KEYWORDS: usa, people, japan, thailand, china, media

World Currents!--No.64

David Berg

DO 2870 Comp.7/93

Serbian Situation

1. THE WORLD'S COUNTRIES could go in & completely stop the Serbian carnage in Yugoslavia. But that's the ACs for you, they can hold the whole World hostage! Now Europe & the U.S. are almost being forced to go in & stop ignoring it because it's been so blatant. What the Serbians are doing is now shown on worldwide TV! The ACs back the Serbs, & so far they've been successful in keeping any other country from going in & stopping them. The Serbs keep lying & pretending that they're ready to talk peace while they go right ahead & conquer more territory. It has been the customary rule that the winner takes all. The guy who occupies the territory gets to stay.

China & Burma

2. The evil government of China is keeping the evil government of Burma in control.

China/Hong Kong/Macau

3. I wouldn't be surprised if China would just decide to march into Hong Kong some day with the excuse, "You're not keeping your promise. You're allowing dissidents to be harboured here," etc. etc. And China has made no promises to Macau at all‚ of course‚ they could walk in there any time they want to. The Chinese are saying that after they take over, no one will be allowed to immigrate to any other country.

4. The Chinese like to have power over the people. That's why they crushed the Tiananmen Square uprising, the students & demonstrators were too independent. So when they grab Hong Kong, they plan to hold it & all the people.

The Philippines & Other Former Colonies

5. Independence is the worst thing that ever happened to the Philippines.—In fact, most colonies in the World have become worse after liberation. It just shows that those former colonies cannot truly govern themselves. Nearly every liberated colony in Africa is a failure, the former Black colonies are all a mess.—When they were once very well controlled & productive, & even prospered under good, strong, White governments. Now they're black holes.

Thailand & U.S. Influence to Overthrow the King!

6. In Thailand, politicians may come & go, but for the most part, the people really love their king. The U.S. went a little too far in backing that guy who rebelled against him. The U.S. obviously sponsored the rebellion, & came right out & openly said they were hoping they'd get rid of the king, get rid of the monarchy. The U.S. is jealous that the monarchy has such a hold on the people. The U.S. would like to consider Thailand a U.S. colony.

Anarchy—Communist Tactics!

7. There's some organised intelligence behind all this anarchy! The tactics are typical of the Communists‚ stirring up trouble worldwide‚ like they have in Thailand. People don't dare blame Communism now, of course.

U.S. & Vietnam

8. If the U.S. would be willing to recognise Vietnam, the Vietnamese would be willing to give them whatever they want—including all their records on their missing POWs, etc. But the Americans expect all this help from the Vietnamese without giving them an ounce of help!

Media Exaggerates Atrocities!

9. The media exaggerates atrocities & always has!—In fact, they even lie about them. It's very common. Here's an example that began with the French many many years ago: After an execution where they have a firing squad shoot someone‚ when he's fallen to the ground‚ the commanding officer is supposed to go up & shoot him one more time in the head just to make sure he's dead. It was supposed to be sort of a merciful thing, to make sure he was not just lying there suffering. (It's called a "coup de grace," an action that gives a merciful death to a suffering person or animal.) But I've heard that exaggerated several times by the media, who say: "And not only that, the officer walked up & shot him in the head besides!" It was supposed to have been a merciful thing to do, but it shows you how the media can twist these things.


10. In World War 2 the U.S. bombers spared Kyoto, a center of Buddhist & Shinto religion, but wiped out the more Christian cities of Nagasaki & Hiroshima.

11. There must be something really good about the Japanese to appreciate the Lord's Creation.—If they'd only give Him the credit for it instead of worshipping so many idols. I guess there are some who do.

12. I think there's an anti-Semitic backlash in Japan because the Japan bashing in the U.S. has made the Japanese take a tougher stand against the ACs' U.S. rule.

13. Japan is living on the poor of other countries.


14. Psychology has become the norm for the System. Actually, it's completely eccentric & off-center. Psychology is the scientific justification of sin & the sinner!

15. This doctor says that if you sit with someone & hold their hand during an operation, they can get by with a whole lot less anaesthesia. It's the power of love, they realise somebody loves them!