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David Berg

—Sequel to "Look of Love".—MO June 24, 1974 NO.307—GP

"Copyrighted June‚ 1974 by The Children of God, P. O Box 31 London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan‚ Puerto Rico 00936

1. ALL MY LIFE I'VE BEEN STUDYING AND TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHY THERE IS SO MUCH POWER IN A LOOK! Now I'm trying by the help of the Spirit of God to figure these things out. Abrahim my spirit guide is rather simple and childlike, and he thinks it's not important for us to try to figure things out.

2. BUT THE LORD LIKES TO SOMETIMES GIVE US ILLUSTRATIONS THAT WE CAN RELATE TO so we can understand things better. These spirit beings along with even the angels still have a lot to learn! God even has counsels to try to teach them. Look what happened to the Devil! Look at the experiences the spirits are still having!—They're still waging wars and spiritual battles!

3. GOD IS SPIRIT, WHICH IS A FORM OF POWER OR ENERGY—SPIRITUAL ENERGY. I believe we shouldn't be so religious that we so spiritualise everything that has nothing whatever to do with the understandable significant possible explanations of the form of that Energy! Like the Lord showed us: It's like electricity. The Bible also says He's Light. Now if light can be powerful energy—and it is—science has proven that—so can spiritual power‚ especially the light of the eyes.

4. DID YOU EVER SEE ONE OF THESE HELIOGYROSCOPES THAT THEY SET IN THE WINDOWS AND THEY OPERATE BY SUNLIGHT, going round and round? Now to show you that sunlight is a form of energy—light is energy and power. The sunlight, when the heliogyroscope is placed in the sun, begins to turn it around, and if it is a real bright sun it goes so fast you can hardly see it!

5. IT'S THE PURE ENERGY OF THE SUNLIGHT ON THOSE VANES THAT'S PUSHING IT AROUND! The way it does it is this: One side of those little metal plates is very brightly polished and reflects the sunlight, which means that the sun pushes against it, the sun moves it‚ makes a contact, and the light actually contacts it and moves it. Whereas the other side of each vane is painted a very deep, dead black that absorbs the sunlight, so that instead of the sunlight pushing it or moving it, it just kind of drinks in the sunlight—absorbs it.

6. SO THAT THE SUN'S RAYS PUSH ON ONE SIDE AND SORT OF PULL ON THE OTHER.—So that the effect of the light pushing on the one side and pulling on the other is to rotate the whole thing. As you look at them the polished surfaces of the plates are facing counterclockwise as they rotate, and the blackened faces face clockwise so that all the polished surfaces are facing the same direction and all the blackened surfaces are facing the opposite direction. There are four of these little vanes—each of them with one polished face on one side and a black face on the other, and all attached to the central pivot with little wires just like a wind vane. The power of light is kind of like that thing I got on prayer: It has an actual scientific principle to it!

7. NOW IF THESE RAYS OF SUNLIGHT ARE POWERFUL ENOUGH TO PUSH ON THE REFLECTED SURFACE AND TO TURN THAT LITTLE HELIOGYROSCOPE, THEY ACTUALLY DO HAVE REAL PHYSICAL POWER—that's a definite natural physical power of light which can be scientifically explained. To help you understand why that makes it turn, let's imagine that the sun's rays are like a ball in your right hand. You throw the ball at the reflecting surface and it hits it and bounces off.—See?—And if that little heliogyroscope were out in the open where you could throw the ball at it, that would naturally turn it. But the black surfaces are like holes. Though you may be throwing balls with both hands like all the sun's rays are striking both surfaces at the same time, the balls being thrown by the right hand are bouncing off the reflected surfaces, but the balls being thrown by your left hand are going right through the black holes. I hope this helps explain the force of the sun's rays for you.

8. NOW, GOD IS LIGHT‚ SO HE'S LIKE THE SUN'S RAYS. Right? And of course we know the sun has a great deal of power because it has all kinds of effects on the earth. Life wouldn't be possible without it—without its light, heat, and the photosynthetic process which causes the plants to grow.

9. THIS MAKES ALL LIFE POSSIBLE ON EARTH BY THE SUNLIGHT'S EFFECT on the chlorophyll in the leaves of plants which produce the essential sugars which are the nourishment of the plant life itself and which in turn are the nourishment of all life. So without the sun, there wouldn't be anything to eat! All life would cease to exist, because most animal life consumes vegetable life which is created by the sun's power.

10. SO LITERALLY, IN A SENSE, WE'RE ALL EATING SUNSHINE! No wonder the ancients worshipped the sun!—It's a type of God, because it not only gives us light and warmth, but it actually manufactures the food that we eat!

11. ITS GRAVITATIONAL PULL ALSO KEEPS THE EARTH IN ITS ORBIT: It even keeps the whole world on the right track!—Think of that!

12. THERE ARE FOUR MAJOR FUNCTIONS OF THE SUN: WITHOUT THE LIGHT OF THE SUN WE'D BE IN TOTAL DARKNESS except for starlight, because even the moon wouldn't shine then! Because the moon is like the Church, like the Bride, and it only reflects the light of the sun, like the Bride reflects the love of the Bridegroom. So without the sun, the world would be in almost total darkness, just as without the Lord we would be in almost total spiritual darkness.

13. WITHOUT THE WARMTH AND HEAT OF THE SUN'S RAYS‚ WE'D ALSO FREEZE TO DEATH! In fact, we'd freeze solid, because temperatures of places in space which are sheltered from the sun's rays, like on the dark side of the moon, are hundreds of degrees below zero—very, very cold! So the whole earth and everybody on it would freeze to death without the heat of the sun, just like without the Lord we'd be dead cold spiritually!

14. AND, AS WE'VE JUST EXPLAINED, WITHOUT THE SUN'S RAYS THERE WOULD BE NO FOOD; so without the Lord we'd die spiritually of spiritual hunger without the Lord to feed us spiritually.

15. AND THEN FINALLY‚ WITHOUT THE SUN'S GRAVITATIONAL PULL ON THE EARTH, INSTEAD OF STAYING IN ITS WELL-PLANNED ORBIT, THE EARTH WOULD GO WANDERING OFF THROUGH SPACE and probably crash into some other astral body like a huge meteor or another planet. So without God's guidance, His gravitational pull on us in the spiritual world, we too would certainly get out of the well–planned orbit of His will—our proper spiritual orbit—and we'd go wandering off into the darkness of spiritual space and probably crack up somewhere.

16. WANDERING OFF LOST IN SPIRITUAL DARKNESS IS LIKE BEING LOST IN SPACE, OUT OF ORBIT, having no direction, no guidance, lost in space! That's what all these people are—these poor people who don't have the Lord! They're wandering off lost in spiritual space—spiritual darkness—with no orbit, no center, no central focal point to keep them in orbit.

17. FROZEN, COLD, HUNGRY PEOPLE ARE WANDERING AROUND IN DARKNESS WITHOUT GOD, just as the earth would be without the sun! They're not only hungry, but starving—cold‚ frozen and starving—lost in the darkness of space, spiritual wanderers! Just think! Even the wayward angels, the rebellious angels and spiritual powers of the Enemy, God calls wandering stars! They've left their Center and they've gotten out of orbit and are trying to run away from His control‚ and in their rebellion they're wandering off, lost in space!

18. TO ME THAT ALWAYS HAS THE MOST HORRIBLE SOUND TO IT!—"LOST IN SPACE!"—wandering off through the vast darkness of space so alone! It's just like people without the Lord—freezing, starving, blind and lost!

19. NOW, IF THE SUN HAS THAT MUCH POWER, THINK HOW MUCH POWER GOD HAS, OUR SPIRITUAL SUN!—How much spiritual power He has! Because all of the things He has created always are an illustration of some spiritual truth, and I'm sure the Lord created the sun, moon, stars and Earth and planets to illustrate these spiritual truths I've just been telling you about. It's so fitting! I believe the Lord really created them to be an illustration so we could better understand our relationship with God and His necessity to our spiritual solar system.

20. HE IS OUR SUN!—WE ARE HIS MOON! WE MERELY REFLECT HIS LIGHT!—And where should we reflect the light the most? When does the moon shine brightest?—At night when the sun is out of sight and the world can't see the sun, we must keep on shining and lighting the world in the darkness‚ reflecting His light!

21. BUT WE ALSO ARE LIKE THE SUN'S RAYS, SINCE WE OURSELVES BECOME PART OF THE LIGHT OF GOD. Each of us is like a little sunbeam, a little ray of sunshine coming from the Lord! Reminds me of that little Sunday School chorus: "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam to shine for Him each day, In every way try to please Him, at home, at work, at play!—A sunbeam‚ a sunbeam, Jesus wants me for a sunbeam! A sunbeam, a sunbeam, I'll be a sunbeam for Him!" A simple, little childish song like "You gotta be a baby!" but it's so true!

22. I'M TRYING TO EXPLAIN SPIRITUAL LIGHT IN SCIENTIFIC TERMS. When Paul tries to explain Grace and Works and Salvation by Grace through God's Love in his long legal technical theological discourse or letters, he's really trying to help the intellectual to understand it. The reasoning‚ rational scientific mind wants to try to comprehend the difference between law and grace, the whys and wherefores of salvation. So Paul's explaining it to try to help them understand it. For most people you don't really have to do that. They're childlike in mind, and it's better really that they just childishly accept it.

23. SUN-POWER IS LIKE ELECTRICITY: YOU DON'T HAVE TO UNDERSTAND IT—ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TURN IT ON AND USE IT! All right then, if we are part of God's sunshine, we are part of God, His sunshine, His little rays of sunshine. His little sunbeams, then each of us has a portion of His Power! Each of us has become part of His Light and part of His power spiritually.

24. SO, SINCE GOD IS SPIRIT OR POWER (SPIRIT IS REALLY ANOTHER TERM FOR SPIRITUAL ENERGY OR POWER)—and He is also light, each of us are part of His power and light! But He's also love—God is love! So God is love and power and light! It's like an equation: If on the one side God equals power and light, and on the other He equals love—then love equals power and light!

25. SO LOVE IS POWER AND LIGHT: LOVE IS THE POWER AND LIGHT OF GOD! Love is God and His power and His light! so when you give love to someone, real love, God's love‚ when you really love someone spiritually, that's like showing them His Light in your spiritual love for them. And when you manifest it physically, the light of His love has power, and it pushes against the little heliogyroscope of their physical body and makes the wheels go round!

26. WHEN LOVING, THE LIGHT IS MANIFESTING ACTUAL POWER, PHYSICAL POWER and is being converted into a physical expression‚ a manifest, visible, tangible, touchable, feelable physical expression called love or lovemaking! The Light is Power, God's power, and it moves the little heliogyroscope of our physical bodies and creates motion—movement—by this loving powerful Light!

27. SO, JUST AS THE SUN'S LIGHT RAYS HAVE POWER TO TURN THE LITTLE PHYSICAL HELIOGYROSCOPE, SO HIS POWER AND LIGHT MOVE OUR PHYSICAL BODIES WITH HIS LOVE. And this is because His love is power and light, because He is power and light and He is love, and love moves us into emotional, visible, physical manifestations of outward and feelable expressions of love and the motions of lovemaking!

28. SO IT IS THEREFORE REALLY ALL GOD! LOVEMAKING IS ALL A PHYSICAL ILLUSTRATION OF WHAT GOD DOES TO US Through the power and light of His love! His love is power and light! It sort of reminds me of the name of our electric company when I lived in Florida: It was called the "Florida Power and Light Company", a good name for an electrical company! So you and I are part of God's Power and Light Company, His electric company—a spiritually electric company!

29. SO IF LIGHT AND POWER EQUALS LOVE, SOMEHOW LIGHT HAS THE POWER OF LOVE! Light rays are power. This we have proven. At the same time‚ they're love. Even the sunshine is God's love for you! Of course! It is His light and power that shows His love by making the world go round!

30. NOW IF LIGHT RAYS ARE POWER WHAT EFFECT DO THEY HAVE ON OUR EYES? EYES ARE LIGHT RECEIVERS—lenses, receivers, translators of this power of light into pictures in our minds to show us the world around us. Light rays do affect our eyes, as science has proven: We read an article just the other day in which it said that light is necessary for health!

31. IT IS NECESSARY FOR YOUR EYES TO RECEIVE LIGHT FOR GOOD HEALTH! It is not only necessary for your physical body to have sunshine in order to utilise vitamins for the manufacture of calcium in the blood‚ etc., but your physical eyes actually have to receive physical light to generate some mysterious power within the body which is required for good health!

32. THIS IS WHY THE BLIND SO OFTEN ARE IN ILL HEALTH and are more susceptible to certain diseases, the article said, because they don't receive this light through their blind eyes which generates physical power within the body for good health. So it's just as the world is spiritually blind and those who do not have the Lord are blind to His light.

33. MANY PEOPLE ARE SPIRITUALLY BLIND TO GOD'S LIGHT even when it is shined right into their spiritual eyes! They still can't see it for they're so spiritually blind it does them no good whatsoever. That's what the Lord called the Scribes and Pharisees: "Blind leaders of the blind!" the religious leaders who were the blindest of all!

34 SO LIGHT CERTAINLY DOES AFFECT THE PHYSICAL BODY. BUT I BELIEVE THERE IS A SPIRITUAL EFFECT AS WELL, PARTICULARLY WHEN WE LOOK INTO SOMEONE'S EYES. We are receiving in our eyes the light which is being reflected from their eyes. There is therefore a sort of a light exchange when you look into someone's eyes—a literal physical light exchange! You see the light that is reflected in their eyes and they see the light that is reflected in your eyes. But I believe it is more than that‚ since light is power.

35. I BELIEVE THERE IS AN ACTUAL PHYSICAL AND PSYCHICAL POWER EXCHANGE‚ AS THE HYPNOTISTS HAVE PROVEN! The eyes become projectors as well as receivers! Though you may say that's purely psychological, not physiological, you certainly can't rule out the physiological effects of hypnotism through the psychological, the power of mind over matter!

36. SO THERE IS A DEFINITE PROJECTION OF POWER IN A LOOK! There is also a reception of power in a look into someone's eyes, so much so that you can really feel it! If you look deeply into someone's eyes, you know something is going on and it affects you, especially if you're very spiritually sensitive as well as physically sensitive!

37. SO NOW IF LIGHT AND POWER HAVE SUCH AN EFFECT ON OUR EYES THAT WE CAN ACTUALLY FEEL THE EFFECT IN OUR PHYSICAL BODY by a look or a glance from someone, think what this means if this light and power is also love! It moves the emotions!

38. A DEEP LOOK INTO SOMEONE'S EYES CAN MOVE THE EMOTIONS AS MUCH AS A DEEP KISS INTO THEIR MOUTH! After all‚ sight is one of the five senses, and when you look deeply into each other's eyes, you are sensing something. There is a definite spiritual exchange, a power contact by means of this light exchange which is definitely related to love!

39. THERE IS POWER IN A LOOK! IN THE BIBLE THEY WERE TOLD TO "LOOK AND LIVE!"—ONE LOOK BROUGHT LIFE AND HEALED THEM! How much power is there in a loving look into someone's eyes?—You know there is!—You've felt it! You yourself have felt someone's love through a look—the "look of love"—and you feel it! You really feel it physically and it can move you emotionally so the actual organs of your body are affected!

40. A MAN CAN LOOK AT A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN AND JUST ONE LOOK CAN SO MOVE HIS EMOTIONS AS TO AFFECT HIS PHYSICAL BODY with feelings of love and a desire for lovemaking so that it actually can make him begin to erect just through looking!—He can get an erection from a mere look without any physical contact whatsoever! A woman can look into a man's eyes and be so melted with feelings of love, the next thing she's going to be doing is wilting into his arms just from a look of love!

41. WHAT POWER THERE IS IN A LOOK—JUST TO LOOK INTO SOMEONE'S EYES! They used to accuse us of hypnotising our converts!—Maybe we were and didn't know it! They said our gaze was hypnotic, spell binding! Our enemies warned, "Don't look into their eyes or you're lost!—You're a goner! They've got power in their eyes!"

42. ONE REPORTER CALLED FAITHIE A WITCH and accused her of exercising witchcraft over him because when they looked into each other's eyes‚ he lost all his self-control! He wanted to follow her and join right then! He felt absolutely hypnotised and could no longer control his own emotions and his own will. They were totally yielded to her!—And he said if his fellow journalists hadn't shaken him out of it, virtually wakened him out of his hypnotic trance, that he believes he would have actually come and joined then and there!

43. SO THERE IS POWER IN A LOOK, particularly the tremendous power of a look of love which brings such light and life! There is some kind of real spiritual power, a power connection which occurs when you look into each other's eyes. It is as though your spirits are drawn out of each other's eyes and meet and contact each other. Though you're not yet touching each other physically, your spirits have touched—your spirits have each reached out and touched each other!

44. YOUR INDIVIDUAL POWER HAS MADE CONTACT WITH EACH OTHER THROUGH THAT LOOK OF LOVELIGHT‚ and it can carry tremendous emotional impact! You can feel the love if there is real light in the look. Or you can feel the darkness and the exact opposite—the hatred, the horrible feeling of revulsion, if there is no light there—if there is nothing but darkness there‚ if there is blindness there—if the eyes reject your light, your power and your love.

45. WHEN YOU LOOK DEEPLY INTO RECEPTIVE EYES, YOU'RE GOING TO FIND LOVE and light and power that will move your emotions to move your body into actual physical contact just like two magnets leap at each other, and it's just as sure to draw you together as physical magnetism! There is first a psychological or spiritual magnetism which meets like a thunderclap when you look into some people's eyes!


47. THIS MUST MEAN THAT SOME PEOPLE ALREADY HAVE THE LIGHT OF GOD AND HIS LOVE IN THEIR HEARTS, EVEN THOUGH THEY DON'T KNOW IT! They're already a child of God in His mind. And this is true, because He said before the earth was created, before the foundation of the world, your names were written in the Book of Life! You were foreordained or predestined because of the choice God knew you were going to make, because you were a Child of Light, a creation of God‚ already one of God's Children, although you didn't even know it and you didn't understand it!

48. SO THESE PEOPLE WE MEET WHO ARE RESPONSIVE TO OUR LOOK OF LOVE AND WHOSE SPIRITS LEAP OUT OF THEIR EYES TO EMBRACE OURS IN A LONGING LOOK FOR LOVE, ARE ALREADY CHILDREN OF GOD in God's mind! They already have His light and it is there and He's put it in them and they respond to light when they find it. And if they haven't known what it was before or they haven't known His love, then they find out what it is through you They receive it through your look of love and they respond to it spiritually and even physically!

49. THAT'S WHY SOME PEOPLE ARE AFRAID TO LOOK INTO YOUR EYES or sometimes you're afraid to look into theirs, because it's a spiritual stripping! It bares your very soul! You can see their very spirit naked before you! It is easier for some people to strip naked before you physically than spiritually, rather than to reveal their inner spirit—the discerning of the thoughts and intents of the heart by the power of the Spirit!

50. BUT YOU SAY IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE, WHY SHOULD YOU YOURSELF SOMETIMES BE AFRAID TO LOOK? Well, you don't go around stripping nude in front of everybody! You just strip with those with whom you want to be really intimate. Just as you wouldn't desire physical intercourse with everyone you meet, so you don't desire spiritual intercourse necessarily with everyone you meet.

51. SOMETIMES YOU'RE AFRAID OF THEIR GAZE BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO GET ON THEIR CHANNEL AND TO TUNE IN AND GET INVOLVED with them because it is a responsibility. Once it's started you've got to finish it‚ and often you must go the limit just like lovemaking! Sometimes you just can't stop it! So it is just not humanly possible for you to get spiritually involved with everybody any more than it is to have physical intercourse with everyone you meet!

52. BUT GOD'S SPIRIT OF LOVE AND POWER AND LIGHT WILL LEAD YOU TO THOSE WHO ESPECIALLY NEED YOUR LOVING HELP and who will respond in loving appreciation, just as it will also lead them to you! So be ready for them always with His powerful love light in your eyes that will draw them like a magnet into your arms and His fold! Hallelujah for love light!

53. HAVE YOU GOT IT?—YOU HAVE IF YOU HAVE HIM! Jesus is God's physical expression of His love, and His words are His love letters to us! Have you read God's love letters to you?—If not, send for some of those listed here now and start falling in love with Jesus!

54. AND COME SEE THE LOVELIGHT IN OUR EYES and you'll fall in love with us too! Write now for the location of our nearest colony of lovelighters! We'll light your fire so you'll have lovelight too! Amen! God bless and keep you till we meet! You'll love our lovelight!—And you can have it too!