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Money Explodes, The

David Berg

MOJanuary 24‚ 1974GP No.294

P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rica 00936

1. JESUS! HELP US‚ LORD! I HAD THIS DREAM just now, and it scared me so it woke me up! We were at the grocer's trying to buy a can of soup, and you asked the man, "How much is this?" He said, "That'll be three pounds." I said "three pounds!—For a can of soup!" He said "That's the price today‚ and you better take it or leave it, Buddy! For there's no telling what it's going to be tomorrow!" So we paid him three pounds and walked out stunned!

2. I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED IN BETWEEN, but we must have decided we should leave the country because of the monetary situation. A can of soup for three pounds! So the next thing I knew we were at the railway station trying to buy a ticket, and I was asking him for a return ticket, a round-trip ticket.

3. "I'M SORRY, WE'RE ONLY SELLING ONE-WAY TICKETS," he said. "We have no idea what the return fare would be later. I wouldn't care if you were returning this weekend‚ I wouldn't sell you a return ticket because I have no idea what the price will be by then. All we're selling is one-way tickets, and we have no idea what the price will be on returns. We'll sell you a one-way ticket at what it is today, and that's it! And that's for your fare today only. It's got to be used today. We've no idea what the prices are going to be tomorrow!"

4. SO EVIDENTLY WE DECIDED TO GO TO THE BANK and take our money out-what little we had—for due to this skyrocketing inflation its value was being lost so rapidly, and we were apparently going to leave the country.

5. ON THE WAY TO THE BANK we stopped to watch this train go by. It was leaving the station and picking up speed as it left, at first starting to roll real slowly and then faster and faster, till soon it was just flying! I didn't understand at first what that meant, but I realise now I was thinking, "It's symbolic of how once the thing starts rolling, the inflation really gets going, it really flies!"

6. THE POUND'S LOST 10% OF ITS VALUE IN THE PAST WEEK! But it wasn't even in the headlines! Isn't that peculiar? It's down to the lowest it's ever been, now, and the dollar is up the highest it's ever been!—I've got something on that too in a minute.

7. SO THEN AS WE PASSED ON WE WERE GOING THROUGH THIS JUNKYARD of old scrap iron, and I looked at these piles of old scrap iron on both sides and said, "My‚ if you can imagine, it's not just the price of gold that's skyrocketing‚ but even old scrap metal like this is going to be worth a fortune!"

8. WE GOT TO THE BANK AND THE BANK WAS JUST PACKED WITH PEOPLE standing in long queues at each window waiting to do the same thing, to get their money out. I must have figured I could get quicker action by going to see the manager, and I wouldn't have to stand in the queues, so I went through this door into the manager's office.

9. IT WAS A DOOR YOU PUSH IN LIKE SOME OF THESE ONE-WAY DOORS do, and it slammed shut behind me. I turned around and I looked at it and thought, "That's funny!" I pushed on it and it wouldn't open‚ for it just opened inwardly, but it wouldn't open outwardly, and there was no handle on the inside so there was no way I could open the door from the inside. I thought, "My Lord this is just like a trap! I'm trapped in this bank!"

10. THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN THE WHOLE BUILDING BEGAN TO SHRINK! I thought‚ "My God, this thing is going to crush us all!" The bank was literally shrivelling, crushing, and the walls were beginning to close in on us! But suddenly there came this voice from above: "Don't worry! The Green Pig is about to explode and it'll blow the bank to bits!" (See "Green Paper Pig," Letter No.243.) And I woke up—Boom! Just like that! It was like a nightmare!

11. I THOUGHT, "LORD WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?" Then suddenly there dawned on me something I told you before: When those [ACs] in Jerusalem, those big business financiers, were releasing the Green Pig to chase us down the Jordan Valley, remember it was just a little thing at first? But as it raced down the Jericho road and then down the Jordan it got bigger and bigger and bigger just like a big balloon, till by the time it got almost to us it was like one of those big blimps—a huge parade balloon!

12. OF COURSE! WHAT DOES THAT SYMBOLISE?—AN INFLATION of the Dollar value! The Green Paper Pig was inflating and getting bigger and bigger and bigger all the time, until suddenly it burst! You understand?—The "Green Paper Pig is about to explode and will blow the bank to bits!"—The monetary system is about to explode and cause the capitalistic financial system to collapse!

13. BUT I WAS SO SCARED of whatever it was, the idea of the bank blowing up didn't seem to appeal to me much more than the bank collapsing on me! The voice said, "Don't worry! The Green Pig is about to explode and blow the bank to bits!" It seemed the voice came out of the sky like an angel.

14. WHEN THE GREEN PIG EXPLODED, THAT WAS A SUDDEN INFLATIONARY EXPLOSION OF THE MONETARY SYSTEM!—And what happens?—What followed?—It collapsed!—In total deflation! See? That's a deflation: It just collapsed! Then I was thinking, "I wonder if that has anything to do with the comet and the 40 Days and the destruction of America?"

15. IMMEDIATELY I SAW THE PRICE OF THE DOLLAR GROWING and growing: The Dollar, the green Dollar, the Green Pig, is literally inflating right now very rapidly. But I was thinking, "Lord, how come America seems to be coming out on the best side of the deal‚ and the dollar's going up in value? If You're about to destroy America, how come the Dollar's going up?" Well it's inflating, so of course it's going up!

16. IT'S GOT TO INFLATE BEFORE IT CAN EXPLODE! It would be funny if the Lord destroyed America through its greedy god, the Dollar! There might be an earthquake or bombs or heaven knows what‚ and it could be that too. But the dollar is definitely inflating and it's got to eventually explode!—And boy, if anything would ever destroy America, that would be it!—And of course it would also destroy the whole world monetary system which is based on that Green Pig!

17. "DON'T WORRY! THE GREEN PIG'S ABOUT TO EXPLODE and it'll blow the bank to bits!" In other words, that is obviously symbolic of an inflation that's so bad that it finally just absolutely explodes and collapses the whole monetary system, and the bank must represent the financial system the banking system and so on. If this happens, it will literally blow the whole world banking system‚ its financial system, to absolute bits!

18. IT'LL BE A TOTAL WORLD COLLAPSE OF THE MONETARY SYSTEM which is built on that stupid Paper Pig! See! Isn't that ridiculous? If that little Pig inflates to that point where it explodes, it's going to literally blow their whole monetary and financial systems to bits! If the monetary system explodes, it will literally destroy the financial system. The bank must represent the financial system.

19. THAT'S WHERE I WOKE UP, and I was thinking, "How come the poor pound has gone down, down, down‚ and the Dollar's going up?" The answer came to me as clear as anything: It's the Dollar that really has to explode! It will be so inflated in value that it finally explodes! See? The pound has actually gone down in value, which in a way is safer for the pound, believe it or not, than to be inflated like the Dollar is right now. But boy, our friends better get their money into gold or they're going to be sorry!

20. THEN IT CAME TO ME as plain as anything: "Well, what do you think is doing it? Why is the Dollar inflating?"—This is what's doing it: The [ACs] are selling out their European currencies and buying Dollars instead! The [AC] banking interests apparently are buying Dollars and dumping pounds and European money deliberately to try to hurt England and Europe for the stand they took on the Mideast! So they're dumping their European currencies and buying Dollars to favour their friend America and punish Europe!

21. THIS FULFILLS EXACTLY WHAT THE LORD SHOWED ME about what they were doing in Jerusalem in that dream about the Green Paper Pig! They're the ones who are releasing the Green Paper Pig and causing it to inflate, you see?—The Dollar! (Maria: But it's their pig.) Yes, it is their pig, but apparently they thought they could control it.

22. THEY NEVER DREAMED IT WAS GOING TO GO SO FAR, see? They thought it was going to scare hell out of us and cause us some kind of damage. But instead of that I just pointed my finger at it and it went "Poof"! Boom! Exploded! And that was it! They never expected in to inflate to the point that it was going to absolutely explode and be totally destroyed!

23. THE [ACS] REALLY UNLEASHED THAT GREEN PIG ON THE EUROPEANS‚ SEE?—Because what were we doing in the Green Pig dream?—Europe was crossing the Jordan of decision and the Dead Sea of death to the Dollar to the side of the Arabs in that dream! The Green Dollar Pig is the weapon the [ACs] are using against the Europeans for siding with the Arabs for oil!

24. THEY ARE UNLEASHING THIS DOLLAR INFLATION WEAPON against the Arabs and their friends!—You get it? That would include Britain and Europe, whose currencies are going down in relation to the Dollar. The Dollar is expanding, inflating, going up in price‚ whereas European currencies are going down.

25. BECAUSE THE [ACS] ARE DUMPING THEIR EUROPEAN CURRENCIES AND BUYING DOLLARS! They are the ones who have precipitated this monetary crisis deliberately, see? That's why the international monetary fund and all those big money boys, the Council of 20 and Council of Ten, etc., have gotten together several times lately to try to agree on a monetary policy, but they flatly refuse—they can't agree on it. The only reason they can't agree is that they don't want to agree!

26. THE [ACS] WHO CONTROL THEIR PORTION OF THE MONEY which is tremendous, their big banking interests don't want to stop it. They're using the inflation of the Dollar to try to destroy their enemies, including pro-Arab Europe! They know how much money those Arabs have got invested in Europe, and they are trying to destroy not only the Arabs but the Arabs' friends‚ which would include Europe and Britain.

27. BUT THE INFLATION WHICH THEY HAVE PRECIPITATED WILL GET OUT OF HAND AND THE DOLLAR WILL EXPLODE AND BE TOTALLY DESTROYED INSTEAD! Instead of becoming a monster that was going to frighten and devour their enemies‚ when I pointed at it, it exploded!

28. SO THE DOLLAR IS INFLATING LIKE MAD RIGHT NOW, and when it gets to that point that it explodes, the whole world monetary system will collapse!—And the bankers and capitalists will be left sitting on their stacks of bank notes which will be worthless!

29. ANOTHER THING WHICH SHOULD HAVE BEEN HEADLINES IN THE PAPER YESTERDAY WAS THE PRICE OF GOLD: It's up to nearly $140 an ounce, the highest it has ever been in history! There wasn't one word in the paper about the fact that the pound had sunk another 10% in a week and that gold had gone up almost another 10%! This shows the Dollar is really not all that valuable, but only better than other currencies. So it began to dawn on me what all this meant, or what it could mean: The soon explosion of the Pig!

30. THEN I SUDDENLY REMEMBERED THE NEWS THAT RUSSIA HAD JUST ANNOUNCED SHE'S GOING TO CARRY ON ROCKET TESTS in the North Pacific and warned shipping to stay out of the area. I wonder if that has any connection? What could that mean? Why should she be warning shipping to stay out of that area right now, which is near Siberia and Alaska?

31. WHAT IF RUSSIA WERE PLANNING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SITUATION, knowing somehow that America's monetary system was about to collapse and therefore weaken the whole country? If the Dollar collapsed America would absolutely collapse! When she collapsed financially, she'd be in a state of absolute chaos!

32. THAT WOULD BE THE SMARTEST THING IN THE WORLD TO DO, TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF AMERICA IN A STATE OF COLLAPSE and absolute chaos for an invasion! The logical way for Russia to invade, of course, the way that Americans have always been afraid she was going to invade, is the shortest possible route right through Siberia right across the Bering Straits into Alaska and down. Now that's quite possibly what Russia has in mind!

33. BUT HOW COULD THAT AFFECT THE MIDEAST? Well of course, dying America in its last desperate death struggles, what would it do? What was causing it to collapse? If her money had collapsed and she was out oil, what would become the only valuables in the world?

34. IF AMERICA'S WHOLE SYSTEM WAS COLLAPSING AND SUDDENLY GOLD AND OIL HAVE BECOME THE ONLY THINGS THAT ARE WORTH ANYTHING, the only commodities with standards of value and usefulness‚ what would the Americans do as a last act of desperation? Dying America would do what?

35. AMERICA WOULD TRY TO ATTACK THE ARAB COUNTRIES AND GRAB THE OIL AND THE GOLD! Whatever super power possesses and controls those Arab countries would have all the oil and they'd have most of the gold too, and they would have what would be the most valuable things in the world at a time of crisis like that!

36. SO THE EXPLOSION OF THE GREEN PIG, THE MONETARY SYSTEM, COULD CAUSE THE MIDEAST TO EXPLODE. I have always theorised that it was because of the Arab defeat that they were the ones who would get desperate and start doing the shooting. But the reason we saw the Arabs in our vision doing the shooting could be because they realised or had intelligence that America was about to attack, so they just started attacking first, and then everybody started shooting because they were all prepared for it anyhow.

37. 40 DAYS! 40 DAYS, BY THE WAY‚ IS THE TIME ALLOTTED FOR THE [ISRAELI] DISENGAGEMENT FROM THE EGYPTIANS. 40 Days! Russia is smart enough to see what's happening or about to happen—and, who knows, she may even be helping to engineer it! Russia has long sought to engineer the collapse of the capitalistic system. What better way to help the collapse of the capitalistic system than to explode its monetary system and its banking system, its whole financial system?

38. SO THE RUSSIANS MAY BE GOING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SITUATION TO ATTACK A WEAKENED AMERICA. What a perfect preparation for any proposed rocket attack on America! The Money Explodes! The Dollar Explodes! Inflation Explodes!—And War Explodes!

39. THE LORD APPARENTLY GAVE ME THE DREAM TO WARN US THAT THE PIG IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE and is going to destroy the monetary system and with it the financial system, and with it virtually the whole capitalistic system; and Russia is probably preparing to take advantage of situation to destroy America.

40. AMERICA IN ITS LAST DYING DESPERATE HOURS IN VERY LIKELY GOING TO EXPLODE IN THE MIDEAST and try to grab the oil and the gold to save herself. As a result, America and Russia would be going to war and destroying each other, which would work out just like we have seen it before.

41. THEN CHINA, EUROPE AND THE POOR NATIONS OF THE THIRD WORLD COULD TAKE OVER: THAT'S THE HAPPY ENDING! So praise the Lord! Boy I tell you, we are without excuse! The Lord has warned us so much!