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Dad's Challenge to Change!

May 2, 2003

CM/FM 3240 4/98

Required reading for JETTs and up. Parents, we hope you will read this with your other children as well. We suggest it could be read with those 7 and up‚ if you feel they need it and can handle it. Portions may be shared with younger children at your discretion.

1. (Dad speaking:) Hi‚ kids! This is Grandpa! I love you so much! You're each very special—not only to your parents and to me and Mama, but most of all to the Lord! Did you know that you were chosen from before the foundations of the world, to be born at the time that you were born? The Lord knew and planned it all! He chose you, out of all the millions and millions of children who have lived throughout the ages, to live in the very Last Days, when things are getting more and more exciting! And within your lifetime you're going to see the greatest light show the world has ever known—the second coming of the King of kings! The King of the whole universe, coming in all His power and glory! Praise the Lord!

2. That's really something to look forward to! It'll be the most exciting day of your life, and from then on, every day will seem the most exciting! So if you feel a little bored right now, or you have unhappy days and difficult times, just hold on, knowing that for each sacrifice you make for Jesus now, you'll receive a hundredfold reward later! You can't beat that!

We're on a Push

To Improve Things!

3. Well, I wanted to come and give you a little talk about some of your behavior lately. I'm not just talking about the last couple of days or weeks, but mainly how things have progressed over the last couple of years and the way things need to improve. I wanted to talk to you kids personally—and by you kids, I'm specifically aiming this at you junior teens and JETTs. Your younger brothers and sisters can also read this and be warned‚ but I'm going to talk to you first and give you the responsibility of doing something about what I'm about to tell you, okay? I'm generally going to speak at the level of your younger brothers and sisters, since this will also be shared with most of them. So if this seems a bit simple or childish to you in places, remember that I'm aiming at their level so that they can understand and relate‚ and I'm trusting that you're mature enough to get the lesson from it. Thanks.

4. Mama's read some reports about some of your behavior, and King Peter has gone around and visited and talked with a lot of your parents and shepherds, and it seems there are a few areas that you need to pull up your socks in. Now‚ even if you feel that maybe someone wrote a report about you that was exaggerated or unfair, or you feel your parents and shepherds don't understand you, so how could Mama and Peter understand any better, I'll tell you that the Lord understands, and He's the One Who asked me to come and talk to you today. So no matter who's seen or hasn't seen what you've been up to, just take this to heart, and if the shoe fits, then wear it.

5. Even if you're not guilty of the things I'm going to talk about in here, maybe the Lord just wants you to hear it so that you can pray for those who are guilty, or so that you can be warned not to get into it yourself. There are all kinds of reasons the Lord has for giving you this little talk, so please pray and ask Him what He's trying to speak to you about personally, okay?

6. First of all, I want you to know that I really love you. Do you believe that? I know some of you may feel unhappy about the way some things are right now in your Home, or maybe in the Family in general, or some things that you think are unfair. Or you feel that you don't have enough freedom or responsibility or challenge in your life, and you wonder why Mama and Peter aren't trying to fix those things, or why I'm not talking about the things that would make your lives easier. Well, we're really working on trying to improve in some of the big areas, and making changes takes time. But to do that‚ we need your help! We're on a big push right now to "roll away the stone" and start another whole revolution! Does that sound exciting? Well, you're a part of it and we need your help pushing‚ so please listen to the things I'm going to share. Thanks.

7. You know, kids‚ Mama really loves you! She brings you before the Lord all the time, beseeching Him for His help and intervention in your lives, that He'll help you to be happy, that He'll provide your needs and even give you the desires of your heart as you delight yourself in Him. She's your intercessor, and she's very faithful to pray for all of you. So please don't think that she doesn't know about you, or that she isn't aware of how hard it is to grow up and all that you go through. You're right, it's been a long time since she was your age. But she has some young spirit helpers—your age—and she hears your letters and listens to your hearts. Most importantly of all, she takes time to hear what the Lord has to say about you and to you and for you.

8. She really, really loves you! You're very important to her. You're our hope of the future, and we know the Lord is training you for a very special mission that only you can fulfill. We need you!

9. You know that the Lord has a future in store for you—I've told you over and over. And yet maybe you feel stuck or that all you're trusted with is dishes and JJT and taking care of the baby or going out on the singing team. Even if you feel unneeded in your little Home‚ or like the only thing you're good for is little jobs like that, that's just part of your training. And although it might seem to go on and on, it's not going to last forever—I promise you.

This Talk Is for Those

Who Are Guilty!

10. Okay, shall we get down to business? We're going to talk straight about some bad behavior. First, I want to make it clear right from the beginning that this is directed to those of you who are guilty—not those of you who are sincerely trying to do your best for Jesus and others. You know who you are, and if the shoe fits, wear it!

11. Now‚ some of you kids have really been doing better recently. You've taken the lessons to heart that have been shared with you—from your parents, from the Word, and from the Lord speaking to your heart. I'm very proud of you, and I pray that you stay strong in your conviction and become bellwethers to others. So don't be discouraged, and if you've really been trying to do better, then this little talk is not for you. Those of you who have really been trying to improve, the Lord sees and He's going to greatly reward you one of these days, okay? So please don't take it as if I think all you kids are out of it or aren't applying yourselves or making an ­effort—because there are some of you who are really doing your best and others of you who are striving to do better, and I see it, the Lord sees it‚ and we're very pleased and proud of you! Okay? I love you!

12. Second, I know some of you are going through some tough times in your life right now. So I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and wipe the slate clean right now, and forgive you for all the past offenses, disobedience, rebelliousness‚ mischievous behavior, and what have you. I'm going to talk to you about it right now, but after this talk, the slate is clean and you're free to go on to a new start! Praise the Lord!

Grandpa's Report on

Some Homes He's Visited!

13. I've been doing a lot of visitation to different Homes in different areas lately, and I've been able to get a good, clear picture of how things are and how you're behaving. I love you kids a lot, and I want to be able to help you grow up and be witnesses for the Lord in the Endtime. But there are also times when I have to lower the rod and come and tell you directly how I see things and how bad things have been getting.

14. In my travels I've seen some terrible behavior from some of you kids. I also wanted to mention that I've seen lots of you who are sweet, respectful‚ loving, on-fire for the Lord and drinking in the Lord's Words. I don't want those of you who are doing your best for Jesus to get discouraged by this talk, when I get a little hot and heavy, because if you're being obedient‚ you don't have anything to worry about.

15. I know that not everything I'm going to share with you kids is going to apply to everyone. Some of this counsel may apply to you, some may apply to others, and all of the counsel will apply to some. If you're guilty of these things that we'll talk about, then I'm expecting you to improve your behavior. I'm challenging you to become the disciples the Lord wants you to be! If you're not guilty of these things, then just take this as a sober warning and be wise and learn from the mistakes of others. But if you're one of the kids that I'm talking directly to, then I think you'd better sit up and take notice right quick! All of you had better take notice, because what I'm about to tell you is important. It has the potential to change your life for the better, if you let it.

16. I'm sorry, kids, but it's time to rein in your spirits and start acting like the Heaven's boys and girls you were created to be! I've been very very upset when I've heard about or seen some of your behavior—ranging from your disrespect for your parents to foul language and ungodly behavior towards your brothers and sisters or peers. All of you kids are accountable before the Lord for your own actions. The Lord's given you a lot of Word and training, and it's time to quit blaming your problems on your ­parents or shepherds or brothers or sisters‚ or your situation. It's now time to straighten up.

17. I'm sick and tired of hearing your foul mouths‚ seeing you watch hours of television and movies, watching your time slip away as you drift into the world of time–wasting computer games and books, seeing your disrespect for your parents‚ your unwilling­ness to help around the Home, your rebellion to schooling and oversight, your lazy and lethargic spirits, your murmuring attitudes, your worldliness, your cruelty to animals such as throwing cats off roofs, hitting frogs with rackets and being mean to the dogs, birds and other animals that the Lord's given you to care for, your unloving and downright unchristian behavior towards your ­brothers and sisters, peers and friends in teasing‚ ridiculing, mocking or making fun of them‚ and even bullying them or exposing them to danger! All of this terrible behavior has got to stop!

18. And for those of you who aren't guilty of these very obvious crimes, there are other areas of your heart and of your life that I'm concerned about as well. You know who you are, and if there's something the Lord's been con­victing you about lately, then you need to make it right with Him. Just because you don't get caught doesn't make it okay. Someday when you get to Heaven the Lord will ask you to account to Him for what you did with the checks He gave you, the little things He asked you to do, and whether or not you obeyed. It's up to you!

Some Possible Reasons

For Bad Behavior

19. I know that your poor behavior is not entirely your fault. Would it make you feel better if I listed the reasons I can think of that you've fallen into this bad behavior? There are quite a few of them, and you don't bear the blame for all of them. Okay? So please don't feel like I'm blaming you for the way you've been acting—because although I know you can do better‚ it hasn't always been expected of you. So I don't blame you, but I am asking you to do better from now on!

20. Okay, some of the reasons I can think of are:

  1. There have been a lot of changes in the Family over the last couple of years since the Charter—a lot smaller Homes, a lot less tight shep­­herding. In a way, some of you kids have fallen through the cracks during this time and you haven't gotten the attention that you wanted and the shepherding that you needed. I'm not just talking about someone hanging over your shoulder trying to make you do the right thing. I mean attention as in someone helping you, talking with you, enjoying life with you, teaching you, and just generally making your life easier during what is a very difficult stage of life to go through—your early teen years, which start around 11 for most people, I think.
  2. You have a difficult time during these years, and if your energy is not channeled, it's easy to get off track with it. You're naturally idealistic and a bit rebellious—but you have to learn to aim your rebellion at the Devil and at the System, not at your parents, the Word, and the standard of loving Christian behavior which the Lord expects from you.
  3. Another reason is that mature behavior hasn't been expected of you like it should have been‚ so you haven't felt challenged. I can't blame you for exhibiting the type of behavior you have, because you've often been more or less treated like children. But we're going to start expecting more of you now‚ just like we did your older brothers and sisters when they were your age. We trusted them with a lot in the way of responsibility and maturity and they grew up quick‚ even though many of them were rascals as well.
  4. Another reason is that your parents, in many cases, just haven't disciplined you like they should have. You have the right to be given loving, consistent, Godly discipline, to help you and support you, and you especially need it during your growing, formative years. Once you reach the age of accountability, the Lord Himself will also step in and teach you from His hand and through hard–earned experience, if you're not receiving it from your parents and shepherds. Even if you don't experience that right away, you will later on in life when the Lord starts working to get you back in line. I can tell you from experience that it's better to receive it now from your parents than to have to get it from the Lord!
  5. Another "excuse" which I'll give you for your past bad behavior—but which will no longer be a valid excuse after you read this Letter—is that in some cases the sample you may have seen from some of your older ­brothers and sisters‚ and many of your peers which you looked up to and respected, and even from your parents and adults, has been less than desirable. You've just followed in their footsteps, ­often taking it several steps further, thinking that if they could get away with it, you could too.

21. Well, kids, now the slate is wiped clean of past behavior. The Lord forgives you and we forgive you, if you're sorry. I truly do understand that things have been rough for you‚ and I'm not placing the blame solely on you for your past problems.

We're Expecting More from You!

22. But no matter what your circumstances are now, even if they continue to be less than the best, you have the Word. You've been called to be in the Family and serve in the Lord's Endtime army just as much as anyone else in the Family. You've been given a special commission, which will one day become clear to you‚ and then you will realize that all the days of training and preparation were worth it. You've been given the same standard as everyone else, because the standard is in the Word!

23. You have as much of Jesus as anyone, and as much of an opportunity to receive His Words and direction and guidance as anyone. You can reach out and receive the gift of prophecy, if you don't already have it, and begin receiving messages from Heaven to help you, strengthen you, and teach you how to handle the things that come up in your everyday life. (If you're not sure where to start or how to get the gift of prophecy, check out some of the recent Word the Lord has given on the subject, which makes it real clear. It's there for you, kids!) Even if you don't have a lot of terrific shep­herding, you probably live with other people who love the Lord and want to do something for Him. Even if their opinions are different than yours, well, now is the day to grow up and learn to be mature disciples‚ for you older ones to put away childish things, and to learn to respect the Lord in each other!

24. Kids, I know we haven't expected enough, but I'm telling you‚ from this day on, I expect it from you! Jesus expects it from you! Mama expects it from you! And every word that passes your lips, every action that you do, will be written and played back to you when you stand before the Lord one day. You'll be held accountable‚ and will either be rewarded or shamed for the life you now live. Does that sound sobering? Well‚ if you haven't been keeping that in mind, I suggest you do so now, because it's the truth!

25. We need your help, dear ones! We need you to start being more of a blessing to your parents‚ a strength to your Homes, and a good sample to your brothers and sisters! We need to see some improvement right now, today!

26. Jesus wants to develop a deeper, more personal relationship with you. He wants to be able to help and encourage you through these difficult years! He wants them to be years of growth and strengthening for the big job you have ahead of you, rather than years of venting your frustrations in a destructive, rebellious manner, then having to stand before Him ashamed that you're not prepared for the crown and the ministry He has for you.

27. Well‚ we're going to give you a little help on this as well—not because we don't trust you, but because every one of us in our lives for the Lord needs help. We all need shepherd­ing, counsel and discipline to help us stay on the straight and narrow! So we've socked it to your parents as well, and they've committed themselves to working with you on becoming the men and women of God that you're destined to be! Praise the Lord!

28. Can you do it? Will you help me? Will you do it for Jesus? I love you, kids. I know you're the best, and you can be the best—but you've gotta run if you expect to win that gold medal! You've gotta practice if you expect to be a sharpshooter. You've gotta exercise if you're trying to shed extra weight. Whatever's worth something costs something. You're worth something, and we're going to prove to you that you're worth the investment by giving you all we've got, including clear boundaries and loving discipline when you cross them. We're not going to let you get away with misbehavior anymore, because we love you and we want to train you right. Okay?

Obey Them That Have

the Rule Over You!

29. Your parents are going to start doing what they can, but they need some cooperation from you. You'd better give'm the respect that they deserve! You'd better give them the attention that's their due! You'd better obey them that have the rule over you! They watch for your souls because they love you.

30. By acting like hooligans, you're biting the hand that's feeding you. You're literally spitting in God's face and saying that you know better than Him, because He was the One that gave you your parents and instructed them to care for you and teach and train you in His ways.

31. If you think that you're no longer required to listen to your parents and obey them, then I've got a bomb for you: You have to do what your parents ask you to do, like it or not! The Lord says that, His Word says that, and even the System says that! Your parents are responsible for you and your actions‚ and have the right to discipline you if you misbehave, and the Charter hasn't changed that! So you'd better get some respect for them and for authority back into your life, right now—today! Okay? Now!

32. And for those of you who are using foul language‚ listening to hellish music, or dipping your toes in other ungodly forms of enter­tain­ment, you'd better quit right now! God's against all of this‚ and He hates being placed in second place to any of these things. He'll have no other gods before Him, and He certainly can't stand these hellish habits. You'd better quit now and forsake all this sort of foolishness!

Good and Bad Fruit—

Keeping Your Priorities Straight!

33. I know that you kids enjoy watching movies and playing computer games, and every­one needs some form of relaxation. However, it's important that we glorify the Lord in the things we do, even in our free time. Time is short, kids! There's no time to waste on unedifying, ungodly computer games or movies. Let's judge things by what sort of fruit they bear in your life. Let that be your standard, whether something yields good fruit or bad fruit. If you're being faithful with your Word time and you're doing your best to fulfill your responsibilities and be a blessing, recreational activities are a reward. You can then feel free to enjoy them with your parents' permission, as long as you don't spend too much time on them, to the point that you're putting them before the Lord.

34. But the problem comes in when they start to influence your attitudes, actions and words around the house. If you start picking up bad words‚ bad attitudes, and dragging your feet when it's time to fulfill your jobs for the Lord or get in the Word or go witnessing, I would officially classify that as bad fruit‚ and strongly suggest you check your heart and stop playing computer games or watching movies until you can get back on track and have your priorities straight. I give your parents permission to take those privileges away until you straighten up! I know that might sound hard and fast or unfair, but when you get to Heaven and see the results of these so-called "little things," you'll be thankful for these rules that helped to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Don't Envy System Kids

Or Act Like Them!

35. If you're going to be the Heaven's girls and boys you were created to be, witnesses for the Lord in the Endtime, then you're going to have to prepare by soaking yourself in the Word and being filled with the Spirit, not all of this other worldly trash! Got that? I don't care how many of your outside friends are doing these things. I don't care whether you're the only one who stands up for the truth. You do it!

36. Being born into the Family is a special privilege! Of all the people that were ever born on the Earth throughout history, you kids are of all kids most richly blessed. The Lord has bestowed upon you a great honor, and when you don't take hold of what He's given you, you're basically throwing this opportunity to the wind.

37. For Heaven's sake, don't envy the kids in the world who have so much in the way of material goods, toys and treasures. I know it's easy to do that, but you've got to realize that you are one of the called and chosen few—and it's very important that you act like it!

38. The way things stand now, I can't tell the difference between some of you and System kids! It's pretty sad that we can't even be a sample anymore, isn't it? You kids can be a sample to many others of the Lord's love and care, but when you act like those kids you see in the world and in the movies‚ you're no longer the kids the Lord wants and needs you to be!

Please Help Your Parents

By Behaving!

39. Do you love your parents? Do you want to make it easier for them to be good? Then for Heaven's sake and your parents' sake, give them some cooperation! Give them a hand and help them to do their job by being obedient, respectful, and open to what they have to say. Many of your parents come before the Lord day and night, begging Him to help with you and your care. Your parents are concerned about you because they love you!

40. Unfortunately‚ many of you have just gotten way out of hand and your parents are at wits' end. They don't know what to do with you anymore, because you've really gone off the deep end! You'd better get back on track for the Lord and start acting like the children of God that you are, or else if you don't listen to your parents and obey them, God'll have to start cracking down on you! And He won't stand for willful disobedience!

41. When it gets to the point where the Lord has to step in and shepherd you, that's a pretty serious state to be in! If you don't take heed to your parents, then the Lord will give you a good, hard spanking, a kick in the pants to get you going in the right direction and on the straight and narrow way.

42. Take a word of advice from your Grandpa: I'd suggest you start obeying your parents‚ be­cause their corrections and dealings in your life are a lot easier to receive in the long run than God's are! God can really get the point across when He lowers the boom on you! And I'm watching you, too! Don't think that you can get away with this terrible behavior, because you're being watched all the time and every little thing you do is being recorded in the books of Heaven. Do you understand?

43. The Lord's not going to tolerate this kind of behavior any longer, and neither are we going to tolerate it in our Christian homes! You'd better start living for Jesus and doing the things that please Him, or you'll be sorry! If you want freedom and happiness, then you'll only receive this through making others happy, by being loving, by making it easy for those in your Home to be good.

44. Some of you are so rowdy and loud and inconsiderate that folks in your Home can't even read the Word or take time to pray. Some of you are just too selfish and don't want to help pull the load in the Home by helping with jobs, dishes‚ or with the younger children. I'll tell you what, such self-centeredness and thinking only about your own life and needs without considering the needs of others makes God sick to His stomach!

The Time to Change Is Now!

45. All of this horrific behavior, terrible language, ungodly attitudes, selfish living, sicken­ing disrespect and lack of love has got to go! Not next year‚ not next month, not next week, not even tomorrow, but today! This has got to stop now! Immediately! At this very moment, not a minute later!

46. You'd better straighten up if you want to be of any use to the Lord! You'd better wake up to reality and realize that the Lord's not going to stand for your shenanigans any longer!

47. We're coming closer and closer to the End and you kids have also got to decide to hop on board and go with the flow of God. To do this, you've gotta throw these bad habits, terrible attitudes, and ungodly behavior in the trash bin—or better yet, throw them into the depths of the sea where they won't harm anyone else!

48. You're all responsible to the Lord, each and every one of you. If you're old enough to read this message, then you're certainly ac­count­able for your actions. You may be young‚ but the Lord still expects a lot of you—and so do I!

49. The Lord looks at you as soldiers in His army, even though you're young. He's counting on you to behave and to be good troopers, because there's a whole world waiting to hear the Gospel, and hundreds of thousands of people who are going to need to be trained in the Millennium, not to speak of the great witness the Lord is counting on you to be during the Tribulation and the years preceding it. Please don't let Him down, or those who need you!

50. If you take the stand and make a commit­ment, you can turn your life around. Ask the Lord to create in you a clean heart and renew a right spirit within you, and He will! He'll change your life‚ turn you around and make you into a new creature. Old things will be passed away and all things will become new!

What to Do

51. Now that you've heard this and realized you need to change in some ways, you probably wonder what to do. I'm sure you've made pro­gress at different times, and at other times you've tried to make progress and it was really difficult. Well, I'm not telling you that it won't be a fight this time, but there are a couple of keys to victory which I'm going to tell you now that will make it a lot easier.

52. First of all, ask the Lord what to start with and how He wants to help you change. Maybe something that seems like a really big deal to you right now, the Lord can help to make much simpler‚ and He can at least tell you what to start with and what will help you really pro­gress. If you don't have the gift of prophecy‚ ask someone who does to pray with you.

53. Ask your parents or shepherds for their suggestion of some Letters to read, or look in the books that are available to you and ask the Lord what to read. When the Lord shows you a particular area that you need to work on, then bring it before the Home and ask them to pray for you on it. There's almost nothing the Lord blesses like humility, and though it might be hard to say something like that in front of everyone, it will really make the victory come easier!

54. So take the stand and count it done! Make a commitment to shape up today; tomorrow may be too late! We need you and the Lord needs you! Amen? Okay, let's turn around and start marching in the right direction. I love you! Love, Grandpa. (End of message from Grandpa.)

Dear kids‚

God bless you! To help you keep track of your progress and see how far you've come, we're enclosing a "commitment form" which you can use. Photocopy it and fill in the goals you want to aim for and the promises you're claiming. You can keep it in your notebook or Bible or hang it by your bed as a daily reminder.

There's also a space for your parent(s) or shepherds to sign it when they see you've made good progress in these ­areas. Parents, take note—a good time for some sort of commendation!

After you've reached these goals, you can then go on to others if you need to or want to, and fill in a new form with new goals.

Take the stand and count it done! Do it today! We love you and need you!