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Persecution Jewels--No.6

David Berg

DO 2889Comp.9/93

French Persecution!

(7/93, a few days before the children's release in France. Dad's Reaction:)

1. FRANCE has never really been too worried about what the rest of the World thinks because they're so … like Israel. I think we should be putting up such a howl that the press & the World will be horrified at what they've just done to us! I don't believe the World would put up with it if they knew about it! Why isn't the press carrying our story? Well, we know why the press isn't carrying it, because the press is AC! The ACs probably put a ban on it, & spread the word not to publicise our story!

2. The Antichrist is furious‚ & he's really putting the pressure on the ACs‚ & they're putting the pressure on us! Lord, You need to put the pressure on them! I'm furious at what they're doing to us! I want to see You do something about it & get those poor, helpless children out of the hands of those monsters! Shake'm up‚ Lord! Help those Judges to see Your Angels of vengeance! Scare them to death for having touched Thy children!

3. It's absolute cruelty!—Just as cruel as it was in the Middle Ages! … God damn everybody who is behind this persecution!

4. If the governments whose citizens are involved don't do something about it, it will show how wicked they've become! If the U.S. doesn't do anything to rescue its own citizens, they're just as bad. Of course after burning the Davidians to death, we know they're just as bad, if not worse! Some of those Davidians were British—why didn't the British government do something about it?

5. The God-damned anti-Christ media have taught the public to think that all "cults" are evil! (Maria: But in spite of that, there are enough people in the World who will agree that even cult members should have basic human rights & shouldn't be brutalised by the police!) Well‚ it's about time we see some of those people in action, & getting up & doing something about it!—Not just sitting there letting it happen! We need pressure in high places! What can they do for us? We've sympathised a lot with their causes, now let's get a little sympathy from them!

6. This is a cause for which I would be willing to be a martyr! If the Lord doesn't do something about this soon‚ I'm going to go there & do something myself! I told you a long time ago that if they ever tried to take my kids‚ I would fight, I would get violent, I would die for them!

Let's Sue'm!

(Shortly after the children's release in France:)

7. (7/93) Let's attack now! Let's scare'm! Let's sue'm! Those police did those horrible things & they need to be sued! I want us to sue them for all the agony they've caused us through this, & all the expense & legal costs for false arrests & false accusations, all because of what our vicious‚ vile enemies told them! The fight's not over just because they released our kids.

8. They're trying to get away with their evil deeds, & I want to see them suffer! The only way you can hurt [some enemies] is to hurt [their] money. They can stand almost any other kind of suffering until you hit their pocketbook, & that's where I want us to hit them! I want us to sue them for the suffering our people there have undergone from them.

9. (Prays:) Lord, You promised the wicked would suffer manifold, many times over what we have suffered. I know they're going to suffer in the Battle of Armageddon & in Hell, but I want to see some satisfaction now! I want to see them suffer now, soon, for what they did to us! Thank You Lord that You've started doing something, but it's just not enough yet. I want to see them suffer like they made us suffer! They made Thy children suffer, Lord, emotionally & physically, & they slowed down Thy Work!

10. Sock it to'm Lord‚ in Jesus' name! You promised, Lord, that "he that toucheth you, toucheth the apple of Mine eye!"—Zec.2:8. Defend Yourself, Lord! Sock'm back! Put their eyes out, Lord, instead of letting the Devil try to put out ours! Have mercy, Lord! Please give us victories, in Jesus' name!

Our Kids Are Steamrollers!

11. (8/93) Our kids have had such good training! These people who are trying to fight the kind of power our kids have might as well just forget it! Our kids are steamrollers! Our enemies think they're going to crush us, but we're going to crush them, with the Lord's help!

Enemies Fund Australian Government to Get Us in Court!

12. (8/93) Where did you ever hear of such a thing, that the prosecution is willing to fund the other side in order to get them in court & in jail & get their kids taken away? It sounds like the ACs—very clever! (Maria: Because of budget cuts, the Community Services in Victoria doesn't have the money to carry on their case against us, so the question is, who is funding CSV?) Our enemies are so powerful & so strong they can even fund the government, CSV! That is a laugh! They're willing to fund the government to get us in court.

13. Boy, the Devil is really out to get the Lord's people, especially those who are really holding up some kind of witness. The Branch Davidians were holding up a witness too, in the very fact that they were different. They had the same anti-cult enemies that we have.

The Antichrist Monster!

14. It doesn't take much to turn people back to savagery. Civilisation has become a thin veneer, easily scratched. What an evil beast that monster is that attacks little children—the Antichrist who takes them away from their parents! He's directing it from behind the scenes!

15. Lord bless our people & help them to stand up & fight & expose the evil beasts, in Jesus' name!

Winning the Romans!

16. When the Early Church finally got it together, they conquered the Romans.—In fact, they won the Romans! Up until that time the Church was pretty divided, but when they finally got together, they won the Romans.—Not the Jews, but the Romans. … [T]here is a little possibility of winning the "Romans," especially when other groups see how the [our enemies] are operating & using the Romans. Maybe we'll win the Romans when they wake up to see how they're being deceived & misled & used by the [our enemies], like Pilate did. He got fed up with them, but couldn't get rid of them, so he tried to wash his hands of the whole affair. (See Mat.27:22-24.)

More on Victory in Manila!

17. (11/92) Have you read that Manila Story? (See "Victory in Manila!"‚ FSM 227.) Boy, those backsliders did some of the worst, most treacherous‚ lying‚ vilifying, horrible things! You never would've dreamed some of those people would stoop to such depths—lying, pretending, trying to usurp‚ trying to steal a whole Home‚ hoping to steal the whole Revolution!

18. I always thought that Priebe was a little demented. He sure has proven himself to be a fool! And Watchman is demented for sure, an insane case, as well as Welsh. Imagine them trying to imitate my voice over the phone! But our lawyer friend there was plenty smart. God bless him! He got'm arrested & confiscated their stuff! At least we got all their dirty literature‚ all their tools‚ & they went back to whoever their sponsors were in defeat. So praise the Lord!

Jehovah's Witnesses & Other Fighters!

19. (8/93) The Jehovah's Witnesses are fighters! They're used to being persecuted & attacked. They've fought many cases involving witnessing & literature distribution clear up to the Supreme Court, & won. The Supreme Court even rejected laws that required registration for literature distribution, & said that was restricting freedom of speech. But the cities & towns go ahead & pass their own laws anyhow, & who is going to fight them to the Supreme Court? Well, the Jehovah's Witnesses have‚ the Mormons have, the Seventh-day Adventists have, & the Christian Scientists have! Those seem to be the only religious groups that have any fight left nowadays. (Maria: Don't forget the Church of Scientology, they really are fighting, & LaRouche's people.) Yes, & Elizabeth Clare Prophet's Church Universal & Triumphant has been charged with buying illegal arms, violation of sanitation laws, & all kinds of things! They've been battling for years now. (Maria: We heard that it was planned that they were going to be next after Waco in the big cleanup of all the sects.)

Persecution Is Driving the Church Together!

20. (8/93) What happened in Waco has given great encouragement to the persecution of the sects. The Devil is rejoicing & now wanting more so-called "victories" like that, & most people are going along with it.

21. I'll tell you, the Church is going to be driven together more & more. That's one good thing all of this persecution is accomplishing—it's making the persecuted groups work together more. If people have ever been persecuted themselves‚ they more readily sympathise with other persecuted peoples. I don't mind working with the Scientologists or the New Age, or the Church Universal & Triumphant with all their spirit helpers, as long as they're fighting our enemies!

22. We're willing to work together with a lot of people with a lot of strange doctrines, as long as they are fighting for the same righteous cause against the same evil people! Amen? The Moonies believe that their leader, Sun Myung Moon, is Jesus! Well‚ you can take Scripture to prove you're Jesus, in a way. We're all part of the body of Christ, so we are part of Jesus. But we're not the only Jesus‚ He has lots of parts.

23. I even attended a spiritualist church once in Miami. The woman who lived across the street from us invited us to come, so we accepted her invitation.—Even though at that time I didn't know anything about spirit helpers‚ & I thought all spiritualists were demons! But it turned out to be quite a beautiful service. They sang hymns & prayed & talked a little. Then suddenly this woman began to speak with a deep man's voice, saying‚ "I am Ponderosa!" And then she'd speak with a tiny woman's voice‚ "I am Maria Theresa!" It was a little scary, but it didn't sound too bad. We stayed through the invitation & they sang all the old hymns‚ just like any other church.

24. It was a big church with huge grounds & a beautiful meditation garden. We had a baby at that time, I think it was Faithy, & I remember having to take her out into the garden because she was getting restless. So while I was out there I thought & prayed about it all, & I thought, "Well, they're not so bad. They are sheep that are not of this fold. 'He that receiveth you, receiveth Him that sent Me.' 'He that is not against Me, is for Me.'" (Jn.10:16; Mat.10:40; Mk.9:39-40.) There are a lot of Scriptures along that line. So I went home with a good impression of the so-called "spiritualists." I wasn't by any means persuaded to join them, of course, but at least my going there showed I was being open-minded.

25. Later‚ when I found I had a good spirit helper in Abrahim, I was happy! I spoke his language, he was the one speaking tongues through me, & I've gotten a lot of good from him. Thank the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Thank you, Abrahim! Thank you, all my spirit helpers!—Even the Archangel Michael! We've gotten some help from all of them. So how can we say that Elizabeth Clare Prophet is not getting help from some spirit helpers too? (Mama: We don't deny it, but she also has a lot of Eastern religion mixed in.) All right, so maybe she's had some help from them too—but after all this time they ought to have learned the Truth. At least she's not denying Jesus & is claiming real Salvation. She proclaims Jesus as the only Saviour, & she has a lot of spirit helpers too, like I have. (Maria: I guess you've had quite a few weird ones too! I don't know whether they were all actually spirit helpers, but there have been some unusual spirits, like Mocumba, etc.)

26. Even the Devil has to bow down to the Lord! Like that girl who followed Paul & Silas around saying, "These men are the servants of the most high God which show unto us the way of salvation!" (Acts 16:16-18.) She was testifying! So even these rather odd, weird ones were bowing down to the men of God & the Spirit of God. (Maria: Yes. I guess just because you communicate with somebody, that doesn't necessarily mean you think exactly the way they do.) It doesn't mean I'm worshipping them. Even the Devil & a legion of devils had to bow down to Jesus! He talked to them & they talked to Him. (Mark 5:9-13.) So I would say if these groups preach Christ & they receive us, it's a pretty good sign! And even if they don't actively preach Jesus, but they're not against Him, & they receive us, that's a pretty good sign too.

The Mormons & Their History of Persecution!

27. (8/93) I dreamt about the Mormons last night. I used to have a very good book on the history of Joseph Smith & the Mormons. We really have a lot in common with them. They've been a so-called cult for nearly 200 years now, & they're still considered a cult & still fought by the mainstream churches. (Techi: There must be something good about them then!) Yes. The Federal Government made war on them in the 1800s‚ actually brought up guns & troops & an army, & surrounded Salt Lake City. They said‚ "If you don't renounce polygamy, we're going to start shelling your city & your Temple!"

28. So the U.S. government has been persecuting cults for many years. They finally killed poor Joseph Smith. They caught him‚ threw him in jail‚ & then they let a "lynch mob" come in‚ who shot & killed him. Pitiful! It was kind of like a David Koresh scene. But that didn't stop the Mormons! They have gotten stronger & stronger every year, & now they're numbered in the millions worldwide & have missionaries in almost every country. If anything, persecution strengthened them!

29. They fought pitched battles with Federal troops, think of that! And guess who fought on their side & helped to defend them?—The Indians! The American Indians fought with them & helped to protect them. (Maria: They say the Indians were descendants of early Jews.) Oh yes, the Book of Mormon tells all about where the Indians came from—the lost tribes of Israel & how they went to America across the Bering Strait from Russia, etc.

30. It was really inspiring to read that history of the Mormons, & I'm sure it was the Lord Who led us to read it. It was when my Mother & I were on our way to hold some meetings in Utah amongst the Mormons‚ so we decided it was time to brush up on our Mormon history. Mother found this wonderful book, the best history of Mormonism ever written‚ written by the daughter of one of the patriarchs or apostles of the Mormon church. They have 12 apostles who head the church, & a president or prophet over them.—Which is all right, because Paul said there would be lots of apostles! Other churches try to limit the apostles to the original 12, but Paul said there would be lots of apostles in the church, & not just the first ones. (1Cor.12:28; Eph.4:11.)

31. So Mother & I read this big thick history of Mormonism & Joseph Smith, written by the daughter of one of the apostles of the Mormon Church. And she was very fair in her presentation. She wasn't pro-Mormon or anti-Mormon‚ it was just a practical history of Joseph Smith & the Mormons & all the suffering & things they went through. You could just hardly believe all they had to suffer!

32. Finally, after Joseph Smith was literally martyred, Brigham Young took over, & the Mormons kept moving West as they were driven out of state after state. We used to wonder, "How can people be so cruel & mean to those poor Mormons?" But the farmers & the farmers' wives kept joining them, & then they'd get chased out of this county & into that county, & on & on, until finally the Lord gave Brigham Young a vision of where they were going to settle. When they came to the brow of this last range of mountains before the Great Salt Lake Valley of Utah, he looked down on the valley below & his famous quotation is, "This is the right place—drive on!" It was the same place he had seen in his vision.

33. And sure enough, they went down & settled there & farmed there, & the Lord blessed & prospered them. They were hard-working farmers & they reproduced very rapidly since they had multiple wives.—And there are still some "fundamentalist" Mormons who are going strong, even though the Mormons have supposedly stopped the practice of polygamy. It really helps to increase your numbers! So anyway, Brigham Young said, "This is the right place," & they settled there & the Lord blessed them & multiplied them & they built their big Mormon Temple there. They've got several temples in the Great Salt Lake Valley.

34. They even have a monument there called the Seagull Monument, to honour the seagulls who came & saved their crops. In the Summer of 1848 a terrible scourge of locusts was about to eat up all their crops, so they got together & really prayed & asked the Lord to please spare them. And there they were in Utah, the Great Salt Lake Valley‚ hundreds of miles from the nearest sea, & all of a sudden there appeared hordes of seagulls who came & ate up all the locusts & saved their crops! So they really know & love the Lord.

35. They're a little formal now & they don't know the Lord like we do‚ but they're really wonderful people. We held meetings all around there under an Alliance pastor who was a missionary to them, & we found them to be very good people who loved the Lord. They were always bringing us all kinds of good food that they made‚ too. I'll never forget that, because we were living with this bachelor pastor who couldn't cook very well.

36. Oh, I remember! That's where I had the dengue fever! It's otherwise nicknamed "break–bone" fever‚ because your bones ache so badly they feel like they're all breaking. You can get it from drinking raw milk or from mosquitoes‚ & there was a scourge of it in Utah at that time‚ & I came down with it. Oh my!—High fever, bones aching! But thank the Lord, Mother prayed for me & the Lord healed me.

37. I'm telling you lots of stories tonight! (To Techi: ) That's one of the things grandpas are good for, Honey, telling stories—& they're just full of them because they've lived so long! That's all most grandpas have left, besides their kids! But we've got the Family, & that's a lot, let me tell you! I'm just amazed how many of us there are & how we've spread & what we've accomplished. We have been going over 25 years now. The Family began in January of 1968 at the Club in Huntington Beach. You can count it up—that's 25 years if you include the year 1993. Your Mother came a year later, in January of 1969, & she never left me from then on!

NBC Smear!—Romans 8:28!

(Comments after reading a transcript of a very negative NBC show done on us in the States:)

38. (9/93) It looks like NBC is trying to get themselves off the hook for having made "The Ultimate Trip!", which was such a favourable show about us! Don't worry, Honey, everything is going to turn out all right. All things are of God & all things work together for good. (2Cor.5:18; Rom.8:28.)

39. Can't you see how the Message wouldn't have gotten out without all the scandal & sensationalism of the press & TV along with it? His Message without all of that is not enough to get headlines in the press & TV. Preachers have been preaching the Gospel for years, & the media doesn't publish that! But when we preach it, then they get all excited & put it on TV & in the headlines, because we're sexy. They just love sex & scandal! They have plenty of that of their own, of course, but they like it even better if it comes from Christians.

God Laughs Last!

40. (9/93) I was praying for the Family in Argentina & the Lord said‚ "Just wait until you see the end!"—And it was just like He was grinning! Like the verse in the second Psalm, He'll be the One Who will laugh last! (Psa.2:4; 37:13.) God laughs‚ & He especially laughs when He has victories over His enemies & makes fools of them! He must enjoy making fools out of these guys. The Lord always likes to really surprise them & shock them & not let it turn out the way they expected it. (Maria: I think the U.S. is seeing that their little plan in Argentina to get us hasn't worked as well as they thought it was going to.) In other words, the U.S. was planning the whole thing‚ using their "colonies" in Latin America. (Maria: Yes‚ & now they're thinking maybe they can back out & try again later somewhere else.)

Tribulation to Those Who Trouble Us!

41. (9/93) The more they curse us‚ the more they'll be cursed! The worse they treat us, the worse God is going to treat them! The more Hell they give us, the greater their place in Hell!—And the greater our testimony. "Rejoice & be exceeding glad, for great is your reward in Heaven!" (Mat.5:12.)—And greater is their doom!

Keep Fighting to Keep the Victory!

42. The only way you can keep the victory is to keep fighting & keep praising the Lord! You can't let up for a minute or allow an unguarded moment. You've got to keep fighting to keep the victory! Help the Family to keep fighting, Lord, & keep the victory, & give us victories! Thank You Jesus! Thank You for how You have, in Jesus' name, amen!