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Persecution Jewels--No.4

David Berg

DO 2878Comp.8/93

Lift Up a Standard!

1. "STANDARD" WAS THE WORD USED in battle for the spear that carried the flag or emblem of the forces that were fighting. Usually it was a long pennant type of flag‚ one of those triangular ones‚ & it was tied up right under the blade of the spear. The flags were put on spears because the spears were long & could be seen above the heads of the forces. The standard bearer would carry the flag at the forefront of the battle to show where the frontline forces were. The soldiers following behind could really tell where things were at just by looking & seeing where the flag was.

2. So "when the Enemy comes in like a flood," when the Enemy is attacking, "the Spirit of God shall lift up a standard against him."—Isa.59:19. In other words, God's forces immediately come to our defense. Praise the Lord! So you can sort of picture that after this when you hear that Scripture‚ that the Spirit of God raises a standard against the Enemy! "Our weapons are not carnal, but mighty to the tearing down of strongholds."—2Cor.10:4. Amen!

We'll All Be Overcomers!

3. "To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with Me in My throne, even as I also overcame‚ and am set down with My Father in His throne."—Rev.3:21. There's lots of room in that throne. We'll all be overcomers. We know how to give good gifts to our children, & the Lord will certainly give good things to us, His children!—Mat.7:11.

The Lord Will Lift You Up!

4. All the birds seem to love to fly when it's windy.—And they fly in all different directions. It's like they're playing in the sky. They actually fly better on a head wind than a tail wind. They can fly faster & further on a tail wind, but they can fly higher on a head wind because the head wind gets underneath them & lifts them up. The head wind does the moving. They don't have to exert any effort, they can just practically stand still with a head wind. They can just soar, glide, & let the wind do the work. With a tail wind they have to keep beating their wings to keep from falling. (Maria: Why do they call it a tail wind?) Because it's from behind their tail. It pushes their tail.

5. The winds of adversity can really blow you sky high, so that you can fly without any effort! You can just soar, glide, coast & let the wind do the work. It's kind of like our persecution doing the work for us—publishing the Message & getting out the witness. Let the wind do the witness! Let the wind do the work! A bird can just stand still & let the wind lift it up without flapping a wing.

6. The birds really enjoy the early morning hours when the air is fresh & clean. When the sun gets too hot, they go somewhere else‚ roosting or something. They seem to enjoy the cool, fresh, oxygen-filled air. They're apparently well-insulated against the wind, like we should be against persecution. In fact, they seem to actually enjoy it & get lifted up by it‚ exhilarated by it, thrilled by it! The Lord & His powerful wind are lifting them on high to where they're a glorious sight to behold!—A witness to His Power! Beautiful! Beautiful, beautiful! Thank You Jesus!

7. So enjoy it! Let the wind lift you & help you soar to new heights forevermore! Don't ever let persecution get you down. Always tilt your wings upward so they'll lift you high. Point your wings toward the Lord, because if you tilt them downwards, the wind will blow you flat, right down to the ground. It's that upward tilt that makes the difference & lifts you high & keeps you soaring, keeps you going & flying gloriously, beautifully!

8. Look at them! Isn't that beautiful? The harder the wind, the higher they fly, & the more people can see them. Just like you! The harder the winds of persecution, the higher you can fly. Keep your wings tilted towards the Lord & He'll make you a shining example of His beauty, the beauty of His creation‚ a wonderful witness to His Love. Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! You can get quite a little lesson out of some of the simplest things.

9. There they go! The Lord will lift you up! "Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord & He shall lift you up!"—Jam.4:10. After all, it's His wind. He controls it. Whether it's a delightful breeze or a raging storm, it's all His creation & for your benefit. Thank You Jesus!

Use Wisdom in Your Presentation!

10. It may be wiser to try to sidestep the issues that people have a hard time swallowing & just try to preach the acceptable truth. You can say, "Yes, we believe that, but we understand that it's difficult for you to accept. Why don't we concentrate on the many things we agree upon?" You need to be tolerant of people who cannot understand your viewpoint‚ remembering that you have had years of education in the Word & Godly principles, & some of these outsiders are hearing them for the very first time. Don't just throw the egg in their faces & slap back like, "Take that!" There's a difference between being honest in trying to explain it, realising that people have a hard time understanding‚ & bragging about it.

11. You have to show understanding & sympathy for people who are shocked at what you're saying! You can show that you understand that this is a shocking thing to them, but you can still strongly defend your position. You don't have to be boastful or brag about it, however.

12. I know we've told our folks not to back down on things, but they can't just take the bit out of their mouth & break away like a runaway horse & slap people right in the face with some of our doctrines! Let's face it, the System is somewhat insane compared with us, but what do you have to do with insane people? You don't slap them in the face with their insanity, you have to sort of humour them. Of course, if they're enemies or very negative, critical or antagonistic, then you can fire back at them with both barrels! We're not going to back down in the face of our enemies' attacks, but we should handle sincere questions from friends or outsiders without blasting them away!

"He Causes the Wrath of Man to Praise Him!"

13. All I could do when reading that article written by one of our enemies was just rejoice! There's so much truth in it that people can't read it without being affected or convicted by it. The Scripture I got is, "My sheep hear My Voice & they follow Me."—John 10:27. There are going to be people who read his article‚ people that he thinks can be persuaded to be our enemies, who instead are going to be persuaded to be our friends! He's reaching people we could never reach! Praise God! I don't know when I've enjoyed reading anything so much in a long time! "He causes the wrath of Man to praise Him!"—Psa.76:10.

Our Enemies Will Be Dust under Our Feet!

14. The Lord will raise up both friends & enemies through persecution. He had to raise up the enemies first in order to get us out of the closet & into the open, so then He could find the friends! We've had enemies like these for years, but recently we are winning new friends by standing up & fighting guys like these! Our enemies are just like little rats trying to attack us, trying to attack the Kingdom of God! God bless our lawyers! Give them great wisdom & great power! Defeat the Enemy, Lord, in Jesus' name! Thank You Lord! Bring out Thy Truth through it all!

15. The Lord says our enemies will be dust under our feet, that they'll bow down before us. (Mal.4:3; Rev.3:9; Isa.49:23.) Part of their punishment will be to some day see all the damage they've done & all the people they've led astray & all the lies they've told. In the meantime, they're just attracting attention towards us, which is God's purpose. So now we've got to come out strong & make it worthwhile!

Jesus' Last Exposé!

16. Jesus turned around & faced the scribes & Pharisees & called them hypocrites, rotten sepulchres full of dead men's bones, filthy platters!—Mat.23:27. Of course‚ they killed Him a week later‚ but He got it off His chest & told'm off! It was His last exposé & that did it! He told the people the Truth of what they were & who His enemies were, even if it killed Him.

Prayer for Family in Persecution!

17. Lord, we pray for our dear Family, especially those who are going through trials & testing & persecution. Give them strength, Lord‚ & great faith, & great words of wisdom, to be great witnesses! Thank You Jesus!

Our Enemies Ignore the Good!

18. Think of how much Truth this guy had to wade through to pick out those little bones of contention. Think of how much flesh of the body they had to cut off to get down to a few tiny bones. They had to go through all the good & all the Truth to get to the few things they object to. They just ignore the good we've done & the good fruit we've borne. Just exactly what do our enemies expect to accomplish? Do they really think they'll be able to stop us? They'll reap what they've sowed one of these days.

19. God bless our teenagers! They certainly are coming to the fore as real fighters! I'll put my teenagers up against their spoiled church kids any day, & we'll soon see who knows more Bible & more Truth & is willing to stand up for it! We'll soon see who knows how to witness best & win souls & do good! The Lord was sure right about the refining fires of persecution really bringing out the gold, purging & making white! (Dan.11:35; 12:10.) Amen!

Priebe & Welsh!—The Same Old Tricks!

20. I was amazed by some of the Scriptures we've gotten about Priebe & Welsh‚ because they fit the picture exactly! It shows the Early Church had exactly the same things happen to them. We've found Scriptures not only in Acts, but throughout the whole New Testament, & also way back in the Psalms & the Old Testament. David had some of these problems & Paul had some of these problems, so it's nothing new. (See 2Sam.15; Acts 20:29,30; Rom.16:17‚18; 2Cor.11:13,14; Gal.2:4; 1Tim.4:1,2; 2Tim.3; 2Pet.2; Jude 1:4‚10-13.) It's the same old tricks the Devil has tried to play before, only it's to different people. I used to say about the news—& in a way it's true—it's not really news‚ it's just the same old things happening to different people.

21. It hurts me to know that some of those people turned against us. A lot of people have left the Family, but they didn't fight us, & we've even had a lot of ex–members testify for us that they like us & they thought we were great, but they just couldn't meet the standard, they couldn't take it. But of these guys who have gone away & turned on us, the Lord says, "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample the truth under their feet, & turn again & rend you!"—Mat.7:6.

22. Those guys must be possessed the way they're fighting us! The funny part about it is that they want to be "Dads"! They want to be like me & they want to run the show! They didn't like being told what to do. But they apparently must have liked me originally‚ & what I taught. Well, pray for them, that they'll either repent‚ or the Lord will just deal with them so they'll quit persecuting us, or He'll remove them. Sometimes Paul said God has to remove their bodies to save their spirits.—1Cor.5:5. God has to actually kill some people—apparently Christians, who are saved, who are supposed to have known the Lord—so He could still have the mercy to save'm.

Persecution Is Good for Us!

23. As David said‚ "Before I was afflicted I went astray, but in my affliction I cried unto the Lord."—Psa.119:67; 18:6. So afflictions are good for us. All these trials & tribulations & persecutions we're going through nowadays are good for us, good tests to see who's got it! And if you've got it, it will make you stronger, bolder, braver & more faithful to the Lord‚ more loyal, able to stand up for Jesus!

24. Remember the story about the two little girls who stood up for Jesus when the atheist was preaching in the park? They said they couldn't preach or witness, but they could stand up for Jesus, & they got up & sang "Stand Up for Jesus!" The crowd was practically in tears! And it so encouraged other Christians who were not speaking against the evil atheist, that they got up on the stump soapbox & started preaching away! (See ML #399:81-83.)

25. Their example encouraged others, & our example right now is encouraging a lot of others in all these cases. It's paid to come out & fight, but it also has a price. It's taken a lot of suffering. Even our lawyers are suffering, they're getting persecuted now. One lawyer's wife left him, & another lawyer who was one of the most popular lawyers in his country is just amazed at the gaff he's getting now from the System & old friends & whatnot, because he stuck up for us. He just couldn't believe it! Our folks have been telling him, "Now you're finding out how vicious our enemies are & how much they hate us!" Of course, our enemies hate us because the Devil hates us. I got the verse the other day‚ "For the Devil is come down unto you, having great wrath‚ because he knoweth that he hath but a short time."—Rev.12:12. This is something which is supposed to happen during the actual reign of the Antichrist.

26. But it's great! I'm just thrilled at all the battles we're winning & all the souls we're winning! These outstanding people who are suddenly listening to what we have to say hardly knew we existed before! We were considered the scum of the Earth, but now they're fascinated with our Message! Thank You Jesus!

The Family—Radical & Uncompromising!

27. I'm tired of having to defend ourselves & try to justify ourselves to the System! I'm sick & tired of putting up with the System's criticisms & negative critiques of us, when they're so guilty of making such a God-damned Hell of a mess of things themselves!

28. As we come out more & more strongly against the Antichrist & his devilish System, we may lose a few friends; but if they're real friends, we won't lose them. It may make them take a stand! It may show them they can't compromise & they can't sit on the fence & think they can play both ends against the middle. It's either all or nothing at all!

29. I expect to die for some of the things I've said! I wouldn't be surprised if some of our lawyers will drop us when they find out how radical, how far out, how uncompromising, how unconventional we really are, & that we're going to stick by our convictions & not back down!

30. There's no halfway about the Family! There's no use in trying to hide & pussyfoot around & tiptoe around & explain ourselves away. The Lord isn't going to let us get away with that kind of attitude.

31. People say, "Nudity & sex, oh my! How shocking! How terrible! How awful! Especially amongst religious people!" How hypocritical!—When sex is such a major part of the World today! But, "Oh my! Christians? Christians with nudity & sex?" They never heard of such a thing! It's been a long time since the days of the Cathars, that bunch of radical Christians who hid up in the mountains of France. They were a group that practiced sexual freedom in the Middle Ages, can you imagine? And the Pope was so afraid of the doctrine, he sent a whole army to wipe'm out! He didn't dare let that get started. It's the same amongst Catholics today. They'd rather put up with their priests abusing little orphans! They seem to feel that it's better to put up with Sodomy by the Goddamned going–to-Hell priests, & their going–to-Hell church than to allow such pure, God-endorsed‚ Bible-endorsed sexual freedom amongst believers!

32. We're not going to go running every time they challenge us from now on‚ we're going to hit'm right between the eyes! In fact, we're going to fire first if necessary! We've got nothing to be ashamed of. If you're ashamed of me & the things I've said & done‚ then you'd better quit. Are you ashamed of our doctrines? If you are, then you don't belong here, because you're going to have to stick up for them!

33. We're going to cut the ground right out from underneath our enemies! Of course, if they won't receive the Word of God, they're not going to listen to you, though you've come back from the dead! But there might be a few real Christians that will wake up & get the point.

The Devil's Attack on Christians!

34. They rage at us with false accusations of child abuse! The ACs & the media & the whole worldly devilish System have been playing up child abuse, defining it as nearly any interaction with children & making it the greatest sin on Earth, & it's all happened just within the past ten years. It only began to show up as raging propaganda a decade ago, & I told you then, "I can see what's happening! They're going to attack Christians for alleged child abuse & take away their children." (See "Guard Your Children!" ML #1698.)

35. There's nothing the Devil would like better than to get ahold of our children‚ because they're our best testimony, our best witnesses, our best proof of the pudding! And there's no end to all the different kinds of abuse they can accuse you of. Right now they've taken most of the Godly & Scriptural things all true Christians do & labelled them "abusive."—Our high standards of education, our loving but firm disciplinary methods, our Godly monitoring of our children's activities, our Scriptural way of socialising our children, etc.‚ etc. Since they couldn't find any sexual abuse or any kind of real abuse at all‚ they have taken everything we do & falsely labelled it "abusive." They call it psychological abuse, emotional abuse, educational abuse, medical abuse‚ insufficient socialisation, etc.

We Don't Commit Adultery!

36. The World is horrified when they hear of adultery occurring amongst Christians or churches—or even amongst some politicians!—Although they didn't get shocked about Bill Clinton committing adultery, they accepted it. Even his own wife accepted it! She knew she had to or she couldn't become the assistant president. As she said, "Remember, if you get Bill Clinton, you get me!"

37. Obviously the World pretty much accepts adultery now as the order of the day & does not condemn it any more.—That is, amongst themselves! It's accepted. People of the World are swapping partners & living together all the time. Free sex & unmarried partners are common, they're not even looked down on any more. They even publicise it & it's in the newspapers & it's known & it's rarely even discriminated against.

38. "Dad‚ you sound like you're criticising adultery, but don't we commit adultery?" Of course we don't commit adultery! We're not adulterating anything! We're not polluting anything! We're all one Family! We're all married to each other & it's all in love & we wouldn't think of doing anything to hurt anybody. Our form of sexual sharing is not adultery, but is good & Godly!—And we need more of it, because it binds us together & we learn how to give & sacrifice, as well as how to enjoy each other. Praise the Lord! The Mosaic Law is not made for us, because we wouldn't think of doing anything against God's Law of Love.—At least I hope none of the Family would! (See 1Tim.1:9.)

39. So there is no more adultery for us who live under God's only Law of Love! You've been having to stick up for that doctrine of ours for quite awhile now! Now you'd better be convinced of that! You'd better believe it, or you're not going to be able to stand up & face terrible persecution!—Being thrown in jail & even condemned to death for this kind of belief! That's what they're after! They're after the elimination of Christianity completely‚ & they're beginning on the most fanatical, those who even the churches themselves condemn. Then they'll turn around & wipe out the churches too. But in the meantime they can have the help of the churches & Christians in attacking people like us. Think of it! "He that killeth you will think he doeth God service!"—Jn.16:2.

40. The self–righteous Christians think, "Oh, that horrible Family! Those horrible, evil‚ sexy people! They're terrible! Vile! Filth! They need to be wiped out!" Well, God's going to wipe them out one of these days!

Spiritual Adultery!

41. These people in the World & even in the churches who condemn us & accuse us of an "adulterous lifestyle" are themselves guilty of spiritual adultery! You'd better watch out that you are not guilty of spiritual adultery also. You say, "What is spiritual adultery‚ Dad?" It's running around & fucking the idols of this World when you're supposed to be the Bride of Christ! You can even do that walking through a shopping center if you don't watch your mind & your step!

42. Some people are compulsive shoppers! There are alcoholics & compulsive gamblers, & now there are people who just cannot resist buying things! If they go into a shopping center, they've got to buy everything, charge up everything! It's almost like kleptomania, a kind of insanity where people are tempted to steal everything they can lay their hands on. Now they do it legally by charging it up on their credit card‚ until they can't pay it & have to go bankrupt.

43. What do people worship today? Do they actually still worship the idols of ancient days? Some people do in some countries. But what have you seen people worship mostly in this supposed advanced civilisation?—Car, money‚ home. It could even be a horse! From all I've heard, the Queen of England virtually worships horses. That's her main passion. She's the richest woman on Earth, worth billions of Dollars. While many of her people are starving & homeless, she gets all excited about a little fire in one of her castles that burned a few relics & antiques. I mean‚ they weren't doing anybody any good anyhow hanging there on the walls. Most people never saw'm‚ only guests of the castle. It's pitiful! She got out there herself running around, toting things out, saving her idols, literally! What a selfish, wasteful woman!

Sticking Up for FFing!

44. What some outsiders think are sins, have resulted in many salvations in our Ministry of FFing. Are you going to back down on that? God bless our people who have staunchly stood up for it! Even quite a few of our people, some of whom are now leaders, have witnessed that they were won through FFing, so people have seen through these testimonies that FFing did have good fruits!

45. And we didn't stop FFing because it was wrong! Don't let'm put you in that kind of a corner! It's only because it is one thing we can do without‚ including AIDS! "Not all things are expedient," or they'll speedily get you condemned! (1Cor.10:23.) There are a few things we can do without that otherwise we are perfectly free to practice if we wanted to & if they didn't cause so much trouble.

Will You Stand Up for Your Convictions?

46. If you think something is a sin‚ then for you it is a sin. (Rom.14:14,23.) Be careful you don't do anything that you think is a sin. Are you convinced in your own heart? Have you got the conviction to stand up for your faith in these things?—Or are you going to abandon them all now & run because you're getting a little persecution for them‚ because you might have to die for them! Our enemies are not going to be satisfied with persecution, they're not going to be satisfied with court cases! If they could find me they would have killed me a long time ago! They wouldn't hesitate! I've even heard that they have contracts out on me, that they're paying people to find me & kill me. Some people will do almost anything for money nowadays.

It's Impossible to Keep All the World's Laws

47. "Whosoever shall be a friend of the World is the enemy of God!"—Jam.4:4. What do these court cases want to force us to do? They want us to worship the World, be friends of the World, be like the World, obey all the laws of the World! This is impossible for us! Don't worry about it! You'll never in this World keep all their laws! They can't even keep them all! You never know, when you go down the street, you might even spit & be breaking a law! In some places you are! The System has got so many laws, it's impossible to keep them all, even for their own people!

48. There are certain laws we can't obey, & those are the laws that try to make us stop preaching the Gospel, stop witnessing & stop leading people to Jesus. They won't even let you have anything religious on governmental premises in the United States today. Think of it! The U.S. has gotten to be an atheistic country. It's just as secular as Russia was, except there are more Christians in the U.S. who still think they have the freedom to worship. It's like the coloured guy in WWI said to the German in the shell hole. The German had him down at the point of his bayonet & the coloured guy had just been fighting with his razor. The German said, "Now I've got you!" And the coloured boy said, "Oh yeah? Jes' wait till you tries to shake yore head!" Those Christians in the U.S. think everything's fine, but "just wait'll they shakes their head!"

Stand Up for the Truth!

49. After Jesus' sermon about "eating His flesh & drinking His blood," some of His disciples said, "This is a hard saying‚ who can hear it?" And after this, many of them went back & walked no more with Him. (See John 6.) They thought He was preaching cannibalism! So He even turned to His twelve & said, "Will ye also go away?" Peter replied, "To whom shall we go? Thou hast the Words of eternal life." And a few days later he said, "Oh, Lord, I'll never deny You, never!" But when the pressure was on & the persecution threatened, Peter said‚ "No, I know nothing about Him, I'm not one of them!" Then he heard the cock crow & he went away sorrowful‚ knowing he'd denied his Lord.—Mat.26:69-75.

50. It was just a little servant or maid who accused Peter, just a little nobody! "Oh, you're one of His disciples, aren't you?" "Oh‚ you're one of those members of that Family‚ aren't you?" "No no, I don't know anything about them." Let me tell you, it doesn't pay to deny, as Peter found out. The Lord now calls all men everywhere to repent & stand up for the Truth & sock it to'm, unashamed!

Are You Going to Obey God or Man?

51. The disciples asked the System, "Which is right, to obey you or to obey God?"—Acts 4:18-19‚33. And they went out straightway & disobeyed them & kept right on preaching Christ anyhow! Are you going to do that? Are you going to keep straight on sticking up for what you believe, regardless of whether they forbid you & say it's wrong & "if you do that any more we'll put you in jail"? It's going to come!

52. Are you ready to go to jail? I was a little bit shocked one night when I found out how many of you have already been to jail! How many of you have already been to jail, let me see your hands! (Hands go up.) Of course, some of it was for things before you met the Family. Nevertheless, you know what it's like. Now‚ how many of you have been to jail for the Lord's Work's sake? Look at that, almost the same ones who were willing to go to jail for other things! They were willing to go to jail for the Lord! Praise the Lord!

Can't Win All the Cases!

53. You can't ever expect the World to love you. (John 15:19.) You can't ever expect those courts to always believe you & receive you & vindicate you & justify you! It's not going to happen. Sorry. If you thought we were going to win all our cases, you were wrong! It can't happen‚ not if we stick up for the Truth!—Not if we testify the Truth!

Martin Luther: "Here I Stand, I Can Do No Other!"

54. They had Martin Luther on the spot! They asked him if he really preached salvation by grace, & he said, "I sure do! Here I stand, I can do no other!" There are those who would have liked to have assaulted him right then like they attacked Stephen, & chewed on him! (Acts 7:54.) Just think, they became so like dogs they even bit Stephen‚ gnashed on him with their teeth! Do you want to know who the dogs are? They're the ones who come & gnash on you with their teeth & their tongues!

55. They tried to catch Martin Luther, but he got away, so they weren't able to kill him. He had some powerful protectors‚ thank God‚ kings of Saxony & whatnot, & finally even the king of Sweden came down & they fought a whole war with the Catholics, Protestants against the Catholics, the Thirty Years' War. Luther wouldn't recant, God bless him, & his kings stuck up for him. So the Reformation took place‚ or we might have all been Catholics today!

56. Can you say with Martin Luther, "So be it?" (Family: So be it!)

God's Assault Forces!

57. Challenge'm! Sock it to'm! (Tongues) Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! "Listen to the Words of your father‚ & hear what he has to say. These Words are true & faithful!" Thank You Jesus!

58. I'm not only calling you to come & live for Jesus, Beloved. Are you willing to also be a martyr & die for Jesus? Well, that's what some of you are going to have to do one day. I believe it. There may be some Christians who will be able to hide when the AC & his forces completely take over the World & the Great Tribulation begins, but the Lord has given us a challenge‚ & He's made it very clear that we will not merely hide. We have to be the assault forces who are going to lead the charge against the Antichrist System!

59.Like the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers I used to be in, during World War 2. They didn't give us much hope. They said they had the highest casualties of any outfit in the whole military‚ because they were first on the battlefield making roads & building bridges & whatnot, & then they were the last off, blowing them up so they wouldn't be used by the enemy!

60. My whole outfit was wiped out in North Africa under attacks from Rommel. Thank God I'd witnessed to them! Thank God I wasn't ashamed of my faith.—Even though at first they threw shoes at me & cussed me & everything else. I'll tell you, they finally respected me. By & by they'd come & kneel & pray with me, in the dark. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord!

The World Has Heard about Us!

61. Did you know that the Salvation Army, who were born in marching & were brave enough to march downtown & stand on the corner & preach the Gospel, have now said they're not going to use some of those good old marching hymns any more? They say they're too violent & talk too much about bloodshed, they're too militant. My God‚ if even the Salvation Army has gotten that bad off, think how the rest of the churches are now!

62. Nearly all the big mainline churches have removed all the hymns on blood & the blood of Christ & "washed in the blood" & all those songs. They're not allowed to have any hymns in their hymnbooks on blood. Then they decided it was time to take out all the marching hymns & the militant hymns. But those are just the ones we want to use, the ones we're going to use, God willing!

63. We used to march in vigils, thunder with our staves, wear our signs & challenge the System! We'd lift our staves in warning against any place that we were against, & the people didn't bother us. Even the police were in awe & wouldn't touch us. Even the guards around Senator Dirksen's body lying in state in the rotunda of the Capitol Building never stopped us when we went there & stood around with them, when it was only supposed to be the military. (See BOR II, page 45-46.) But we got in the papers! We hit the headlines! We got the Message across! People heard about us!

64. We're almost nobody, almost nothing! We're so few in numbers it's almost ridiculous, compared to the rest of these religious groups, but we make news! The World has heard about us!—But who the Hell ever heard of those bumps on a log sitting in those polished pews stinking up the place with their deadness! The World has heard about us‚ at least. Thank God we've been faithful to preach the Word!

All Out for the Lord & All in to the Family!

65. The time has come that you're either going to be all for it, all out, all on the altar & ready to die as martyrs for the Family & what we believe, or you're going to be against it, like some who have already left us. They couldn't take it. They saw what was coming. They knew that just like Judas, if they didn't desert & join the Enemy, they were going to get clobbered & be persecuted.

66. Also, they thought they weren't getting sufficient honour & glory in the Family, they weren't getting high positions & leadership, which they felt they deserved. They weren't getting enough credit. That was the Devil's problem too, pride! He wasn't satisfied being next to God‚ he wanted to be God Himself. They weren't satisfied being next to the Prophet‚ they wanted to be the Prophet!—And in some of their trickery they even tried to imitate the Prophet, imitate my voice on the phone & lie & steal! This is the kind of people our self-righteous enemies are using!—Criminals, liars, thieves, usurpers!

67. Let me tell you, if God has called you to this Family & you're not all out for the Lord & in to the Family, you're eventually going to be all against, because there's no in-between, there's no compromise! The time has come that you're going to have to be willing to suffer & to die as martyrs for Jesus & the Family & for what we believe! Like Jesus said‚ "He that is not with Me is against Me."—Mat.12:30.

Encouragement from the Lord!

68. So are you ready? Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Amen! Which marching song would you like to sing? (Family: "Onward Christian Soldiers!") (Sings: )

"Onward Christian soldiers,

Marching on to war,

With the cross of Jesus,

Going on before!

Christ the Royal Master‚

Leads against the foe,

Forward into battle,

See His banner go!

Onward Christian soldiers,

Marching on to war‚

With the cross of Jesus,

Going on before!"

(Dad weeps) Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord! Speak to us, Lord! Speak to us, in Jesus' name! You have spoken, Lord.

69. If God's put something on your heart‚ Beloved, speak it! Encourage us! Thank You Jesus! Don't be afraid, just give whatever the Lord puts on your heart. I've done my best to give you what He put on my heart for you. What have you got for us, for me? Can I hear some confirmation? Does anyone have a prophecy?

70. (Fam: "Surely the Lord God will do nothing but He revealeth His secrets unto His servants the prophets. Fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul. But rather fear Him which is able to destroy both soul & body in Hell! And be not afraid of their faces, & of their sneers, & of their empty words. But go forth in the power of My Spirit & the Words of My David & attack the Enemy in full force! Be not afraid! Fear not, only believe! Go forth in the power of My Spirit! Trust not in your own might or your own strength, for the battle is Mine & I will win if ye go forth, if ye go by faith. As they went they were healed! Go in the power of My Spirit!") Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Amen. Let it be established in the mouth of two or three witnesses.

71. (Fam: "Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which will try you. For many shall be purged, & many shall be made white. Many shall fall. But I will be with you, I will help you‚ I will lead & guide you & I will bring you forth to victory. Just as I have spoken now through My servant, these things shall come to pass. But be not afraid, only believe. I will be with you & I will help you!") Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!

72. (Fam: "Ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you & ordained you, that ye should go & bring forth fruit, & that your fruit should remain. It is My doing. I have chosen each & every one of you to be My Endtime soldiers. Ye are a royal priesthood, a chosen generation for this Last Time, & I will be with you in the hour of temptation. For this battle is not thine, but it is Mine! And as I have preserved My servants throughout the ages‚ likewise will I preserve you. And ye shall be rewarded gloriously for standing up for your convictions & fighting for Me.

73. ("My servants who have been beheaded, & those who have been burned at the stake, are they not with Me now? So likewise‚ let no man steal your crown, but hold that fast which ye have, & endure to the End, & ye shall sit with Me in My throne with My Father. For I have great things in store for you & My power is greater in you than the power that is in the World. And My power will overcome!") Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord!

74. (Fam: "Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord shall deliver you out of them all. Yes‚ many afflictions shall come upon you, each of you, great & small‚ young & old, upon your adults, your teens, your children, but I shall deliver you out of them all. I shall care, & none shall be lost. Hang on to Me! Hold on to these Words & fight for the Truth & none shall be lost! Fight for the Truth & hold the banner high & ye shall not be lost!")

75. Amen! Thank You Jesus! There are going to be lots of victories! But you can't have the victories without the battles. You cannot have the triumphs without the trials. So thank the Lord for the trials & the battles. Thank You Jesus!

76. (Fam: "Be not afraid of their faces! For I will give you a mouth & wisdom that no man will be able to gainsay nor resist. Say not, 'I am a child,' for I will be with you. For I the Lord your God will hold your right hand, saying unto you, fear not!") Amen, amen! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

77. (Fam: "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the blood of His saints. And they followed Him without the camp. So follow your father David without the camp. For they that suffer with him shall reign with him. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.") Amen‚ praise You Lord!

78. (Fam: "Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve. If Baal be God, serve him. But if I be God, serve Me. As for me & my house, we will serve the Lord.") Amen. Thank You Jesus!

79. (Fam:

"Lead on, O King Eternal,

The day of march hath come.

Henceforth in fields of conquest‚

Thy tents shall be our home.

Through days of preparation,

Thy grace has made us strong,

And now O King Eternal‚

We lift our battle song!")

Amen, amen! We need to print some chorus sheets of these famous old marching, fighting songs! (Sings: )

"The fight is on, O Christian soldier!

And face to face in stern array,

With armour gleaming,

And colours streaming,

The right & wrong engage today!

The fight is on,

Bbut be not weary;

Be strong & in His might hold fast!

If God be for us,

His banner o'er us,

We'll sing the victor's song at last!"

Hallelujah! (AMEN! TYJ!)

Favourable Front-Page Article in the Washington Post!

80. If the Washington Post thinks we're news, then we're news! Of course our enemies are all going to jump in now & try to contradict it & counteract it. They're going to say, "Let's jump on that great newspaper, the Washington Post, & show they made a mistake!" Well, at least they're talking about us. It's just a miracle we've had any favourable publicity at all‚ let alone a front–page article in one of America's most influential newspapers! It just shows the Lord is doing a miracle because He wants us to get known & He wants to get the Message out, so when they turn against us & print all the negative lies & allegations, people will know who we are & what we stand for & they'll be held accountable!

Prayer Against Our Enemies!

81. Rebuke the Enemy, Lord! Frustrate them every time, Lord, & lead us out with the victory. Thank You for how wonderfully You have been giving us victories all over the World, putting our enemies to shame!

Prayer for the Persecuted in France!

82. Lord, rebuke our enemies & draw our Family closer to You through this attack. Rebuke those devilish fiends that have no reason except the Devil's own hatred to arrest our people & cast them into jail. We've committed no sins‚ no crimes!

83. The System's own people are going to do the System damage by fighting us‚ because we do them nothing but good. Lord, show all the officials & the judges & the police that our people have done nothing whereof they should be accused. Show them like You did Pilate, so that they will see nothing wrong with these just people! (Mat.27:19.)

84. Protect Thy little ones, Lord, You promised! Keep them, make them a testimony all over the World! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! We know You will. You have made them a great witness & testimony‚ a final sign & final witness to this wicked Earth. Bless them‚ Lord, & keep them, & make them an even greater witness! Show those who are of a right mind & just heart the Truth, in Jesus' name!

France: Stand Up & Fight!

85. The Family in France ought to shout from the roof tops to the television stations & newspapers & radios about all of the cruelty & harsh treatment they received from the police. Let's sock it to them! Now is our chance to protest all this abuse! Talk about child abuse! They were the ones who abused our kids! You just tell our Family there to sock it to'm! Carry on! Fight! Stand up & fight! Take pictures! If people would see them doing things like that to us, we'd get a lot more sympathy! (Mama: Even if they can't do it during the raid, they should do it immediately after the fact.)

86. Tell them to stand up & fight! Expose them! This is our chance! When they attack us, that's our chance to hit back! We need to do it to expose how dirty & cruel they are! People have an exalted opinion of their System. Let's show them what it's really like! The more I read about this stuff, the more furious it makes me! It makes me want to fight!—I do have a temper!—And it really riles it when I read that kind of stuff! Whew!

87. Lord, You sock it to'm! You can do it & make them regret every blow they struck, & every inch they dragged our people, & every door they broke down, & every one of those babies they took away from their nursing mothers, & every one of those children they took away from their weeping parents, & every evil thing they've done to us, Lord! You make them pay! You promised to make them pay many times over! So You do it! You do it! Expose them most of all! That's the thing they hate to be—exposed!—Expose their dirty tricks! Confuse their politics too, as You have done in a lot of cases. Help us hit the newspapers & the TV & the media, Lord‚ with exposs of all their dirty System & their damn dirty ACs & their damn dirty media & all the rest of it!

88. Thank You Lord for giving us a chance to fight back! The worse it gets the harder it helps us to fight, & the worse we can portray them.

89. Let's be sure to help anyone who is suffering & hurting from these things. Let's try to send them all we possibly can to help them through it. We're a Family & we've got to help. There are all kinds of records in Acts of the Early Christians helping each other when one had money & the other didn't, or one had famine & the other didn't, etc. (See Acts 11:28-30; Rom.15:25-27; 1Cor.16:1-4; Heb.6:10.) That's the advantage of being a Family—helping each other.

French Persecution!—Real Torture!

90. I'll tell you, the Antichrist is here! Who could have ever imagined such torture & mistreatment! Imagine those guys operating in the name of the law to try to supposedly protect children, & then brutalising them! They're devils! The AC is sure running things from behind the scenes‚ & they're getting away with what I would consider even worse than murder! Murder is the easy way out. What they're doing to us is real torture! What worse torture can you have than to have your children taken away?—Nursing babies snatched from their mothers' breasts! Women handcuffed virtually naked outdoors!—All kinds of horrible atrocities!

91. You talk about Hitler or the Communists, these people are practically their equals! They haven't quite gotten to branding irons & electric shocks yet, but they're getting there in a hurry, & even worse! They're using psychological torture right now. It's psychological torture for the kids, & psychological torture for the parents who were separated from their children, even mothers from nursing babies. This is horrible! I'm just absolutely shocked that they even got away with it! Don't let'm!

92. But it shows how sympathetic the public is to persecution against cults of any kind. Most people are just absolutely hardened to it. Look what they allowed to happen to the Davidians. We are another bunch of "Davidians," much bigger & stronger than they were! Of course, we don't stockpile weapons or resist police officers. But they accused them of the same things they're accusing us of, & finally went in & did worse to them!

93. I would say in some respects the Tribulation has already begun, because the Antichrist is already running things! So our Family is not going to be able to stay anywhere for too long, & I hope to God we're not going to be in this World for too long! At least these attacks on us keep us before the public so we can stand up & fight & get the Message out!

Our Enemies—Like Chaff!

94. Psalm 1, verse 4: "The ungodly are like the chaff which the wind driveth away!" The Lord is going to do that to our enemies. The Lord is going to blow all of our enemies away like dust!

Persecution Process Reversed!

95. (Maria: Our formula used to be pioneering, popularity & then persecution, but it seems the Lord is doing a new thing & He has been reversing the process in some cases! Instead of having a nice sample Home & reporters coming & writing a nice article & everybody hearing about us & we become popular, & then we get persecution, like what used to happen in the old days, now we're underground & nobody knows about us except our enemies, & finally the Lord allows big persecution, & then the wave of publicity & media come! It's almost the reverse now! The persecution is what is enabling us to get the publicity, & even good publicity to get our Message out!

96. (It's a funny thing‚ it seems like we almost have to be persecuted now in order to get enough attention of the media & even sympathy. Then we can go on the attack & we can really get our Message out! It looks like the Lord has been doing it that way in many places.)

The Government Is in a War with Christians!

97. The ACs & their Antichrist government are in a war with Christians! It's very easy for governments to impose a blackout on anything they don't want aired. No wonder the U.S. is doing a massive cover-up of the Waco situation. Let's face it, the Antichrist government is already here!

United Pentecostal Church Accused of Being a Cult!

98. Imagine, introducing each segment of that American talk show with the title "Child-Killing Cults!" (Mama: And even lumping the United Pentecostal Church in with them all too! It really shows how far they've gone!) Can you imagine? The United Pentecostal Church has half a million members, so they're getting up there! They're starting to attack the churches now, beginning with what most people consider the bottom—the Pentecostals.

Prayer for the Day!

99. Lord, it's amazing how much mercy You have on us, how much You tolerate us. As you say in Your Word‚ You know how weak we are & You remember that we are dust.—Psa.103:13,14. You are so good to us‚ Lord. You do everything to please us because we please You. Sometimes we feel like spoiled children, You're so good to us. We have our troubles‚ but nothing is too hard for us. Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!

100. Why You chose me, I don't know, Lord. It doesn't seem that I'm that good or great.

"'Tis odd

That God

Should choose

A Jew,

But He chose,

Which shows

God knew His Jew!"

Praise the Lord! We do like to please You, Lord, & obey & guide Thy children. Thank You for today & for strength, & for healing me & making me so much stronger again. Thank You Jesus!

101. Thank You for a good night's sleep & safekeeping. Thank You for this nice place & for all Thy goodness & mercy. Continue to bless & keep us‚ Lord‚ & make us a blessing. Give us wisdom. Guide & protect us. Help us to acknowledge Thee in all our ways, & please direct our paths. Thank You how You did yesterday & how You'll do it again today. Thank You for providing every need‚ even luxuries! Keep us safely here, Lord.

102. Bless Thy Family around the World, Lord, Thy children who love Thee & serve Thee & love others. Keep them safe & continue to provide for them. Thank You for making them a blessing & a testimony. We rebuke the Enemy! Glorify Thyself, Lord, & cause the wrath of Man to praise Thee! (Psa.76:10.)

103. Care for Thy children, Lord, & comfort them where they're having troubles. Win glorious victories out of seeming defeats! Give our lawyers wisdom, as we've prayed before, that You would make them ten stories tall! Give them wisdom & cleverness & make them unconquerable warriors in battle, turning the machinations of our enemies back upon their own heads!

104. Rebuke Priebe & Welsh & Watchman & Deborah & Bill & all of those sickening, bitter, ridiculous enemies!—And Mene. Poor little Mene, Lord! She's just like a little child, simple-minded. Have mercy on her. (1Thes.5:14) But they should know better‚ Lord. So we put them in Your hands to deal with them as You know best. Continue to protect us from them. Let them fall into their own traps & snares. (Psa.9:15; 141:10.)

105. Rebuke the Enemy in France, Lord! Expose them for what fools they are! Make the Family a real testimony. You're giving the World its last chance before the End. Help us to use it wisely, both for those who receive & believe, & for those who oppose. Help us to use every opportunity to glorify Thee. Help even our little children to be a good testimony of the wonderful way in which they've been raised & all the Word that they have received! Encourage‚ comfort & strengthen them, Lord. Help them to know that You love them in spite of everything.

106. Give us joy & enjoyment in our work‚ Lord, Thy work, as we lead Thy sheep. Bless Maria, Lord. Give her strength, comfort her, touch & heal her. Rebuke this eye problem‚ in Jesus' name! Strengthen her & have Thy way. Strengthen her body as she goes through this extra strain. Thank You for keeping up her strength & her good appetite, Lord.

107. Thank You for helping me to take a little nourishment. Thank You for keeping me alive & well & strong enough to do Thy work. Keep us today in Thy Will. Have Thy way & help us to follow You & acknowledge You in all our ways. Direct our paths, Lord. (Pro.3:5,6.) Bless & keep us.

108. Thank You for this little nest, Lord, & for supplying all our needs. Thank You for leading & guiding us & for all Your blessings! Help me with Thy paperwork‚ it's a big job! Help our staff in all they have to do in their care of us. Bless the children!—And bless the dear typist that transcribes this. Thank You for making her such a blessing, in Jesus' name! Amen! GBY All! We love you! FIGHT ON!—We'll WIN!