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Reports and Moving

David Berg

—Mo's Worldwide Family Newsletters No.16, 17 & 18

—MOAugust 1, 1974NO.314C—DFO

P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

Dear Family: Greetings in Jesus' Precious Name!

1. AS YOU'LL NOTE, WE'RE TRYING TO LIMIT THESE LETTERS now so they won't take so much of your time as well as ours and save postage. Praise the Lord! I hope we're not boring you with too much detail, but once I've covered all this, maybe we won't have to write again for quite awhile and we can get back to the more important business of our primary calling to feed the sheep. There's a lot of other work we should be doing and I don't like to waste either your time or mine on things not nearly so necessary.

2. SO I'M GOING TO SUGGEST HEREAFTER THAT YOU DO THE SAME AND TRY TO LIMIT YOUR REPORTS to either one or two pages at the most, either on thin airmail paper to save us all postage‚ or on both sides of one of those heavier sheets, if you must go over one page. Meanwhile, I'm going to give you advance warning that I'm going to make it a rule that if your reports exceed one page‚ I will only read the underlinings.

3. IF THEY ARE ONLY ONE PAGE IN LENGTH, I WILL READ EVERY WORD IMMEDIATELY, but if they are over one page in length, I will only read what you have underlined. This should save us both some time‚ as I don't think it's necessary to rehash the same old subjects over and over again in every report.

4. SO REMEMBER: ONE PAGE AND I READ IT ALL; MORE THAN ONE PAGE AND I ONLY READ WHAT YOU'VE UNDERLINED! As you'll note, I've always tried to do some underlining of my own Letters to help call your attention to the various subjects and what I think most important, so why don't you try to do the same. Some of you have done this well in the past, but you're slipping a little, and we've received a number of very voluminous reports with lengthy paragraphs and no underlining. One look at one of these wears me out before I even get started‚ and I figure, why read it, especially if I have to dig it out that hard, when it's just the same old problems over again!

5. THESE LENGTHY NON-UNDERLINED REPORTS DISCOURAGE US FROM THE START‚ and if you keep it up, I may decide to do what I did once before, simply refuse to read reports at all and leave that all up to you, and just stick to doing the Lord's Letters! We'd probably get a lot further in the long run‚ because your problems are endless and you'll always have them and the Lord will always help to take care of them somehow.

6. I DON'T REALLY KNOW WHY I SHOULD GET INVOLVED AT ALL, EXCEPT IN CASES OF MAJOR DECISIONS or major changes which could affect the overall Work and which you do not want to make on your own without consulting with me and the Lord. But I get my information from the same Source as you should be getting yours, the Lord, so I don't know why you can't go ahead and make most of these decisions on your own with His help.

7. I DON'T KNOW ANY WHICH YOU HAVE MADE THAT I HAVE NOT AGREED WITH BASICALLY in the long run when you've made it clear to me the reasons why. It's only when you go ahead with major operations that affect my productions without advance notice or explaining why, that I sometimes get a little upset, as with the computer. So now that you've made that all clear and are going to proceed with current production without further delay, and mock up sample books with what Letters you already have printed, and merely computerise the older ones as you have time‚ I don't mind. PTL!

8. IF YOU'D SEE THE REAM OF PAPER I HAVE STACKED IN MY LAP of all your letters and reports of only the past two or three weeks, you'd understand what I'm talking about and why I insist that you must try to abbreviate your reports from now on. We just haven't time to read so much if we're going to give proper attention to our other more important duties, and you're wasting your own time as well in relating to me so many details which are important to you but which are not necessary for me to know or be bothered with.

9. SO MAY GOD HELP YOU TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WHAT I HAVE TO KNOW AND WHAT YOU DON'T NEED TO TELL ME! I certainly hope this will help cut down this flood of paper I'm getting and save us all time! God help us all to try to adhere to these rules! There is such a thing as "Paper Power", but when the paper monster begins to become your master instead of your servant, it's gone too far! So please‚ please try to cut down on the size of these bulky reports! Amen?

10. ONE BATCH OF HEAVY REPORTS YOU SENT that someone practically rolled up and tried to stuff into a tissue thin little letter envelope broke open in transit somewhere or was opened by the post office itself, as they made a notation of the same on the envelope, and it was loaded with COG letterhead big as life! God help you on security! Amen?

11. WE'RE SORRY ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS ABOUT YOUR BUILDINGS, but we're sure the Lord will work it out somehow as He always has, but there's not much we can do about it from here except pray. However, I have been thinking lately that it might actually save in the long run a lot of time, strength and uncertainty, as well as valuable personnel, talent and maybe even some money if you'd look around a little harder for some old building to rent or lease that you can keep for awhile and not have to move so often, which makes it awfully hard on the kids as well as frequently hinders the Work.

12. IT SEEMS TO ME LATELY WE'VE BEEN AVERAGING ABOUT ONE MOVE A MONTH, and you're constantly having to apologise that the lit, finances or something else is down because of some recent move. I know we're Gospel gypsies, but it seems to me that now we have more important work to do than to be constantly on the move all the time! Our Headquarters, particularly, needs to be a little more stationary and established so we can get on with more important work than constantly moving.

13. EVEN IF YOU WOULD JUST RENT ONE OFFICE SUITE or one floor of an office building for your permanent offices, equipment and office staff, including publications and the mailing departments and administrative offices, etc., perhaps your other personnel could keep on cracking houses elsewhere, as it's a little easier for people to move than it is for offices and equipment, telephones, files, desks, printing presses, etc. etc., don't you think?

14. THE KIDS CAN LIVE ALMOST ANYWHERE under almost any conditions and it should be no great strain on them to have to move their bodies around a little with as few personal possessions as they should have. But our main offices with all their furniture, equipment, files, etc., should have some kind of a more permanent home, and not be worried with moving all the time, stopping everything for the monthly move! There surely must be a better way! God help us to find it!

15. I TOLD YOU ONCE UPON A TIME WHEN YOU GOT TOO BIG AT BROMLEY, I BELIEVED WE COULD CUT DOWN OUR WHOLE OFFICE OPERATION to the living room and dining room at one house if we had to, and put the Royal Family to work on the mail and publishing layouts to keep them out of trouble!—Ha! I still believe we could do that if we had to!—And I know we could do it, we could certainly do it‚ with just one good floor of some old office building you should be able to rent or procure or get donated or something, where you could be assured of a reasonable stay of at least a year or two!

16. EVEN MOVING EVERY SIX MONTHS WITH OUR OFFICE IS TOO MUCH OF A CHORE! If you could separate the housing from the offices, I believe more permanent offices would be possible. Surely we can afford this now, as God is blessing our income‚ and it seems this would solve your problem. It would certainly make for better security to separate the housing from the offices! So why don't you try to go ahead on the problem from this angle? This may be the answer! PTL!

17. THIS IS PARTLY DEPENDENT, OF COURSE, ON WHETHER THE BULLDOG IS GOING TO LET US STAY, but in "The Crash" I remember we only moved upstairs and not out of the building! I was the only one who had to jump, and jump I already have! So why don't you move upstairs to a more permanent office suite where you won't keep bothering the Bulldog so much with your constant cracking and moving?

18. EVEN IF HE PUT THE CLAMPS ON OUR LITNESSING, WE COULD AT LEAST STILL CONTINUE OUR OFFICE operation and even publications, with increased income from the Colonies, the mail and other potential sources which should be pumped to much higher levels than at present. The Colonies already account for about two thirds of your income anyway, and I think this should be increased‚ particularly from North America where they're loaded!—And if your mailing departments would get on the ball‚ I'm sure we could increase that source also! What do you think?

19. IT SEEMS RATHER RIDICULOUS TO JEOPARDISE EACH OF OUR REGIONAL HEADQUARTERS OPERATIONS and vital communications centres for publishing, administration, etc., for a whole country, just because of a few little local litnessing problems! Seems to me it would be better to keep our offices intact and give them a more permanent home so they wouldn't be constantly hassled with moving or harassed by police problems, even if we had to pull our kids completely off the streets of one city or even one problem District if necessary in order to keep serving the whole Region!

20. TO CUT OFF A FEW FINGERS OR TOES IS BETTER THAN LOSING OUR HEAD! Some of you are now registered and recognised and over that hump! Let's hang onto it and not jeopardise it with constantly cracking, moving or even local lit! You remember this is what I first suggested months ago, and I think it's the only way you're going to find a permanent home. It does sound like some of your attorneys are almost working more against you than with you on your legal problems, but what could you expect with names like that? … God bless you all! Love, DAD.


Dear Family:

Greetings in Jesus' Precious Name! Praise the Lord! Thanks again for all your communications, etc.

21. WE JUST GOT YOUR MESSAGE YESTERDAY ABOUT DEB'S ILLNESS, and I was afraid something like that was going to happen the way she doesn't take care of herself and apparently no one's been taking care of her! Each of us needs someone to take care of us, and that's what wives and husbands are for, or whoever your helpmeet is!

22. MATES ARE TO HELP YOUR MEAT and see that you get it in due season‚ which Deb seldom ever does unless someone follows her around and spoon feeds her and makes her go to bed and sleep! It's not very smart not to admit this, too, Deb, and not permit someone to take care of you as you have need, and not taking care of yourself or letting someone take care of you is being intemperate, immoderate and abusing your body!

23. THAT PARIS SITUATION WAS ALMOST MORE THAN ANYONE COULD BEAR without all the extra static she was getting from some of the rest of you, and that whole thing was pretty much of a strain drain on Deb‚ so we were not a bit surprised to hear that she had collapsed under the load which some of you made so heavy instead of helping her with it!

24. I BLAME YOU ALL FOR NOT TAKING BETTER CARE OF HER and not making her take better care of herself—and her for not taking better care of herself and sometimes not letting you take better care of her! To "die daily" does not mean to kill yourself off physically with overwork and too many responsibilities and worries!

25. SOME OF THE REST OF YOU REFUSED TO COOPERATE WITH HER in the Paris situation‚ especially when you had asked for her help, so she should have just walked off and left you to your own fate! God doesn't push His help on people when they reject it, and especially when they don't appreciate it and refuse to cooperate with Him! He just walks off and leaves them alone and lets them suffer the consequences to teach them a good lesson to be a little more attentive, obedient and cooperative next time!

26. I HOPE THIS HELPS SOME OF YOU NOW REALISE WHAT YOU DID TO DEBORAH and how much you are to blame for her condition: Some of you actually opposed her and others of you simply neglected her and failed to help her when she needed it. I knew she needed someone to help and take care of her constantly, which is why I let her send for some of you, because you took better care of her than almost anyone ever has, and she was in better shape physically under your care than ever before or since!

27. I UNDERSTAND SOME OF YOU WERE SOME HELP TO HER, but I don't know how much, and you have completely ignored mentioning any of these vital personal relationships and their difficulties in your notes and reports.

28. SO MAY THE LORD TEACH YOU ALL A LESSON THROUGH DEB, TO TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOURSELF or let someone take care of you, and stop abusing your body with overwork and worry! But we're also hoping He will use her illness to shake some of the rest of you out of your selfishness and lethargy and unconcern for others, if not outright jealous opposition!

29. I'M SORRY TO SAY THAT THIS SEEMS TO BE THE WAY OF ALL KINGS' FAMILIES throughout history, and I'm sad to say that some of you are living up to their bad reputation of usually causing the King more trouble than anyone else! As I think I mentioned before, it was Napoleon's own family‚ whom he had made kings and queens and put in charge of the various countries of Europe, who gave him more trouble and did more to bring about his downfall than his enemies at Waterloo! We truly hope and pray you are not going to do the same!

30. THANK GOD YOU ARE BETTER AND A BIG HELP MOST OF THE TIME! GBY! Somehow we all failed Aaron, and I hope we're not doing Deb the same!—God help us to learn! I think someone should take her back to Italy or the Riviera or Spain or some nice warm Mediterranean beach where she can totally relax in the sun and get completely away from it all for awhile and recuperate under the care of someone who really cares for her. Either Rachel and Emanuele could take care of her on some sunny Italian beach, or I'm sure Ready and Prisca would be glad to help her and happy to have her!

31. SHE MUST GO INTO COMPLETE SECLUSION FOR AWHILE where she will have nothing and no one to worry about except the desperately needed lessons she needs to write on Motherhood and Childcare for the whole world! This may be why God has let it happen, if He couldn't get her to get alone and write any other way! If this does it, it has certainly worked out for the highest good! Praise God! "All things do work together for good to them that love Him!"—Amen?—PTL!

32. I WOULD INVITE YOU TO COME HERE, DEB, BUT MARIA ALREADY HAS HER HANDS FULL WITH ME her big baby, so you would have to bring someone along to take care of you, and this could create problems of security and neither of us might get much done. I believe that you alone with some very loving, caring companion and/or secretary on some beach would do much better.—Amen?

33. THANKS AND I'M SO GLAD, JETH‚ YOU COULD BE WITH HER during this trial, as she needs your encouragement.—Thanks also to you, Mom and Steve‚ for being with her and holding her up in faith at this time, and maybe this will help to make up for some of your failures in the past when some of you let her down. Maybe you could take the cruiser and Deb and park on some beach and both get your writing done while Deb recuperates. Just be sure you have a good chauffeur-mechanic who knows the Ark and a couple of good secretaries to get your work done!

34. OF COURSE, IT MIGHT BE EVEN EASIER AND CHEAPER IN THE LONG RUN IF YOU WOULD JUST RENT A WHOLE HOUSE OR FLAT ON SOME BEACH IN SPAIN OR THE MEDITERRANEAN and not have the worries the cruiser sometimes gives and also have less cramped quarters for such a group of half a dozen. I'm sure Ready or a good realtor could find you something right away, as most of those resort flats are very cheap and come completely furnished with everything you need, including maid service!—All you would need to do would be to buy your own groceries and cook 'em! So why not take this time to do your writing, Girls? It's ideal!—Amen?

35. WE OURSELVES ARE NOW MOVING into a quaint old place with a lovely garden and gorgeous view within a short walk of stores and shopping areas so that we don't need a car or have to worry about transportation and get plenty of good exercise walking back and forth.

36. BUT PLEASE DON'T ANY OF YOU THINK OF COMING TO SEE US unless it's an absolutely necessary emergency of life and death and there's no other way, because you're all too well known and always careless about security‚ so you would be a definite security hazard to us, as usual!—Sorry. We get this house, by the way, for less than was paid for the one before, so I'm sure you can do the same somewhere similar.

37. WE'RE SORRY‚ RACHEL AND EMANUELE, ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS, but we're glad the Lord is helping you to work them out. You're very precious to all of us and we love you very dearly as our own.

38. GLAD ARTHUR'S DOING WELL and keeping busy for the Lord‚ which is a vital part of his therapy while undergoing such a drastic change of his entire life, and we're so glad some of you can be with him to help pull him through it who have been through it before yourselves. He must sometimes wonder if he's even the same person, and he really isn't and shouldn't be, for he has been born again and "old things are passed away and all things are become new!" PTL!

39. WE'VE JUST SEEN THE SAMPLES OF THE NEW YOKES and they're lovely! We're looking forward to your pushing on with posters, teeshirts and all the rest as fast as possible!

40. GLAD YOU'RE CRACKING DOWN ON THE MAIL MINISTRY, too, as it is vitally essential that we take care of our following and help and feed them well and encourage their support of us as well. The new Letters are looking beautiful with all their fascinating and funny illustrations‚ and I'm sure they will make good bait and food for all! God bless our artists!—It's a revolution in our lit!—Keep it up!

41. SORRY SO MANY MOVES AND CONSTANT CHANGES HAVE SOMETIMES HINDERED PRODUCTION, so we're praying the Lord will somehow solve your office housing problems, too. Why do some have to go alone?—That's against our rule! Each should have some companion or partner on his trips even if a babe! Thank you for clarifying your charts so that some of them are much more readable now, and glad the computer program is pushing forward so well!—God bless Jered!

42. ARE YOU REALLY ASKING $1‚000 A NIGHT FOR OUR BAND AT THE PLAYBOY CLUB, or was that a typographical error? Boy, wait'll the churches get hold of that one!—Hallelujah!—That was their biggest criticism of Jesus: He consorted with Publicans and sinners, drunks and harlots!—And Praise God, He saved them, too! But it seems to us that "Dumps" was a rather strange selection for one of your first Arabic Letters, and "All Things Change" was a much better choice!

43. BY ALL MEANS, AVOID THAT PHARISAICAL TRAP OF THAT TELEGRAPHED INVITATION TO A MEETING WITH THE TWO CHURCHY DAVIDS!—THEY ONLY WANT TO MAKE A FOOL OF YOU AND CRUCIFY YOU! Joel's the only one I know who could cut 'em to ribbons!—Otherwise, tell 'em the answers are all in my Letters, like I told you to tell that guy before! If they have any specific questions give 'em chapter and verse, Letter and paragraph on already published paper, but our private lives are none of their damn business!—Don't waste your time!

44. WHY DON'T YOU SEND THE LETTERS IMMEDIATELY on as they come out and when they're needed, instead of holding them back to be delivered in batches in person for you to interpret? They should be sent out the same day they come off the press if possible without delay to all!—You're obstructing truth and justice and delaying God's Work in withholding the Word! We're very upset about this! Don't let it happen again! GBY all!—Love, Dad.


Dear Family: Greetings in Jesus' Precious Name! Thank you for your continued faithfulness in communication.

45. THANK YOU FOR VERY HELPFUL GIFTS which are so much needed to bolster our finances here in order to show financial responsibility so we can renew our visas soon, as well as to care for our current expenses. Thank you all for your faithful and generous support!

46. I'M HOPING THAT ONE OF THE LETTERS WE WROTE RECENTLY WILL ENCOURAGE YOU KIDS TO HELP MORE along this line, and I believe you will if you're made aware of the need. Meanwhile, since most of the Central Office's income comes from our Colonies around the world for our literature, it is naturally a necessary obligation for the Central Office to be responsible for our material needs.

47. SO WE THANK YOU FOR FAITHFULLY MEETING THIS RESPONSIBILITY, and we're very thankful to the Lord for supplying these needs through our friends and Children throughout the world! Nevertheless, we feel that other Regions who are able should feel a greater sense of responsibility along this line, and we hope that they will be encouraged to contribute more to help to carry this load of our personal expenses, as small as they may be.—Every little bit helps and everyone can give something!—Amen?

48. THANK GOD FOR SPARING OUR CHILDREN IN CYPRUS, but since they're being so used in such a needed ministry with the refugees there at present, it seems to us it might be better for them to stay there a little longer as long as that need continues and while the people are apt to be most receptive and responsive in their hour of need. God has His times for everything, and since they are already there and being greatly used, it seems this could be a very fruitful time for Cyprus in its hour of trouble while Afghanistan waits a little longer or you find someone else to open that new field. Since that couple both seem to want to return to England, it certainly seems they should, and they could surely be used there in many ways, particularly in your show business, etc. It has always been my policy to try as best we can to let people do what they have a burden for and what they like and want to do. We should all be happy in our work even though it may not always be easy.—So why not?

49. HOWEVER, I AM SHOCKED AT ANY SUGGESTION WHATSOEVER OF DEB'S SOON RETURN TO PARIS!—And I absolutely forbid it! If she hasn't enough sense to know what's good for her and you folks don't either, I certainly have! It takes considerable time to recover from such a serious illness, especially when she was already in very poor health.

50. I INSIST THAT SHE BE PUT SOMEWHERE WARM IN THE SUN in comfortable quarters with very good caretakers where she can totally rest and be free of all responsibility, except possibly a little dictation of the letters she needs to write, until she has fully more than recovered.—And I am not sure that even then she should again be burdened with that trying Paris situation! Perhaps we should let those that wanted to run things there sweat it out, and perhaps they now are, until they learn to have a little more appreciation of those who tried to help them!

51. LET MOTHER AND HER LITTLE STAFF HAVE THE CRUISER as suggested, since she wants it and certainly deserves it, on two primary conditions: That you give her an expert truck-driver-mechanic who knows how to handle such a large vehicle safely and how to keep it properly maintained, as living in the cruiser is quite a science‚ there are so many things which must be cared for knowledgeably, and driving it is a real art! The other condition is that she take the cruiser south to a warmer climate such as the French Riviera and one of those beach campgrounds, if possible, and as far from any Colony as possible, so that she cannot get involved in any local Colony affairs which would hinder her writing!—And make sure they have sufficient income to live on while so doing without distraction or other worries.—Amen?

52. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT HER LIVING IN A TENT IN THE COLD AND RAIN ANY MORE! She's been through that grade before and passed, and I don't think she needs to repeat it, as I don't think it's good for her at her age, and she certainly deserves more comfort and convenience than that! She can give that tent, camping equipment and jalopy to some road team that needs it and can use it for travel to better advantage and are younger and stronger and more able to endure such hardships!

53. SO GLAD RACHEL AND EMANUELE GOT TO COME TO LONDON AND VISIT PARIS AND GENEVA‚ ETC. for a change of scenery and a little added inspiration and I'm glad you're taking good care of them. Everyone needs a change once in awhile. Any situation can get on one's nerves after awhile until you could almost scream!—Just try not to scream at each other, as this can also get on your nerves as well as those of your flocks!—Thanks for all the good letters from both of you.

54. THE LAST WE HEARD ABOUT YOUR LONDON BAND, WHICH HAS BEEN DOING SO WELL‚ was that they were going to be called "Jeremy Spencer and the Mountain Children," which sounded like a good name to us, as I always did like that song and know it was really inspired and certainly typifies us along with our other Gypsy songs. I hope he gets a better write up this time than the last two! Those music magazines seem to have it in for us with their anti-Christ … writers and publishers, but it's still publicity, so praise God! But it would be nice if at least one of them were a little more favourable!

55. I'M CERTAINLY GLAD JOSH IS HELPING YOU WITH PARIS‚ FAITH, as I'm sure you need his encouragement, and I hope Ho can give you some help there, too‚ when necessary. But maybe you need a little vacation, too, from those terrible Paris pressures which hardly anyone can stand for long! Maybe you could take at least a few days off for a little fun in the sun somewhere on a beach by the water you so dearly love with either Mom or Deb or your own little staff‚ where you also can write some of those letters you need to write!—Amen?

56. CATCH UP ON YOUR MO LETTERS WHILE YOU'RE AT IT‚ AS YOU CANNOT KEEP ON POURING OUT WITHOUT ALSO DRINKING IN, or you'll soon find yourself both physically and spiritually exhausted.—And I'm sure Paris can survive for a little while without any of you RFs if necessary, and maybe even better! You know how much I love you, Faith, and how dear you have always been to my heart and how close to me and with such a kindred spirit, and it probably hurt me more than it did you to have to scold you so. But from all we heard from all directions, you really needed it to open your eyes to what was happening and to awaken you to a little better balance of your affairs.

57. SO WE'RE VERY GLAD FROM THE LATEST REPORTS THAT YOU'RE ALL GETTING ALONG MUCH BETTER NOW, THANK THE LORD! So remember, "Whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth and scourgeth everyone whom He receiveth! For if ye were without chastisement‚" you would not be my own but another's! So I hope that you received it in the genuine but firm and disciplinary love in which it was given and have been exercised thereby to complete healing. God bless you, Dear! I wish I could hold you in my arms to kiss and comfort you, but I'm glad Jesus and Josh are there to do it for me, and I know the Lord will pull you through and continue to mightily use you even as never before for having suffered and learned through this experience.—Amen?

58. I ADVISED YOU BY MESSAGE, HO … you should normally never travel on your numerous missions with more than two, including yourself if you have to pay your own expenses!

59. GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU THERE AND MAKE YOU A BLESSING! However, I would suggest that before we agree to any further distribution of [anyone else's] literature, it needs a lot of spelling and grammatical corrections and should be printed in much more attractive form, otherwise I'd almost be ashamed of it.—What do you think? Thank you also, Esther, for your good reports and lessons!—Please keep 'em coming!

60. MEANWHILE, MAYBE SOMEBODY CAN TAKE A WEEK'S TRIP TO INDIA to straighten Samson and his Region out a little and encourage him with a little support.—Have we been helping him financially as we should? I'm afraid the burden of pioneering such an important and difficult field was a little heavy for a novice and he's been a little neglected, so may the Lord forgive us.—Perhaps he needs a change? God has blessed there, but they don't seem to be making the progress they should, so maybe your trip could inspire him or change things.

61. GLAD YOU'RE SOLVING YOUR DISCO PROBLEMS AND GETTING THE WILD WIND PRODUCTIONS GOING with your first yokes! How about sending us a sample Don Quixote T-shirt?—Might even wear one myself! He's very popular now! Glad your relations with your attorneys are improving as we now need experts in our field of music publishing.—And finally, the beloved reports of some of you are becoming the soul of brevity!—Congratulations!—We read every word! God bless you all!—Love, Dad!