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Worldly?--Or Free?

Karen Zerby

By MariaMaria #480 CM/FM 3233 4/98

1. God bless you‚ dear Family! I love you! The following messages were originally given for the Family in the U.S. about two years ago, during the time of the Bellwether meetings that Peter held there. The Lord recently laid it on our hearts to publish them for all of you, as worldliness is something that many of you are fighting in many parts of the world, not just the U.S.

2. Although some countries have more of an obvious pull in the way of materialism‚ ad­vertise­ments, trendy styles or music and ­movies, the Enemy will try to use worldliness to stop you or hinder you no matter where you are, and thereby hurt the work of God.

3. Worldliness comes in many different forms—not just the obvious manifestations of being pre­occupied with dress, hair‚ or makeup styles, etc. Even more dangerous are the more hidden forms—hungering after worldly knowledge or looking more to that than to the Word of God, losing your conviction because of being more concerned with what men think than what the Lord thinks, or preferring the acceptable, established ways to the radical, free, humble ways of the Lord's Spirit.

4. So when you read this GN, keep in mind that the Lord is asking all of us to be on guard against this device of the Enemy with which he's ever trying to find a way to get in. The Lord is directing this particular message primarily to the Family in the U.S., but I believe we all can benefit from it.

5. Please do pray for the Family in the U.S.‚ that those who the Lord has called to more fruitful mission fields will heed the call, and that the Lord will supply their needs and honor their faith as they step out to obey. Also pray for those who the Lord has called to remain in the U.S. to reap the final harvest. The spiritual warfare indeed is great, and the spirit of worldliness is very strong—which is a constant battle for our Family there to fight, and can be very wearying. Please pray especially for our children and young people, that they will be strong in the Word and be able to stay dropped out.

6. Here's an excerpt of a message the Lord gave about the way the Enemy fights our Family in the U.S. with worldliness:

The High Risk of Remaining in

Babylon the Whore!

7. (Jesus speaking:) This is the day that Satan has pulled out all the stops! He's gone out into the world as his day of flesh runs wild! He's hitting hard on all sides, and those that sit in the Great Whore are most susceptible to his deadly attacks. By the fruits‚ it is known.

8. My Family who sit in the Great Whore are at high risk, for in this country many antichrists have gone out into the cities and the highways and the byways‚ for the Last Days are come. Those who are in Babylon are exposed to the greatest radiation and fallout of Satan's most concentrated efforts. His forces are united—on the airwaves and on the information superhighway—where there are many anti­christs who run, deceiving, and being deceived.

9. Come out from among them, and touch not this unclean thing! Be separate, for Jezebel goes a whoring and seeking to entrap you in her snare. Are not these fruits of envy, discontentment, murmuring and doubts you have among you the fruits of the worldliness that has taken hold among My Family in this so great a nation? This subtle wasting away has greatly weakened you, to where you cannot readily see it. For this nation leads the world in its worldly ways. It is the homeland of amusement that would take your thoughts away from Me. It is the home of vanity and selfish living and thinking.

10. Therefore you must call for a time of uniting forces, that you may withstand in this evil day. Come out from among them, and touch not the unclean thing! Expose the lies and evil deeds of the Great Satan who does deceive. Judge righteous judgment. If it is not according to My Word‚ to My standard, then put it off from among you. Judge according to the fruit‚ and if your fruit be the way of worldliness, come out from among them, and touch not the unclean things. For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. (End of message from Jesus.)

11. (Mama:) There are other fields which also carry a strong spirit of materialism which the Lord has warned you about, and called for those of you who can to go to more hungry and needy fields. If you're struggling to keep your young children and teens free from the temptations of the world, maybe the Lord wants you to move on to a more needy mission field where they can experience the freedom of being mission­aries. Of course, just moving across the ocean will not make a missionary of you, or of them. But some of our young people need to get out of these fields where the anti-Christ spirit is so strong, and where they have been fighting the battle for so long.

12. Please, dear Family, get down to ­serious business with the Lord and hear from Him about where He wants you, and then determine in your heart to answer His call‚ whether it means staying or going. Then commit yourself to fighting with everything in you to remain dropped out and revolutionary in spirit. You can do that by staying close to the Lord and bathing in His Word constantly to counteract the subtle indoctrination of the world, which you inevitably encounter in your ministering to the lost.

13. Thank you for being willing to forsake all once again for Jesus! Remember that the Lord has promised to repay one hundredfold! Praise the Lord! We can never make a sacrifice for Him!

14. Following is a powerful message from Dad which Peter read at the Bellwether meetings, and which many of you have probably seen on video. As you read it, please try to apply it to your Home and your own personal life‚ and see how the Lord is speaking to you through it.

Whose Fool Are You?

15. (Dad speaking:) Everybody is some­body's fool—whose fool are you? Honey‚ right now some of our folks can't see the forest for the trees—especially in the U.S.! Lord help them! Some of our folks there are so embroiled and getting pulled under by the cares of this life and its subtleness. It's pulling on them. It's not only pulling on them and tugging on them, but it's pulling some of our folks down—and they need to wake up before it's too late!

16. You need to ask those guys whose fool they are. Everybody is somebody's fool, and in this case our folks need to watch out! Who're they tryin' to kid? Ask them what they want to be—fools for the System or fools for Christ? That's the long and the short of it! It's pretty much coming down to that right now in the world, and the U.S. is leading the way!

The Land of the Flesh!

17. Talk about the land of the flesh and the flesh pots of Egypt—the Americans live in the flesh and for the flesh! They're strong in the flesh and confident in their own intelligence and their own arm. On top of it, it's the land of indulgence! It's the land of "do your own thing," "to each his own," "eat, drink and be merry," "do it your own way, go your own way, think your own way." It's the "I did it my way" society. You just can't live in that kind of environment without getting dirty unless you stay mighty close to the Lord, and to do that you've got to get sanctified on a daily basis. The ministry of sanctification is what is needed.

18. Our folks who are in these countries like the U.S. need to realize this and do all they can to press in to the Spirit of God, lest they too fall by the wayside. Unless they're sanctified on a daily basis, it creeps in. You begin to notice it here and there by the fruit. People's attitudes show it, and selfishness and hardness begins to creep in.

19. Some of these problems folks are ­having in the U.S. right now are symptoms. Mur­muring and doubting‚ envy and jealousy, every man for himself—isn't that the very spirit of the U.S. System? It's a strong pull and the anti-Christ spirit is rampant there, so our folks who are called to stay there need to be on guard. They need to do all they can to go on an all-out attack against the anti-Christ spirit that prevails there.

No More Gray Zone!

20. Up until now the masses in the world have been going along their own way, happy to be in the gray zone. But it's coming down to where the gray zone—that in-between state of being on the fence—is fading out in the world. The gray zone used to be pretty wide‚ but now it's narrowing down as things are becoming more and more black or white by the day. Things are getting more defined every day and people are having to make choices. It's coming. The day of sitting on the fence is almost over. Every­body's going to have to decide between the way of the world and the way of God.

Satan's Plot to Try to

Bring Us to a Stop!

21. As you know, the Devil is fighting hard right now in every way, but the reality of this is not sinking through some of our folks' thick skulls. They're forgetting what they joined the army for and the urgency of the battle we're in. Their eyes are blinded—some through the deceitfulness of riches, others through the lust of the eyes and through pride. It's almost imposs­ible not to be affected by it in the U.S., where the pull is so strong. Unless our folks there stay mighty close to the Lord and His Spirit, always acknowledging Him and asking Him to lead every moment of the day, they're going to be pulled down.

22. The Devil's trying hard to hinder our people and slow them down, or even bring them to a deadlock. He knows he can't have them—they're saved—but he's slipping them a Mickey (an alcoholic beverage that is secretly altered to stupefy, render unconscious‚ or otherwise incapacitate the person who drinks it). He's trying to get in with compromise, carnal-minded­ness‚ and the ways of the world. Of course he has to make it look acceptable and believable, even fun and exciting.

23. He'll try any way he can to hinder our folks, to stop them, and to get them to give up. Or even worse‚ to make it seem like they're not really giving up or failing the Lord, but only "broadening their horizons," just "being a little flexible," "getting a balance," "lightening up," and "enjoying life a little." All the while they don't even notice that the walls of their spiritual strength are in danger and crumbling all around them!

24. It's very subtle for those who are in the forest. It creeps up on'm and they don't even realize it's happening. There's nothing wrong with enjoying life in itself‚ but which life do you want to enjoy—the life of Christ and all His joy and love and ecstasies, or the life of the world with all its confusion, woes‚ and pain? All that glitters is not gold!

25. This temptation with worldliness is a plot orchestrated by Satan and his ilk to slow our folks down, if not bring them to a final halt and render them useless. It's a clever way to fight our folks, to get in with a hankering for the world. The Devil tries to get in and knock them for a loop with ways of shallowness, foolishness, carnal-minded­ness and compromise with the System.

It's Getting Easier and Easier

To Fellowship with the World

26. Fellowship with the world, and worldli­ness, is enmity with God! What fellowship has Christ with Belial? It's dangerous for our folks to be shallow and foolish and to hobnob with the world. Anybody who still has a hunger for fellowship with the world and worldly ways had better watch out! I used to say if you want to go down to the bar or out to a club to have fellowship with the world, watch out!

27. But nowadays you especially had better watch out‚ because you don't have to go to a bar or a club anymore to have fellowship with the world. The Devil is making it easier and easier to fellowship with the world all the time, so you'd better watch out! You can fellowship with the world anywhere, any time, because the various means of communication are so advanced these days.

28. That's why our folks have got to stay close to the Lord and on His channel, because fellow­ship with the world is all around. You can fellow­ship with the world while surfing the Inter­net if you don't pray. You can fellowship with the world while watching the evening news or flipping those TV channels, or while doing your weekly shopping right there in the supermarket with all those sights and sounds and trinkets of Egypt, and all that propaganda around you. Of course, shopping is necessary, but the Enemy will try to use it to get to you if you're not on guard—to make you dissatisfied with our frugal and simple lifestyle as you look around at all the goodies of Egypt, or slant your thinking into feeling that you need more of it to be happy. That's what advertising is designed to do—by the Devil himself!

29. All that can give you plenty of fellowship with the world, depending on how you receive it or how you balance it all out with the Word. You can fellow­ship with the world day after day in your witnessing and outreach and work for the Lord if you don't stay close to the Lord and keep your heart right.

In the World But Not of the World!

30. It's a spiritual thing, and the only way our folks are going to be able to stay on track and stay dropped out is to stay mighty close to the Lord‚ pumped full of the Word, and in tune with the Lord and the whispers that all their helpers are sending down. They can be in the world but not of the world. Of course, I don't expect our folks to lock them­selves up behind closed doors and high walls to protect them­selves from the world. The Lord expects them to go out there and win the lost.

31. It's one thing to go out and be among the people, but it's another thing to go out and convert to their worldly ways. The Lord expects our folks to go out and pull them up out of the pit; He doesn't mean for us to go out and wallow in the mire right along with them. To be in the world, but not of the world, that is the question!

Worldliness Comes in

Many Different Forms

32. Worldliness is manifested in many differ­ent ways. Some of our people are tripping over minor things, self-righteously pointing the finger when others want to dress a certain way, style their hair a certain way‚ or talk a certain way. These outward appearances can be a manifestation of worldliness, but not always; it all depends on the individual.

33. We've put out quite a bit about dress codes and some of these more physical aspects of worldliness*, but far more important is what worldli­ness does to your heart and your soul and mind. People should search their hearts and ask themselves if they're starting to think like the System, or are desiring to be like the System. *(See ML# 2864:1-18, Lifelines 21; ML #3124-3125, GNs 735-736; ML #3160:176-184, GN 765; ML #3197:52-68, GN 803.)

How Far Do You Want to Go,

And With Whom?

34. Our people must arm themselves with the Word and the Spirit! They've got to stay so full of the Word and the Spirit that there won't be much chance to get tripped off. That's the only way; they've got to stay filled up. The thing is, they have to see the problem first. Be not ignorant of the Devil's devices! I'm here to tell you, he's trying to pull the wool over some of these guys' eyes!

35. Our folks who are questioning how far they can go need to ask themselves a few ques­tions: How far do you want to go, and for whom? What kind of balance do you want? Are you looking just to do the least you can for the Lord—just to make it by the skin of your teeth, so you can go out and wallow in the muck and the mire of the swine pit the rest of the time? How far do you want to go, and with whom? That is the question! A lot depends on people's motives. What kind of liberties and freedoms do they want? Do they even know what liberty or freedom is?

36. Worldliness is to be full of the world and worldly ways. Who in Heaven's name wants that? We are dropped out of the world! For God's sake, who wants to go back to the world? It has nothing to offer but death! As the apostle said, "to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace." Who wants death?

Worldliness Is Not Freedom!

37. I'm for liberty, for freedom! I think you know that. I'm for all the liberty and freedom I can get, and I want the same for every one of our folks! I worked my whole life to help bring our folks into more liberty and freedom—true liberty and freedom, not the false, hypocritical, fake, short–lived liberty of the world. So what kind of liberties do people want? If it's worldly liberties, forget it!

38. You know what worldliness is? Worldli­ness is being bound—it's not liberty! Worldliness is not freedom! It's very clear up Here. Worldliness is being all bound up within the boundaries of man. Worldliness is being limited within the narrow confines of man's own puny little finite mind. And freedom? What is free in man's world? Nothing! Poor, pitiful, fleshly man is not free. They're only bound slaves, chained by the conformity they've wrought with their own hands.

39. Talk about conformists—Systemites con­form plenty! The System has buildings full of books and laws to make sure that everyone conforms to their way. They have rules and courts of laws—local laws, national laws, and international laws to make sure that every good little Systemite conforms to the System and the way they tell you you've got to think and act. And they make sure that you're keeping their rules.

40. Don't kid yourselves! I've been keeping an eye on these folks who've left the Family, who thought they would go out and have more liberty and more freedom. Believe me, they're anything but free! They thought they could go out and have a bit more freedom than the Family had to offer, but they're finding out the System is not free. They're finding out just what real System bondage is all about! They're discovering how it works and how it feels‚ and most of them are grasping at any straw they can just to hang on—desperately trying to find some way around it.

41. Many of them are out there trying to beat the System at its own game, but they're going to find out there's only one way around the System‚ and that's God's way out of it. You can't beat the System at its own game. The only way out is up! The only way out is to drop out and stay dropped out! The only way is to not be conformed to this world, but to be transformed and to renew your mind every day. So why do our folks want to lean this way and wallow in all the System crap?

Where Are the People

With Guts and Conviction?

42. You want to know how far our folks can go in being worldly? Not one iota! If it means thinking like the world and wallowing in the filth of the world and getting their minds and hearts away from the Lord and His truth and His ways, forget it! For goodness sake, for Heaven's sake, and for the sake of lost souls, why would we want our folks to go the way of the rest of the world? Why do we want to give them leeway? We are to be in the world but not of the world! The Family is different!

43. I want to know where the fighters are! Who has the faith and the conviction and the guts to stand up and fight for their faith? I'm a fighter, and I always fought for the truth and for the right. You folks there in the U.S., and anywhere else‚ for that matter—I'm talking to the whole Family now—anyone who has questions and is being tempted with the ways of the world needs to get down and desperately pray for the Lord to renew your convictions. Ask the Lord to open your eyes to the crafty, subtle attacks of the Devil who is trying to get in and render you useless!

44. Are you feeling inferior? If so, you need to strengthen your foundation and your faith through the Word. When you preach the Word and live the Word you know you're right, and you have something that others don't‚ that they desperately need and want! Where are the people who are willing to stand up with some conviction and guts and deliver the message of God? You're not going to do this by compromising with the System. Who wants to hobnob with the world? Who wants to have a potential crack in your armor like that? Who wants to risk it?

45. Now remember what I said, there are lots of ways you can hobnob with the world. Our folks have got to be more prayerful and careful about all the propaganda of Satan that's flying around them today through movies, TV, ma­terial they read in books or on the Internet—all the sights and sounds and advertisements surrounding them.

46. The Devil has infiltrated everything; he owns the world, in a way. Not really‚ because the Lord is the Owner of the Universe, but ­Satan has free rein on Earth right now. He's promoting his lies, his thoughts, and his attitudes through every means available. Brainwashing is his business. They accuse us of brainwashing—ha! Choose who you would rather be brainwashed by—the Devil or God!

Measure Worldly Input with

The Standard of the Word

47. Do our folks want liberty to gain worldly knowledge? For what? Why would they want to get all confused and tangled up and misled by the false, phony theories of man, when they have the knowl­edge and wisdom of God and the secrets of the universe at their fingertips? The wisdom of man is just a decoy, but it holds an evil fascination for some. Lord, deliver our folks from these lying, cunningly devised fables of man! Deliver us from worldly ways and a hankering for the world!

48. You know, I watched movies and docu­mentaries and read different things. I was always learning and curious to know what was going on. And to some extent our folks do need to be aware and informed. But unless they're going to constantly be measuring up all this input with the standard of the Word, they need to forget it. If they're not going to recognize most of this stuff for what it really is, then watch out. A lot of the filth and things going around should only serve its purpose in proving to God's people the truth and the validity of the Scriptures—signs of the times that you're living in the End!

49. Now, don't misinterpret this and use what I just said as your excuse to wallow in all the shit the Devil has out there! Don't use this as your excuse to go out and watch all the ­movies you want and read all the books you want, just so you can measure it up with the Word; that's not the point I'm trying to make. I'm just saying that when you're exposed to these things‚ you need to balance it out. The point is that the Devil's propaganda is all around; you can't be in the world and get away from it. So our folks need to be prepared.

Be Inoculated with the Word!

50. The only way to be in the world and not of the world is to stay pumped up with the Word—to be inoculated with the Word and the truth. To hear fresh from Heaven on a daily ­basis, so that you will be able to stand up with conviction and give an answer to every man that asks. The way to be in the world and not of the world is to not go out and play their game along with them. If you want freedom to go out and be just like them, you're going to find out that fifth ­column in your heart will poison your soul! It's the Devil's own tool when our folks are being tempted with worldly ways and a hankering for the world.

Freedom to Do God's Will Is the

Greatest Freedom You Can Have!

51. We have everything right here in the Family, and more freedom and more liberty than our folks can possibly handle; in fact, some are not even able to handle it all right now! Why would our folks want to fellowship with the world? If people are feeling bored, tired, or not excited and challenged, it's because they're holding back on the Lord. The Lord is giving plenty of freedom and liberty to those who will take it.

52. We're not bound but free! Freedom to do God's will is the greatest freedom you can have! It's time to shed the shackles of the flesh and abandon the boundaries of man to enter into the boundless abundance of God! He has far more than the world can ever offer‚ only His freedom is forever! He has lots more to come!

53. He's pouring it on, and I venture to say that those who are dissatisfied or unfulfilled are those who are holding back. They're not letting go and letting God do a work in their hearts. They're not fully entering in to what the Lord is trying to give them—either through their own lack of belief, or through disobedience, or any other sins they have in their hearts—any Huddersfields that have a hold there. Or they're being duped‚ misled, and deceived by the subtle tricks of the Devil. All this propaganda all around them, if not washed out on a daily basis‚ will take hold in their hearts and minds as it has with some.

54. It's a day to shed the weights—to lay aside the things hindering them from grasping this new day and the New Wine and the thrills of Spirit He has for them! And this will not be possible for those who want to hold on to the world.

55. Worldliness is a state of mind and heart and spirit. It's carnal-mindedness and thinking like the world. It's very subtle‚ and our folks need to be on guard. God help us for meat not to destroy the work of God; not to compromise for some carnal idea or fleshly desire. Who needs it? We've got so much more! Our folks need to get their minds on Heaven! You folks need to enter into the Heavenlies by receiving all the New Wine that we're trying our best to pour out to you and help you understand. The Lord is pouring it on to prepare people.

Will You Be a Super-Duper?

56. The world is moving fast now. The day of serfs, supers, and super-dupers is here. Which will you be? If you folks can't learn to live in the spirit and not the flesh right now‚ you're not going to be able to make it in the End. The Last Day is going to be a day of miracles! It's a day of the supernatural—supernatural power and protection and miracles in order to survive. It's coming, and He's leading us into it right now. Our folks who want to waste time and strength and brains and brawn now on worldly ways and wallowing in worldly wisdom or hobnobbing with the world are going to be sorry!

57. You cannot serve God and mammon—and the day of forced choice is upon the entire world now. It's going to be forced because there will be no sitting on the fence then. Those who are setting their affection on the things above right now are going to be the ones who will stand strong in that day‚ be­cause they will already have that connection. They're going to be the super-dupers of the End!

58. The ones who are giving their all right now to serving the Lord with all their hearts and minds and souls are going to be strong and do exploits! They're going to have the power and the wisdom and the strength to instruct many, because they'll have their minds and hearts in Heaven. They're going to live right through things that those who have fallen to worldliness and worldly ways will not be able to stand.

59. It's coming; there's no way out! Will you be a super-duper? Don't submerse yourselves in fellow­ship with the unfruitful works of darkness—reprove them, beloved! Come out from among them‚ dear Family! If sinners entice you, don't consent. Stand up and fight and give them the truth! Hate the sin, but love the sinner. Love them and pull them up to your level, and only stoop down long enough to pick the sinner up. Pull them up on to the Rock that is higher than all the world has to offer.

Don't Forget Who You Are and

What You Are!

60. Come out from among them and touch not the unclean thing! You guys need to remember who you are and what you are, and how important your job is—and jealously guard it from the attacks and onslaughts of Satan when he tries to tempt you with worldliness and worldly ways and a hankering for the world. You've got to remember it's a constant battle and keep your armor on all the time.

61. You need to remember you're ­strangers in a strange land, that this world is not your home. My goodness, to think of all the Lord gives you and has for you and has in store for you—you ought to be laughing and almost sneering at worldly ways and practices! If it wasn't so pitiful and sad, it would almost be funny. Where are the people with guts? Some of our folks have been half-hearted or double-minded and have left us. Will you also go away? Where are your con­victions to stand up for the truth?

62. We're going on to a brighter day and we're free‚ free, free! Phooey on the false lies of Satan! Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty—and we have it! Are you with me? We have total and complete liberty—total freedom from the bondage of the world and its worldly ways into complete liberty and freedom of life through love. That's the only freedom there is! You cannot serve God and mammon. Which will you serve? (End of message from Dad.)