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Mama's Memos--No.9

Karen Zerby

By MariaMaria #488 CM/FM 3243 3/99


1. Accidents involving Family young people

2. Preparing contacts for future persecution

3. Hearing from the Lord on matters where you are emotionally involved

Accidents Involving
Family Young People

1. (Mama:) As you've heard through reading The Grape­vine and The Prayer List, quite a few Family members, particularly young people, have been involved in serious accidents over the last couple of years. Since the Austin accident in July 1995 and the other accidents described in "Mama's News and Views—Part Four," there have been further major accidents in which Family young people, as well as a couple of former Family members, have been injured. Following is a recap of several specific incidents:

(Note: Ages listed are as of the time of the accident.)

¨David (18, of David and Charity) in the USA had a motorcycle accident which could have left him completely paralyzed. David was resetting the odometer of his motorcycle while driving over gravel, and he lost control, the bike slid‚ and David was thrown onto the corner of a brick building. The impact crushed a vertebra and some of the nerves to his legs were torn out. Doctors originally told him that he would be paralyzed from the waist down and in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He did spend more than 9 months in a wheelchair after the accident, but now only has to wear ­specially made braces as he walks, drives and works. His healing has been miraculous, although he may need to wear these braces for the rest of his life. Later in this memo you'll find an interview with David, given while he was still in the hospital recovering. (September '96.)

¨Ezra (21), Leilani (13) and Vanessa (11) (of Isaiah and Fe) in Canada were in a car accident. Their car, driven by Ezra, was broad­sided by another car. Vanessa sustained serious head injuries‚ broke both collarbones and had five fractures on her pelvis and femur. She was in and out of consciousness for one day, in extreme pain. Thankfully‚ by a miracle, there was no damage to her brain, but she experienced a slight short-term memory loss and for a time had a bad limp. (See PL 41 and 42 for the testimony of her healing.) At the end of this memo there is a reaction from Ezra. (October '96.)

¨Sean (SGA JD, of Kezia, former members) in Texas came upon some deer on the road while driving, and when he swerved to miss them, he drove off the road into an embankment. Thank the Lord his car was equipped with an airbag, which opened, but he was still thrown 90 feet into the air and broke his back. He also sustained a deep gash on his face that just missed one of his eyes. The Lord supplied a good hospital and doctor and they successfully removed the damaged part of his backbone and infused a metal tube to connect it again. (See PL 42.) If his back had broken one vertebra up‚ he would have been paralyzed from the neck down. The healing process took about six months, during which time he was somewhat out of commission. Since Sean was young and in good shape, he healed fast, thank the Lord, and is able to get around without any problem and can exercise regularly‚ although he has to be careful about what he lifts. (November '96)

¨Philip (14‚ of Gideon and Sarah) was knocked unconscious and sustained a compound fracture of his femur after being involved in a jet ski (water scooter) accident in Thailand. Jeremiah (YA, of Happyheart and Tina) and Philip were racing on jet skis; Philip cut in on Jeremiah‚ who accidentally hit him broadside. Jeremiah went headlong into the water, and when he surfaced, he found Philip floating unconscious‚ face down. Philip's femur was broken, and he slipped in and out of consciousness for about 24 hours. Philip had to stay in the hospital under observation for a few days, and of course had to use crutches to get around for quite some time. He is now completely fine, PTL! (See PL 41.) (November '96.)

¨Christina (SGA, of Jay and Nina)‚ her husband Dom and his brother Sam (SGA and YA sons of Andrew and Annie) had a serious auto accident as they were driving back to Atlanta from Los Angeles. The young man who was driving was planning to pull over at the next rest stop to get a little sleep, but before he could do that he dozed off at the wheel and lost control of the car, which went off the road and flipped over. The car was totally wrecked, but thankfully they only suffered some bruises and bumps. (February '97.)

¨Regina (18, of Stephen and Adria, former members) was hit by a car while she was walking on the sidewalk. Regina was rushed to the hospital and was in critical con­dition. It seemed at first like she might not make it‚ but a month later she had re­covered miraculously. (February '97.)

¨Philippe (son of Juan and Marie) had an accident with a flare gun. The shock of the flare bullet hit the corner of his left eye. He bled extensively, was seriously bruised, and suffered cuts on his nose in various places. He was hospitalized and had to remain in bed in a completely flat position for several days so that the pressure in his eyes could return to normal. (March '97.)

¨Amy (18, of Kenaz and Hodiah, former members) apparently fell asleep at the wheel of her car and awoke to slam on her brakes at the sight of an oncoming car. She was not wearing a seatbelt and was thrown through the windshield, and her own car ran over her. She died instantly. (May '97.)

¨Mike May in Japan was riding a bicycle down a hill near his home, when he was hit by a car. He received 50-60 stitches in his forehead, and had to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks. He has since fully recovered and only has a scar where he received his stitches. (May '97.)

¨While driving from Florida to California, Kenny (17, of Little Josh and Eden) was in a near–fatal accident. A semi truck that was traveling in the opposite direction and passing a car came barreling toward Kenny's car and Kenny had to swerve to avoid a head-on collision. The small car they were in flipped and skidded down the highway at high speed. Kenny's head hit the ground outside the driver's window, and there were two very serious gouges in his head where all of the skin and muscle were scraped away. He also lost a piece off the top of his ear. Miraculously, he was not injured in­ternally in any way, and the other two pass­engers in the car walked away completely unharmed. Kenny had re­constructive surgery‚ and over the course of several months new blood vessels crept across the bare bone, then slowly new muscle tissue, and eventually skin grew back. Now, besides the small part of his ear missing, Kenny has a very large scar that starts on his forehead and covers most of the left side of his head above his ear. It can be corrected surgically once he receives com­pen­sation from his insurance company. (August '97.)

¨Tim Drummer (SGA, of Debbie) in Atlanta was making a homemade rocket with his younger brothers, when instead of taking off, it backfired and exploded‚ seriously mangling the last three fingers on his left hand. He had emergency reconstructive surgery, and his hand has healed very well. The accident has not affected Tim's ability to play the drums, and although his little finger, which sustained the most damage, is still a little stiff, he is still able to play the guitar as well. His little finger will never be quite as flexible as normal, as the first knuckle was pretty much destroyed. (See articles from Tim, and from Gabe [WS] in Grapevine 32 and 33 for some of the ­lessons brought out as a result of this accident.) (November '97.)

¨Jerry and his JETT son, Johnny‚ in Taiwan, were hit by a car while riding their motor scooter, and sustained serious injuries. Their broken bones and bruises have since fully healed. (December '97.)

¨Gabriel (19, of Peter and Lily [Angelo and Sara]) had a 30-meter fall while mountain climbing in Switzerland. He went into a coma, with multiple fractures in his face and skull; his brain was severely swollen, and he had many other broken bones, including those in his jaws, cheeks and elbows. A brain specialist who examined Gabe said that ­usually when the brain is so damaged the patient does not regain the full use of it. He was in intensive care for several weeks, at the end of which he went to be with the Lord. (April '98.)

¨Gideon (of Meekness) in Mexico seriously injured his leg (no broken bones, but a lot of torn skin and muscles)‚ as well as fractured a few fingers in a car accident while driving to Texas. An 18-wheeler suddenly came into their lane from the opposite side of the highway, who apparently didn't even see them, and hit their van head-on‚ completely destroying it. By a miracle, the two others in the van came out with only scratches and bruises. Gideon had to get multiple stitches in his left leg and have a cast put on one of his hands, but all the injuries have completely healed. (August '98.)

2. (Mama:) In these cases, the Lord mir­aculously spared most of those involved from what could have been serious injuries and lifelong handicaps! In some cases He chose to deliver them from this life completely, taking them Home to Heaven.

3. The mother of a young man who was involved in the accident with the jet ski (mentioned above) was praying about why it happened, and received a message from the Lord which I'd like to share with you all. The Lord has not only allowed these accidents for the sake of those directly involved, to work in their lives and the lives of those who are close to them, but undoubtedly the Lord wants all of us to benefit and be forewarned.

4. While we've given examples of several accidents that have involved young people, this counsel and caution applies to all. There have also been recent incidents involving FGAs, such as Paulo, who had a bicycle accident while holding on to a passing truck‚ and who passed away shortly after­wards. So, young and old alike, please take heed to these words of instruction from the Lord!

Seek the Lord's Approval
For Every Action!

5. (Jesus speaking:) Be sober, be vigilant, for your adversary the Devil walks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. He's on a rampage, seeking to halt and destroy and maim My young ones‚ and he will use any chink in the armor he can find to deal a dirty blow to one of My children. Therefore you must be on guard! Gird up the loins of your mind and live soberly and seriously, so that you give no place to the Evil One.

6. You ask, "Why did this happen? Why did things go so wrong?" My protection didn't fail. No, I was there and watching when it happened, and My hand stayed the attack of the Evil One so that no incurable harm befell these, My children. But I allowed and gave permission for these to be touched, to be shaken‚ and to be warned that it's a time to sober up and realize that I mean business when I say that this is the Endtime. I seek for My children and My young ones to dedicate themselves to serve Me every minute of every day—in their activities, in their con­versations, in their interactions—and to put aside foolish and childish things.

7. Does your behavior, your lack of prayer­fulness, your lack of desperation, your taking My protection for granted, open the door to the attacks of the Enemy? This is not just a warning and shake-up for those involved, but for all who hear. All things are lawful unto you, but not all things are expedient. I've granted you many freedoms through My Love Charter. I've given you the freedom to choose your activities, but not all your choices will have My full blessing unless you seek My approval and confirmation. This depends on whether what you choose to do is necessary and expedient.

8. The key in knowing whether a particular activity is fruitful or wise is found in asking Me and seeking My counsel. For those mature enough in spirit to come to Me with no will of their own, or at least with a willingness to set their own will aside, I can often allow them to participate in activities that they desire, and I can bless and protect them. But those who are pushy and insistent on having their own way, who do not fear Me enough to seek My ­approval or even seek My protection, or to heed the necessary precautions and safeguards, these I sometimes have to teach desperation through allowing some accident or mishap to occur.

9. So seek Me and be desperate for My will in your life—not just in the big things, but also in the little things. Each little decision is import­ant! For in these days of the Endtime, and even more so in the days to come, one wrong move or one careless action may cost a life! As I've said before, I say again to you today: Be sober, be vigilant, be on guard, be desperate‚ be in touch with Me—every minute of every day! (End of message from Jesus.)

A Higher Standard of Desperation
Is Needed for the Endtime!

10. (Mama:) And here's another message from the Lord about the need to be on guard, more so than ever before, in these days of the End:

11. (Jesus speaking:) Over the centuries, the Enemy has walked about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. But in these days of the End‚ his fury and rage is at its peak, for he knows that he is soon to be defeated when I return. He knows how needed each of you, My children, is in this time of the End‚ and he knows how powerful each of you will be as a witness for Me as the days grow darker and darker. Therefore, in order to combat his attacks, I require a higher standard of desperation and a greater level of prayerfulness than I did in years past.

12. I've taught you much about the import­ance of prayer, as well as about the importance of seeking My counsel and confirmation on the things that you do. I expect you to take heed to this counsel, to begin now to implement and act on it‚ if you haven't already, so that I can provide full protection from the Enemy's attempts to hurt and hinder you.

13. I am able, I am strong, I am powerful—but much depends on you! Much depends on your own choices‚ desperation, prayerfulness, willingness, and obedience in stopping and looking and listening and hearing from Me. Whatever activity you participate in, whether necessary driving or recreational activities that involve any element of danger, you should be afraid to proceed without first coming before Me and seeking My protection. You should be ever aware that as the days grow darker, the Enemy's power in this world grows stronger. Thus when you're out on his territory or involved in anything that would open the door to danger, whether out of necessity or out of desire, you must call upon Me for My help, and pause and listen for any counsel or instruction I would give you. I desire to protect you, for I need you!

14. In some cases, even if you have prayed and sought Me, I may still allow something to go wrong. Perhaps you were not praying without ceasing and were not as watchful as you should have been. Perhaps you were careless and allowed an unguarded moment. And sometimes I allow accidents or mishaps in order to humble you or teach you or others lessons. But if you've prayed and are within My will‚ then I will keep you and I will keep the Enemy from inflicting one bit of damage more than is necess­ary to accomplish My purpose. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

15. (Mama:) The most important thing to grasp from these messages is that the Enemy is on an all-out attack to destroy and stop you young people! He's furious with you! He hates you, and he wants to get rid of you! I'm sure none of you want to have to suffer the pain and anguish of a serious accident like the ones you just read about. And you certainly wouldn't want to see something terrible happen to those you love—your boyfriend‚ girlfriend, husband, wife, brother or sister, parents or children—which could handicap them for the rest of their life or even bring about their death! This is not an idle threat. The Devil's attacks are real, and he is merciless!

16. I think many of you have grown so fam­iliar with the word picture of the Devil going about as a roaring lion that sometimes you don't really grasp its meaning. A good illustration that brings to life how cruel and evil he is was the movie "The Ghost and the Darkness." I didn't watch it, as I rarely watch movies due to my sore eyes‚ but I understand that it had a very realistic and scary portrayal of the ferocity of lions on a rampage to devour. When you hear the Lord's warning about the Enemy going about as a roaring lion, maybe that illustration will help you to recall what that really means! The relentless attacks in that movie are similar to what the Enemy tries to do to you in the spirit, and if he can, also in the flesh! (Please note that "The Ghost and the Darkness" is rated for senior teens and up, and may not be to everyone's liking because of the carnage. As the movie review in Grapevine 7 says, "Some graphic and bloody scenes of attacking lions—in particular a scene involving a woman and baby—could be disturbing to some.")

17. Don't be foolish and say, "Oh, I'm careful enough. Accidents like these will never happen to me!" Your only guarantee is to stay so close to the Lord that you make it impossible for the Enemy to deal you a serious or even deadly blow. The Lord has promised protection, but we must keep our part of the bargain by not risking our life and safety with foolish antics. Don't give the Devil an opportunity to cause you harm because of your lack of prayerfulness, carefulness, or desperation.

18. The Lord also brought out another important point, that although certain activities are not forbidden in the Charter—such as riding on motorbikes and jet skis, constructing homemade rockets, etc.—never­theless, just because they're not specifically forbidden does not mean they're always wise or safe, and it behooves us to use prayerfulness and common sense. Ask others what they think of such activities, and be willing to heed their advice and counsel. And most of all, ask the Lord before engaging in some such potentially dangerous activity, and be willing to heed His counsel. The Lord has granted us the freedom of individual choice‚ but with that freedom comes a responsibility to seek the Lord and hear from Him, and then yield to Him and obey what He shows us.

Checking with the Lord

About Recreational Activities

19. Commenting on some of the accidents mentioned above, Dad had the following to say:

20. (Dad speaking: ) Driving accidents are different from these "pleasure" accidents. You should still pray about whether you have to drive, and you should pray desperately while driving, but driving is more of a necessity. Whereas these other things—like rockets‚ flare guns, jet skis, motor scooters, mountain climbing, etc.—are things that people do for fun‚ for kicks, and they're therefore often in a very vulnerable pos­ition physically and spiritually, because they've let their guard down. They're not desperate and vigilant in spirit and prayer because they think they're "just having fun." But if these so–called fun activities lead to injuries, paralysis, or even death, they're not worth it, are they?

21. So count the cost, folks, before you par­ticipate in these kinds of potentially dangerous activities. In some cases the Lord may give you the go-ahead; in others He might caution you against it. But one thing for sure is that if you've prayed beforehand and are desperate in spirit, the Lord and your spirit helpers and guardian angels have a lot more power to protect you than if you're just goofing off and not even paying any attention to them! (End of message from Dad.)

The Need for Intensely Focused

Prayers Before Driving!

22. (Mama:) Along the lines of the Lord's and Dad's admonitions to pray more about what we do and to pray before we do it‚ here's some more specific counsel from Dad about how to pray. This message gives some solid guidelines of what type of prayer and prayerful spirit the Lord expects us to have in order to receive His full protection.

23. (Dad speaking:) The Enemy will use any little opening, any lack of prayerfulness to get in and try to hinder and cause trouble for the saints. I'm sorry, folks, but no longer can you coast along on the momentum of halfhearted, non–specific, un­focused prayer. Those days are over! I've always told you that the intensity with which you pray is directly reflected in the answer, and you're all going to have to be more intensely focused in your prayers than before when leaving the property and going out on to the Devil's territory.

24. From now on I want the driver and his buddy and any other passengers to stop every­thing—no fastening of seatbelts or fiddling with belongings or chattering away while prayer is under­way. That time belongs to nobody and nothing else but to the Lord and getting ahold of Him! And no driving out of the driveway breathing a quick hurried prayer! You need to stop everything and pray. If you're going to be tempted to pray a quick prayer while you're zooming off, don't even turn on the ignition before you pray. Of course, you normally need to let the car warm up for a minute or two before you depart‚ and that's an ideal time to pray. But if you're going to be distracted during that time and only send up a halfhearted prayer, you may only end up with halfway protection.

25. Get quiet and send up a good, whole­hearted, specific prayer to the Lord for His protection and safekeeping. Pray for a spirit of prayerfulness in all your business, shopping, witness­ing, and in all you do and say while out. Pray that you can be alert and in-tune. Pray that you can pray without ceasing.

26. There's a special power and energy that accompanies your prayers when you're focused and concentrating in prayer. It's almost like the energy and power of everyone's spirits tuning in together in prayer acts as a conduit for the prayer to hit the target dead center. When bathed in this sort of prayer, you're virtually untouchable! The Enemy has no power over you whatsoever. So before you leave the property, every­one traveling in the vehicle should unite in prayer and really focus and tune in. It doesn't have to be long, but it does have to be desperate, and a lot more desperate and on the attack and focused than some of the prayers I've seen lately!

27. Not only should the person sitting in the front seat lay hands on the driver during prayer and pray for his driving, but if there are other passengers in the back it's a good idea for them to hold hands and create a prayer circle or chain, be­cause in uniting both your spirits and hands, you help create a spiritual force field around you, and it certainly helps get you all into more of a spirit of prayer.

28. This is no longer just a nice thing to do, but something that I would say you need to feel is mandatory—joining together and praying a very heartfelt‚ specific, focused and on-the-attack prayer together before leaving the property. The Enemy has definitely upped the ante, so that means we need to up the ante as well in all areas, and one of the most important is in the area of prayerfulness. Driving a vehicle and carrying the Lord's precious cargo—His children—is one of the biggest responsibilities any Family member can have! Other people's lives are in your hands! That alone should jerk you up and wake you up to the seriousness of such a responsibility!

29. Well‚ enough said. Take this to heart, and I know you will. Make those prayers count‚ and most of all, make sure you always, without fail, pray a good, desperate‚ united prayer for the Lord's bless­ing, protection and security when leaving the property, and you'll have it! Only you can do this part, and a lot hinges on the desperation of your prayers.

30. In the spirit, your desperate, concen­trated‚ fully united prayers are like laser beams aimed directly at the target with precision, accuracy and results. But halfhearted, lazy, on-the-fly prayers are scattershot and weak, going in all sorts of different directions, barely getting in the vicinity of the target, let alone hitting the bull's-eye!

31. So, you got it, folks? I love you all and am proud of you! You're doing a great job and we're all rootin' for you! But you've got to help us out and give us all the cooperation you can, so we can do the utmost for you! You need to brush up in this area of prayer­fulness while out, and specifically getting to­gether and claiming His safekeeping and protection in every way‚ in good, focused, united prayer, before you go out. (End of message from Dad.)

The Responsibility of the Copilot

32. (Mama:) Recently a few members of our Home were involved in a vehicle accident in which the front of the car got completely smashed up, but thankfully, no one was hurt. The Lord used this incident to help us get more on the ball about being more prayerful and desperate in prayer. Although we were not at fault, the Lord showed us that if the team driving had been more prayerful and alert, it could have been avoided.

33. After this accident, the FGA driver as well as his SGA partner received personal pro­phecies highlighting the lessons the Lord had for each of them. Both of these men received very good instruction from the Lord‚ but in this GN I'd like to share with you the messages the copilot received about the importance of his job. The Lord gave some clear lessons and instruction for him—and for all who have this role—about what the attitude and actions of the rider should be.

34. Dad often emphasized the need for the rider or copilot to be attentive and a help to the driver, and this rider had received good training in this area and had previously been quite sober about this responsibility. However, on this particular trip he wasn't watching the road, but was reading instead. Needless to say, he felt terrible about this, but we all learned good ­lessons as a result, and thankfully the Lord protected anyone from being seriously hurt.

35. (Jesus speaking:) Being a rider is a serious job. You've let others' comments take away from you the conviction that I had placed there. You were too concerned about their opinions, and thus you resisted My prodding. You chose rather to sit back and read, abdicating your duty to be a prayer warrior, a prayerful rider for the driver. I want you to see that you can't water down your convictions just because of what others might think or even say. If I've said something is important and must be carried out‚ it's not your job to dilute it and water it down.

36. Being a rider is a serious responsi­bility and not one to be taken lightly. You can't just sit and relax when you're the rider. You're to be as alert and on-guard as the driver, for you're his second eyes. You're his ears and you're his helper. Without a rider, a driver is in danger. There should always be a rider with every driver; it's too dangerous to rely entirely on one person's senses. (End of message from Jesus.)

The Lord's Wake-up Call:

We're in a War!

37. (Mama:) Here's another message from Dad addressing the rider and driver involved in the accident, but also directed to the others in our Home who needed this lesson and shake-up—as do we all!

38. (Dad speaking:) Some of you have been a bit laid–back and lackadaisical‚ and a bit of a spirit of lethargy has crept into some folks' lives. This is a wake–up call to remind you that you're in a war. This is not a game; it's not the time or place to settle down. You're pilgrims who must be vigilant and not let your eyes get so set on this life and on the things around you that you forget what you're here for.

39. This is a war and we're fighting against more than just physical enemies. The Devil's out to win, and if he can't beat you by spiritual attacks, he'll try real hard to get in with physical attacks. He's trying to kill you off! He's not playing footsie here. He's mad and he hates what you're doing and all that you're accomplishing. Although he can't stop you, un­fortunately he's gotten in with a serious attack.

40. My God, what do you think I gave all those driving guidelines in the Letters for? What do you think I've been trying to stress all these years? Driving is dangerous! It's no joke! You have to be on guard. This is serious! And I'm not just talking to those involved—I'm talking to everyone. When you go out in that car you're on the Devil's territory and you'd better be watching and listening and praying. The co­pilot or rider is an essential part of driving‚ and you'd better make sure that they're tuning in. I just can't do the subject justice!

41. What did you think you were doing, son? You knew good and well what your job was when you sat down in that front seat. What did you think you were doing there in the first place? I'm sorry to say this, because I don't want to make anyone feel bad, but I'm mad. I'm really upset that the Devil could be let in to deal a blow like this.

42. You folks need to wake up! It's dangerous out there and the Devil is playing for keeps. Why do you think the Lord let you see all those accidents the other day when you were driving on the highway? For God's sake, He did it to give you a wake-up call, to warn you of the dangers of the road. God bless you, boys, you took it to heart then. But you were quick to forget, so the Lord had to do something a little more drastic.

43. What happened to the car is sad, but that's not what matters the most to me. One of you could have been seriously hurt or killed. Have you thought of that? One of you could have gone Home to be with the Lord‚ and then what would you have to say to Him? "I'm sorry I'm Here because of not being in tune"?

44. Wake up, son! You've been living in a dreamland for far too long. If you have things in your life that are bothering you or distracting you, you'd better start fighting them. You'd better learn how to keep your feet on the ground and your mind in tune and your heart desperately praying and seeking the Lord at all times. It's time for a change. It's time to see what your life here is about. It's time to start tuning in and pouring out as if this day were your last, because as you saw today, it could have been!

45. Now I don't want you boys feeling con­demned and getting discouraged by this. It was a mistake, yes, but there are lessons to be learned and then you move on. It's not that you're meant to take all the blame, but you do need to grow from it. Having seen the dangers and having had this experience should stir up your spirit and get you moving. It should make you desperate and get you moving each and every day to help others. It should be a turning point in your life so that you no longer care about yourself or your own wants or wishes.

46. It's time to start giving. That's what leader­ship is all about—giving—and depending on the Lord. That's one of the main reasons this situation oc­curred, to get you to depend more on the Lord. It's time to wake up, tune in, and get desperate with the Lord. It's time to start depending more on the Lord and seeking Him more. It's a good lesson for all here to learn.

47. I don't want either of you feeling con­demned or discouraged‚ because that's not what it's about. It's about learning and growing. So you can be thankful that this happened, and just like with every other thing the Lord brings your way, He'll cause it to work together for good. But make sure you learn the lessons from it and don't let anything pass you by.

48. I love you, and I'm sorry that I had to come and give you a little spanking, but you're my children, and both the Lord and I love you and we want you to grow. Sometimes He has to let things happen to get our attention; so now that He's got yours‚ let Him speak to you and comfort you and help you. Okay? You won't get down about this, will you? Because if you do, you're missing the whole point. That's not why it happened. It happened so you could learn a lesson‚ and when you do, you'll be so thankful for it. Okay? I love you! Love, Dad. (End of message from Dad.)

Tune in to Your Angels

And Spirit Helpers!

49. (Mama: ) I'll close with this last mess­age from Dad, given to Gideon after his serious car accident. This message is both sobering and very encouraging, as Dad speaks about the angels and spirit helpers the Lord has put at our disposal. They're able to help protect us by counseling and guiding us, if we'll only slow down enough to tune in and listen to them.

50. (Dad speaking: ) Speed kills, and haste makes waste. The Lord did great miracles of pro­tection for you and your team. The angels were working overtime in this situation, as it could have been a lot more serious. But despite the Devil's attacks, you're the Lord's children, and as long as you do your best to please Him and stay close to Him, as you are, He's not going to let anything happen without His permission. You're valuable to us‚ son, and this should be a very big encouragement to you that you have a lot left to do on Earth—because you could've easily come Home to be with me! But your kids need you, your wife needs you, and a lot of others need you as well.

51. God bless you for being open to learning any lessons there might be for you in this situation. Accidents are always a good time to stop and review your relationship with the Lord and to check your heart and your mode of operation. But more than anything, this accident is more proof that the ante is upped, the stakes are higher‚ and the Devil's put a big price on the head of every Family member! He's fighting tooth and nail for just a little break in the mighty force field of angels that surround you, so he can get in and do a little damage. Active Christians are the greatest threat to his big plans, and we in the Family are still some of the most active Christians that I've seen—and I've seen'm all now!

52. The Lord's trying to impress on His children how close He and His angels are! People in the Family are very aware of the Lord's love and presence, but now the Lord is focusing on and heightening everyone's awareness to the spirit helpers that surround you 24 hours a day. They're at your beck and call, and they've got skills, I'll tell you, to help you with everything you will ever face. They're empowered to communicate with you on a certain level, but it's a very delicate frequency, and unless you really tune in, you can easily miss it.

53. All that to say, some of the mileage you can get out of this experience is to pray more fer­vently that you can work well with your spirit helpers, because they're only limited by your yielded­ness to them and the Lord, and by your sensitivity or lack of sensitivity to the help they can offer.

54. It's not a time for remorse‚ son. Just make sure that you're wiser today than you were yesterday, and thank the Lord for this tailor-made lesson in prayerfulness and staying real close to Him and His spirit helpers. There's a battle to be won, and the less casualties the better. The Lord is calling all His children to be more on guard than ever so that they can withstand the Enemy's attacks, no matter where or when they happen.

55. I love you‚ son. You're precious to me and to the Lord, and He's going to do the work of healing you. Just go real slow, appreciate life‚ love others, and glean all those precious ­lessons that you learn when you brush against death. Life is but a vapor, and we always want to live each day as if it were our last. But that's a little hard to remember until you experience something like this, so get all the mileage out of it that you can. I love you and I'm praying for you! Love always, Dad. (End of message from Dad)

"Don't Get a Motorcycle!"

56. (Mama:) Here are some excerpts of an interview with David (of David and Charity) while he was still in the hospital after his serious motor­cycle accident:

57. Q: What's your physical condition now, a month after your accident?

58. David: I'm an incomplete paraplegic; that means I'm paralyzed from my waist down.

59. Q: If you were going to tell the Family anything, what would you tell them?

60. David: Don't get a motorcycle!

61. Q: Why?

62. David: Before I got the motorcycle, I'd been driving for a year and a half‚ and I was a good driver. I hadn't had any accidents, and was always pretty careful.

63. My dad had had a motorcycle before and he told me not to get one‚ but I was pushing it, so he finally let me get it. I thought that since I was so careful in a car, it would be the same on a motor­cycle. I learned it's not always that way‚ though, and a motorcycle is just a lot more dangerous.

64. There's a kid I visited here in the hospital; he's 18 years old and was also in a motorcycle accident. He's a quadri­plegic—his whole body is paralyzed, and the only thing he can do is blink with one eye! So when you're talking to him, one blink means "yes" and two blinks means "no," and that's all he can do right now. The accident wasn't his fault either.

65. So definitely don't get a motorcycle! They're very dangerous!

66. Q: How did your accident happen?

67. David: There was some construction work going on in the area, so there was loose gravel on the road. As I was going around a corner, the gravel started to make my back tire slip, and I started to skid. I tried to level out by going the other way‚ but because I was turning a corner, I kept going straight—which was off the road—and I flew off the bike and smacked into the corner of a building. I sustained a burst fracture of my spine, which is when your whole bone kind of shatters. It's a miracle that I didn't totally sever my spinal cord, because I hit it pretty hard.

68. Q: What speed were you going?

69. David: I was going 30 mph.

70. Q: Only 30 mph?

71. David: Yes. It happened just like that! I was wearing a helmet, so I didn't get any head injuries, which is very good.

72. Q: Besides learning about the dangers of motorcycles, has the Lord showed you anything else through this accident?

73. David: My relationship with the Lord wasn't all that great. The Lord has definitely brought me much closer to Him, and that's really good and I'm thankful.

Back on Track with New Priorities!

—Reaction from Ezra

74. (Mama: ) I'm sure all the ones involved in the accidents listed above have learned very meaning­ful lessons and have grown much closer to the Lord as a result. Each has a story to tell which would benefit us all. We received a reaction from Ezra, via the TRF comments and suggestions, which is so edifying and convicting that I didn't want you to miss it.

(From Ezra, 21, of Isaiah and Fe:)

75. On October 25th I was involved in a serious car crash while visiting my ­parents in Vancouver, Canada. It was my fault for failing to stop at a stop sign. I got distracted by something in the car and took my eyes off the road for a few seconds.

76. Needless to say, I was quite shaken up, as my sister, Vanessa, was in the hospital with serious injuries and the car was totaled. I felt so bad because I knew she'd gotten hurt because of me and that the Lord was dealing with me. I knew right off the bat what the Lord was trying to show me.

77. The Lord told me that I was way off track, trusting in my own understanding instead of asking Him where He wanted me to go or what to do. Over the past six months I've almost completely pushed the Word out of my schedule, first because of business and trusting in my own arm of the flesh; then later because I was too distracted with other things that didn't require as much con­centration as feeding on the Word. My priorities were totally messed up. I always told myself that I would read the Word after I was done with whatever I was doing, but it never happened because it wasn't a priority or something that I gave real importance.

78. I all but forgot about all that's been said about the importance of loving Him and spending time with Him, so I wasn't surprised when the Lord finally had to inter­vene. One thing was clear from the day the accident happened‚ and that was the Lord's uncon­ditional and unending love for me. "For whom the Lord loveth, He chastens." "It's God's intolerable compliment that He loves you and doesn't want to lose you!" That verse and quote have been so comforting, and if it weren't for them, I think I might have given up and quit, because I'd never felt so low and out of God's will and discouraged before.

79. Thank the Lord, I immediately sunk my teeth into the Word‚ and that's where I found the strength to go on and learn my lessons, and then get back on the bandwagon of the Lord's will. I've made it a priority to have good solid Word before I start the day, and I've been trying to love Jesus as He said He wants to be loved. Both have been a struggle to do‚ but I feel so much more loved and secure.

Preparing Contacts
For Future Persecution

80. (Mama:) One of our media teams sent Peter and me the following letter in which they outlined their concerns about the need for the Family to more fully prepare our contacts and friends for possible media smears or persecution. They wrote:

81. (From media team:) We've heard about a few situations where the Family was ministering to and working with influential people for some time; then they discovered the Family's background, past persecutions, the false allegations that have been aimed at us, etc. At that point the contacts or supporters were deeply hurt and offended by us not having told them about our radical beliefs and past persecution battles, and understandably so. In light of such occurrences, we feel the need for the Family to prepare contacts and those they're ministering to for future media smears or persecution.

82. It seems that at least in some cases, we've gotten away from feeding and preparing those that we minister to for future persecution and having to "face the ­music" in regards to some of our more radical doctrines. This has come up in several cases that we know of and have been involved in.

83. One of these was a request we received from some brethren in another country who have been ministering to a Christian man doing humanitarian work. He was interested in doing a documentary on the local Family members. This man has been very favorable towards them and loves the work they're doing, but does not know that they're the Family, as they're going under another name.

84. The brethren had asked via their local media desk if it was wise to go ahead with the docu­mentary, or whether they should first let this man know who they are and touch on some of our more radical beliefs so he knows exactly what he's getting into. The documentary that the man was interested in doing would have been shown in Canada and possibly the U.S. This would of course cause no small stir once those on the documentary were identified as the Family. (Of course we strongly suggested they not do a documentary without further clarification about the Family, as the man could feel very deceived afterwards.)

85. Another situation came up locally with a Home that has had an ongoing church ministry for the last few years, but at the same time they have not really told the people there who they are. At the time of the airing of the CBS "Public Eye" show, though no one in the congregation had seen the program, we found out later that someone in the congregation began doing a little investigative work and of course stumbled onto the anti-cult material and shared this with the congregation. Needless to say, things started to heat up rather quickly and the brethren got in touch with us asking for counsel on how to salvage their ministry.

86. We feel that there has been somewhat of a shift in the perspective of many Family members in ministering to contacts over the past five years, especially since '93 when we were all in the heat of the per­secution battles and engaged in activities such as picketing embassies, being out on the front lines, and being much more open and up-front with our doctrines and feeling quite free to proclaim them. At that time, the academics‚ lawyers, media, and just about all those we were meeting were given our statements‚ such as "Our Origins," which clearly explains who we are and some of our former as well as current beliefs.

87. However, it seems that over the last few years we've gradually moved into more of a peacetime PR mode of operation, where some folks are not giving their friends and close contacts the full ­counsel of God. Instead, in many cases it seems we're trying to appear to be a nice group of Christians who are doing good works and helping others, which of course we are.

88. However‚ it seems that some of the brethren's criteria of what they should or shouldn't tell their contacts is "what they don't know won't hurt them." But our past and beliefs always come out somewhere along the way, and even though you wouldn't want to hit someone point–blank on your first meeting with, "Hi, we're the Children of God and we have a new doctrine called 'The Loving Jesus Revelation,'" etc., it seems that there needs to be some kind of gradual feeding program that will help to inoculate those who we are ministering to from a heavy shock of our more radical doctrines that they will come to know about sooner or later.

89. Although we are nice people who love the Lord and are involved in CTPs, humanitarian aid‚ etc., we are also the Lord's Endtime army—avant-garde Christian soldiers who have a very radical theology! So we owe it to our friends and contacts to feed them and to bring them to at least a basic knowledge of these doctrines over a period of time so that when negative media coverage or persecution hits, they won't feel that they've been deceived or taken advantage of. This, in our opinion, is one of the most dangerous aspects of not feeding our friends and contacts, but rather hoping against hope that somehow they will never find out about our radical doctrines and who we really are. If this is our mentality, when we most need friends and support‚ we may find ourselves seriously lacking, because we didn't prepare our friends ahead of time.

90. We're sorry to be a little strong on this issue, but from the perspective of a media team, especially when a rather hot show comes out on TV and the brethren get a little uptight, in our opinion it's not the program or our participation in the program that is the problem. Obviously the Lord allows these things to come out so we can stand up and contend for the faith. The problem that we see is that some of our folks are simply not preparing their contacts for the ever-present eventuality of their stumbling upon or being given information regarding our radical beliefs. (End of excerpts of letter from media team.)

91. (Mama: ) I'm sure that bringing up this topic—preparing and informing those you are ministering to of our more radical doctrines—will cause some of you trials. You may worry about how to present portions of our past and our beliefs, and not least of all, how your friends will receive it. Will they continue to stand by you and support you, or will you lose those who you've been pouring into and trying to establish a work with because of your honesty?

92. You may feel that it's better to not bring up some of these controversial subjects. But if you think about it, you'll probably have to admit that this information will surface at some point, and as we have learned over the years, it's certainly wiser and more fruitful if you are the ones to teach your contacts and friends and explain the reasoning behind our more radical doctrines than it is to have them hear about such things from bitter former members or accusing enemies.

93. Some of you may wonder if it's worth hanging on to the beliefs we hold that are not mainstream‚ such as the "Loving Jesus" revelation, living the Law of Love, or hearing from beyond. You may question, "Is it worth potentially losing our friends and contacts over these doctrines? If standing up for our beliefs means that we lose the long-lasting work that we've been working hard to build over the last several years, then is it really worth it?"

94. We asked the Lord to answer the above questions and to give us His viewpoint on this very important matter. He clearly states that the revelations that He's given us are what will keep us through the tough times ahead, and that, yes, we are to diligently feed our sheep, to prepare them for the future storms, and to give them the answers to the questions that they will be faced with in the future.

95. As time goes on and the Endtime draws ever nearer, we can expect to face media storms and persecution once again. So now is the time to take stock in your own Home and see where you stand in the area of having prepared and strengthened your friends and contacts for the times ahead. Here is the Lord's message on the subject:

96. (Jesus speaking:) I have given these radical messages like loving Me intimately and hearing from beyond because they are necess­ary to your growth and your survival during these Last Days. They will also help many ­others and will be the key that will bring them to Me. I will use them just as I used your radical doctrines in the past. FFing caused you to be despised and rejected by many, yet at the same time I used it to bring many to Me that would not have come otherwise.

97. I also used the radical sex doctrines to spread your message far and wide and to sep­arate you from the church system. This I did both for your own sake‚ so that you would not solidify and become staid and brittle as many of My churches have, but also for the sake of the world, as many are drawn by your free spirit of love. Many who feel rejected by the churches or even by Me because of the conditioning that they have received from the churches are drawn to you because of your radical doctrines of love and sex, and this gives them hope and faith that I love them too.

98. It is also a witness to the church Christians‚ because they see your fruit‚ they see your dedication to Me, and they see that you preach My Gospel unashamedly‚ boldly and valiantly, that you are laying down your lives for Me. Those who have their eyes open and who are not narrow-minded see that you are bearing fruit and that you have the anointing of My Spirit. This convicts them that the message of love which you preach must also be of Me, even if they're not willing to follow it themselves. It helps to break their bottles and open them up to new things of My Spirit. This is important‚ because My church Christians need to open up more to Me, be willing to accept new and radical things, and to listen to My voice more, if they're going to make it through the dark days ahead. So you are preparing the way.

99. Even as I sent John the Baptist, who was despised by the church of his day, the Scribes and the Pharisees, in order to prepare the way for My coming, so have I sent you, My latter-day John the Baptists‚ to prepare for My second coming. You are despised by the church of your day, even as John the Baptist was of his. Yet he was also admired and followed by many. The people believed him, and even many of the Scribes and Pharisees knew that he was a man of God, and they listened to him and followed him. The rulers also took note of him and listened to his words and knew they were the truth. But because his words cut them to their hearts and they were unwilling to change, those rulers persecuted and killed him. They will do the same to you, but I will use this as a witness for Me, even as I did the death of My servant John.

100. I'm using you as a voice crying out in the wilderness, saying, "Prepare ye the way of the Lord!" My servant John lived in the desert and ate locusts and honey. He was uncomely and rough in his appearance, and his words burned like fire. On the outward appearance you look much like those around you, but like John, I have called you to be separate‚ and I have caused this separation through the radical doctrines that I have given you—My Law of Love, loving Me intimately, hearing from the spirit world‚ living together, forsaking all, and preaching My coming.

101. But in addition to the calling of John the Baptist, I have also given you the calling of Paul the Apostle, who became all things to all men that he might win some. You must also be winsome in your dealings with those you minister to. As you do not approach a Muslim or a Buddhist with the same words which you would a Christian, even so you must approach those who are influenced by the church system and not ready to receive your radical doctrines, differently than those who are fed up with the churches and looking for something new and different. You must feed milk to those who are influenced by the church system until they are able to receive the meat of My Spirit.

102. Bring them along gently and slowly; strengthen them little by little. The time will come when they will hear of the radical doctrines; but if you have prepared them well, many will be able to accept such things, even if they don't understand them or receive them personally. They will not reject you and your work because they will have seen the sample and they will know that you are of Me.

103. Still, some old bottles will not be able to accommodate such new wine in the end, no matter how lovingly it is presented. Those who have been soaked heavily in the veneer of the church's doctrines and their own self-righteousness become brittle and burst eventually unless they are able to shed this veneer and become pliable and moldable through My Spirit.

104. Many do become pliable as you work on them ever so gently with the oil of My Spirit and the tender fluids of My truths, but not all do because not all yield. This is the choice that I have given man‚ to yield or not to yield, and though it saddens Me when men do not yield, I still use them as much as they will allow themselves to be used.

105. As you minister to your friends‚ prepare them little by little. Slowly introduce them to the things of the spirit world, hearing from Me‚ and even hearing from others in the spirit world. Bring them along step by step, so that when they hear news that disturbs them, that shatters their preconceived ideas, they will already have a notion of it from what you have taught them.

106. The same goes for loving Me intimately and receiving My seeds. Teach them this slowly, step by step. Help them to understand that those who follow Me are the Bride of Christ, and that I am their Husband. Help them to under­stand that saying words of love and affection to Me, even as My servant David did in the Psalms, is pleasing to Me. You don't need to hit them over the head with such concepts, but introduce them slowly. Then when they get the full message from some other source, they will already have a basic understanding of it and it will not blow them away completely. You will be able to explain it to them and they will be better able to receive it and continue to support you and draw nigh to you.

107. The same goes for the sexual freedom that I've given you. Slowly introduce this concept to your friends and those who you're building a lasting relationship with; first by teaching them that sex is not a sin and was created by Me for your pleasure, then by showing them from the Scriptures how I have given the Law of Love, which supersedes all other laws. Then, one step at a time, unto each according to his ability to receive and comprehend, you can show them more and more.

108. Use the Bible and the Words that I have spoken‚ which they respect and are supposed to believe and accept, as the basis for your teaching in all these matters. If you are able to build a solid foundation upon the Scripture, then it will stand strong when the winds of the Enemy's doubts and distortions come. (For a very good topical selection of verses, see Word Basics and Word Topics.)

109. Fear not to give them the Word‚ and I will bless you. You have so much to offer that other Christians don't, and you are some of the only ones who I have been able to entrust these truths to. Yet there are many who are desirous of them—even many of the Scribes and Pharisees, and those in the churches. While the Jews persecuted and killed Me and My apostles, a great company of the priests also believed on Me and followed Me. Many of My children in the church system are seeking for more. They know that they need more than what they've found in their church, so don't be afraid to give it to them.

110. But use wisdom, hearken to My voice, and go step by step. Don't rush ahead, yet be not afraid. It's better to give them a little at a time, even if you're afraid it's stretching their bottle, than for them to find out about it all at once from some other source‚ and their bottle breaks beyond repair.

111. If you seek Me and follow My leadings and are faithful to give My message, then I will keep the hearts of those who you are ministering to‚ and they will remain strong with you through the storms of persecution and the ­attacks of the Enemy. Fear not, My John the Baptists of the End‚ but continue to prepare the way for My coming. (End of message from Jesus.)

112. (Mama:) Those are the Lord's wonder­ful promises! Though you may worry about your contacts and friends, if you're seeking the Lord every step of the way and are being faithful to feed them and minister to them, then the Lord will help to prepare their hearts, and you will be able to lead them along gently, step by step, as He says.

113. It seems that the Lord not only wants our friends to be prepared for the eventuality of persecution and the lies and slander that are thrown at us, but He wants them to partake of some of the wonderful treasures that He's given us, such as hearing from Him in prophecy and loving Him in a closer, more intimate way.

114. Of course, sharing all these things with your supporters and friends will take time. The Lord expects you to be prayerful, careful, and wise. In order to know how and when to present these matters, you will need to ask Him for specific guidance. Some of your friends may be able to receive these things more quickly than others; with some you may have to go more slowly. But the Lord will bless you and keep your work hedged about with His protection if you are looking to Him and doing what you can to diligently feed and care for the sheep that He's placed in your care. If you fail to do this because you're afraid of the negative repercussions if it causes your contacts to waver or have battles, you may find that you have a more difficult situation on your hands at a later date.

115. Here are excerpts of an instructional message the Lord gave for a Home that was faced with having to explain some of our more controversial beliefs to an important supporter and queen. They had known this woman for quite some time and she was a very crucial part of their work, but they had not explained to her even generally some of our radical doctrines, such as the "Loving Jesus" revelation and the Law of Love. Unfortunately, she eventually found out about these beliefs from some very antagonistic sources, which was a big shock for her, as it was presented in the worst poss­ible light and she was fed a lot of lies about us and our work.

116. Not only was she destabilized by the negative, exaggerated‚ shocking news she heard about the Family, but worse yet, she felt quite betrayed. She was very disappointed and offended that the Family had not been more honest with her, and had let her put her reputation on the line for the Family without being adequately informed about our beliefs which inevitably raise controversy. Thank the Lord, He helped the Family members in this situation to apologize and explain these beliefs to this dear woman, and the Lord gave her the grace to accept the explanation and continue in her very fruitful relationship with the Family.

117. Here is the message from the Lord given for the brethren involved in this situation‚ but with good lessons for us all.

118. (Jesus speaking: ) My hand is upon My children in this situation, for there are many things for them to learn. The first is to feed My sheep; the importance of strengthening these key ones in the Word and in the doctrine, in the truth. It's not that I wish for you to pour forth all the heavy meat upon babes immediately. But as with a child who is learning to partake of food, one must help them to graduate from milk to meat through all the various stages; preparing the food by blending it or liquefying it first so they can eat it, and eventually bringing them along to where they can take in solid food, and then stronger food.

119. It's important to feed your key contacts and to bring them along‚ letting them know more about the truth. It cannot be done immediately, but it is best for it to be done over a period of time so that they're prepared and have some understanding, lest, like this one, they be shocked. So often it is your lack of faith and your fear that keeps you from doing this. It can be a slow process, step by step, but one which in the long run bears more fruit.

120. Now you must address these matters with wisdom, with love, but also with conviction; yet at the same time acknowledging that it would have been better for you to have shared more about your doctrines earlier on‚ and that you're sorry you put her in this difficult pos­ition.

121. Do what you can to help her save face by apologizing to her for not sharing these things with her earlier. But don't back away from the fact that these are your beliefs and that these matters—loving Me and loving one another—are the very things that give you the grace to sacrifice and to do the jobs that you are called to do. Know that I will anoint you in these matters, and I will pour My Spirit upon you. But you must pray for her, for she is offended, and a brother or sister offended is harder to be won than a strong walled city. But I am able to do all things. Show a great deal of love, seek Me for wisdom, and pray desperately for this one. (End of excerpts of message from Jesus.)

122. (Mama:) Please be sure to take time to pray and discuss your Home's situation, and hear from the Lord as to what steps you need to take in order to obey this counsel from Him and make the needed preparations as He leads and guides you. It will be well worth the effort and prayer!

123. WS is presently going over and updating all of our Family Statements. Below is a listing of the ones that have already been updated (these can be found on the latest copy of the HomeARC), and that are suitable to give to your friends and contacts. We hope to update the rest of them shortly.

• Loving Jesus Statement

• Our Stance Regarding Physical Violence

• Suicide—a Tragedy, Not a Solution

• Attitudes, Conduct, Current Beliefs and Teach­ings Regarding Sex

Hearing from the Lord on
Matters Where You Are
Emotionally Involved

124. As we all learn to use the gift of prophecy more fully‚ one great benefit available to us all is the opportunity to allow the Lord to shepherd us individually. I hope that you've been going to the Lord for counsel and guidance regarding your personal life, as I know you'll find it to be an invaluable blessing. Once you start, you won't be able to do without it!

125. One problem that has come up along this line is that many people don't have the faith to hear from the Lord for their own personal situation if they feel that their emotions are involved. For example, if you're involved in a love relationship with someone and you need guidance and direction or counsel as to which way to go in the matter, you may feel that you are unable to hear from the Lord about it. Many have expressed their fears that they will get a prophecy which is affected by their emotions, or that it will be their heart speaking instead of the Lord. Unfortunately‚ as a result, many people decide not to hear from the Lord at all regarding such personal matters, and thus miss the Heavenly shepherding that they could be receiving. In actuality, that's the time when you need the Lord's guidance the most!

126. As we all strive together to be the ­loving Family the Lord wants us to be, living the One Wife vision, having all things in common‚ and living the Law of Love, our need to hear from the Lord on such personal matters of the heart and emotions is only going to intensify.

127. I asked the Lord to speak further about how being emotionally involved in a matter does not render someone unable to receive a clear and untainted prophecy regarding the situation. Of course, there are requirements for being a reliable channel and receiving the Lord's Words purely and without contamination, but thankfully, being emotion­ally detached from the subject that you're praying about is not one of them! These requirements can be found in the Letter "Prophecy Questions You May Have Always Wanted To Ask!—Part 3" (ML #3036, Lifelines 23), as well as in "Tips on Prophecy Meetings" (FSM 317), and "Mama's Surprise!—Part 2" (ML #3134, Lifelines 24).

128. This subject of hearing from the Lord when you're emotionally involved in the situation was addressed once before in "Living the Lord's Law of Love!—Part 5" (ML #3205:48-64, GN 808), which I'd suggest you review when you have time. But here is another wonderful new message from Dad that I'm sure will be a further help to you along these lines. Please take it to heart and apply it to your personal life and hearing from the Lord.

129. (Dad speaking: ) You need to realize that it's not whether you're emotionally involved in a situation that makes the most difference in hearing from the Lord on a matter; it's whether your heart is right with the Lord and whether you're meeting all the conditions that He requires a good channel to have. For goodness sake‚ if your ability to hear clearly from the Lord on a matter was conditional on your not being emotionally involved in the matter, you'd all be sunk! I see that the Devil's trying to scare many of our good, reliable folks on this one‚ and I'd like to hit him head-on about this.

130. Now let's get this straight: Just because you are personally emotionally involved in a situation does not mean that you're not capable of hearing from the Lord for yourselves and getting the Lord's direction on a matter! On the contrary, that's when you need most of all to hear from the Lord for yourself, personally. How do you expect the Lord to be able to help point your emotions in the right direction if you're not hearing from Him on these matters?

131. The requisite for being able to hear from the Lord clearly on a matter has nothing to do with your emotions! I know the temptation is to fear that your own ideas and thoughts will get in the way, but if you're praying and committing your thoughts to the Lord, if you're sincerely and wholeheartedly asking Jesus to lead you and to have His way‚ and if your heart is in the right position, He's gonna answer!

132. It's important that you pray and ask the Lord to override your own thoughts on a matter and clear your mind of any distractions. It's important that you're desperate with the Lord for His will and His thoughts, and that you stay humble. But when you've met these requirements, then it's time to believe that what He's promised, He will perform.

133. Where's your faith, folks? Don't you think the Lord's more in control and on top of the situation than that? Do you think He's gonna let you—His child whom He loves and cares for and whom He knows is trying to serve Him with all of his or her heart—go astray so easily if you're yielded to Him? Don't you think the Lord Himself is interested in seeing you get it right? Don't you think that He'll take care of that part, and point you in the right direction if you start to falter or slip up?

134. The Lord has a great interest in seeing that you get it right! He's not about to let His children who are sincerely seeking to do His will and are desperate with Him get too far off track. He'll reach down and place you on the correct path and help you to see things His way if He needs to, as you yield to Him.

135. If you are sincerely seeking and wanting His answers and are yielded to Him, even if you are emotionally involved‚ He's gonna answer and He's gonna see you get it right! He won't give you a stone if you ask for bread!

136. What I want you to see is that it's the Devil's business to get you to think you're not capable of receiving things from the Lord. Who else would want to tell you that? Satan sure as shootin' doesn't want any of you getting your answers from the Lord, no sirree! That's what he's most afraid of, because that would surely mean his defeat! What more subtle way could Satan use to try to hinder you than to stop you from hearing from the Lord on personal matters!

137. Why on earth would the Lord be putting this big emphasis on the need to listen to Him—to listen to the whispers and get your orders and direction from Him—if He didn't mean for you to hear from Him on personal matters? How else do you think the Lord's gonna be able to personally shepherd you? How can He be personally and intimately involved with you if you're not taking personal matters to Him? And what personal matters are you not in some way emotionally involved with? Of all the dirty blows of the Devil, to try to stop you before you even get started!

138. Most of the prophets of God were emotionally involved in some way or another concerning the things that God spoke to them about. Don't you think that Moses was emotionally involved in wanting to free his people from Egypt? After all, they were his people—his own flesh and blood! Don't kid yourselves‚ just because he was raised in Pharaoh's house does not mean he didn't have emotional ties to his own flesh and blood people! His own flesh mother nursed him when he was a babe. Don't you think his brother and sister were around at that time too? His own mother's prayers sustained him all those years, so he had plenty of emotional ties!

139. Moses was very emotionally involved when he was confronted with the burden and pain and exploitation of his people. What do you think drove him to kill that Egyptian? Emotions that ran deep were what drove him. Yet all this did not mean that he could not hear from the Lord and receive direction for Israel!

140. Emotions are not necessarily bad; it's when you let your emotions run wild, when they're not yielded to the Lord‚ that they cause you trouble. But you who sincerely want to please the Lord can yield your emotions to Him and let Him guide your emotions and have control in your life.

141. The sooner you get over this fear that just because you're emotionally involved in a matter this renders you useless in hearing from the Lord on that same matter, the better! Now granted, it is possible to receive a colored or in­complete message if you are emotionally involved, if you're not yielding your emotions and thoughts and desires to the Lord, and if you're not desperate with the Lord. The key is in the yielding. The key is in how yielded, desperate, humble and hungry you are to know the truth and sincerely want the Lord's answers regardless of the consequences.

142. When your emotions are strong, this is the time when you need to hear from the Lord and get His direction, simply due to the fact that as humans we can't always trust in our emotions. That's precisely why you need to go to the Lord and get direction from Him! How are you gonna know how to handle your emotions if you don't hear from the Lord on personal matters? That's the time you're gonna need that extra umph from the Lord, and His leading, dir­ection, and guidance. Otherwise, you just might be led away by those same emotions that you fear might block your channel to the Lord, if you don't pray and yield them to the Lord.

143. What you need to ask yourselves is not whether you are emotionally involved in a situation, but whether all the other conditions are right for hearing from the Lord. If you're trying your best to serve the Lord and you want to do His will and to follow Him, He's not gonna fail you! As long as you're meeting all the requirements for being a reliable channel‚ the Lord's gonna come through loud and clear.

144. Moses had a lot to learn before He met the Lord's requirements of being a yielded channel. He had to be humbled, he had to be yielded, he had to start with a clean heart, he had to be desperate. All that time he spent in the desert helped him and prepared him to meet the conditions that God requires of a good channel. That doesn't mean, however, that he was any less emotionally involved by the time God called him to go before Pharaoh and deliver the Words of the Lord! Moses was plenty emotionally involved with his people; his heart was with them, he was burdened for them, he wept for them, and God spoke to him and poured out His direction, step by step, and gave clear guidance and counsel from Heaven!

145. You folks have been in training all along. You've been nurtured all these years‚ fed on the Word and groomed for these days. You of the older generation have stood the test of time; you've been through thick and thin! The Lord has brought you along all these many years‚ and He'll not fail you now.

146. You of the younger generation have also been through thick and thin. You've been fed and nurtured in the ways of the Lord—most of you from the cradle. You've received a heritage of faith! You too have been tested time and again and have held on, and God's not gonna fail you when you call on Him with a pure heart, with your whole heart seeking His direction.

147. And those of you who are new disciples or who have joined the Family recently, well, you're just as able to hear from the Lord clearly and in full faith. God has put it within each of your grasps to live up to the requirements He's set forth for being a good, reliable channel. So don't feel like you're missing out. It's just that those who have had this heritage of faith their whole life should be able to trust more easily and place their worries in the Lord's hands. But the gift of prophecy and the conditions and blessings that go along with it have been made available to all, praise the Lord!

148. You can't let the Devil scare you out when it's time to hear personally from the Lord and you need it the most. It's true, there's a time and place to ask others to hear from the Lord for you—to go to your teamworkers‚ shepherds, and others, and ask if they might hear from the Lord concerning your personal situation. This is advisable for a variety of reasons—perhaps for confirmation or because circumstances and conditions warrant it. But most of the time you're gonna need to be hearing directly from the Lord yourselves. And even in these times when you're able to depend on others to hear from the Lord for you, you ought to still be asking Him and getting personal direction, confirmation, and Words from the Lord yourselves.

149. The key is not how emotionally involved you are; the key is whether you have yielded your emotions to the Lord! Hearing from the Lord is not something you work up. It has nothing to do with how good you feel or how talented you are. It's simply a matter of obedience, desperation‚ and yielding your all to Jesus. He will not fail as long as you're yielded, trusting, free of sin, and loving and following Him as closely as possible!

150. The Lord's answers are contingent on your openness, yieldedness‚ and desperation; on your obedience and humility; on your willingness to create a vacuum and let Him fill it; on your willingness, obedience, and faith to receive what He gives with no conditions attached; and on your obedience to believe it and put it into action.

151. If you love the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind, and you're desperate to hear His Words, He's not gonna fail to speak to you. If you're closely following the New Wine of His Spirit and doing your best to leave the past behind and all your own preconceived ideas and be what He wants you to be today, He'll not fail you! If you're willing to believe and receive and give what He says without fear of the outcome, He's not gonna let you down! If you're desperate with the Lord and sincerely calling out to Him, asking Him to clear your mind of any distractions and to not let any of your own thoughts or desires get in the way, the Lord will do it! If you're not holding back any unconfessed sins, the Lord will speak to you—even if you are emotionally involved in a situation!

152. His Word holds true—ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you! So don't let the Devil trick you! Get desperate! Get down to business with the Lord. Be humble, yielded, and open to what He wants to tell you. Cry out to Him‚ expect an answer in Jesus' name, and in His name you'll get it! Don't be afraid that just because you're emotionally involved in a situation you can't hear from the Lord, but keep yielding every­thing you've got to Him—emotions and all. That's the time to take it to Jesus, to be sure you're yielding all your emotions to Him and letting Him direct and guide you! Just be sure you're meeting all His requirements to be a reliable channel, then ask! And He'll never let you down! (End of message from Dad.)

153. (Mama:) In closing, I'm including a list of the points that Dad outlined in the above message. If you want to be a good, reliable channel—despite the fact that you may feel emotionally involved with the matter that you're bringing before the Lord—then these are the qualifications you need. Some of these overlap somewhat, or are different facets of the same basic principles, but I thought it would be clearer and easier to apply if I spelled out each little detail and aspect. Lord help us all to do our part to be good, clean, receptive channels for His wonderful Words!

  1. Your heart must be right with the Lord and in the right position, clean and free of unconfessed sins.
  2. Sincerely and wholeheartedly ask Jesus to lead you and to have His way.
  3. Commit your thoughts to the Lord.
  4. Ask the Lord to override your own thoughts on a matter, and clear your mind of any distractions.
  5. Be desperate with the Lord for His will; be hungry.
  6. Stay humble.
  7. Sincerely want to please the Lord.
  8. Desire God's answers‚ regardless of the consequences.
  9. Be open, yielded, and determined to obey what the Lord says, with no conditions attached.
  10. Create a vacuum and let Him fill it.
  11. Love the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind.
  12. Follow the New Wine of His Spirit closely.
  13. Leave the past and your own preconceived ideas behind‚ in order to be what He wants you to be today.
  14. Cry out to Him and expect an answer.
  15. Believe that what He has promised, He is able to perform.