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World Currents!--No.95

Karen Zerby

By MariaMaria #483 CM/FM 3236 4/99

Crisis in Kosovo!

Dear Family,

1. God bless you! As you know, widespread fighting recently broke out in Kosovo, a province of the former Yugoslavia, which is controlled by Serbia. Ethnic Albanians in Kosovo‚ who make up 90 percent of Kosovo's 2 million people, had been agitating for more freedom from Serbia. Serbia responded with more repression. The U.S. and European nations attempted to ­broker a peace agreement between the Serbs and Kosovo Albanians allowing the Albanians more autonomy, but peace talks collapsed after the Serb parliament refused to agree to Western demands. Serb military forces poured into Kosovo at the end of March and NATO responded with air strikes and cruise missile launches against Serb forces in Kosovo and Serbia itself.

2. U.S. troops‚ planes and missiles have been prominent among the NATO forces. And, unlike most past U.S. bombing and intervention‚ it seemed like U.S. attacks this time might be justified, since they were aimed at halting the Serbian campaign of "ethnic cleansing" in Kosovo.

3. We wondered if that was the case, as well as whether the Lord had anything to say about Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. When we asked the Lord, He sent Dad with the following revealing message concerning the U.S., Clinton, Milosevic, current events in the Balkans, and what this war is leading to!

4. (Dad speaking:) Have mercy‚ Lord! Have mercy on the inno­cent! Have mercy on these poor refugees. Have mercy on the persecuted. Have mercy on the ignorant.

5. Rebuke these Serbian monsters! Put a stop to the devils who are for war. Put a stop to all those who choose evil, who thirst for blood and who love death, whatever their nationality or ethnic group. Have mercy, Lord, have mercy!

6. Help the Family to pray for these poor folks. Help them to intercede for the poor and the per­secuted and the downtrodden of the Earth, to not fail to come before Your throne and move Your hand, Lord. Help them to pray for the poor who are suffering‚ for the innocent who are victims in this war. Help them to pray for the world. Your Word says to pray for magistrates and kings and those who have rule. Help the Family around the world to see it as their responsibility to pray for the poor and the oppressed!

7. Lord, You commanded us to pray for peace, and so we do. We pray for peace as much as possible. We know in these Last Days there will be wars, because You said there would be. We know that wars are going to come, but help the Family to pray for You to have Your way, to pray that Your purpose will be accomplished, to pray that the cup of iniquity of these wicked warmongers will be full so that Your judgments can fall. Help them to pray that Your message will get out, that all men might find Your salvation.

8. We thank You that the Family never has to worry; that although the world gets worse and worse, You are going to keep them as they stay close to You. We know that this work is of You, Lord, and as long as You've given our folks a job to do, You'll keep them through whatever chaos comes upon the world. You will provide and protect and keep Your own in every way right up to the very end.

9. Help the Family to stay close to You‚ Jesus, and to always be prepared for whatever comes. Help them to always be ready, to have contingency plans‚ have their flee bags packed, and to most of all stay in the center of Your will, close to You and getting Your directions every moment, so that no matter what happens around them, they can be safe in You. Amen.

10. Well, Family, the Lord said there would be wars in the Last Days, so it shouldn't surprise anybody when a war happens. There's no longer a question of whether there's going to be war or not, the only question is where the next outbreak is going to be. This latest outbreak of war in the Balkans is a significant step towards one end—one-world government.

11. These latest atrocities from Milosevic don't surprise me very much. He did the same things before in Croatia and Bosnia, and the West let him, so now he's trying to get away with more. He sends his forces out to kill, to rape, to pillage and plunder‚ to oppress, and when someone objects, he just says it's an internal matter and none of their business, and he keeps on doing the same things. It's only when they seriously threaten to take action against him that he backs down a little, at the last minute. Then, when their attention is elsewhere‚ he starts up again. He's an obstinate and bloodthirsty leader, and those who support him are an obstinate and bloodthirsty people!

12. He's sincerely convinced he's dead right in his cause, and he's sincerely wrong. Frankly, I wish he were dead in his cause! But he's convinced he's right, righteous and justified. He's under such strong delusion that he hardly flinches or bats an eye at the cruel slaughter of the innocent. He's filled with the audacity of Satan!

13. I said it before and it's no different now: Milosevic is worse than Hitler! He's the aggressor, the oppressor‚ the big tough guy, the bully! He's a criminal tyrant, and the whole world knows it; there's no doubt about it. He's inspired by Satan! He's one of the AC's own, and believe me, the AC looks out for his own. This is why Milosevic has had surprisingly few difficulties all along, dating back to the conflict in Bosnia.

14. He's a pawn in the hands of the Devil, a puppet in the hands of the ACs, and you can bet they've put him right where he is to accomplish their purpose.

15. This whole war—this ethnic cleansing‚ as they call it today—the whole situation in the Balkans is perpetrated by the ACs. It's all a part of their plan. You can bet your boots whatever is happening to gain world attention the way this uprising in Kosovo is doing, the ACs are behind it. Whether it's emergencies, crashes or wars‚ they know when to unleash each major event, and they're all working ­toward the same end—AC world domination.

16. While US and NATO involvement in Kosovo appears to be justified and at least they're demonstrating to Milosevic that they are not going to put up with his terror, you've got to take a closer look, because things aren't all they appear to be, or what meets the eye.

17. I've gotta hand it to Clinton this time for showing some guts and not just standing back and letting this maniac slaughter innocent men, women and children. At last he's doing something. American intervention certainly seems justified on that score‚ but believe me, Clinton is not acting out of a pure heart.

18. It's pretty darn smart of Clinton to make a move like this, and he's winning some friends through playing a humanitarian role and trying to stop the slaughter. It makes him look good and strong, just what the American people like to see. Oh, how they love to praise themselves and praise their weapons of war—their mighty machinery! They love to glory in their accomplish­ments, when they're hardly better than Milosevic in some respects. The US is guilty of so much—words cannot do the subject justice!

19. You can be sure, however, if these ­latest moves weren't benefiting Clinton in some way, if they weren't for his own selfish gain, he wouldn't be proceeding like he is. Clinton is not acting with a pure heart. It's all politics and it's all pointing in the same direction—to bring about the one-world order.

20. You can be sure if this latest involve­ment of the US wasn't pleasing the ACs in some way, they wouldn't be permitting it. Don't kid yourselves! The American involvement seems to be a good thing this time‚ unlike some of their past wars and conflicts. At least they're standing up to this madman Milosevic and his push for ethnic cleansing. But don't be fooled; these latest moves are being very closely manipulated.

21. Who runs NATO? Who runs the US? Who runs Clinton? The ACs are behind it all, and Clinton wouldn't be making these moves if they didn't want him to move this way. If Clinton and NATO really cared about the ethnic cleansing and they really wanted to put a quick stop to this madman Milosevic, NATO forces would have gone about these attacks in a different way, or a long time ago.

22. I've got news for you folks: Who runs Milosevic? Who runs Serbia, Russia, the U.S.‚ Britain or any other great power? It's all the same! All sides are being manipulated by the ACs. It's their plan and they're manipulating both sides in this conflict, and it's all pointing the same direction so that they can put their man in power—the Antichrist!

23. Clinton hardly makes a move that doesn't please the ACs. Otherwise, he wouldn't be where he is for long. The only plan Clinton and NATO really have in this conflict is the plan of the ACs—they're behind it all! Why, look at the way they have gone about these air strikes—almost their every move has been predictable so that Milosevic has been able to stay a step ahead for quite a while. Who are they tryin' to kid?

24. Even if NATO forces get a little tougher‚ or even if Milosevic were to back off for a while, it's all part of the plan. The ACs know just how to maneuver and play the game. They're very clever at playing both ends against the middle. Everything in this war is moving in one direction. It's a step further toward putting their super­man in power—someone who can save the day, unite the religions, put a stop to the atrocities and the inhumanity, and bring peace.

25. This situation in the Balkans is creating havoc. Much of the world is crying out and demanding human rights, and this is serving the ACs' purpose. As the world cries, "Who will put a stop to the horror?" they're gonna be ready with the answer. Who will put a stop to the human rights violations? Who do you think? It's a step further in the AC plan. He'll crack down on those who are violating human rights—if you'll let him run things and control what rights you have in the first place! NATO is supposedly trying to stop the madman Milo­sevic, but with little ­success. Why do you think that is? This is all ­proving a need for a strongman who can bring peace. Each time these wars break out, it gets a little graver. Each time it shows the need for a world savior.

26. This conflict is also causing a wider rift between East and West. Many in the East are sympathizing with Milosevic to some extent. Even though they don't really like him, if they were to be honest, yet they sympathize be­cause what they dislike even more is a big power like the US putting pressure on a smaller country like Serbia. East and West are being driven further apart over this conflict.

27. The ACs are bringing all this chaos on the world, lining things up for the grand entrance of their false savior. Whether it's crashing economies or war‚ it's all heading in the same direction. It doesn't take much to bring the world to the brink of a global war! As the world is brought to the verge of world war and it stands on the edge of global economic collapse, what then? With each passing crisis the world population is more and more ready to scream, "Who will save us out of this mess?"

28. The ACs are behind all of it. They're behind both sides, maneuvering them right into position, causing chaos‚ havoc, destruction, distress of nations! They're lining things up for the entrance of their superman, who will at last bring peace! This latest crisis in the Balkans is taking the world a step further in that direction.

29. So we need to pray like everything depends on prayer, because it does. Pray for the Lord to keep things in check so we can get our job done! In spite of the world getting worse all the time, you can thank God that the Family is getting better all the time. Thank Him for His protection and care and how He's preparing you and equipping you with the new weapons‚ the only effective weapons that will not only help you make it through the days ahead, but will help you to help others as well.

30. Your job will only get better as you continue to preach the Gospel right up to the very end! Praise God! Tribulation is coming upon the whole world, but you can rejoice and be glad, because through Jesus you have overcome! (End of message from Dad)

31. (Maria:) Thank you‚ Dad! And thank the Lord for His care and protection, as well as peace in most of the rest of the world so we can carry on the Lord's work of witnessing and winning souls to Him! We should pray for continued peace, of course, so we can continue with His work.

32. In fact, in Dad's message above there were several things he suggested we pray for and that would be good to remember during your times of prayer:

  1. Pray for the poor and innocent who are suffering in this war, whether as homeless refugees in some other city or country, or living under the threat of Serb attacks or NATO air strikes in the former Yugoslavia.
  2. Pray for the "kings" and rulers of this world, that they'll rule in a godly way as much as possible.
  3. Pray for peace, as much as possible, so we can get out the Lord's message and lead many to Him.
  4. Pray for the Lord to have His way in the conflicts which do arise, and that He will judge the wicked warmongers.

33. Dad also emphasized the need for us to stay close to the Lord, in the center of His will, and be ready for any eventuality—to have our flee bags packed and contingency plans prepared. The Lord will keep us through anything, as we do our part, and will not only help us but enable us to help others as well. Praise the Lord!

34. In spite of the fact that the world is getting worse all the time, we can thank the Lord that the Family is getting better all the time, and there are many wonderful days of witnessing, winning and reaping ahead. I love you, my dear ones, and am so thankful for your love for the Lord and others and your faithful service, day in and day out!

Much love, Mama

How the former Yugoslavia

descended into chaos and war

Compiled from articles in US News & World Report and The London Times

Founded in 1918, Yugoslavia was originally known as the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes­—an indication of its complicated ethnic makeup. During World War II, it was occupied and partially dismembered by Germany, setting off a ­brutal civil war that cost 1.75 million lives. After the war, Marshal Tito refounded Yugoslavia as a communist state without an ethnic bias.

After Tito's death in 1980, the country went into a sharp economic decline. Communism also declined, and nationalism rose. In the 1990s, Yugo­slavia gradually fell apart. It had comprised six republics (Serbia, Slovenia‚ Croatia, Bosnia-Herze­govina, Macedonia, and Montenegro) and two autonomous provinces (Kosovo and Vojvodina). Only two republics remain: Montenegro (population 700,000) and Serbia (population 10.3 million). And Serbia is now fighting to hold on to the province of Kosovo.

Slovenia, the northernmost republic, declared its independence first, in June 1991. It fought a ten-day war with Yugoslav Army troops and won.

Croatia also declared its independence in 1991‚ but Serbia was not prepared to let it go. Serbia initially prevailed in the war, but in 1995, the Croatian Army recaptured most of the territory lost to Serbs—and drove out some 150,000 Serbian refugees.

In March 1992, following the lead of Croatia and Slovenia‚ Bosnia declared independence. It was the most ethnically mixed of all the former Yugoslav republics, home to Muslims, Serbs, and Croats. War erupted among all three groups. After three years of "ethnic cleansing"—mainly attacks on Muslims by Serbs—the West stepped in. The so-called Dayton peace accords then divided the country into ethnic enclaves. And U.S. soldiers are still helping to keep the peace.

A province the size of Connecticut, Kosovo is sacred ground to the Christian Serbs, the site of ­ancient monasteries and a fabled battlefield. But 90 percent of its approximately 2 million inhabitants ­today are ethnic Albanian Muslims. To underscore Serbia's claim to the province, Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic stripped Kosovo of its autonomy in 1989 and established de facto martial law. Kosovo's ­Albanians organized a mainly pacifist resistance until early last year, when hostilities broke out.

Clashes escalated between Serb police and military forces and forces of the Kosovo Liberation Army. There were massacres of both ethnic Albanians and Serbs. U.S. and European attempts to arrange a peace accord failed. Finally‚ NATO forces launched air attacks on Serbia and Kosovo, the first offensive action against a sovereign nation in the alliance's 50-year history. n