KEYWORDS: thy, thee, love, thou, service, father

Lord Byron's Surrender

David Berg

—MO March 2, 1974 No. 301C—DO

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(Our flirty little fishy had been trying to land a certain big fish for some time, when, after some rather intimate sessions with him, she heard him saying the following through my mouth during the night:)

1. YOU'RE THE LAST AND GREATEST OF ALL MY LOVES, of which all the rest are as nothing! How happy and content art thou in the bosom of thy father! He's a noble knight who wears your colours and pledges his devotion to you!

2. (THE PICTURE WAS OF A KNIGHT returning from many wars‚ sad and wounded, and he was surrendering to his Queen at last. It was as though he had fought being in her service, but now he was making his final surrender. The King and Queen are seated on thrones in the royal pavillion beside the lists of the jousting tournament. Byron rides up to the grandstand and lowers his lance to the Queen:)

3. HE'S A NOBLE KNIGHT WHO WEARS YOUR COLOURS and pledges his devotion to you! Though he find much love, none can compare with thee, most noble lady, my liege my love!—This he knows. What is this that thou hast done unto me, that thou hast given me thy heart only to break mine own!

4. NOTHING CAN SWERVE ME from the service of my lord and this my father. I shall serve thee till death do us part! Thou knowest these things, O little lady love to whom I am devoted forever!

5. FOR NONE CAN COMPARE WITH THEE! Though many shall vie with thee for honours, none shall ever take thy place. And therefore I am thy bond slave, thy love slave, and I seek not to be loosed but to serve thee forever as thy humble servant and knight of thy realm‚ defender of thy faith, slave of thy love!—And so I am at thy service, at thy beck and call to do unto thee as thou wilt, to satisfy thy heart's desire till death do us part!

6. I DO DEARLY LOVE THE WORDS OF THY FATHER and they are music to my ears and food to my soul! I hunger and I thirst unto him. For thou hast that which none other can give me, for thou hast the love of thy father, and none can compare with this! There is none like unto thee, neither shall there be any more to compare with thee, nor after thee, for thou hast the love of thy father for which I thirst!

7. (SEES A PICTURE OF BYRON NAKED AND KNEELING over his Queen in the bed of love:) Most noble lady, I bow before thee in thy service to give thee love and perform whatsoever thy heart desireth, even unto the whole of my love and my knighthood! See? For I bow before thee, sword and helmet in hand, I pledge my troth to thee! I give thee my allegiance and unto thy lord the king. my liege, in holy wedlock.

8. FOR BEHOLD I AM MARRIED UNTO THEE, and nothing us twain shall part! Though I seek after love in many lands, I shall never find love like thine! For behold thou hast the words of eternal life, and there are none others to whom I can go for peace!

9. WILT THOU ACCEPT MY LOYAL DEVOTION and service in thy realm? Wilt thou permit me to come in unto thee that I may be of service to thee, that I will perform that which is ordained for thy service to give thee love and my life and my devotion, that I may be wholly thine‚ now and forevermore? Accept this, O my love‚ my liege, my queen, and I shall serve thee and thy colours and thy lord forever!

10. THUS SHALL IT BE, and thus have I spoken, and thus shall it be written. For these are the words that I have given‚ and this is the loyalty that I pledge unto thee. Accept thou this, O queen of my heart, and do what I beg of thee! Receive this my pledge of devotion, as thy colours I bear and am wounded for thee! (I question something too low to hear:)

11. OH FOOLISH MAID!—Knowest not thy right hand from thy left? How canst thou question my love for thy queen, and thou my most noble lord, my liege the king?

12. HIS WORDS ARE MUSIC UNTO MY EARS! Behold, he feedeth my hungry heart and he leadeth me in green pastures and he satisfieth my soul, and my life shall be renewed like the eagles as I listen unto him and receive his love through thee and am satisfied!

13. WOULD THAT THEY MIGHT KNOW THE LOVE OF THY FATHER‚ and would that they would drink of the words of his bosom as I have, that their thirst may be slaked and content! For he is like honey to the taste and meat for the body to satisfy my craving hunger for his food that he gives unto me!

14. THOU HAST THAT WHICH NO OTHER WOMAN CAN GIVE ME! Thou hast that which none other possesseth! Thou shall be forever my lady, my lordship and my liege, my king and my queen, if thou wilt accept this service unto thee and let me bear thy colours in the fray.

15. PLEASE ACCEPT THIS MY HUMBLE DEVOTION, and please receive this my love, and please give me some token of thy love unto me, that I may serve thy bosom and thy father, my lord and king. For behold I kneel and I bow before thee in thy service and my love to meet thy needs. Oh, whatsoever thou requirest of my love I shall give unto thee!

16. OH‚ HOW I BOW DOWN BEFORE THEE upon my knees in worship of thee and serve thee with my love, to give thee whatsoever thou desirest and do whatsoever thou requirest of me! I shall serve thee as thou wantest.

17. YOU HEAR YOUR FATHER? OBEY HIM, for he hast the words of eternal life for which I hunger and thirst with all my heart! Is that not enough of the words of thy father, sweet baby? Wilt thou drink of his lips forever and seek after his kisses eternally? Even so is his love like unto mine!

18. FOR BEHOLD I WOULD FIGHT AND DIE FOR THEE in thy service, most noble lady, my lord and liege. Then wilt thou accept this token of my pledge and receive me into thy service as thou hast received me in thy love and shall receive me into thy bosom as I perform whatsoever service thou requirest? For behold how I love thee!

19. BEHOLD HOW I BOW DOWN BEFORE THEE and surrender unto thee the lance of my power that shall enter into thy heart and satisfy thy soul with my love that thou requirest‚ that it may be dedicated unto thee and thee alone in future fray! For behold there is none like unto thee, no love like thine, and none else shall satisfy like thee!

20. THOU HAST FED MY HUNGRY HEART and given drink to my thirsty soul as thou hast enveloped the very passions of my body and ministered unto my flesh and given me thy love and thy satisfaction! Behold, I am in thy debt, and I am thy servant and thy love slave forever, even as thou wilt!

21. O MY MOST NOBLE LADY, my lord and liege, my king, my queen, receive this, I beg of thee, my humble service for thee forever! Thus has it been spoken, and thus it shall be written and done unto thee even as thou dost require, for I am thy servant forever!

22. (WILT THOU STORE UP IN THY BOSOM ALL OF THESE WORDS of thy Father David? Hallelujah, sweet baby! Rest now and take thy sleep, Honey. You understand your father‚ Honey?)

23. BEHOLD HOW I PLEDGE MY LOYALTY, my love to your father, to lay down my life for his kingdom‚ if thou wilt receive this lance of my love, that I may bear thy colours as the knight of thy realm, as thy valorous soldier in thy service!

24. PLEASE ACCEPT ME, O my beloved, my heart, my soul, and my queen on this day!


26. YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR FATHER? Oh behold such love and devotion to the needs of thy father! (David sleeps, then stirs:) it's just right. The box is just right to hold thy precious things and trust them unto this knight of thy realm, this loyal soldier of thy service.

27. ....TO BIND UP HER WOUNDS.....

28. AT LEAST IT IS FOR ME, don't you think so? Sometimes it's very exhausting to have too much sex. But I don't let that get me too involved.

29. I HAVE GIVEN TWICE THE SENSE that it was worth. This I pledge.