are dependent upon My strength and My healing touch. I give different ones different measures of physical afflictions. This is according to My plan, according to My calling and the different ministries that I give to each one.

9. To others I give good health, but I work in their lives in different ways. I may ask them to give up loved ones, to forsake even children, wives or husbands‚ so they may learn to put Me first in their lives. This again causes a breaking, a humbling. It causes them to be weak in themselves so they are dependent upon My strength to pull them through.

10. To others I give a job or a ministry which is not easy for them. They may prefer to go someplace else, to have a more exciting job or a different ministry, but that's not My highest will for them. So I call them to sign a blank sheet of paper and I ask them to be yielded and willing to do what I want them to do, and this causes them to be humble, broken, and de­pendent upon My grace and My strength.

11. To others I give a calling or ministry that carries a great weight or responsibility, a job that they know they're not capable of doing on their own. They realize that they don't have the strength or power in themselves to do such an important task or mission, that it's beyond their own limited capabilities, so it causes them to cry out and be desperate for My strength. They see that they're weak in themselves and they need My anointing to have the strength to do their jobs.

12. So you see‚ there are many ways that I work in My children's lives to help them to become weak and dependent on Me. But what I want My children to under­stand is that I allow these things to happen because I love them. I love each and every one‚ individually. Even the very hairs of their head are numbered. So all the events that happen in their lives—the different breakings and humblings, the different experiences I put them through‚ the different situations I place them in—these things all come from My hand and are a part of My plan. I allow them to happen because I love them and I wish to draw them close to Me.

13. If My children are proud and strong in themselves and feel capable in their own flesh, then they are distant from Me, and I must allow difficulties to happen to help get rid of pride, to help them see and understand that they can't do it in the arm of the flesh‚ and to help them to truly become weak in themselves. Once they are, then I can pour in My Spirit and give them My strength.

14. If a vessel is full of its own ideas, its own plans‚ its own strength, and feels it needs no help, then there's no room for My Spirit. The vessel must be empty and it must desire, it must suck for My strength and My Spirit; this vessel I will fill.

15. I love you, My children, and I know what's best for each of you. So allow Me to work in your lives, to humble you and break you and draw you closer to Me. Be thankful that I make you weak in yourselves, for by so doing‚ you become strong in Me. (End of message from Jesus)

16. (Mama:) That should be very encouraging for all those of us who suffer from regular afflictions, trials, tests‚ or battles of one sort or another—which is probably all of us! But it's also very convicting and should cause us to make sure that we're getting out of each weakness what the Lord has ordained—greater closeness to Him, humility, and strength in His Spirit, not our own.

Turn Your Weakness

Into Spiritual Strength!

17. In this next message, Dad gives us some very good counsel on "the good kind of weakness"—turning our weaknesses into spiritual strengths.

18. (Dad speaking:) The good kind of weakness to have is to be dependent upon the Lord for everything. This kind of attitude will be a strength to you, because when you're depending on the Lord and turning to Him for the answers to every­thing, like you should and like He wants you to, then you'll be strong in Him.

19. That's the true strength of weakness—knowing that you need Him, that you need to turn to Him for the answers, and faithfully doing that. You're weak in yourself in that you don't rely on your own ideas of what's the right thing to do, but in­stead you ask the Lord. You're weak in that you don't automatically feel like you know the answers or understand the situation, or that you don't need to pray about something, but you always ask the Lord. Your first reaction should be to pray and ask the Lord about things—about everything.

20. That's the good kind of weakness—the weakness of not being confident that you know what's best to do in the natural. And even if you do know what to do, or think you do, you still ask the Lord about it and humbly follow His lead. It's good because then you're letting the Lord work through you and perform His will. You're letting Him have control. You're letting Him make the decisions and do things His way—and that's when your weakness turns into your strength.

21. You'll never go wrong by continually turning to Him in prayer when you don't know what to do, and even when you think you do know what to do. The more you ask Him about things, the more He can work through you. The more you feel incapable in yourself and like you don't know what to do, and you turn to the Lord for the answers, the better off you'll be, because then He'll do it through you.

22. So there's nothing wrong with feeling incapable and like you don't know what to do, and always having to run to the Lord in prayer. That's not a weakness; that's really your greatest strength, because He'll always be there to lead and guide you.

23. He uses those feelings to keep you desperate and coming back to Him time after time, so that He can continue to anoint you, work through you, and bear much fruit. Just because you might feel incapable and insufficient doesn't mean that you really are—as long as you keep turning to Him. Those are good feelings to have because they keep you desperate and in need of Jesus, and that's exactly the way He wants you to be. Praise the Lord!

24. The only problem you might have with feeling incapable and weak in yourself is if, after you've gone to the Lord and prayed and heard from Him, you don't implement what He told you to do, whether from lack of faith or some other reason. Maybe you don't see how the Lord's answer could be true or possible, or maybe you think it's going to be too hard to do it or it's going to be a battle, so you put it off or don't do it. But you need to have the faith that it's really Him speaking to you, that He knows what's good and right, and you simply need to obey and carry through with what He's shown you.

25. If you lack the faith, He can help you. If you don't see how you can do what He's asked you to do, ask Him to show you how. If you think it's going to be a battle, ask Him to help you take the first step. As you obey and take each little step for Him‚ He'll take bigger steps for you and help you to make progress. He won't fail His promises, His Word.

26. If you don't know what to do and you feel incapable and weak, then you can turn your weak­ness into strength—the strength of weakness—by going to the Lord and asking Him. Ask Him about whatever specific situation you need help in; that's using your weakness and tapping in to the power of the Lord. But after you've received some direction and guidance from Him in prophecy‚ if you don't do anything with it and you don't try to apply it and act upon it in some way, then your strength of weakness in going to the Lord wasn't such a strength to you.

27. Of course, this probably happens to everybody at some time. Nobody's perfect and nobody can fulfill every jot and tittle of the law, even every jot and tittle of the Lord's fresh Word for today. But most of us can fulfill a lot of it, and should continually be striving to do the Lord's will to the best of our ability.

28. A person's natural weakness should be a strength‚ because it causes them to work in the power of the Lord's strength. But if in their feelings of being in­capable, weak, or insufficient in some area, they don't receive the Lord's ­promises to help them and they don't walk in faith in His promises‚ then they truly remain weak in that area. Their natural weak­nesses have become more of a hindrance than a help because they didn't accept the Lord's help after they asked Him for it.

29. You have to be willing and believing to grab on to what the Lord offers you and says He will do through you. You have to trust and believe that if He says He will anoint you to do something, or that He will speak through you, or give you the grace to obey His will—that He means it, and He will do it if you walk in faith. "As they went‚ they were healed."

30. Even though you feel weak, He will be strong in you. Even though you know you can't do it, you trust His promises that He will do it through you. And even though you don't know exactly how He's going to accomplish His will through you, you trust and are willing to follow and obey. Then you're really using your weakness and making it a strength through Jesus. Praise the Lord! (End of message from Dad)

31. (Mama: ) Thank you, Dad, for that very inspiring counsel! Lord help us to do our best to look to You at every turn, at every opportunity, so that You can use us to the best of our ability—helping us to use our strengths for Your glory, and even our weaknesses to keep us closer to You and more dependent upon You!

How to Avoid Taking

The Same Tests Over Again!

32. The Lord gives some very good counsel in the following message about how He tries to use our NWOs to keep us close to Him, and therefore become stronger spiritually if we let Him. He also talks about the tests He sends us and how He uses them to strengthen us, and gives some interesting insight into how we can avoid repeated occurrences of the same test—just determine to yield and fight through to victory every time! Praise the Lord!

33. (Jesus speaking:) Everyone has NWOs which I allow for different ­reasons, according to what I know you need and what's best for you. Among other things, they teach you humility and yieldedness; they keep you desperate and close to Me; they teach you the power of prayer; they help you to understand ­others and be able to comfort and help your brethren and the lost of the world.

34. You need your NWOs to keep you weak in yourself and dependent on Me, and to help you to have compassion on others. But you don't need to be spiritually weakened by them, because they are meant to bring you the good fruits of My Spirit and make it possible for you to become stronger in Me. As you turn to Me, out of weakness you are made strong.

35. For example‚ if you're battling with things like jealousy, bitterness or sensitivity, once you've determined that you're going to continue to yield and fight for the victories no matter what it takes, those victories come much quicker and you start passing the tests much quicker. As you yield and fight to overcome other problems that may not seem as big or as intense in your life, victories come quicker in those areas as well.

36. It doesn't matter whether the test is great or small. What's important to Me is your yieldedness to accept each test as it comes along, and your willingness to trust and believe and have faith that I know what I'm doing in bringing that test along. Once you've manifested your yielded­ness and determination to accept each test, then I know that you're willing to continue to fight and progress and go on, no matter what the test is.

37. I understand your heart. I understand what you need to help you to pro­gress and grow in spirit, to help to bring about My will in your life. I understand what your spirit needs and I know exactly how to nurture it, strengthen it, and cause it to grow. And once you've manifested the faith, the trust, the acceptance, the yielded­ness, and the determination to pass the tests, then I don't keep giving you the same tests over and over again in a given area.

38. Once you've passed a certain test, I can then use your time more wisely in teaching you other things you need to learn, or in strengthen­ing you in some other area. Once you have passed a certain course by fully yielding to Me, I need not continue to test you over and over again on that same subject matter. There may be times when I will repeat the tests to keep you humble, or as a review, a refresher, and to sharpen your skills. But it's not necessary to keep drilling you in a certain area, or even to give you bigger tests in that same area, when I know that you're going to fight to pass no matter what. You have already mastered the course.

39. When My Word says you must continue to fight besetting sins, it is because you must stay in shape and refreshed in order not to lose the skill. It does not mean you have to keep up the same pace of drill work in areas you have mastered. You are as a student who ­studies hard to pass a certain exam. He has to study and be drilled over and over, often taking several tests in his field of expertise before he takes his final exam. When he passes the course, however, he no longer has to undergo those same drills or take the same difficult tests and exams. He has already learned his lessons and has them down pat in that area of study which he has completed. He is familiar with the material and is well versed in the subject‚ so further continual testing is not necess­ary. He graduates from being a student to one who has mastered the course.

40. This does not mean‚ however, that in the future he will not take refresher courses in his area of expertise. I allow the refresher courses sometimes simply to help you keep your skills sharpened so that you can stay adept and pro­ficient in your skill. They are not nearly as difficult or demanding or exhausting as the original tests—for you have already passed the course, you have mastered the skill and I use these times merely to keep you brushed up on the subject matter.

41. When you've proven your faith and dependence on Me and My Word‚ and you've followed My instructions and done what I've asked of you—you've determined to yield, to accept‚ to obey, to be made willing, and to pass the tests—I know that no matter what I ask of you and no ­matter what the test, you are determined to try to pass it to the best of your ability‚ and that's the most important thing to Me.

42. When I see that My children are willing to go through the fire, like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, with faith that somehow I will make a way of escape for them, then often I don't require it of them.

43. When you're determined to trust and to win the battle, and you've already proven your willingness to fight through in that particular area, then I know that your desperation and faith and determination will win the battle‚ so I don't need to put you through that particular test repeatedly. I know that you're going to fight, that you're determined, that you already see the victory by faith. When you fully yield to Me‚ I am able to give you the victory and it is no longer necessary to keep testing you in that area. This is when I choose to test you in different areas, to teach you new things, and give you new tests to pass, so that you continue to grow in new ­areas. (End of message from Jesus.)

His Compliment of Correction!

44. (Mama: ) Next is a very sweet message from our dear Jesus about receiving His compliment of correction. He explains how much love is behind ­every loving, guiding tap of His shepherd's rod, and how much good it does us when we receive it as His love for us, rather than getting resentful or closed to it.

45. (Jesus speaking:) Without some form of correction, My people perish. They become old bottles—stale, stagnant, and lackadaisical in spirit, unable to keep pace with the movements of My Spirit. They become overly sensitive to any form of correction because they're not used to receiving it; they've closed their spirits to it. They become less sensitive to My Spirit and the compliment and benefits of correction in their lives.

46. But those who remain open to cor­rection, who want it, listen for it, think about it, pray about it, and act upon it, stay alive in spirit, moving with My Spirit, revolutionary and up-to-date with the new moves of My Spirit! They stay warm, loving, moldable, flexible, humble, and in tune with Me. And because these want the correction and instruction of My Spirit, I can continue to pour it out regularly and continue to help them to grow and to prosper in spirit and use them more mightily.

47. Correction is My personal loving care and compliment for you. Yet is difficult for My children to receive for various reasons. Many have a mis­conception about Godly correction and instruction, thinking that it indicates some kind of backsliding or failure on their part. ­Others have a fear of correction and instruction, perhaps because they've experienced unloving correction in the past. For some it is difficult because of their pride. They are being told they are wrong or did something the wrong way, and that is almost always hard to receive. For others it is difficult because of the way correction was de­livered in the past, with stern looks, with shouting, with names and labels that hurt‚ and with forgiveness granted in word but not in deed.

48. When I speak of correction ­being My personal loving compliment to you, I speak of correction which is given in such a way as to help‚ not to hurt. When I or others correct you in a loving way and you have difficulty receiving it because of your pride‚ it is nevertheless My touch of love for you. Whom I love, I chasten and correct and instruct. If you go without these things‚ you stray, My children. I only instruct you because I wish to see you do better in the future, not as a punishment, and I always correct in perfect love.

49. Others may correct you with less than perfect love at times, because they are human and less than perfect themselves. Nevertheless, I would that they use as much love as possible, following My example in the Word and these messages from Heaven, My queen and king's example in the Letters‚ and other Godly examples in your publications. Correction should not be given in anger, nor with yelling and the calling of names, nor with intent to hurt rather than help. It is by mercy and truth that any iniquity is corrected and purged.

50. Still‚ even when given in a less than perfect manner by others, correction can be My com­pliment and blessing to you if you focus on the instruction and the change needed rather than the way in which the message was delivered. Let it make you better rather than bitter or re­sent­ful at its tone. In the multitude of words there lacketh not sin, and all My children have sinned in this way at one time or another.

51. It's a compliment, not a punishment! It's love, not revenge. It's Godly and is being given with love because I want to use you more mightily. I see your potential. I see the good work that you're already doing. I see your capability to do even ­better in My service, and I desire to instruct and teach you how to do even ­better because I delight to use you more fully.

52. This is a compliment from Me to you that I have faith in you. I trust you to do even more‚ to be even more, to fulfill My will even more fully in your life and the lives of those you touch. I invest My love, My time, My attention, My correction and instruction in those who I believe will bring forth more fruit, who will grow in spirit and become even more useful ­vessels in My Kingdom.

53. So you who are given some form of correction and instruction should feel honored and thankful that I'm selecting you for further training. It's not a negative thing to be instructed; it's a good and positive thing! It means that you're learning, growing, and maturing in spirit, and will be an even better disciple‚ shepherd, or leader.

54. Those who receive more correction are in a perfect situation for more growth. Those who are not touchy, sensitive, or easily offended by instruction, but want it and listen to it, are the ones who are moving forward with My Spirit and are way up in front. But if you're quick to take offense at correction and instruction from Me, your shepherds, or your peers, you're hurting yourself, because it blocks the flow of instruction. It blocks the flow of My spirit of instruction in your life, which will give you the truth, which will give you the power to progress and change.

55. The more open you are to correction from Me and others, the more you desire it and look for it and ask for it, the easier it becomes to receive, and the less touchy and sensitive you'll find yourself being toward correction. Therefore the more you will change when needed, the more you will grow in spirit, the more you will progress and gain in wisdom, love, understanding, and spiritual maturity; the more on track you'll be with the moves of My Spirit, and the closer you'll be able to follow Me.

56. The less sensitive you are to the correction in a negative way—such as feeling hurt, resentful, closed, or hardened in heart—the more in tune with My Spirit you will be, and the more easily you'll be able to discern the need to change in the areas being pointed out to you, and the easier it will be for you to change. It won't be such a big deal to hear correction if you're used to hearing it, because you're used to being open to it and inviting it into your life. It's only when people are not used to it and they're overly sensitive to instruction that it becomes a bigger deal, harder to receive, and harder for others to give to them.

57. Those who are being given instruction in some way should understand that it's a great blessing in their lives. It's a wonderful tool to help them to grow‚ to change, and to stay alive in spirit—soft and moldable, humble and loving‚ and all the things of My Spirit that are needed in their life.

58. They should be thankful, happy, excited and uplifted to know that I'm reaching out to them personally and taking the time with them to tune in to their spiritual needs. They should consider it a great compliment that I, the great God of the Universe, not only hear their prayers, but I work in their lives to answer those prayers and do something about their spiritual needs.

59. I love My children, and the ones that I love and want to continue to use mightily, I want to instruct and correct and guide in love. It's a touch of My love in your life when you're instructed. It's a wonderful opportunity for you to grow by leaps and bounds if you will open up to it and receive it in faith and love.

60. I will not give you that which is not good and true and needed. I don't give My children bad things, wrong things‚ lies, or things that they don't need in some way. Especially when it comes to instruction and correction, I'm very careful to give you just exactly what I want you to have‚ what I know you really need at the time.

61. I love you so much and I prove My love to you in many ways. I shower you with My blessings and gifts of the Spirit through faith, through healing‚ through My supply, through love in your life, through protection, through encourage­ment. And correction is another form of My love. It's another blessing to you. It's another touch of My love in your life, for without it you wouldn't grow, you wouldn't be able to change, and I wouldn't be able to work in your life to bring about that growth and change.

62. So fear not to receive correction and instruction, but open your life to it! Open your heart to it, and let My Spirit of love flood in and bring about the wonderful fruits of growth in your life that will bring you even more happiness, and make it possible for Me to use you even more mightily. (End of message from Jesus)

The Secret to

Overcoming Sensitivity

63. (Mama: ) One of the greatest hindrances to receiving correction is sensitivity, which is born of pride. Sensitivity makes it very difficult and painful for the person who's receiving the correction, as well as for the person who has to give it. We asked the Lord for some good, well-rounded counsel on sensitivity—exactly what causes it and how to go about making progress toward getting a solid victory over it—and He sent dear Dad with a very clear and helpful message.

64. I pray this is a blessing to you, and that those of you who struggle with sensitivity can be strengthened as you apply this to your own lives. The fight to overcome sensitivity won't be easy, but it's sure a lot easier in the long run than just living with it and letting it hinder and discourage you. If you leave it alone, it will only get worse—but going on the attack brings victory and sweet relief in the long run! I love you!

65. (Dad speaking:) Resist the Devil and he will flee from you! The way to win any war is to go on the attack! Well, before you can really go on the attack with your whole heart, you have to be convinced that it's a battle worth fighting‚ that the pain is worth enduring for the glory of victory. If you're being sensitive and you feel the other person is wronging you by the correction they're giving you, by the way they're presenting it, by their pushy or seemingly unpleasant way of saying things, or if you're unhappy with what people are doing and you feel like they're hurting you because they're being inconsiderate—well, you're not going to be very convinced that you're the one who needs to go on the attack and get the victory!

66. So first of all you have to recognize that you need a victory. The way to see that is to believe what the Word says sensi­tivity is, and what it does to you. What does the Word say? David said, "Great peace have they which love Thy Law, and nothing shall offend them" (Psa.119:165). Paul said, "None of these things move me" (Acts 20:24). That's the goal that we're striving for, right?—That we won't be offended or moved. But some of us have a long way to go till we get there!

67. The secret to overcoming sensitivity—besides calling on the Lord for help, asking for prayer, and asking those around you to help you‚ all of which we'll talk about later—is a change of attitude. Really claim that the Lord will help you to believe and remember that when something happens that you start getting sensitive about, that He's the One Who allowed it to happen, and He's the One Who's in control. So no matter how you feel about it at the time‚ no matter how much it hurts you or makes you feel like giving up, He has a lesson in it for you‚ and He loves you and wants you to keep going!

68. He's the One Who knows your heart the best, and He knows that you needed this—be­cause He's the One Who allowed it! If you have that attitude and really believe it, some of these things will be a lot easier to take, because you can know that the Lord loves you, that He wants to continue to use you, and He allowed this to happen for your good, strength­en­ing, and betterment—not for your hurt!

69. Sensitivity is born of pride. So when we're being sensitive about something, our pride is actually the only thing that's being hurt. It's wincing and going‚ "Ouch, ouch! Don't touch me there. That's mine; that's not yours to touch. Oh‚ if you tell me that, I'm going to fall apart. I can't continue, knowing that I've been affecting people this way. It's too hard. I might as well quit. Who are you to tell me that, when you have so many faults of your own? Are you insinuating that I do such-and–such? Ouch, ouch, ouch!"

70. So can you see that when you get sensitive and try to protect yourself‚ all you're doing is protecting your pride?--Your horrible, stinking pride, the root of all sin and what we always pray against! If you're sensitive, you can thank the Lord for the opportunity to overcome it, and thus lose a bit more of your pride!

71. Oh, but it's easier said than done, I know. It doesn't go without feeling like it's ripping out a bit of your heart at the same time, because every time you feel sensitive, it's natural to feel that this time you're right. This time someone got it wrong somewhere‚ or they're being just a bit too hard or unjust, or they don't understand you. You see, that's where you have to desperately pray for the Lord to give you faith to believe that He is in control, He is the One Who allowed it, and He's going to use it in your life for good if you can simply ac­cept it and ask Him to help you to take it.

72. At the time, it never seems like the onus is on you, because you're being sensitive. The Enemy doesn't work that way. He makes you feel like it's the other person who's in the wrong, even if it's just that they should be a bit gentler with you because they know you're sensitive. But you see, the Lord doesn't want that, because He wants you to overcome it! He wants you to get the victory and be free of sensitivity, free to wear His magic green shirt of truth, honesty, openness and humility with others, the garment that makes them feel comfortable to tell you anything, to communicate, and thus defeat the ­Enemy who's trying to divide you.

73. Can you see how sensitivity is an integral part of the Devil's plan to ­divide, to cause disunity, and to seal you off in a little world of your own where no one has the faith to touch you, help you, or pull you up and out? You see, generally people aren't telling you things to purposely hurt you. They're not telling you things because they want to see you cry or feel hurt and discouraged. Usually it's because they love you and want to work better with you, or want to see you happier or more fulfilled, so they're pointing things out to try and set you free. But the Enemy turns it around in your mind and makes it seem exactly the opposite.

74. That's where faith in the Lord and His promises come in! Because, of course, humans are not perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, and undoubt­edly there will be times when people blow it and don't say things exactly the way they should‚ or don't have exactly the right attitude or motives when they say something, or maybe they don't really understand or see things clearly. But what you have to remember is that the Lord does!

75. The Lord never makes a mistake, and if He's allowed someone to talk to you, even with the wrong motives or the wrong facts, He allowed it for a reason! He's the One Who is in control, and He loves you dearly—you can't doubt that. He doesn't have it in for you, and He never does something just to hurt you. He always has a victory, and He has a good ­reason why He let it happen, based on His great love for you. If you can accept that and ask the Lord to remind you of it at those sensitive times, you've got a good start toward the victory.

76. One of the first things to do ­after you realize you have a problem with sensitivity is to ask for prayer. Not only do you need the power of Heaven which is set free to fight for you when you have united prayer, but it also makes a statement to your co–workers‚ shepherds‚ or whoever it is you're sensitive to, that you're going on the attack and you want to get the victory. You should also talk to them and explain that you're sorry you've been sensitive, but that you really want to make progress‚ and that if they really love you, they'll help you get the victory.

77. When you're sensitive‚ it makes people back away. They don't like to keep hurting you‚ so they try to stop as much as possible. But sensitivity is a vicious cycle. The more you're sensitive, the more people back away and avoid telling you things, and the more your sensitivity grows. The only way to overcome it is by experiencing situations that make you sensitive and go­ing through them, fighting your ­sensitivity. It dies a little more every time you're tempted to be sensitive and you resist it, when you remind yourself that the Lord loves you and is doing this for your good, and you fight to accept it and take it on the chin.

78. Every time you do that, you're breaking the bad habit of however you react when you're sensitive. After a while, a good habit will be formed, and it will be so much easier—not only for you, but for those around you as well.

79. You'd be amazed how much easier your communications can be when people aren't so afraid of hurting you! It opens up new channels‚ gives more openness and freedom of the spirit, and just generally lets the Lord's Spirit flow more. Sensitivity chokes off the Lord's Spirit and His love. Sensitivity is one of the enemies of honest and loving communication, and it really does hinder it in a big way. So over­coming your sensitivity opens you up to the Lord's Spirit and to receive more not only from Him, but from those around you.

80. Overcoming your sen­sitivity and trying to be more open also gets rid of some of your pride and ensures that it stays away. Because when you have more flowing communication, you're able to hear more about the ways you need to change. You're more sensitive in a good way to others' feelings and needs, and it helps to keep you reaching out to others rather than becoming secluded in your pride. More honest communication helps to keep you humble and knowing you need others—another benefit of overcoming.

81. So can you see how important it is to get the victory in this area? If you want to be fully used by the Lord, it's essen­tial that you work on your sensitivity and receptivity, because sensitivity affects your communication with the Lord as well. Open­ness and receptivity make for good communication all around, and the ­opposite is also true. If you're used to receiving and hearing things from your co-workers, friends, sheep and shepherds, then receiving things from the Lord is much easier as well. But if you're in the habit of justifying yourself or not receiving things from ­others, chances are your channel won't be as clear to ­receive things from the Lord either.

82. So shall we do it? Face it, ask for prayer, ask for help, ask the Lord to give you the right attitude, and then go on the attack and take it when it's given to you! The more you get it and receive it, the quicker you'll get the victory. You can look at it as a test when you get corrected and are tempted to be sensitive. Just look at it as an opportunity to lose a little more pride and become a little more receptive.

83. Of course, everyone could probably stand to work on their loving presentation skills, and that's in their court. But overcoming your sensitivity is in your court, and if you do, it'll do you a world of good. Okay? Are you convinced that it's worth it? If not, ask the Lord to help you see the areas of your life that sensitivity affects. That might help you to see it more clearly or better know how to attack it in your life.

84. I love you! We're rooting for you! You can overcome—the Lord has promised it!

Love, Dad (End of message from Dad.)

(For more on strength and weakness, see ML #2553-2559, Lifelines 19.)