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Sword of the Lord, The

David Berg

—A Prayer for Makarios and CyprusJuly 18, 1974LTA No.309A

—(During the recent civil war)—MO

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(While in the Spirit and so burdened about the military coup of July 14 in Cyprus, David began to pray for Makarios. Apparently much of it was Abrahim, his spirit guide, speaking through him:)

1. YOU SAVED HIS LIFE, YOU TAUGHT HIM A LESSON! Forgive him for all the trouble he caused the British. Bless the dear British for returning good for evil and helping Makarios, Lord. Make him depend more on You. Make him thank the British. Bless them for their forgiveness, for their tolerance.

2. BLESS THE POOR DEAR BRITISH WHO'VE BEEN SO LENIENT, SO FORGIVING! Keep safely the British boys of Cyprus and those dear UN boys, and those poor Turks there, too. God damn that pro-American Greek Government military junta, those American-backed Greek officers! God damn the American envoy and his God-damned perfidy! God damn the Zionists who are trying to devour the poor! God damn all the enemies of Jesus' name!

3. HELP THE POOR PALESTINIANS AND THE POOR GREEK CYPRIOTS AND THE POOR TURKS! God damn those rich Americans and those rich pro-American Greeks!—In Jesus' name! May Thy will prevail, for Jesus' sake.

4. BLESS MAKARIOS, strengthen him and give him great power and wisdom, a real anointing from Thee as he speaks to the UN. He was elected by Thy people‚ 90 percent! God damn the damned 10 percent and those Greeks that try to steal the country that doesn't belong to them! God damn them in the Name of Jesus!

5. GOD DAMN ALL THE ENEMIES of your father‚ Honey Baby, and all the enemies of the Lord and all those that oppose the Lord's Anointed (Makarios) and all those that oppose the will of your father! I hate them with a perfect hatred: Destroy them, Lord! (Strong a prophecy:) Rid me of my enemies, O God! Destroy them that rise up against Thy father! O Lord Jesus! In the Name of Jesus‚ Amen. (Laughs long and loudly: )

6. OH TO THINK THEY COULD TRY TO RAISE THEIR HAND AGAINST THE FORCES OF GOD and the forces of Heaven that side with thy father! (Raises hands and praises in tongues‚ then laughs:)—600 Greek officers against all the forces of Heaven!—Ha! Very ridiculous‚ very stupid! All Heaven, O God‚ all Heaven, O Lord, sees and comes to the assistance of thy father!

7. ALL HEAVEN KNOWS, O GOD, THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THY SON MAKARIOS, and also his unrighteousness do forgive, Help him, O Lord, to be humble today. Help him, O God, to depend on Thee, O Jesus. Help him to seek Thy face and to speak with the voice of God and to warn the nations of the perfidy of America!

8. HELP, O GOD, HELP ENGLAND: Help the Prime Minister to know the truth about the God-damned Americans who cause all this trouble, trying to muscle into Cyprus for the sake of Israel! God damn those Zionists who hate Thee and curse Thy Name and rise up against thee!—God damn them who spit upon Thy Name! (Strong forceful tongues and laughing: )

9. SO FOOLISH THE FORCES WHO RISE UP AGAINST THY NAME and Thine Anointed and those that feel the force of Thy father! So ridiculous of those nincompoops who fight Thy children! Destroy those that destroy Thy children!

10. TEACH MAKARIOS A LESSON to be kinder to Thy children, O Lord, those that are kind to him and his children.

11. SO SILLY FOR THEM (OUR ENEMIES) TO OPPOSE THEE, O GOD, AND THY FATHER AND HIS CHILDREN! So silly to think they can fight Thee and Thy children and their father. Teach them a lesson, Lord! Destroy them that try to destroy Thy children and the words of their father! Destroy the forces of the foolish! Destroy the forces of the cruel!

12. ESTABLISH THE HOUSE OF THY FATHER AND HIS CHILDREN IN THAT LAND. Come, O God, come, O Lord! Come this day, O Lord, and show Thy mighty power and destroy Thine enemies and the enemies of Thy father. In Jesus' name‚ Amen. So be it, O God. So be it, O God!

13. STRENGTHEN MAKARIOS AND FORGIVE HIM for his sins and his pride and his foolishness. He knows not the door of his nation hangs upon the hinges of Thy children! Help him to know it this day, in Jesus' name. Bless them and encourage them, Jesus. Keep them safely even if they die, O Lord. Give them courage to vie for the right, O Lord, and to know they have died for Thy cause, O Jesus. In Jesus' name keep Thy little ones, O Lord.

14. (HAVING ALSO JUST HEARD OF THE BLOODY TOWER OF LONDON BOMBING in which many children were hurt‚ he prays:) O God, God damn the wicked that destroy the poor and the innocent! O Jesus, God damn the wicked! Destroy them who destroy the innocent! Let them die by the sword which destroy by the sword! May that young man (who planted the bomb) die by his own hand‚ in the Name of Jesus! Even so let it be done according to the words of Thy father.

15. SLAY THE WICKED, O LORD! DELIVER THY CHILDREN out of the hand of the enemy. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen Jesus. We put Your father in Thy hands and Thy little ones‚ Thy child and all Thy children and your little sheep. They're all in Your hands. I can't save them, but You can: Thy sheep in London‚ Thy sheep in Cyprus‚ Thy sheep everywhere—even me, Lord‚ Thy Shepherd, in Jesus' name. Bless and keep us, O God! We need You, Jesus! Help us, O Lord! (—And God answers. Hallelujah!:)

16. BLESSED IS HE THAT CRIETH OUT IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER! Blessed is he that beseecheth Me for My poor! Blessed is he that seeketh Me in the hour of trouble! Blessed is he that beseecheth My Name! Blessed is he whom I have called and anointed and raised up for this day! Blessed is he that I have set upon My throne in My, Name to rule over My people!

17. BLESSED IS HE THAT LOVETH AND RULETH MY PEOPLE WELL. Blessed is he that seeketh My face in the hour of trouble. So shall he be in the hour of triumph, and I will be with him and lift up his hand that raiseth My sword (the Word?) to slay them which rise up against Me!

18. IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. So be it, Lord. So be it. In Jesus' name.

19. RISE UP, O GOD, LIFT UP THY SWORD! Slay them which rise up against Thee! Give Thy people strength and courage. Give O Lord‚ Thy children power to resist (in spirit?) them which rise up against Thee In the Name of Jesus.

20. BLESS, O GOD, EVEN RUSSIA, O LORD, WHO THIS TIME SIDES WITH THE POOR and fights for the favour of Thy children and Thy poor. Bless her. And condemn America for her iniquity who engineers this slaughter of Thy children! (Already 300 Cypriots had died!)

21. MAY THEY (THY CHILDREN) SEEK REFUGE WITH THEM THAT LOVE THEE and them that seek Thy face, and may they seek refuge, O Lord, in the house of them which seek Thee. May they, O God, flee to them who love Thee, who seek the power of Thy Name, O Allah, amongst Thy poor (the Turks?). Give them refuge O Lord, with these who once persecuted Thee. May they find common cause, O Lord, and rebuke those evil American Greeks!

22. BLESS THE TURKS, O GOD, IN JESUS' NAME, WHO RISE UP AGAINST AMERICA, O Lord. Deliver Thy little ones out of their (America's) hand, in Jesus' name. Give them strength, O God, give them power and give them (spiritual?) weapons to destroy he evil ones. O Lord Jesus! Have Thy way, O Lord in Jesus' name. May the cup of the iniquity of Thine enemies be full and may it overflow that Thou mightest destroy them, that all people shall know that Thou art the Lord and the Succourer of the poor!

23. LET HIM (MAKARIOS) WHICH STANDS BEFORE THE PEOPLE (AT THE UN) THIS DAY BE ANOINTED BY THY POWER! Show Thy great favour and mercy in the Name of Jesus. Give him strength, O God, and Thy anointing that he may speak with Thy voice to expose Thine enemies, including America! May he not be deceived: Help him to know who his enemies are and that he stands within the gates of his enemies and those that seek his life!

24. HELP HIM, O GOD, TO BEWARE OF THESE THINE ENEMIES‚ THESE GOD DAMNED AMERICANS WHO ENGINEERED THE WHOLE COUP, O LORD! Bless Russia for her righteousness: Bless her for that which is right in spite of her wrongs. Damn America for her wrongdoing and unrighteousness! Deliver Thy children‚ Thy little ones from the house of the cruel and the wrongdoing of the wicked‚ O God! Rise up! This is the time for Thee to rise up and save Thy people! Shake Thy mighty arm! (Strong tongues: Sees a vision of God's great arm shaking His huge sword of impending judgment!:)

25. BARE THY MIGHTY SHINING GLEAMING SWORD! Deliver those that love Thee from them that hate Thee! Destroy the wicked! Deliver Thy children, O Lord‚ in the Name of Jesus.

26. BRANDISH THY SWORD, THY SHINING GLEAMING SWORD, in the face of them that defy Thee! Cut off their heads‚ O Lord, destroy them with a very great slaughter! In the Name of Jesus!—Hip and thigh!—Hip and thigh and arm and all, with Thy mighty sword! In Jesus' name! (God knows how to do it!) In the Name of Jesus!

27. CAUSE THY PEOPLE TO PRAY FOR HIM (MAKARIOS) to cry out and pray for salvation. Cause the children of Thine anointed to seek Thy face and cry unto Thee against them that would rule over them, against the wicked‚ against the cruel, against the rich and those God-damned Americans, those Greek Americans, the pro-American Greeks!

28. REBUKE THEIR WEAPONS‚ O LORD, destroy them, confound them, O Lord! In the Name of Jesus! Stop them, O Jesus, cause their weapons to blow up in their own faces, as with this young man who destroyed the innocent! May he be destroyed by his own hand! Destroy the weapons of them that destroy Thy children! In Jesus' name!

29. THE LORD WILL HEAR YOUR FATHER AND ANSWER HIS CRY, Kiss them that kiss Thee. Bless them that bless thee‚ and curse them that curse Thee! Curse them that curse Thy Words! I hate them, O God, with a perfect hatred! Destroy them that would destroy Thee, Thy children and Thy works! Destroy them with a mighty slaughter! Curse them that curse Thy Name: The God-damned anti-Christs, the God-damned Americans and the God-damned (American-backed) Greeks! Curse them, O God, and deliver Thy children!

30. DELIVER THY SERVANT (MAKARIOS), O GOD! Give him power, anointing and protection this day. Deliver him from the hand of the enemies (American) as he flies to their land. (I can just see from reading that Newsweek article last week that America was preparing for this by breaking ties with the Turks and saying the Communist Party was very strong in Cyprus and Makarios was supported by the Communists, etc.!)

31. GOD DAMN THOSE AMERICANS! Deliver Thy children from God-damned America, self-righteous hypocrites who hate Thee and destroy The poor throughout the world! God damn them, in the Name of Jesus Christ, who continue to destroy the poor in this little land! (Cyprus)

32. THANK YOU, O JESUS, FOR THY HAND, FOR THY ARMOR, AND THAT BEAUTIFUL BRIGHT AND SHINING GLEAMING SILVER SWORD O Lord, that destroys Thy enemies! Hallelujah! Thank You, O Lord! Wow! So beautiful! Thank You, Jesus! May it be bathed in the blood of Thine enemies to cleanse Thy land! Help those poor Turks in Jesus' name! Deliver them and protect and keep them. O God Help them, in Jesus' name! Help them to help Thy children!—Amen.

The Fulfillment:

(In a few days after this prayer, the Turks won the battle for Cyprus, rescued the poor Turks and our Children there, ousted the pro-American military juntas in both Cyprus and Greece, toppled the Greek government and dominated Cyprus, freeing it from the Greek yoke! Makarios also made an impassioned plea before the UN and later exposed America's phoney "neutrality" which backed the Greeks! God still answers prayer! Amen!)