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Students Stand Up

David Berg

—MOJanuary 28, 1974NO.299—GP

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1. THE SCENE WAS A CLASSROOM in a typical English boy's school of young men of college age, and the professor was announcing to the class that "You three outstanding students have been selected because of your unusual scholastic achievements in this course‚ to do a special study on the Greek classic, 'Homer's Odyssey'"—pointing to me and two classmates.

2. AS HE SAID THIS HE TURNED TO THE BOOKSHELF behind him and he pointed to this huge big red volume entitled, "Homer's Odyssey" and said: "As you study this and do your research in the commentaries on it‚ etc., you will see how far superior it is in its logic and reasoning, philosophy, beauty of literature and even believability compared to such foolish fallacies as this!"—And he turned from "Homer's Odyssey" and pointed to a Bible standing on the shelf beside it.

3. I IMMEDIATELY LEAPED TO MY FEET in a fury and under total inspiration in the power of the Spirit with great forcefulness I began to testify: "'Foolish fallacies‚' huh! So the Bible is 'foolish fallacies' compared to 'Homer's Odyssey'! Well, I want to tell you that I believe this man is taking an unfair advantage of this class from his position as professor in giving this assignment on this prejudiced basis!"

4. BY THIS TIME I WAS REALLY LECTURING LIKE A PROFESSOR myself in strong but erudite language in the typical manner of the British debater, like they do in the House of Commons with the eloquence of an orator: "My honoured colleague," I called him, and making all those usual flowery complimentary remarks of all due courtesy and respect, I continued:

5. "I DEEPLY REGRET having to say this‚ but I believe our honoured professor has made a very serious mistake in so misjudging that time-honoured Volume on the right, which is far older and contains vastly more wisdom than Homer could ever have conceived of!

6. "NOT ONLY THAT," I said, "but I'll have you to know that the so-called 'foolish fallacies' of that much–belittled Bible are the reason I'm here today alive and well and a useful member of society, because of the power of the words of that Book which he so lightly brushes aside as 'foolish fallacies'!"

7. AS I WAS SPEAKING I began to walk toward him gesticulating very emotionally. As I approached him I was shaking my finger in his face accusing him of being unfair and unreasonable and taking unfair advantage of the class, and so on, when that Bible meant so much to many of us.

8. I DIDN'T REALLY THINK IT EVEN ENGLISH OF HIM to stand up there in a college classroom in our Christian country and condemn the Book we love so well and that has spread the English language, culture and religion around the world and civilised a great portion of its population through the loving teachings of Christ.

9. "THE KING JAMES VERSION HAS BEEN A CORNERSTONE OF ENGLISH LITERATURE for generations, recognised and much quoted by such outstanding literary geniuses as William Shakespeare and many others."—And here I named a whole string of them, so many I can't even remember them all. I must have been inspired by someone who has gone through this or for the benefit of some school students right now.

10. "WHEN THE CONVERTS OF BOTH JUDAISM AND THE CHRISTIANITY of the Bible can be counted in the millions of faithful followers for centuries throughout the earth, where are the followers of Homer? Where are his converts? What has he done for humanity? What great changes did he effect in civilisation with his indeed foolish fallacies and fairy tales of legendary characters, monstrous myths and cunningly devised fables of old wives tales from a demonic dreamer?

11. "WHAT HAS HOMER'S WORD DONE TO CHANGE HISTORY and the course of civilisation or the condition of man, and what hope has Homer to offer for man's future and eternal salvation? What god does he give that can love man in his lowest estate and save him in his hour of need from his most pitiful plights?

12. "WHAT FUTURE HEAVEN ON EARTH DOES HOMER PROMISE US free of the worst in man and the curse of sin with peace and plenty for all and eternal joy and happiness? What future indeed can Homer offer us other than one peopled with nightmarish maniacal monstrosities and unutterably cruel, selfish and demonic deities worthy of the horrors of hell itself? For despite the Greek culture's love of youth and beauty, art‚ philosophy and literary masterpieces‚ its fiendish religion carried both they and Homer to a ghoulish grave!

13. "NAY, YOU MAY HAVE HOMER'S and the ancient's foolish fanciful fantasies and all their vain fallacies which destroyed empires and buried millions! I'll take the Bible, the true Word of the one true God and His Son Jesus Christ for mine!

14. "IT IS THE BIBLE THAT HAS BUILT great Christian Empires and saved millions from a hopeless, Christless tomb and given the love of God through Jesus to a world dying for His Love! It is the Bible that gives genuine and eternal immortality through the resurrection to everlasting heavenly bliss with God!

15. "YOU MAY HAVE THE PROFANE AND VAIN BABBLINGS and doctrines of devils of this vain babbler Homer whose end is death and hate and hell! I'll take Jesus for mine and His life-giving Book, the Bible, the greatest book in the world with the only Author in the world that can guarantee life and love and happiness and heaven forever through the One Who loved us so much that He gave His own life to save us—Jesus Christ, Son of God!

16. "TO HELL WITH HOMER!"—By this time I was yelling at the professor and the whole class so loudly that it woke me from the vividly realistic experience of this deeply significant and meaningful revelation from the Lord. Perhaps it was given for you poor students of man's vain wisdom which is such foolishness to God.

17. MAYBE IT WAS TO ENCOURAGE YOU TO STAND UP for your convictions in the classroom and to take the initiative in attacking with vigorous and vocal protest the diabolical lies of the Devil being spouted with such Satanic venom by his high priests of man's vain knowledge and learning in an educational system designed by the Devil to destroy faith and exalt man and make you a devotee of creation rather than its Creator!

18. IT IS HIGH TIME TO MOVE TO THE ATTACK and go on the offensive for God and the Truth of His Word against the heinous and hideous horrors of the Serpent's own monstrous fallacies in the halls of so-called higher learning which bring only lower damnation!

19. STUDENTS STAND UP for your convictions and fight! Fight for your faith in the classroom! Give clear ringing testimony before your teachers and fellow students that they may know the truth so that the truth may set them free!

20. IF YOU DON'T DO IT, WHO WILL? Why leave the field to the forces of evil? Why not champion the cause of Christ in the face of Satan's lying minions of science or knowledge falsely so-called!


Ye soldiers of the cross!

Lift high His royal banner,

It must not suffer loss!

From victory unto victory

His army shall He lead,

Till every foe is vanquished

And Christ is Lord indeed!"

(Prophecy: "These words do lift the lagging spirits of the children of thy father.")

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