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MO's Worldwide Newsletter Nos.1 & 2

David Berg

—MO August 1974NO.310A—LTA

P.O. Box 31 London WC2E 7LX‚ England or GPO Box 3141 San Juan‚ Puerto Rico 00936

Dear Family: Greetings in Jesus' Dear Name!

1. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR PRECIOUS COMMUNICATIONS which we read every one with varying emotions. Thank you for keeping us so well posted on everything.

2. WE'RE SO GLAD THE LORD TOOK CARE OF OUR CYPRUS TEAMS and we're praying that God will have His way there and trust that whatever change is taking place will be for the better, as usual. Apparently someone there was giving us quite a hassle on our visas, and I wouldn't be surprised if it were Makarios' enemies who knew we were his friends and therefore were trying to get rid of us so now God is getting rid of them, praise the Lord! God's will be done!

3. HE CERTAINLY ANSWERED MY DESPERATE PRAYER FOR THAT SITUATION IN THAT COUNTRY according to His spirit speaking through me in "The Sword of the Lord"! It is absolutely amazing because this is the first time that the Turks have gotten the upper hand as previously they've always been the under-dogs, and they were some of our best friends there!

4. IT'S ALSO A MIRACULOUS ANSWER TO OUR PRAYERS THAT HE TOPPLED BOTH OF THE AMERICAN-BACKED GREEK MILITARY REGIMES, not only the one which drove Makarios out of Cyprus, but also the American armed military junta dictatorship which has held a stranglehold on the poor people of Greece for nearly 15 years! Praise God! He still answers prayer!

5. I AGREE THAT DUE TO THE UNCERTAIN AND DANGEROUS WAR-LIKE CONDITIONS OF THE MIDDLE EAST THAT WE SHOULD BE VERY PRAYERFUL ABOUT WHO WE SEND INTO THESE AREAS‚ if anybody, and that perhaps we could be more beneficial in some of the other Asian territories suggested, such as Afghanistan, India and other neighbouring countries, God willing. Samson certainly needs help!

6. YOU JETH, AS OUR INTERNATIONAL ADMINISTRATOR AND PRIME MINISTER OF ALL OUR WORK AROUND THE WORLD, are certainly supervisor over Samson in India as well as all other areas! The council of Ministers is the head, whereas the Bishops are our arms and legs, the regions are fingers and toes, etc.! So exercise your already duly constituted authority over Samson and do what you think best. Praise the Lord.—Amen?

7. THAT WAS A VERY GOOD PRAYER LETTER YOU PUT OUT ABOUT INDIA in spite of a misspelling and one misplaced paragraph at the end of that excellent article. What was the point in including that last paragraph? It sounded like a very derogatory anti-climax! I always like to end things on as positive a note as possible and leave people with a good feeling if I can. Who does your proof-reading Jeth or whose idea was that? You certainly need some help but it was good.

8. SO GLAD, JETH, THAT YOU AND DEB ARE GETTING A GOOD REST AND TIME OF FELLOWSHIP TOGETHER NOW IN ITALY as well as trying to help them solve their problems there, and I wouldn't blame you, Deb, if you stayed there, after the way Paris has treated you!

9. SORRY ABOUT ALL YOUR PROBLEMS DOWN THERE, RACHEL AND EMANUELE, but I'm sure the Lord will help you solve them somehow. He never fails! Thanks for your recent good communications in this regard which we found very interesting and burdened us with how to pray for you. God bless you also for the tremendous work you're doing at those pop festivals! You should get up a good little pictured news report on all of that to mail out to all the colonies so they can rejoice with you and be burdened to pray more for you Amen?

10. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NNN STAFF FOR THOSE TWO GOOD LITTLE ADVISORIES ON HOW TO WRITE THEIR NEWS STORIES! It was all right there in the MO Letters, but it does help to see it dug out and put together for their convenience, doesn't it? We should do things like this more often on various subjects needed. Can the computer help with this now? Hope so! PTL!

11. WE PREVIOUSLY SET UP A FINAL APPROVAL SYSTEM which required your three top signatures on the printing authorisation form—the signatures of the head of the Publications Department, you, Justus; the business manager and top administrator, our Prime Minister, you, Jeth; and the treasurer and book keeper in charge of finances, Justus Pound. This printing authorisation form was also to contain all pertinent information involved in the printing of that particular item, such as specifications on size, paper, type face, illustrations, quantity and cost, which was also to be signed as an agreement or contract as its agreed terms by any system printer to whom the job was given, one copy to be retained by him and one by us. Most certainly this printing authorisation form should be accompanied by a final copy of the Letter itself exactly as it is to be printed for the final approval of each of your top administrators, so that if any of you have any serious objections or suggestions as to the final form, content‚ quantity, usage or possible PR effects, you can make them known to each other, discuss them and agree upon any proposed changes before the final copy is referred to me for my ultimate approval. Is not this procedure being followed? If not‚ please see that it is diligently from now on! One of you may see something the others might not see that needs to be changed for better effect or less damage! We might have caught some unnecessary references to certain touchy minorities which could possibly have been expunged and saved us a lot of trouble although I don't know how you're gong to expose them without naming them! The Devil really tries to put a muzzle on those who would attempt to expose him and warn the people of his dirty work, doesn't he? Wow! (Printers: Note above!)

12. THE ART BOYS ARE CERTAINLY DOING A TREMENDOUS JOB on the new illustrations which liven up the text and make it so much more exciting and understandable! Thanks, Fellows! GBY! PTL!

13. WE'D LIKE TO HAVE A WEEKLY REPORT ON OUR NEW WILD WIND PRODUCTS DEPARTMENT and its progress on its productions such as yokes, etc., I don't think it wise to put "Child of God" on the yokes‚ as there might be many others who would want them but who would not necessarily consider themselves one of us. I think something with more of a general message for everyone as a conversation piece and even a witness would be more appropriate‚ such as: "Love Slave", "I love you", or "God is Love", "Jesus' slave", or "Yoked to Jesus", or "Yoke of Love", etc. And I would certainly have in the fine print somewhere "Wild Wind Productions"—not "Children of God"! Of course, if you could make it a little more mysterious like "I'm a COG", it might be more acceptable and arouse more curiosity‚

14. MAYBE "THE JESUS REVOLUTION" WOULD BE GOOD FOR THIS OR ON YOUR MUGS‚ but I think any of these items would go over better with the general public as well as our own kids if the mugs for example bore some of our crazy cartoons and sayings like "The Crazy Crusader" and maybe an appropriate verse from the same which could bear constant witness and act as a conversation starter. And how about a "Mountain Maid Mug"?—She oughtta really go!—Especially with a definitive verse or two! Poetry is nearly always acceptable by everybody and we could really make it count with our crazy cartoons and crazy verses! I think that mug idea's a great one! Just be sure that you always put in fine print somewhere‚ maybe on the bottom, "Wild Wind Productions, London" with a copyright mark.

15. WE'RE STILL AMAZED AT HOW MANY WONDERFULLY PRINTED ITEMS THAT WE RECEIVE FROM OUR COLONIES AROUND THE WORLD WHICH STILL BEAR NO ADDRESS, and we ourselves can't even tell where they are, particularly these little flyers advertising your clubs! We can't even tell what country they're in, much less the city, and it's too bad because I'm sure they fall into some poor kids' hands beyond your local areas who might really need to find you or write you! Every flyer should bear a box number or at least the street address of your club so kids could write you even if they can't come!

—Love, Dad