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Mama's Memos--No.8

Karen Zerby

By MariaMaria #476 CM/FM 3231 1/99


1. Poor manners when visiting other Family Homes

2. Nutrition for PG and nursing mothers on poor fields

3. Why there is more sickness in the Family now

4. The need for shepherding

5. Australians, Advance!

Poor Manners When Visiting
Other Family Homes

1. I'm sure you've read in the Grapevine a few of the sad stories we've published from Homes who've taken in Family visitors, only to find that they weren't very appreciative or grateful for their sacrifice. Worse yet, some folks have prac­tically demanded to be chauffeured around, or expected to have their children watched by the Home which has so graciously taken them in.

2. Reports have continued to come in on this topic, so I asked the Lord for a message to share with all of you, and Dad had something to say about this situation. As you can im­agine, he's not very pleased with the lack of love and respect that this bad sample shows. Those of you who are guilty, please take this to heart!—And I'm sure that the rest of us can benefit from this counsel and improve our consideration and appreciation skills in this area. Please do, okay?

3. (Dad speaking:) Recently there've been quite a few Homes who are fed up and frustrated with the unchristian behavior of other Family members who request to visit their Home because they're passing through, either on their way some­where or needing to take care of business. It's understandable that they'd ask for help, and we should be willing to open our doors to our own brethren when they need a helping hand and a place to stay for a few hours or even a few days‚ when at all possible.

4. I think most of our Family Homes have been willing to do this and have shown a loving, helpful attitude to others and have tried to do whatever they could to help people out, at least from what I've seen. But I've also noticed that in spite of some Homes being willing to open their doors to traveling Family members, including their brood of kids and young people, that the visitors haven't been very loving‚ considerate, or appreciative of their hospitality.

5. Some have said they were going to stay for a few days and ended up staying for a few weeks, without hardly consulting with their hosts about it‚ and just expecting that they would be fine. Now I realize that things come up and you may sometimes have to stay longer than you expected. If you discuss it with your hosts and it's not a problem for them, or at least not too big a burden, that's one thing. But if you expect to stick around without talking it over and making sure it's okay, that's another thing. And if it's not okay, you'd better move out to a hotel or a campground or somewhere. And if you do visit another Home, especially for more than a few days, if at all possible you should offer a financial gift or some kind of assistance. It's costing them to put you up, so it's only loving and appreciative to help repay some of their expenses.

6. Some visiting Family members treat their hosting Home as if they're their servants! They expect to be taken care of by the Home, when it should be the opposite. The visitor is in debt to the hosting Home—especially if you‚ as the visitor, have requested to be taken in for whatever reason. It's one thing to be invited and entreated to please come for a visit, in which case the host usually wants to take care of you, to serve you and make you feel welcome. But when you are the one entreating and asking if you can stay at another Home‚ then the obligation is on you as the uninvited guest to do all you can to make yourself welcome. And the way you make yourself a welcome guest—not one that every­body can hardly wait to get rid of—is by going out of your way to show the hosting Home that you appreciate them opening their door to you and your kids.

7. You have to go out of your way to make sure the hosting Home and all its members know that you're grateful that they're cooking for you and sharing their food with you; that they're sharing their bed or their couch or their living room floor with you; that they're sharing their hot water, and they've chosen to suffer some inconvenience to their schedule because you're there. And for heaven's sake, don't add to their inconvenience by borrowing things from them and not returning them‚ or returning them broken and not paying for them. Please have more love for the brethren you're staying with, and treat them as you'd like to be treated if you were in their shoes!

8. We're all one Family and we've all been taught to give to others and to help people, but no one should take that as a right to impose on other Homes to the point that you become a burden instead of a blessing. If you're a visitor in another Home, especially if you're a self-invited visitor, you have a responsibility as a Christian, as a loving, considerate Family member, to be a blessing. It's a sacrifice for a Home to take you in, even if they're loving and sweet about it. Just put yourself in their shoes and see how you'd like to be treated, and do your best to treat them with consideration and love.

9. You should be bending over backwards to make yourself so easy to have around that they'll wish for you to come back again. You should be volunteering to wash the dishes, or get your kids to wash'm and clean up after ­every meal for the Home. Volunteer to do the cooking, to do the shopping‚ to clean the living room or the bathroom. Help with the laundry or with the other children in the Home.

10. The visitors should be offering to do things in the Home to make it easier for the Home to have them there. They should not only be willing to offer a gift to help cover expenses the Home incurs for them, but clean up after themselves and leave things nice. They should be willing to be cheerful, loving and considerate in their behavior, to make sure their kids and teens are being good samples and not running wild and being a burden. When you're the visitor, it just takes applying common sense and common courtesy. If you do, people will welcome you back. But if you don't, you probably won't be welcomed back again!

11. Visitors, you can't just sit around and expect people to take care of you! You can't just leave your messes around and expect people to feel like cleaning up after you! And you can't do things that offend your hosting Home if you want to be able to visit any more Homes. You've got to use common sense and understand that when you visit a Home, you must behave like good visitors who are loving and considerate.

12. It certainly wouldn't hurt to do your best to show your appreciation with a little gift or a kind gesture of some sort—either doing the cooking, mowing the lawn, taking care of the kids, or something to show'm that you're appreciative and thankful. The more appreciation people feel‚ the more they'll feel like giving to you in return. But if people feel like you're just taking advantage of them and their things, they're not going to feel like giving to you or to other Family members in the future, and that's very sad.

13. In such a case, you as the hosting Home should have the conviction to lovingly but firmly remind your visitors of this GN, if they're not abiding by our Family guidelines. I know that may be difficult‚ but what if your visitors aren't aware that their behavior is putting a strain on the Home, or they're just not being prayerful enough? It's the duty of the hosting Home to let them know—nicely, of course—that they need to be more mindful of their manners and to be more considerate. That'll help'm to pull up their socks! We're all a Family, and we're supposed to help our brothers and sisters, amen?

14. So please be wise visitors and invest wisely in the love and consideration and appreciation you show to those you visit‚ and it'll return to you many times over! (End of mess­age from Dad.)

Nutrition for PG and Nursing
Mothers on Poor Fields

15. (Mama:) We trust that the information that has been published in the FSM on "Nutrition in Pregnancy," as well as in the "Ask-a-Midwife" Grapevine column‚ has been a blessing to you PG and nursing moms in helping you know how to take good care of yourselves and your little ones. We received the following question from a concerned woman in Eastern ­Europe regarding the counsel given in FSM 313:

16. I had been praying for more pubs with information on pregnancy and childbirth. Although I have no children of my own, I like childcare a lot. Also, living in Eastern Europe, I have lots of friends—other nationals—that don't know too much about childcare either, and with all the new families and new Homes opening, it's not always possible to have an experienced mommy around to help.

17. I especially appreciate the counsel given on exercise‚ as well as other things that everyone can easily apply. However, a big part of the counsel on nutrition during pregnancy couldn't possibly apply to Homes on the field like the one I live in. I understand that there are Homes where there is a variety of foods available, and in such situations the mother should make an effort to eat the most nutritional ones and get the very best. But there are Homes where it simply is not possible—not because the Home is not doing the job, but because the field is extremely poor.

18. From reading this pub you get the impression that having the right amount of protein, etc., is a "must‚" or else you will have a sick or even handicapped child, or a very hard delivery. If I get pregnant I wouldn't want to read the pub again, because it'll make me worry too much. I love the field that I work in and I'll probably stay on here, and I don't want to be afraid of getting pregnant or of having a baby.

19. Many of the foods that it talks about are foods that I have never heard of, and probably even if we would manage to find a replacement for them, it would take around half of our budget. This would not only be unfair to the rest of the Home, but it would be impossible. We don't buy extras, so there is nothing to cut from our budget.

20. We provision lots of potatoes, which we eat for breakfast, lunch‚ and dinner. We are, nevertheless, a happy Home on a fruitful field. We managed to make a PG budget, but this in no way could cover all of what "Nutrition in Pregnancy" suggests. Our dear sister is six months pregnant with her first baby‚ and she is scared because she cannot live up to that high standard of nutrition, although she has protein in all her meals and snacks, she gets her milk‚ eggs, etc.

21. (Mama:) God bless you dear missionary mommies who are giving your lives for the Lord on the field and bearing and raising your children there, even though conditions may be far from ideal. The counsel that was put forth in the "Nutrition in Pregnancy" FSM was the ideal, but I realize that circumstances don't always permit being able to put it all into practice, as on poorer fields those things either just aren't available or are too expensive. In some cases there may be a local substitute available, or the Lord could raise up a special way to get the things you need. But in other cases you may have tried everything you can and still not be able to reach the high nutritional standard laid out in the FSM.

22. I'm sure that the following message from the Lord will encourage and comfort those of you who are worried about not being able to get all the ideal nutritious foods mentioned in that FSM. The Lord promises that if you're doing all you can, then if you pray and trust Him‚ He will keep and protect your baby. He will help you and your children be just as healthy as if you were on a richer field and were able to get all the ideal vitamins and nutrition, because you are doing His will!

23. (Jesus speaking:) I'm the expert at creat­ing a new life. I know just what to do to make sure the little baby is created to perfection‚ with all his fingers and toes, with a strong mind and healthy body—this is My business! I delight in creating life!

24. No matter what your circumstances, whether you're on a poor mission field preaching the Gospel and giving My love to the ­hungry sheep, or in a richer country, I am still the One Who will nurture and strengthen and help the baby grow as you put your trust in Me.

25. Those who have little financial support and must rely on provisioning their food and needs—even if it's only bread or potatoes for breakfast—and don't have the advantage of lots of extra protein or the greater variety of foods that other countries have, need not worry that this means your little baby will suffer for it.

26. I say to you who are on poor mission fields, sacrificing and giving your lives to save the lost, that I will more than repay, and I will provide all that your baby needs to grow strong and healthy. I will provide for you and your baby, even if you can't eat all the recommended foods according to the book. If you just do your best and try to have as good a diet as you can, I will do the miracles and the things that you can't do. I will give your baby the strength, health and good development that it needs for My glory.

27. I will not leave you comfortless, My dear mothers-to–be who are giving your all for Me on the poor mission fields of the world. I will not forget you and the care of your little ones. I am not only the God of those who have the opportunity to take advantage of a large variety of good nutritious foods, but I am the God of all My mothers and mothers-to-be everywhere, and I will care for you who are giving your all for Me and preaching the Gospel to the poor and needy.

28. If you can obtain the recommended nutritious foods during pregnancy to help you and your baby stay strong and healthy, this is good, and you should do that; but if you can't afford them or can't get them, then don't worry that you and your baby will suffer for it. As you continue to pray and trust Me and do what you can for the sake of your growing baby, then I will do all the things that you can't do. I will provide the vitamins and minerals and good nutrition in the foods that you eat and I will multiply them and make them beneficial to you.

29. Do not fear, for I am greater than any circumstances or conditions, and I will keep you strong and healthy as you continue to serve Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

30. (Mama: ) When one of our European CROs read this memo before it was published, she commented:

31. Despite the seeming drawbacks on some of these poorer fields‚ we have received many testimonies of how the Lord is taking wonderful care of His mothers and children, and many healthy and beautiful babies have been born in these Eastern European countries. They are now growing up to be lively, smart and loving little children‚ as their families faithfully teach them to love Jesus and others!—A living proof that Jesus cares for His Own!

32. (Mama:) Here's another testimony which some­one brought to our mind. This is just one of the many miracle births which have taken place in our Family! If we were to print them all, we'd need a lot more space than we have available in this GN!

33. (From Mercy:) When Annie‚ Francis and I were in Surinam in 1980, we got caught in a the middle of a military coup and were stuck there for six months before we were able to get out with our kids. During that time, Annie was pregnant. While we were there‚ our diet was basically rice and beans three times a day, and sometimes just rice. When it was just rice, the kids would pray over Annie's bowl, asking the Lord to fill it with all the necessary vitamins for Annie and the baby. We constantly prayed for her pregnancy and the baby.

34. When she gave birth, it was quite a miracle. We had made our way to the ­Virgin Islands just a few weeks before the baby was born. The baby came a few weeks late and he was a healthy 9 pounds plus‚ and the labor and delivery was so smooth that Annie never made it to the hospital, as the baby was born right there in the clinic while we were waiting for the ambulance to arrive! It was one of the most inspiring, miracle births I was able to be part of. Praise the Lord!

Why There Is More Sickness
In The Family Now

35. (Mama:) I recently received a letter from one of our young VS women in which she posed the following question:

36. Lately more than ever in visitation, the following question has come up in conver­sations: Why is it that so many more people in the Family suffer from sicknesses (terminal and otherwise) than before? And is there a reason that the death rate has gone up considerably in the last three years?

37. (Mama:) When we brought this question to the Lord, He answered with the following message‚ which I believe you will find interesting and encouraging.

38. (Jesus speaking:) As the Last Days approach and the days of Tribulation are being prepared, so will the world reap the results of their waywardness‚ and so will they see more and more afflictions outpoured. They hold fast to their faith in medicine and their faith in their scientists to develop the technology to cure their many diseases. Even so will I allow their cures to fail and their scientists to find nothing, in ­order to bring many to a point of decision to either receive My salvation and the ultimate healing of their afflictions both in body and spirit, or to go the way of their disbelief and suffering.

39. These things must come before the End is here, and I will allow yet further disease and afflictions to be released upon the world. As the good shepherd gives his life for the sheep, so will some of My precious children suffer the afflictions of the world because they are in the world. Some will be touched with the afflictions of the world because they live among the sick who they minister to, those who are not only suffering spiritual weakness and need My healing for their spirits, but who are also suffering physical diseases. As some of My children will die for My sake when the days of Tribulation come, as a witness and testimony to many, even so am I preparing the way before My children. There will be some suffering of the body in the days to come, and just as you handle the suffering of the body today and find peace and comfort in My arms, so will you find the same peace and strength and comfort in those days.

40. So fear not the afflictions of the body, and fear not that some have to go through times of sickness. Some I will take Home to My everlasting arms. But know that your suffering is much less than those of the world who have no comforter and no deliverer.

41. If I have chosen you to be a testimony through your sickness—a testimony of your faith in My Word for a better world to come, a voice to speak of a world that will one day be free of all sickness and pain—then be a good witness for Me and let Me use you to prepare the way for those who cannot see for themselves. I use those who suffer afflictions today to be witnesses of their love for Me to those around them. But I will also use some, who I will bring Home to Heaven, in an even greater way, as they work from behind the scenes to minister to you, My precious children on Earth, to help as your spirit helpers and guides in the days to come.

42. Sometimes sickness is a reaping of the consequences of having defiled your body, the temple of My Spirit. But even this is ultimately for your good and the good of others. Your infirmities draw you nigh to Me and to your brethren, and they are a testimony to others of your faith in the midst of affliction‚ your patience, perseverance and trust despite the pain. And when the sickness has run its course‚ I either heal you as a testimony to My mighty power or I draw you Home to Me, the best healing of all, for eternity!

43. So fear not sickness, for it works together for good, both in drawing My children closer to Me, being a testimony to the lost, and in bringing the wayward to a point of decision. (End of message from Jesus)

The Need for Shepherding

44. (Mama:) I've heard that some people in the Family—especially certain young people—feel that they've grown out of the need for shep­herding. Apparently they feel that after so many years of being shepherded, they should be able to take care of themselves‚ make their own choices, and live their lives without any help, counsel, or what they might consider "inter­ference" from anyone.

45. It's true that under the Charter the Lord has given you all the opportunity to operate according to your own faith, but you still need help‚ counsel and instruction from others to help you find the Lord's will and follow it. In the following message, the Lord explains why all of us need shepherding, no matter how old we get, and no matter how many years of shep­herding we've had. He also talks about what a true shepherd means, and how He wants us to use the new weapon of prophecy as a means of receiving personal shepherding from Him.

46. (Jesus speaking: ) He that is humble knows not that he is humble. And he that thinks that he is humble enough and has arrived is in need of humility. He that thinks he is capable and doesn't need help from anyone will not go very far, and will not accomplish as much as the person who acknowledges that he needs help, and taps into the abilities and knowledge and strength of others. He that thinks he is mature and wise and knows all that he needs to know is not yet mature or wise, but in need of learning.

47. There are none who are good in themselves. There are none who are all-sufficient, all–knowing, all-capable. All are in need of Me, and all continue to learn. No matter what your age, whether you're 14 or 40, you are still learning, progressing, and maturing in some area of your life. You should be moving forward and growing, continuing to change, revoluting and following the movement of My Spirit.

48. As you grow and mature in one area and learn the lessons and win the victories that I have for you in that area, you can then turn around and guide another and pass on the things that you've learned. The lessons you learn will depend on your age‚ your experiences, your needs, and My will. But you will never reach the age where there's no more to learn, no more progress to be made, or no more wisdom to be gained.

49. The easiest way to learn is from the mistakes and experiences of others—from the maturity, the skill, the training, the anointing and the spirituality of those around you—your shepherds. This doesn't depend upon your age, and it doesn't even depend upon the title of ­shepherd, because everyone has someone who is their ­elder in the Lord, someone who they can look up to and learn from and follow their example.

50. When I speak of shepherds, I do not speak of perfection or of spiritual giants. I speak of those who love Me and you and ­others, and are laying down their lives for the sake of My work. I speak of those who love My Word and love to hear from Me, and obey what I tell them to do. I speak of those who strive to live within the guidelines of the Charter that I have set down and established‚ making it a Love Charter in deed and in truth rather than a set of laws and traditions. These are the shepherds, elders, parents, guides and teachers I speak of here.

51. You can learn the fast way by yielding to your shepherds' guidance, or you can learn the slow way by resisting it. You can progress quickly by accepting and yielding, or you can move along at a snail's pace by refusing and digging your heels in and hardly budging. You can let the fire of My Spirit change you and sweep you along quickly by getting on board and believing and receiving‚ or you can remain just as you are, set in your own ways. He who thinks he needs nothing is in need of much, but he who strives for more and more will be filled and given more.

52. Your shepherds are there for you, to love you and help you. They're there to serve you. They've been called and anointed by My Spirit to be shepherds to My children. Even though you might think that you don't need shep­herding because you're not a child anymore and you should be able to do as you please with the wisdom and anointing I've given you, the fact of the matter is that everyone needs shepherding at some time in their lives—some more than others, depending on how much they've learned and how yielded‚ believing, receiving and accepting they are to the lessons of My Spirit.

53. All are in need of shepherding and all benefit from loving shepherding—from the young­­est babe in the Family to My precious queen, who I personally shepherd. Husbands and wives need to be shepherded. Shepherds need shepherding from other shepherds. Children need guidance. Older people need help. Young people need instruction. Living means learning, growing, and progressing‚ and once you've learned and progressed in one area, you move on to another and another‚ and teach ­others as you go.

54. If you don't like shepherding, and you feel that you don't need it and you don't want it, perhaps it's because you need to change your outlook and adopt a fresh new way of thinking. If you receive shepherding, you will benefit, and your work and ministry will benefit. But if you have a mindset that shepherding is not good, or your attitude is one of seeing any instruction or direction as repressing or squelching you, then perhaps that's the problem. Your own mindset could be your greatest repressor and hindrance.

55. If you feel that shepherds get in your way, that they're always expecting things of you, making demands on you, hindering your work, and making life difficult, then perhaps you should take a closer look at your attitude and how easy you're making it for others to work with you. Your shepherds are there to serve you; that's their commission and they've been anointed to do so. But they can only work well with you if you're willing to receive their help, suggestions and instruction.

56. You say, "But that's just the point, I don't need any help. I don't need suggestions. I want to find out for myself and make up my own mind. I'm a grown person and I'm tired of having to listen to other people." That's fine, and you'll find your shepherds will be very happy if you can make your own wise decisions, prayerfully hear from Me for yourself and proceed according to My will. If what you're doing and how you do it is bearing good fruit and being a good sample of unity and love and is upholding the standard, then you'll probably find your shepherds will give you leave to operate according to your faith most of the time. But if your actions, decisions and desires are not according to My Law of Love‚ or not according to the standard of My Word or the Charter, and cause disunity or a lack of love and cooperation, then you should be happy to receive loving help and instruction from your shepherds.

57. You have a choice as to how you look at your situation, how much you get out of it, and how much you allow yourself to grow and mature. If your attitude is such that you want to learn all that you can so that you can move on to the next stage, the next step, the next new responsibility, the next new adventure, then you will not only grow and progress quickly, but you will be happy and fulfilled and challenged. But if you balk and refuse and drag your feet and criticize and go on strike in spirit‚ then you won't get anywhere fast. In fact, you'll go backward and be left behind in the spirit while others go forward.

58. You might think it's not a big thing to be a little resistant to your shepherds and not want to listen to them or acknowledge them, but in choosing not to be shepherded by My earthly shepherds‚ you are also choosing not to be shepherded by Me and by My Word, because I have chosen to set up shepherds over My flocks to shepherd according to My Word and My will. In accepting and learning and receiving from your loving earthly shepherds, you are accepting and receiving from Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

Australians, Advance!

59. (Mama: ) Greetings to all you Aussies! I have some hot messages from Heaven specifically for you, our dear Family in Australia! The Lord and Dad are sounding the call of the trumpet, challenging you to move on to more fruitful fields!

60. I hope that the Lord's messages in GNs such as "Trash Your Trinkets" and "The Lord's Plea: 'Be a Missionary for Me‚’" have helped you in Australia and other home fields to realize that the pull of the world on you and your children in these Gospel-saturated lands has caused you not to be as fruitful for the Lord as you could be. I know that many of you young people, and some families there in Australia, as well as Japan, Europe, and the U.S., have heeded the Lord's call to move on to mission fields such as China, Africa‚ India, etc. I'm proud of each of you who has done so, or who are preparing to do so! And may there be many more!

61. So here we go with some stirring and challenging messages from the Lord and Dad, given especially for Australia, but which can also apply to all of you who remain in other home fields. These prophecies contain the key to saving your own and your kids' service for the Lord! I pray that you will take this call to the mission field to heart, and that the Lord will give you faith through His Words to attempt what may now seem to you to be an impossibility. I also pray that those of you in other home countries whom the Lord is calling to step out to a more needy field will heed the Lord's plea.

62. (Dad speaking:) It's a privilege and blessing to be able to talk to you, our precious Australian Family. I've talked to some individ­uals, but it's nice to be able to get a message across to all of you.

63. First of all‚ I want to say that I'm proud of you, Mama's proud of you, Peter's proud of you, and Jesus is proud of you. You've been through a lot and have stuck it out through thick and thin. The Enemy's sought to snuff out your fire for the Lord and your work for Him through many avenues—most visibly through the persecution and the court cases that followed in different states. At that time you really banded together and were an unbeatable force with the Lord on your side.

64. You've fought many battles—some physical, some spiritual—and as hard as it's been for some of you to keep fighting and to keep serving the Lord, you've held on. Some of you feel like you're hanging on by a thread, and some of you may even feel like letting go—but don't! There is a solution to your problems and your battles. There is a solution to keeping your kids free from the System and doused with the Spirit of God. Are you ready for this? Are you open and receptive? Can you read this with an open heart and mind, looking to the Lord rather than the obstacles, difficulties or roadblocks in the way?

65. The Lord has been pouring out a lot of Word lately on the subject of being a missionary and getting to the mission field while there's still time. Much of this was directed to the Family in the U.S.‚ but you'd be wise to take heed to this counsel too, because it will also be your lifesaver.

66. Australia is a stronghold of the Evil One, a test ground that the Antichrist and his forces behind the scenes have been using to experiment with and control. Australia is very tightly controlled. Visas are some of the strictest in the world; immigrations and customs are some of the most controlled in the world. They have tax file numbers, social security numbers‚ health care numbers, and the government wants to know everything about everyone.

67. I'll tell you, Australia won't be a very safe place to be when the Tribulation hits. With such tight restrictions, and being so far from any other country, there'll be no way of escape, except for the mercy of God. Australia will be a playground of the Antichrist. Your average Australian is pretty gullible and will take and swallow whatever is fed to him. Thus, in the days to come, the control will get tighter and the Antichrist's influence will grow greater.

68. I'm sure you can already see the worldly influence creeping into your Homes and lives. Many of you have lost your young people to the ways of the world as Satan's voice rings out ever so subtly, ever so deceitfully, calling your young folks to leave the riches of God's ­King­dom for the playground of fools. Australia is just as bad as the U.S.‚ if not worse in some ways, because of their lazy, relaxed, no-worries spirit.

69. If you hope to save your kids for the Lord's service, if you hope to save yourselves from becoming further disillusioned and falling farther and farther away from the revolutionary standard, then you'd better seriously consider getting out of Australia.

70. I'm proud of you who have helped your young people to get off to the field, but have you considered that your younger children also need a challenge and need to be shown the freedom of the Spirit, the joy of witnessing‚ the life of a missionary? If you don't do something quick to save your kids' lives for the Lord and His ser­vice, then you're going to have a repeat of some of the same events that happened in years past.

71. I think you all know that when the big persecution hit last time, part of the reason the Lord allowed it was to get you all stirred up and jolt you out of your ruts and complacency. He had other reasons‚ too, like wanting to expose the Enemy and get the message out to the world‚ make you better witnesses, and in the end help vindicate the Family and help us be better under­stood by many in the world. But, even during the time of persecution, things could have gone more smoothly and the kids could have suffered less had everyone been more in tune with the Lord, stronger in the Word, and most of all, had more of you been on the mission field.

72. Now you're even more accountable than you were then. Now you know what the Lord wants and what His highest will is for most of you. So don't let your disobedience or your reluctance to follow the Lord be what causes the Lord to have to send the winds of persecution to stir you up and get you moving!

73. I know you have the hearts of missionaries, of disciples! Most of you have given many years of service to the Lord in countries like the Philippines, India, Malaysia, Japan, ­Pakistan and others. Some of you were even pioneers of these fields and really gave your all to bring the Word, love and salvation to these nations that were starving for the love of Jesus.

74. None of you are "over the hill." I know a lot of you think you're too old to be of service to the Lord as a missionary. You've passed 40 and you feel like you're not of much use to the Lord anymore. You're content to see your children shine and to see them used of the Lord in different countries like India, Taiwan, Slovenia, Bosnia, Europe‚ Africa, Mexico and other places of service.

75. Some of your kids are or have been area shepherds, Home teamworkers, office workers and WS workers. Your kids shine in the areas of childcare, witnessing‚ provisioning, video productions and much, much more! All of this is the fruit of your labors. All of this is part of your reward for faithfully serving Jesus and training up your children in the way that they should go.

76. But even though many of your children are being mightily used of the Lord, this doesn't mean that you're of no use anymore. To the contrary, your many years of service to the Lord, time spent fighting and overcoming, have given you an even greater depth and maturity and knowledge of the Lord. You may not have the strength of your youth, but you certainly have what it takes to be on-fire missionaries for the Lord once again.

77. Look at me—I was 49 when I really started my ministry! I felt like I was over the hill and that I'd missed the mark somewhere along the line. I was content to see my children shine, witness, win souls and be shining samples of the Lord to others. But even though I thought I was through, the Lord wasn't through with me. He had only just begun to work a work in me—this wonderful work of the Family that is still going strong because it's based on the solid rock, Jesus.

78. You're all fruitful trees in the Lord's orchard. You've all brought forth wonderful fruit. You've all done mighty things for the Lord. You've all been faithful, and your usefulness doesn't stop here. The Lord wants to continue to use you and your children, but you've got to give Him a hand and do your part to make things easy for Him. You've got to seek His will desperately and find out where He wants to use you, where you and your family will find your calling. The Lord needs you in the fields of Asia and Africa. You've just got to seek Him for the exact location for you and your family.

79. Okay, I know this all sounds well and good, but some of you are thinking‚ "Well yes, Dad, that's a really good idea, but how on earth are we going to get the funds to move our huge family of 10 kids to the mission field? Probably the cheapest tickets we could buy to the closest place cost thousands of dollars! So how are we going to ever afford to move our huge family to India, or Africa, or some other country?

80. "And not only that‚ but what about finding a Home? It's hard enough for us to find someone to live with in Australia. How are we going to find a Home on a foreign mission field that's going to be willing to take us in? There are just so many obstacles. Although we'd like to do the Lord's will and we desire that with all of our hearts, the mountains just seem too high to climb."

81. I understand your concerns. I understand the difficulties and the huge obstacles that stand in your way. But folks, your extremity is God's oppor­tunity! It takes an impossible situation for God to do a miracle. So if your situ­ation seems impossible, then expect miracles, and in Jesus' name you'll get them!

82. Look at the story of Lazarus in the Bible: He'd been dead for days and the situ­ation looked impossible. But Jesus told the unbelieving people to roll away the stone. They did, and God did the rest that they couldn't—He raised Lazarus from the dead. The Lord's not asking you to do the impossible; He's just asking you to do what you can, and He'll do what you can't. All He asks is that you roll away the stone, that you do the part you can do, and He'll do the part that you can't do.

83. The Devil wants you to believe that it's impossible. The Devil wants you to think that getting to the mission field is too monumental and too in­surmountable. For heaven's sake, don't listen to him! He's a liar and the father of lies! Sure he will lie to you, try to discourage you and put obstacles in your path, but you don't have to believe his lying vanities! Cling to the promises of God and have confidence that He is able to perform what He has promised. If He's said He will help you make it to the mission field, then that's His promise and that's what He will fulfill.

84. You'll be amazed at what miracles the Lord will do for you if you'll just step out on a limb and saw it off! You'll be amazed at the manifestations of the Lord's power that you'll see before your eyes if you put your trust in Jesus and let Him do the impossible. With man something may be impossible, but with God nothing is impossible.

85. So if you want to know how to save your kids‚ how to save your own life for the Lord, and where to find your calling, then get to the mission field before it's too late! Get to the mission field before the doors close, before things get too tight and too controlled in your country.

86. I love you and I'm proud of you—and I'll be prouder still if you take this golden oppor­tunity. Follow the Lord, and wait for His miracles. "He owns the cattle on a thousand hills‚ the wealth in every mine. He owns the rivers and the rocks and the rills, the sun and stars that shine. Wonderful riches‚ more than tongue can tell. He is your Father, so they're yours as well." Praise the Lord! I love you! (End of message from Dad.)

87. (Jesus speaking:) My faithful children, My loyal children, My dedicated children, My children who have been through much and have come forth stronger, I wish to use you in ways that some have thought impossible. I wish to use your children as witnesses for Me. I've given you large families so that you can be a mighty sample of My Family, of My love, care, pro­vision, protection‚ and supply.

88. Please heed My call to the mission field. Both day and night the spirits from these countries in Asia and Africa come before Me to beseech Me and to request My help for their people. I have a whole army of missionaries in the field of Australia. You, My Australian children, are a force that the Enemy wishes to hold back. He knows that if you set forth to these lands, he will lose many from his clutches, and many will hear of My love and salvation.

89. Will you heed My call? Will you forsake your comfortable surroundings‚ your comfortable Homes, your comfortable support, and launch out into some unknown field to reach My lost sheep? Will you be as Pandita Ramabai, who gave her last years to Me? Will you be as one who gives what you think is the last of your life to Me? If you do‚ you'll find your life becoming richer, fuller, freer, more full of excitement! Your life will be full of My blessings if you ­answer My call and reach these lands with My love.

90. Call upon those in your land who are from these countries [that I am calling you to] to help you with the finances you need to make this long journey. Minister to the ethnic groups and ask for their support as you go forth as missionaries to their country.

91. The Australians are bloated and full, and most feel they have no need of Me. Most will not even hear My Words, and thus your precious seeds are falling on unfertile, stony ground. Go to the fields where the harvest is ripe and ready, where you don't even have to sow, where you can just reap and gather the fruit of these lands for My Kingdom.

92. Don't cast your pearls before swine. Don't cast your riches before those Australian people who value them not. Give to those who are hungry, who are desperate. And while you are in Australia‚ reach these ones who have need of Me—My Greek children, My Japanese children, My Vietnamese children, My Cam­bodian children, My Chinese children, My Muslim children, My Filipino children, My Indian children.

93. Minister unto those who are hungry, and from these you will receive the support and finances you need to go to the mission field. Some may even support you during your stay on the mission field. I give unto the hungry and receptive hearts‚ and I send the full away empty. I would that you do the same. Don't waste your time by allowing My Words to fall on deaf ears. Don't waste your time by allowing My beautiful pictures to be shown to those that are blind.

94. Seek the lost, the desperate, the destitute and the lonely. But most of all, seek My will and find the place that I would have you be. For in finding My mission for you and your family, you will be finding My blessings, My peace, My security, My supply‚ My protection, My deliverance for you and your chil­dren, My gifts, My sheep, and My rewards. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

95. (Australian Heidi speaking:) Hi, dear Family! I love you! I'm so happy that Jesus has allowed me to come and speak to you. I feel so close to each one of you‚ even though I'm not there with you in the flesh anymore. I've been following your progress, and Jesus allows me to come and visit many of you from time to time.

96. I wanted to encourage you and tell you not to be discouraged. Jesus looks down on you with honor, and He's shown me the special places of service that He has reserved for you, if you'll say yes and obey His call to leave Australia, if that is His will for you—which it is in most cases.

97. I can honestly say that I understand what it's like to have the desire to do something‚ or the desire to do the Lord's will, and yet feel that the obstacles in the way are just too great. Sometimes I used to worry too much about the future instead of trusting the Lord. As you know, I have many children, so I can understand the situation that many of you find yourselves in.

98. Peter and I were on the mission field with our family for years before we came back to Australia, and those were some of the happiest years of our lives. I know that it's a sacrifice to live on a poorer field. There are risks of sickness; there are less comforts and pleasures of life, but the Lord more than repays you for any sacrifices you have to make.

99. The amount of kids you have shouldn't hinder you‚ although the Devil likes to tell you that there's a limit to what God can do. The Lord gives you children so that they can be used for His glory. The Lord gives children as assets. Your children are blessings, and the Lord can use them to reach the hardest hearts. I know it's true, because my children touched hearts that I could have never reached on my own, and the Lord used them in ways that I could have only dreamed possible.

100. Children can open doors that would other­wise remain shut. Children are the proof of the pudding. Children are simple, and nobody can resist the love of a child. So even if you have six‚ seven, eight‚ nine or ten kids, or even more, don't look at that as a handicap. Look at it as the blessing that it is, because the Lord will use each one of your children. He's not limited by the numbers. He'll supply for you and will never let you go hungry. He'll never let you sleep out in the cold. He'll never desert you. He'll always be there for you.

101. Well, I mainly wanted to encourage you that it is possible. What the Lord is asking of you is possible! I can see the rewards that He's got stored up for you. I can see the missions that He has ready for you to undertake. I can see what will be accomplished if you say yes to Jesus. So will you say yes to Jesus? Will you give Him a blank sheet of paper and let Him fill in the blanks? Will you give Him the check and let Him fill in the amount? The Lord wants to use your kids and save them from the clutches of the world even more than you do. He's invested a lot into you, the Australian Family, and He wants to use you to the full. Are you ready?

102. I'm with you too. I'm one of your representatives in the halls of Heaven. It's such a privilege and an honor, because I can see now more than ever what each one of you goes through, the battles you fight, the sacrifices you make in order to continue standing up for Jesus and living your life for Him. You're a Family to be proud of‚ and I'm so thankful that I'm still fighting the same war alongside you, just in a different capacity.

103. I love you all! I want to give an extra special bit of love to Peter, Samaria‚ Samuel, Sancho, Joseph, Prem, Mandy, Teresa and Ricky. I love you too, Michelle. I know you're in India now—and I'm so proud of you! I love you all! Keep fighting! (End of message from Heidi)