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Little Flirty Fishy, The

David Berg

—MO January 3‚ 1974 No.293—DFO

P.O. Box 31, WC2E 7XL, London, England or Box 3141‚ San Juan Puerto Rico 00936

1. (AFTER COMING HOME FROM A NIGHT OUT with friends Wednesday evening where we'd met Bill, David told me there was something very fine about him, but he was terribly lonely and desperate for companionship.

2. HE ASKED ME TO READ TO HIM BILL'S BIRTHSIGN, Pisces, and as I read he began to get things in the Spirit, as well as really praying earnestly for Bill that we would be able to further minister to him. Then in the early morning hours came the following Prophecy:)

3. TO WHOM SHALL WE GO?—Thou alone hast the Spirit of eternal life! For unto you I have given this Spirit in such quantity that it is without measure in the bosom of thy father and the David that thou dost love! This is the Spirit that I have given thee, and this is the signal thou dost seek!

4. KISS THE SPIRIT! DRINK IN THE WORDS I have given thee through thy father. Listen! Hear ye the Words I have given thy father David. For they are spirit and they are life that set thy spirit free for which they hunger, and, oh how they thirst for that which thou hast!

5. O MY GOD! MY LORD, WHY WOULD THEY RATHER HAVE THE FLESH than the spirit that I have given their father? You hear and kiss the words that I have given to David your father? You give them to these needy ones? You do? Now?—To this one who is hungry of soul and heavy laden heart? You give?

6. I PUT TO SLEEP THE FLESH OF DAVID THAT I MAY WAKEN HIS SPIRIT and revive his soul. Bill is a priceless‚ precious eternal human soul that needs help, and God sent him for you to minister to him and you must not fail. You must not let self and pride enter in. You must be so interested in them and their need that you don't care what they think about you.

7. SHOW THEM SUCH UNSELFISH LOVE AND CONCERN that they couldn't think more highly of you, and they'll love you more than they ever loved anyone, because you're like the Lord but they, don't know it. They don't know what it is, but you've got something they've been searching for all their lives and they need desperately.

8. IF YOU'RE AFRAID TO GIVE IT TO THEM just because of a little pride and regard for convention, you could even lose them because of your God–damned pride and concern about what they think about you! To hell with what they think about you!—That's not your business to be concerned about that.

9. YOU ARE JUST TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT THEM. That's your ministry—not to be concerned about what they think about you, your looks or anything, but just about them. Stretch out the fingers of your compassion and love and grasp hold of their heart and pull it toward the Lord. (Picture of a spider and her web: The minute the fly gets caught she goes and ties it up!) It doesn't matter if they misunderstand and think it's something else you want. You have to do it all the same.

10. IF THEY HAVE TO FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU FIRST before they find it's the Lord, it's just God's bait to hook them! You have to love them, Honey. You have to love them with all your heart and with all your soul and thy neighbour as thyself.

11. DID YOU LOVE HIM TONIGHT as much as you love yourself? Did you hang onto him and try to keep him and try to catch him, or did you let him get away? Lord‚ have mercy and bring him back!

12. FASCINATE THE FISH WITH THE LURE! Hypnotise him with the lure! Make it irresistible! Bring him back for more with Thy compassion and love and mercy and forgiveness, Thy lost soul that we don't want to lose—not one, Lord!

13. WE DON'T WANT TO COME BACK WITH TALES OF THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY! We want to bring it back and show we didn't fail. We caught it in the net that You gave. We were faithful fishermen and we pleased Thee, we weaved the web of love.

14. WE CATCH MEN, and we catch them with guile and with wile! We weave the web, with the strong, flexible lasting but unbreakable cords of love. Then we will not fail, Lord Jesus, we will not fail: We will catch them, Lord Jesus!

15. HELP MARIA TO CATCH THIS FISH. Give her, Lord, Thy web. In Jesus' name! Make the lure so attractive he cannot resist it! He's hypnotised! He's fascinated in that which he dreams of, the materialisation of a dream of love‚ this spirit embodied in her flesh for which he hungers! He hungers for the flesh, O God, but he hungers more for the spirit.

16. HELP HER TO CATCH HIM WITH HER FINGERS OF FLESH that she might impart unto him Thy Spirit, O Lord, for which he hungers. O God, in Jesus' name! Each one of them seek after her, suck of her‚ dream of her, drink of her! Help her, O God, to catch the fish, faithful to be a fishermen of men.

17. HELP HER, O GOD, TO CATCH MEN! Help her to catch men, be bold, unashamed and brazen, to use anything she has‚ O God, to catch men for Thee!—Even if it be through the flesh, the attractive lure, delicious flesh on a steel hook of Thy reality, the steel of Thy Spirit!

18. HOOK THEM THROUGH HER FLESH! Crucify her flesh, Lord, on the barb of Thy Spirit! O God, even if it penetrate and crucify her flesh, impale her on the point of Thy Spirit that she may die, that those that feed of her flesh may be caught to live! O God‚ help her, O Jesus, to be willing to be the bait!

19. HELP HER, O JESUS, TO BE WILLING TO BE THE BAIT‚ impaled on Thy hook, torn by Thy Spirit, O Lord, crucified on Thy cross, Jesus! 'Tis a cross, Lord, a hooked cross, a pronged cross—O Jesus, in Jesus' name!—from which she cannot escape nor those that feed of her flesh, O God, neither can they escape!

20. FOR THEY THAT FEAST UPON HER SHALL BE PIERCED WITH THE CROSS OF MY LOVE, a point and two prongs that they cannot remove, the trinity, the irresistible irremoveable trinity, the barb of Thy Spirit which hath three points: the one which pierceth and the two which hold, even as they hold thee so that thou shalt not escape and neither shall he that feasteth of thee!

21. FOR I SHALL HOOK HIM with the steel of My power and the trinity of My Spirit that he shall be unable to remove. For I shall imbed it in each of them through thee if thou shalt remain impaled upon My power.

22. LIST THOU, AND HEED THOU THESE WARNING WORDS of thy Father that thou stray not, neither flee thou from the sacrifice to which I have ordained thee! Thou shalt be pierced and impaled with the power of My love‚ that thou shalt tempt others that would feast of thee to be caught by the same!

23. FOR THE SWORD SHALL PIERCE THY OWN HEART ALSO that thou mayest die unto thy flesh and live unto My Spirit‚ that thou mayest catch men who shall feed of thy flesh which thou shalt give for them to feast upon that I may imbed My hook into their jaw through thy flesh!

24. BEHOLD, THOU SHALT NOT BE DEVOURED neither shalt thou perish away nor be consumed by them that eat of thee, but rather as thou seest: (David points at what he is seeing in the Spirit:) See? The bait is still upon the hook, and the hook and the bait and the fish‚ lo, these three become one and inseparable, one body pierced with My love!

25. THESE TWO, THE BAIT AND THE FISH BECOME ONE FLESH, both on the hook of My Spirit! See? You See? You see? His mouth comes to devour you! I have hooked you both and neither can escape!—You both become one, first in the flesh, then by My Spirit!

26. SO SHALL IT BE WITH ALL OF THEM THAT I LURE WITH THEE with whom I fish, that they may be tempted deliberately to devour thee, that they may eat of thy flesh that they may swallow My hook which I shall imbed in their jaw, never to be removed! You see? Look! You See? You see the hook?

27. YOUR FLESH IS HANGING ON THE HOOK AND HE COMES TO DEVOUR your flesh to eat of thee, but he also swallows My hook as well as thee‚ neither of which he shall ever be able to remove, neither thee nor Me! But you see? You see?

28. HE DEVOURS THE FLESH FOR A MOMENT, but he cannot consume thee, for I shall open his jaws and remove thee that he swallow thee not completely, but My hook he cannot remove, neither shall he remove it forever! (Tongues:)

29. ONLY I‚ THE FISHERMAN, CAN REMOVE THE HOOK when he is safely within My net and added to My creel with no more life of his own except he be eaten and devoured by others that he may bring life unto them! You see?

30. SOMETIMES A LITTLE OF THE BAIT IS LOST and eaten, but it shall live on in the flesh of the fish to give sustenance to others as he, too, becomes food for them that hunger.

31. ART THOU WILLING TO BECOME MY BAIT. To sacrifice thy life upon My hook and be devoured of others that they may live and be caught by Me to feed men? Then yield thyself therefore to be pierced through with many sorrows!

32. FOR THE BAIT IS PLACED AGAIN AND AGAIN UPON THE HOOK and pierced many times ere it is finally devoured, that it may catch many for My Kingdom that My creels may be filled and that many may be fed in turn of them. For you see? Each of them is sliced into small pieces which are in turn used for bait on many hooks to catch many more fish to enlarge My larder that My house may be filled!

33. YOU SEE THE HOOK? DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IMPALED UPON THE HOOK, pierced with the tender sorrows of My love and compassion for those that are lost that I seek to catch with thee?

34. WHY THEN DO YOU WRIGGLE AND SQUIRM AND RESIST MY HOOK, and why art thou terrified by the gaping jaws of the fish for whom I fish, who, though he close his jaws about thee, shall not truly devour thee, for thou shalt not be consumed wholly, but bit by bit.

35. FOR THOU ART MY BAIT and I have need of thee. I shall force open his open jaws and remove thee and My hook to use thee again that thou mayest catch more after I have caught each of them.

36. ARE YOU WILLING TO SUFFER? ARE YOU WILLING TO BE MY BAIT? (My God, my God! How canst thou be thus?) How canst thou resent the hook that I have placed within thy very soul that I may imbed it in his jaw?

37. HOW CANST THOU FEAR THE JAWS OF HIM whom I will not permit to consume thee, neither fully devour thee, but to taste of thee and to swallow thee but for a moment, only to be removed when I have pulled him in?

38. CANST THOU NOT TRUST ME? Does the bait say to the fisherman, "Why hast thou used me thus?"—Nay! The more thou dost writhe and move and struggle‚ the more attractive thou art to the men that I shall catch who desire thee to feast upon thy flesh and to be enamoured of thee!

39. FOR IT IS I THAT HAVE BAITED MY HOOK WITH THEE! It is thou with whom I shall henceforth catch men! Kiss thou the words of thy father that I have given thee, that thou mayest be edified thereby and nourished and encouraged to be good bait for Me to catch much men! You hear the commandments? You kiss the teats of My love?

40. ART THOU WILLING TO KISS MANY WITH MY KISS OF LIFE? Through thy death to thyself thou shalt bring life unto many that would devour thee and feast upon thy flesh! Thou shalt feed them indeed, but not as they think. Thou shalt nourish them indeed‚ but not as they suppose. Thou shalt save them for truth, but not as they imagine.

41. FOR, LO, THEY SHALL FIND THEMSELVES CAUGHT in the net and the web of thy affection ere My hand hath saved them and I have lifted them up and placed them within the creel of My salvation that others may be fed also.

42. FEAREST THOU, O LITTLE ONE that swimmest about within the trap, that thou shalt be devoured ere My hand hath saved thee?

43. FEAR NOT‚ O THOU LITTLE FISH, for ere he hath closed his jaws about thee within the net, My hand shall have laid hold upon him, and I shall deliver thee and pry apart his jaws with but a finger that thou mayest be spared that thou mayest swim again for Me and be a bait unto many! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus! Praise You, Lord!

44. O LITTLE FISHY, SO WEAK AND SO SMALL, THOU ART SAFER within My net and even within his jaws between My hands than ever thou wert set free in the open sea!—For thou cants not escape! For though thou beest devoured again and again, yet each time shall I spare thee and pry open their jaws that they swallow thee not‚ for I have need of thee to bait again and again to catch much men.

45. SO FEAR THOU NOT, BUT SWIM PRETTILY AND FLASH THY TAIL and blink thine eyes to attract them that they may enter in through the hole of the trap that I have prepared for them! For though thou canst not escape My trap not their jaws, neither of you shall escape Me, and I shall open their jaws that thou mayest swim free to attract again yet another. See?—And another! (Tongues: )

46. BEHOLD, HOW MANY FISH THOU CATCHIEST for the pleasure of thy Father! It is a joy to behold! Praise God! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus!

47. YOU'RE SUCH A CUTE LITTLE FISH! You're so pretty!—So blue and so gold!—So shiny!—So tempting! You shine so bright they cannot miss you! Do not think thou canst sport thyself with such brilliance and cavort with such pleasure that thou wilt not attract them for whom I have designed thee!

48. THEY SHALL COME‚ MANY GREAT FISHES, many great and strong and honourable and important fishes shall surround thee, and they shall vie with one another to see who can devour thee first! But unbeknownst to all of them I have already encompassed them with My net‚ and I shall catch them all!

49. HE THAT CATCHETH THEE SHALL BE THE FIRST TO FEEL MY HAND and his jaw shall be broken and thou shalt be freed! So fear not, little one, thou art beautiful to behold! O, how pretty, how quick and with such grace thou movest so quickly! All of them are fascinated by thee! They watch thee, stunned by thy beauty!—But My hand already envelopes them in the net from which they shall not escape Me!

50. SUCH IS THY USEFULNESS UNTO ME and such is thy fate. If thou art faithful I shall spare thee and save thee every time‚ lest thou be completely consumed by them that would devour thee. Yea, I shall snatch thee from the very jaws of the devourer! I shall spare thee from him that would gnash his teeth upon thee!

51. I WILL PLACE MY HAND AROUND THEE IN HIS VERY MOUTH and draw thee out between his teeth that thou shall live again unto Me to catch for Me many more men like unto him, great and ponderous fish, fat fish, strong fish, lean fish, smart fish, slow fish, both great and small thou shalt help Me to catch both by hook and by net. Do you understand the words of David?

52. WHY THEN, LITTLE FISHY IN THE DEEP BLUE SEA, WHY SHED'ST THOU THESE TEARS 'fore Me? Thou shalt escape‚ I promise thee!—Fear not, though his jaws close clear about thee, and the darkness descendeth down deep upon thee! Thou seemest alone only for a moment in thy distress!

53. FOR MY HAND SHALL CLOSE UPON HIM THAT EATETH OF THEE, and My great finger shall open the lips of him that thinkest that he hath swallowed thee, and I shall remove thee that thou mayest dwell safely to catch more for Me.

54. ART THOU WILLING TO BE MY LITTLE FISH WHICH CATCHETH MANY GREAT ONES? For thou art very precious unto Me and holy, and I shall spare thee even when thou thinkest not. For when thou thinkest that the end is near, thou shalt tremble and cry unto Me even as My servant Jonah.

55. THOUGH THOU SPENDEST THREE DAYS AND THREE NIGHTS WITHIN THEIR BELLY‚ yet shall they give thee up at My commandment when I have need of thee. They shall serve Me according to My purpose to bear thee safely on thy way, even when thou thinkest not and thou knowest not whither thou goest nor that thou shalt be delivered.

56. BUT THOU SHALT CRY UNTO ME for My salvation in thy distress and thy darkness, and I shall give thee light and open the jaws of both the great and the powerful and even the mighty, that they shall not hurt thee neither shall they be enabled to keep thee for long.

57. FOR THOU ART MINE AND I HAVE REDEEMED THEE, and I shall save thee withersoever thou goest. I will be with thee and I shall save thy soul from destruction that thou mayest be used again of Me in the sunshine and light of My love upon the shore of Eternity—See? You see?

58. ALL ALONG THERE I HAVE SET MANY, MANY TRAPS! I shall visit each of them that I may collect that which is Mine‚ for this is My reward. Hallelujah!

59. THEY CANNOT REMOVE THEE for they cannot go anywhere with thee, for once within My net they cannot escape! But they must cough thee up that thou mayest be used again and again and again to bring many good fish into My Kingdom. Amen?

60. LITTLE FISHY WITH THE BIG EYES AND FLASHY TAIL and pretty fins, so colourful and so pretty, so cute! You switch around, you flirt with your tail and your eyes and your fins and your pretty colour! You flirt to entice them that they may be caught. So cute! You like it?

61. YOU WANT TO BE MY LITTLE FISHY TO CATCH MANY BIG FISH? (Maria: Can David stay by me?) Oh, David never leave thee! He stay right there and mind the nets and the lines and to pull in quick when they bite!

62. HE IS MY MASTER FISHERMAN WHO USETH THEE FOR MY BAIT to catch many fish for Me! He knows all the lines and many nets in all the places that I have set them and all the best places where there are many good fish. You see?

63. HE PLACES THEM NOT IN THE EMPTY SEPULCHRES OF THE DEAD amid the rotting carcasses of the slain, but he places them in the schools where there are many multitudes full of life and shiny and quick and lively! You must not fear his hand or where he places thee.

64. FOR HE KNOWS BEST THE PLACES WHERE MANY FISH COME. See?—This grotto—and that reef—and even in this shadow. He looks from above and he sees more than the fish themselves can see.

65. THEY KNOW NOT EVEN THAT HE SEES OR THAT HE KNOWS or that he observes them and understands their ways and whither they will go, but I have given this knowledge unto him that he may know how to catch them. See?

66. FOR HE IS AN EXPERT FISHERMAN AND HAS MUCH KNOWLEDGE from many years of experience with many kinds of fish, and he knows who to bait with whom and how to use thee for My glory! But he will never let go of the line on which thou art cast or surrender the net in which thou art placed to catch others.

67. SO FEAR NOT, LITTLE ONE: IT IS YOUR FATHER'S GOOD PLEASURE TO CATCH WITH THEE THE KINGDOM OF GOD! See? It is all so simple! You see? All you need is faith to know that nothing shall hurt thee. Thy Father shall let nothing hurt thee.

68. DO YOU BELIEVE THESE THINGS of your father? It is good for you to know the way. You must let your father rest, Honey. David is very weary.

69. (MARIA QUESTIONS: DID C____ GET HOOKED?) Oh, he snapped at the hook and he's hooked but he knows it not! For I have My hook in his stubborn jaw, and thou art the bait. See? Behold how thou hast escaped! So shall it be with every one.

70. HE'S HOOKED, BUT HE KNOWS IT NOT because I gave him more line. But when he with his own struggles wears himself out‚ when his strength is spent and he can no longer resist Me, then I shall pull him in.

71. YOU LIKE TO CATCH FISH? IT'S LOTS OF FUN! I'm a good fisherman! I know how to use the bait and know where to put the hook in you and them.

72. (WHAT ABOUT BILL, the man we met last night?) Bill? He's eyeing the bait. He's circling the bait. He's hungry but fearful. (And R_____, too?) He's hungry, but he thinks he fears nothing. He thinks he can gobble every bait with impunity! But this one is where he gets caught and tangled in his own devices!

73. BEHOLD HOW HE WHIRLS ABOUT AND ENTANGLETH HIMSELF in the line so that he cannot escape‚ and he fighteth and fendeth against the net, but is the more deeply imbedded therein! So it is with all of them that resist Me whom I have called. But the good I shall choose and the evil I shall cast away.

74. (T_____?) HE'S MINE. ALREADY CAUGHT LONG AGO, since he was a very small fish. He's Mine. He wandered away but you attracted him back. (What will he do now?) He will follow Me. He'll follow you if you love him.

75. (F_____ R_____?) HE HATH RESISTED ME MANY TIMES, He thinks he can do it again. He nibbles at the bait and thinks he can chew it away from around the hook without getting caught. He steals and gives nothing in return.

76. BUT THE DAY OF RECKONING SHALL COME when I shall harpoon him from above where Mine eye keeps watch upon his movements even as he swallows thee thinking to devour thee! For he is indeed a wary fish that hath escaped many hooks and hath eaten many baits without being caught.

77. BUT HE SEES ME NOT ABOVE: The surface is but a mirror unto him in which he sees himself and sports himself knowing not that I see him and watch him with My spear poised for the kill as he chases thee about thinking to devour thee also.

78. (A_____?) HE IS A FRIGHTENED LITTLE FISH. He will run away. He's afraid of his own shadow! Fear not: He's frightened little fish. He's too afraid to be caught. He knows not even that he is hungry. He only likes the looks of the bait. He inspects it‚ but he is afraid to taste of it lest he be hooked.

79. FOR HE WAS CAUGHT BEFORE AND THROWN BACK IN as inedible and undesirable. Nevertheless, I have had pity on him and shown him My mercy even to look upon thee, and he circles and he circles it, and he looks but he is afraid to try it for fear he be hooked again. He will brush against it just to see what happens.

80. (ARE THERE ANY OTHER FISH THERE?) OH, YES, MANY FISH! (That will bite?) Right now they circle the bait, each one looking: "You first!—You try and see. If you make it, I'll try it!" But those that bite I will catch, lest they bite thee.

81. (B_____?) ALREADY ACCEPTED THE BAIT and thinks he can remove the hook himself, but he cannot for he must pay the price. (H_____?) She also is bait which shall catch fish for Me.

82. I HAVE MADE HER THUS‚ VERY ATTRACTIVE BAIT. But she's afraid to stay in the trap. She swims away. There's no hook there. She's afraid I might not spare her and she might get caught. After B_____ was in trap she swam out and he was left alone, but we came by and gigged him!

83. (L_____?) SHE'S LOOKING, STUDYING THE BAIT. (C_____ P_____?) She is bait, too. (Why is she bait?) 'Cause sometimes in the fish world it is "Eat and be eaten!" She's both bait and catch. She thinks she can catch C_____, but I catch her.

84. YOU'RE SUCH CUTE LITTLE FISHY‚ SO PRETTY! You roll those big eyes at them and you peck them with that pretty little mouth and you flirt all around them!—You wrap your pretty fins around them and you wiggle your little tail between their legs!

85. THEY LIKE IT, AND THEN THEY CHASE YOU, AND YOU LURE THEM RIGHT INTO MY NET and they don't even see it! They don't know I'm sitting there on the shore and I have hold of your line, and the minute they bite I haul'em in! So pretty! They can't resist you! Little Sparkle Fish! The sun shining down is like God and His love. It give you an extra attraction!—You reflect it and sparkle!

86. NO FISH CAN RESIST YOU, for you have magical power! You give out a scent they cannot resist! (Fragrance of the Lord) They all follow. They're all fish, but some are very old dead fish, and some are very young foolish fish that aren't yet interested. They look and they sniff, but they play with their fellows. But some will come that are called, and you will choose.

87. WHO YOU WANT TO CATCH TODAY‚ huh? (You're the Fisherman:—Who do you think?) We catch fish wherever I throw in the line. But I'm tired of fishing! Let's lie down and rest on the bank. I will guide thee with Mine eye, and wherever I say swim, you will swim.

88. (M_____ AT T_____) HE'S VERY BIG FISH! He want to spar with other big fish to admiration of pretty little baits, 'cause he like to be very great wise fish and know as much as old fish‚ so as to have many pretty little maids to catch lots of fish for himself!

89. LIE DOWN AND BE STILL! If you don't be still you'll scare the fish away! I stay on the shore, and when they come close I harpoon them if they come too close.

90. (B_____?) B_____ IS BAIT FOR S_____‚ and you're bait for B_____, and I use you. I can catch B_____ and S_____both if you good Little Fishy! (Does B_____like me?) Oh yes, he really likes you! He's really sorry for little poor S_____! But he likes big girls that don't cry, like you!

91. HE REALLY WANTS BIG GIRL LIKE YOU, but he's sorry for poor little sad S----------—! But she don't do anything for him. He's looking for somebody he can admire, 'cause he has very high ideals. He says little, but he thinks very much.

92. HE'S SORRY FOR S_____, BUT HE LOOKS AT YOU and wishes S_____ could be like you. He likes you like sister. He wants you to help him, but he don't know what to ask. You have to tell. He's so proud, high and mighty and lofty‚ but he'll be brought low.

93. SO IF THEY SAY YOU'RE A FLIRT‚ SO?—Nice flirty Little Fish catch many big fish! Little bait fish have to flirt to attract fish—big fish! Old jealous fish, they don't like 'cause you attract so many fish who don't even look at them! (The old lady fish.)

94. EVEN H_____ IS OLD JEALOUS FISH WHO GOT NO SPARKLE and no life! You steal their husbands‚ and I snatch their wives, and we take all their children, and they run for their lives!

95. (I_____?) O, SHE'S A LITTLE WEE TINY GIRL FISHY that needs a Papa! (Did she bite at the bait?) Oh, she's very hooked! You know she's hooked, Honey! She loves the hook! She wants to snuggle in the Fisherman's creel just to be close to him! Very dear and precious little child‚ little tiny baby fishy!

96. YOU WILL NOTE FROM THE ABOVE THERE ARE FOUR KINDS OF FISHING: By hook, trap, net or spear. The first requires bait that suffers crucifixion on the hook but is safer to survive, being firm on the hook and line.

97. THE SECOND GIVES THE BAIT MORE FREEDOM AND LESS SUFFERING as it swims about within the trap, but is not so easy to save from being eaten! The others are operated entirely by the Fisherman without the benefit of bait; and the last, the spear, is like the sudden judgment of God!

98. SOME ARE MORE CONTROLLED AND SELECTIVE THAN OTHERS, some use bait and some do not, but all are designed to catch fish. Jesus said: "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men!" Are you skillfully‚ patiently fishing for men?

99. ARE YOU EVEN WILLING TO BE BAIT ON GOD'S HOOK OR IN HIS TRAP? Would you do anything for Jesus to help your Fisherman catch men, even to suffer the crucifixion of the hook or the danger of the trap? Are you willing to risk being eaten alive that "from henceforth ye shall catch men"? Think it over: How far would you go to catch men?—All the way?

100. MAY GOD HELP US ALL TO BE FLIRTY LITTLE FISHIES FOR JESUS to save lost souls for His creel!—Amen? God bless and make you a flirty Little Fishy for Jesus!

101. —And don't forget: There are different kind of bait!—Some fish like flesh, some like brains, some like beauty, some like spirit and some like'em all!—Be sure you see the right bait for the right fish!