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It's Time to Attack

David Berg

7/93DO 2872

—Given two days after "Fight or Flight!"

1. In praying further about the persecution in France‚ it comes to me that we're fighting a defensive warfare there‚ & as you know‚ there is no end to that. If all you're doing is defending yourself, your enemies can keep attacking‚ & choosing the time & the place for their attacks against you. It's a known fact that you can never win a defensive war if you're leaving the initiative & the time & the place & method all up to your enemies.

2. It's time we attack them! Who have we got in France who is a good fighting lawyer‚ who really wants to fight? Where are we attacking our enemies instead of just defending ourselves? (Maria: Our Press Releases about the situation there have been sent to different embassies worldwide.) We need to take advantage of this opportunity to really complain & file complaints against what they've done to our people there. All the non-French Family Members who were persecuted need to file complaints with their embassies or consulates. (Maria: They're holding demonstrations in France & many other countries, too.) Yes‚ that's good. (Maria: And they're taking our Press Releases to all the French embassies.)

3. Disseminate complaints to the media everywhere & give France a bad name.—Make'm really stink! Every American & every Britisher & every other non-French Family Member there who has been thrown in jail in France should immediately complain to their local ambassador or consul, & file legal complaints against the French government which is responsible for all this police brutality! Something like this should immediately get sympathy everywhere.

4. They should also contact the Human Rights Commissions & Amnesty International & do everything they can possibly do to spread the word. Make complaints, file complaints with the news media, government, every kind of agency of any kind that could possibly help them. This is a particularly sensitive subject—foreigners from Western countries who are abused by other governments while they're abroad! They almost instantly get sympathy!

5. Have they done all they can along that line? Have all the Americans appealed to the American embassy legations, ambassadors & consuls, etc.? Have all the British also complained? (Maria: Yes, as far as I know.) And any other foreigners who are foreigners to France should do the same. They have rights, & they can complain! We need to go on the attack as much as we can & not just sit on our hands. "A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands" is not going to get us anywhere. (Pro.6:10.) Waiting for lawyers is apparently not getting us anywhere. (Maria: The parents are writing to the judge‚ too. The children in custody are only allowed to phone their parents for 5 minutes every week, but whenever the parents receive any complaints from the children on the phone, they write letters to the judge immediately, & they're picketing!)

6. This is an all-out war! We need to go on the attack & not just let our enemies pick the attacks! Probably what they should have done was complain about the surveillance & all of that before the police ever had a chance to attack & raid their Homes!

7. Do you think we're doing all we possibly can in France? That situation really troubles me. I lie awake half the night thinking about it & wondering if we're doing all we can for them. Do we have capable representatives who are visiting them there, helping them & encouraging them & making sure that they are properly cared for & defended & conducting their cases well?

8. Jesus, Lord Jesus, help us! You're our Advocate, Lord, You're our Defense Lawyer. The Devil is our accuser. You're the only One Who can really win, & You're the only One Who really knows how & can pick defenders. Lord, in Jesus' name, help our poor people there. Deliver the children & deliver Thy parents! Get our children out from under the evil influence of those devils of the System, those Systemite homes! Deliver them, Lord, release them & return them to their parents, in Jesus' name!

9. Are we doing everything we possibly can for them? Are we here doing all we can for them? We don't want to be so busy with a little here & a little there that the children are gone!—1Ki.20:40. "A little sleep, a little slumber, a little more folding of the hands: So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth; & thy want as an armed man!"—Pro.6:10,11.

10. We have to wake up & get busy & attack! We've got all the reasons & good ammunition now for an attack on our enemies, just to show how vile & how cruel & how abusive they are! The idea of them accusing us of what they are the most guilty of! They're the child-abusers! They're the ones abusing the children while they're accusing us of it! Imagine! They've abused our people & our children worse than anybody! They're fiendish, devilish, satanic, the forces of Antichrist!—Attack'm!

11. I want some people in there that want to fight!—Who can put up a good fight‚ who know what they're doing, & won't let the Enemy get away with anything! Attack them on every front! In the media! Complaints to the governments! Complaints to government agencies! Complaints to international agencies! Complaints to the U.N.! Complaints to embassies! Complaints to legations! Complaints to judges! Let's raise a ruckus!

12. We need some people to get in there & really fight!—Who won't give them a minute's peace, who will just worry the life out of them!—Like the importunate woman did to the judge in Jesus' story in the Bible. (Luke 18:1–5.) She never gave the judge any peace until he finally did something about her case. Our people there should demand their rights! What kind of lawyers have we got there?

13. This is a last-ditch fight, & it could be the last time you'll have any chance of receiving any justice before the Antichrist's own government, & then there will be no justice & no possibility of fight, only martyrdom! So my question is, are we doing all we can possibly do to fight our enemies?—To attack them! We can't leave all the attacks up to them. We can't just let them choose the time & the place & the circumstances! Let's sock it to them in every way we possibly can!—All over the World!

14. Let's declare an offensive warfare against them! They have declared an offensive war against us, & so far, all I can see is that we are defending ourselves. It's time that we attack them, & I mean attack'm!—In every possible legal way & propaganda way & media way! Let's do everything we can do! This could be our last chance to catch them in the act!

Expose Who's Behind "Operation Moses"!

15. I think our lawyers in France ought to demand to see that paper "Operation Moses" (a secret plan for an attack upon our Family throughout Europe, which one of our brethren was able to catch a glimpse of). I mean it! That would expose our enemies & show what they're doing, that it's an organised conspiracy & attack on us by our enemies. People usually sympathise with the underdog. They sympathise with the innocent, the weak‚ the helpless, & people who are being unjustly attacked & mistreated & abused by the police or governments. Usually there is nothing the media likes better than a story like that.

16. Our enemies have taken the initiative, they've gotten the upper hand. They're accusing us of all the things that they're now guilty of. We need to expose who is paying for their attacks!—Who is paying for their lawyers, who is paying for their witnesses! We have a right to ask these questions, in depositions!

17. Let's find out what this "Operation Moses" is & who is behind it! Let's find out who is paying their lawyers & initiating these attacks! Let's find out who has complained to the police! Who has complained to the government? Who has complained to the child agencies? Who is paying them? Who is shipping our enemy witnesses around from country to country & paying their fares? Who has gotten possession of the goods that they stole from us? Who is pushing that case? Let's sue them & take depositions & find out these things!

18. Our enemies are complaining to Interpol, why don't we complain? Why don't we do something about it? Let's push those things! In every case where we've got justification for attacking them‚ we should be attacking them!—Not waiting for them to attack us.—Sitting around twiddling our thumbs & wondering where they're going to hit next. Let's get busy & attack them! Let us choose the playing field. Let us choose the battlefield! Let us choose the method!—Not constantly just sit around & wait for them to do it. We knew it was going to happen. God gave us every kind of warning. We should have started attacking them before they attacked us & raided our Homes! I don't mean we should physically attack them, but through the media & legal channels, etc.

Sodomites Gaining Ground by Going on the Attack!

19. Look how even the Sodomites have gone on the attack! And since they've gone on the attack instead of hiding in a closet & just waiting to be attacked‚ they're now actually winning respect & acceptance & legal decisions & laws in their favour! They've banded together & have become militant & gone on the attack with demonstrations & with all kinds of lawyers & tactics of every sort, legal & illegal, even getting an audience with the U.S. President! They've appealed to the government‚ to every kind of organisation & every kind of legislature & every kind of court & every kind of President & Prime Minister! They're even daring to attack the U.S. President now because he won't do & can't do what he promised to do.—To lift the ban on Sodomites in the U.S. military.

20. Thank God for the military who are trained to fight. They're fighting the Sodomites & refusing to yield‚ not even to the President who is supposed to be their Commander-in-Chief! The President can order the ban to be lifted on Gays in the military, but the military leaders & some members of Congress promise that all Hell will break loose & they will give him Hell for it if he does! They can't have those Sodomite men playing around with each other in dormitories & barracks & fucking each other publicly before real soldiers! Can you imagine what kind of an Army that would be?

21. The Sodomites are going out publicly & even displaying their wickedness in parades, in public demonstrations, & kissing & fondling each other in public, of all the sickening, disgusting wickedness!—And they're getting away with it because nobody is really fighting them!

22. The anti–abortionist Christians in churches are waging a better fight against abortion than against Sodomy. And the Sodomites are getting the government to spend billions on their hoped-for & attempted cures of their AIDS—the loathsome disease that they brought on themselves. And the government is acquiescing to them because the Sodomites have put up such a fight & such a howl & made such a ruckus, & have actually gained public sympathy!

It's Time to Stand Up & Attack!

23. So come on! Let's fight! Let's do it! Let's spread the bad word about our enemies! Let's get the lawyers we need. Let's fight these cases! Let's attack them!—Even before they attack us. Let's demand to know what this "Operation Moses" is & exactly who is operating it & who is behind it! Who is backing it? Who is paying for it? ADFI has already come out in the open in France. That's about the only honest thing they have done. Let's attack'm! Let's expose'm!

24. That's where David Koresh & the Branch Davidians made their mistake—they didn't go on the attack against their enemies with publicity & legal procedures before their enemies attacked them. The government was doing all kinds of illegal things against them, but they didn't get up enough gumption to fight until after the dastardly deed was done! Then it was too late to cry out against their persecutors, too late to fight, the Devil had wiped them out!

25. Is that what we're going to do? Are we going to wait until the dastardly deed is done & they've wiped out some of our folks before we've really stood up & fought & attacked them? I wrote a Letter one time called "Attack!" (See ML#171.) Well, let's do it!

26. You tell them I said attack! God wants them to attack! There's no more time for fleeing & running & turning the other cheek like we have for years. It's time to stand up & attack wherever we possibly can! (Maria: Amen! I agree!) I feel like going to France myself! And if you guys don't want me to, you had better get on the job & send in people who can fight! Is that clear? (Maria: Yes, Sir!) Maybe that'll stir you up!

27. I lie awake half the nights praying & thinking, "Lord, what can I do? Could I stir them up any more if I went there myself?" It's probably just what the Enemy wants me to do. (Maria: We can send your message‚ your Words can go for you.) If you don't want me to go there myself to stir up trouble for our enemies, then you'd better get on the job & stir it up yourselves!

The Time for "Taking It" Is Over! Let's Fight!

28. Our people have not been aggressive enough! (Maria: For many years our Family wasn't used to fighting‚ they were more used to fleeing. However, in recent years we have waged some major persecution & media battles & have won some wonderful victories as a result. But it is true, we could stand to be more aggressive & on the attack!) They've not been forceful enough. They've been used to just taking it. Well‚ the time for taking it is over! It's time to stand up & fight with every weapon you've got‚ every legal weapon. You'd better put that word "legal" in there‚ or our enemies will try to use this against me. And use every lawyer you can get! (Maria: And every friend you've got.) And every investigator who will investigate our enemies & look into what they've done to us there!

29. Thank God for the Scientologists, C.U.T. (Church Universal & Triumphant) & Christian groups other than ourselves who are beginning to wake up, those who once were persecuted, such as the Seventh-day Adventists & the Mormons. The Jehovah's Witnesses ought to sympathise with us as well. We're going to have to get together & stick together with other persecuted ones & those who have experienced & known persecution, severe horrible persecution & martyrdom in the past!—Such as the Mormons & the Seventh Day Adventists & the Jehovah's Witnesses! We need to get together & do all we can to stand up & fight‚ not just sit around expecting somebody to defend us.

30. I want to hear of some more fight, I mean real fight! And if it comes to violence & our enemies illegally assault us on the streets & they initiate it, then I believe the law permits us to defend ourselves. And there is nothing that the media loves like a fight! They love wars & conflicts! They get all kinds of publicity riding on the backs of these wars. They love just about any other kind of controversy as well.

31. All right‚ let's give'm a fight! Let's give them controversies! Let's put on a show of force, legal force. Let's rally our forces & attack! Are we doing everything we can, to the greatest extent we can? We can't be satisfied with mailing out a few little packets & a few little Statements. Go in person, complain in person! Make official protests everywhere we have justification. We certainly have justification in France right now. We need to expose the French & the French government & how wicked it is & how anti-Christ it is!

32. (Maria: We want to embarrass France by showing what hypocrites they are in signing worldwide Human Rights agreements that they're not keeping‚ & that they're breaking left & right!) Right, exactly right.

33. You should do everything legally that you possibly can!—With lawyers, with complaints, with the media, publicising all that the French have done to us! Let's give them some bad publicity!

34. Let's go on the attack & fight! I'm sick & tired of sitting around hearing about being attacked! And if you don't want me to pick up & go there & attack in person, you'd better get on the ball & do it yourselves! Attack! Do it yourself!

35. And pray like mad for God to attack them! Not just to defend you, but to attack your enemies! Pray He'll give them grief. Pray He'll give them disaster, catastrophe, like those floods & heat waves in the U.S.A. right now! The U.S. wiped out David Koresh & his people, now God is wiping them out! Pray He'll give France the same or even worse! If those damned French won't wake up & see what lousy governments they have, if they don't get rid of this God-damned Mitterrand … they're going to have nothing but trouble!

36. Stand up for Jesus! Stand up! Get out & fight! Write your Congressman or representative, write officials, pay them personal visits. File official complaints, legal complaints. Get lawyers that are willing to fight like in Australia, England, Spain, the U.S., the Philippines & other places. Thank God for our lawyers who are going after Priebe & Welsh & Deborah & Samuel Ajemian & Ruth Gordon; they want to get them all!

Expose Our Dirty Enemies!

37. So let's go after our enemies, & I mean after them! (Maria: God bless those lawyers in the U.S., they're really on the attack now.) Go after them for libel & slander & theft & everything else! And find out who their backers are. Who is paying their bills? Who is shipping backsliders from country to country to be witnesses against us? Let's expose our enemies! That's one thing they're trying to hide, & keeping it well hidden! Let's bring'm out in the open screaming!

38. I'll tell you, the Sodomites don't mind exposing their enemies! They don't mind exposing anything. They're even trying to expose the President of the United States now for not keeping his promise to liberate the Sodomites in the military. My God! I hope that turns plenty of people against them. When they start attacking the President & the military, there must be a few red, white & blue Americans left who will buck the Sodomites! (Maria: There are, but we've heard that the media has a virtual blackout on anything against Sodomites because it's not "politically correct" to say anything against them.) Yes, well, that's because the media is controlled by them & their friends, the ACs & the Antichrist. And of course, that's why they're going to eventually win.

39. But while we still have time & legal opportunity & enough incriminating evidence on our enemies to attack them, let's get up & get in there & fight! Demonstrate! Complain! Pray! Protest! Picket! Appeal! Get lawyers! Expose them! Fight! Contact friends.

40. The media people love controversy‚ they love fights. So get out there & show them that you're carrying on a fight. Get out on the street with placards! God bless those that have already done that. Get out on the street in demonstrations. God bless those who had the guts & the courage to do it. Get out there with your children & baby buggies! Show them what the evil people who hate us & persecute us are doing to us & our children. (Maria: Yes, who are the real child abusers!) Yes! (Maria: The police abused our children.) Even specify which police if you can. Be sure you attack the right people, or rather, the "wrong" people who have wronged us!

41. The mother who had her nursing baby snatched away from her & then later had it given back to her ought to be out on the street with the baby in a baby buggy & with a sign saying, "They attacked my baby!—The Aix Police attacked my baby! And dragged me in the dirt & the cold‚ handcuffed, almost naked!" Let's be specific! And if the French government has a blackout on publicising the evil actions of their French police, call in the international news media. Let's demonstrate in front of the UN & the French embassies worldwide with signs saying: "ADFI Cult in France guilty of child abuse! No religious liberty in France! France violates the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child! Police brutality in France! Let our children go! Give our children back! Human rights violations in France! Child abuse by French Police & Social Services! Cruel treatment of foreigners in France! (Americans‚ British‚ Spanish‚ Dutch, etc.; i.e.‚ if demonstrating in the U.S., you'd put "Cruel treatment of Americans in France!") Children ask for Bibles!—France says no! Nursing babies snatched from mothers' breast! French Police use Nazi tactics!" Let's tell & show the public what they are doing to our poor people! Let's go on the attack!—In every way we possibly can. Let's not leave all the initiatives & all the offensives up to our enemies. We've got plenty of excuse now to hit back. Let's hit back at every possible opportunity!

Attack Back!

42. Let's sue for millions in Australia! Let's sue them wherever we can. Let's attack them! Let's keep them busy having to pay lawyers & foot the bills involved in shipping around their God–damned false witnesses, those evil liars who testify against us!

43. I'm sick & tired of just hearing about their attacks! I want to hear about us waging war on them & attacking them! I'm sick & fed up with lying here all night praying for our Family & hoping somebody will get in there & fight & win! Thank God for the occasions on which the Lord has given us the victory. (Maria: And God bless those who are fighting.) Yes, God bless those who are fighting & are doing all they can.

44. But for God's sake, let's not hear any more about people anywhere who sit around & find out too late that they should have complained about this to the judge, or they didn't visit the judge, or they didn't ask for the children, or they didn't even ask to see their children when they could have legally done so. Our people everywhere need to stand up & fight! I'm sick & tired of hearing about any of our people anywhere who are not fighting all they can.

Teaching Our Children When to Fight!

45. (Maria: We need to teach our children to fight if they're taken like that, to resist, to not be so obedient any more & yielded like they're taught to be all their lives. There is a difference between being yielded & obedient to their Godly parents‚ & being submissive to evil anti-Christ enemies who are trying to destroy them, destroy their faith, deprogram them & take them away from their families. They need to know that that's the time that they've got to switch & they've got to start fighting.) Right! (Maria: They've got to start screaming, they've got to start yelling. "I want to go back to my mother & dad!" They've got a right to stand up & protest & demand to be with their parents, to talk to their lawyers, etc.) Right!

46. They can't throw children in jail for resisting arrest. (Maria: Right!) I don't think that there's a law on Earth that would put a child in jail for resisting arrest. (Maria: Yes, they say Family children are too good. We've got to teach them that when they get in that kind of situation they've got to be "bad," that they've got to fight & scream & put up a real fight to get back to their parents.) Right!—Kick! Hit! (Maria: Because nowadays the laws are all in favour of what do the children want? And if they show enough that they want to be with their parents, that's what the law says they're legally supposed to have.) Right!

47. And they need to tell the public that being in these foster homes & other so-called childcare institutions is not good for them & they don't like it & they are being abused there. They're being neglected, they're being injured, they're being mistreated. Let's get the testimonies out about how the Family there has been mistreated & abused‚ victims of police brutality.—Babies jerked away from their nursing mothers' breasts!—Of all the horrible, heinous things I've ever heard of! That ought to be published from the housetops! It ought to be screamed on the streets! It ought to be done—in fact‚ it should have been done long ago! Don't wait too long to where the media doesn't even want to handle it because it's old news.

48. Did they wait too long? (Maria: They started right away, but there's pretty much a blackout in France on the media being the least bit favourable to cults. All the lies have been publicised for such a long time by ADFI.)

49. God damn that [doctor who's a leader of ADFI]! Lord, damn him! Catch him! Hit him! Destroy him!—In Jesus' name! You fight our enemies, Lord! Destroy them! Defeat them! Lord, You know if I were there I'd be fighting with my fists & doing all I could. But that's why it's dangerous for me to be there. Help our people there to stand up & fight! Don't sit around, "a little more sleep, a little more slumber & a little more folding of the hands" until you've lost! You need to react immediately to every attack. React with every bit of legal violence that you've got!

50. We're going to have to teach our kids to fight! Kids can legally get away with it, but not the adults. But we've got to teach our adults to fight in every legal way that they can possibly fight: Demonstrations‚ picketing‚ complaints, bad publicity about our enemies. Hit them with it first! We've just left the field open to them. They've attacked us on every front without a complaint. (Maria: Yes, get the dirt on the anti-cult groups‚ on CAN & ADFI & all of those that are involved.)

The Only Way to Win Is to Fight!

51. Exactly! We should be publicising all these recent victories in which their deprogrammers & people have been put in jail. They don't want that kind of thing exposed, that's the last thing in the World they want. So let's publicise it! (Maria: Yes‚ the Family in the U.S. has even been publicising it to the U.S. Congress, personally taking things on CAN to them.) Good! We need to fight. We need to get busy. We need to do everything we can to fight them & expose them! That's the thing they hate the worst‚ being exposed as to how evil they are, how brutal the police are, how neglectful the laws & the judges are. (Maria: And how prejudiced the Social Services is.) And how self-righteous the governments are.—What liars & deceivers they are!

52. Don't tell me that that AC Mitterrand doesn't know what is going on, he's probably behind it! Let's wipe that smirk off his face! Well‚ I'm sick & tired of us taking it on the chin! We need to get in there & fight in every legal way that we possibly can! Let's publicise their wickedness! Let's publicise their crimes! Let's publicise their sins & make their charges against us look ridiculous alongside their crimes against us! Let's get to work & fight! Get up off our rear ends & quit this sleep & slumbering & folding of the hands & get out there with fists & fight!—Legal fists! And all the legal fists that we can possibly get & use.

53. I'm tired of taking it. I'm tired of lying down & taking it on the chin, & even worse. I want to see our people get up some fight!—Get the courage & guts to be martyrs, if necessary. But to get in there & fight & expose our enemies & give them all the trouble we can possibly give them! Keep them so busy with our attacks that they haven't got time to attack us. In Jesus' name, Lord help us!

54. I'll tell you, fighting is the only thing that wins in this World! The Lord wants the Message publicised. He wants us not just to defend ourselves, but to go on the attack! I'm tired of us getting hit all the time & not fighting back! Now I want to hear that we've done some fighting & not just sitting around chatting with lawyers. I haven't heard of a lawyer's chat yet that has made the news on television. (Maria: And the lawyers in France at first gave us a bum steer because they didn't want to upset the judges in the case & they told the Family not to publicise it to the media & not to blast the judge, to be careful, not to picket. But the Family finally went ahead anyway & started going to the media & started picketing, & they got good results from it!) Thank the Lord! Of course the Enemy didn't want us to fight! The Enemy didn't want us to expose or complain or upset the status quo of the System!

55. I'll tell you, the only people that are getting anywhere, like the Sodomites—as wicked & filthy & vile as they are—are those who stand up & fight for themselves & get people to fight for them! The abortionists are doing the same thing, the baby killers! (Maria: And the worship–the–Earth people!)

56. Yes‚ the environmentalists! The worship–Mother-Earth people. That was an actual goddess in ancient times, Gaia. In that famous Frankfurt School in Germany, all of this kind of propaganda & evil began amongst the ACs, & they promoted her worship! They promoted all kinds of wickedness & ugliness! That Frankfurt School was the Devil's own school! And most of the leaders of the worldwide Conspiracy to rot the Earth & corrupt it until it's destroyed were trained right in that school!

57. I recently waded through a long history on it, & it was a tiresome job‚ but I think we need to publicise some of those facts.—And publish the names of some of those people who are now worshipped as heroes, like Nietzsche & Freud‚ & all the rest of those devils who have taught that evil was good, & ugliness was beautiful. They have turned the World inside–out with their filth! They no doubt promoted not only all of that, but Sodomy & abortion as well!

58. Boy, they weren't ashamed of it, they publicised it! They did it openly! The wicked have been around spreading their vileness for centuries, especially during the past century as they prepare the way for their Antichrist! And because the Christians have been sleeping & slumbering & sitting on their hands, or as it is more commonly known, sitting on their asses, & have not stood up & fought until recently, as a result, they may have already lost the battle! The Antichrist forces have already taken over the World! But that doesn't mean that we always have to yield to them. That doesn't mean we can't stand up for our own rights & our own fights & attack them & expose them! And that's what we need to do now!

59. This whole fight is giving us a chance to publicise their wickedness & their hypocrisy! The idea of their attacking us & our poor little children, blaming us for child abuse‚ when they're the worst child abusers of all!—Taking babies from their mother's breast! Throwing their fathers in jail! My God, folks! Let's fight! (Maria: And the French social workers are now trying to deprogram our children!—Telling them how horrible the Family is & how they shouldn't want to be in it, & all the bad things that are going to happen to them if they go back to the Family. They're not allowing them to have Bibles or even to pray out loud!) Let's expose those things! Let's expose the fact that they're doing those things! Let's expose & publicise the testimony of our children. Let's get in there & fight!

60. (Maria: Our kids in captivity get sick & the social workers neglect them & they don't even take care of them!) Let's get out there & fight! Let's rescue our children. Let's complain to the government! Let's complain to the law! Let's complain to the agencies! Let's even complain to the police! There must be some good police, some good lawyers, some good judges, even a few good governments.

61. Come on, let's fight! I'm tired of taking it! And if you don't do it, if you won't get out there & fight, I'm going to get out there & do it myself! I'll probably die a martyr anyway, but why not make it pay? If you want to keep me hidden, you guys had better get out there & fight! You'd better get out there & do it! Fight! Now! Do it yourself!

Pray & Fight—Only the Lord Can Win the Victory!

62. And pray like everything depends on prayer while you're doing it.—Because it does, everything depends on the Lord! All the fighting in the World won't do any good unless God is in it, & you're in it, & prayer is in it. First you pray, & then you get out there & do what God tells you to do, fight! And that's the only thing that will win. But just sitting back & letting them walk all over you is not going to win anything!

63. At least we'll win some, enough to expose our enemies & win some victories & publicise the Message. But I'm tired of just lying around all night praying. I want the Family to get out there & fight, or I'm going to do it! Do you want me to go before the French courts & those judges & lawyers, & get arrested by the police & go to jail? Well, if you don't want me to, you'd better get in there & do it! Family, get out there & publicise it! Expose them to the public! Complainpicket, demonstrate, protest, shoutfight! Because if you don't‚ I'm going to have to!

64. I've been held back & restrained time & time again, as King David was from the battlefront because they were trying to protect the leadership. (See 2Sam.21:17.)—And I think you're right in trying to preserve me, I think you need me & my channel & my counsel & leadership & Letters. (Maria: Your Words are your weapons.) Yes. And I think they will do more good out of jail than in jail. (Maria: Yes.) So you'd better tell the Family that if they don't want me in jail‚ they'd better get out there & fight, & if necessary, go to jail! That's the way this Family got started‚ by fighting, demonstratingpicketing, invading campuses, witnessing & getting thrown in jail!

65. Have we lost our fight? Well, I know we've counselled you & advised you for years to flee, run‚ turn the other cheek, etc., but there comes a time when you need to turn the other cheek & then sock'm one! Jesus & His disciples took it for a long time, but they finally stood up & fought & resisted‚ & were jailed & beaten up & killed! But they got the Message across, & the people followed them & followed their teachings. And they have spread it around the World!

66. Now we need to do the same: Preach, witness, testify, demonstrate, picket, complain, protest, get out there & fight!—Whether it's with personal appearances, demonstrations, letters, legal complaints, whatever. Let's get out there & fight now! This may be our last chance to expose the Enemy so that the Christians & those who ought to be fighting alongside us will have no excuse‚ they will have been told. And the World will have no excuse, they were told how wicked that System is that is so cruelly mistreating God's children. And then God will have no excuse for not doing something about it!

67. So you do your part & I'm sure God is going to do His, & eventually He is going to do them in! You can count on that! But in the meantime‚ let's make it count! Let's make it pay! Let's expose the wicked & our evil enemies! Let's expose the vicious, wicked anti–Christ forces that are preparing to enthrone their Antichrist & give him the World which they've just about won. Let's be witnesses to the end like the two famous witnesses in Revelation‚ even if it kills us! (Rev.11:3–12.) That's worth dying for! And "great is your reward in Heaven, for so persecuted they all the Prophets that were before you."—Mat.5:12.

68. The Prophets stood up & fought! The Patriarchs stood up & fought! The Apostles stood up & fought‚ & it counted; it counted unto them for righteousness. And God vindicated them, if necessary by their own blood‚ with their final testimony which impressed the World & won many to the Lord! Eventually God's martyrs overcame the biggest system that had ever existed, the Roman Empire. And who knows how many of the undecided, the wavering, the potential anti-Christs we may yet win. We've won plenty of them already.

This Is Your Last Harvest, So Stand Up & Fight!

69. This is the last harvest. This is your last chance to stand up & fight! So let's go! Let's get out there & demonstrate, protest, witness, complain! Make a big noise! Fight! With His banner o'er us! How does that hymn go?

"If God be for us,

His banner o'er us‚

We'll sing the victor's song at last!"


The fight is on, O Christian soldier,

And face to face in stern array,

With armour gleaming,

And colours streaming,

The right & wrong engage today!

The fight is on, but be not weary;

Be strong & in His might hold fast;

If God be for us, His banner o'er us,

We'll sing the victor's song at last!

70. That's a good old Salvation Army song. They are another bunch that need to be stirred up & reminded of how they were once persecuted! They used to have the guts to get out on the street & fight for the Lord, play & sing & pass out literature. Now they've built community centres instead, & they're hiding in their Army barracks instead of getting out on the street & fighting like they should! Let's put'm to shame, let's remind them of their own history!

71. Let's remind all those groups who have been persecuted in the past: The Seventh-day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Salvation Army, etc. Make them ashamed of not sticking up for you. At least let's try to get their sympathy & their prayers & their cooperation wherever we can. Let's fight together as much as possible.

72. They were all good people, those groups, but where are they now? Persecuting us?—Or joining us in the fight? There will come a time when they will, but it could be too late! There was a famous Lutheran pastor in Germany when Hitler rose to power whose name was Niemoller. He said, "The time has come when every good Christian ought to be in jail!"—And that's just where he wound up!

73. If you get out there & fight, you may wind up in jail, but Jesus will be with you. He was in jail, too. He was tortured, beat up & crucified as well. And they'll get around to that with us sooner or later. But let's give'm a run for their money, give'm a fight for their money.—And money is something that our enemies seem to have plenty of! Well, we don't have much money but we've got a lot of fight! Amen? (Maria: Amen!) Give all you can to help!

74. So are we going to fight? (Maria: Yes!) Are we going to get out there & hold His banner high & yell the Truth & protest & demonstrate & fight? (Maria: Yes, Sir!) Praise God‚ Honey! You've got a lot of fight! The more somebody opposes you, the spunkier you get. You're a real fighter!

75. Now, let's get this Letter out & stir'm up! Okay? (Maria: Yes, Sir! Whoever makes the biggest noise gets the most attention in this World!) Right! And whoever puts on the most action will get the most attention from the media & television. So let's give'm some action! Let's give'm some noise! Let's show them that we're not going to take it any more, we're going to fight! Now! Let's go! (Maria: Amen!) March! In Jesus' name! Amen!

76. Because if you don't‚ I will‚ & that'll be the end of me! If you want me to stick around‚ you'd better tell the Family to get out there on the front lines & fight the battle‚ or I'm going to have to do it for them. Are you going to tell them? (Maria: Yes!) Amen? (Maria: Amen!) Well, then go‚ fight, in Jesus' name! Amen! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!

77. We're going to win some. We've got to win some to keep going. Because when we can't win & are stopped & can't win any more, then it's time to leave. Not just this or that city where we're persecuted & flee to another, but it's soon going to be time to leave this World‚ thank God! Thank You Jesus! So let's go out fighting, amen? (Maria: Amen!)—So we can come back fighting at Armageddon & wipe'm all out! Praise God! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

78. The victory will be ours!—But we've got to fight for it now & not just wait until then. Now is when it counts, & we can win some if we really fight! We're destined to win in the End, we will be the final victors, praise God! And our unsaved enemies will all go to Hell where they belong, & they won't be able to fight us any more. Thank You Jesus! So let's fight'm while we can! Let's fight'm while they give us good causes to fight. Amen? (Maria: Amen!) Praise the Lord!

79. Okay, let's go! God bless you all! I love you! Bye bye! See you in Heaven! But don't go down without a fight! Give'm a good fight! Fight, team, fight! Whether you win or lose‚ fight!—In Jesus' name, amen!

80. It gets me down to hear about the defeats! I'd rather hear there was a good battle, even if we don't win it. I want to hear about their fights, not just their laments about our defeats. I can't stand that. I want to get in the fight myself! Thank God, I've been very encouraged by all the good battles we have won. We must have had some good Family fighters & fighting lawyers! (Maria: Yes, God bless them! Both our folks & our lawyers were wonderful! They didn't give up till they'd won, but some of the battles took a while to win!—The one in Barcelona took over two years! And the one in Sydney took quite a while, months! So they almost always take a while, they're not over in a day.)

81. Amen! Praise the Lord! I just want to hear that they're fighting! Then I know that the Lord will do His part & fight for us! Praise the Lord! I love you! KEEP FIGHTING! DO IT NOW!—AMEN?

Last Minute Emergency Appeal to All Family Members:

What can you do to help our Family in France? Do you have any friends or contacts who could use their influence to help us get our children back? Or could your contacts give us names & addresses of their contacts & friends either in France or elsewhere who might be able to help? (Government, media, legal, religious & academic contacts are especially needed.) We need all the help we can possibly get right away, so if you can approach your friends & secure their help, by all means, please do so! Or if your friends speak French, perhaps they could write something in support of our children's education & socialisation, which you could forward on to your CROs for the Family in France.

Or if you or your friends & contacts have any ideas or suggestions of anything else that we can do to help remedy this crucial situation, please pass these ideas on to your CROs immediately. Thanks! WLY!