KEYWORDS: lord, world, god, children, enemies, people

Persecution Jewels--No.5

David Berg

DO 2888Comp.9/93

Firestorm Vision!

1. (7/93) AS WE WERE PRAYING I saw a firestorm, & it was leaping out with great flames‚ swirling like a hurricane! It was coming toward us‚ still some distance away, but leaping out at us as it was trying to reach us. I don't have very many visions‚ so that was really amazing! The flames were just leaping out! You've probably seen big fires, how the flames will shoot up. These flames were just leaping out at us, & at me.—Which I'm sure is significant.

2. The Devil's own fires of Hell are trying to reach us, & he has turned up the heat very hot! But the Lord is allowing it. Nothing happens without the Will of God‚ & this persecution has greatly strengthened us.

3. Our enemies are out to get us like that firestorm I just saw. It seemed like it was reaching out for us. We could feel the heat, we could see the fire, & it was horrible, but it couldn't touch us!

Standing Up & Fighting!

4. People admire you for standing up & fighting! If you run away & hide, they figure it's a confession of guilt. I guess that's why the Lord's allowing all this persecution, so our Family will be forced to come out in the open & give the whole World the Truth to counteract these major smear campaigns against us. Our folks make good representatives! With the faith & courage of the Lord, they're not afraid of anybody! Our enemies are afraid of us! That CAN outfit is getting totally discredited, with some of its leading personalities being convicted as criminals!

Exit Counselling!

5. Deprogramming has now been so discredited that its perpetrators had to change the name to "exit counselling." Talk about mind control & brainwashing, those deprogrammers are the ones who are guilty, not us!—But as I said many times, the Devil always tries to accuse others of the things that he himself is guilty of.

From Victims to Victors!

6. (Dad to David & Techi‚ 7/93:) The ACs are taking over things & are about to run the World! In fact, according to what I have seen going on in the World today, & what I saw in that vision of the Antichrist raging at his … council; they're already running the World!

7. Now we're the victims, but then we're going to be the victors! Praise God! We've been victors already in a lot of these court cases. So pray for our brethren & sisters who are in bonds & suffering persecution—especially for the children, that the Lord will protect them from the awful contamination & pollution of the System brainwashers & deprogrammers, who are trying to rob them of their faith & take them away from the most wonderful parents in the World, whose love & care & Godly training is unequalled.

8. Can you imagine keeping little three–, four- & five-year-old kids amongst strangers? It reminds me of what they tried to do with the Dauphin of France, the French prince, in the 1700s. They deliberately made him live with a whore in a whorehouse, trying to pollute him & contaminate him & corrupt him as much as they could. That's how vicious the wicked are! So pray for those kids.

9. Lord, we pray right now, in Jesus' name, as we're together‚ that you'll deliver Thy children! You promised that You would care for Your Own, now do it, Lord! Do it! You said, "Command thou Me!" So we command You, Lord, in Jesus' name, to deliver those children‚ & their parents as well! We claim it right now! Embarrass, frustrate, rebuke & defeat our enemies! Help us to win a few more victories out of these seeming defeats before You come, & before the Antichrist takes over.

10. Continue to protect those of us who are passing on the Word to the Family & to the World. Thank You, Lord, that we're still here working for You & leading Thy sheep. Bless them as they suffer more & more persecution & even martyrdom for You in these Last Days. Bless & keep us all, Lord, & help us to do our duties & what we can do to help Thy sheep, Thy children around the World—to lead them, guide them, advise them, counsel them & direct them. Bless & keep us all for Thy glory, in Jesus' name, amen!

11. I'm sure a lot of our Family will be killed & die as martyrs, because our enemies are really out to get us.—But what a wonderful end to all our suffering, to be able to be with Jesus in our wonderful Heavenly Home forever! Praise the Lord! And boy‚ will our enemies get it! They're going to be sorry they ever laid a finger on us! In the meantime we're going to sock it to'm as much as we can & get out there & fight! Praise God! (To David:) And you're helping to do that, Son! You & your sister are helping to keep the home fires burning & the headquarters rolling!

Prayer for Victory in France & Argentina!

12. Rebuke those evil monsters, Lord! Punish them, & may it be noised abroad to Thy glory! Let us see You get a victory out of this soon! I'm sure they're going to be sorry they ever attacked us & touched the apple of Thine eye!

13. Lord, help us not to worry‚ but just to trust You, to know You're going to deliver. You don't dare desert them, Lord!

We're an Enigma!

14. I sure have the ability to stir up our enemies! They get so riled up. Imagine them spending so much time on little ol' me. (Maria: Analysing you & evaluating you & critiquing you & criticising you.) I must be a pretty important subject. They must really fear me to go to all that trouble to fight me. (Maria: We only have 3‚000 adult members worldwide! We must be one of the smallest worldwide religious groups, yet look what they're doing to attack us!) Apparently we're a real thorn in their flesh, thank You Lord!

15. People certainly are interested in us! I think if sex had not been an issue, their interest would have soon waned‚ but they're just fascinated because we're supposedly a "sex cult." It shows you that sex really holds their interest! (Maria: This one reporter who interviewed us said, "Well, you do seem fundamentalist in so many ways, BUT...") All those buts! (Maria: It's very interesting to them.) Yes. They think, "How can you possibly be both?!—Wicked sinners & righteous saints at the same time!"

16. We're an enigma! We're a very strange puzzle & the World is trying to figure us out. Of course our enemies think that they don't have to figure us out‚ they're sure they've already got us pegged & they're just trying to prove their evil imaginations. We're claiming you can have God & sex both, when for all these centuries the self-righteous religionists have been claiming you can't!

17. Make us a blessing, Lord, all over the World in spite of our vicious‚ fiendish, devilish enemies—self-righteous religious hypocrites! Thank You that we have such enemies, because we certainly wouldn't want people like them to be friends! Thank You Jesus for all Your love & mercy & goodness to us. Help us to get our jobs done‚ Lord.

Prayer for the Family!

18. Bless our Family around the World, Lord, especially all those who are being persecuted. Make them shining lights! Keep Thy children everywhere, Lord! Help them to stay close to Thee & to obey Thy Will.

Christians Unite!

19. The Lord's Spirit is really moving‚ causing all these different groups to fellowship with us. I think the Lord is beginning to warn them, & beginning to draw His Children together in preparation for the Tribulation.—Which has already begun for some, like us. We can simply agree to disagree on any of each other's doctrines that we don't like. We can agree together about the Lord, His Love & His Salvation, & realise that we're still one even if we don't all agree on everything. We're still His children & we need to learn to get along with each other & work together.

Proof They're After the Christians!

20. Talk about child abuse, if anybody is abusing their children‚ it's the Hare Krishna who get their kids up at 4:30 in the morning & make them chant for long hours! Why aren't people after them? Why aren't they accusing them of child abuse? It shows who they're after! They're after the Christians‚ not the Hindus!

Catholic Church …

21. … [W]e haven't come out against the Catholic Church‚ so I don't know what they've got against us! … One of the things [people of another religion] have against us is that we have been winning their people, even their own children!

The Calm Before the Storm!

22. Help our Family who are undergoing persecution, Lord! You pull them out of it! Only You can do it, but we have to do our part too. I was thinking how just a short while ago things were going so easy, everything was going our way except for a few little persecutions here & there. It seemed to me that it was almost too easy, & I had a premonition that it was the calm before the storm. And sure enough, it was! Well, that's what the Lord does: He gives you a good rest to get ready for the next battle. Thank You Lord!

"Persecution Endtime News!"

23. I'm planning to start a new paper called the Persecution Endtime News! The headlines could be like a warning: "We're suffering now, you're next!" I think if we send out enough of these little newspapers everywhere & appeal to other Christians to send us their experiences‚ they'll send them in. It's getting to be pretty big news & pretty prevalent the way the governments are operating against us—even police agencies like INTERPOL & all these other devilish agencies.

24. Our main weapon is the pen! It hurts them to be exposed. The Devil likes to do his dirty work in the dark & not let people know that he is the one that's doing it, but we are letting the World know that he is doing it! I'm amazed that we've had such influence! It's our calling to speak up & fight in order to get into the ring & fight with them—not leave it all to them. I love to fight & sock it to them!

Making Better Use of the Pubs!

25. (Maria:) Dear Family, you'll be happy to hear that the "Legal Dossier" project is underway to get all the rebuttals, press releases‚ statements, etc., out to all of your Homes! This will include favourable news articles, endorsements from academics, copies of favourable court rulings, educational investigations‚ etc., which will be such a help to all of you who are on the frontlines & suffering persecution!

26. And while I'm happy that these are going out to you, I still am a little sad to think that they may not be used by very many of you. I understand how much there is to read, & how much there is to do, & how few people there are to do it, so that we may not be able to expect more than a handful of you to benefit from these very good materials.

27. We're doing our best to put the material into your hands, & then it's up to you to read it & use it. I think this material is so encouraging that it would be great if all of you could read it! I wish you teens & YAs could read it! You're so sharp & you pick up things so easily & retain what you read so well, that having you peruse these things might be very helpful & effective.

28. I'm always torn between encouraging all of you to take advantage of every pub that comes along, & on the other hand feeling like we're burdening you with too much to read. You already have so much to do, I feel like we should try to make it as easy as possible for you by not requiring anything further from you.

29. I wish there was something we could do to help you, our precious Family, to make better use of the time you do have‚ & to help you assimilate all our valuable pubs more efficiently. Maybe it would help if we could make these GP materials more readily available in your Homes—like keeping copies in the living room on the coffee table, etc. There must be some moments when you just stop & relax & rest & when you could pick up some of these pubs if they were there, & be encouraged & instructed by them. Perhaps if you realise how much we wish for you to benefit from our pubs—all our pubs—you would make more of an effort to read them.

Encouragement to Keep Fighting!

30. (Maria:) Well‚ folks, no matter how dark the outlook, the uplook is still great! When the night is black, the moon shines even brighter! When you feel the most defeated, that's just the time you'll have to fight even harder; & when you feel the most discouraged, that's when you most need the Word & news of the victories!

31. So let's not concentrate on our losses, but on our gains, of which there are many! The gains may not seem as big as the losses, but it's beyond our capability to see what's going on behind the scenes, & all we need to know is the Word! All we need to do is believe it & keep fighting! "We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed."—2Cor.4:8-9.

32. There have been countless times in history when men & women have kept their fighting spirit in the face of almost insurmountable odds!—And survived! If they could display such faith & determination & courage while fighting with earthly weapons for worldly causes, how much more should we, God's special Endtime forces, exhibit the will to fight to the End without hesitation & without compromise, knowing that whether we live or whether we die‚ we are the Lord's‚ & we too will survive. (Rom.14:8.)

33. Let's say‚ like General Foch, "My right has been rolled up, my left has been driven back, my center has been smashed!—I have ordered an advance from all directions!" Okay? Then let's yell with John Paul Jones‚ "Hell no! We haven't even begun to fight!—And if we go down, we'll go down fighting!" I truly believe that before God will let us go down‚ He's going to come in & lift us up so we can continue to glorify His Name amongst the nations.—And whatever God has to do to accomplish that, He will do it.—Whether God has to bring down His wrath so heavily upon the nations that they will let us go, like Pharaoh & the Egyptians with the Israelites, or whatever He will do in His mysterious way which is far above ours, we know it will be perfect in its mercy on those who love Him, & His judgement upon those who hate Him.

34. Our attempts to fight the great Beast of the World may seem so feeble, but when God throws all His power & support behind us, we are invincible & we are a majority, & they will shake & shiver with fear because of their evil deeds!—Love, Maria.