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Pray for the Persecuted

David Berg

6/93DO 2868

(After police raids in France in which 120 of our Family Members & TRF Supporters suffered vicious persecution at the hands of the authorities:)

1. YOU CAN BE SURE the evil forces will do their best to shut things up about this French persecution & their cruelty to us, but the Lord will do something to get the Message out!

2. I think we should declare a special day of prayer for all of our Family Members worldwide—as well as God's children everywhere—who are suffering persecution. (Editor: Your CRO Office will contact you with the details.) We could end it with a time of rejoicing. It could be a time of prayer for the Lord to strengthen & encourage those who are suffering, that He will help them to endure & that He will bring great victories out of seeming defeat.—Then a time of rejoicing for the victories the Lord is going to get out of it all. I think those people who are suffering for Jesus' sake deserve our prayers for their strength. We should also thank the Lord that He is going to use their persecution to publicise the reality of the times‚ that tribulation has already begun—not the Revelation nor the Image nor the Mark of the Beast, but genuine tribulation already directed by the Antichrist & his forces.

3. Tribulation has begun!—Not The Tribulation, but tribulation, suffering, persecutions. The World has gone wild, insane! The devils are screaming & Satan is furious because we have triumphed over him & exposed him & his evil forces! He's raging‚ like those police did in France, screaming at our folks. They're demon-possessed, & we can expect no mercy from their rage! The Enemy is out to kill us & wipe us out, & only God can keep us. It's a time for miracles. We can expect no mercy & no sympathy from the System, only more persecution, more oppression, more cruelty‚ more atrocities, like those Christians & Muslims are suffering in Yugoslavia.

4. It's a time for prayer for the persecuted & the suffering who have no succour. The Antichrist forces have refused to allow Clinton to go to their rescue in Yugoslavia. We've suffered only a little yet compared to those poor people in Yugoslavia, but they've taken away our children, treated them cruelly‚ torn nursing babies from their mothers' bosoms, handcuffed our people & cruelly made them sit in the cold for hours on end without even letting them get dressed! It sounds exactly like the kind of cruelty the Communists used to inflict on the Christians in Siberia, & it will come to that. Man has not changed, he's more cruel than ever. The Devil is more furious than ever, trying to make us suffer all he can‚ throwing God's children in prison & treating them cruelly, just as badly under so-called democracies as under any inhumane dictatorships & cruel administrations & governments.

5. Tribulation is here!—Not yet The Tribulation, not the Final Tribulation, greater than all that has ever occurred, not yet the Revelation of the Antichrist & his Image & the Mark of the Beast, but it will come soon. Thank God the End is near, & we've only begun to suffer! But thank the Lord it will soon be over & our enemies will get the judgements they deserve. We will roll over them & all the Earth, & "righteousness shall cover the Earth as the waters cover the seas" (Isa.11:9; Hab.2:14), & there will be no more wars, no more horrors of Satan & his devilish crowd! They'll all be in Hell where they belong & suffer what they deserve for the way they've treated us & other Christians! So hang on, it will soon be over!

6. Did you notice how all of a sudden there's a big black–out of news on the Waco atrocity? Suddenly you hear little or nothing about it. I don't doubt that the Antichrist government has sent out the word to "hush it up‚ don't remind people about it." (Maria: In the public's mind it's over, it's no longer news, nothing to talk about.) Well, that's their excuse, but their problems have just begun. Normally you would be hearing all kinds of news about the hearings & trials & more evidence & exposs, but somehow or another the Antichrist government has put the quietus on it.

7. The AC media has sent out the word to hush it up, don't remind them of it any more. It's just amazing‚ absolutely amazing how little you hear about it now! There must be all kinds of news going on about hearings & trials of the survivors, but you hardly hear a word. The government has really hushed it up, & the Antichrist governments of this World will do their best to hush up our sufferings too, & they'll deny they even occurred, just like they did about Waco. They'll say it was all the cult's fault, "we were only trying to save them, save the children," when the Devil knows they were doing their best to wipe them out!—And will continue to do so!

8. So don't expect things to get better. Things will get worse, but the Message will get out better, & God will have His witness & reward the martyrs. So God help us! Let's pray for & sympathise with the persecuted, but "rejoice & be exceeding glad for them, for great is their reward in Heaven, for so the Devil persecuted the prophets which were before you!"—Mat.5:12.

9. You are now in God's Hall of Fame, honoured heroes of His Revolution & the Victors of tomorrow, because you have survived defeat & triumphed through martyrdom!—And you will wipe out your enemies in the triumph of His Kingdom to Come! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! "Here is the patience of the Saints."—Rev.13:10. Here's how you shall triumph, through the blood & the word of your testimony.—Rev.12:11. Hallelujah, thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!

10. The End is near! Be of good courage & ye shall soon triumph over all of them! And where they're going, there shall be weeping & wailing & gnashing of teeth for years to come. They will be sorry they ever laid a finger on you, for they will get the suffering they deserve & reap the rewards of cruelty they merit. The tables will soon be turned & our enemies will be crushed under them, much worse than they're now trying to crush us! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! "So rejoice & be exceeding glad, for so persecuted they the prophets!"—Mat.5:12.

11. But pray for those who are now suffering & do your best to let them know that you love them & sympathise with them & are praying for them‚ & do all you can to help them. For our sufferings are not yet over, but will be soon, thank the Lord, & we shall triumph over our persecutors, & they shall be kneeling at our feet for mercy! And these devils … shall be dust beneath our feet (Rev.3:9)—probably atomic dust, crushed by their own superman, & finally by us & our Superman‚ Jesus! Hallelujah!

12. Help them, Lord! Bless & keep Thy children, especially Thy little ones. You promised to care for Your Own & that You would not allow us to be tested beyond that which we are able to bear. (1Cor.10:13) So continue to be with us, & bless & keep us & protect us from anything more than we're able to bear‚ & help us to rejoice & be glad! May every seeming defeat turn out to be a victory, in Jesus' name. Give us grace to bear it all, to triumph over it & be true to the testimony & victorious in battle, in triumph & in trials‚ even unto the death—the final triumph of the martyr! Praise the Lord!

13. It's for Thy Word‚ so help us to march on, Lord, in glorious victory & triumph over our enemies & the forces of Satan, the accusers of our brethren, in Jesus' name! Thank You Lord! Bless & keep & make us a blessing everywhere until the End‚ in Jesus' name‚ amen.

14. This is a prayer for the persecuted, & sorrow for the suffering, & a thanksgiving for the faithful & the triumphant, even unto death‚ our final victory forever! Thank You Jesus! May our prayers comfort & encourage those who are suffering, & may You bring great victories out of seeming defeats.

15. We love you all & are praying desperately for you!—And we know the Lord will win in the End! So yet a little while, & it'll all be over, & we will be victorious forever, & our enemies will be in Hell where they belong & deserve to be!

16. God damn CAN & ADFI! … God damn every single one of those who raise their voices against us! God damn those cruel police in France & elsewhere who have persecuted us! God damn the media who have lied about us! God damn the Satanic forces who fight against us! Deliver us, Lord‚ & destroy them!—And we know You will, & the victory will soon be ours, & the horrible defeat will soon be theirs, & they will be sorry forever that they ever touched us! Thank You Jesus!

17. And we shall have the pleasure of destroying them in the final Battle of Armageddon! There will be such a feast of their blood that You have issued an invitation to all the devourers of the Earth, the fowls of the air & the scavenging beasts of the Earth to come & devour much flesh, the bodies of captains & kings & potentates & persecutors, with which the World will be so cluttered there will not be time nor room to bury them! (Eze.39:11-12; Rev.19:11-18,21)

18. That's their fate!—And Hell to come! The forces of Thy Kingdom shall triumph‚ Lord! So help us not to look upon defeat or dwell on it, as though it were the end‚ but to look forward like Moses did & have "respect unto the recompense of the reward." (Heb. 11:26)—To look beyond these horrors to the glories of future victories when all of this shall have passed away & there will be no more pain, no more sorrow, no more crying or tears‚ but eternal Paradise forever for us!—And terrible suffering for our enemies who persecuted us, & are now persecuting us!

19. Sock it to them‚ Lord!—And give us many great witnessing victories through it all, so that the World may be put to shame for the way it treated us, & so that many shall believe our witness & know that our enemies were liars & cruel beasts—worse than beasts! Cruel monsters created to be destroyed (2Pet.2:12) when the Earth shall be ours & Thy Kingdom shall come, & Thy Will will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven! (Mat.6:10) Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!—In Jesus' name, amen.

20. We just can't be thrilled enough by the future, when all the present will be over & there will be no more time, but only forever! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! (Crying & tongues!) "Hear ye the Words of the prayers of David & give honour to the pleas of your Father!" Thank You Jesus! Help them, Lord! Jesus, help them!—Thy poor little ones, Lord! Alleviate their suffering, give them joy & rejoicing over it all, that they have been counted worthy to suffer for Thy Name's sake (Phil.1:29; Acts 5:41) & Thy Word & Thy children, in Jesus' name. Hallelujah!

21. I've been so burdened for them! It seems so cruel, but for every pain & every suffering there will be a much greater joy & rejoicing‚ that we will be counted worthy of suffering for His sake & their sake in the days to come. (See 2Cor.4:17.) The Last Days‚ thank the Lord, will soon be over! So take heart & comfort from the Lord. The forces of Satan can't stop us, all they can do is yell & scream & try to disturb us. The Devil knows what's going on in here, & he sent his little demons to shout & scream & holler & disturb God's peace! (Referring to the noise outside.)

22. But the Lord will win the victory, thank the Lord, in spite of it! (To Mama: ) And so will you, Honey. Without you there would have been no such victory. You're my faithful scribe. Without you there'd be no Word of God to reach the suffering & the poor & the souls in torment, who will soon be souls in victory, as we crush our enemies under our feet & give them back what they've given us, as they reap what they've sown! (Mal.4:3) Thank You Lord!

23. Bless our dear children, Lord, Thy dear people.—And we know You are, in spite of their sufferings, Lord, & even because of their sufferings. They have gained the greater victories! Thank You Jesus!—In Jesus' name, amen.

24. I just had to pray that prayer. My heart has been agonising over them. I've been suffering with them & I know the Lord is going to give them the victory soon, & He's going to get great victories out of seeming defeats. Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

25. Humiliate our enemies, Lord! Shame them! Defeat them! Totally defeat them, Lord! Totally frustrate them & give Thy forces the victory through these seeming defeats! May the Message get out more than ever & may our witness be spread throughout all the World, in Jesus' name‚ amen! Praise the Lord! Thank You, Lord! Hallelujah! Bless & keep them & help them to triumph, even to their suffering & death & the glory of Thy martyrs, Lord!

26. The Devil wasn't able to stop us. He prepared a ruckus but it didn't stop us! Thank You Lord! He's doing the same thing all over the World right now. He's creating a ruckus everywhere‚ but he's not going to stop us! Thank You Lord! In fact, it's going to even help us get greater victories! That's a prayer from the depths of my heart for all of our people‚ God's people, the Lord's children who are suffering for Him & His cause today‚ tonight, wherever they may be, to give them hope for the future that all is not lost, that we'll gain even greater victories!

27. Obviously the Branch Davidians were counted worthy of martyrdom, & because of what they suffered, some people are waking up. If you think you're suffering now, think of Waco. One time my mother was travelling on the train during World War II & she had to sit up all night. The train was just packed‚ & she was murmuring to the old coloured porter about how miserable she was. And he said, "Well, Ma'am, you just thinks about those poor soldiers over there in those fox holes with the shells going overhead & getting killed & shot & maimed, & they can't sleep‚ that's for sure! You just think about them, & I promise you, you'll go right to sleep." And sure enough‚ it worked! She began to think about all the suffering of the soldiers on the battlefield, & by comparison, her problems were nothing!

28. I'll tell you‚ things are getting bad, really bad, that the police in a supposedly civilised Western country like France would dare to do anything like that! It's getting like the Inquisition! Things haven't changed any. The Devil & his people are still as evil as they've always been, & just as vicious & cruel, if they can get away with it! But God's not gonna let'm get away with it! They'll suffer for it!—You can count on that!—You can count on His promises, so claim'm & get the victory!—In Jesus' name, amen! God bless & keep you! Thank You Jesus!—Thanks! We love you! PRAY!