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Prince and the Magical Power, The

April 22, 2003

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Long ago in a faraway land, there lived a king, a queen, and their son‚ the prince. They were very happy together in their great and beautiful palace. They loved one another dearly and they had happy times together. The king and the queen loved their son, the prince, and he greatly loved his father and mother.

One day the father said, "Son, I have something that is very important for you to do, something that only you can do."

The son replied, "Father‚ I love you so much‚ I will do anything that you ask of me."

So the father said, "I wish for you to go to the village beyond the mountains, to take the love and joy that we have here in our palace to the people of the village."

At first the boy was sad when he heard the words of his father‚ for he did not want to leave the palace and the great happiness that he had there. But his father promised him that he could return, and that when he did, he would be happier than he had ever been before.

As the prince was about to leave‚ his father drew him close, and laid his hand upon his son's heart. He said, "Before you go, I give you a magical power. This is the power to change people's hearts. And anyone that you give this power to will also be able to use it to change the hearts of others."

So the prince set off, on his way to the village beyond the mountains. When he arrived, he saw that there were many children. The children laughed and played and seemed to be having a good time with each other. But as he looked at them, and as he spoke with them and got to know them, he saw that deep in their hearts they were afraid. They seemed happy, but deep down there was a fear.

So the prince called his new friends to him and began to tell them stories of his father and mother, and of the palace in which he lived. He told of the great fun he had there, and the great love, and the exciting things that he could do. He told them that they could go there too, and that they also could enjoy these things.

Some of the children didn't believe him and said, "You're making this up! No such place exists! How could it be so? You don't look like a prince. You look just like one of us." They wouldn't listen and they made fun of the prince.

But there were others who believed. Even though they had never seen a king or a queen or a wonderful palace, they believed the words that the young boy said to them.

When the prince found those who believed what he said, he called them close and laid his hand upon their hearts one by one and said, "My father gave me the magical power to change your heart. Because you have believed the words that I said, I lay my hand upon your heart and I give you this magical power. Now you too have the power to change the hearts of others."

As they received this power, the fear that was in their hearts was taken away. They were no longer afraid. They were happy and joyful, and they wanted to be loving and kind, because of the words of their new friend.

When it was time for the young prince to return‚ he said to those who had believed his words and had received the magical power, "Go and tell everyone you meet the story of the king and the queen and their son, and the great palace and the joy that is there. Tell them that if they will believe your words and if they will receive this magical power to change people's hearts‚ they will be able to come and live in the palace forever, just like you will be able to."

So the prince returned home and his friends began to speak to all the other children everywhere, telling them the story of the king and the queen and the prince and the palace. Those who believed received the magical power with great joy.

Do you, too, want to receive that magical power? The magical power is Love, God's Love. The King is God and the Prince, His Son, is Jesus. The palace is Heaven, a wonderful place. Do you understand the meaning of this story—that the Father‚ God, loves you‚ and that the Son, Jesus, loves you, and that you can receive the magical power of Love by believing in God and His Son, Jesus, and in His Love for you? If you do, you too can receive the magical power, and you too can live forever in the wonderful, wonderful palace of Heaven!

To show that you believe, simply talk to God, the King, right now and say in your heart: "Dear God, I believe that You sent Your Son Jesus to give me Your Love. I receive Him, and I receive Your Love. I want to live with You forever in Your Heavenly palace. Please forgive me for all the things I have done wrong. Help me to now use Your magical power of Love that I have received from Jesus to do good to others and to love them. Amen!"

If you pray this prayer, if you say these words, Jesus will come into your heart and life forever‚ and He will never leave you. One day you will go to live forever in the Heavenly palace of the King and Queen and their Son Jesus, your friend.

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