KEYWORDS: wand, elevator, something, things

Crash, The

David Berg

MO December 16‚ 1973 NO.284—GP

—A Dream

P. O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or BP 752, 75123 Paris, CEDEX 03 France

1. SOME DREAMS SEEM SUCH SILLY THINGS because I don't always understand them right away. But I'll just tell you what I saw, that's all I can do. I don't know what else to do. What it means I don't know exactly, I'm not quite sure, though a few little things have come to me.

2. IT WAS FIRST ABOUT THIS BIG BRITISH BULLDOG, huge big bulldog with a steel—horned collar like they use to wear.—I remember when I was a kid we used to have some bulldogs—these big collars with big steel points on them, did you ever see them? Big steel points about three–quarters of an inch long sticking out like studs on the collar, you know? Made them look real mean, you know? It's a funny thing, bulldogs are really not very ferocious‚ they just look ferocious.

3. ALL I CAN THINK OF IS THAT THAT BULLDOG MUST REPRESENT "JOHN BULL" OR BRITAIN. But bulldogs only look mean, they're not really mean, they're really very gentle. All the kids were running up this stairway of this old, old house like an old English mansion—and they were running away from this bulldog, they were just terrified by this bulldog!

4. AND I YELLED AT THEM, "HE WON'T HURT YOU!" He's mostly just bluff and it's almost like he's only being playful. It's almost like he's trying to run after you to scare you on purpose, but just sort of playfully, like a dog will play with you, you know?—and he'll bark and growl and you can play with him with your fist or something, you know, and he'll take it in his mouth and play like he's biting on it, but he won't really bite hard.

5. SO I SAID, "SEE‚" AND I JUST SHOVED MY FOOT IN HIS MOUTH, like that!—In order to try and tell them not to be afraid and to show them that he wouldn't hurt them, couldn't hurt them really, I shoved my foot in his mouth and that stopped him, but he was still growling at them and he held my foot in his mouth like a dog will do when he's playing with something. You know, you shove it in his mouth and he grabs ahold of it, but not to hurt it.

6. HE COULD REALLY BITE IT, BUT HE JUST HELD MY FOOT IN HIS MOUTH like you hold your hand in his mouth or something and he was growling and looking, trying to look fierce, I guess he was trying to warn them of something. I was trying to show them that he wasn't really trying to hurt them, see? He was just chasing after them like that was his duty to bark at them and growl at them and chase them, and I tried to show them he wouldn't really hurt them, you get it?

7. I SHOVED MY FOOT IN HIS MOUTH AND HE JUST STOPPED and he just held it there, just a minute, and then I ran up the stairs after you all and he didn't follow us anymore.

8. BUT PRETTY SOON WE WERE IN THE TOP OF THIS HIGH‚ HIGH BUILDING, I don't know whether the house turned into a high building or what, one of these big tall buildings.

9. OH! OH! OH! I ALMOST FORGOT to tell you something very important!—I had my foot stuck in his mouth and you all said, "Come on!" And I said, "I can't! I've got my foot in his mouth and he won't let go!" And it's a funny thing!—There were you kids, see, people on the ground, and then there were these beings that were floating around in the air, these nice, bright fairy-like ones like fairies—maybe they were angels, good angels or something—but they were like nice bright pretty little fairies!

10. AND ONE OF THE FAIRIES SAID," STRIKE HIM ON THE NOSE WITH YOUR WAND, that wand in your hand!" (I had this wand in my hand‚ a sort of little short stick‚ couldn't have been more than a couple of feet long) "Strike him and he'll let go!" So I hit him on the nose with the wand and he let me go and I ran upstairs.

11. THEN WE WERE UP IN THIS TALL, TALL BUILDING AND WE WERE COMING DOWN IN THIS ELEVATOR and all of a sudden the elevator chain or cable—seemed like it was a chain—the elevator chain broke and the elevator began to fall! It was picking up terrific speed! Only I seemed now to be the only one on the elevator, you know?

12. (MARIA: HAD THE OTHERS GOTTEN ON WITH YOU?) I don't remember them being on it at all, no. I don't remember them being on it at all, I don't know where they were then, it seemed like they were still in this building or something up high, even like they were on different floors or maybe coming down the steps. That was it! They must have been coming down the steps when I was coming down in an elevator!—Why?

13. BUT ANYWAY, THE CHAIN BROKE AND THE ELEVATOR BEGAN TO FALL REAL FAST, faster and faster and faster picking up speed, and I thought‚ "Oh my God!" I always did have a terrible fear of elevators‚ I never wanted to be in one, ever since I was a little kid they scared me to death! And I always was afraid I was going to be on one when it fell, you know? As it got faster and faster and faster I thought, "Oh boy! What's it going to be like when we hit the bottom! Well, at least it will be quick, cause we'll sure hit that bottom awful hard!"

14. AND THEN THE LITTLE FAIRY VOICES WERE CALLING TO ME SAYING, "JUMP! JUMP!—Just hold the wand in your hand and jump! You'll be all right if you keep the wand in your hand and jump!" One said of the elevator was wide open, and so I shouted, "Are you sure I won't hit something or those floors going by or something?!" "No," they called back, "as long as you keep the wand in your hand and just jump!—You'll be all right!"

15. SO I JUMPED OUT THE OPEN SIDE OF THE ELEVATOR and I just began to float, I just floated! It seemed like that wand had power of some kind and I just floated right out of the building completely out of the building, and just settled down to the ground! And it seemed like the wand had power for whatever I needed, you know? It's a funny thing!

16. SO THEN WE WERE ALL IN A BIG HURRY FOR SOME REASON. Now it was all snow on the ground, snow and ice, and there was this river going past the hotel (I don't know why I should say hotel, maybe it was a hotel!), like it was some kind of ski resort or something and we were all on skis now (Maria: Was it the same kids?) I don't know. It seemed like it was right there at the same building. And the fairies told us, "Now you must ski very fast and jump the river!"

17. AND SO WE WERE ALL SKIING REAL FAST DOWN TO THE RIVER and then kind of up like that, and then we go zoom over the river and land in the snow! We were all landing over on the other side in the snow and some in little pockets of ice–covered water like puddles and mud puddles and stuff, and we were kind of ... I mean it was almost like it was a little funny‚ you know, like kids will play and it's fun, and like we were sort of clumsy about skiing. We didn't seem to know much about skiing, but we were making it anyway across the river.

18. THEN WE STARTED SKIING UP ALONG THE RIVER ON THE OTHER SIDE and it was a big hill and we kept having to climb and climb and climb up this big hill. And I got so tired and the little fairy voices told me again. "Well, just take the wand and hold it out in front of you and it'll pull you!" So I just took the wand and held it out in front of me and zoom!—I zoomed right on up the hill just so fast!

19. THEN WE GOT TO SOME KIND OF VILLAGE UP THERE, and there were a lot of shops‚ different kinds of little shops. I hope I'm not forgetting anything, I'm just telling you the parts I can remember, that's all I can do. We were each given some money, some coins, and we were told to go out and buy things, like groceries and some toys for the children in these different shops.

20. IT WAS SORT OF LIKE IT WAS A KIND OF A GAME, and that we were to see how much we could by with this money, how many things we could get before the money—it was the funniest thing!—The money, from the minute it was put in our hand, it began to grow smaller! And you had to rush, rush, rush, rush, rush to try to buy things as fast as you could before it dwindled down to nothing you know?

21. AND THEN THESE THINGS YOU BOUGHT‚ THEY WERE EACH ONE TIED TO AL STRING! there was a chicken prepared for roasting and stuff like that and different items of groceries and some little toys and stuff. There was a string tied to each one of them, and each one of us now had a wand and when you bought these things you tied the string to the end of your wand. So each one of us was running around with a bunch of stuff dangling from the ends of our wands.

22. BUT EVERYTHING WAS GROWING SMALLER ALL THE TIME, and the whole idea of the game was you had to hurry, hurry, hurry and spend your money as fast as you could because it was soon going to dwindle right down to nothing! And even the stuff you bought you had to hurry, hurry, hurry with it, because if you didn't finish up the game and get out of that town it was all going to be dwindled down to nothing ... just vanish!

23. AND ABOVE THIS TOWN—THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THAT I FELT ANY THING "EVIL"—above this town there were these big, dark faces floating around!—Great big dark evil-looking faces! They were almost all eyes! They were like two big eyes, I don't know how to explain it, they were like beak-shaped faces ... well‚ almost like some huge evil birds' heads!—That's what they were like!—Sort of like big evil birds heads, with these big eyes! But they were dark and evil looking and they were floating around in the air!

24. IT WAS LIKE THEY WERE IN CHARGE OF THAT TOWN AND THE SHOPS AND ALL THIS and this was their idea of a game, and we had to do this fast and get out of there before it was all gone.—Like they ruled this little town and the shops and stuff. It was sort of like their game.

25. SO, WE ALL GOT OUR STUFF REAL QUICK down there and, boy oh boy!—I had that little chicken that I bought and it dwindled down to where it wasn't even as big as your fist! And the toys had all dwindled down till they weren't more than two or three inches long, and everything was dwindling very fast! So we rushed, rushed, rushed, and we just had to get out of town in a big hurry or it would all be gone!

26. THEN THESE LITTLE FAIRIES TOLD US ALL TO JUMP INTO THIS BIG TOBOGGAN‚ REAL QUICK! It was a big covered toboggan, had a streamlined cabin, reminded me of some of those—what do you call those boats that float or fly‚ you know! Those aero–boats, what are they called?—Hydro-something or other?

27. BUT ANYHOW IT HAD A BIG STREAMLINED CABIN AND WE ALL GOT IN. It had a sort of a bubble-shaped front windscreen, you know? What are those big air boats that go across the channel? What are they called? (Hovercraft!)

28. WELL ANYWAY, WE STARTED ZOOMING BACK DOWN THE HILL like we were getting out of that country in a hurry, faster and faster and faster, and I got so scared! I thought, "Oh my! if this fairy keeps driving this thing this fast we're going to come to a corner or a turn or something, and we're never going to make it!"—And sure enough! We did!

29. WE CAME TO THIS SUDDEN TURN IN THE ROAD AND I SCREAMED OUT, "HOLD ON!"—And I thought sure we were going to crash, just like when I started to jump off the elevator, when I was heading for a crash‚ I thought sure we were headed for a crash! But instead of that‚ just about the time I thought, "Oh! This is it! This is the end!"—I mean we were coming down that toboggan road so fast! I was not one of those regular toboggan raceways, but this was a big huge covered toboggan as big as an automobile with a sort of bubble top and with a kind of pointed nose and you could see everything all around.

30. BUT INSTEAD OF CRASHING, ALL OF A SUDDEN...I mean were already going so fast, we were just flying!—And sure enough, all of a sudden it just took off and flew right up into the air!—Zoom! Just zoom! And that's all I remember! I woke up suddenly! It scared me so that when, zoom‚ off into the air we went, I said, "Ah!" I gave a huge sign of relief!—And that's the last thing I remember: I heaved such a sign of relief! I'd thought we were goners for sure!

31. INSTEAD OF THAT, IT JUST TOOK OFF LIKE A ROCKET! mean the toboggan just became a rocket and took right off into the air and we went right up into the sky! Isn't that something! I still don't understand what all that means!

32. (MARIA: WERE THEY JUST OUR OWN KIDS, DID IT SEEM LIKE?) I don't know, but I think so. It was just a bunch of kids, you know? It seems like we were headed for someplace—that's the impression I had when taking off in the toboggan. We were going down‚ first down that hill from this kind of dark mountaintop that was ruled by these dark evil bird-like faces, and it seemed like our money had dwindled down to nothing in all this big game. I mean it was just like it was a big waste of time because we didn't wind up with anything, with either money or any things anyhow! Isn't that funny!

33. BUT WE EACH HAD OUR WAND, we still had our wands, and the wands...Oh, that had something to do with when we came to that curve and I saw the toboggan wasn't going to make it, I remember gripping my wand real tight and holding it out like this in front of me, and all of a sudden, zoom! The toboggan just look off like a rocket right up into the air into the sky!

34. I REMEMBER WE SEEMED TO BE BOUND FOR SOMEPLACE ELSE, like it was some other country or something we were going to. We were getting out of that snow country‚ anyway, where they had that evil town that was ruled by those evil faces and where everybody was having to rush so fast to spend their money to buy all those things that all dwindled down and disappeared into nearly nothing! Can you imagine? That crazy dream!

35. (MARIA: BUT THAT'S WHAT THEY'RE DOING RIGHT NOW!) Well‚ I can see the significance of that: It's like this whole present commercial system, Babylon, is like one big game, you know? Stupid game! Everybody was given so much money and the idea of the game was to rush around, spend it as fast as you could before it all dwindled down or just completely vanished!

36. IT KEPT GETTING SMALLER RIGHT IN YOUR HAND WHILE YOU'RE HOLDING ONTO THE MONEY, it kept getting smaller and smaller! I thought, "Oh‚ I must rush, rush‚ rush! I've got to quick buy some more food and a few toys for the children!"—And then I would take them, and each one was tied to a string, and I attached the string to the end of the wand and these little bits of food and toys and stuff were all dangling on strings from the end of my wand like they were sort of dependent on the wand, tied to the wand.

37. AND YET THEY KEPT SLOWLY DWINDLING IF WE DIDN'T GET OUT OF THIS EVIL TOWN, with these evil hawk-like looking faces floating around up there! They were huge I mean they were big things, big as balloons! I mean big as a weather balloon! You know what a weather balloon is? You know, those big weather balloons that are about eight or ten feet in diameter?

38 THEY WERE FLOATING AROUND ABOVE THE TOWN just like those weather balloons‚ but they were so dark and evil looking! Oooh, it gives me the shivers to think about it! It was like the evil faces presided over this town, and I don't know now, but why did we want to go there?

39. I CAN SEE HOW THE BRITISH BULLDOG KIND OF REPRESENTS THE SYSTEM, the really British system, the British authority or government or something. But it didn't really want to hurt us. It just wanted to show its authority.—And it was just barking at us and trying to show that it was the boss of that house, you know? And it was trying to chase the kids to show that, to make them do whatever they were supposed to do.

40. AND WHEN I STUCK MY FOOT IN HIS MOUTH HE DIDN'T HURT ME AT ALL! He just held it there momentarily with a firm grip until I just tapped him lightly on the nose—and you know a bulldog doesn't have much of a nose!—But I just tapped him lightly on the nose with my wand, as these fairy voices, the fairies flying around‚ told me to, and he just opened his mouth and let me go, and I ran on up the steps after you all.

41. I CAN SEE SOME SIGNIFICANCE IN THAT, in what's even going on in Britain right now, I don't... Oh, the elevator! The chain broke! It's headed for a crash! That's it!! The chain broke!—if even one link, like oil, breaks in the chain of their economic system, it can cause a sudden depression or a sudden panic or a sudden collapse of the whole System!

42. YOU KNOW THESE BIG TALL BUILDINGS THE SYSTEM BUILDS THEY'RE SYMBOLIC OF THE SYSTEM‚ RIGHT?—And the elevator was already going down slowly when I was on it! It was already slowly going down, but suddenly the chain broke and it just plummeted toward the ground! That's what that means!—You get it?

43. [There is no paragraph 43.]

44. IT'S JUST LIKE WHAT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN IN BRITAIN NOW, OR IN THE WORLD NOW, LIKE THE WHOLE ECONOMIC SYSTEM IS ABOUT TO COLLAPSE! It's been going down sinking down slowly, just like going down in an elevator, right? Then all of a sudden the chain broke, and it just started going oooh, full blast for the bottom! And the little fairy voices kept calling and calling me to, "Jump, Jump!—Just hold out your wand and you'll be all right!—Jump!"

45. THE FIRST THING THAT CAME TO ME WHEN I THOUGHT ABOUT THE WAND was, now what was the wand? I don't know whether that fits all the way through, but it just as clear as anything came to me!—the wand is the Word! (Maria: That's what I thought!—The letters!)—Did you really? The wand is the word! Isn't that amazing?

46. I MEAN THAT WAND WAS REALLY POWERFUL‚ YOU KNOW? By the authority of the wand I even tapped that bulldog on the beak and he let me go! And with the power of the wand, when I jumped out of that falling elevator, I just floated off, just floated off right down to the bank of the river!

47. THAT ELEVATOR MUST BE SYMBOLIC OF SOME KIND OF A FINANCIAL CRASH OR SOMETHING! (Maria: The elevator?) Yeah! Like a financial crash! Maybe it's just in Britain, or maybe it's going to be worldwide. Remember that "Green Paper Pig," you know? (see Letter NO. 243.) It blew up clear over there in the Mideast, but it can't possibly help but affect other places once it happens anywhere. All these things and all these crashes are heading for a showdown all at once!

48. ALL THOSE CRAZY VISIONS THE LORD GAVE THOSE PROPHETS must have really sounded awful crazy to them!—Stuff like God riding on a big wheel with eyes in it and pulled by four big funny-looking animals with different kinds of heads!—I mean that must have been far out to see something like that! in fact he never really did explain it too much. I guess he just didn't understand it. Ezekiel's wheel!

49. WELL ANYWAY, THE FIRST THING THAT COMES TO ME ABOUT THAT ELEVATOR IS THAT THE THING WAS FIRST GOING DOWN SLOWLY, BUT SUDDENLY IT JUST BROKE LOOSE AND IT WAS REALLY HEADED FOR A CRASH! LIKE THE ECONOMIC SYSTEM! It was only through the power of that wand that I ever got off! The wand was just like the power of the Word! It's sort of like the Word is like faith, too! It's a combination of the Word and faith‚ you know‚ the Wand. And if you really hold on to it and believe it, why, it'll really do things!—You know? It got me off that elevator so I didn't crash with it!

50. BUT THEN, WHAT IN THE WORLD COULD THAT RIDICULOUS THING MEAN ABOUT JUMPING A RIVER AND SKIING UP HILL! Whoever skis uphill? You don't ski uphill! But we skied uphill with our wands pulling us uphill to that dark little town with all those shops! It's almost like uphill's the wrong direction in this case‚ you know? It's as though we had to go up there to experience that game to see that that wasn't where it was at! You know what I mean?

51. 'CAUSE THOSE BIG DARK FACES‚ IT WAS LIKE THEY WERE IN CHARGE OF THE WHOLE TOWN, THE GAME and the shops and the money and everything and they were the ones doling out the money pieces you play the game with. It was just like the money they gave you were the pieces that you played the game with, you know, like Monopoly or something‚ and you went around buying up stuff.

52. BUT EVERYTHING KEPT DWINDLING AND DWINDLING AND DWINDLING! Reminds me of that upside-down backwards-diminishing world in "Green door" and "Chinese Spirits"! (See Letters Numbers 262 and 273)? The only reason these things would stay at all‚ the money and the things we bought, it seemed like was because of the Wand!—Oh, that's what it was!

53. YOU HAD TO TIE THEM REAL QUICK TO YOUR WAND OR THEY JUST COMPLETELY VANISHED! But if you could get them tied on the end of the wand quick enough—I mean by the time you got them on there, already they'd be real little! But they didn't seem to shrink much anymore if you got them tied onto the end of your wand! Now that makes sense‚ because, in other words, their value, the value of all those things, is totally dependent on faith in the word, you see?

54. VALUES ARE REALLY DEPENDENT ON PEOPLE'S FAITH IN SOMEBODY'S WORD! So these things wouldn't have any value at all apparently, if it wasn't for man's faith in them, and I guess God's Word‚ too, really. When God withdraws His Word, the Wand of His Word their faith crashes and things dwindle down to nothing! You know? That's true!

55. NOW WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT CRAZY TOBOGGAN RIDE ABOUT? We all got in the toboggan and we started zooming down the hill and then it took off! We were really getting out of there fast, it was like the whole place was dwindling, you know what I mean? Like we had to get out of there! And then our toboggan just took off right up in the air, right up into the sky!

56. THE ONLY THING I CAN TELL YOU ABOUT THAT IS, as I wondered where we were going‚ we seemed to be flying out of this snowy cold country, and we were headed south. That's all I remember, and the reason I remember this is because I thought‚ "Well, I sure hope it will be warmer and no snow!" Cause you know me: I don't like the cold and snow much.

57. IT WAS LIKE WE WERE GETTING OUT OF THAT COLD COUNTRY COVERED WITH SNOW AND WHERE EVERYTHING WAS DWINDLING! Ha! Ha! That could sure be Europe, that's for sure! Ha! Ha! Wowee!—Cold winter Coldest winter in how many years? Coldest winter in Scotland in a hundred years I think! Coldest winter in Europe in 20 years!

58. SO, IT WAS ALMOST LIKE THE TOBOGGAN SUDDENLY TURNED INTO A PLANE OR A ROCKET! It was not a plane, but it was like a rocket, and it was headed south! That's all I remember. That was such a terrifying experience when I thought we were going to crash!

59. THERE WERE THREE CRISES‚ really three crises in that dream: First, that British bulldog, from which I was saved with the Wand. Then the falling elevator, from which I was saved by the wand. And last the toboggan which was going so fast I thought it was going to crash, which is what really woke me up:—That terrifying feeling! But then in most dreams‚ you know, you wake up just before something awful happens.

60. BUT IN THIS DREAM INSTEAD OF WAKING UP JUST BEFORE IT HAPPENED, THE TOBOGGAN TOOK OFF before it happened and started zooming up in the air! When it came to that curve and didn't make it, it just flew!—And I was so relieved! Wow! So relieved! Oh boy, was I glad to get out of that country! I mean that has an application, it makes sense:

61. THAT COLD WINTRY COUNTRY WAS LIKE EUROPE WHERE EVERYTHING IS DWINDLING RIGHT NOW, that's for sure! It's money's dwindling, its supplies are dwindling‚ and it sure seems to be ruled over by the evil "unacceptable" faces of Capitalism‚ the guys who are masters of the game! They were like the masters of the game! They were like big evil spiritual beings who were the ones who were masters of this game, and they were trying to get everybody to play. You just couldn't play it fast enough to wind up with hardly anything! And Europe is cold and snowy!

62. AND THAT TOBOGGAN RIDE:—AGAIN OUR WANDS SEEMED TO HAVE THE POWER! When the toboggan would have crashed, it just took off instead and became like a rocket! And the last thing I remember was I was so relieved because I felt like we were leaving that cold, snowy country, and I was hoping, well, I just felt like we were going South—I just had the impression we were going South. We were flying above all that down there, all that cold and snow! Who knows?—maybe we will fly South somewhere!

63. WELL THAT CERTAINLY IS VERY SIGNIFICANT‚ REALLY: IF BRITAIN BARKS AT US and chases us out of the house, we'll sure have to go somewhere! (Maria: Did he really chase us out of the house?) Well, no, but we were running upstairs. We were running upstairs, and the next thing I knew we were in the top of this tall building coming down the elevator. So I don't really know whether they chased us out of the house or not. He was chasing us upstairs anyway.

64. (MARIA: AND YOU TOLD THEM NOT TO BE SCARED?) Yeah. And the next thing I knew we were up in the top, like the tall building was a part of the house. I was 'way up in the top of this tall, tall building. I don't know, it looked like the British bulldog was chasing as out of something. At least he chased us off the ground floor, and we had to run up the stairs to the top. And then I took the elevator down and was riding on the elevator down.

65. IT SEEMED AS THOUGH IN A WAY, I DON'T KNOW WHY THAT IS‚ IT'S KIND OF PECULIAR, it seemed as though I'm like all the time although I'm there and the kids are there and I know they're there and they know I'm there, but I'm still more like an observer. I'm—I just don't know whether to tell you this or not, it really sounds so funny!

66. BUT I TOO AM A FLOATING HEAD, BUT I'M A DIFFERENT KIND OF A HEAD!—I'M A GOOD HEAD! Like I'm not a dark evil-looking head like those were, but I'm a bright and shining head, a good head. And a lot of the time I was just kind of floating around in the dream, watching what's happening.

67. (MARIA: BUT THE FAIRIES ARE DIFFERENT FROM THE HEADS?) Yes, oh yes! The fairies are like pretty little angles flying around.—Oh yes! (And you're a head?) Yes. I was like some kind of a floating head.—It was funny, so funny!

68. IT'S LIKE I WAS CONSTANTLY WATCHING OVER YOU CHILDREN, you know? And everything you seemed like you'd get in trouble I would step in and use my wand or something. Of course, when I used my foot it didn't do me much good!—I just got my foot stuck in the dog's mouth, and it wasn't until I used my wand on his nose that he let me go!

69. MAYBE THAT MEANS I'VE BEEN KIND OF STUCK, BUT I'M GOING TO BE SET FREE! Praise You‚ Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You‚ Lord! You know what it all means. It does have significance to the present financial crisis in Europe, Lord, it surely does!

70. IT CERTAINLY IS SIGNIFICANT WHEN RELATED TO THE PRESENT SHORTAGES AND THE ECONOMIC CRISIS. So, You certainly illustrated it in a very simple childlike manner with this childish little dream, and I'm sure thankful You rescued us, Lord!

71. THE WAND OF THY WORD RESCUED US BY ITS POWER! We took off, Lord‚ for where I don't know, but I was sure relieved to be flying through the sky! Thank You‚ Jesus! Praise You, Lord! Hallelujah! Amen! Thank You, Jesus!

72. DO YOU HAVE THE MAGIC WAND OF GOD'S WORD TO SAVE YOU IN THE TIME OF TROUBLE?—If not, write to us and we'll send you some! If you're interested in dreams, visions and revelations and their meanings, request some of those listed herein, and we'll send them as soon as we can if available. Hurry! Tomorrow may be too late! Write now! Please enclose a small donation to cover costs. God bless you with His saving Words and keep you in the time of trouble! We love you!—Moses David and the Children of God.