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Comet Comes, The

David Berg

—MO December 20, 1973 No.283—GP

Chaos Reigns!

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1. "EIGHT THINGS THERE BE A COMET BRINGS When on high it doth horrid range: Wind, famine‚ plague and death to kings, War, earthquake, floods and direful change!" (From an old German poem translated by Dr. Andrew D. White in his "History of the Doctrine of Comets.")

2. SO BEGINS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT ARTICLE ON THE "CHRISTMAS SUPER COMET KOHOUTEK" by Joseph F. Goodavage in the January 1974 issue of SAGA magazine featuring a cover picture of the comet and a cover headline with the ominous subtitle: "Omen of Peace—or Doomsday Messenger?"

3. IN THIS MOST THOROUGH AND REALISTIC TREATMENT that we have yet read of the actual effects of this comet on the Earth, the author brings out the fact that long before its arrival the comet was already having drastic effects on our world during the year of its approach‚ 1973, with a tremendous increase in world tensions, the resumption of the Arab-Israeli War, disastrous droughts in Africa and elsewhere, followed by horrible famines and the starvation of thousands.

4. STORMS, FLOODS AND EARTH-QUAKES throughout the Earth (in Mexico, South America‚ India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Spain, the U.S. and many other places); the disgrace, fall and even death of a number of world leaders and governments (including the Watergate scandal, the Lambton affair, the dethronement of a couple of kings, the assassinations of presidents and premiers, the overthrow of a number of governments by military coups‚ etc.) have all followed.

5. WORLDWIDE ECONOMIC CHAOS HAS ALREADY RESULTED from the greatest industrial shortages the world has ever known caused by the oil famine which bids fare to bring about Earth-sweeping economic recession, unemployment, poverty, privation, destitution, food and fuel starvation and resultant economic, collapse and civil strife which could not only bring down many more governments but even our whole highly industrialised modern civilization as we now know it!

6. THERE HAVE ALSO BEEN SOME DIREFUL CHANGES and violent activities in the meteorological realm, including increased volcanic activity and unusual weather extremes. As early as August 1972; when the comet was speeding toward the orbit of Jupiter‚ the solar satellite OSO-7 was rocked by an explosion on the sun on the side toward the comet which drove solar temperatures up two million degrees, twenty times above normal and turned loose more energy in an hour than even the United States could use in a hundred million years! Not until March 7, 1973 did the Czech astronomer, Lubos Kohoutek, discover the possible cause: A giant comet bigger than the world has ever seen, racing through the solar system toward the sun at a speed of over a million miles an hour!

7. DURING AUGUST OF 1973 A HUGE SOLAR FIRE STORM half as big as the sun flared over half a million miles into space together with other colossal eruptions all over the sun's surface toward the comet in the midst of what was supposed to be the sun's quietest time in its eleven year cycle of sunspot activity!

8. SOVIET, EUROPEAN AND U.S. SATELLITES, INCLUDING SKYLAB, IMMEDIATELY SHOWED that planetary magnetic fields in space had suddenly jumped to a hundred times their usual strength!

9. EMERGENCY SESSIONS OF THE AMERICAN GEOPHYSICAL UNION were quickly held in San Francisco to try to figure out what was causing the solar wind to be whipped into raging hurricanes of force bombarding the planets of the solar system, including the Earth.

10. THE SUN WAS LITERALLY EXPLODING with energy more potent during its quiet period than during its maximum rash of sunspots! Skylab detectors were clicking away continuously and Houston solar scientists were exhausted trying to watch these waves of cosmic power!

11. ON SEPTEMBER 7‚ 1973, EXACTLY SIX MONTHS AFTER THE DISCOVERY OF KOHOUTEK, ANOTHER HUGE SOLAR EXPLOSION occurred which blasted a gigantic body of solar matter ten tines the mass of the Earth itself toward our planet at a rate of 30,000 miles a second from 93 million miles away!

12. IN HALF AN HOUR THIS PROTON BOMBARDMENT REACHED THE EARTH'S DETECTOR SATELLITES and lasted for two hours causing power and communications disruptions in the Northern Hemisphere for 48 hours along with a worldwide wave of freakish weather and contained enough electrical energy that it could have provided the whole world of man with enough electricity for ten thousand years and was equal to one hundred million tines the Earth-shaking power of the devastating San Francisco quake of 1906!

13. IT IS SIGNIFICANT TO NOTE that each of these tremendous happenings occurred on the seventh of each of the months mentioned, the first one exactly seven months before the comet was discovered and the next great ones seven months after it was discovered! God certainly tried to warn us of what to expect when it arrived! By the time some of you receive this latest information even more will have happened.

14. THE FAMED DISCOVERER OF THE PLANET URANUS, SIR JOHN HERSCHEL‚ who was also an astrologer, claimed that comets cause warm summers, epidemics, potato blights, etc.‚ Accordingly, the Summer of '73 was unusually warm, there was a massive potato blight in the U.S. and a sweeping epidemic of cholera in Italy!

15. THE HISTORIAN JAMES WILSON CLAIMED THAT COMETS ARE ALWAYS PRECURSORS OF WAR and bring great heat followed by extreme cold. As we all now know, the fiercest fighting in the Mideast in a generation broke out between the Arabs and Israelis in the Fall of '73 on October 6th at the end of that unusually hot summer, and the winter of '74 is already proving extremely cold.

16. THERE HAVE ALSO BEEN A RASH OF UFO REPORTS which may be related phenomena. Of course, as far as I'm concerned, UFO's or flying saucers, these discs or circles of mysterious light which travel at speeds and changes of direction unknown to man or hover silently with a stability thus far unattained by any of man's space vehicles are nothing more or less than angelic creatures or spirit beings commonly known as angels and often represented by halos in early Christian art.

17. THEY WOULD CERTAINLY INDEED BE ACTIVE at a time like this, as were the inhabitants of Hell on my visit through the "Green Door" (see Letter NO.262)! You'll find more of this in our studies on the spirit world.

18. COMET KOHOUTEK IS COMING FROM THE DIRECTION OF THE ZODIAC SIGN OF LEO AND HEADED TOWARD AQUARIUS! Astrologers were telling us even before these recent events occurred that this meant troubles in Italy, France, the Mideast, the Soviet Union and the U.S.‚ and they promised an Arab-Israeli war before it erupted.

19. THEY, TOO, PREDICT THAT THIS LEO-AQUARIAN MESSENGER IS A HARBINGER OF INTERNATIONAL DISCORD, deaths of great men‚ scarcity of food, bloodshed in the East, earthquakes, drought, etc. Eastern troubles will pass quickly, but Western troubles will last a long time, so they say. The severest effects they foresee to occur as late as mid-August of '74 long after the comet has gone on its deadly way!

20. THE ANCIENT SCHOLAR JUNCTINUS SAID THAT A LEO COMET WOULD BRING A SCARCITY of wheat and the death of a Prince of the Church‚ and its after-effects can be expected to be far more lasting and stupendous than those of other comets, including the overthrow of governments and a possible nuclear holocaust. Others foretell an intense cold wave in the Soviet Union and terrible headlines in the U.S.

21. ASTROLOGERS WERE ALSO WARNING before Kohoutek's discovery that a wholly different kind of energy force would soon be intruding into our system causing great confusion, scarcities, fear, a long period of economic chaos, disintegration of governments, fall of leaders and great catastrophes along with record-breaking weather. Velikovsky's "Worlds in Collision" even goes so far as to predict the possibility of recurrent global destruction.

22. MANY GREAT SCIENTISTS WERE ALSO ASTROLOGERS‚ including such historical giants as Aristotle, Kepier, Franklin, Galileo, Copernicus‚ Socrates, Plato and Newton, to name a few. All were convinced that comets appeared at times of change, confusion and cataclysmic disasters.

23. ODDLY ENOUGH, DESPITE THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF RELIABLE EYEWITNESS CONFIRMATIONS of these predictions and their fulfillments by astronomers and astrologer throughout history, many smug modern scientists of the mere past 100 years have scoffed at such "superstitions."

24. HOWEVER, A TEAM OF ASTROLOGICAL-ECONOMISTS, Louis and Muriel Hasbrouck, have developed a system of Space-Time Forecasting involving cosmic and solar influences on the Earth which proves that these force waves do affect changes in the stock market and other economic areas‚ as they seem to affect people's feelings about buying or selling at certain times, being "mood-movers."

25. SAGA'S DOCUMENTATION GOES ON IN GREAT DETAIL to list scores of the usual traumatic events which have occurred at the appearance of every comet throughout millenniums of recorded history, which should be sufficient testimony to convince any sceptic of their reliable witness to these invariable and multitudinously repeated occurrences caused or signified by comets.

26. GREATER DETAILS ARE ALSO GIVEN REGARDING THE DOCUMENTED FACTS OF THE COLLISION WITH THE EARTH of the very small comet of June 30, 1909, in Siberia in which thousands were killed, villages vapourised and thousands of square miles of sturdy forest flattened. It was accompanied by a suddenly bright sky, a ball of fire, a thunderous roar and a stupendous crash seen 250 miles away and heard 600 miles away and leaving 200 huge craters for a hundred miles' radius around the point of impact!

27. IT IS CALCULATED THAT IF THIS TINY COMET HAD ARRIVED FOUR HOURS SOONER IT WOULD HAVE WIPED OUT THE GREAT CITY OF LENINGRAD. May God forbid that this one should strike the Earth! Its passing effects are bad enough! NO wonder the astrologers called comets the "fearful stars of horrid hair!"

28. DR. J.A.H. WALKER OF ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA HAS MADE MANY ASTOUNDINGLY ACCURATE ASTROLOGICAL FORECASTS‚ including Kennedy's assassination. He predicted some time ago that a comet would bring catastrophe to the Catholic Church with mutinous rebellion of the Jesuits which would destroy it.

29. ASTROLOGER-PROPHETESS JEANE DIXON OF WASHINGTON, D.C., WHO ALSO FORECAST the very day of Kennedy's death and the manner of his assassination, has predicted in her book, "Gift of Prophecy" published in the late '60s‚ that she saw in vision the Pope wounded in the head and slumped in his throne with blood streaming down. She believes this is also the secret prophecy which was given by the Lady of Fatima in Portugal but which has never been released by the Catholic Church.

30. DR. WALKER ALSO PREDICTED THAT THIS COMET WOULD BRING SUCH STUNNING EVENTS not only to Italy with worldwide repercussions, but also an Armageddon ignited by the Mideastern tinderbox centered on Israel with her back to the wall and spread terror to the world bringing an end to freedom in the United States.

31. A WAR IN 1974 INVOLVING AMERICA WILL SLAUGHTER HALF THE POPULATION OF THE SOVIET UNION which will then be occupied and reorganised by the Chinese until 1992.

32. MEANWHILE, HE SAYS A MODERN ATTILA OR GENGHIS KHAN WILL ARISE TO LEAD THE WORLD BY 1985-no doubt the same young world leader envisioned by Jeane Dixon to arise about that time, the same world dictator and superman predicted by the Bible to lead the Earth's last one-world government, an absolute dictatorship which saves it temporarily from its doom only to precipitate the final Great Tribulation just before the return of Jesus Christ.

33. ALL OF THESE PREDICTIONS COINCIDE ALMOST EXACTLY with the interpretations of Bible prophecy and our own personal revelations in recent years which place the Second Coming of Christ about 1993 after all these foregoing events, What an amazing correlation of the forecasts of scientists, astrologers and prophets alike!

34. SURELY THIS SHOULD BE ENOUGH TO CONVINCE YOU, along with events you are now experiencing that this comet does mean something‚ has already had calamitous effects upon us and portends even worse! Surely to be forewarned is to be forearmed with a readiness of preparation to receive these events in stride and survive them if possible.

35. IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH THE DETAILS OF THE EVENTS TO COME nor know how to help yourself and loved ones to survive, we suggest you write to us immediately for the related pamphlets on these subjects listed herein. God can save you and yours!