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Que Será, Será!--Preface

David Berg

—MOMay 25, 1974DFO No.305A

P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan‚ Puerto Rico 00936

1. OUR FRIEND DOWN SOUTH IS STILL GOING STRONG‚ but has only gone into hiding! Even though he's somewhat rejected our message, as predicted, he's imitating our methods as in Letters 28 and 29, and is aligning himself with the friends who can be the most help to him as outlined in Letters 272, 277, and 281. The latest news is that he and some of his friends have made a Covenant with Magog‚ as in Ezekiel 38, which may be soon!

2. ALTHOUGH HE HAS TURNED FROM US TO WORK WITH THE COMING WORLD LEADER, GOG‚ he is still fulfilling the predictions spoken of him in Letters 226 and 245, and we may yet need their help as in Letters 275 and 276. Just do not expect any active cooperation or enthusiastic support from him at the present time.

3. … However, because it is still good, we're still willing to encourage his "3rd World Theory" to those who are interested, even though he himself is apparently no longer interested in us.

4. GOD'S WORDS AND METHODS ARE STILL TRUE AND ALL WILL BE FULFILLED in the End in His time, although not always necessarily exactly as we may expect or misinterpret. Some of our own folks have gone a little overboard in promoting him as though he were our own leader, which he is not! He merely has a part in God's pattern and is fulfilling the place outlined for him as God predicted.

5. HE STILL FITS THE PICTURE: HE HAS JUST SPLIT THE PUBLIC SCENE AND TAKEN TO LETTER WRITING INSTEAD‚ following our own example and advice! God help him!—May he be rewarded according to his deeds! Meanwhile‚ carry on!—GBY! ILY!—Dad