KEYWORDS: woman, deb, pins


David Berg

—MO January 9‚ 1974 No.291—DO

—The Danger of Compromise!—Another Spirit Trip!

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(While praying for Deb I had this strange dream!:)

1. THERE WAS A LARGE DEEP DRY RIVERBED and over it was a big bridge. On top of the bridge was a huge auditorium in which the kids were singing and dancing and praising the Lord and having a wonderful time of fellowship like they usually do in our Colonies.

2. IT WAS LIKE ONE HUGE BIG COLONY WITH HUNDREDS OF KIDS all singing and dancing and playing and having a wonderful time! It was just beautiful!—All bright and light and everybody happy!

3. I SEEMED TO BE OUTSIDE OF THE BUILDING looking in and keeping an eye on things when someone camp up from this deep dark dry riverbed below. It was like an abyss bridged by this big brilliantly lighted auditorium. The one who came running up from below exclaimed excitedly:

4. "DEBORAH'S FOUND A WOMAN PSYCHIC OR MYSTIC WHO CAN FORESEE THE FUTURE and tell you about all kinds of things and Deb seems fascinated by her! We think you should come and see her because there seems to be something strange about her that we don't like."

5. THEY WERE APPREHENSIVE AND FEARFUL ABOUT THIS WOMAN and they didn't think Deb should be associated with her. So I scrambled down into the riverbed with them and I approached this little tiny mini-car in which Deb and the woman sat.—It was like one of those little three-wheelers, only it seemed to have a bubble top that was rolled back so that it was open. Apparently that was the way you got in and out of it—by rolling the top back.

6. THERE WAS DEB SITTING IN WONDER LISTENING TO THIS WOMAN as though she were spellbound or hypnotised! "Oh, Dad!" she exclaimed on seeing me approaching, "You must come quick!—This woman can tell you the most wonderful things! She knows all kinds of things about us and she can tell what's going to happen‚ etc.!" So as I approached this tiny vehicle in which the woman was sitting at the wheel with Deb sitting beside her in adoration, I looked straight into the woman's eyes.

7. SHE HAD VERY LARGE DARK ROUND WEIRD EYES—deep dark eyes—unusually large and round. I immediately sensed there was something evil about her—that she was an evil witch and that she was deceiving Deborah. But Deb just thought she was wonderful!

8. THE WOMAN WAS SMALL AND SHORT WITH SHORT CURLY BLOND HAIR‚ and I'd say she was about 40 to 45. My impression of her was that she was some kind of foreigner with an accent. She was rather pretty in a system sort of way, but very weird with those large peculiar eyes.

9. AS I WALKED TOWARD THEM, THE WOMAN AND I LOOKED DEEP INTO EACH OTHER'S EYES as though engaging in a duel of wits or powers. Suddenly she challenged me with the words: "I know you! I know who you are and I know who your Europa is, and I know what you're going to do in the Mideast!"

10. I INSTANTLY HAD A VISION OF MULTITUDES OF PEOPLE IN A NORTH AFRICAN DESERT rising up in a great tumult to follow a great leader, and we seemed to be helping to organise them and helping this leader to power. It was a very great thing.

11. BUT I HAD THE FEELING THAT THIS EXPERIENCE I WAS HAVING WITH THIS WOMAN WAS LIKE WHEN JESUS APPROACHED THE MAN THAT WAS FULL OF EVIL SPIRITS and they recognised Him and they knew who He was and they confessed who He was, and so I knew there was something wrong about her. Even though she seemed to know the truth about us and be able to see the future, she had the wrong kind of spirit, an evil spirit a wicked familiar discerning spirit.

12. BUT DEBORAH SEEMED SO IMPRESSED BY HER that I saw I was going to have to handle the matter very delicately so as not to offend Deborah and others who seemed to greatly respect the woman and her powers. But there were also others who were very wary of her and who had come to warn me.

13. THEN MY EYES FELL ON TOW SETS OF ORNAMENTAL PINS OR BROOCHES that the woman wore on her dress on her right shoulder just above her right breast and these pins consisted of words. The one was one of those gold pins in which the words are woven in gold wire ribbon script, and it said‚ "Jesus Saves!" The other one said, "One Way!" I thought, "That's funny!—She reminds me of one of those 'Jesus People'!—They're always wearing their religion on their sleeve somewhere!"

14. BUT IT SEEMED WRONG FOR SOME REASON FOR HER TO BE WEARING THOSE PINS. So I said, "Well, if you're going to stay around here you're going to have to remove those pins and let me have them." So she undid them rather reluctantly, and as she did she seemed to lose a great deal of her power.

15. IT WAS AS THOUGH THOSE PINS WERE SOME KIND OF A COVER under which she operated—like the Jesus People, the phoney Jesus Revolution, churchianity operating under the cloak of plastic hippyism! So I said, "I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to keep these as long as you're around here."—It was like I was stripping her of her hypocrisy, and this caused her to lose some of her power to deceive.

16. I TURNED AWAY AND WALKED UNDERNEATH THE BRIDGE to where it was almost like a cave and rather dark with a lot of old dusty musty things stored there—just like the inside of an old storage shed or little used warehouse—a place where you threw old junk and stuff you weren't using anymore (outdated religion!).

17. THERE WERE SHELVES AND SHELVES OF THESE PINS AND EMBLEMS, tier after tier of them, which apparently we had removed from people, all lying there in the dirt and gathering dust and worthless.

18. SO I JUST THREW THESE TWO PINS ON ONE OF THE SHELVES in the middle of the others and walked off and left them there, and I walked back to Deborah and the weird woman sitting in the little tiny three-wheeled car.

19. DEB SEEMED QUITE PLEASED that I was letting the woman stay‚ because Deb still seemed very fond of her and thrilled with her even though now she was stripped of some of her power.

20. SO I SAID, "ALL RIGHT, YOU CAN STAY A LITTLE WHILE AND WE'LL SEE, as long as you don't wear those pins."—It was as though it was a temporary probationary thing and I didn't want to be completely rude or be inhospitable to her, as I didn't want to offend Deb and some others who seemed to think a great deal of her.

21. BUT I HAD THE EERIE APPREHENSIVE FEELING THAT ALL WAS STILL NOT WELL and I was going to have to deal further with the situation. I thought, "Well, we'll go slow and see what happens." But as I looked into the woman's eyes again I knew we hadn't heard the last of this. So she was allowed to come up to see what was going on at the big building.

22. BUT MOST OF THE OTHERS SEEMED TO BE REASSURED NOW that she was rendered rather harmless, and they seemed pleased that she wanted to visit us to see what was going on. It was as though they thought she could be converted and join us.

23. SO THE WOMAN PLED WITH ME VERY BESEECHINGLY, "CAN'T I JUST have one of my pins back?—Just one of my little pins?—The one that says, "Jesus Saves"? Deb argued, "Yes‚ Dad. After all, that's harmless! Just a little pin!—And besides it's hers, so why can't you let her have it back? She seems to be delivered now." So I thought, "Well, we'll try it.

24. SO I WALKED OVER UNDER THE BRIDGE AND I PICKED IT OUT FROM AMONGST ALL THE OTHER OLD DUSTY PINS and I held it in my hand as though pondering whether I should give it back or not. But you know how Deb is so persuasive, and she was begging that I give it back to her because it seemed she'd lost some of this power Deb was so interested in by which the woman could reveal things.

25. I WAS HOLDING THE PIN IN MY HAND AND WALKING ALONG while the woman was driving slowly along with Deb sitting beside her. We were now up on the top of this big hill, an upper level high above the stream bed‚ gulch or very deep canyon.

26. WE WERE UP ON A LEVEL WITH THE AUDITORIUM where the kids were singing and dancing, and it seemed the woman and Deborah were now going to come together into the building where we were having a big meeting.

27. I POINTED TOWARD THE EDGE OF THE CLIFF WHERE THERE WAS A LITTLE WHITE PARKING LOT. There were quite a few parking lots around, but they were all filled except for this small one. You had to drive down this steep slope to get into this lot right on the edge of the cliff, and it only had a little curb around the edge.

28. SO I SAID, "YOU CAN PARK YOUR VEHICLE DOWN THERE, BUT BE VERY CAUTIOUS in parking and manoeuvering it. Watch that you don't accidentally back over the edge, because it's very small and very dangerous and that's a very deep sheer drop into the canyon below. So be very cautious how you drive and park."

29. DEBORAH WAS ALL REASSURING saying: "That's all right, Dad. We'll be fine! I'll show her." The woman gave me a very strange almost knowing look, and I felt very apprehensive about her.

30. BY THIS TIME SHE'D PINNED THE BROOCH BACK ON HER DRESS just above her right bosom, and she nodded to me with a knowing evil smile as they drove off toward the parking lot. By this time I noticed they had the bubble top pulled over and fastened tightly, and I was wondering why they'd closed the top when they were just getting ready to park.

31. SUDDENLY THEIR LITTLE VEHICLE BEGAN TO RACE MADLY DOWN THE HILL toward the parking lot as fast as it could go! I thought. "My God! What are they doing? They'll never be able to stop in time! They'll never be able to slow down in time to manoeuvre into that parking lot!"

32. BUT THE LITTLE VEHICLE WENT DOWN THE STEEP ROADWAY FASTER AND FASTER toward the parking lot. Apparently the evil woman was stepping on the gas and giving it all the speed she possibly could!

33. SHE OBVIOUSLY HAD NO INTENTION OF PARKING IN THE LOT OR STAYING. SHE HAD CAPTURED DEBORAH and was kidnapping her and had closed the top so she couldn't escape! As the tiny little vehicle hit the parking lot going as fast as it could it was heading straight for the curb at the edge of the cliff!

34. AND SURE ENOUGH, IT HURTLED AT FULL SPEED RIGHT OVER THE CURB AND OVER THE EDGE OF THE CLIFF going so fast that it shot clear out into the air away out over the canyon below, and I could hear poor Deb scream as the vehicle was tumbling end over end high through the air in a long arc toward the bottom!

35. THEN I HEARD IT CRASH SOMEWHERE IN THE BOTTOM OF THE CANYON OUT OF SIGHT and my heart sank with it!—I couldn't see exactly where it hit because there were lots of small hills and gullies and trees and bushes in the canyon bottom.

36. I THOUGHT‚ "O MY GOD, WHY DID I EVER LET HER GO WITH THAT WOMAN!" I had a feeling there was something wrong about her, but Deb was so insistent!—You know how she is.

37. I JUST STOOD THERE STUNNED with this terrible sinking feeling thinking, "Well‚ it's no use now!—It's hopeless! She's gone! She couldn't possibly have survived that terrible crash from that awful height!" I felt like there was no use even going down to see—that there couldn't possibly be any hope.

38. BUT SUDDENLY I HEARD A VOICE OUT OF HEAVEN like an angel or someone calling and saying: "Hurry!—She could still be alive!" So I slid and scrambled like mad down the canyon wall and ran with others just as fast as we could over the rough bottom of the canyon over the rocks and hillocks and through the bushes and trees in the direction where we'd seen the little miniature vehicle fall.

39. SURE ENOUGH, THERE IT WAS JUST LIKE I'D EXPECTED, SAD TO SAY, ALL TOTALLY WRECKED and fallen into these bushes amongst these rocks all broken to pieces, just completely destroyed. I thought, "O my god, she couldn't possibly have lived through that!"

40. BUT SUDDENLY I HEARD A FAINT PITIFUL MOANING COMING FROM THE WRECKAGE (Oh, it just breaks my heart to think about it!)‚ and I thought, "O my Lord!—Why did I wait and delay for even an instant? Why didn't I come immediately! Why didn't I have more faith? She's still alive!"

41. I TORE INTO THE WRECKAGE AND PULLED OUT THIS PIECE OF PLYWOOD or plywood paneling and there was Deborah stretched out on this panel literally flat as a pancake, and much smaller than her real size! (It's the strangest thing—I don't understand what that means!) She was only about two or three feet high with her arms stretched out in the shape of a cross like she was actually embedded in the panel‚ and her moaning was coming from her poor little figure hanging there on the plywood like a cross!

42. STRANGELY ENOUGH, LYING ON TOP OF HER RIGHT ON HER BOSOM WAS AN OPEN BIBLE, as though somehow that had protected her from total death and destruction—the open Word of God held across her bosom! But although the Bible seemed to have protected her somehow in her fall, it now seemed almost too heavy for her to bear, so I quickly picked it up and laid it to one side.

43. THEN FROM A POSITION ABOVE HER HEAD LOOKING DOWN TOWARD HER FEET‚ I PUT BOTH MY HANDS ON TOP OF HER CHEST right where the Bible had been. It seemed there was absolutely no movement, no feeling of life at all, except this little low moaning.—So I began to pray as I think I never prayed before! I began to pray in tongues and weep and pour out my heart to the Lord in desperation.

44. BY THIS TIME A CROWD OF OTHERS HAD GATHERED AROUND, and I was praying with such power that they seemed to marvel and were held in check by the power of the prayer and were silenced into an awesome silence.—Even strangers who had run down from houses on the hillside looked on in wonder!

45. AS I PRAYED AND WEPT AND CRIED IN TONGUES with such power of the Spirit with my hands on both Deborah's breasts, suddenly I felt her inhale deeply and then exhale as though with a sigh of relief that she'd been saved—that she was healed and God had spared her life!—And I myself sighed with great relief, thanking and praising the Lord that He'd spared her!

46. A GREAT SHOUT OF THANKSGIVING WENT UP FROM THE CROWD and it was such a tremendous relief to know she was alive and the Lord had touched her and brought her back! I screamed to the neighbours who had come from a nearby house:

47. "QUICK! GO TELEPHONE!—SEND FOR A DOCTOR!—Get an ambulance! Let's get her to a hospital quickly! She's still alive! The Lord has spared her! She's still alive! She's going to live!"

48. I WAS THINKING TO MYSELF: "MY, SHE MUST BE TERRIBLY INJURED with many bones broken and terrible internal injuries to be so terribly flattened!" This part must be symbolic, because she was literally not more than half-an-inch thick and only two or three feet high! Now why would she be like that?—Yes, that's it!—Thank You, Lord!

49. THE DIMINISHING WORLD!—SHE WAS LITERALLY ON HER WAY TO THAT DIMINISHING WORLD of hell and evil spirits I saw in the "Green Door"! (See Letter NO.262) That evil woman was taking her to the nether world!—And the strange thing about that was the minute I arrived at the wreckage and began to pull it apart searching for Deb I somehow knew that woman wouldn't be there! She was gone‚ not human but an evil spirit!

50. AND SURE ENOUGH, THERE WAS NO ONE ELSE IN THE WRECKAGE BUT DEB, AND THE POOR LITTLE GIRL WAS ALMOST FLATTENED to only one or two tiny dimensions! It was as though she were leaving the third or fourth dimensional world in which we are living and was diminishing in size and even thickness!

51. IF WE HADN'T FOUND HER WHEN WE DID, THAT EVIL WOMAN WOULD HAVE TAKEN HER and she would have dwindled down to nothing! We found her just in time! She was literally shrinking!

52. I DON'T THINK I'LL EVER FORGET THAT TO MY DYING DAY!—Those pitiful moans coming from the wreckage! But how thankful I was to hear them and know she was still alive! I was almost cursing myself I had let her go with that woman, because I had had such a warning about her!

53. BUT DEBORAH WAS SO INSISTENT!—You know how she is. And see, that evil witch was pretending to be something good under the guise and garb of religion and churchianity bearing the labels as a disguise!

54. BUT DEB HAS ALWAYS BEEN VERY TRUSTING AND GULLIBLE about things like that and extremely sensitive to spiritual influences—and not always the best ones! The people were shouting and I was shouting, "Praise God! The Lord has spared her!"

55. AT LEAST SHE WAS ALIVE, though she seemed to be so flattened and crushed and shrunken to such a small size and diminutive dimensions!—At least she was still alive and still safe in our hands and the Lord's!

56. AND I SUDDENLY AWOKE, just like I always do after those significant dreams from the Lord, with it still so clear in my mind and really shaken by it! I'm sure of course, that the building full of our kids represented the Revolution‚ and the deep dark dry riverbed definitely represented the dry religious system!

57. IT WAS AS THOUGH WE WERE MOVING PEOPLE FROM THIS DRY RIVERBED OR PIT AND STRIPPING THEM OF THEIR LABELS and bringing them up on the mountain from this dry canyon where there was no water—just like the churches!—We were stripping people of their religious hypocrisy and casting aside all their useless labels!—But this wicked witch was trying to get Deb back into the Church System, even to destroy her!

58. THAT WOMAN WAS DEFINITELY AN EVIL DEMONIC SPIRIT and she knew us all right—who we were! There was one strange thing about that: Everything else she told me I already knew and I had already foreseen, like about us working in the Mideast. But when she said, "I know who your Europa is!"—it was like she was saying it triumphantly and tauntingly:

59. "I KNOW SOMETHING YOU DON'T KNOW!"—LIKE SATAN TEMPTED ADAM AND EVE in the Garden: "I know something you don't know! God's with-held something from you! But I know who she is, and you don't even know who she is but I do!"

60. IT WAS LIKE A TEMPTATION EVEN TO ME—like an evil fascination of curiosity to know something the Lord had hidden from me, that in His Wisdom He had not yet seen fit to reveal. But she was tempting me with it and gloating over the fact that she knew and that I didn't know.—In other words, the Devil knew something that God had not yet shown me.

61. SO IT COULD BE THAT IT WAS PARTLY MY OWN FAULT that I kept the witch around—that subconsciously I was hoping I'd find out who Europa was—and that that was the enticement that made me let her remain. There's always some temptation the Enemy uses to make you compromise.—It was both that and Deb's persuasiveness.

62. IF THE DEVIL CAN'T GET YOU TO STOP, HE TRIES TO GET YOU TO COMPROMISE. He tempts you with half-truths that make you doubt your convictions or not live up to them fully. He knows you'll never make peace with him in your war on evil‚ so he tries to tempt you with a temporary truce.

63. IF HE SUCCEEDS IN GETTING EVEN A SHORT CEASEFIRE he has time to bring up reinforcements, encircle you, infiltrate you with his lies and spies and try to trap you completely! You can't do business with the Enemy even for a moment! He's out to win

64. AND THE ONLY WAY HE CAN WIN IS TO GET YOU TO LET DOWN YOUR GUARD FOR JUST A MOMENT so he can get in, or compromise only a few minutes so he can do his dirty work while you're not looking!

65. THE ENEMY OF YOUR SOUL JUST NEEDS A LITTLE TIME OF COMPROMISE to get close enough to strike you some mortal blow below the belt in his wicked war of weaseling his way in so that you're knocked out before you know what hit you! This is the grave danger of the unguarded moment!—Just a moment of unguarded danger that can put you in your grave!

66. ARE YOU PLAYING FOOTSY WITH THE DEVIL AND HIS CROWD?—Let me warn you: He plays for keeps!—And any compromise with his tactics can bring a disaster that could result in total surrender!—Don't give him an inch or he'll take a mile—or more and everything you've got!

67. IT ONLY TAKES ONE WEAK LINK TO BREAK THE WHOLE CHAIN!—It only takes one rotten apple to rot the whole barrelful! It only takes one little hole in the dyke to start a whole flood! It only takes one tiny careless flame to start a holocaust! It only takes one tiny temptation to compromise just a little to bring about a total defeat!

68. DON'T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU! "RESIST THE ENEMY AND HE WILL FLEE FROM YOU!" Don't even let the ol' camel get his nose in or he'll soon have the entire tent! "Give no place to the Evil One!" Hallelujah!