KEYWORDS: jesus, children, gypsies, people, david, king

Abrahim: The Gypsies' Story

David Berg

MO, April 30, 1970, NO.298—GP

P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7 LX, England or Box 3141‚ San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

(TSC 2 A.M.)

1. BIG SOLID WHEELS! Pretty colours, long dresses! So beautiful!—Til the Turks got us! Came right out of woods—no warning, screaming and yelling‚ on big horses, cut down everyone in sight! Gypsies drink much, all gypsy men drink today.—Wives stay home, watch television.

2. WE WERE CHRISTIANS, from somewhere East. Just in Bulgaria, like we passed through, but we never get through. We go up. Better to go up. No travel any more, long journey over. We find home with Jesus.

3. MY PEOPLE STILL WANDER—many people wander many places, but we go home. Seem like yesterday when I go home with my people. Finish long Journey. Arrive home. Hallelujah!

4. COME FROM RUSSIA into Bulgaria. Have wine in big barrel. Big wooden spout on back of wagon. Sometimes no water. Water no good. But always wine and many pretty women. Dance wild, skirts fly! Just handkerchief on bosom. Young men fight for beautiful girls.

5. I KING I decide who marry who. It's best. "Cause I know. Kids don't know. But I see who loves who. Me and my wives—we know, Five wives. You fifth wife.

6. (MARIA: DID WE LOVE EACH OTHER?) What do you mean, we did love? We do love! You make love good because you love me much. I don't like to think about that time‚ about that night. Bad night! You and me just married. You and me in wagon. Like to think about happy times.

7. LONG WAY, LONG WAY, 'CROSS RUSSIA. Long way, We come from big sea. We come from Rumania, Persia, India, Russia‚ Bulgaria. You look on map?—Long ways!

8. TURKS KILL MANY, many Christians. Kill in India, in Persia, Rumania, in Russia, Bulgaria. Bad people. Bad people. My people fall down flat. Turks wicked people. Hate God. Hate Jesus. Kill many. God kill. Turks us. Us kill Turks. God kill Turks.

9. TURKS COME ON MY WEDDING NIGH. He who live by the sword die by the sword! Kill in bed. They took my bride because she so pretty. They like her. I don't know what happens because I go to heaven.

10. SINCE I GO TO HEAVEN, I GO MANY, MANY PLACES. Help people, many people. Help many people in time of trouble. God help people. Jesus send me many places. Like angel. I travel much.

11. I FLY. NO LONGER WAGON. Hallelujah! With squeaky wheels, stubborn donkey! Plonk, Plonk, Plonk!—They so stubborn! Now I fly. I go anywhere, everywhere, somebody need help. I go. Like angel‚ fellowservant's prophet like John say (Rev.19:10) Servant, Prophet. I am like servant‚ but like angel.

12. MINISTERING SPIRIT. I come. I go, like Jesus. Jesus send me. I fly so fast! Like right now. No just think. Like angel— I fly. Sometimes I talk. Jesus know my tongue.

13. I SPEAK IN MY TONGUE IN DAVID, King of gypsy band here. Seem like I in Moses, father Children of God. I speak my tongue. I help Moses think good things and speak good things. I help Moses see good things. I come from God. I come to Moses and I help him speak my tongue—his tongue—from India‚ Persia, Rumania, Russia, Slavonia. Many tongues one, five tongues one.

14. MY TONGUE FIVE TONGUES. That's why it's a funny language. Many languages all mixed up. My tongue Gypsy tongue.

15. (TO MARIA: ) YOU STAY HERE. LISTEN TO MY STORY. You write. My people made long trip—Rumania, Persia, Armenia, Russia, Bulgaria. Live in Bulgaria. I was with Jesus. It's life! It's wonderful life!

16. I HAVE MANY PEOPLE. Got many places in Rumania, Bulgaria, Russia. I help Armenians when Turks come. I help, I comfort, I lead and guide, cross desert to Teheran. I speak my tongue. Encourage, lift, help Armenians from Turks. I help many martyrs killed for Jesus. Because I die for Jesus, help many people die for Jesus.

17. NO NEED WINE IN HEAVEN. Drink the water of life! Better than wine! Make very happy! All dance, see pretty legs, No panties. In my day in 1200's no have panties. No such thing. Just plenty long skirts. When dance, skirts go out and you see pretty girl. Very pretty! You see all girl. Boys like girl. Boys marry pretty girls.

18. ME KING IN DAVID. HELP DAVID RULE Gypsies. Like my band of gypsies in Bulgaria. Help David rule. I think thoughts for David. Words, talk, see pictures for David and help David make many boys and girls happy, like gypsies‚ like same wagons. I know, I know. Same thing‚ same problems, trouble, wheels broke, wagon, Sometimes mules stubborn, won't go. Get stuck in mud. But we go. We always go.

19. WE CAMP WITH BIG FIRE. We dance, we sing, we play music and we see visions. Ball nothing!—We see visions from Jesus. Ball make think, make think hard way. We think in one place. One spot. We think hard. So we see picture from Jesus. Ball nothing. We just make think with ball.

20. ARMENIANS MAKE SHISH KEBABS. Gypsy queen, you talk words of King? You play with me?—Make David feel good! David still in the flesh. Not dead. No dead. I live with Jesus. I live. I'm alive. Help many people. Go many places, I travel much, many places. Make people happy. Tell people of God. I tell people of Jesus. So I come here.

21. I COME HERE TO MAKE MOSES HAPPY I was with Gypsy king in Houston. Now I with King David. Many Gypsies he help. So I leave Gypsy king in Houston and I go with new Gypsy King David. His Gypsies need more help. He still Gypsy. Gypsies in Houston no more Gypsies. But king David‚ he still gypsy. Still travel with many children, many children OK? Old king need much love. That's why so many. He give much love‚ too.

22. (5/1/70 4:00 A.M. Apparently Abrahim again was thinking about the massacre of his tribe:) No like think about. (Maria: But you go to be with Jesus.) She too. She go. She help me now. (Maria: How does she help you?) She help you. She help you with me. She help you now.

23. I'M VERY OLD NOW, but I'm very young. Nobody old with Jesus. Everybody Young. In Heaven. All young and beautiful. You Know? You see. I sleep. Long trip. I very tired. So many years. Very tired. I don't know why I cry 'cause everybody happy. (Weeps for his people.)

24. BIG FAMILY. We all related. We all marry each other—intermarry. intermarry. One big family. Have many children. My baba marry Gypsy King. My wife just like my last wife. (Maria: Now you have another Gypsy band.) Very sleepy, very sleepy. David sleep.

25. (HIS DREAM OF HEAVEN:)—Big city! Big, big beautiful stone, big beautiful gem! City like big diamond, big gem. Gold and diamond. They like crystal. Buildings are like glass. Like crystal. Can see through. You see everything, nothing hid. Everything beautiful. So beautiful! Even better than forest in Bulgaria! So beautiful! You couldn't compare. You couldn't make like same. No same. Heavenly City much‚ much more beautiful than anything in the world. You know?

26. (MARIA: WHAT ELSE IS THERE?) Such trees! Such beautiful trees! So tall! Like they reach way up to the sky. So beautiful! Big river flow right through big city. Like park. Big trees both sides. Many fruit on one tree. Many different kinds of fruit on one tree.

27. (MARIA: WHAT ELSE IN HEAVEN?) Big City in Heaven—Heavenly City. Many things in Heaven, flowers and sun and moon. (Maria: Like here?) You want to know about Heaven or Heavenly City?

28. (MARIA: WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?) Heaven big place—much room: Stars and sun and moon, planets. Heavenly City is New Jerusalem. But Heaven is everywhere, everywhere. Heavenly city is here. Come down. Heaven is Big space. Big place. Heaven.

29. (A LATER SESSION: )—King Abrahim study and read Bible to Gypsies. Jesus show him many things in the future when he look in glass ball. Patron saint of Gypsies. Went to Russia as missionary. Language—lived in Bulgaria longest, so more Bulgarian in language than anything else. (To Maria: ) You scribe. You write all these things. Jesus want you to write.

30. WENT TO RUSSIA just before he came to be in King David in funny country. Many Christians live for Jesus there. Russia, India, Rumania not like gypsies, but Bulgarians, they good to Gypsies and we give them Jesus. We stay there a long time.

31. (WEEPS: ) Give rag to wipe tears away. No cans, just bottles. With wine able to speak more in my tongue. Wine separate body from Spirit. Wine free spirit so not care what people think, just what Jesus think.

32. THAT NIGHT IN CALIFORNIA spirit made war on System. Weep for children! Weep for children! Young country, many playthings—cars, houses, etc. All be destroyed. Many children die for Jesus. Women and children only left. You be good shepherdess. All men gone.

33. WE SEND MISSIONARIES TO RUSSIA in a long caravan. My spirit go with them Czar say, "Come come!". We tell him about Jesus and he cry and ask Jesus come into his heart. Then he make all Russia Christian. Some believe with heart, some believe only with mouth. They build big temples.

34. (5.20.70—ON DIFFERENT DAY:) KARENINA youngest of many children of Czar. Gypsy king go as missionary to Russia and talk to Czar in Moscow about Jesus. Princess seated on throne beside him. See missionary and fall in love with him. Czar love Gypsy and give little princess to him for his wife.

35. THEN GYPSIES RULE BULGARIA, so little Russian princess becomes Queen of Bulgaria. The two countries make an alliance. but Turks kill the Gypsies in Bulgaria. Czar weeps for little daughter and it make him very angry and he makes war on the Turks and drives them out of Bulgaria and out Russia and they never bother Bulgarians again!

36. ALLIANCE MADE GIVES GYPSIES RIGHT to the Throne, and Katrina has little son (great, great, great grandson) who is Ivan the Terrible who then sits on throne of Russia.

37. (ABOUT THIS TIME, without knowing about Abrahim, Tabitha and Esther got the following and now-popular song from the Lord—One of the "Songs that Made the Revolution!"—"MOUNTAIN CHILDREN!":)

Peaceful night while the moon is bright

Love is in their hearts

Breezes blowin' by

Through the trees so high

Singing to the Lord!


Mountain children, yes, they're

Mountain children

I will bless my Colony!

Mountain children,

Mountain children,

Gypsies of the Lord!

Campfire glows while around they go

Dance before the King

Damsels shake the tumbrels,

While the men they sing

Praises to their God.

Mornin' comes on the road again

Happy Colony!

To another mountain‚ to another land

Bringing peace to man.

Abrahim, watch your children playin'

New Jerusalem!

Babies born anew‚

claim the promise, too,

Manifest in them!


Mountain children, yes, they're

Mountain children

I will bless my colony!

Mountain children,

Mountain children,

Gypsies of the Lord!

38. (8/4/70)—ON FIRST HEARING Tabitha sing above song for David, Abrahim exclaimed:) All about Jesus, give song about Children! Because Jesus know about Children! He know about Abrahim! He know about David. He know about Israel. He know about where we come from and where we go. He know this song about us. Some day we cross Great Sea to far land to mountain "From this mountain to that mountain" and there we will be free!

39. I SEE WHAT YOU SAY! The Children dance, sing and play so happy, so free, all by the mountain far away!—All children of Abrahim. We come back to our land after many, many year, because we are in India because we have come from Israel. We free in Israel, captives in Babylon. Persia, India—from Israel to India.

40. ISRAEL MANY HUNDRED OF YEARS AGO. Purged out of land. We flee to Persia, India, then we travel many years to try to come back home. Many years we pray to come back home. But we never get back home. Bulgaria. Tried to get across sea to Israel.

41. WE WANDER IN ALL EUROPE until some times we forget who we are. But name Abrahim, after my great, great, great Grandfather.(The impression was that all Gypsies are descendants of Abraham.)

42. MANY, MANY, ENEMIES. We have many enemies. Kill, kill, kill! We go to be with Jesus. But now come back to lead you back home! Angel of God: Abrahim come back like angel. Like Samuel come back, like Moses come back. Spirit of Abrahim in David. We go back to mountains of Israel. We travel so many places for so many years.

43. (PROPHECY BY AARON‚ Summer, 1970, U.S.:) EVEN AS THE JEWS AND THE RECHABITES (forefathers of the Gypsies, descended from the Arab Jethro who helped Moses) and early Christians and Gypsies were strangers and pilgrims and were not Systemites‚ were not in the System, even as the Gypsies today, even so have I called these that thou might be free unto Me, serve Me‚ even I have prepared for thee in the time of trouble that is ahead.

44. KNOW THAT THOU SHALT HAVE A TIME OF PEACE. I have blessed thee. Thou shalt bring peace to many peoples, languages and nations. "Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again."—(Luke 6:38)

45. WHAT? THINK YOU THAT THIS IS A STRANGE THING that I should minister to My servants through My servants who have gone before? For even as Moses and Elijah ministered to My Son on the Mount of Transfiguration, are they not as the angels of God sent forth to minister unto thee?

46. EVEN AS MY SERVANT JOHN WAS TOLD THROUGH the one who showed him great glad tidings of God and mysteries, and told him not to fall down‚ "for I am also thy fellowservant‚" so I can use Mine who have gone on before.

47. BE NOT WEARY IN WELL-DOING, for in due season you shall reap if you faint not! Thou art compassed about with a very great cloud of witnesses!