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Activated! Program, The


By PeterCM/FM 3238 1/99

Important note: This GN must be read unitedly‚ with all Home voting members (unless absent on a lengthy road trip, etc.). Enclosed with this GN are some samples of a new GP magazine called Activated! and a flyer showing more tools. Please do not pass these out to the Home until after you have read this GN as a Home. Thank you!

Dear Family,

1. Mama and I love you dearly and are so proud of you for the wonderful work you do in preaching the Gospel to every creature. God bless you for your love and dedication to the Lord and His service!

Our 30-year History

—Soul-winning Explosion!

2. The end of 1998 marks 30 years of Family history. During this time, the Family has fulfilled Dad's vision of reaching the world‚ preaching the Gospel and winning souls in a phenomenal way!

3. When we compare our statistics to the major Christian denominations on a person-to-person basis, we see that there's virtually no other Christian movement which wins souls at the same rate that we do. Other churches have more members, more money, more pastors, teachers and leaders than we in the Family do. But when it comes down to one-on-one personal witnessing and soul-winning, we far surpass all others! We're able to do this because we have dedicated our lives to this task. We give it our full time and attention, and‚ as an organization and personally‚ we have the burning missionary drive within our hearts. As the Apostle Paul said‚ "the love of Christ constraineth us" (2Cor.5:14).

Here's a brief analysis of how the Family does in comparison to a couple of big evangelical, missionary-minded denominations:

Last year the Family, with 13,959 members, won 1,291,094 souls to the Lord. That's an average 92 souls per member, an amazing record, especially when you consider that roughly half our members are children 15 and under.

Statistics from the Southern Baptists indicate that they have 15 million members who support 4‚000-plus mission­aries on the field. In 1998 those missionaries and their co-workers (who probably also number thousands) baptized 330,738 people around the world. These missionaries are fully supported by churches‚ and all are adults and can devote their full time to preaching the Gospel. Yet we won nearly a million more souls last year than Southern Baptist missionaries did!

For an analysis of what the average Southern Baptist does (not their missionaries), we need to go back to their 1996 stats per church, which are the latest we could find. In that year, Southern Baptist churches averaged leading only four adults to the Lord. Other statistics revealed 6,800 churches reported they did not win a soul to Christ in 1996. Only 10 percent of the US's 40,000-plus Southern Baptist churches baptized 25 or more.

And 1998 statistics from the Mormon church, a very missionary-minded denomination with 10.3 million members, reveal that they had only about 300,000 converts last year.

So you Family members are really witnessing and winning souls, and Heaven must certainly be rejoicing! God bless you!

4. You've been willing to leave your comfortable surroundings and head off to needy mission fields where people are hungering, thirsting and dying for the Word of God. You've undergone hardships, sacrificed your health, left your loved ones, parents and friends behind. You've manifested faith, courage and initiative through your obedience to move to difficult mission fields‚ sometimes with many children, some of them small, and you have made a great impact on the world through your soul-winning efforts.

5. When it comes to winning souls, most churches can't hold a candle to us. Praise the Lord! The 22 million souls that have been led to the Lord since the Family began are going to be with us forever in Heaven, and at that time you'll know that every sacrifice, every hardship, and every minute spent winning souls has been well worth it‚ for "great shall be your reward in Heaven" (Mat.5:12).

The Difference Between Church

Members And Family Members

6. While we in the Family are experts at witnessing and winning souls for the Lord and we certainly have dedication and conviction, there is one area that we still fall very short of hitting the mark in: following up and turning our newly saved converts into solid believers, disciples, supporters and useful Christians for the Lord's service.

7. Over the years some of you have written us expressing your discouragement at seeing other churches who started off small but have grown tremendously in just a few years, winning members and their overall population expanding from very few to many thousands of members in a relatively short period of time. Some of you as well as some of your friends have wondered why this doesn't happen with the Family, and why we don't seem to be able to gain that many members and followers.

8. There are a number of reasons for this, not least of which is the fact that for someone to become a full-time member of the Family, it requires an all-out, 110% giving of themselves‚ a total forsake-all‚ which most people simply aren't prepared to do. Those individuals who are added to most other church memberships are not faced with the same do-or-die decision they would be if they were considering joining the Family. People who join churches continue on in the same way of life, for the most part‚ that they led before they joined. They simply agree to come to church once a week and hear a sermon, and, in the more dedicated churches‚ perhaps tithe. But that doesn't change their life in a radical way. Some go a step further and begin to witness and participate more deeply in church activities, maybe as a part-time youth counselor or with occasional missions to the poor. However, for the most part, a once-a-week visit to the church is all that is required to call themselves church members.

9. In our case, for us to call someone a full-time Family member, they have to have a complete change of lifestyle! They need to forsake all, join the Family, leave their job, their family and friends‚ their past lifestyle behind‚ and begin a life of serving the Lord full-time, preaching the Gospel and reaching the world with the message of salvation and the Endtime. Most churches only ask that their members tithe and commit to an hour of fellowship a week. But we ask our members to give their all—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as their tithe—not to mention living communally, accepting the radical truths the Lord has shown us over the years, etc. Thus, winning full-time members to the Family is much more difficult than winning members to any other church; it's more like winning full-time pastors rather than church members.

Our "Outside Member" Population

10. We do have what we call "outside members"—those who don't live in a Family Home, yet they love the Lord and us, perhaps witness a bit, believe in the basic beliefs that we have shared with them, and receive and read some of our literature. These could be compared to what a church or denomination would call "members." Our statistics show that we have 29‚000 outside members. This may seem like a lot. But when compared to our combined CM and FM adult Family membership‚ it means that for ­every adult Family member, we have only gained a little over four outside members, those who believe our doctrine, contribute to our work‚ but do not live within our Homes.

11. Why is it that such a wonderful soul-winning, missionary-minded, outreach-oriented group‚ which has won 22 million souls over the past 30 years, only has 29‚000 outside members? The main reason is that for the most part we have failed in properly following up on those we lead to the Lord—so much so that six years ago‚ Dad even suggested that we send our converts to the churches because we weren't following up on them. (See "Go to the Churches," ML #2867, Lifelines 21.)

The Need to Cultivate a

Broader Base of Outside Members!

12. The Lord has told us to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature, and we've been doing our best to do so. The Lord also said to make disciples of every nation, and although we have done that to some extent, we most certainly could be doing better along those lines. He also said, "If you love Me, feed My sheep" (Jn.21:17). This is an area that many of us have fallen way short of the mark in.

13. Some of you have been active in following up on your contacts and those that you lead to the Lord, and it has proven very fruitful. However‚ many lead someone to the Lord and their parting words to that person are: "I'll see you in Heaven." From there, these new converts—new babes in Christ—are left to fend for themselves. While you've given them the truth and they've received the gift of salvation, they have little or no knowledge about how to go about being spiritually fed. They need to learn more about the Lord, the Bible, the benefits of salvation and eternal life, how to pray‚ how to receive the Lord's comfort and answers and find His will, live a more Godly life, and ultimately how to become active Christians who can lead others to the Lord.

14. When we consider that in 30 years we've won 22 million souls to the Lord, yet only have an outside membership of 29,000, it proves we've been fairly ineffective in this arena. While we win one soul for every six people we witness to, at present we only have one outside member for every 760 souls that we've won.

15. You might ask, "Why is it so important to have outside members? Why do we need to follow up on these people? We've led them to the Lord; they'll get to Heaven and they can learn all they need to know There." While this is true, we need more help now to reach the world with the Gospel! We need more witnessers, and at our rate of 260 disciples won per year, we're simply not cultivating fast enough those who can help us to reach our goal of preaching the Gospel in all the world to every creature.

16. We also need more people who can support you—the full-time missionaries—so that you can devote more of your time to feeding more sheep, winning more souls and more disciples, instead of having to spend so much time raising support. And while many church pastors have gotten settled down and don't do much preaching of the Gospel other than their weekly sermon or two, one thing we can learn from the churches is that they have cultivated members who do support those pastors, which enables them to work full–time for the Lord. Not that they all do, but at least they could if they wanted to.

17. Of course, we would like to see thousands of new Charter or Fellow members join the Family on a regular basis, so that we'd have more 110% all-out‚ full-time preachers of the Gospel. But even a few thousand more people would not be enough to reach the billions in the world in the way they need to be reached in the short time remaining. Besides, as Dad often says, we've always been and always will be a Gideon's band, because it takes a lot of self-sacrifice and dedication to live the way we do and preach the message we preach, and few are willing to pay the price.

18. So besides the new full-time disciples that we should be winning‚ if we don't find a way to cultivate and develop a lot more outside members‚ those who are willing to preach the Gospel, then we won't be able to fully reach the world the way the Lord has called us to. And the only way we're going to get more wit­nessers, more members‚ more people who are being fed and inspired and helped and guided by the wonderful Words the Lord has given us, is by following up on and teaching those whom we lead to the Lord.

19. If we had followed up on and made outside members of 10% of those that we have led to the Lord over the past 30 years‚ it would mean we would now have an outside member­ship of 2.2 million members. Imagine how many more souls we would be winning if we had another 2.2 million people witnessing to some degree or another or supporting the missionaries that do! Even if each outside member would only lead one person to the Lord per year, that would almost triple our present rate of salvations. And if each of those members would give only one dollar per month to a Home, it would cause a tremendous increase in the Family's finances and greatly lighten the financial burden you Homes carry.

20. So when you look at the numbers, it becomes pretty clear that if we can build a broader base of Family membership through our outside members and can cultivate them as fellow witnessers, soul winners, supporters and helpers, we will greatly multiply our efforts.

21. Of course, to feed, teach, train and help these converts grow to become witnessers, helpers and supporters, takes time; it takes consistent spiritual feeding and answering their questions. It takes being there for them when they need help and answers and prayer. Above all, it takes the Lord's love, which will be manifest by our faith, patience and faithfulness with each one.

22. As Dad said, "It's so much easier to be a prophet of doom than a healer of wounds, a feeder of sheep‚ a grower of lambs‚ and a teacher of babes! There's so much more glory in calling down the fire of God from Heaven and slaying false prophets! It's so much more dramatic, more cataclysmic—so much more spectacular! And you like to see yourself in the ­paper! But where's the big news of the teacher who trudges along day after day, feeding the sheep as they gradually grow to be productive and fruit­ful, into lasting, permanent, fruit that remains in the everlasting Kingdom of God?" (ML #35:8-9).

23. You may not be a preacher of fire and damnation, but you can apply this same parallel if you consider the various ministries and things you do throughout the day, goals you try to reach that may seem quicker and easier in the short term than patiently caring for babes. We know it's much easier to bear the babies than it is to patiently raise them from newborn to adults‚ but we cannot leave this important task undone.

24. To bring a convert from salvation to outside membership requires time spent feeding them the Word. This means someone from your Home must personally spend time preparing and giving them classes‚ as well as visiting them (or having them visit you), ministering to them and their families, etc. All of this doesn't usually generate the immediate income that your Home needs to survive. In time the feeding usually pays off and these converts begin to help and give to the work. But often it takes many months before that happens, and during those months you're taking manpower off of outreach and other fundraising activities to minister to them, thus creating a financial strain on the Home. These time and financial restraints are a few of the factors that have caused our serious lack of follow-up.

25. Another problem area for the Family which contributes to this predicament is that many Family members and Homes aren't able or don't feel called to stay in the same city long enough to build a long-term work. So, often when people do get followed up on, it's only for a while, and then the person feeding them moves on and they're soon—or eventually—forgotten. They might still get mail from the person who originally met them, but either there is no longer a Home where they are, or the new people in the Home don't have the same burden or ­vision for ministering to them, or they're too busy with other things. So‚ like a plant that doesn't get watered, they often cool off, shrivel up and die on the vine.

26. Another factor—and this is something that has been a lack on WS' part—is that there has been no defined follow-up program, other than the EE mail ministry. While WS has produced an abundance of GP and DFO literature containing powerful truths that the Lord has given us, we have never put together and made available to the worldwide Family a basic step by step follow–up program for new converts. Thus, any Home which wants to do regular ­follow-up not only has to spend time feeding people, but they also have to spend precious time preparing the material‚ literature‚ classes, etc.

27. The Daily Food and Living Waters ­series were intended as a sort of follow-up program, and they have been a blessing to many. But many Homes have not fully utilized them, and they're not complete enough in themselves to fill the need; so you still have to spend a lot of time putting materials together from our other GP and DFO pubs to fill the gaps in order to give a well-rounded feeding.

28. Homes are also faced with having to invest seed corn funds to purchase these follow–up tools (like the DFs or LWs), yet follow-up doesn't always generate immediate income. Therefore, most Homes are for financial reasons forced to spend their seed corn on other tools that will bring in the funds that they need right then and there. And since you Homes don't ­order that many copies of follow-up materials, the Service Centers can't afford to produce them.

29. This has been a dilemma‚ and one ­reason why Mama and I have been hesitant to put a lot of time, personnel and funds into producing more follow-up tools. We didn't want to invest the Family's limited resources in materials that, because of insufficient demand, would not get produced by the SCs or not get used enough by the Homes to make them worthwhile.

30. These are some of the factors that have caused us to be weak in our follow-up ministries. There are probably a number of other ­reasons the follow-up ministry in most Homes hasn't gotten off the ground, or at least not as much as it could have. But whether or not you have a working follow-up ministry, I'm sure we all agree that overall there is tremendous room for improvement in this area.

What's the Solution?

31. The big question is: "What are we going to do about it?" Over the past few years, there have been various GNs and FSMs that have addressed the need to be more consistent in our follow-up, encouraging you to follow up on your friends, contacts and souls won. While some have been able to find the time and make the sacrifice to do so, it seems that the great majority of Family members have not taken up that challenge.

32. Prior to Summit 1998, the Lord gave Mama and me the burden to develop a follow-up program that could help feed new converts, those who are led to the Lord by you, our Family. During one of the subcommittee meetings held at the Summit, I was able to share this general vision that the Lord had given. The sub­committee then dis­cussed the details further, and had prayer and heard from the Lord about it. After this, it was presented to the full body of CROs for further discussion and prayer. The CROs were overwhelmingly behind the setting up of such a program.

33. We realize that it's difficult to ask our Family Homes to undertake any project that involves the use of manpower or finances with­out bringing in immediate financial returns. So we sought the Lord for a plan that would require as little manpower or finances as poss­ible from your Homes, but still provide the needed service of feeding the sheep that the Lord leads you to, especially those you pray with to receive Jesus.

34. The solution the Lord has shown us is to set up the Activated! program, which I mentioned briefly in "Year-end Review of 1998" (ML #3224:45-48, GN 828)‚ and which I'll now explain in detail.

Brief Overview of

How the Activated! Follow–up

Program Would Work

35. For the past year WS has been working on setting up the Activated! program. The program centers around a monthly magazine titled Activated! and is supplemented with other follow-up material geared towards feeding those who have just received the Lord (or nominal Christians who don't have much of an understanding of their faith or a knowledge of the Word), and those who are very hungry and want to know more about the Lord.

36. Besides creating and printing this material, we have been working together with your CROs on setting up Activated! follow-up desks in various language areas. These desks will provide the mechanism for follow-up in each of these areas.

37. The Activated! desks will supply the Family in their area with blank address cards, which you would be able to take with you on outreach. When you lead someone to the Lord who is interested in knowing more, but who you wouldn't have the time or the resources to properly follow up on yourselves, you can tell them that you'd like to send them a free magazine. Fill in their name and address on an address card and send it to your area's Activated! desk via mail or e-mail. From there‚ you will be able to rest assured that you have done your part in feeding His sheep. Here's how the Activated! desk will follow up on them:

38. Once the Activated! desk receives the address, they will send a free 16-page color monthly magazine to these newly saved people for the next three months. During this period they will be encouraged to subscribe to Activated! magazine. Even if they choose not to subscribe, at least they will have received the first three magazines for free, which cover salvation‚ the Holy Spirit and the Word, thus giving them a basic spiritual foundation. If they subscribe to the magazine they will continue to receive monthly issues‚ covering the following subjects: Prayer, Witnessing‚ the Endtime, Heaven/Death, Giving, Trials and Tests, Healing, Hearing from the Lord, etc.

39. Alternatively, you would also have the option of selling your sheep a subscription to the magazine right on the spot. Rather than just collecting their address, they could sign the subscription card for a year's worth of issues. They would also receive three free issues, which means that if they sign up for 12 months they'll get 15 issues. You would collect their subscription card and payment (optionally, the Activated! desk can bill them), and mail it in to the Activated! desk the same way you do the regular address cards. (In fact, the same card will be used for both—it will just have a space for the person to sign for their subscription.)

40. The first six Activated! magazines are already printed, and from now on we will be putting out a new issue every month for as long as this program is operational. We're not just going to do the first year of issues, but it will be ongoing, and people will be able to renew their subscriptions and continue getting the magazine for as long as the Lord leads us to continue with the program. The content is similar to ­Living Waters and the first issues are largely made up of existing GP/DFO materials that have gone through some additional editing. The layout is much improved and the format is larger (between GN size and A4/letter size). We've enclosed a copy of three of the first six magazines with this GN so you can see them for yourselves.

41. With each Activated! magazine, readers will also receive a flyer listing other booklets, books, audio tapes, etc., that are available for them to purchase via mail from the Activated! desk. The Activated! magazine itself provides a basic overview of a variety of subjects‚ but being only 16 pages‚ its space is very limited. So please pray the Lord will use this as a vehicle by which to get people to order other books and materials which will give them a much fuller feeding.

42. The main element of these additional materials will be a brand-new set of follow-up booklets called the Get Activated! series. The purpose of this series is to help new converts develop a personal relationship with the Lord and teach them the key points of Christian faith and living. These booklets have color covers and are each 64-96 pages in length, printed in the same format as Glimpses of Heaven and The Future Foretold.

43. With this GN we're sending you a flyer showing the covers of these new booklets, so you can see what they're like. The following descriptions are taken from the ads for these books to the Activated! readership (with our comments to you in parentheses):

mObstacles are for Overcoming: Learn how to rise above life's struggles and difficulties, and turn your stumbling blocks into steppingstones.

mPrayer Power: An easy-to-follow user's manual for the greatest creative energy there is, or ever will be—the power of God! (Covers praise as well.)

mHearing from Heaven: Did you know you can hear God speak to you, personally? This book tells you how!

mUnderstanding God's Word: Find the answers, encouragement and direction you need in your life today in the ultimate source of wisdom and instruction: God's Word.

mGod's Gifts: Discover the wonderful gifts God has made available to you: gifts that will greatly improve your life on Earth and that will bring you to Heaven in the next! (Covers salvation, Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit.)

mLove's Many Faces: A practical, down-to–earth guide to help you learn to be more loving and kind to those around you, and find happiness and satisfaction in return.

44. We will also be reprinting The Future Foretold and Glimpses of Heaven which while not officially part of the Get Activated! series, as they're slightly different in content, would be offered along­side them.

45. In the second printing we hope to include six more Get Activated! booklets which are now in the works, covering the following topics: Witnessing, Giving, Marriage, Child–training, Finding God's Will, and Overcoming Besetting Sins. Those who subscribe to the magazine and who purchase these follow–up booklets—which will be available as a set or individually—will receive a very thorough feeding on the most important aspects of a Christian's spiritual life and walk with the Lord. Even if they never get more than that, at least they will have had the basics and a good start to getting fed from God's Word on their own and developing a habit of reading it.

46. In addition to the above publications, we hope to produce more Get Activated! booklets on other subjects according to the need and as the Lord leads. If you have any suggestions of topics not covered above that you feel would be a blessing to have a Get Activated! booklet on, please send them in and we'll prayerfully consider them.

47. We have tried very hard to produce both the Activated! magazine and the Get Activated! booklets at a high professional caliber‚ using color printing to enhance their attractiveness, as well as to make them more suitable for direct marketing or in bookstores, supermarkets, or by any other means—the sky is the limit!

48. We have also produced or repackaged other books to offer to the Activated! readers. These books, which will have color covers, include:

mDiscovering Truth: This two-volume topical study guide to the Bible will help you quickly find what the Bible has to say on a wide range of topics related to your faith and daily life! (Volume one is Word Basics reprinted in a larger size. Volume two contains certain sections of Word Topics. Eventually we may produce a third volume with additional sections from Word Topics.)

mKey Bible Verses: (The same version as for the Family‚ in shirt-pocket size with larger type and a cardstock cover.)

mFrom Jesus With Love: A heart-warming collection of capsules of wisdom, comfort and advice from the greatest Teacher of all: Jesus Himself! (These are prophecies taken from the From Jesus With Love volumes 1 and 2, with portions dropped or slightly reworded by the Lord for the GP.)

mMy King and I: Looking for ways to express your thankfulness to God for His many blessings? The sample praises in this book will provide you with the words to say and a springboard from which to formulate your own! (Excerpts from To Jesus With Love 1 and 2 that are suitable for the GP.)

mDare to be Different: A collection of inspir­ational and refreshingly iconoclastic essays on some of the fundamental issues of Christian life and faith. Guaranteed to challenge you to action. It will make a ­difference in your life and in the lives of others! (A selec­tion of Mountain Streams MO Letters. This is the first of three Mountain Streams books that are nearing completion.)

(These are also shown on the flyer that we're sending you with this GN.)

49. Besides this, we're producing new ­audio tapes which could be offered to the Activated! readership, including Family tapes that might not go over so well as mass-distribution GP tools but are very good for new converts or other Christians. This includes the Wild Wind and Wings of Prayer tapes‚ which we're working on covers for; and‚ God willing, a compilation of "songs of love and devotion to God" made up of the "milder" songs from the existing Loving Jesus tapes.

50. The above list represents just the beginning of what we hope to eventually make available to our Activated! readership. We'd be very interested in any suggestions you have of tools that you feel would meet the needs of the sheep. While of course we won't be able to produce every­thing at once, we'd really appreciate the input!

51. Some other books and materials that we hope to produce this year, Lord willing, are:

mGP Daily Might: We'll be touching up some of the art in the book to add more ethnic variety, and printing it in an easier-to-read layout.

mQuestions and Answers: A series of book­lets with "life's most common questions" on a wide variety of topics, and the Lord's answers!

mBook of Prayers: Sample prayers (similar to the "Power Prayers" mag that went out to the Family years ago), to teach people to pray for every situation that comes their way.

mPraise Kisses: A "promise box" of praises.

mBasic Handbook for New Converts: A compilation from Dad's Letters—covering the topics in "Your New Life of Love" (ML #2294, Vol.17), but much longer—on the basics of Christian faith.

mEndtime Booklets: An explanation of Endtime events written like The Future Foretold. (Hopefully, together with The Future Foretold, they would form a ­series about the Endtime.) These booklets would cover the following topics: The rise and reign of the Antichrist, the Second Coming and Battle of Armageddon, the Millennium and the New Earth.

52. There is limitless potential as to the variety of material that we could offer—videos, tapes, other books and literature. Previously we were limited in what we could produce by what you Homes would order in sufficient quantities for DTD or street distribution to make it worthwhile for the Service Centers to print. However, this new program would open up a whole new avenue for getting out these tools, and therefore provide the impetus for creating them and a "market" that would hopefully generate enough demand to make it worthwhile to print them. We would start with a small print run for the Activated! desks, and if sales take off—either through orders from the Activated! readership or through Home distribution—we would reprint in larger quantities.

53. So there is great potential. However, with that potential comes a great deal of work in not only creating a monthly Activated! magazine, but also in producing other tools, as well as organizing and managing the entire program.

54. One of the most exciting things is that all of these tools will not just be available for the Activated! program, but Homes will be able to order them for distribution as well! The end result is that not only will the sheep whose addresses you send to the Activated! desk get fed, but it will also provide you with many more materials which you can order to sell or give to those you are personally following up on.

55. It is our hope and prayer that as you send in the addresses of those that you lead to the Lord—or those to whom you sell a subscription to the magazine—and as the Activated! desks begin sending the free magazines and advertisements for other booklets and books available for purchase‚ that these readers will respond by subscribing (or renewing their subscription) and purchasing the Word. This Word will feed them, strengthen them‚ and cause them to grow in spirit and to become a body of Christian believers who look to the Family and the new wine of God's Word to feed, strengthen, guide and help them in their everyday lives.

56. One of the big benefits of this program is that the amount of work and cost to Homes is virtually nil. Your responsibility in helping this program bear fruit is simply to do what you're already doing: Lead people to the Lord, and then take the additional step (which will require diligence on your part) to either send in their address or get them to subscribe on the spot.

Getting Down to Specifics

Who is eligible?

57. Originally, this program was designed only for those that you led to the Lord through personal witnessing. You would collect their address and send it in, and they would in turn receive the Activated! magazine for free for three months. During those three months they would decide whether or not to subscribe to the magazine and continue receiving it. (The main ­reason we were going to limit it to those saved through personal witnessing is because of financial constraints, as explained later on.)

58. However, when we discussed and prayed about this plan with those who are involved in the Activated! desks, the Lord showed us that it would be possible to make allowance in the program for anyone who would like to know more about the Lord, saved or not.

59. To make things simple‚ let's divide the people you witness to into two categories:

  1. Those you have prayed with in a personal witnessing situation (not a mass salvation).
  2. Every­one else, including people who were already saved when you witnessed to them (for example, who got saved with another Christian group)‚ those who get saved in a mass salvation type of setting, and those who don't get saved. Here's what you can offer each category:

1) Those who receive the Lord with you personally: First offer them the opportunity to subscribe to the Activated! magazine for a year‚ pointing out that they will receive three free issues if they do. (In other words, they would get three free mags plus 12 regular issues‚ or 15 issues for the price of 12.) If they would like to subscribe, then they fill in the subscription card with their name and address, check the appropriate box to indicate they're subscribing, and sign it. You would collect the card and send it to the Activated! desk.

If they don't want to subscribe right then, offer to send them the first three mags for free anyway. They would fill in the same address card, except that you wouldn't check the box that says they are subscribing. You would collect the card and send it to the Activated! desk. They would get three free mailings‚ each one encouraging them to subscribe for longer.

2) Sheep who don't receive the Lord through personal witnessing (this would include those already saved, saved through mass salvations‚ etc.): Offer them the opportunity to subscribe for a year to the Activated! magazine, pointing out that they will receive three free issues if they do. (In other words, they would get three free mags plus 12 regular issues, or 15 issues for the price of 12.) If they would like to subscribe, then they fill in the subscription card with their name and address, check the appropriate box to indicate they're subscribing, and sign it. You would collect the card to send it to the Activated! desk.

However, unlike the first category, you would not have the option of offer­ing these people the first three magazines for free even if they don't subscribe. In order for them to receive the first three issues, they have to subscribe first. The reason is that we ­simply cannot afford the cost of sending free issues to anyone who wants them without them having subscribed. If they subscribe, then their subscription payment covers the cost of the free issues; but if they don't subscribe, then the Activated! desk covers the cost. So we have to limit the free issues without a subscription to those who get saved (the first category above).

60. So only those who you individually lead to the Lord can be sent three free issues without them first subscribing to the magazine. Everyone else can be en­couraged to take out a subscription, in which case they will get three extra issues for free with the subscription.

61. Again, the reason we have to limit the free issues going out without first getting their subscription is because during the last four years‚ our average number of souls won has been around 1 million per year. If the Family were to send in the name and address of every single person who got saved in one year—not just through personal witnessing but through mass witnessing as well—it would mean we would need to send out 3 million free magazines each year. The cost of doing so would be astronomical! If on top of that we were to try to send the three free magazines to everyone who was sheepy and interested but did not get saved, the Activated! program would be bankrupt before it even began.

62. So for starters, we have to try to get as many people as possible to subscribe to the magazine. We're willing to send the three free magazines to those who you lead to the Lord in a personal witnessing situation—even if they don't subscribe—as part of our responsibility to feed those who get saved with the Family. But everyone else‚ including those who get saved in a mass witness situation, will need to subscribe in order to get their three free magazines.

63. We want to make the program available to all—those who get saved with you, those who don't but are interested and hungry, and those who are already saved. But in order for the program to pay for itself, those who don't get saved through personal witnessing will need to subscribe first before they can get their first three free issues.

Subscription payment

64. When someone you're witnessing to decides to subscribe to the Activated! magazine, they have two options for payment. They can either give their payment to you, and you would forward it to the Activated! desk along with their address/subscription card; or they can be billed by the Activated! desk. In either case they would check the appropriate box on the card. (Whether you can collect the subscription payment or whether the Activated! desk would just bill people may vary from area to area. With this GN, you should be receiving instructions from your Activated! desk on whether or not you can collect subscription fees in your country, and if so, in what form you can collect them—cash or check. Also, they will let you know how you would then forward the funds to the Activated! desk.) If you collect their subscription payment, you would give them a receipt to show that they paid. This would also act as a safeguard in case you forget to send their subscription card and payment to the Activated! desk. May the Lord help you all not to let this happen‚ though.

65. Please remember that if you agree to collect someone's payment and send it to the Activated! desk, you have the responsibility to make sure it gets sent off to the desk. If the desk doesn't get a person's subscription card, they won't know they've subscribed and won't start sending them mailings. The person will then have paid and will not be getting anything in return. Not only would this be a terrible testimony and reflection on the Activated! program, but there would be serious legal implications if you do not! That's why you have to give them a receipt if you collect their payment, so that in case they don't get their mailing‚ they can contact the Activated! desk and the desk will then start sending them their subscription even if it hasn't received their card and payment yet. (The desk will then contact you, since your Home number will be on the receipt, to ask you for the card and payment.)

66. If you're not sure you'll be faithful to pass it on promptly‚ then either send in their card and have the desk bill them, or give them the filled-out card to mail in themselves along with their payment. (However‚ that last option is the least recommended, as they could easily forget to mail it in, or not bother once they get home.)

Copies of Activated! issue #1

available to give to subscribers!

67. The Activated! desks will be making copies of Activated! issue #1 available for you Homes to order for free, for you to carry with you while out witnessing and give to those who subscribe, or to those you lead to the Lord personally.

68. Please do order these and take them out with you while witnessing. If you're able to give someone their first issue of the magazine on the spot, they're much more likely to want to subscribe to it. Plus they can start getting fed right away rather than having to wait for their first mailing!

69. On the address/subscription card will be a little box that you can check off to indicate that you gave issue #1 to that person, so the Activated! desk will know to start them on issue #2.

Where the Activated! desks

are being set up

70. Because of the large amount of translation work involved in producing these magazines, books and booklets in languages other than English, and because of the great expense of both producing all of this material and mailing the first three magazines out for free‚ we're going to have to limit the Activated! program, at least initially‚ to English, Spanish and Portuguese. This means it will operate in North and South America, India, most of Africa and parts of Europe. It will, Lord willing, be possible for people in countries outside these areas to subscribe, though they would have to get their subscription mailed to them from one of the existing desks (see below), most likely the U.S. desk. It is our hope that as time goes on, the program can be translated into other languages. But for its initial start-up, these are the three languages in which it will be available.

71. In the future we also hope to be able to redesign the program somewhat for Eastern non-Christian cultures. The Activated! magazine, in its present state, caters to those who have some cultural understanding of who Jesus is. In most countries where English, Spanish or Portuguese is spoken, there is a basic understanding of Christianity. Thus it's possible to address new converts at a certain level using terms they are at least vaguely familiar with. How­ever, in the East in many cases this is not so‚ and therefore our magazines and follow–up booklets may have to be redesigned in a format that would address the particular needs of those countries. We hope that in the future we will be able to do this, but as we began to undertake this program, the Lord told us to start off smaller and to work our way up. Thus we chose the languages of the countries in which the most souls are won by the Family, and secondly, where there are translating teams set up and functioning, making it possible to translate this material speedily.

72. We also took into consideration the fact that Eastern Europe already has a very success­ful mail ministry follow-up program operating in 13 different languages, with a lot of material already translated for that ministry, including the Daily Foods and Living Waters. So we did not feel it necessary for them to redesign their program to coincide with the Activated! program, which would be a huge job considering all the different languages they service. However, it's possible that some of the Get Activated! booklets could be translated into these languages and used by Homes for follow-up in those countries.

73. Presently five Activated! desks have been or are being set up in the following areas:

Mexico, for all of Spanish-speaking Latin America, as well as Spain.

Brazil‚ for Brazil, Portugal‚ and Portuguese–speaking African countries.

India, for the Indian subcontinent (and eventually perhaps other Asian countries).

England, for English–speaking Africa, ­Eng­land and Europe (since many people in other European countries speak English as a second language).

The U.S., for North America and elsewhere (see below). Since the U.S. has a large Spanish-speaking population, Spanish speakers in the U.S. would be handled by the U.S. desk, not Mexico.

74. At present, Homes in countries other than those listed above won't be able to send in addresses for free mailings to an Activated! desk, as we wouldn't be able to afford the international postage. However, you can collect subscriptions and send them to the U.S. desk (the magazine would be sent to them in English, of course). If by chance you want the mailing delivered in Spanish or Portuguese, please specify and the U.S. desk will forward it to the appropriate desk. This would include Australia, New Zealand, HK, the Philippines, as well as English speakers in Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Korea and other Asian countries.

The Advantages to Your Home!

75. The Activated! program has been set up, and the initial publications have been created and printed and are presently being shipped to the five Activated! desks. The Activated! desks are set up or are setting up with computers‚ programs, and all the necessary materials to begin sending out the monthly magazines as soon as you, the Family‚ start sending in your addresses.

76. Let's take a look now at the advantages and possibilities that this program offers to each Home.

The sheep will be fed

77. The first and foremost advantage is that those whom you lead to the Lord, who you are not able to follow up on personally, will be fed a minimum of Word, with potential for receiving much more.

78. Jesus said, "If you love Me, feed My sheep" (Jn.21:17). These newly saved converts are obviously the Lord's sheep. They've heard His voice, they've received Him as their Savior, and now they're newborn babes who are in desperate need of feeding on the milk of the Word. These converts are your spiritual children led to the Lord by you. But because of time, personnel, financial and other constraints, the majority of you are not able to faithfully follow up, on a long-term basis, those whom you lead to the Lord. This is understandable, and we certainly do not fault you. But the fact remains that we lead nearly a million people to the Lord every year and only a small fraction of those are followed up on in a comprehensive manner.

79. We recognize that this is a problem. Thus the Activated! program has been designed by God's grace and help to carry that load for you‚ allowing you to do what you do best—win souls. Please help the Activated! program to do its job of feeding our new converts by sending in the addresses of those precious hungry sheep.

No cost to the Homes

—Just send in your addresses!

80. The second advantage is that all of this is done at no cost to your Home, other than your sending the addresses of those you lead to the Lord each month to your Activated! desk. With this GN‚ you should be receiving a notice from your Activated! desk with details on how you can send addresses by postal mail or ­e-mail. So your Home, at least in those areas where the Activated! desks will be initially providing their services, will be able to have those that you lead to the Lord, your sheep, participate in this program, get fed‚ and be strengthened at no extra cost to you.

81. Of course, the program will need your active participation through sending the addresses of those that you lead to the Lord or who subscribe to the Activated! magazine. Sending in the addresses is a vital part of the process, one that will make or break the program. If the addresses don't come in, not only will the sheep not get fed but there won't be enough subscribers or people purchasing our materials to finance the program. The Lord has shown us to invest a substantial amount of funds to get the program rolling, but it has to become self-supporting in time‚ as there will not be funds available for WS to continue to bear the financial cost. So collecting subscriptions and/or sending in the addresses of those you lead to the Lord is vital to the program's survival.

82. Through your taking the time to collect and send in the addresses, these new converts will be fed the basics through the magazines. They will be offered other follow-up material, which they can purchase directly from the Activated! desk‚ without any further burden on you or work on your part.

Income to your Home

83. For each subscription which a member of your Home sells, a percentage of the subscription payment—or some sort of commission—will be sent to your Home by your Activated! desk. This means that the sale of subscriptions will also generate income for your Home. These percentages or commissions will have to be determined by the local Activated! desks, as the subscription price in each area will be different. (Details on this will be coming from your Activated! desk.) In addition, if a person whose address your Home sends in ends up subscribing later—in other words‚ you just sent in their address so they could get the free mailings and then later they decide to subscribe), your Home would also get a commission for their subscription.

84. Thus, not only does the Activated! follow-up program not cost your Home any money (other than the postage for sending in addresses), but it will generate new income for you!


85. Not only will you receive some income from each subscription that you send in or generate, but we'll also be giving away shiner prizes as an added incentive! For starters, to kick off this program, WS is offering the following prizes to the top 10 Homes that send in the most sub­scriptions, or who send in addresses that turn into subscribers‚ within the first six months of the program:

#1) A new Pentium-200 or higher desktop computer with CD-ROM and multimedia capabilities, color monitor, etc., for your Home's use.

#2) $300 credit with your SC for tools of your choice.

#3) $200 credit with your SC for tools of your choice.

#4 and #5) $150 credit with your SC for tools of your choice.

#6 through #10) $100 credit with your SC for tools of your choice.

86. On top of that, for every 50 subscriptions that your Home sends in or that are generated from addresses that you send in‚ your Home will receive a cash gift from your Activated! desk. That way, every­one can be a winner, not just the top 10 Homes! (The amount that you will receive will vary from desk to desk, so details on this will be coming from your desk.) And, of course, we will put the monthly shiners in the Shine-on list in the Grapevine.

Activated! Subscribers Turn Into

Your Local Family Branch Members

87. One of the biggest hopes that we have for this program, and potentially the greatest benefit to your Home, is that as these converts subscribe to the Activated! magazine and receive the follow-up book­lets, books, etc., they will become acquainted with our doctrines and beliefs and grow spiritually. Hopefully some will learn to witness and lead others to the Lord. It is our hope that once these converts have been in the program for a certain amount of time (yet to be determined), their addresses can be given back to Family Homes in their area who choose to participate in the Activated! follow-up program.

88. There could come a time when your Home would receive addresses of 10 or 20 or more people (in your local area) who are actively subscribing to or purchasing Family materials from the Activated! program for further personal contact and follow-up, if you've been faithfully sending in the addresses of those you win to the Lord. These would be people who have read our materials, have grown in spirit and are already beginning to witness, and most likely would very much like to be ministered to on a personal basis by your Home. Hopefully they would eventually tithe to your Home or help you financially in some way.

89. What we foresee happening‚ and what is our prayer and hope for this program, is that once you Homes who choose to participate in the Activated! follow–up program start receiving addresses from your desks, you can invite these new converts to your Home's "Church of Love" or Bible study on a weekly basis, and that this will eventually turn into your local "Family Chapter" or "Family Church." You could ­either invite them to your Home for regular meetings or you could rent a hall where you could hold Bible studies, You and your Home members would become their "pastors" and your Home their "church." You could encourage them to tithe to your Home, thus helping you financially.

90. The Activated! program would do the initial work with these converts by feeding them through the mail and giving them the basics. This is what Homes have the hardest time taking care of on their own. Then, by the time those who have stuck with the program are ready to be turned over to the local "church" (your Home), they will already have the basics of Christianity down; they will already be well fed and "hot leads," so to speak. The Activated! program will have also helped sift those who are sincere and hungry and want to know more about the Lord from those who are not, so that by the time they're turned over to you, you know that they do "want the books."

91. The Activated! members whose addresses you receive could continue to subscribe and get materials from the Activated! desks, or they could get them from you, whichever works best for them and you. Either way is fine‚ as long as they're getting fed. One great advantage of the Activated! desks is that if you don't have the time or money, or if some of the personnel in your Home change, or the Home closes or moves, these outside members can still continue to get fed from the desks and get the latest magazine and other feeding material. It does the job for you!

92. An additional advantage is that your Home would be able to go out witnessing with these new outside members‚ as has worked so well in Russia and other EE countries, enabling you to win more souls and get more done for the Lord! They could also help with tool distribution, purchasing their distribution tools from you‚ which will also help the support of your Home. The souls that they win could be fed by the Activated! program‚ or you could purchase the Activated! course material and take on their feeding yourselves if you prefer. The new converts could be invited to your weekly meetings, and thus, if you'll be faithful and diligent, you could gradually build up a broader base of support for your local work.

93. We also see this potential ministry as being a tremendous opportunity for some of our older Family members who have a more difficult time keeping up with the strenuous job of day-to-day outreach. Any Home interested in feeding and following up on these very potential sheep will need pastors for their new congregation—those who are dedicated and committed to feeding and shepherding them, prayerfully selecting Word classes, planning weekly meetings, witnessing outings‚ Bible studies‚ etc. Through this program you could help to cultivate others to help you in your witness, in your CTP work, in your ministering. They could help physically by getting in there and doing the job with you. These folks would most likely be willing to help you financially, and in the dark days ahead they would be a source of invaluable help, protection and support.

94. I'd like to clarify here that just because you send someone's address to the Activated! desk, it doesn't mean you can't continue following up on them your­self. You can, and we hope that you will! And we hope that they will get fed and develop into outside witnessers through your continued ministering to them. But because in many cases you aren't able to or haven't had the time to follow up or haven't been focused on that ministry, the Activated! desk is there to help you by at least providing these sheep with a regular feeding magazine and the opportunity to get other spiritual nourishment. This doesn't have to take the place of your follow–up of them‚ but rather is a supplement to your personal efforts, as well as a back-up plan in case you aren't able to minister to them personally. Even if you wanted to, it would be very difficult for you to personally follow up on ­every person you lead to the Lord in your personal witnessing. So the Activated! desk is there to help you make sure that all your sheep get fed!

The Need, and How to Make

This Program Work!

95. We need a much broader-based Family, with more concentric circles of membership. We need to use the tremendous amount of training and input that every Family member has received to the fullest. Each one of you, with your knowledge of His Word and the Spirit, is a teacher who could teach so much to new Christians, and this program will offer the opportunity to do just that. WS and the Activated! desks will take on the time–consuming job of preparing new materials and feeding the sheep by mail, and then once they're further along, turn them over to you to minister to on a personal basis.

96. If we don't build a broader base of believers and fellow laborers, our ability to be and do all the Lord has for us in the future will be greatly hindered. If we don't begin to place more of an emphasis on following up on others, teaching, training and feeding those we win to the Lord and helping them to learn and grow in the truths the Lord's given us, then our effectiveness in the days, months and years ahead will be limited. There is only so much that we can do without more help. We are dedicated, sold-out‚ 100% disciples who have the vision and the burden to reach the world with the Gospel. We are giving our lives, doing all we can, burning the candle at both ends to get the job done. If we are going to accomplish more, then we need help in the form of manpower, money and materials, which the Activated! program can potentially supply.

97. Also, if we can raise up an outside fellow­ship—a "church" or "pastorate," if you will‚ of those who don't want to drop out or aren't willing or able to fully give their lives to the Lord, but who will be followers of our doctrine‚ supporters of our work and even witnesses—then it will raise each Home's manpower pool and potentially its finances. It will give you others to work with, people who can serve with you in a part-time capacity and help support you to do what they can't or don't have the faith for.

98. Of course, of the hundreds of thousands of addresses that we hope to receive (besides those who subscribe from the start), many will only receive a few free magazines, maybe order a book or a tape, and then drop off. But others will respond and grow closer. Some will even join as full-time disciples. They'll be turned on by the Word and the work, hear the call of the Lord, and will go for it.

99. We don't expect that many will join full-time, but we're hoping that a great number will want to be fed spiritually, fellowship with your Home or attend a weekly meeting, and perhaps spend some time witnessing or doing CTP work along with you. Once they are acquainted with your work, if you give them the vision they should want to help you financially and may even tithe to your Home in order to help you do your work of reaching the lost and ministering to and feeding your local "church" members.

100. But in order for this to happen, we have to start at the beginning. We all have to decide together that we are going to invest in the future. And that's what the Activated! program is—an invest­ment in the future. It means that today you need to collect and send in the addresses of those you lead to the Lord, or get them—or anyone else who is receptive—to subscribe to the Activated! magazine. And you need to continue to do it day after day‚ week after week, month after month. It needs to become a habit, as much a part of your witness as giving out the lit and leading people to Jesus.

101. It means that our Activated! desks will have to faithfully‚ day in and day out, feed the sheep, collect the addresses, process the mail, send out the magazines, keep track of those who subscribe, continually offer them other publications that will help them to grow, and send their addresses to you Homes, so that in time they will develop into believers and outside members, members of your local "Family church." It means that WS has to continue to create new Activated! magazines, as well as produce more new books, booklets, posters, audio and video tapes to feed the sheep.

102. It's a big job! But this is the vision, Family! If we don't begin to cultivate a larger outside membership, those who believe as we do and who will work with us and help to support us financially and in other ways, then we won't continue to grow and be able to accomplish all the wonderful work that the Lord has for us.

103. Mama and I and our WS team are committed to doing our part. The CROs and those who will be manning the Activated! desks are committed to doing their part. Will you commit to do your part? A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and if any link doesn't do its part, this whole program will fail. No matter how good the new magazines are, no matter how feeding the new books are‚ no matter how faithful the Activated! desks are‚ if you don't send in the addresses or get people to subscribe, then it won't work.

104. In fact, not only will the sheep not get fed, but in some ways we'll be worse off than before we started, as WS is investing a great deal of time and what limited finances are available to get this program rolling. We've taken this project to the Lord time and again, and He's made it clear that it's His will, that He wants it to succeed, and that He will do His part. But we each have to do ours, and your part is to collect and send in the addresses of those folks that you lead to the Lord.

105. Will you help? Will you pledge to send the addresses of those you lead to the Lord to your Activated! desk? Will you try to get as many people to subscribe to the magazine as you can—whether saved or not? Will you help to build a broader base of believers so that together the CM Family, the FM Family and our outside membership will be able to reach and win more people to the Lord and teach them His ways more than ever before?

106. Jesus said, "If you love Me, feed My sheep," and that's what the Activated! program is all about—feeding His sheep. Will you help? Will you work together with us? Can we start today? Even though the end is near‚ the Lord is giving us enough time to gather together another circle of believers that will stand with us in the end. He's giving us the time and the means. All it requires on your part is for you to get people to subscribe, or at least send in the names and addresses of those that you lead to the Lord. That's the start. Those are the foundation stones of this whole program. If you don't get behind it, the program will fail. If you don't collect and send in your addresses, then all the work that has gone into this will have been in vain. Will you help? We pray you will. God bless and keep you!

Love‚ Peter

107. PS: And please, dear Family‚ we need you to pray desperately with us for the large amount of finances and manpower that will be necessary to launch and run this Activated! program successfully. The Lord has told us to "Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your ­bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again." He has also encouraged us that, "All things‚ whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive" (Luke 6:38; Mat.21:22). Also, if you have a burden to help the Activated! desks in some way, please contact your CRO Office.


108. Following are a few of the many prophecies and portions of prophecies the Lord has given about the Activated! program. I pray that they will inspire you with the vision of how important and far-reaching this follow–up push can be.

Dad's dream come true!

109. (Dad speaking:) I'm absolutely thrilled at what's happening! It's a dream come true and an answer to many prayers: to have the Family organized in such a way that we can actually take care of and feed all of those precious sheep that the Lord leads our way. I know that we've accomplished a lot of good over the years, and there are literally millions of people who are going to be in Heaven or who already are in Heaven because of our witness. But compared to all the training that our Family members have been given for many years now, and should have in turn been giving to their new converts and babes‚ many of those poor little lambs got almost nothing, because it was just literally impossible to take care of all of them. Many of those who we won were just left to fend for them­selves against the elements and the brambles and the wolves.

110. But thanks to your [Peter] and Mama's determination, and the prayers and determination and help of your wonderful co-workers, it's now a dream come true. Our pubs are going to be sweeping the world clean. They're going to be passed from hand to hand and family to family and reach the farthest corners of the Earth, farther than we could ever hope to reach before. It's going to be changing people, really ­changing them—not just getting them saved and giving them faith, but actually feeding them with our message—washing their minds and hearts clean from all the System training and thoughts and in­fluence, and filling them back up with God's won­der­ful words of life. (End of message from Dad.)

The Lord's call to lay down our lives for the sheep

111. (Jesus speaking:) Do you think it strange that I asked My Apostle Peter three times, "Simon, lovest thou Me?" I wanted to make it clear that no matter what form that love took in people's hearts, the ultimate manifestation of that love was to share it with others—to pass it on, to feed My sheep, to feed My lambs, to feed those who were hungry, who heard My voice, recognized Me as their Shepherd, and chose to follow Me.

112. The ultimate manifestation of your love is that you would give your life for these sheep, even as I gave My life for you. So will My life be manifested in yours, and so will you perpetuate My love upon the Earth. For greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

113. And now I call you to lay down your lives for the sheep, for the hungry and needy, those who have heard My voice and chosen to follow. For this purpose I did pour out the Words‚ give forth the seeds, prepare the grain for these sheep‚ that you, My shepherds, might feed them and bring them into My fold. For it is not My will that any one of these little ones should perish. And without the vision of greater things to come, without a constant personal connection to Me, that seed of faith planted in their hearts could very well fade away.

114. So I create these love-lines‚ these golden cords of love‚ to reach out and touch those who have opened their hearts to Me, that they may enwrap these babes of the Spirit and protect them from the fiery darts the Enemy would seek to throw at them. He would seek to abort them even after they are conceived, that he might stop them from entering into the beauti­ful new life of love that I have promised them.

115. I call upon you to be the ministers of these Words, to throw out these lifelines to the souls who live as sheep among wolves, who though they are saved‚ often remain caught in the midst of the brambles of the cares of this world. Lasso them with these golden cords of My love‚ of My Words, the umbilical cord of their strength and nourishment, that they may grow, and that they may be brought in closer to the fold of My sheep.

116. I call upon each of you to play your part, to dedicate your life to this purpose—the feeding of My sheep. For you there is no higher calling, no job more important, no task more ­glorious than this of reaching out to My sheep, of being their shepherds, seeking them out, and guiding them along the often perilous path that will lead them into the safety of My fold.

117. Yes, they are saved, and yes, they are Mine, and none shall pluck them out of My hand. But in this day and age, when the love of many is waxing cold and iniquity abounds in greater measure than it ever has since the beginning of the world, it is important that My grace abounds in greater measure as well. This project is just that—a manifestation of My grace that will give My sheep the strength and power to stand strong in the midst of an increasingly hostile environment, a world more given over to Satan's control by the day.

118. These will be their new weapons so that they may stand strong against an increasingly evil tide of darkness and cynicism that is flooding the world. So be their suppliers, be their instructors, be Me to them. For inasmuch as ye have done it to the least of these, My sheep and My lambs, ye have done it unto Me, and ye have done it for Me. For I have no hands but yours‚ no eyes but yours, no tongue but yours.

119. I commission you to give your lives to this project‚ to be the tenders of these special Words to My sheep. Remain not secluded in your blessings of the abundance of New Wine that I am pouring forth to you. Pour forth to others so that the whole world may benefit, that the lost may be found, and that the found may be brought home to Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

Building on the foundation
of salvation

120. (Jesus speaking:) It has long been My commandment to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. This is still My commandment. Methods have changed, times have changed and people have changed, but My desire, My will, My commandment remains the same. I say it with as much fervency today as I ever did. My Word, this Word from My mouth, is the same today as it was yesterday. Only the methods are different.

121. I wish to send forth My Words as a shining light. I wish for My rays of truth to reach the dark places of the Earth. I desire for My seeds to be planted in the hearts and minds and souls of those who have fertile, receptive ground. The potential is enormous! The opportunities are limitless! There are many who are ripe and ready for My seeds—and not only for My seeds, but they are ripe and ready to be nurtured, fed, watered, and tended to.

122. You as a Family have reached many with My truth of salvation. Yea, millions have received My gift of salvation‚ and I am well pleased. But now I wish to do a new thing. I wish to build on that foundation of salvation. I wish for you to be the builders, the construction men, to build strong temples of the Spirit that I can dwell in and work through. Through these mailings, these materials, this program, you will be building for eternity. You will not just be planting or laying the foundation, you will be building and nurturing.

123. You, My children‚ have been blessed with an abundance of truth, which I now wish to share with the world. You have been receiving treasures from My hand for years—treasures and precious jewels that the world has not seen before. You have scattered some, you have distributed a small amount to the multitudes, but now I wish to give them even more of My precious stones in the form of My deep truths of the Spirit. It is My desire to pour forth My truth to as many as will listen, starting with the basics and working up to more in-depth mysteries of the Spirit.

124. It's up to you to make this happen. It's up to you to make this vision of spreading My seeds a reality. I have the means, the money, the anointing, the prevision, and the master plan—all you have to do is follow Me. It is My goal to reach as many as possible with My Words and My truth through this program. You alone have been given the total, unadulterated Words of eternal life. So it is up to you to share them with the world as My messengers of the End. (End of message from Jesus)

125. (Jesus speaking: ) You've done wonder­fully, My Family, in giving out the message and introducing so many to Me and helping them to find My outstretched loving arms which are ever by them, which have always been right there. You've helped them to turn around and see Me. You've helped them to take time to stop and look to Me. You've helped them know how to ask Me into their hearts.

126. But once you've done this, I want to go so much further with each one. They need help. They need to learn how to live their new life in Me. They need to learn how to understand what their new life is all about: How it affects the life they live in this world. How it affects their re­lations with others. How it affects their husband or their wife, their children, their uncles, their aunts‚ their grandparents‚ their boss. How they should relate to their friends at work and how they should treat those who don't treat them so nicely.

127. I have anointed each of these ­mailings. Each booklet is full of My living waters that I have poured forth to give My message of life to those that need Me. And as you do your part to spread this light, I will prosper each mailing and each booklet. I will bless it and water it and cause it to accomplish the purpose I send it to do. In this way, I am teaching the nations and preparing them for the world of tomorrow. (End of message from Jesus.)

Build the fold and bring them in

128. (Jesus speaking:) This is another move of My Spirit where I am calling you to step out and take the first step. As you go you will hear My voice behind you, clearly saying, "This is the way, walk ye in it." This is how I have always led you. Have I not fulfilled My promises that the little snowball would turn into a mighty avalanche, as your little wave of witnessing that started in Huntington Beach has swept across the world?

129. As you start this little follow-up course, I say unto you that it will grow to fill the need and to satisfy the hungry sheep who flock to you. For now many of your shepherds go up and down the streets calling the sheep. They call and call and many answer, but you have not had one fold that you can bring them into where they can be fed and strengthened, where they can be nourished at the hand of the shepherd. There have been little folds here and there, but they have been few in comparison to the great need. So you must now build this fold and provide this feeding material so that the sheep can flock in and feed at the hand of the shepherd. (End of message from Jesus)

Go forth in faith!

130. (Jesus speaking: ) I have called you to be the messengers for this period, for the world is in need of what you, My children, have to give. The time is at hand and the hour has come. I want you to proceed with this project in faith, nothing wavering, knowing that this plan is of Me, for it will multiply the efforts of all of My frontline soldiers. How did you think you could reach the world in these Endtime days unless I made a way and a means to magnify your witness? Indeed, this is the means that I am bringing about. This is the method that I am showing you.

131. The multitudes are so hungry! They've never been as hungry as they are right now. It is indeed My will that you, My children, reach the world in a bigger and more efficient manner. Each Home and each member will benefit from this program, for I will bless each one who turns in an address. I will bless their efforts and I will bless their witnessing and I will supply even more abundantly for them. They themselves will reap the benefits of this program, for they will meet and further minister to many of those whose addresses have been turned in. And these ones will be stronger, more able to witness and to help to support the work.

132. Have a vision and think not that this is only a one-time thing‚ for I say it is My will to feed the sheep until the End has come. I instill in your hearts a vision that is indeed your calling and your ministry—to feed the world and the lost until the day that I return. I love you‚ My precious children. I'm so proud of you for your yieldedness and for your enthusiasm and for your desire to put My Words into effect, to do the things that I show you to do, to go where I say to go and to be what I say to be, and to plan this follow-up course as I show you.

133. My Words are powerful! All your other methods and modes of outreach and tools are important and good, but it is My Word which will bear the most fruit. It is My Word that will bring the answers and will help these, My children, to be prepared for the things that are coming upon the world. For My Word is indeed Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

It's time to sow the seed!

134. (Dad speaking:) We've been getting out the posters for many years and showing people glimpses of Heaven, so now let's get out some more feeding, some more solid foundation, some good grounding in the Word. Soon people won't have churches to go to. They won't know who to go to. They'll be going up and down on every street searching for the truth. That's why you need to scatter the seed now, so that it will have time to grow in the hearts of those that receive it so that they can become fruitful vines and witnesses all over the world—little sprouts growing up, little candles that will shine brightly in the midst of the great darkness that is falling on the Earth.

135. Do it now! Get it out now and don't hold back! Don't measure it out in little spoonfuls, but pour it forth. (End of message from Dad.)

136. (Spirit helper speaking:) It's a new day of training Endtime warriors by every method imaginable, and this is another method. For through this program many more will be raised up to fight for the truth in the End. It's just like the vision your Father David imparted of letting the Letters, the Words, be the leaders. God's Words will go out and they will be the leaders to many who will find strength and courage in them, and guidance in the dark days ahead. (End of message from spirit helper.)


137. (Peter: ) We hope you're as excited about the potential for the Activated! program as we are. We hope that hearing the overall vision for the program has left you inspired about participating, but you probably also have a number of questions on your mind, some of which we've tried to anticipate and cover in question and answer format:

138. Question: I have a lot of contacts, people who I've been feeding and following up on over the years. These folks support me and my Home, and often buy our Family tools from me. I'm afraid if I send the names and addresses of these contacts to Activated! that they will begin to purchase their tools via the Activated! desk. This will mean a loss of income to my Home.

139. Answer: The Activated! program is not asking for the names and addresses of your present contacts, of those that you are personally and regularly ministering to, nor is it asking for addresses of your future contacts and supporters. The goal of the Activated! program is not to take away income from the Homes nor to take over your contacts.

140. The Activated! program is mainly con­cerned with receiving the names and addresses of those you witness to and lead to the Lord who you're not going to be able to follow up on personally for one reason or another‚ as well as any sheep you meet who would like to subscribe to the Activated! magazine. If your Home has an active, efficient follow-up ministry and you are regularly able to follow up on and feed the people that you lead to the Lord, Activated! doesn't want or need those addresses. You're already feeding them, so the Activated! desk doesn't need to. We're not trying to take anything away from the Homes; instead‚ we're trying to offer a service to those of you who find it difficult to consistently follow up on those that you lead to the Lord.

141. We repeat: We're not trying to take your contacts‚ take away from your own personal follow-up ministries, or discourage you from having your own follow-up system. In fact, if the Family were able to follow up on all those we witness to and faithfully feed them the Word, then we wouldn't undertake this massive project. It wouldn't be necessary. But since most Homes have been unable to find the time, manpower and money to do so, the Lord has shown us that we need to take steps to make sure that the sheep do get fed, and to organize it so that it's not such a burden on you busy Homes. So we're only interested in receiving the addresses of those you will not be able to follow up on.

142. However, if you decide not to send the addresses of your sheep to the Activated! desk and plan to follow up on them personally, please be faithful in feeding them yourselves! Don't just think, "Well, I might get around to following up on this person someday, so I won't send their address in." Chances are you won't, and they'll end up not getting fed at all, which is very sad.

143. If you find that you just can't get around to following up on sheep yourself, please do try to sign them up, and send their subscription to your Activated! desk that is ready and willing to feed them for you. Let's not neglect to take care of the sheep the Lord sends our way now that we have a way to do so. The Lord will hold us accountable for their spiritual growth, so let's not fail them, or Him. Thank you.

144. Question: If I send the addresses of some sheep to the Activated! desk, does that mean that I can't also follow up on them personally‚ and that from then on they can only be ministered to by the Activated! desk?

145. Answer: It's by no means an "­either/or" type of situation—your sheep, friend or contact could be receiving the Activated! magazine while being followed up on and ministered to by you at the same time. The Activated! desks are there to provide you with a service, to save your time‚ manpower and money, from having to purchase the publications, package them, mail them faithfully, etc. But that doesn't have to replace the personal touch you can provide; it can supplement it. There may be many sheep who you visit or write from time to time, but rather than you having to take your time to send them new feeding material (and having to purchase those materials), keep track of what they've already received, etc., you can leave all that in the hands of the Activated! desk. You can concentrate on writing them personal letters, or visiting and feeding them personally‚ with the assurance that they're also being fed from the Activated! desk. So if you can't get around to writing them one month for some ­reason‚ they'll still get their magazine (if they have subscribed).

146. Also, if you have contacts that you've been following up on personally or via mail, you might still want to send their name and address to the Activated! program in order to help you in feeding them regularly—which you might not always have the time to do yourself. This is up to you. But if you do, the Activated! program will then kick in and they will be given the first three magazines for free, and then asked if they wish to subscribe. Or better yet, sell them a year's subscription so that they will then auto­matically receive 15 issues (three free issues plus 12 months of regular issues). They will also be offered the opportunity to purchase the books and booklets.

147. In other words, if you don't want to be responsible to send monthly follow-up mailings to your friends and contacts, you can get them to subscribe to the Activated! magazine, and we'll do the work for you. You can then concentrate on visits, phone calls or notes to keep the personal touch with them. But that choice is completely yours. You also have the option of purchasing the magazines from your Activated! desk and giving or sending them to your friends and contacts yourself if you want. However, if they subscribe, the Activated! desk will do the work for you and will be sure to send them their issue every month.

148. Question: In looking at the Activated! follow-up material, both the magazines and booklets‚ I see that a lot of it would be very helpful for my friends and contacts, those that I personally minister to. Is it necessary for me to send their names and addresses to the Activated! program if I want them to receive these books and booklets? Or is there some way that I can have these available to give personally to my contacts?

149. Answer: All publications that are produced for the Activated! program—the monthly magazines‚ booklets, books‚ etc.—will be made available to Family members to purchase wholesale from the Activated! desks. (You'll be receiving more details on this from your local desk, with prices and minimum quantities for ordering.) You are more than welcome to use them in your own personal follow-up ministry.

150. For example, if you have 20 provisioning contacts and you wish to use the new follow-up booklets or other books with them, you can purchase 20 copies of each book from your Activated! desk and either give or sell them to your contacts. You could ask your contacts if they would like to receive a monthly magazine‚ which you would deliver to them every month, and they give you a donation for it themselves. You could then buy copies of the Activated! magazine and take care of getting them to each of your contacts personally each month. (However, in that case don't charge them in advance for a certain number of magazines, but either give them for free or collect a donation from them after you deliver the magazine. Otherwise, if they've paid you for a year's worth of magazines and something happens that prevents you from following through on your commitment of delivering those magazines to them each month for so many months, that would not only be a very bad sample, but could cause you serious legal problems.)

151. The material for the Activated! follow-up program is available to all. Just like you can get tools from your Service Center, you'll be able to get these specific tools via your Activated! desk (or possibly, in some cases, through your Service Center). These are tremendous follow-up tools that we pray will be very useful to you. Again, we repeat, the Activated! program is not trying to take away your contacts. We're mainly interested in those who you're not going to follow up, or those who you'd like the Activated! desk to follow up on for you.

152. Also, the various books and tools that are being produced for the Activated! program will be available for mass marketing as well, either by purchasing them wholesale from the Activated! desk and then reselling them to stores, or by obtaining a licensing agreement with the copyright holder (Aurora Production, Ltd.), which you could then sublicense to System distributors or retail outlets. So this is an avenue which you can explore as well! If you have any possibilities for mass marketing these books, please contact your Activated! desk.

153. Question: I'm a bit confused as to whose addresses I should send in. Do I only send in addresses of those I've led to the Lord, or can I send the addresses of hungry sheep as well?

154. Answer: When you lead someone to the Lord, you should explain that you have a magazine that they can subscribe to which will help them grow in their newfound faith. It is best if you can get them to subscribe to the magazine, in which case they will be given 15 issues for the price of 12. However‚ if they don't immediately want to subscribe, you can tell them that they're eligible to receive three copies free—no strings attached. You then would get them to fill out the card without ticking any of the "subscription" boxes at the bottom. Remember, only those who you lead to the Lord in a personal witnessing situation (in other words‚ not those who are mass witnessed to) are eligible to sign up for the three free mailings without ­having to subscribe first.

155. If you're witnessing to someone who doesn't get saved, you can offer a subscription to them as well. If they choose to subscribe you can fill out the card and tick the appropriate box showing that they are subscribing to the magazine. They would also sign the card to confirm their subscription. They would either give you their payment to forward to the Activated! desk with their card, or you would simply send in their card and the Activated! desk will send them a bill with the first issue. Then they will receive 15 issues for the price of 12.

156. If someone is receptive but not ready to receive the Lord, or you lead them to the Lord in a mass evangelism type of situation, then they are not eligible to receive the three free magazines without first subscribing. They could still receive three free magazines, but to get them they would first need to subscribe.

157. Question: I understand that when I go out witnessing, I can offer someone I lead to the Lord now the option of receiving three free mailings without first having to subscribe to the Activated! magazine. But what about someone I prayed with in the past? What about a contact or friend who I've been ministering to for some time, who got saved with me—or another Family member—some time back? Would they also be eligible for the three free mailings, or would they have to subscribe first?

158. Answer: Anyone who has received the Lord with you or another Family member is eligible for the three free mailings without having to subscribe. So if you prayed with someone a week or a month or a year ago, you can still offer them that option. The goal of the Activated! program is to fulfill our minimum duty to those we lead to the Lord or have in the past. That duty is to at least feed them some Word—as much as we can afford to give away for free—to help them get started spiritually.

159. However, in any case you should first encourage the person to buy a subscription to the magazine. If they're friends or contacts, you'd want them to not just get three magazines, but to get a regular feeding by receiving the magazine on a monthly basis. For that they'd have to subscribe.

160. So, in the case of saved friends and contacts, first encourage them to subscribe. If they don't want to subscribe but you think they'll change their mind once they get the first three magazines, then go ahead and send in their address for the first three free mags.

161. Another reason why it's best to encourage people to subscribe to the magazine rather than just apply for the first three mags is because their subscription helps to pay for the free mags that go out to those who don't subscribe. That's why the more subscriptions the Activated! desk gets, the better it will be able to fulfill its mission of feeding the sheep. Conversely, if the Activated! desk doesn't receive enough subscriptions‚ it may eventually have to discontinue its operation.

162. Question: Should I send in the address of everyone I lead to the Lord?

163. Answer: No, you should not. You should only send the addresses of those you lead to the Lord in a personal witnessing situation. As stated earlier, this program is going to cost a lot of money, especially when you consider that the first three magazines will be sent out for free. This means that the full printing and mailing costs for the first three magazines have to be absorbed by the Activated! program. So while we'd like to make it available to every soul we win, at least at this point we don't have the initial resources to cover it. Therefore we need to be somewhat selective in which addresses are sent in for the first three free magazines (without first subscribing).

164. The criteria for signing up someone for the first three magazines should be this: Send in the names and addresses of those who you personally witnessed to and led to the Lord. You should first try to get them to subscribe to the Activated! magazine‚ but if they don't want to subscribe right away, then you can offer them the three free magazines.

165. We're not asking for the names and addresses of those that you lead to the Lord through "mass evangelism" situations, as we can't afford to send them the three free magazines. In other words, if you go to a school and sing some songs and ask the school or the class to pray together with you and they all do, we can't afford to send them all the three free magazines. We wish we could, and hopefully in time we'll be able to, but at this point it's just not possible because of financial constraints. So for now, please only offer the three free magazines to those that you lead to the Lord one-on-one or in a small group—in other words, those you have personal contact with, who will most likely desire more spiritual feeding. For instance, in the above example of the school, if amongst those who pray to receive the Lord you talk to a teacher or principal who seems particularly interested, you could offer them the three free magazines.

166. Sending out three free magazines to those we lead to the Lord is going to be very costly, but it's worth it to feed those that have made a decision to receive the Lord. However, we can't possibly afford to send them to everyone we meet or witness to. Those who don't get saved will still have the chance to get the magazines if you get them to subscribe.

167. Question: Where do I send the address/subscription cards, as well as any subscription fees I may collect? How do I communicate with my Activated! desk if I have any questions?

168. Answer: This and other information from your Activated! desk is in the notice that you should be receiving along with this GN.

169. Question: Is the program geared toward all ages, including children?

170. Answer: The Activated! program is designed for older teens and adults, and therefore not geared for children. There may be exceptions, but as a general rule we feel sending in addresses for three free mags should be kept to older teens and adults. (However‚ the Activated! desk will be offering its subscribers the opportunity to order material for their children, such as our videos‚ audio tapes and some new ­booklets.)

171. Question: Why are we only giving three free magazines? It doesn't seem like people are going to get much feeding with only three 16-pagers. Couldn't we make it six magazines? Maybe if we printed them in black and white‚ instead of color, it would enable us to send out more free magazines.

172. Answer: Originally we had hoped to be able to send the first six magazines for free. But when we sat down and "counted the cost" by working with projected expenses, we realized that at present, there was no way that we could possibly afford it. The main problem is that the program will take a considerable investment of finances before any returns come in, since many people will start getting free mags for three months before they subscribe. Also, people might not order books and tools right away either. So if we extended that period to six months, we would go broke before taking off.

173. As far as printing the magazine in black and white—while the printing costs are consider­able, the bulk of the expense of the program is the postage, not the printing. Printing the magazines in black and white instead of color would make very little difference in the overall cost of the program. So it seems worth paying the little extra to have them in color (actually only 8 of the 16 pages are in color)‚ as it makes them much more attractive and hopefully people will be more likely to want them!

174. Question: If I send in someone's address, would the Activated! desk keep track of who sent that address in; and then, when that person is further along, will that address come back to me rather than going to someone else? Also, could I get a "cut" of the funds that person sends in for tools, or of their subscription payment?

175. Answer: There will be a place on the address card for you to list your Home number, which the Activated! desk will keep track of. By the time that person is ready to be turned over to the Home, if the Home is still in the same city or vicinity, then the address would most likely be sent back to that same Home. However, if the Home has closed or moved elsewhere and there is another Home in that city now, then the address would go to the Home in the city where the sheep lives. If the original person or Home who prayed with the sheep lives hundreds of kilometers away (or in another country), unless no teams are closer it wouldn't do much good to send them the address since they wouldn't be able to follow up on the sheep in person or invite them to their Home for regular Bible studies, etc. So it would go to whoever is still in the city, who is in a position to be able to minister to them personally.

176. As far as getting a "cut" from any income received from that person: The financial question is addressed below in more detail, but suffice it to say that the Activated! program will be doing very well if it eventually breaks even, considering the expense of sending out the first three magazines for free. As mentioned earlier, it should work out for the Homes to get a commission for each subscription they sell. What that commission is will be determined by the local Activated! desk, since they will be determining the subscription rate for their area. (The subscription rates will vary depending on whether it's a First World or Third World country, etc.)

177. As far as the Homes getting a portion of the income received from the sale of tools to the Activated! readership, at this point it won't be possible. It is the sale of these tools which will be the main support of the program, and without this income the Activated! program won't be able to finance itself, and we'll have to abandon the project. So as much as we'd like to make it possible, it just isn't feasible at this point. But if the desks ever have a surplus, you can be sure it will be invested directly back in to our wonderful Family to help us spread more Gospel.

178. However, you will benefit, as mentioned earlier in this GN, by receiving a commission on the subscriptions you sell‚ and by having the addresses of those who come further along returned to you, with the vision of you cultivating them into friends and supporters who can help support your local "Church of Love." And that could be a very big benefit!

179. Question: It seems to me that the Activated! program is going to make a lot of money if they're going to be selling tools and magazine subscriptions. What's going to happen to this money, and is it going to be given to the Family?

180. Answer: The Activated! program is an investment‚ and like any investment, it costs something before there's any return. The initial expenses for the Activated! program are very high. It has been necessary to set up Activated! desks and companies, and there will be the desk personnel to house and feed, as this will be a full-time ministry for those involved. We have had to create, print and ship the ma­terial to the Activated! desks, and WS will have to cover the costs of sending three free mailings to those that get saved but haven't yet subscribed to the Activated! magazine, at an average of approxi­mately 50 cents per mailing.

181. To put skin on this, if every one of our CM and FM Homes sends in just ten addresses of those they led to the Lord and who are eligible to receive the three free mailings but who haven't yet subscribed, it would give the Activated! desks worldwide 13,000 addresses in the first month. This means that printing and postage costs alone would hit $6,500 to send the first magazine out. (And that doesn't count the support of the Activated! desks.)

182. During the second month we'll have to send those same people another magazine, again at a cost of $6,500. However‚ if the Homes around the world have each sent in ten more addresses during this month‚ it means that we'll have to send them the first mailing too, which tacks on another $6,500. So during the second month we'd have to pay out $13,000. The third month, $19,500.

183. Hopefully, some of those who reach the third month will subscribe to the magazine, and in paying for their subscription, will help to cover some of the cost of the first three free mailings that are sent out. It is our hope that during the first three months some of those who are receiving the magazines will also purchase books‚ booklets and other tools. The funds from these sales will begin to pay back the initial three mailings. In our estimates, based on receiving 100,000 addresses in one year, if 15% of those subscribe and if half of them order a book or tool‚ the overall Activated! program will only break even after about the third year. And that projection is on the optimistic side. So for at least the first three years, we project that the program will be operating in the red.

184. Of course, if you are able to get people, both those you lead to the Lord and others‚ to subscribe to the magazine from the start‚ then this radically helps the financial situation. As people subscribe, they are essentially covering the cost of the free mailings, which makes it much easier for Activated! to survive financially.

185. We don't know if this program will ever make any money, but what we do know is that it will feed the sheep, and that's good enough. If it pays for itself and if it feeds the sheep, and helps cultivate people who will eventually become supporters of the local Homes who the desks will give the addresses to and who will be following up on them, we would consider it successful. In the eventuality that the program begins to make money, then this money would, of course, be used to help the Family in some way. But there is real potential for support if all of us work together to make the program successful, thereby building a broader base of believers who will help to multiply our efforts by witnessing and winning others to the Lord themselves, helping you with your other ministries, and supporting our Homes financially. That's where the main benefit to our Family Homes is, and to the future of the Lord's calling for the Family overall.

186. This is a very costly and even financially risky venture, but one which we believe the Lord will bless because He has said to feed His sheep, and that's what the program is for. It's a long-term program‚ a long–term investment, and if it doesn't begin to at least pay for itself after a certain amount of time, it will have to be abandoned because we can't go into debt trying to sustain a program that can't eventually cover its own expenses. (If we do ever have to discontinue the program, the desks would of course finish sending out mailings to those who have already subscribed. They would just stop accepting new addresses.)

187. So we ask that you please pray that the program will work and that enough people will subscribe or order tools to cover the expenses. As we explained, it's very expensive to kick off this program, so if the Lord gives you any sudden wind­falls or extra gifts which you're praying about how to use, we ask that you send some to WS designated for the Activated! program. We are in desperate need of funds to cover the costs of the setup of the Activated! desks, printing, shipping, postage costs, etc.

188. Remember that WS is not in this to make money. The program is designed to feed the sheep and to benefit you, dear Family‚ and in order for that to happen we need your help, cooperation, support‚ and prayers most of all. And don't forget to send in those addresses! We love you and pray for you!

189. P.S. After reading this GN, you might like to get together as a Home and hear from the Lord, seeking Him on what you personally can do to make this program a success. Thank you for praying with us! We need each of you!