KEYWORDS: god, acs, people, world, usa, un

World Currents!--No.68

David Berg

DO 2887Comp.8/93

Serbian Siege of Sarajevo!

1. THE ACS HAVE GOT SARAJEVO under control, & they're now controlling the UN. The UN is refusing to let the U.S. do any bombing of the Serbs. They're doing everything they can to encourage a full surrender of Sarajevo to the Serbs. The only reason the Serbs are leaving that mountain above Sarajevo is because UN forces are taking their place, & that will guarantee that the U.S. won't bomb it. But the Serbs are still shelling Sarajevo & people are still getting killed. In fact‚ a UN observer just got shot by a sniper! Maybe that'll get the UN riled up a little bit.

2. Those poor Bosnians! They thought the U.S. might be their friend & save them, but those God-damned ACs have stopped Clinton every time he tried to make a move to help them. I believe he wanted to‚ but they won't let him. It shows you how much control the ACs have! They won't let the UN or the U.S. help the Bosnians—they're just waiting for them to surrender.

3. Their latest plan is for the UN to take over Sarajevo, which amounts to a surrender. But at least it would stop the shooting & the killing, & worst of all the hurting. To me, the killing is not so bad. When people get killed, it's over for them.—Like that soldier who came back from World War 2 told my Mother. My Mother was heading an organisation at that time, something like "The American Prayer League," or "Praying Mothers League," & she had a group of her ladies out there to greet this load of wounded soldiers returning from the war. The military asked them to go encourage them. So my Mother was talking to this one seriously crippled guy in a wheelchair, & she said, "Well, at least you didn't get killed." He said, "Ha! The dead are the lucky ones! We're the living dead! This is worse! I wish I had gotten killed."

4. So I don't feel so sorry for the dead, because at least‚ thank God, they've gone to their reward, whatever they deserve. I'm sure the Lord is being fair‚ whatever it is. But all these crippled & wounded & maimed children, it's just pitiful!

5. This latest humanitarian rescue mission was inspired by that little five-year-old girl, Irma, who was wounded‚ & all of a sudden countries began offering help. Countries like neutral Sweden offered 16 beds for wounded children, & Great Britain offered 20. Some other European countries offered help too, I think Italy was one.

6. God bless that doctor who got'm all stirred up about that little girl, Irma! Just one little girl. It shows you how the sympathy of the public can be aroused. That touched everybody's heart!

7. God is going to hold the whole World responsible for watching those people suffer every day on television & doing nothing about it!—Except making them surrender to the Serbs.

8. God damn the Serbs & the God-damned anti-Christ ACs! God damn them, in Jesus' name! Make them suffer like they're making others suffer! God damn them, in Jesus' name!

9. It just infuriates me how the ACs can just twist the arm of the World & get everybody to do their will! The UN is now totally under their control. Britain & France are totally under their control. Virtually the only Western nations who have made any ruckus at all have been the Americans, but every time Clinton speaks up, they slap him back down. That's the one thing that he has been right about, but he hasn't had the guts to go ahead. Well, God is going to hold him responsible, too, for being such a weak sister. Every time the ACs say, "No‚" he backs down. Of course, they're the ones who put him in office.

10. The countries of the World are spending a few thousand Dollars rescuing these wounded children in Sarajevo, but they are spending millions upon millions on sports! What God is going to hold them responsible for!

Space Waste!

11. Think of the billions being spent on space exploration, of all things, when people around the World are suffering so much! These scientists & governments are playing around with toys for no advantage, no benefit to the Earth as it now is. With all of the Earth's problems‚ to be going off playing in space is ridiculous!—Billions of Dollars being spent on nothing—literally nothing, space—when people are dying in wars, & people are suffering, & there is a worldwide recession going on! It's ridiculous! And you can hardly believe the gall they have to say that all those shuttle flights have done a lot of good for the U.S.! What good has it done for them? They've just wasted billions on space, billions on nothing, when people on Earth are suffering from recession, disease, war & natural disasters! But those playboys are still fiddling around with space, spending billions of government Dollars on nothing! The trouble is, they do make some sort of non-essential discovery once in awhile, & it allows them to keep wasting the money. (Editor: And now a $1 billion Mars probe is missing just when it was to begin its work.—What a waste!)

God Damn the Evil French!

12. God damn the French! Lord bless the good French, but God damn those evil ones! France is getting fanatically Communist‚ run by the Communists in spirit, even if not in name. In fact, I just read that the head of INTERPOL in France used to be the head of the Communist Party. INTERPOL has apparently been taken over by the ACs now‚ & they dominate World police.

51 Days!

13. I wonder if there is any significance to the fact that the authorities laid siege to Waco for 51 days, & they held our children in France for 51 days! I wonder if there is something significant about 51 days? Maybe it's one of the Devil's numbers!

Pope's Visit to the U.S.!

14. I believe the Pope is really laying down his life in this U.S. trip‚ & he knows it.—And he has risked it before.

15. They say this Pope has been the best-loved Pope, & also the most rigidly conservative, refusing to change. God bless him! I think he's right in most things, but he's unscriptural when it comes to celibacy & he should change!

The Frankfurt School!

(The following are Dad's comments on an article written by the LaRouche organisation, entitled "The New Dark Ages: Frankfurt School & Political Correctness." The article describes how a research institute, a think tank in Frankfurt‚ Germany‚ nicknamed "The Frankfurt School," was set up in 1922 with the primary purpose of destroying Christian values in the Western World. The article details the names & histories of the various individuals who were members, & shows how they spread to America & eventually took over positions of great influence in almost all major media & universities.)

16. All those [ACs] that went to the Frankfurt School—writers, authors, artists, educators, scientists, philosophers, sociologists, actors, actresses—were all connected to each other & all taught the same doctrines of devils!—Paganism! Satanism! Witchcraft! It's a philosophy of destruction, that destruction is to be the salvation of the World‚ & the quicker they can bring it on, the better. It's a doctrine of the Devil! Just horrible! Horrifying!

17. They were all pals—Nietzsche, Freud‚ Carl Jung—all these different ones. They were [ACs] & all participating in the same philosophies. A religion was what it really was, dedicated to the abolition of other religions, particularly Christianity & what they called "Christian authoritarianism" or "The Father Image." They taught that true religion is the worship of Mother Earth. That's exactly what the environmentalists are preaching now, that Earth is their mother. It was an ancient pagan religion to worship the Earth & the goddess Gaia‚ who was the goddess of the Earth. So much of the hippy doctrine, philosophy, beliefs, anarchist policies & ways of dress were exactly what these guys were preaching over 70 years ago!

18. When I was young, we got a bunch of threatening notes signed by the "NAJE PROAS." It looked like two names—NAJE PROAS—& we didn't even know what it meant until Senator True from the U.S. Senate heard about it, & he said, "That stands for the National Jewish Protective Association." They were writing all these threatening letters to my Mother, & they even tried to kill her! … I told you about the time she went to hear Gerald L.K. Smith speak in Detroit—how these men were going up & down the aisles taking down the names of those attending the meeting.


20. If you want to read a book that exposes the evil, [ACs], just read the New Testament, or even the Old Testament! Boy, the [ACs] must hate those Scriptures, because it describes them to a "tee" & trots out all of their crimes & sins into the clear light of day of God's Truth!

21. Thank God they haven't been able to control some of these judges who have ruled in our favour. The Lord has given us good & honest judges. He's literally made these judges defy them & hand down fair decisions! They must just be absolutely furious at those judges' decisions to let us go & exonerate us.

22. I think some people, even some of our own lawyers, doubt that this persecution is engineered by the [ACs]. Well, just ask them, "Who is coordinating it & having it jump from one country to another? Who is fighting us?" One lawyer said, "You must have some big enemies!" Well‚ who are they? (Maria: The anti-cult network is obvious, & very powerful.) Yes, but look at their names, who is behind them?! … That's what LaRouche is doing, he's putting in the names of all these guys who are behind the anti-cult networks …! The Jewish Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith, top level Freemasons & other … secret societies are all right behind CAN.

23. The whole idea of his article is to prove that what they accuse the [ACs] of is true, & the major point in this particular dissertation is that they are all from or influenced by the same school of thought—the Frankfurt School. They all came out of there or were associated with it. It's really a drag to read all of those minute details, but that's the kind of stuff you're going to have to have in court to prove it. (Maria: Thank the Lord those organisations could do the research & the footwork, & we can just give the message.) God bless this renegade American politician, Lyndon LaRouche, & his men who are willing to go to jail for it! (Maria: I guess the Lord knew it was all right for LaRouche to go to jail. He's written three books in four years. That's pretty good!) Well, he can feel satisfied that he's done his best to expose them.

24. I used to read so many negative things in the news about LaRouche's organisation, & I wondered, "What in the World could be wrong with those people?" The news was always speaking against them, but never really coming out & letting it be known that it was because of his exposure of the [AC] Conspiracy. Of course they call him "anti-Semitic."

25. I got a verse about all these philosophers & crazy people in the Frankfurt School: "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools!"—Rom.1:22.

26. These are days of victory just before the steam roller! (Maria: They're never going to shut us up completely, we're going to keep having victories! There are battles‚ but there are going to be victories, too, & we will be the final victors! Praise the Lord!)