KEYWORDS: antenna, car, cliff, sports car, sports, watchers

Antenna, The

David Berg

—MO September 1, 1972 No.307B—DFO

P.O. Box London WC2E 7LX England or GPO 3141, San Juan Puerto Rico 00936

1. I HAD A DREAM AND WAS VERY SHOOK UP by it. I woke up and when I asked the Lord about it He gave me the interpretation as related here to Maria.

2. ANGELS ARE CALLED IN SOME PLACES IN THE BIBLE‚ WATCHERS. I was wondering how come in so many revelations and dreams‚ I'm there‚ but not really there in person? I'm sort of hanging there in the air observing. Sometimes it seems like I'm an angel; I 'm in the Spirit and just watching what's going on. Sometimes I'm actually in it and participating. Other times I'm just watching. I asked the Lord about it, and He said, "Watchers."

3. THIS WAS THE MOST AMAZING DREAM! One little picture with almost no action just illustrates everything! I don't want to tell you, but I have to because last night I told the Lord I didn't want to move and I was not going to move unless I had some definite sign, and I didn't really promise Him I would move if He gave me that sign, but I asked Him for it. But I don't want to tell you the dream!—I think I'll go back to sleep and dream some more.

4. ALL THOSE WARNINGS WE'VE BEEN HAVING ARE LIKE LITTLE PIECES IN THE PUZZLE, but I asked the Lord for a great big piece and He gave me this dream‚ and I don't like it 'cause it's real scary!

5. I WOULD HATE TO HAVE IT FALL OVER BEFORE I GET TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT, causes I think I'm the Antenna! I was on this beach and the big waves were pounding and breaking and chasing me and it was getting dark, and all along the beach there was this big high cliff. It seems like I dreamt about this before. It's sort of like an island, and I was trying to get up the cliff from this little beach, and then I see this steep steep stairway and it's almost like a ladder fastened to the cliff, and the steps go up real steep—up, up, up, up, up‚ over the top of the cliff. And these big waves are chasing me and the sea is chasing me and I'm running along the beach toward the cliff, and I see my only means of hope of escape is this real scary stairs, which doesn't look too secure anyhow, fastened to the face of the cliff. But it's the only way I can get up—a fight of stairs. So I take the flight and I make it! I get up—And it's such a relief to get over the top!

6. AND ALL OF A SUDDEN I'M ON TOP CRAWLING AROUND, and I'm looking back down, as it seems like there's something up here I'm afraid of and I don't like it‚ and I'm still looking for some way of escape. So I crawl over to the edge of the cliff and look down, cause I don't like it way up here and I'm looking down over the cliff at the beach. I'm way, way‚ way, up on top, very, very, very high, and all of a sudden the waves are beating so hard on the cliff, now even the stairway is shakey and insecure! It was coming loose where it was fastened to the cliff, So when I looked down, I thought "It's sure not safe to go back that way! I can't go back—that's even worse!" When all of a sudden, there was this great big tall Antenna pole standing right on the edge of the cliff—you know, with these guy wires holding it up—a single pole antenna—and the guy wire on the side of the water was already washed away‚ and there were only three guy wires left. The antenna was standing near the very edge of the cliff and the ground next to it kept crumbling, and it seemed the stairway was ready to collapse.

7. I THOUGHT: "IF THEY DON'T MOVE THAT ANTENNA back away from the edge of the cliff, those waves are going to keep beating away at the edge of the cliff till the Antenna falls over! They better move that antenna!" It was like I was watching.

8. THEN I HEARD THIS POLICE RADIO not far away, and it seemed like up on the street on the right not far away from the top of the cliff (apparently even the street's not too safe) I had parked my miniature sports car near the curb. It was only five feet long and two feet wide and it was almost like a play car!—And this motorcycle policeman had stopped there and his radio was going full blast. Apparently he was radioing into police Headquarters and asking them about my little sports car, because it didn't have any license—sort of like it was too young and too small to have a license, But he was arguing with Headquarters that it should have a license just like any other car, because it was using the street and was used in the street. But the radio replied that maybe it didn't need a license 'cause it was so small. Maybe it could just be classified as a play car and not a real car, But this cop was arguing with HQ: He said, "Well‚ I don't care! I think it needs a license and I'm not taking any chances! I'm going to give it a ticket for not having a license‚ 'cause even if it's small, it's used in the street just like other cars and it ought to have a license!" So I was thinking‚ "O Man! I should have moved my car before that cop came along, but I can't move my car without the Antenna! I can't go without the Antenna, because if I don't move the Antenna up to higher ground, it's going to fall over.!

9. AND I GOT SO SCARED AND WORRIED about it that I woke up! I woke up and my heart was pounding real hard and I was all excited! It was all so clear‚ just like I had been right there, and I could remember every little detail just plain as day, and it was real strong!—Then the Lord gave me the interpretation:

10. THE CAR WAS THE KIDS and if I didn't move it, it was gong to get a ticket. The water is the waves and the sea roaring—the enemies, the bad people are after me, roaring and roaring against me, but they didn't touch me, but I had to run or they would!—And I barely made it up the long long shakey flight of stairs to the top of the cliff. But even then I wasn't quite safe if I stayed too close to the edge, because the waves kept beating against the cliff and eating away at the cliff and it kept crumbling and caving in little by little. The Antenna hadn't been on the very edge at the beginning. It was because the waves were eating away at the cliff little by little, But just a few more inches and it would have fallen over and crashed and got swallowed up by the waves! I thought, "It's got to be moved up to higher ground!" And moving it seemed to have something to do with the little miniature sports car. It had to be moved quick so I could move my sports car, so we wouldn't get a ticket.

11. SO I'M LYING THERE ON TOP OF THE CLIFF flat on my stomach hanging on to the Antenna to keep it from falling over while the cop's on the radio talking about my sports car needing a license‚ and I'm thinking, "I've got move the Antenna to higher ground before I can more the car! I've got to move the Antenna first, and then I can move the car. But I've got to hurry, 'cause if I don't move the Antenna, it's going to fall into the sea, and if I don't move my car, it's going to get a ticket!" And the cop was so mean‚ cause even the HQ told him he didn't have to give it a ticket. But he was just one mean old cop who wanted to make trouble. He was just mean enough to do it.

12. AND THEN I WOKE UP! The most amazing thing was, when I woke up and was asking the Lord what it meant, I know the Lord was speaking to me and it was just as plain as anything. The waves and the seas roaring are the enemies trying to get at me‚ and I had already made my escape up this flight of steep stairs to the top of the cliff, but I stayed too near the edge.—And all of a sudden, guess who's the Antenna? I realised I was the Antenna! And that's really all I am—an Antenna sticking up there and getting the messages and broadcasting them!

13. BUT IN THE DREAM I WASN'T ME—the Antenna was me! Yet I was also one of the watchers, and the watchers were worried about moving the Antenna to higher ground so they could then move the sports car so the cops wouldn't get it, and the sports car was the kids—the kids‚ who can't move till I move—till the watchers move me! 'Cause they aren't really safe till I'm safe, cause they need the Antenna. And the sea and the waves were roaring at us from one side, and the cops threatening us from the other and it wasn't that the Government seemed to mind, but it was this one mean old cop—like one of those mean American cops—he was just taking it on himself to make the decision and give us a ticket anyway if we didn't move—and the watchers were trying to move the Antenna and they wanted to move the car, but the Antenna didn't want to move 'cause it's too much trouble. It was all fastened down. But the cliff was just crumbling away and I was really right on the edge ready to fall over. And finally, it seemed like the watchers were torn between the two, whether to save the Antenna or the sports car. They were trying to save both, but the Antenna wouldn't budge! So it seemed like they were thinking if they couldn't make it move pretty quick, they were going to have to let it fall and go without it so they could save the sports car. Like, "Too bad—if we can't move the Antenna, we've got to go move the car and just let it go"!

14. AND OF COURSE THE COP WAS A VERY MEAN REPRESENTATIVE OF THE SYSTEM. The System there wasn't all that bad and would have let us off. But he was a mean cop interpreting the law his own way. But the watchers couldn't move the car till they saved the Antenna. But it was like they were about to give up on it and let the Antenna fall into the sea while they ran to save the sports car. They wanted very bad to move the Antenna and were very distressed about it‚ but it wouldn't budge! So if they couldn't move it pretty quick‚ they were going to have to let it go and fall over the cliff into the sea and go move the sports car without it.

15. TO SUM IT ALL UP: The sea is our enemies‚ the steep stairs is our flight to higher ground, and the Antenna is me, and the sports car is you kids and the voice on the radio was the Government and the cop was one mean representative. And if we can't move the Antenna we've got to move the sports car so it won't get caught!

16. THE WHOLE POINT TO THE STORY: The Antenna can't move itself! It's old and tired and worn out: It has to be moved. If the watchers and people taking care of it don't move it, it would almost rather just fall over. Because it's too much trouble. It doesn't have to move, it doesn't want to move, and it can't move unless the watchers move it. Only the watchers can move it. They had to pick it up and carry it.

17. ANTENNAS DON'T MOVE. All they do is get messages and broadcast them. But people have to move antennas, 'cause antennas can't move themselves. And the watchers were standing there trying to hold onto it, but nobody could move it.

18. YOU'RE THE CLERK—like the radio traffic clerk who writes down the messages and gives it to the people concerned.

19. AND I HAD ANOTHER FUNNY LITTLE DREAM! I dreamed I had to wear a long black cloak to hide me and live way up in a gondola that you had to reach by a hanging ladder! It looked like the long opera capes they used to wear, like the "Phantom of the Opera" or like the one Sherlock Holmes used to wear, and I was wearing a silk hat!—And you, Maria, and Ho or somebody were waiting on the ground for me. What would I be dressed like a magician for, living in a little hanging gondola! I think it was hanging up in the top of a circus tent and everybody was waiting for me, and you guys kept telling me to hurry up! I guess the show couldn't go on without me or was going to go on without me if I didn't move!

20. Well‚ praise God, I've moved now!—So get that show on the road and keep that sporty little car rolling—Amen? Hallelujah! God bless and keep you! I love you!—Your rickety ol' Antenna!