KEYWORDS: shepherd, sheep, ram, god, trail

Aries--The Ram

David Berg

—MOMarch‚ 1974No.302B—DFO

P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936.

1. THERE ARE SO MANY THAT HUNGER FOR THE WORDS of your father and really seek nourishment at his hand, even the proud rams, leaders of the sheep‚ they must submit to the shepherd. They're bellwethers and they really lead the sheep, but they still need the shepherd. They're not as wise as the shepherd. They put on a bold front, but they know they don't know enough. They need a shepherd.

2. THEY LIKE TO BE ADMIRED by the sheep. They stand very high and lofty and proud, but all the time they're looking toward the shepherd for direction and guidance. They know they cannot lead the sheep by themselves but if the shepherd gives the cue, they will follow, and the sheep will follow them.

3. FOR THEY ARE BELLWETHERS who definitely lead the sheep and are real leaders. You know, they don't like to admit they need to be led, but they have to be and they know it and they very deeply appreciate it if you lead them, as long as you don't let the sheep know that you're leading them. But they're very, very hungry and dependent to be led.

4. THEIR SOUL CRIES OUT FOR YOUR EYE to show them which way to go. As He says, "I will guide thee with Mine eye."—Ps.32.8. Then they'll proudly lead the sheep in the direction you show them. And they'll very deeply and secretly appreciate and love you for not letting the sheep know that you're the one who pointed the way, because they want to be the hero of the day!

5. THEY WANT THE SHEEP TO FOLLOW THEM and feel that they are the one. Rams are very, very masculine. All the little girl sheep just absolutely flip over them! They'll follow them to destruction, if need be! But the ram really does want to be led but he doesn't want you to let anybody else know it. He's too proud.

6. THE PICTURE I HAD WAS OF THE RAM standing on a big rock with the sheep grazing in the fields below in the mountain valley. The meadow is surrounded by hills and cliffs‚ the shepherd is off to one side to the left and the ram is standing on a big rock like the king of all he surveys, like he's is proud of himself, his position and even his flock.

7. BUT THE SHEPHERD IS OVER THERE BY THE TRAIL which leads off slightly to the left through the mountain pass, a typical winding trail along the side of the cliff. The ram is standing there on his rock, proud, erect. So magnificent, so proud, so beautiful! They're always standing on a rock, as it seems to be their nature, and they really watch over the flock and they can protect them pretty well with those big horns.

8. THE SHEPHERD STARTS GATHERING UP HIS THINGS and the ram is watching him, first his head on this side as he eyes him out of the corner of this eye, then eyes him out of the other. They have eyes set on each side of their heads.

9. A RAM IS A BIG MALE HE-SHEEP. He is in nature more like a big billy goat than part of the sheep family. He's got more the nature of a stubborn goat than the rest of the sheep. He's is so proud and independent! So the shepherd gets his pack on his back and kind of looks back at the ram out of the corner of his eye, and the ram looks at him knowingly.

10. THEN THE SHEPHERD WITH HIS STAFF GOES ON UP THE TRAIL, and the minute he's almost out of sight the ram starts to move with stately majesty, unhurried, in that general direction up the trail after the shepherd, and the ram calls to the sheep and they follow him.

11. THE BELLWETHERS ARE VERY, VERY SMART. I believe that God created animals to illustrate various human characteristics. How many times they're used as types in the Bible! There is a certain amount of pre–programming which science calls instinct.

12. WE'RE ALL PRE-PROGRAMMED TO SOME EXTENT. A baby doesn't have to be taught to suck his mother's breast. Who taught him? How does he know he can get nourishment there? How does he even know how to suck? We are all partially pre–programmed with what science calls instinct or an instinctive know-how to do certain things essential to our existence.

13. THAT'S WHY THE RAM KNOWS HE HAS TO FOLLOW the shepherd or he's lost, but he doesn't exactly want to admit it to the sheep—to the common flock. It's just like he and the shepherd have an understanding: It's as though the shepherd is saying, "I'm going now, and I'm going up the trail, so you better get ready to follow me as soon as your dignity will permit!"

14. THEN IT'S LIKE THE RAM LOOKS BACK at him and says, "Yes I know. I'll be there soon. Just give me a little time. Don't push me! I want the sheep to think it was my idea.—`Pray honour me before the people!’"

15. RAMS ARE SO MUCH LIKE KINGS.—Like King Saul. They don't like to admit they need the prophet or the Lord and His guidance. They like to be honoured by the people. "Behold he's a god!"—Like Herod that time. But God didn't mind him making that beautiful speech. God made him to make it, and to be a king. But God didn't like Herod taking all the credit for it‚ so He smote him!

16. SO THE BIG RAM, as soon as the shepherd is practically out of sight, starts moving slowly and majestically in the direction of the shepherd, and the shepherd waits just around the bend to make sure he's coming, 'cause he doesn't always trust him!

17. 'CAUSE EVERY NOW AND THEN THERE IS A RAM LIKE SAUL who wants his own way and thinks he can do entirely without the shepherd and he won't listen. He wants all the glory, and so he leads the sheep astray and the whole nation gets in trouble! Reminds me of some stubborn leaders right now: They're wrecking their countries 'cause they're too proud to submit to the Words of God through His prophets!