KEYWORDS: acs, people, government, world, israel, god

World Currents--No.65

David Berg

DO 2874Comp.7/93

Prince Charles—A Sincere Seeker!

1. Prince Charles is a sincere seeker—it's too bad he hasn't found the real thing. He's sort of a rebel. Too bad the Queen won't resign in his favour‚ but she flatly refuses to. He's been very vocal in his criticism of British architecture. (See WND 205, page 8.) He bucked the whole architectural profession in Britain. He's absolutely not a modernist when it comes to architecture‚ he likes the old styles & structures of the past. He challenged the whole British architectural system. I like a rebel that's got the guts to buck the System. He said, "With God's help & inspiration we can do so again & come back to the beautiful architecture of the past!" He really is very spiritual, he's sensitive in the spirit. Too bad he hasn't been reached with the Truth.

Britain's Richest Man!

2. Guess who Britain's richest man is? He's a striptease club owner & publisher of sex magazines named Paul Raymond. They say he's probably as rich as the Queen!

Cristiani's Government of El Salvador

3. The Cristiani government threw all of the Lutherans in jail & said they'd let'm out provided they'd leave the country. He did it because the Lutherans, along with the Catholics, sympathised with the rebels & the people. The Cristiani government is rightist, which is why the U.S. government supports them! The U.S. government will support anybody that's anti–Communist.

4. I'm all for the U.S. cutting off support to Cristiani's government of El Salvador. Let'm fight it out with the rebels there! The U.S.-sponsored government of El Salvador is just as bad as the poor people who are trying to win freedom with the rebels of El Salvador. Frankly, I sympathise with the rebels & not the U.S.-sponsored & paid oppressive government of El Salvador.

ACs Wrecking Peru!

5. The ACs have done everything they can to try to wreck the Peruvian economy, because Peru has had one leader after another who has defied the ACs!

The ACs!

6. The ACs wanted to run the World, so the Lord's letting them do it now for a while to show them they can't do it the right way without Jesus, & that the Antichrist is not their Messiah. Well, in a way he is their messiah‚ but he's not our Messiah, the Messiah.

7. There's now a controversy over whether Alcoholics Anonymous works or not. Isn't that the Devil though? It's been working for years, but now people are attacking it for being too religious. The ACs hate anything that recognises God!

8. News hounds are like hounds of Hell! They're fools who rush in where police are afraid to tread. Police have to act according to law but reporters don't. News hounds can rush in & tear their victims to pieces‚ & you see it on the next day's news. They love to do it, especially if their victims are Christians. They're the lions of the colosseum.—The AC media who tear the Christians to shreds! Persecution & martyrdom by the AC media!

9. The ACs seem to be behind everything international: International studies, international human rights, international everything! It's ideal for the international World government of the Antichrist. They live in every country & speak every language. They're probably behind the push to get Japan to sign a peace treaty with China.

10. Everything shows how the ACs are in control. They're kicking out the FBI director in the U.S., William Sessions. They're making sure they beat Iraq down until there's nothing left. They're really cleaning house & doing their best to get everybody together, all their ACs. They can't rule the World unless they get them all together. They're promoting the unification of Europe. They're so smart‚ so logical, so reasonable.

11. God did His best to keep all the nations apart for all these years, knowing what would happen if a World government arose. That's why He sent the Tower of Babel & the confusion of languages, to try to keep the people apart, because He knew the minute they got together they'd organise a worldwide anti-God government. That's what they were doing when they were building the Tower of Babel. (See Gen.11:1–9.)

12. It's overwhelming to realise how long the ACs have been at this. We're certainly living in exciting times watching it happen. We're one of the Antichrist's earliest targets, along with a few other people. But we just have to do our best to witness to the World, tell them the Truth & expose the great International Antichrist Conspiracy. We'll probably be martyred for our trouble, but at least we've warned the wicked of their wicked way & their blood will be on their own heads—not on our hands! (Eze.3:17-19) We will have done our duty to God.

13. The ACs are usually sympathising with the minorities so they can get them on their side.

14. The [ACs] are always belittling their numbers for fear they'll frighten you if you see how many they really have!

15. The ACs have given themselves to the Devil & he gives them riches & power. They really have a long, lengthy plan to seize control.


16. It's amazing how dumb [some people] are! It's really amazing that they haven't caught on yet. How clever the Jews are! Israel kicked out 400 Palestinians & shipped them to Southern Lebanon, & now they're blaming their neighbours for not taking them in. This is Israel's retaliation, this deportation of 400 Palestinians because of just one kidnapping & murder of one Israeli soldier.

17. Israel makes it a practice to bulldoze anybody's home that they think is sympathetic to the Arab cause.

18. The Jews are changing the historic names of the towns in Israel & ignoring the fact that Jesus was even there!

South Africa

19. Give poor South Africa peace, Lord, in spite of all their trouble. You could miraculously help them to have peace. Please, Lord. We were there. We hallowed that place with Thy presence. Give them peace between Whites & Blacks. May the Blacks be kind to the Whites & know that they need them. Even Mandela knows that they need the Whites to make things work. TYJ!

20. The ANC (African National Congress) are Communists & pledged to violence. The Inkatha (the Zulu party) are more Christian. The [ACs] are for the ANC, the anti-Christ group.

21. That's one thing South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu did right‚ he sympathised with the Palestinians. He said, "When I find injustice & oppression anywhere in the World, whoever perpetrates it must know that I will condemn them! And if I am accused of being anti-Semitic‚ tough luck!"

22. He also said the Israelis ought to forgive the Nazis, & criticised Israel for oppressing Palestinians! On a Christmas pilgrimage to the Holy Land he said that he will continue to criticise Israel's occupation even if it means being called an anti-Semite & a Black Nazi pig! After he visited the Holocaust Memorial in Israel, instead of saying, "Never forget!"—which is usually the motto of the Jews, that they should never forget the Holocaust—he said they should forgive. God bless him for that!


23. Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) was smart, they let the White people stay & run the things that only they can run, while the Blacks got themselves voted into power politically.

24. Mugabe is finally getting his!—The worst drought in a century. Nothing could be worse. It's humiliating for him. All that God has to do to humble a country is to withhold the rain. He exported his own people's food to get foreign currency for his government. The U.N. warned of coming drought, but Mugabe wouldn't listen.


25. I think they hope to get people's minds off Yugoslavia by this operation in Somalia, but instead of that it's helped some people think, "Well, if we can do all this for Somalia, why can't we intervene in Yugoslavia?" The people in Somalia are merely starving to death, whereas the Yugoslavians are getting blown apart, tortured, mutilated, limbs torn off, enduring the most horrible atrocities imaginable!

26. I was wondering why in the World the U.S. is suddenly so interested in Somalia when they're not doing a thing in Yugoslavia‚ & the word "Blacks" came to me. The ACs are really interested in promoting the Blacks. They can't progress in the U.S. unless they make peace with the Blacks & Israel.

27. The U.S. has moved in the troops to save the Blacks … in Africa, in Somalia. But there's not much they can do, it's already too far gone! …

28. Just think, Somalia used to export food under the British & the Italians. Now they're starving to death because of internal warfare. It shows you what decolonisation has done in Africa. Africa has become a thorn in the side of the World!

Earth Worshippers!

29. People are worshipping the Earth now instead of God. They lost their connection to the Creator, & now they're trying to connect to the Earth. (See Romans 1:25.)

Man Trying to Patent God's Creations!

30. The Creator must be a little horrified at all of these mere mortals trying to patent His creations—trying to patent cells & genes, etc. The Creator must be disgusted at Man having the nerve to try to patent His Own invention—the human body!

Government Condemnation of Buildings

31. The government condemnation of buildings is one of the most dictatorial, cruel powers that governments have given themselves. Just think‚ we were living in a perfectly good house in Miami that was so strong that when they did finally try to tear it down, they had a very difficult time knocking it down! But the city came along & condemned it just because they had it in for us, because we were attacking the School Board on Evolution. (Maria: Now if they have it in for you they've found a better weapon, they take away your kids!) That's even more cruel‚ & hurts more. It's all the Devil—that's the way he does things. He's very unfair‚ unjust & cruel—child abuse! He accuses people of child abuse, & then takes & abuses their children worse than ever.

Serbian Situation

32. The Serbs have been really smart, just like the ACs! Their representative to the peace talks, Karadzic‚ is the most handsome one in the bunch. He's a big man, grey–haired, speaks good English, always with a pleasant expression, smiling. As a PR front they couldn't have made a better choice, & it makes you think, "Well, maybe the Serbs aren't so bad after all. They've got a nice guy like this representing them." Very clever. That shows you the propaganda genius of the ACs!

Russia & Communism

33. It's amazing how Russia could go from being one of the most powerful superpowers on Earth to just sudden complete helplessness! I'm sure the Lord has done it in order to get us & others in with the Gospel before they regain their strength. The Lord's letting them be weak for a while so they'll receive the Gospel. It's just amazing how they could so suddenly collapse.

34. The Devil really had full sway in the Communist countries for awhile‚ but he's been defeated. TYL!

35. People were certainly better organised under Communism. The West may yet find out that it wasn't Communism that ruined Russia's economy, but it was the fall of Communism. The Russians are used to Communism & dictatorship & they'll go back to it, especially when they see the bad results of what so–called freedom has brought them!

36. In the Soviet Republic of Georgia, people elected a dictator. Just because people have elections doesn't mean they're electing a democracy! (Note: Since that time, he's been deposed & the country has had almost continuous civil war. Shevardnadze is the present leader.)

37. One thing about the Communists of the old order is that after being founded by Jews, they finally turned against them & became anti–Jewish. Now that the old order is collapsing & the Communist countries are opening to freedom, the Jews are going back, & those new governments are restoring relations with Israel. So maybe this all happened so that the Jews could get back in. If they're going to rule the World, they're going to have to rule Russia & Eastern Europe too.

38. A very tight dictatorship is hard to crack, & China is a very tight dictatorship! Gorbachev is the one who helped Russia to crack by bringing in freedom. (David: Even before Russia fell apart, everybody was quite poor, weren't they?) Yes, except for the Communist officials, they were rich. (David: But is that the same in China nowadays, too?) Oh yes. It's the same in every country‚ in every government all over the World throughout history. Those on top, no matter who they are—Communists‚ Fascists, Socialists‚ whatever—are the richest & the most powerful & they ride on the backs of the poor. There are still plenty of rich in Russia—the former Communist bosses & Party leaders & members.

East & West Germany

39. It's funny how East Germany used the symbol of the Masons as their symbol. That was to show the World that the [ACs] were running East Germany, or show other [ACs] that the [ACs] ran East Germany.

40. (Prays:) Help West Germany to help the people in former East Germany, Lord! Bless them for bailing them out. Bless all the oppressed‚ Lord, & deliver them, in Jesus' name!