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Lifesavers for Missionaries to Africa--Part 2

Karen Zerby

By MariaMaria #479 CM/FM 3232 1/99

Continued from GN 833. Please read 833 first.

New Teams

And Concerns

For Support

197. Because Africa as a whole is such a poor field‚ and due to their somewhat wary—and under­stand­ably so—mentality toward foreigners, a number of the established Homes in Africa have been concerned about the poss­ible flood of new people ­coming to their country. Some have wondered how they are all to support themselves using traditional methods, since fundraising possibilities have seemed more limited and sensitive than in other fields. The CROs began to receive mess­ages from Homes asking for permission to close their cities and countries to new incoming teams.

198. We brought these questions before the Lord, asking for His leading as to whether we should be more careful about the number of new teams we let into certain countries, as well as counsel regarding how our Homes can support themselves, and for promises of the Lord's supply. Here are His answers:

199. (Jesus speaking:) I love My children of David, who are full of wild and radical faith—faith in Me to do the impossible. It takes supernatural faith to do what I'm calling My children of these Last Days to do. But the ways and life of faith have not changed from the beginning of time. Those who walk by faith have always and will always be called to believe in the impossible and to trust in the supernatural. They are asked to do things that no one else could possibly do—things that defy logic and natural reasoning.

200. Now, because of the urgency of time, because of the great need, and because this is truly Africa's hour, I am sending out the call to many of My children to come to the lands in this great continent that are ripe and ready to be harvested.

201. The call has gone out, not only for the sake of Africa, but for the sake of My children in the lush lowlands who long for new horizons and new challenges and new opportunities to give their all to Me on the altar of sacrifice. For this ­reason, I would not have you make it too difficult for those who sincerely desire to follow this call. If they see that the doors are closing and that there is no place for them, they will become discouraged and feel that there is no more purpose in attempting to follow the call of My Spirit.

202. What I am asking will take great faith, not only for those who will be leaving their home fields for the difficult fields of Africa, but perhaps will require even more faith for those who have already worked so hard for so long to establish ministries and projects and support in this field. I know that it's been difficult to pioneer and to establish these first new Homes and missions‚ and I give great honor to those who have stepped out by faith to walk on the water where others had not walked before. But now I ask them to allow Me to stretch their faith even further and to be willing to open the doors of their hearts to more of My Family who I am calling to join them at this time.

203. As they look at circumstances and conditions, it seems impossible that many more of My children will be able to operate and live by faith according to traditional methods. In this‚ they are partly right. It is not a day of tradition, nor of traditional methods. I am not a traditional God, and I do not want My children to be traditional children. I do not want any Home or any Home member or any new missionary to the field of Africa to be traditional Family members or church members.

204. I am calling them to be radical, rev­olutionary children of God—the kind that have been around from Abel to the prophets, from the prophets to the apostles‚ the kind that are called and chosen and faithful—who will go wher­ever they are called to go, trusting that where I guide‚ I will provide.

205. My children who are already established in Africa must have the faith that not only will I continue to provide for them where I have guided them‚ but that I will also provide for others of My children who I am guiding to heed the call of Africa.

206. But, although I am not a traditional or conventional God, neither am I the God of confusion or disorder. I am the God of miracles and am able to make rivers in the desert and make ways in the wilderness, but I do such miracles and show the way through the wilderness only as each one looks to Me and asks Me specifically for personal guidance in their particular situation. You must pray. You must obey. You must claim My promises. I will do My part, but you must do yours as well.

207. In some cases, it may be necessary for a Home or a city to ask that others refrain from joining them temporarily, but this is a very delicate matter to judge and must be done with much wisdom and prayer and hearing from Me continually each step of the way. The most important factor in making this kind of decision should not be whether or not it looks as though a field can support more missionaries; it must be based solely on the needs of the field.

208. Those who have established a Home or work in a city must not fear that I will not be able to supply enough to feed more mouths. While it is true that they must be concerned about their contacts, those who help provide hotel rooms and meals, etc.‚ and not overuse these dear ones to the point that they would be discouraged from helping anymore and poss­ibly cut off their help and support completely, this does not mean that more missionaries should not go to those fields.

209. Each Home must sincerely look to Me and ask Me what is needed in order to reach their field and to establish their national church of believers in the quickest‚ most effective and efficient way possible. In order to do this, they must put the needs of their flock as top priority and trust Me to take care of their own needs. As they give of themselves to feed the flock of God, they that preach the Gospel shall indeed live of the Gospel. I will take care of My Own.

210. Even as My servant David taught you in one of the founding Letters of your worldwide Family, "For God's Sake, Follow God," as you look to Me each step of the way and trust and obey Me each step of the way, I will not fail you in any one of My good promises.

211. But in order for everything to work smoothly and without the problems that some foresee happening, it will take great faith and great trust, as well as great obedience to each and every instruction from My mouth. This will need to be applied to all parties involved—those who are presently in the Homes and cities of Africa, as well as those who are being called to go there. Each one must seek Me daily for their instructions: where to go, what to do, and how to raise their support. Each one must seek Me fervently to know what I would have them to do, and each one must go in true faith. For without faith it is impossible to please Me, and that which is not done in faith will miss the mark.

212. In order for My blessings of support and supply to be poured out on My children, there must be total unity and complete open com­munication between everyone involved. It is truly the day of Acts 2:44–45—the day for each member to be fitly joined in one body, with one Head—Me. No member should think that he does not need the other members, for each one that I have called is needed in some way in order to reach the goal that is before My children—that of reach­ing all of Africa in the short time that remains.

213. It is a time of great change, and world­wide confusion looms on the horizon. Time is short, and the most important need is to reach the millions with the Words of My salvation and love. The forsaken ones of Africa, whose days are full of sorrows, will be filled with even greater troubles and tribulations as the days grow darker. Because of the Evil One and his evil plan, there will continue to be more wars, as well as pestilence, famine, plague and starvation. The future for the people of Africa is indeed dark. That is why I am calling My children at this time to give up their lives of comfort and ease, and to lay down their lives that others might find life in Me and in My Words.

214. Therefore, I say to you, seek Me. Ask Me to open the doors quickly, that My children may enter in—doors of nontraditional support and doors of super­natural supply. I ask that all those involved hear from Me and ask Me to lead them to new and greater means of supply. In many cases, this will require good, solid home support. In some cases, this will require being willing to work more closely together with the System or with churches in some sort of job or administrative responsibilities. But in every case, the goal of reaching Africa with the Words and spirit of David must remain in top priority.

215. In some cases, if a Home or several Homes in a city or country feel that they've reached the saturation point as far as receiving more missionaries, they should get together and seek Me concerning what their next move should be. Perhaps they are a strong team, with solid, experi­enced African pioneers. I might lead them to send out one or two teams to open new missions or ministries in new places‚ making room for others who are new to Africa to join their Homes—Homes that are already set up, established, and experienced in how to survive and reach the field.

216. In other cases, if those of a certain city or area have fervently and sincerely come to Me in prayer to seek My highest will, and it is agreed that it would not be good to receive more missionaries for some reason‚ perhaps I will call one or more of you to make yourselves available to join together with new incoming teams to Africa‚ to help them get set up in a country or city that is in need of missionaries. While you who are experienced in reaching ­Africa join these new teams temporarily, someone from these new teams could then join your Home to help fill the gap that you have left and to also have the strengthening experience of living and working in a fully established missionary Home.

217. I have already been leading you in these matters, and you have done well in looking to Me and heeding My voice. But as more missionaries come to join you, your faith and your communications, both with Me and with each other, will need to grow even more in order to continue prospering in the way which I am leading.

218. Please trust Me that I am not limited by many or by few. I was not limited when you stepped out by faith, almost alone, to reach this vast continent, and I will not be limited by the many who I am calling to come and fight by your sides at this time. Africa needs you‚ and Africa needs your brethren. Africa cries out to Me for help‚ and I am sending that help.

219. So trust Me. Believe Me. Have faith in Me, that I am more than able to open the right doors to the right people‚ and close the doors that are not of Me. There may be times of sacrifice, but there will also be times of great happiness and rejoicing as you learn to appreciate the help that I am sending you and to work together as one.

220. When there is a lack of supply, ask Me what more you can do to help each other to fulfill the call and to reap the harvest. When there are difficulties, don't think that it's because there are too many of you‚ for indeed the harvest is more plenteous than the laborers. Pray not that I will not send more laborers, but pray that I will send the right laborers, with the right vision and the right kind of faith to reap the right harvest while the time is right.

221. Join together wholeheartedly with those who I send to help you, for you have need of each other. Do not look upon them as those who would take food from your mouths, but look upon them as those who will help you to reap the greater harvest which you would not be able to reap on your own. In doing so, they will help to assure that you might have even more with which to feed yourselves in the days to come. (End of message from Jesus)

222. (Mama:) Again the Lord is highlighting the need to hear from Him at every turn. That applies to all of you—the veteran pioneers as well as new incoming teams. The Lord wants you to work together. If you ask Him, He'll point you toward a needy situation.

223. Those of you who are familiar with the African field and who have more experience are expected to lend a helping hand to your brothers and sisters who are new and just getting started. If there's a new Home setting up in your area and they're struggling to get established and find their way around town, the loving thing would be to send an experienced field person over to their Home for a while to show them the ropes. Show them where the safe ­areas of town are. Point out the weak spots in their security. Direct them to some honest people they can work with or interact with for business matters, etc. Give them practical tips.

224. It may seem to you that if your city is re­ceiving an influx of new people, your outreach or fundraising will suffer as a result of having a smaller area to work in. But the Lord says that isn't the case at all! He's not limited by few or by many, in this case! As you seek the Lord, He'll direct you to His abundant sources of provision!

Reaching the Muslim Population

225. As you may know, there is a large Muslim population in Africa. We've heard from our folks in Africa that sadly, the various Christian organizations who have been in Africa for some time seem to have neglected ministering to this group of people. It seems that they have been fearful of reaching them, or fear that they will be unreceptive, or that by doing so, they will be subjected to persecution.

226. Our Family members who work in the Mideast have learned a great deal about presenting the Gospel to the Muslims, and though it may be a slower process or require using some new methods of witnessing and relating to them, they've still had good fruit.

227. One of the spirit helpers who spoke to us was a Muslim, who had been converted by a faithful Christian woman who wasn't afraid to witness to him, despite his religion. The Muslims represent another mission field within ­Africa, and they are certainly calling out to be reached. Haffad, the young man who gives the message below, is more than willing to help you reach them, and there are many other departed converted Muslims who would also jump at the opportunity. Note the interesting promise of support toward the end of the prophecy also, for those who are willing to reach these dear ones who already love God and have quite a godly foundation.

228. (Haffad, spirit helper speaking:) God is wonderful, God is great! I can personally testify to that because I have been saved. Where once I was in darkness‚ now I see the light. Praise the Lord! My name is Haffad. I was born a Muslim in Nigeria. I was a doctor in my 30s when I met a Christian woman at my clinic who came in for treatment and spoke to me about Jesus.

229. Most Christians that I've seen hardly ever witnessed to Muslims. As a matter of fact, it seemed to me that they were even a little fearful of us or something because they never spoke about their religion or about salvation through Jesus. How sad, because I know of many of my friends who would have listened and probably gotten saved too. Muslims in Nigeria and other parts of Africa often want to know more about what Christians believe. They love Jesus in their own way, as a prophet and great man, and they are respectful of His Words‚ but it seems very few Christians think it's worth it to witness to us.

230. Maybe they're afraid of the reper­cussions, that somehow it'll mean they'll get thrown in jail or beaten up by some fanatics. And I suppose that's possible‚ especially if you're not wise and prayerful in your witnessing. I can't promise you that you'll never have persecution, but if you follow the Lord and witness with love‚ respect, wisdom and prayer, the Lord will help you. And when you see the results of a born-again Muslim, that's a reward in itself! We're very dedicated and loyal once we've found Jesus. I witness all the time now through those on Earth that I can speak through, which is mainly the Family right now, because they're going to Africa.

231. I'm so happy that the Family is going to Africa, because there are so many Muslims in Nigeria and other countries that really need to hear the Gospel. I've been speaking through the Family members witnessing in some of these countries and I think they know they've got spirit helpers, because the words just flow, the witness is hot! I love to witness, and if you give me a chance I'll be right there to help you to know what to say and how to present it.

232. Start off talking about God, how great God is, how wonderful, how much you love God, and most Muslims will join right in because they respect praise and worship of God. They're taught that it's their due to respect God and to offer Him praise. Then you could talk about something that God recently did for you, some miracle or provision or healing or help in some way. That will open the door for them to ask questions, or for you to ask them questions. It's actually very easy to witness to Muslims because they are already believers in God. It's much easier than trying to talk to an atheist or agnostic; you've already got a Muslim on your side because they believe in the spirit world.

233. This Christian woman had come into my clinic for treatment for an infection on her foot. As soon as we met she prayed for me, right away, on the spot. She said, "God bless this doctor and help him to take care of Your servant." I was so surprised, but I liked it. I felt important and respected. She had to return for a few treatments, and each time while I'd treat her foot she'd talk to me about God and about His Son, Jesus. A big part of her witness that really won my heart was how simple and loving she was and how interested she seemed to be in me. It was almost like therapy when she'd come into my clinic. I looked forward to seeing her because she gave me some­thing. She gave to me in spirit, and it was very encouraging.

234. One day she said she wanted to pray with me, which I was happy to do because I wanted to know her Jesus. That's another thing. Muslims respect prayer, so you can pray with them—not necessarily a salvation prayer right off the bat, but other prayers—and they will be thankful for your prayers. That was the day that I took Jesus as my Savior. That woman was a faithful witness and didn't let my religion or background stop her. She just loved me anyway and told me about Jesus' love for me. I'm so happy she did.

235. I'll be very happy to come and help you with your witnessing, and together we can reach many Muslims. They need you to be a witness. Please don't leave them out‚ but give them a chance to know Jesus. They'll be very grateful and can be some of your best friends and supporters. (End of message from spirit helper)

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A Former Witch Doctor

Returns to Help!

236. (Mundi, spirit helper speaking:) I come from Ghana‚ from the time when our continent was referred to as the dark continent of Africa. I was there before the light and truth of Jesus pierced through the blackness of our land. It is still a dark land, full of oppression and evil spirits, but just as I did in my time, the voices cry out in desperate search for the truth.

237. I lived a long time ago, and I was not here to see the modernization of my country. I am one of the many helpers that have been loosed to work with the people of light to reach this continent starving for answers. There are so many of us, many who knew the depths of the hell of this life, who saw Satan face to face, who cast spells in his name, and who did horrible acts at the behest of the evil spirits. My ministry now is a simple one, but Jesus said it is the most important thing I can do—to help the Family by giving insight into the lives and minds of the people of my land.

238. I was one of those voices searching for a savior, so caught up in tradition that I thought there was nothing good in this life, and I wanted to die. I was a witch doctor and received power through darkness. I cast spells over our enemies. I healed the sick. I told of things to come. But with all of that power, I could not lift my own soul that was sinking further and further into the hands of death. I did not know anything about a God, a Savior, a plan for our lives.

239. I was living in anger—angry at anybody who was better off than me, who looked happier than me. I was sure it was all a show. I met two strangers who had a light in their eyes. They showed themselves friendly and were asking about a river. When I set eyes on them, I felt as if I was being strangled, which now I know was the dark trying to keep me away from the light. I thought they had come only to cast a spell on our tribe, and I was determined to kill them when they came back the next day.

240. That night the daughter of our chief became ill, deathly so, and was slipping in and out of consciousness. I tried many things to cure her, and nothing I did worked. I was angry at the strange men and at whatever power they had used to cast this deadly spell upon us. I thought they poisoned the little girl's blood. I told the chief about my fear of these men, and I wanted to drain her blood to rid her of the evil.

241. The chief refused, and to my surprise said he wanted to wait till the men came and ask them to help his daughter‚ because it was beyond my power. This angered me more, and as I waited for the men to come, I concocted a deadly potion and bided my time.

242. When the two men came into the hut where the girl lay, I told them that what the girl had would jump to everyone that came near her‚ and urged them to drink this potion to protect them from it. The men looked at me as if reading my thoughts, and as they looked so deeply into my eyes, I felt that strangling feeling again. But this time I could see a strange light in them, and their eyes almost seemed to glow in an unnatural way. It seemed to be calling me‚ and it cast no fear upon me. They didn't say a word‚ and I don't know how long they looked in my eyes, but I felt the light tell me that I would find all my answers if I listened to these two men.

243. Then one of them reached out his hand to receive my potion, and before I knew what I was saying‚ the words came out: "Do not drink it, man of light. It is a deadly potion intended to kill you. I thought you were the cause of this evil sickness and were subverting our tribe. If you can make this girl whole, I will listen to all you say."

244. That must have been a big test for the two Christian men, but in the prayer that followed‚ I learned about God‚ about Jesus and salvation, healing, Heaven, love and happiness. That day the girl's fate was changed, and so was mine. I knew that they had what I had been searching for and that I could have it too.

245. My eyes were opened wide to the spirit world and I saw the battle that was being fought in the hut that day—the battle between good and evil, light and darkness‚ health and sickness, God and Satan. I saw the dark spirits that I had been a servant to for so many years, and was shocked at how blind I had been to have given my life into their hands. I saw the faces of love and all that is good and godly too, and when they held out their hand for me, I accepted, and the battle for my soul was won that day.

246. I spent many hours talking to these two men, and came out of that hut vowing to share this truth with my entire tribe. I was un­able to carry out that passion to win my tribe for the Lord because I was killed that very day by one of the men with whom I performed many rites before my salvation.

247. Many years I have been waiting to come back to my land and give people the same freedom I found in Jesus, and I have finally been granted permission to do it through you. Thank you for calling upon me, and thank you for the privilege of allowing me to work with you to fulfill my heart's greatest desire. (End of mess­age from spirit helper.)

248. (Mama:) Wasn't that a fascinating message? Thank You, Jesus, for giving us such an array of spirit helpers to help us reach this vast land. The Lord is so good to us. He gives us exactly what He knows we need. There are all types of spirit helpers—one to reach and understand each lost soul you come across.

Requirements for

Incoming Teams

249. The next message is directed in part to Peter, myself and the shepherds of the African work, and in part to the Family at large, particularly to any potential missionaries to Africa. It outlines some essential keys to being a fruitful missionary in Africa, so if you're thinking of heading to an African country, read over this next message again, and make sure you're in line with the New Wine and willing to wholeheartedly put the new weapons into practice.

250. (Jesus speaking: ) Each situation must be judged individually, its needs and difficulties taken into account‚ and brought before Me for confirmation.

251. For the most part, I want more laborers to come to Africa. This is why I have issued the call to My children via the pubs that My king and queen have sent out. Yet along with this call I have also given many cautions, much detailed and specific counsel that each member coming to Africa must follow. A balance is needed between opening the doors and receiving the new laborers that I will send‚ and walking in caution and prayerfulness.

252. I want more laborers‚ but I want those who will operate according to the counsel of My Word, according to the methods of the new day. One of the most important aspects of this new day is hearing from Me, and another is walking in unity and harmony with your brethren. These are both essential ingredients for newcomers to these countries.

253. New brethren coming in should give due deference and respect to the pioneers, to those who have already established a work in the country or city. If they can't join an existing Home and need to start a new one, they must have the consent of the other team; and not only the consent, but there should be communication and cooperation between the two. They should take care not to work in ways that would be a hindrance to the other.

254. If a veteran team or Home asks a new incoming team to avoid a certain form of outreach or area of town‚ the newcomers should be respectful of their desires—not for their sake alone, but for the sake of the future of My work in these countries. For if you offend the local people by your over–persistence or impertinence, if they feel they are being pressured by the Family or Family members, then your welcome will not last for long.

255. Africa is not an easy field to support yourselves on‚ for there are so many poor and needy, and few wealthy. There are some of the wealthy who you need and depend on, and you would not want to risk offending them by asking too much or causing them to feel undue press­ure. This is wise. Yet there are many more I can yet lead you to. I also will raise up supply and support from Family members, relatives and friends from overseas, for you will probably need some financial help from without in order to continue your work in these countries.

256. Support is not My main concern; My main concern is that you get in there and do the job that needs to be done. I want the precious lost souls of Africa to receive My message—rich and poor alike. I use your need for support and finances to force you to minister to the rich, that they in turn may help you seek out and feed and minister to the poor. If you had no need of support from within the country, you could tend to neglect the rich and powerful‚ who are often some of the most needy in spirit.

257. In these countries, those who have more money often feel more responsibility, that they owe a debt of sorts to their fellow man. This is especially true among the middle classes and merchants, for they have seen and sometimes experienced poverty themselves. They see the lack of education, the lack of development, and many feel that if they have been blessed by inheriting a sound financial situation, or if they have worked hard and prospered monetarily, it is their obligation to do something to improve the condition of those less fortunate than themselves. You have the advantage of being able to tap into this mentality and frame of mind, and help them channel their energies towards ­helping you to do your job—ministering to the ­Africans both physically and spiritually.

258. Back to the issue at hand of present Homes being fearful of how it will work with new arrivals: I say that you, My shepherds and overseers of the overall work, will need to get somewhat involved in these matters—not to the point of controlling or directing every move, but to the point of ensuring that there is a good balance among the cities or countries. In giving clearances, if a new team wants to come to a city where there is already a good amount of Family members—or in some cases if those already there are having difficulties or contentions of any kind between them—then it may be wise to redirect incoming brethren and suggest that they request clearance for another city or country.

259. Concerning tool distribution as a means of support, I say that it is a worthwhile method—for it both provides your financial needs and the spiritual needs of those who receive these materials. But you have not yet tapped into all the potential of even this method of witnessing. There are mass marketing opportunities, sponsorship programs, and many other similar ventures that could yet be used to bring in the support you need and get the message out.

260. There are also many doors yet to be discovered in the area of provisioning‚ of free goods and services. You have experienced this many times already—that the people are so needy, so appreciative‚ so desirous of your help, that they will arrange provision of all your needs if you will help them with a project or ministry.

261. So there is much diversity and a variety of means of support that you must tap into, both the traditional and the untraditional. If My Family in Africa will do this, and if you as shepherds will be prayerful and selective in giving clearance, it will not be necessary to close so many cities or countries.

262. In some very delicate situations this may be necessary‚ because of political turmoil or internal strife; but not merely because the Family is afraid of internal discord or problems between Homes. There may be some, but they can and must be worked out‚ or avoided by brethren moving of their own accord to less populated areas. But I would not close so many doors and make things so confined and regulated that people are afraid to even ask for clearance to these fields, for I do need laborers.

263. I will put it in the hearts of those who should go, those who will be strong pillars, who will help the work move in the direction I want, and who will work in unity and love with the rest of their Family. This is the goal, this is the key, this is the secret. It is not in more rules, but in a combination of prayerful shepherding and of each individual Family member learning to live according to My Law of Love—learning to operate as one body‚ one unit, one heart and mind striving together for the sake of the Gospel, for the sake of My lost sheep. For the harvest truly is plenteous‚ and the laborers are few. You need the right kind, made of the right ma­terial; yet you do need them. (End of message from Jesus.)

264. (Mama: ) Isn't it wonderful how the Lord has promised new and greater means of support and getting out the message? We might look at the many poor people in Africa and wonder how we can support ourselves, but the Lord has allowed the situation so that we'll not only minister to the poor—who are so obviously needy—but so that we'll also be forced to minister spiri­tually to the wealthy, who are some of the most needy. And there are more out there, folks! The full extent of Africa's support ministries has not even begun to be tapped! You just need to seek Him in your Home to find out what new avenues He wants you to explore. Then go for it!

Your African Shepherdess

265. Peter and I admire each of you who have heeded the Lord's call to work in the fields of Africa. It takes courage, vision, faith, and solid dependence on the Lord and His Word to launch out and pioneer! Thank you for your willingness to reach these needy people with the Lord's message.

266. In such a pioneer situation, with so many varying conditions at any given time, it's both helpful and important to have a shepherd on location who can help to coordinate not only moves, incoming personnel, etc., but also be available to give you counsel and the Lord's answers to your questions, as well as visit your Homes and help to sort out any problems that arise.

267. Over the past year or more‚ Lisa (one of the European CROs) has been quite involved with the African work and has spent a number of months in Africa, visiting Homes, pioneering, and directing most of her focus toward the needs of the African Family.

268. As the Lord has continued to focus on Africa, and has sent out more calls for mission­aries and laborers, the Lord has impressed upon us the need to have a CRO base set up in Africa. The Lord put this desire and burden on Lisa's heart, and also showed us that she was the one who the Lord had chosen and would anoint for this job.

269. So praise the Lord! You now have a shepherdess on site, dear Lisa, who has a tremendous burden and broken heart for Africa and its people. She is also well acquainted with the situation in Africa, having been born and raised there during her childhood years by missionary parents. Of course, Africa is far too big for one person alone to visit and shepherd. But thankfully, you each have the Lord and His sure word of prophecy that is able to direct and lead you, if you'll only use it. There will also be VS teams who will help to shepherd you and ­answer your questions and help process your requests.

270. Lord willing, Lisa will be doing a fair bit of visitation, though she probably won't be able to visit as often as you'd like, due to the size and great distances between countries. Still, I thought it would be encouraging for you to know that she is devoted to the African work, and is more than willing to read your reports, take your questions to the Lord, and fervently uphold you in her prayers. She will also be helping to counsel the production team who will be working on creating literature and specialized publications for Africa. She has a big job ahead of her, so please keep her in your prayers.

271. As you can imagine, having the responsibility of the entire African work on your shoulders is quite overwhelming. Thank the Lord, though, Lisa doesn't have to carry that weight; she can cast it on the Lord. But there are a multitude of details that she will need to be involved in, hear from the Lord about, as well as the regular problems and situations that come up in daily life which will need to be taken care of.

272. Before she left our Home, I asked a number of our folks to pray for Lisa, and to receive messages of encouragement‚ instruction and counsel for her personally‚ and about her move into Africa. The Lord poured out wonderful jewels from Heaven for Lisa, and I'd like to share excerpts of them with you.

273. I'm sure those of you on the African field will be encouraged to hear what the Lord has said about sweet Lisa, and about her love for you and the field. He also promises her great anointing, and that because it comes more natural for her to be weak and dependent on Him, He is going to mightily use her. He sweetly calls Lisa one of His queens and labor leaders, who will rally the troops, and who, through her yieldedness and desperation, will be a sample of using the new weapons in this new day in order to win the battle. He's also promised her some very special spirit helpers for her new assignment—Brunheld and Joan of Arc!

274. Other promises and counsel contained in these prophecies are good for all of you, as they give general counsel about Africa and its people. There are also some beautiful promises of protection and safekeeping that the Lord gives for all those in Africa, which you can claim. Thank You, Jesus, for Your wonderful Words and how You are more than willing to give them to us!

A Great Work in Africa!

275. (Jesus speaking:) The spirits of ­Africa are calling to this‚ My dear one. They are the good spirits, the friendly spirits, the helpful spirits. They reach out‚ they cry out‚ they long for her to come, to be rejoined with the land that was the land of her childhood. This is where she first learned of Me‚ where I first began to implant in her heart the love of the field, and where I first began to give her a missionary's heart.

276. She is My beloved, and I have crafted her and formed her and shaped her‚ so that now she is a vessel who I can pour through freely. She need not fear for the press of the people upon her, for the needs of the sheep, of the Family, of the many millions of children there who wait for My Word. I will be her strength and her very great reward.

277. She will be glad that she has taken this step out into the unknown of the African work, because she will see how I will meet her needs, and more. I will provide abundantly for her in every way, and she will not be wanting. I call her to this job‚ and I will not leave her comfortless. I will not leave her wanting.

278. The children of Africa—My children in the Family and My children in the world—hunger and thirst for leadership, for guidance, for training. There is so great a work, so great a reaping, and there is need of laborers. There is need of those who will lay down their lives for My sheep and My lost ones.

279. Although it is a land of danger, it is a land of great protection, because I can protect My people. Every hair of your head is numbered, and none shall be in any wise hurt without My permission. I have even sent a band of guardian angels who constantly stand guard over the children of David in Africa, who do not suffer them to be tempted above that they are able, but who keep them in all their ways.

280. I the Lord am doing a great work in Africa in these days. I have begun it and I will complete it, and none will stay My hand. None will prevent that which I have undertaken to do. I will perform all that I have promised, and I will not fail in any of My promises.

281. So stand back and see Me fight! Stand back and see Me accomplish great things! Stand back and see Me bring great fruit from this work in Africa, the work of My children of David. (End of message from Jesus.)

Requirement: A Broken Heart

And a Tough Spirit

282. (Jesus speaking: ) The land of Africa is so dark and full of spirits. The people so desperately need the light of My love and Spirit to shine and brighten their souls. The light is so strong, it's so powerful there, because it is so dark. You see the battle raging. It's a spiritual and physical battle. It's only for the tough and hardened soldiers‚ those who are experienced and tried and proven. It's not for the weak in heart or spirit. Truly you need a soft heart but a tough spirit.

283. Your heart must be broken for the lost, for those who have lost so much‚ whose lives are torn and have suffered beyond description. You must be able to weep with them that weep‚ and pour forth My love and sympathy and compassion to heal their wounds. Those whose hearts are not broken won't make it. They won't be able to relate to them and help them. But those who are broken themselves and who have gone through much and have been through many tests and battles and forsakings and hardships have what it takes. Then they will be able to comfort others with the love that they have been comforted with by Me. So for all My missionaries who go to this land, the most import­ant requisites are love and a broken heart for the sheep.

284. Yet this is not enough. In order to survive and to be able to stay, you must have a tough spirit. You must be able to endure hardness as a good soldier‚ and be able to sacrifice cheerfully, willingly, and without complaint. You can't be shaken or moved by the circumstances around you.

285. In order to stand fast in Me, you must have faith. You must stand on the Rock—Me—and hold your head high, braving the winds and the storm all around you, knowing that I can give peace in the midst of the storm, that I am a strong tower and refuge no matter what is going on around you. This is My promise, that I will protect and I will keep with My strong arm those who decide to go to Africa and give their lives for the people.

286. My dear one‚ My tender shepherdess, I have called you to this task of leading My laborers into this field. You are My Brunheld‚ My warrior of the spirit, leading the troops behind you into battle—the battle for Africa. Yes, I know the task is too big. You are a frail and weak woman, but you are strong with My strength, and I have given you an anointing and power and wisdom that none will be able to withstand.

287. As you lean on Me and look to Me, I will empower you from on high and encourage your heart, as I did with Joan of Arc. Marvel not that I use weak women and men‚ those who are frail in the sight of others. It is not the flesh that counts; it is the spirit.

288. I will give you a warrior's spirit that will fight by your side and help you as you wage battle in that dark land. You have Brunheld and Joan of Arc as your helpers, and they will work with you to help you, to be your counselors, and to give you strength when you feel you have none. They are My gifts to you as you embark on this perilous journey, stepping out into the unknown, charting territory that you have never trod on before.

289. The way will not be smooth. I warn you of this ahead of time so that you will be prepared. But I promise that you will overcome, that My strength will be sufficient, and that for every obstacle you come across, I will have a solution and an answer. I will be by your side all the way. Your spirit helpers will also be by your side continually. This is My promise to you.

290. So come to Me. Rest now in the bed of love and tank up and fill up with My Words, for this is your rest and preparation before the battle. It's exciting. It's thrilling, isn't it? It's scary, but it's also exhilarating.

291. It is as the night before a battle is to take place. There is a certain tension in the air. All are praying and preparing for the coming morrow when the time will come to strike. There is a short rest, and then they strap on their armor and ride out to battle. The Enemy's camp is nervous and unsettled too, and you can expect the Enemy will be fighting back and doing his best to defeat you. But when you are in the midst of the battle and you feel as if you are losing and know not if you will make it, remember this: I promise you the victory—yea, not one, but many victories. Know beforehand that you have the victory secured, and that the battle will be won and the victory will be ours—yours and Mine.

292. So go forth in the name of your king and queen, bearing their flag and emblem as you ride into the fray. Their prayers and love go with you, and you will come again rejoicing‚ bringing the spoils of war with you to lay at their feet. What a wonderful and glorious day that will be when you see what has been accomplished, the souls saved, the lives changed and victories won! (End of message from Jesus.)

Be Prepared for a Spiritual Battle!

293. (Jesus speaking:) There are new hor­izons ahead, horizons unlimited, fields white already to harvest! Unto them I send you, My precious queen and labor leader, that you might rally the hearts of the troops and show them how to do battle in the new way‚ in this new day. Show them how to use the new weapons of My Spirit‚ that they might drive out the spirits of evil and darkness‚ and flood this dark continent with My light‚ My love, My peace‚ and My joy to the nations!

294. This is no small task, and will require no little strength. Therefore I stand by your side, and will give to you and to the laborers who have heeded the call to come to this continent, legions of angels and ministering spirits!—My saints of old whose hearts were burdened for the souls of these great nations—David Livingstone, Mary Slessor, and many others who went before you to seek out My lost sheep and bring them into the fold.

295. These shall accompany you and give you a great heart and great understanding of these people, of their needs, their culture. These have already been helping you‚ planting in your heart the burden for this continent, and setting your eyes towards these nations, that the nations they gave their lives to win to Me will not be lost to the Enemy. He, as a roaring lion, walks about seeking those open to his dark spirits, that he may wreak death and destruction upon the poor, the meek, the helpless.

296. These are nations of much warfare, not only in the physical, but in the realms of the spiritual, and to enter them is to walk into Satan's territory and openly challenge him to battle. So know that he will fight. He will resist you. He will try to subvert your efforts, delay, hinder, obstruct and directly fight you in his attempts to keep his control over the souls of this, his favored continent.

297. But where iniquity doth abound, there My grace shall much more abound. There will My power be manifested within you, and within the words and deeds of My children in much greater ways. Your light shall shine even more brightly against their darkness, and in shining‚ will be a beacon of hope to those of My children whose lights have been fading, and whose spirits are in need of encouragement and strength, that this, the battle for Africa, might go on, and be won—that the cities might know My Name in the days before the great darkness that shall come upon all the Earth.

298. Yes, time is short, and as the End draws near, Satan knows that he has but a little time. He will do battle and use all the forces of this world over which he has power—disease, plagues, pestilence, turbulence in the air and the governments of man. Yet greater is My power within you, for you have all the power of Heaven at your command—the power of prayer, of claiming My promises of protection, of provision, of supply, of great and mighty exploits in My Name.

299. These signs shall follow them that believe, and that seek to glorify My Name—they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. In My Name shall they cast out devils, and if they eat any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them.

300. Behold, Satan is filled with wrath, but you will be filled with power—the power of My Holy Spirit, and of many holy spirits, a great cloud of witnesses that shall strengthen you, instruct you, counsel you, and teach you to make war—not in the carnal, but with the weapons and strategies of the Spirit.

301. There is much to do, and you have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this. Even as surely as I have called you into this new place, even so will I keep you and go before you, and strengthen you in all that I will ask you to do. For you have learned that you can of your own self do nothing, and in your desperation, though your heart earnestly longs to see this field opened up in new and greater ways, yet in your mind you know that you are weak and hardly capable of these things.

302. Yet I will do them through you, for you have learned to depend upon Me, upon My strength, to feed on My Word. Only in this way will the giants of this land be overcome and driven out from before your eyes.

303. Behold, I give unto you Joan of Arc to go with you. She will strengthen you in spirit, and teach you to stand strong in battle, even though you feel weak within yourself and the armor you must wear weighs heavily upon your slender frame. Yet as you look to Me, I will fill you with the strength, the words, and the inspira­tion that is needed to rally My troops‚ My children, and lead them forth‚ from victory unto victory‚ until the battle is over, the victory is won, and I call you Home for our great victory celebration in the sky. (End of message from Jesus.)

Nefta‚ the Warrior Daughter!

304. (Chieftain speaking:) My Jesus ask me to give into your hands brave warrior daughter, my own—my daughter‚ Nefta. She is my strong warrior daughter. She will go with you into the lands of Africa, into the lands and home of our people. She is strong and filled with much, much courage‚ for you have need of great courage‚ great swelling of your heart in courage and love.

305. Nefta stands strong in Jesus, just as she so bravely bore the colors and beads of our tribe long ago. She is now filled not only with the courage and strength of a chieftain's daughter, but is strong and beautiful with Jesus. She loves our Jesus ardently, and her body is strong and supple from their many times of embrace and passion. She is black and beautiful and stands strong and tall among our people. She fights as a man in battle and her spirit is ­seasoned from much battle.

306. She wears the skin of the leopard, because of the speed and skill with which she wields the sword of the Spirit and truth. Her body is clad with the armor of the Spirit and is strong and weathered from fighting in the desert. Jesus loves my Nefta, and for this reason He gives her to you: because she fights many days in the hot desert sands, and has the power to endure, the courage to fight on.

307. Jesus told me you have need of her heart of courage, her warrior skills to fight the long, hard desert days and battles ahead. But you must not fear these days, because with you goes Jesus and a strong warrior team. Jesus told me that you have the choicest of warriors to go forth with you, and this is why my Nefta goes forth with you. He knows you need her. She will stand in her place alongside the other warriors going forth with you. She will help you in the times of desert fighting, where much endurance and patience will be needed. Together, you and Jesus and your warrior team shall shout forth the cry of many victories won! (End of message from spirit helper)

Be Like Livingstone!

308. (Jesus speaking:) As varied as the treasures that lie in this great continent with its diamonds, minerals, resources, jewels and gold, so lies a treasure of souls just as varied—of many colors, faiths and creeds. It is dark on the outside, but inside they wait for the light of love.

309. Do not let the vastness of this continent intimidate you, and do not let the magnitude of the job frighten your faith. There is an opportunity attached to every obstacle and challenge, as My humble man of faith, Livingstone, found out. He pioneered not only the land and hearts of Africa, but he pioneered a continent of opportunities. Where there were jungles and enemies and beasts, he saw the opportunity for Me to work in the hearts of the natives; he saw the opportunity of supply, the opportunity of protection, and so he paved the road to victory.

310. He was not like the shoe salesman who went to Africa and saw everyone walking barefoot and wrote back‚ "No business to be found here. No one wears shoes!" He went home, missing the opportunity. But the land and the hearts of the people await for your arrival‚ as they did the other shoe salesman who exclaimed upon arriving in Africa, "Send all the shoes you can; everybody needs them! The opportunities are limitless!"

311. So I set before you limitless oppor­tunities‚ My child. But do not forget that you are the master of these opportunities, the work and all that there is to do. Do not let the need be your master, for it will only lessen your effectiveness and wear you out and usurp your time with Me‚ if you give in to the press of all there is to do.

312. I have only given you so many hours in the day because I know that that is enough and that you do not need more. I gave you so many hours of night for rest and sleep, although many think it too much. But I made it that way on purpose, because that is the balance and exactly what you need. The day and the night are perfectly balanced, otherwise I would have made 20 hours of day for man to work and four hours of night for rest. So when the night comes, put away your work and lay down with Me to rest in My arms so that I may refill you with the strength, love and grace you need for your work in the day.

313. Like Livingstone‚ go out and look at the horizon, the plains in the distance, the beauty of the waterfalls, the grandeur of the creation, the lakes‚ the sunrise, sunset‚ the splendor of the mountains, and hear My voice. He spent a lot of time in this way, and that was why he was able to conquer so much territory and accomplish so much. Though he was one man on enemy territory, among harsh conditions and many dangers, yet his fame was spread abroad.

314. More will be wrought by the power of your prayers, more battles won in the Heaven­lies, more protection and supply given through this channel than the work of your hands or your sweat. You will have to go slower to get more done as you stop to counsel with Me‚ ask Me, confer and wait for the answers.

315. Do not fear and do not worry about success or failure. Only come to Me, because within Me lies success. You have nothing to fear, for where darkness abounds, My light shines so much brighter. Though you may not be able to see very far ahead of you because of the darkness, yet I will give you the light you need to see immediately in front of your feet so that you will not trip over any rocks and roots in the way. This same light will not only light your path but will cause the darkness to yield and draw back and recede before you as you walk forward by faith. Always remember that this darkness is fearful of the light and trembles before you, though at the same time it would appear menacing and cause you to even fear for your life. So go forth in faith, knowing that every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon will be a step to victory. (End of message from Jesus.)

The Gift of Wisdom

316. (Jesus speaking:) My precious love, I give you a gift as you embark on this new mission for Me. Thank you, My love, for taking up your cross and following Me whithersoever I will take you. I will lead you in pleasant paths. They will be pleasant for you, for they will be in lands that you love, in lands you have long felt for deep within your heart. I take you to the land of your desires and I give you a special gift to take with you.

317. I have given you many gifts—the gift of love, the gift of faith and of peace—and now I add to them the gift of wisdom, for you will need much wisdom and much discerning of spirits in the missions I have for you in the future. So I will give you this gift now, that you might hone it‚ by seeking Me for it. I give you this gift freely, but you must do your part in coming to Me and receiving it. The receiving of it comes in seeking Me in prayer. As you look to Me, as you come to Me and wait in quietness‚ I will pour forth My gift of wisdom mightily, that you may be able to pour forth answers to those who seek your counsel.

318. Give Me the credit and the glory for this marvelous gift that I will pour forth upon you in great measure‚ and use it fully. It is there for you, so embrace it and let it supplement your other gifts, My love. You see yourself as being so little, so nothing, even so stupid sometimes, but you are none of these in My eyes. In My sight you are great, for you humble yourself before Me. You are somebody very special, for I can use you as you yield to Me time and time again. Through your much yielding you have become supple and of great value to Me, and this has made you great in My eyes.

319. You are not stupid, nor do you lack the power to figure things out, nor are you in­capable of anything, as long as I am with you. This is why I have promised you this precious gift of wisdom, so that with this gift‚ you will no longer feel inferior in intellect nor in decision-making, but you will have great clarity of thought and will be able to choose wisely what must be done. You will have the reassurance that I will use this gift as you call on Me, and through it I will guide you.

320. I love you, My precious one. Continue in My love and continue to use My gift of love as well‚ and all the other gifts too. I will be with you in all your ways, as we journey to this distant land where you will bring forth much, much fruit for Me. I love you! (End of message from Jesus)

321. (Mama:) This gift of wisdom is available for all of us, my dear ones. Like the Lord says, the receiving of it comes in seeking Him in prayer. As you go to Him and wait in quietness, He will pour forth His gift of wisdom so you can have the answers you need!

The Power of Jesus' Name!

322. (Jesus speaking: ) Lisa, My beautiful, radiant bride, I love you and draw you close to My bosom. I cherish you and am so proud of you for going on this mission to bring My love to My lost children in Africa. I'm proud of you that you are trusting Me in spite of your fears and anxieties.

323. Know this, that I will never leave you or forsake you, no matter how dark things may seem about you, no matter if you have to stand up to Satan himself! I will be by you and in you, and he will be no match for you. He will always back down. For greater am I in you than any demon, imp‚ or hinderer that you may ­encounter.

324. And, My love, you will encounter them. For although the children of Africa are eager for My love and truth, they have yielded to the sprits of darkness for many years, and these spirits are not going to peacefully or willingly hand over their territory. There will be many fights in the spirit, but I remind you that all the demons in Hell tremble at the Name of Jesus!

325. My Name is powerful! My Spirit is mighty! I have promised to always be with you. So at all times you have this mighty, powerful Spirit with you. So stand fast in My Name and let My Spirit dwell richly in you, and succumb not to the spirit of fear—for Satan's only power is in fear.

326. Your heart and your flesh may fail, but My Spirit will never fail you. Claim the verse "I will not be moved." Because although your flesh may fail or tremble with fear, your spirit can be trusting. So be not condemned if your flesh fails you; that is not an indication of your trust or faith.

327. Worry not about this small admonition, for it is a small thing in comparison to the blessings and victories I have in store for you. Yet I would that you be forewarned, so when these things come upon you, you will be forearmed and prepared. The Enemy will not be able to tempt you that these things have come upon you because you have displeased Me. To the contrary, I am well pleased and he is the one that is displeased.

328. But more important than the works of the Enemy are the glorious victories I have in store for you! The work in Africa is going to be monumental! You have no idea how vast and far-reaching your mission will be. So, My love, fear not a thing, for I am going to be more to you and for you than your wildest dreams could imagine!

329. You are on the cutting edge as far as Millennial prep goes. You will have a small glimpse of what it will be like when I come to rule the Earth with My children as ambassadors of love ruling and reigning with Me. In that time I will have the final say. But now you may find yourself working with the ungodly who are corrupt. You will also work with those who want improvement for their people but don't know how. There will be others that are jealous of your work and your great success. So in all cases you will need to come to Me for wise counsel and direction, for I am the discerner of the intents of the heart.

330. This is not a problem for Me, nor is anything else you encounter a problem for Me. All you need to do is stay close to Me, love Me, hear from Me, and trust what I say. You will do just fine, My little dove, My love. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

331. (Mama:) Praise the Lord! As you can see from reading the above messages, the Lord has a tremendous plan and program for Africa! Though we don't know all the details yet, as we follow Him step by step, He's promised to do mighty and wonderful things! And by the sounds of how the Enemy is going to be fighting and trying to stop us, it sounds to me like our presence there is already making quite an impact‚ tearing souls out of the darkness into the Lord's truth and light!

332. Please keep Lisa in your prayers as she embarks on her new mission for the Lord‚ that of heading up the African work and being a blessing to you, our Family in Africa, as well as helping to provide more tools and the help needed to reach the millions of people who need Jesus' simple message of love‚ hope and salvation.

Commendation to

African VS Teams

333. The three prophecies which follow were given for our VS teams in Africa. God bless all of our VSs, who are willing to sacrifice their own plans and programs in order to travel from Home to Home‚ visiting and helping in whatever way they can. They carry a great load, and the Lord has great rewards for them!

334. (Jesus speaking: ) These dear ones have given their hearts and lives to Me, and I have given them a special mission of selflessness, a mission of compassion and understanding. I have required much of them and have asked certain personal sacrifices of them in ­order to do this job‚ and they have graciously accepted, although it has not been without tears and personal sacrifice. I will greatly reward them for this.

335. These who travel from Home to Home are not only responsible to tend to‚ minister to and encourage My precious Family, but they are also called to minister to the lowly and the needy, the hungry ones who are not yet within My fold. So they bear a double weight, but they bear this weight gladly. For there is so much need about them on every side that they are pressed and their candles are made to burn fast and furiously. They wish to give off as much light as possible, and they burn their own hopes and dreams and desires in order to let My light shine through.

336. My sweet ones, I have seen the difficulties that you have endured for My sake, for the sake of My work and My Family. Though you love to help others and to visit My Family and be of whatever assistance you can, still there are the trials and tribulations that beset you, which you must fight through and overcome. There are also physical dangers which push you to a greater closeness and dependence on Me.

337. This can become tiring at times, and you wish you could put it all aside and relax and rest. However‚ there is so much to do, and the rest and relaxation that you seek cannot be found in the physical realm. For the time of harvest is now, and the night cometh when no man can work. Come to Me and rest in My arms, and I will give you reprieve from your labors. And when you do, I will give you a glimpse of the reward and the joys that I am preparing for you even now for your diligent service and deep love.

338. I see the desire and longing with which you look out upon the African continent, the passion that burns in your souls to see the souls of men converted and won to My Kingdom, the sacrifice that pushes you to give your very life on this field. These are priceless riches and treasures in My sight, and I promise I will more than repay all that you have given out. I will repay you in ways which you cannot dream, through avenues and means which your mind cannot fathom. I will take the deepest desires of your heart and soul, and weave them together in unmatched beauty and hitherto unseen pleasures. Then upon the day of your arrival in My Heavenly Kingdom, I will present you with this token of My love—a token that will cause your eyes to widen and fill them to overflowing with tears of happiness and gratefulness.

339. So press on, My dear ones! Look not at the present or at the current difficulties, but look at the future. Look at the rewards that await you. Trust My promises unto you. Hang on by faith and know that you are precious brides and valuable instruments in My hand. I will not leave you nor forsake you. To the contrary, I will increase My anointing upon you. For I now raise the banner and the standard of My Gospel in the land of Africa, and I count on you as key players in the spiritual takeover of this continent. Share the joy! Share the love! Share the encouragement! Share the inspiration! Share My promises with My Family everywhere, so that their candles may also be renewed and re-lit with the white-hot flame of My Spirit, that they too may be the greatest possible witnesses, burning fervently to bring many, yea many, into My Heavenly Kingdom.

340. So do not think yourself small or insignificant or useless. Though you look at your faults, failings and shortcomings, I look upon your heart. And in these hearts of yours I see a hot flame burning, and with these flames I will do great things. As you continue to replenish your supply of wax and wick by immersing yourselves in My Word and allowing My strength to complement your weakness, you will burn and burn‚ and never will My light in you go out! (End of message from Jesus.)

Seeing the Need for Each Other

—The Melting Process!

341. (Mama:) VSing is a big job and one that requires a great deal of dependence upon the Lord, as well as unity with the other VSs on your team. In the following two messages, the Lord touches on the topics of unity; realizing and admitting your weaknesses; appreciating the strengths of your teamworkers; giving up your own mindsets and ideas; exhibiting willing­ness‚ affection and love to all who need it; the importance of flexibility and availability; the dangers of relying on what has worked in the past rather than going to the Lord for fresh instruction and counsel‚ and the strength of humility and meekness.

342. There are priceless words of counsel for all in this message from our wonderful Husband. And it's going to take each one of us living these Words in order to become the fitly joined together tool that the Lord wants us to be.

343. (Jesus speaking: ) My brides‚ I have called you together for a time that I might use your variety of gifts, talents, strengths and weaknesses to teach each of you many things.

344. On your own, each of you is a precious jewel, created and polished by Me to give much joy, much light‚ much truth to others. Each of you is a strong, loyal, dedicated disciple‚ one who I know would do anything for Me, and would give anything I ask for the sake of My Family and of the people of Africa. Your hearts are beautiful and golden, radiating with My pure love.

345. Yet I would make of you an even more beautiful creation. Each of you is as a block of solid gold—beautiful, yet on its own somewhat lacking in form and shape. What I'm doing is melting down each of you, for I want your own selves, your own spirits, your own ways of doing things to be merged together. Once I've melted you all down, I will have a very large pot of pure refined gold with which I can make an innumerable variety of beautiful and useful items.

346. While each bar is being melted down, there are some rough edges, some sharp corners, some unpleasant protrusions‚ which push and jostle one against the other. This is unpleasant at the moment, but all a part of the refining process, the purifying process, the process of making you into what I want you to be.

347. It takes time to become a team fitly joined together. It takes time to melt and mold into one unit, rather than separate ones. This melting down does not happen of its own accord. Your yieldedness is needed, as well as your realization that this is what I'm doing.

348. You all have weaknesses, you all have lacks. No one has reached the point where they can say they have arrived, they have learned what they need to learn in their relationship with Me, with their mate, with their co-workers, with their children, with their Home, with their sheep, with their field. But if the heart is right, all else can be right also. I know that each of you wants to do what's best for the field, for the sheep, and for My work. Now search a little deeper and see if you're also willing to give up some of your own ways, your own ideas‚ your own mind­sets, in order to reach this goal.

349. It's more than faithful service that I ask. It's even more than the following of My Words, or the fulfilling of the law‚ or the doing of the things that I have asked. It's more than preaching the message of My Gospel that I ask of you. I ask for your hearts, your wills, your whole selves. I ask your willingness to do whatever I ask, with whomever I ask. I ask your affection, your giving of your love and your time to Me, your Lord and Husband. I also ask that you give your affection, your understanding‚ your compassion, your tenderness, your kindness and sympathy‚ to one another. I ask that you support one another and love one another, even when it's difficult.

350. Because each of you is weak and lacking in some areas, you should realize through this that you need each other. The older need the younger; the stronger need the weaker; the more energetic need the slower; the reserved need the outgoing; the unorthodox need the organized; the carefree need the careful; the ­fiery need the calm—and vice versa.

351. When you see the weaknesses of ­others, or what you perceive to be weaknesses, then turn around and look at yourself. Search your own heart and ask what areas you are weak in that the other is strong in. Then you will better understand why they're not strong in the area that you may be strong in. It's because I've made you so that you will have to depend not on yourself, and not even only on Me‚ but on each other as well.

352. It's the day of the weak, and in order for you to show yourself weak and thus be able to receive all that I have to give, you have to admit that not only are you so weak that you need Me, but you are so weak that you need others. It requires more humility to admit this. You all want My help, the help of the omni­potent, almighty God—that's hardly a question. But to admit to yourself that you're so weak that you need the help of another weak, lacking, faulty, stumbling human being, that is a true admission of weakness. Yet through this humility comes great strength.

353. It is strength of spirit that I seek—not strength of character, strength of tradition, strength of your own personality‚ or strength of your ways and methods of operation. Your true strength in this new day will lie in your flexibility, your availability, your leaving yourself open to Me and to My fresh‚ living Words; being ready to receive whatever I tell you, whether it seems to you to be best or not.

354. You cannot lean on your own under­standing, your own reasoning, nor even the training and experience that you have gained or that has worked before. I use all these things, and I bring the experiences of the past into your thought processes so that you may reflect and ponder and consider different ways, based on the various experiences each of you has had. But you cannot find a certain nor safe answer with­in your experiences or habits or training alone. You can only find certain and safe ­answers by coming to Me and receiving My counsel and confirmations on your decisions and plans.

355. You're on dangerous territory—territory that has been controlled by the Enemy for a long time. You are part of a special forces operation, one in which every decision or action has repercussions greater than you realize at the moment. Therefore you can't afford the luxury of entertaining wrong moves or decisions. You can't afford to make decisions based on your own thinking or reasoning. You can't ­afford to make moves that will hurt your loved ones‚ others on your team, or cause them to stumble and slip because of your carelessness, lack of love and consideration. There will be blunders and slip-ups, but your heart and spirit must at least stay on course, following the things I've shown you, the things that you know you must do.

356. Learn from Me the strength of humility and meekness, for I am meek and lowly in heart. I am understanding, gentle, tolerant, and patient. These are virtues that you need, not only in your working together, but above and beyond that, you will need them in working in this mission field and sticking it out long enough to make the work prosper and flourish and grow as I would have it.

357. So take heed to My counsel. Step aside from your own mindset and let Me show you things through My eyes. Let My ways become your ways, and let My Words dwell in you and fill you to overflowing. Thus will you be able to overcome the obstacles that have fallen on your path, to climb over them, helping each other as you go. You will be the stronger and better for it, and through this time of breaking, melting and molding, I will make of you—individually and collectively—a better tool. (End of message from Jesus.)

Counsel, Prayer and Prophecy!

358. (Jesus speaking:) As long as you keep progressing in spirit, you will keep progressing in your work and in your ventures and pioneering and witnessing as well. But pioneering and prospering in your work doesn't necess­arily guar­antee that you are progressing in spirit. If you neglect your time with Me and neglect to work on strengthening the areas that you are weak in, then even your successful work, as well-intentioned as it might be, will fall short of being all that it could be.

359. This is the day of moving according to My Spirit. It's the day of leaning on Me and not on yourself. It's the day of hearing and following My voice. It's the day of listening to others, of working in unity and harmony with others. It's the day of needing and desperately depending on Me‚ and needing and depending on each other.

360. I call each of you to enter into a closer bond of teamworking and unity. There are times when you are out on your own when you must make snap decisions—based on prayer and pro­phecy, of course, but without the opportunity of being able to counsel with your team­workers. But whenever you are together, or at least have one partner with you, it's essential that you take each other into all your counsels and confidence, that you be sure that you're in agreement together before each new proceeding or venture. This is a part of your training—training in going slow, in seeking Me prayerfully, in weighing each matter carefully, being willing to see all sides and receive all possible input.

361. Even in hearing from Me‚ you must realize that I often give a part of each message through different channels and sources. On major matters‚ one message from Me alone will often not contain every aspect‚ every part of the picture. But if you all pray and hear from Me together, or each one individually and then convene to interpret and balance the messages, you will reach the complete picture.

362. It may puzzle you why I choose to work in this way, why I can't just give you one mess­age and then that's all you need from then on. I do this to teach you to form good habits and to keep you coming to Me at every turn, to keep you desperate at every stage. I also do it to teach you to work with others. One of the main ­reasons for this is because it's good for your hu­mility.

363. If you could get all the answers from Me yourself, if you could make all the wise decisions without counseling with others, in time you would get lifted up in pride. You'd be tempted to begin thinking that it was your own self, something of your own doing, or perhaps that I had blessed you a little more than others, or cared about you a little more‚ or that you were more important to Me, or to your shepherds or your sheep.

364. I must keep you humble, because I can only work through humble channels. One of My favorite ways of keeping you humble is by helping you see that you need others. You all need each other. You're a team I have created for My glory, and the way you can best give Me the glory is by operating in unity and in prayerful counsel together, seeking Me at every turn and acknowledging Me, as well as each other‚ in all your ways.

365. If you do these things, you will prosper all the more. It will not slow you down‚ as you might fear. Rather it will speed up progress, because I will be able to bless you even more. I bless those that follow My counsel. I bless those that stop to hear My voice. I bless those that walk in humility. I bless those who walk in unity. I bless those who speak up and say the things that I show them. I bless those who are willing to listen and take heed to the things that I show them through others. (End of message from Jesus.)

366. (Mama:) Thank the Lord for all that won­derful counsel‚ and for the promises of His pro­tection and guidance. If you just remember one thing from this GN, remember the Lord and Dad's ad­monitions to check in with the Lord at every step, and to not make a move without confirming it with Him in prophecy first. If you do that, then He'll be able to lead you, protect you and keep you safe, happy and fruitful, ­under the shadow of His wings. I love you!

Love, Mama

Reading List on Security

367. P.S. Following are the Letters and other pubs references on security that I mentioned earlier. Please take the time to read them and pray about the recommendations therein for your sake and the Lord's work's sake. Thanks! These are vital for you Homes in Africa, although Homes in many other Third World fields might benefit from reviewing some of these pubs as well. God bless and keep you all! And He will, as you do your part!

(Note: Although you may not have printed copies of some of these older pubs, most of them are available on your HomeARC CDs.)

?"What To Do in a Robbery" (ML #2244, DB7, pg.430)

?Heavenly Security—Part 1 (FSM 119, pg.14-28)

?Heavenly Security—Part 2 (FSM 126)

?Held at Knifepoint (FSM 198, pg.9)

?Security Check (LWG3, pg.158)

?The Home Security Test (WND 359)