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Wave, The

David Berg

DO 28815/93

1. AS I WAS PRAYING I saw a wave of Family refugees sweeping across the World, from one side of the World to the other! At first it looked like a wave of water‚ except that the wave was made up of people. What would we call what was happening? It wasn't so much a retreat as a withdrawal‚ or maybe a recall wave. In other words, it was like the Lord was recalling us from the fields where we had finished our jobs. It was not a retreat, it was a recall! It was not a defeat‚ it meant that people didn't want us any more & we had finished the job. We had reaped as much as we could reap, so the Lord was allowing persecution in difficult areas to the point where it was impossible to stay in those places.

2. We've had a lot of persecution already & it's getting hotter all the time! Our enemies are strong now & they're going to be trying to force us out of as many countries as possible as soon as they can. How long this will take, we don't know‚ but I believe it could start happening soon!

3. That's my gut feeling! The Lord does give you those checks & those feelings, if not a direct revelation or a direct message or interpretation. He sometimes has led me to do things just because that's the way I felt about it, & nearly always it's happened that way! Even though not so clearly defined, I knew that was the direction I was supposed to take, & as I obeyed, things became much clearer later on. He doesn't have to give you a vision or dream or direct revelation or message or interpretation or something real specific. All He has to do is by His Spirit give you that feeling: "That's the way it's going to go!" (Tongues:) "Thus have I dealt with thee, & thus have I dealt with My children for ages, & thus have I dealt with thy father also!" Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

4. It'll take a little while, we may have some work yet to do, but I believe it's not too far away! The Family has gone around the World! We've been preaching the Gospel to every creature‚ into all the World as far as we could‚ to as many as we could reach!

5. And then will come ouster & evacuation! When the Antichrist gets firmly entrenched & gains enough power to force us out, & when God knows we've done our job, it'll come. If we're in the first three-&-a-half years‚ & the Antichrist is already in opposition, it could come soon.—At least that's the way I feel!

6. If we're already in the Covenant period, in the first three-&-a-half years of his reign, I don't see how it could possibly be any longer than two more years until the Antichrist's Revelation, when he is revealed. We can call this first half of his reign the Secret Half, & the next half the Revelation & Tribulation.

The Ball Is Rolling!

7. The ball is already rolling, & God has got to keep His Word! And it's got to happen within the time limit that He has given, almost specific dates. If we knew when the Covenant was signed, we could predict it to the day!—And I wouldn't be surprised that we'll be able to‚ certainly when the Antichrist is Revealed, & the Image is set up & the Mark of the Beast & all of that. Then we will know it is going to be exactly so much longer.

8. Well, if that ball is already rolling & we've already entered the first half of the Last Seven Years, then God has got to keep His Word. He can't stall any longer, not even for our sakes. So the only thing that He can really do to protect us, & in some ways reward us, is to recall us & move us to safer territories. If the house was on fire, wouldn't you want to get your children out?

9. I saw that Wave of refugees sweeping across the World, from one end to the other!—And I have the feeling it's going to be soon! I have the feeling that, if we're already in the first 3–&-1/2 years of the Reign of the Antichrist, it can't be longer than a couple of years till the Trib!—And maybe sooner than that, maybe only a year or a little more.

10. If we are in the first half of the Antichrist's reign, then there is a time limit. The ball is rolling & it's got to come to certain dates, time periods & fulfilled Scripture. So if we are in the first 3-&-1/2 years, then God has got a limit, He knows that His time is short too. So when He feels that we've done enough in certain places, He may want to recall us & move us to safer territories until the End.

11. We fared well & we did what the Lord told us to do, & look what we've accomplished! We've circled the Globe! I kind of have a feeling in my heart that we're finishing the job. And if the Lord is going to get the Family out of some places & save some of us at least till His Coming‚ He has to start doing it pretty soon.

12. The Lord always shows us in advance the general trend & the way things are going to move. (Tongues:) Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! "Listen to the voice of thy father & the things that I am showing him that shall happen." Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Lord, You're so good to us! There's nothing the Lord will not reveal to His prophets, & the time has come that we need to know.

13. Thank You Jesus for Thy revelations & for showing us how You're going to work, so we can plan accordingly. We have to have a little knowledge of the future so we can plan, Lord, & so that we will be able to help Thy troops when it comes time for them to withdraw from their present fields & countries, before You direct our withdrawal from this World! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!

14. We can see how You work in a mysterious way Your wonders to perform, & that You have shown us the overall picture to help us understand & to prepare us for the future. Thank You Lord! It's so wonderful‚ Lord, how You've shown us the picture so clearly, not every detail‚ but just the general overall plan of what is to happen in the future. Thank You Jesus! Bless now & help us to be faithful & wise & extremely prayerful about every move we make, because things are going to get more ticklish & more dangerous all the time. Work out the details. We know You will. Thank You Lord!

15. (Mama: Thank You, Lord, for this beautiful revelation! Thank You Jesus for always showing Thy Prophet a little ahead so we can get the big picture & not be completely in the dark. Thank You for all these wonderful Words & Your inspiration & encouragement & wisdom for what's to come in the future. Thank You Jesus! We know You're going to take care of all the details, in Jesus' name.)

16. Plan it, Lord‚ in Your time, in due season. Now as You show Your overall plan & reveal Your secrets to us, we can see Thy wonderful wisdom & purpose. You never fail‚ & in every move we've made, You've made provision for us & worked out all Thy great wonderful plan & purpose for us all‚ in Jesus' name.—Amen!

Fleeing to the Lord!

17. (Sings:)

"How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord,

Is laid for your faith in His excellent Word!

What more can He say than to you He hath said,

To you who for refuge to Jesus have fled?"

So when you have to flee, where are you going to flee? (Fam: To Jesus!) That's a fitting song to end this talk. The Lord knows how to pick the songs‚ too. Isn't that amazing? He's saying that when we have to flee from the Enemy, we still have the foundation of the Word, & we can flee to Jesus! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!

18. The picture I see is that the Family is going to have to flee & retreat in a way, not in defeat, but having won the battle & the victory, & conquered many countries & millions of souls! And when we have to flee for refuge‚ where are we going to flee? (Fam: To Jesus.) To Jesus! So Who will meet us at the end of our flight? (Fam: Jesus!) (Tongues: ) "Indeed I shall meet thee & thy father in that Heavenly Land that I have prepared for thee!" Praise You Jesus! "Oh how precious is the Word of Jesus!" Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! Amen!

19. When it comes time for us to flee for the last time, we'll flee to Jesus, & He'll meet us There! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! Praise You Lord! (Cries: ) Amen‚ Lord, we don't cry for sorrow, we cry with joy that You answer these questions that we so often ask. We asked you where the Family is going to flee, & You told us in this one little simple song: We'll flee to You, Jesus! Hallelujah! Praise You Jesus! Thank You Lord!

20. What better place of hiding could we flee to than the Lord! Amen? (Fam: Amen!) So, cheer up! Don't worry about what we're going to do, the Lord is saying to us, "You may have to retreat in a way & flee from the enemies & the countries that cast you out, but you're going to flee to Me!" And at the very end of the journey He is going to meet us. I believe He means by that in the air! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

21. Now I know why the Lord led us to have this little meeting tonight, I got another answer! Isn't that wonderful? It's kind of hard to go on when you have no goal & you don't really know where you're going, but it's so comforting to know that while we are fleeing from the World & the Devil's vicious attacks‚ we are fleeing to Jesus, & He'll meet us at the end of our journey.

22. And He just said that He would meet us in Heaven‚ in the place that He has prepared for us! So where are we going? (Fam: To Jesus!) We're going to meet Him in the air! We won't need a passport or luggage or things from this Earth, we will just fly up to meet Jesus! Isn't that wonderful? Praise the Lord!

23. To me that means He is going to come pretty soon & we're going to meet Him in the air! Hallelujah! Isn't that wonderful? Thank You Jesus for Your reassurance, & to know that when we have to utterly flee‚ it couldn't be to a better Place! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

24. "For if they had been satisfied with the country from whence they came, then they would have had the opportunity to have returned. But because they were not satisfied, but they sought a better country, therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for He has prepared for them a city!"—Heb.11:15,16. There it is! I'm not too good on Scripture sometimes, but that's the Scripture that came to me. What an ending!

25. We're going to eventually meet Jesus in the air, that's what He as good as said, & I believe it! (Fam: Amen!) When He says things & shows me things, I take'm & I believe it! That's why we are where we are! The Lord has done it!

(Later, to Mama:)

26. The Family is going to be fleeing from all over the World, but I've been concerned about where they'd go. What a strange & amazing answer for the Lord to give right out of an old hymn: "To you who for refuge to Jesus have fled!" Where are we going to flee?—To Jesus! And the picture I got was the Rapture! The end of this journey is going to be the Rapture! Isn't that encouraging? (Maria: Yes, definitely! Thank the Lord!) So that's where we're all going—to Heaven! When there is no other place to flee to, the Lord is going to take us to Heaven. What better place could there be?

"What more can He say than to you He hath said,

To you who for refuge to Jesus have fled!"

27. What other countries could we get into? What more could we have done? And what more could He say than His Words to us: "To you who for refuge to Jesus have fled!" Where are we fleeing to?—To Jesus! Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus for Thy encouragement! Thank You Lord for Thy messages & confirmation & inspiration & information.

28. (Speaking to Koresh in the Spirit World:) "God bless you‚ David, & all your dear people!" That's where he went! That's where they've all gone, "to Jesus they've fled"! The Branch Davidians couldn't have had such grace unless they had the Lord.

29. When you die for the Lord in a battle & make your escape to Heaven, it certainly is a refuge! It's your final witness. That's what the term "martyr" means, it is the Greek word for witness. The martyrs were considered witnesses. It's your final witness, your final escape.

30. So those that go into the battle & are at the front of the battle & die first will be the first to escape, like David Koresh. He was certainly fighting a battle, only he made the mistake of taking up arms to fight, & the Devil was determined to snuff him out. What more could they do? "After they have killed the body, there is nothing more they can do. But let them rather fear God, Who can cast both body & soul into Hell!"—Mat.10:28.—Like his enemies' bodies & souls!

31. That's where those who sent Koresh & his followers to Heaven are going—straight to Hell!—And some already have. Some of those who shot some of Koresh's people & got shot themselves have already gone to Hell!—Unless, of course, any of them were innocent or ignorant of what they were doing. In that case the Lord might forgive them. The Scripture comes to me, "He that killeth you will think he doeth God service."—John 16:2. Probably some of them were good Christians‚ church members, maybe some even saved.

32. Koresh was a militant leader organising his forces to resist the System, & now he's in a much better position to do so. Thank You Lord! He's smiling! He's smiling! Thank You Jesus! God bless you, David! Thank you, Lord‚ for rescuing him from this horrible place!

33. It's amazing how united we are in Spirit, thank the Lord! And now that the Davidians are with the Lord, they can perhaps help us from the Other World. Praise God! Thank You Jesus! And David Koresh will get straightened out on a lot of his odd prophetic views regarding the Book of Revelation & the future. I almost have to laugh when I think how he wanted so much to know what those Seven Seals meant, & how the Lord had to take him to Heaven to show him! We won't even have to teach him now‚ thank God‚ the Lord will teach him, & we can be sure he's getting it straight!

34. I think what that Waco disaster proved to me almost more than anything was the hardness of the hearts of the Americans. God has got to start giving them what they deserve! It's amazing, isn't it, how they burned those Christians with fire, & the majority of Americans seemed to agree with it! The Lord in His Word says that the Kings of Europe are going to join together & burn the U.S. Whore with fire! (See Rev.18.) They've still got the rockets & the atom bombs to do it! Russia is full of them‚ & Europe is too. They're there‚ & of course, when the Antichrist fully takes over, he is going to use them. It says specifically that the Ten Kings of Europe are going to cooperate with the Antichrist & go against the Whore, & destroy her & burn her with fire! (Rev.17:12-18) The Americans are going to get just what they gave those poor Christians, & what they agreed upon.

35. In that Waco situation every American had to make a decision! Even if they weren't involved directly, in their own hearts they had to make a decision whether they liked it or whether they didn't. And I'll tell you right now, those who were all for it & even those who were indifferent & thought it was okay, God is going to judge‚ & they're probably going to get the same thing! They didn't care if a bunch of Christians were burned up with fire, so God certainly won't care if they're burned up with fire!

36. What they did to the Branch Davidians was almost like the U.S.' crowning crime, like the way they crucified Jesus! That whole nation is responsible! God damn the U.S.!