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Share the Know

David Berg

MO February‚ 1974 NO. 301A—DO

1. I BELIEVE IN SOCIALISM! I believe in the Early Church form of Socialism, where they shared all things, had all things in common, and no man called anything his own. And the principle:

2. "FROM EACH ACCORDING TO HIS ABILITY‚ UNTO EACH ACCORDING TO HIS NEED."—I believe it! Now‚ I want to tell you something:

3. GOD HAS CREATED FOR YOU KIDS A TREMENDOUS JOB! But to get that job done, of getting the Words that Work to the World‚ Millions for the Billions, He has had to create a tremendous business operation.—Believe it or not!

4. YOU ARE RUNNING A BIG BUSINESS! We're not only a tremendous multinational chain of publishing houses, where you've got your own authors and a variety of publications in a score of languages, but you've got over 200 branches with about 4,000 fulltime salesmen! I mean it is a big business!

5. IT'S GOD'S BUSINESS, THANK GOD, BUT IT IS BUSINESS! There's a lot to be dealt with in such an operation.—I don't have the wisdom, you don't have the wisdom, none of us alone has the wisdom to take care of all that. Decisions must be made in counsel, first of all with the Lord, and then together and in agreement on all major decisions.

6. I WANT TO INCLUDE THE KIDS MORE AND MORE IN DECISION MAKING! I believe in what we got on the Wise Leader. I want to include them more and more in decision making, all the way from Publication to Distribution; what's produced, how its produced, what form it's produced in, the amount that's produced.

7. LET THEIR COUNCIL MAKE A UNITED DECISION ON THESE THINGS, no individual making that final decision‚ but the council making the decision, even on printing orders. I mean, as well-meaning as anyone might be, as good as their motive might be, nobody, no one person alone, has the wisdom, nor should take the responsibility of making such major decisions.—They must be made as united decisions of the body.

8. I DON'T WANT ANYTHING DONE ABOUT ANYTHING UNLESS YOUR COUNCILS MEET TOGETHER AND IT'S A UNANIMOUS DECISION!—It should be unanimous, they must agree together, even if they are suggestions from me. If they don't think it's wise or best or well to do it, I don't want'em to do it.—You understand?

9. NOW, THE TOUCHIEST OF ALL SUBJECTS: FINANCES! Let's just put it down this way-You kids have a big business on your hands. You're doing a tremendous job, an excellent job from the top man down to the lowliest distributor.

10. WE, WITH THE LORD'S HELP, HAVE PERFECTED OUR WAY OF LIFE-the way of living on the living side of it, and that's fine. We've had years of experience at it now, and it's working! Right?—We have spread throughout the world and are no longer so totally dependent on the system and large donors.

11. IN A WAY, GOD HAS GIVEN US A MEANS OF SUPPORT THROUGH OUR PUBLICATIONS and their sales throughout the world to support everyone from the lowliest colony to the publication centers themselves. The smallest colony knows they're their own business and their own bosses, and they get all their own income and handle all their own finances.

12. THE PUBLICATION CENTER, INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS, REALLY BELONGS TO THE KIDS, to all of them.—It is their business too! I'm merely an advisor and spiritual overseer. I feed you the material, but its up to you—what you do with it.

13. I CAN ADVISE, I CAN COUNSEL, I CAN SUGGEST. SOMETIMES I TRY TO ORDER, but often that won't even work, because it is really your business! How much have I asked in return?

14. WHAT HAVE I ASKED FOR IN RETURN? WELL, I NEVER USED TO ASK ANYTHING 'cause I had a little left over from my former job. I lived on it for a long time. The only thing I have been willing to accept from you kids of late is the small gifts you've been sending to supply our personal needs, and just our needs, that's all: Our housing‚ rent, our utilities, food, and our living expenses, which have been very small.

15. COMPARED TO THE WORLDWIDE INCOME OF THE REVOLUTION, OUR PERSONAL INCOME IS VIRTUALLY NIL—it's almost nothing! So, I'm telling you right now, I'm not asking for anything more. As Maria knows my heart‚ she knows I'd rather give it away than ever ask for it or even receive it. I only receive what I need.

16. WE JUST RECEIVE WHATEVER YOU FEEL ABLE TO GIVE US and we use it for our needs. The Lord's been supplying you abundantly, so I just wanted to tell you that we do need it, and to thank you for helping us take care of these expenses. I'm not asking for a salary. I'm not asking for enough money to stack up in the bank and save.

17. WE ARE NOT SAVING ANY MONEY, BELIEVE IT OR NOT! We have a little reserve fund of a bare minimum on deposit that manages to make us appear sufficiently financially responsible to a government to help us to stay in a country in which we live.—And that's all! So far we have been depleting that fund rather that increasing it. We have not asked for more than this necessity or to be increasing this small deposit or to accumulate a big bank account‚ or anything like that. So, I'm not asking‚ as you know, and I'm not talking for myself right now.

18. BUT I AM CONCERNED ABOUT THE KIDS who operate this operation, from the top man even down to the lowliest sidewalk distributor.

19. I WANT TO BE SURE THAT THEY KNOW THE GENERAL STATE OF THE FINANCES, and they know the people who are handling them‚ and know and trust them when they say, "We know where every bit of the money goes‚ and it doesn't all go to MO! It's going right back here into God's business to pay expenses, including our expenses and our living and what we eat and where we live!" I want the kids to know it is their work—it is their business!

20. THEY REALLY OWN IT, AND I WANT THEM TO EXERCISE AS MUCH CONTROL OVER IT AS POSSIBLE‚ from each person on the final decision-making level down to the potato peelers and the floor sweepers!—Understand? So, first of all want your top councils to discuss this. I don't even know if the top council of each colony knows what happens to their money! You could each make a very-easy-to-understand line-graph or pie-graph without all the multitude of figures that would only confuse most of the kids.

21. A SIMPLE GRAPH WOULD SHOW THEM WHAT WAS REALLY HAPPENING WITH EVERYTHING. We need to be able to give a financial report regularly to the colonies, to our youth everywhere, even to the world! The international Office ought to send a report regularly to the whole Revolution. I think a pie-graph would be the easiest thing for you to do and then you just do it every week. Show them the percentages of exactly where the money goes! Give them something to show them that nobody's making any money on it!

22. NO INDIVIDUAL IS PROFITING, personally or individually‚ but it's all going back into the business and the job and the publications, and to the kids themselves!

23. I WANT THEM TO KNOW IT IS THEIR BUSINESS. Our reorganisation started with the supreme Council of Ministers two years ago at the top, and we've tried to work it down to the lowest cog, and now I want you to hit hard on the subject of finances.

24. I WANT TO REVEAL TO THE KIDS THE STATE OF THEIR FINANCES: Where they go and What, not Who, 'cause no individual "who" is getting the money—but what gets the money and where it goes and how it goes and so on!

25. SO THEY MUST KNOW THAT THIS IS ALL ON THE LEVEL, the up-and-up, and we're not trying to hide anything. Nobody—no one person—is making a fortune!

26. NOBODY'S "MAKING MILLIONS," AND IF THEY ARE, IT SURE ISN'T ME! I try to insist that every account has at least three names on it of responsible persons, not one of them me, so that nobody could spend anything without other people knowing about it! They must know what we're doing and what we have and why it's there and why we have to have it!

27. SHOW THE KIDS WHERE THE MONEY GOES! They go out and work hard in the street, they get in several dollars, pounds or whatever, and turn it in according to the quota for their own needs! What if they sometimes wonder, "Well, I wonder where all this hard-earned cash goes?"

28 YOU COULD EASILY DO A PIE-GRAPH TO SHOW THEM BY USING SIMPLE PERCENTAGES, for the last month, and/or the last six months, just to show where it's going and what has been spent and what is still on hand. By percentages it would be very easy for everyone of our colonies to do. Don't you think that would be a good idea? Show the kids we're trying to let them know what's going on and how the finances are, where the money goes.

29. IT'S THEIR MONEY! THEY EARN IT AND IT'S THEIR MONEY! What's happening to it? If I was one of those kids on the street that thought would occur to me sometimes I'm sure, no matter how much I love the Lord, no matter how much I love you. I might just wonder once in awhile: "Well, I wonder how they're spending my money?"

30. MOST PEOPLE DON'T REALISE WHAT GREAT AMOUNTS OF MONEY GO INTO PRINTING, having the System print those Letters, I mean, you just don't realise it unless you look into it. So they need to know what it costs. Where is it all going? Who's spending it? Is Dad spending it all? Dad is hardly spending any of it!

31. THE KIDS THEMSELVES ARE SPENDING IT ALL, OR IT'S ALL BEING SPENT ON THE KIDS!—They may not be doing the actual spending‚ but its being spent on them. A lot of them never held system jobs or had to support a family, you know‚ or had to support anybody, and it's almost impossible for some of them to realise the big amounts of money it takes. Also, I want to remind you of this:

32. WE HAVE WEANED THEM AWAY FROM THE SYSTEM, from the commercialism of the System, from the selfish incentive, the money-loving incentive of the System—from private ownership and from private living.

33. THIS LOOKS GOOD FOR A FEW DAYS TO SOME; to others it looks good and feels good for a few weeks‚ and then they get tired. There are others that go on for months before they finally begin to wonder if this is really it? We've had our backsliders, don't forget; those who've become dissatisfied and gone back.

34. NOW, ONLY THE MOST LOYAL HAVE STAYED, THOSE WHO REALLY LOVE THE LORD, those who really understand what we're trying to do, those who really believe and those who are really trying to get the message out, and those who really care about the rest of the world and the kids and want to reach'em and save'em!

35. WE'VE GOT THE CREAM OF THE CROP LEFT, THE PEOPLE WHO REALLY MEAN BUSINESS AND WANT TO WIN SOULS!—We're not just the people who thought, "Well it's kind of nice to live communally you know, nice to share, nice to have a happy family and all."—That's not enough of an incentive! That's why I said to you, "Colonies alone are not the goal!"

36. THE INCENTIVE OR THE ATTRACTION OF COLONY LIVING ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH TO KEEP'EM. THEY HAVE GOT TO REALLY LOVE THE LORD and love souls! Is that clear? Now, all right: They obviously love the Lord and they love souls and they love me besides, and they love each other.—That's great! And they have forsaken all, right? They have given all, they're living together, and they are sharing and they are sacrificing and they are working hard!

37. WE HAVE TOLD THEM WHERE THEIR WORK IS GOING‚ WHERE THEIR MESSAGE IS GOING‚ and we have made it clear what they are accomplishing.—They can see that in the news‚ in the reports and in the statistic. But I dare say that when the going gets hard, and it's rainy and it's cold, and they're sent out on an afternoon to have to go out and peddle papers, it might just occur to them some time‚ "Why do I have to do this? Besides reaching souls, I'm also getting money for this and I wonder where it's going! Who's getting the money?" That's the question the world always asks!—Right? I've seen it and heard it I don't know how many times on the news, in the paper, in magazines‚ on TV, on radio, face-to-face, etc.

38. THE 64-DOLLAR QUESTION IS ALWAYS: "WHO GETS THE MONEY?" And of course, the world always assumes that I get it!—Ha!—Which of course, you and those who know me well know I don't!

39. BUT LET'S LET THEM KNOW WHO DOES GET THE MONEY AND WHERE IT DOES GO! They have trusted us to deliver the message. They have given all, they have served all, they have sacrificed all, they are working their socks off night and day. They know what it's accomplishing, they believe in the Message, they are anxious to get it out. They love to witness and win souls.

40. THERE IS PERHAPS ONLY ONE THING LEFT THAT WE HAVEN'T REALLY SHARED WITH THEM and they don't really know, some of'em at least, and that is, "The money that we do get, where does it go? I know some of it must be spent on our expenses and bills like the lights, the gas, the housing, the buildings, the transportation and the food. I can see where a lot of it goes. But I don't really know how much is coming in all together.—Maybe we're making millions‚ maybe we're getting millions!—And if so, I wonder where it's all going! I'm sure not living in luxury!"

41. THE KIDS NEED TO KNOW THAT NOBODY'S MAKING MILLIONS.—That if anybody's making anything‚ they are‚ and it's all going right back into their own personal expenses and their business which makes the earning of those expenses possible! So I believe we need to go the limit with them: We have shared our hearts with them. We have shared our souls with them. We have shared our Message with them. We have shared our leadership with them. We've shared our way of living with them. We have shared our life with them.—And we are sharing the money with them, but they need to know it and how!

42. WE HAVE ALREADY SHARED EVERYTHING WE'VE GOT WITH THEM AND WE STILL ARE. You Leaders, Maria and I are working for virtually nothing. We're only getting our room and board, so to speak—But really‚ that's not what we're working for. We're working for the Lord and souls and to help the kids and to obey God and get the message out. But that's all we get in return‚ our room and board, right?—And the little necessities of life—our needs‚ our material supplies‚ pens, paper, typewriter ribbons, and odds and ends we have to have for our work.

43. BUT WE NOW NEED TO SHARE WITH THE KIDS THE KNOWLEDGE THAT WE ARE SHARING THE MONEY WITH THEM.—That we're not the ones who're getting it, but that they're the ones who are getting it, and it is really going into their use and their hands and their work!—And whatever is left over they have the say about what's done with it. The final point of exactly what I'm coming to is this:

44. I WANT TO LET IT BE KNOWN JUST LIKE ANY DEMOCRACY does.—You the people elect your own representatives, which you have already done in your own councils.—You have representatives. I hope you realise that's as democratic as we know how to make it.—Each person has some kind of representative for his department.

45. THE REPRESENTATIVES OF THEIR DEPARTMENTS FORM THEIR GOVERNMENT, which is managing their government and their kingdom for their benefit and the benefit of the world, to get the message out.

46. I WANT THEM TO KNOW EVERYTHING THEY CAN POSSIBLY KNOW ABOUT, due to the fact that it is their business, it is their money, it is being spent on them and their business and their work and to increase it.

47. I WANT THE KIDS TO KNOW THAT THIS IS THEIR WORK, IT IS THEIR BUSINESS, IT IS THEIR JOB, IT IS THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENT, AND IT IS TO BE RUN BY THEM. They are to have a voice in the decisions, from production to distribution, to what's happening with the money! I want them to know that it's theirs! They're running it and they have the say-so in it. They make the decisions, and they're getting the money‚ they're knowing where it goes and they are choosing how they want to spend it!

48. THE GREATEST OF HARDSHIPS AND PRIVATIONS IS FINE FOR ANY ARMY IN THE FIELD. Armies in the field can camp out.—They can sleep on the ground in the open or under the trees. But I want to tell you right now that any army's headquarters—where their major job is not actually out on the field, or at the battlefront line attacking the enemy or roughing it—their officers and their central headquarters workers usually are a little more comfortable and a little better supplied!

49. I WANT EVERY WORKER AT A HEADQUARTERS COLONY TO HAVE COMFORTABLE QUARTERS, WARM COMFORTABLE BEDS AND GOOD FOOD—as much as it is possible for us to provide, or I should say for they themselves to provide—because it's their money, their business and they should see and decide on how it's spent! Now some of those colonies might be able to survive through an emergency or once or twice a week on pork and beans and not completely get scurvy or whatever. But to continue this way for months and even years is disgraceful!

50. OUR KIDS ARE GROWING UP, they're getting married, they're having children. They have to have some kind of a decent place to live! I mean you can stand some things for a little while, and you can stand maybe anything for a little while, and a few things maybe you can stand all the while, but you can't stand everything all the time.

51. I THINK THEY EACH OUGHT TO HAVE A FEW OF THE LITTLE CONVENIENCES OF COMFORTABLE LIVING! First of all, a comfortable warm room, a comfortable warm bed, enough clean bedding, comfortable adequate clothing, good solid and nourishing healthful food, all of their physical necessities well met and supplied!

52. WE DON'T HAVE TO FURNISH LUXURIES, BUT EVEN THOSE THEY CAN DECIDE ON as to what perhaps they can afford. I mean, if you decide, "Well, should we buy a TV to watch the news and important documentaries, etc.? Now what do you folks think? Do you guys want to spend the money? Shall we do it?—This much, that much, how much? Now, do we need another radio. Does somebody need this? Do we need another phone? How is the money to be spent?"

53. WHAT REALLY ARE NEEDS?—What some people need, others don't. "From each according to his abilities and to each according to his needs"—I mean to the fullest extent! Everybody should be contributing according to his ability!

54. EVERYBODY'S DOING ALL THEY CAN, AND THE MONEY THAT'S COMING IN IS GOING EVERYWHERE THAT IT POSSIBLY CAN! According to its ability it's being spent on what's necessary, not on anybody's personal privileges. It's spent on them, their needs, and their work!

55. I WANT TO MAKE SURE THAT THEIR PERSONAL NEEDS ARE ALL SUPPLIED‚ well supplied!—There is no excuse as long as you've got good provisioners and there are people willing to donate things, or we have a slight balance in the bank. If anybody needs a hat to keep their head warm‚ or gloves to keep his hands warm, or a coat or shoes or blankets or glasses or dentistry or whatever they need, I want them to have it!

56. I WANT THEM TO KNOW THAT THIS IS SUCCESSFUL SOCIALISM!—It works! God blesses it! We receive our needs in abundance!

57. THEY CAN HAVE ANYTHING THEY NEED, AND MAYBE EVEN WHAT THEY WANT besides! Now shouldn't that be the right way? Shouldn't that be the way that God handles things? He promises to supply all our needs, even to give to give us our heart's desires, even what we want‚ if we delight ourselves in Him.

58. WHEN GOD BLESSES US FINANCIALLY IT'S BECAUSE WE'RE OBEYING and we're getting out the message, and we're witnessing to the world and we're getting results!—And God blesses us for it! I want to see that all the kids are sharing in those blessings and that we're giving them everything that we can possibly give them that they need‚ and even a few of the things maybe, that they want other than just needs‚ if it's good for them! Whatever it is‚ and any decision along this line, it's not we that make the decision for them‚ but it is they who are making the decisions and the choice, they who are deciding what happens to the money, they who spend it on what they think it's needed for, and what it should go for‚ and most of all know about it! They must know, so that nobody can say, "Well, we don't know, how much money's coming in. Maybe we're making millions, we don't know!"—'Cause it's not so!

59. THERE SHOULDN'T BE JUST A HANDFUL OF EXECUTIVES WHO KNOW, but all the kids should know there isn't that much excess money, and know where that little money is and where it goes, even down to the lowest man in the rank, so that he too will know the extent of our income and where it goes, and how it's spent! Amen?

60. EVERY KID SHOULD KNOW HE'S GETTING EVERYTHING HE DESERVES and everything that he needs and that he is not lacking! When he's out there pitching and fighting, and working and earning, and witnessing and doing God's Work, he should know that he's not lacking in what God's returning!—He is getting what he needs! It is not right that the kids don't know that they're getting all that they themselves could possibly give themselves!

61. WE ARE NOT WITHHOLDING HIRE OF THE LABOURER WHO IS REAPING DOWN THE FIELDS!—But how do they know? They need to know that! They need to know they're getting it! I want that done and I want it done soon! There needs to be a plan of fair and equitable distribution. There needs to be even a plan whereby each one gets a little spending change.

62. WE'VE ALREADY TOLD THEM THEY HAD A RIGHT TO SPEND WHAT THEY GET from the literature‚ if they need it for anything.—Right? They can spend it. All they have to do so is report it. I think that's pretty fair.—So that all of these things are taken care of and they have whatever things they need, whatever money that they need. After all, "The labourer is worthy of his hire"!—God's Word says so! He says, "Muzzle not the ox that treadeth out the corn," and "They that preach the gospel should live of the gospel"! They deserve to know that they're not only earning their wages, but they're getting their wages! So I want their Shepherds and treasurers, etc., to let'em know!

63. I WANT TO GIVE'EM CHOICE AND DECISION AND REPRESENTATION IN HOW THEIR FINANCES ARE HANDLED AND SPENT. They have to have the wise guidance, of course, of wise leadership, so that the children don't make any foolish mistakes, and leaders need to see that this is done properly and as well as it should be with any wise Godly government—Praise the Lord?

64. I WANT OUR KIDS TO BE WELL CARED FOR‚ to know that God loves them and is blessing them for their labours! It is one thing to make sacrifices in emergencies, but it's another thing to have to sleep on a cold floor in a cold room all the time and eat beans when it's not necessary and when it's not necessary and when there's money in the bank‚ or when somebody could go out and provision it!

65. WE KNOW "HOW TO BE IN WANT", BUT WE MUST ALSO "KNOW HOW TO ABOUND"! I wrote that in "Rags to Riches" and I believe in it!

66. I BELIEVE GOD'S GOING TO BLESS HIS CHILDREN ABUNDANTLY FINANCIALLY, if we are faithful and diligent and work hard! I believe the Lord'll do it!—And want to let the kids know that they are sharing that abundance!—They are using it and it's being used on them and on the work that they're doing, and making it possible.

67. I WANT THEM TO KNOW THAT EVERY PENNY THEY BRING IN IS GOING TO A GOOD CAUSE, their cause, their needs, their expenses, that it's going right back to them and their work! Nobody else is getting it! Nobody's saving it up or squandering it or stashing it away in some "Swiss Bank", as some newspapers have accused on occasion. It's not so!

68. I KNOW IT, YOU LEADERS KNOW IT‚ AND OTHERS KNOW IT, BUT DO THE KIDS ALL KNOW IT? That's my burden. I want everything done open and aboveboard, so that the kids know what's going on and they know it's OK.—A complete open socialist society! I mean it! Let's start off with this:


70. WELL‚ LORD, WE ASK YOU RIGHT NOW IN JESUS' NAME TO HELP US AS WE AGREE TOGETHER in Jesus' Name. Lord, that Thou shalt have Thy way in this matter. You said Yourself to your disciples‚ "I have not called you servants‚ but friends, for what master revealeth all things to his servants, but I have revealed these things unto you!"

71. WE WANT TO LET OUR DISCIPLES KNOW THAT WE'VE REVEALED ALL THINGS TO THEM, Lord, everything that we possibly can so they'll know what's going on, that we're being fair, and nobody's getting cheated, everybody's getting their fair share, that we are fairly sharing and they are fairly earning and things are being fair, and nobody's getting cheated, everybody's getting their fair share, that we are fairly sharing and they are fairly earning and things are being done on the level, up-and-up, above–board, fairly, honestly and in a way that they will feel satisfied that they know what's going on, and they know it's OK, and they like it, and they agree with it, and they want to cooperate with it and do their best, and feel and know it's their own work, Lord, and it is their own money!

72. IT IS THEIR BUSINESS AND THEY'RE OPERATING IT, Lord, and they're deciding what's done, and it is a cooperative society, a socialist economy and a democratic government and a Godly operation from start to finish in every way. "Providing all things honest toward them that are without and especially toward them that are within!"

73. LORD, HELP US, IN JESUS' NAME, TO BE ABLE TO HELP THE KIDS TO SEE AND TO KNOW and to feel the responsibility of knowing that they own it, they operate it, and they receive the benefits, and know how and where and when and how much, to inspire and give them the incentive‚ Lord.

74. HELP THE KIDS TO FEEL RELIEVED THAT EVERY THING'S ALL RIGHT, that they have no doubts about anything that the Enemy might use to plague them with accusations‚ doubts, fears, lies and the mischief of the Devil!

75. HELP THEM TO KNOW THAT THEY CAN PROCEED WITH AN OPEN MIND AND OPEN HEART, an open conscience and a firm conviction and faith that their leaders are being fair and honest with them and that they're handling things rightly; that they receive their just returns and their needs and what they deserve and their share! We ask it all in Jesus' Name.

76. HELP THEM, LORD, THAT THEY MIGHT BE DELIVERED AND FREED AND FEEL FREE‚ all the freer to go ahead with even greater conviction to get the job done, to be so sold and so convinced, Lord, that it's right, that they're going to go ahead and do it‚ and do it more and better and further and faster and more effectively that ever before, because they have no doubts, no reservations‚ no mysteries‚ no fears, no lies, but the whole Truth!—They know the score!

77. SO WE ASK YOU IN JESUS' NAME TO HELP THEIR LEADERS LEARN FROM THEE WISELY HOW TO SHARE, Lord, that they may share with each other and understand what's going on! In Jesus, Name we ask it for Thy glory!

78. HELP AND KEEP THY CHILDREN SAFELY AS THEY GO OUT AND SERVE THEE so well‚ so faithfully, Lord, in love, that they may know, Lord, that their love is wisely invested, their labours are wisely spent, and their time‚ Lord, is wisely spent on that which is worthwhile.—That which is honest, that which is decent, and worthy and fair and just and as equitable as Thou art, Lord! in Jesus' Name we ask it for Thy glory! Have Thy way! Amen.

"If ye continue in My Word

Then are ye My disciples indeed!

And ye shall know the truth

And the truth shall make you free!"

Hallelujah!—(John 8:31-32.)