KEYWORDS: others, share, love, one, god


David Berg

—MO September, 1973 NO.287–GP

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1. JEALOUSY IS A FORM OF PRIDE, because you feel someone is treating you unfairly and you're being mistreated and abused. So jealously is really a spirit of complaint and murmuring which is‚ of course, born of pride.

2. YOU MURMUR BECAUSE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU DESERVE TO BE TREATED BETTER. You're being abused. You don't deserve it. You're better than that.—Exactly like the Children of Israel did in the Wilderness.

3. "I DESERVE TO HAVE HIM ALL TO MYSELF! She doesn't deserve to have him at all! I am the one that ought to be considered. I am the one that ought to get the attention. Nobody else deserves him but me!

4. THAT'S PRIDE! THAT'S JEALOUSY! SELFISHNESS IS PRIDE! What is selfishness after all but pride? The selfish believe they deserve more than others. Therefore they're unwilling to share.They feel like they've got a right to it all. Nobody else deserves to have any. "So why shouldn't I have it all?"—And they get angry if anyone even suggests they ought to share!

5. SELFISHNESS IS THE POSSESSIVENESS OF PRIVATE PROPERTY.—"It is mine!—Nobody else's! I deserve it and nobody else can have it! I'm the only one that has a right to it!" But the truth is that he belongs to others as well as to you—his time, his attention, his ideas, his thoughts and counsel.

6. THERE HAVE BEEN THOSE WHO HAVE BECOME SELFISH AND PROUD AND JEALOUS.Demanding their exclusive rights they have lost everything because they weren't willing to share.

7. WATCH OUT!—THE LORD MIGHT TAKE HIM AWAY, and then you'd have nothing to murmur about, complain about or get hateful about! You can become like a dog in the manger where you don't want him‚ but you don't want anybody else to have him either—and you'll lose everything!

8. SOME HAVE BECOME LIKE ESAU WHO WAS SORRY TOO LATE! What is your mess of pottage? I wonder what you'd sell him for?—Exclusive rights? Foolish, selfish and jealous people!—Do you know what they're willing to do?

9. THEY'RE WILLING TO EVEN KILL THE THING THEY PRETEND TO LOVE just to keep it away from others, just so nobody else can have it! They would rather see it die than have anybody else have it!

10. THEY'D RATHER KILL IT THAN SHARE IT!—That's the ultimate in selfishness, like those women in the Bible: That's the way Solomon found out who really loved the baby! The one who really loved it was the one who was willing to give it up to preserve it and preserve its life so that at least the baby could be happy and live.

11. THE ONE THAT DIDN'T LOVE AND WASN'T THE TRUE MOTHER DIDN'T REALLY CARE ABOUT THE BABY, only herself, and would rather kill the baby than let anybody else have it! So the proud, selfish and jealous kill rather than share! They'd rather kill it than let anybody else have it—which shows and proves they don't really love it.

12. THEY REALLY ONLY LOVE THEMSELVES! That's the ultimate in jealousy—proud, selfish jealousy! That's what women do when they murmur against others to whom he pays attention, and complain he doesn't love them just because he deals with others. It's just like sticking a knife in his back and making him want to die—sticking it in and turning it!

13. YOU THINK HE'S HURTING YOU. But he loves you and is only trying to help somebody else, that's the furthest thing from his mind. If he loves you and he loves the Lord, he'll also love others and want to help them, too. The same goes for the fellows, also‚ who are jealous of their wives!

14. IN THE LONG RUN, YOU WON'T KILL YOUR COMPETITION—YOU'LL KILL THE ONE YOU SAY YOU LOVE!—You may kill his love for you, faith in you, and even his faith in himself! It's a common practice with the Lord: People who are not willing to share what they have, God often takes it away completely, and many times gives it to the one with whom they were not willing to share it!

15. BY YOUR SELFISHNESS YOU COULD BE ABSOLUTELY KILLING THE ONE YOU SAY YOU LOVE! You know what God did with the Israelites when they refused to give a tenth?—He took the whole thing! The only thing that will help you will be to hurt you.

16. SATAN WAS THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD. He ruled the universe, second unto God Himself, the very Bearer of the Light! But he wasn't satisfied with most of it.—He wanted it all! He wanted to be the Light. So because he wanted it all and wasn't even willing to share a little, he lost it all!

17. THERE'S ONE PERSON YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO LICK AND THAT'S THE LORD! And if you don't stop trying to lick everybody else, God is going to lick you! And when He licks, He licks good and proper, and He'll jerk the rug right out from under you! Like the dog in the manger, some people don't want anybody else to have it, and they don't want it either.


19. THE BOTTLE ASKS ONLY TO BE CONSUMED‚ never to be replenished. It asks only to live its life that it may be poured out to others, even as I pour out my life unto others that I may be emptied and consumed and left to die—that's all that I ask.

20. I ASK IT NOT FOR MYSELF. For myself I ask nothing. But I want to give, while some only want to get. But I shall give and give until I am gone like an emptied bottle, and I'll be cast aside and useless when I'm gone.

21. DAVID IS NOTHING WITHOUT ME! He that would withhold David graspeth the air and trieth to contain the flame which I give him!