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David Berg

—MODecember 2, 1973No.282A—DFO

P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England Or BP 752, 75123 Paris, Cedex 03‚ France

1. I'LL NOT BACK DOWN ON ANYTHING THAT HAS BEEN A DIRECT PROPHECY FROM THE LORD!—That I know is the Word of God! But with a lot of the assumptions or guesses or whatever you want to call them‚ of my natural reasoning, when I say I think so-and-so is going to happen. I could be mistaken. I'm only a man and I can make mistakes. I could be wrong. But I haven't been very often.

2. SOMEONE WROTE ME A LETTER SAYING‚ "WELL, NOW THAT WE KNOW THE EXACT DAY THAT AMERICA IS GOING TO FALL AND BE DESTROYED, I think we ought to do so–and-so and so-and-so." Who the hell ever predicted the exact day that America was going to fall? You see how people can misinterpret what you say?

3. NOWHERE DID I SAY THAT THERE WOULD BE SOME EXACT DAY WHEN AMERICA WAS GOING TO FALL! All I said was, God is giving two 40-day periods of warning. What is going to happen I don't really know, except that I gather from what the Lord said by direct prophecy that it means the fall of America. I believe that has something to do with it. But when I don't really know. Sometimes comets have appeared two or three years before the event actually happened, whatever it was. But at least if it does happen at the end of the 80 days we won't be surprised will we?

4. I'D RATHER HAVE THE WARNING AND NOT NEED IT, THAN NEED THE WARNING AND NOT HAVE IT! But I don't like it when somebody says I predicted the exact day of the fall of America.

5. WHAT THE LORD SAYS IS GOING TO HAPPEN‚ WHEN HE GIVES A DIRECT PROPHECY OR DIRECT REVELATION, I BELIEVE WITH ALL MY HEART IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN.—Not always the way we think it's going to happen. but it's going to happen. I know what I saw when I saw the missile war: I saw it as clear as anything. And I know what I saw when I saw the towers falling—all those terrible things that I saw happening in that horrible destruction. I don't know whether they're one and the same.---Maybe they're two different things, I got them at two different times, but maybe they're the same, I don't know. The Missile War was on the end of "Ivanovitch" and the towers falling on the end of the "Phoenix," but I saw those just as clear as a picture, so I know they're going to happen sometime!

6. BUT, FOR GOD'S SAKE, DON'T GO 'ROUND TELLING PEOPLE WE KNOW THE DAY AMERICA'S GOING TO FALL or that at the end of the 80 days America's going to fall! That is a very bad thing to do and a very dangerous thing to go around saying because I never said it! So, when it doesn't happen they're going to say I'm a false prophet!

7. I WANT TO CHALLENGE ANYONE TO PROVE FROM ANYTHING I HAVE WRITTEN THAT I SAID DEFINITELY AMERICA WAS GOING TO FALL ON A CERTAIN DAY! I did not! That's just what some people may be gathered from what was said. I'm not saying it might not happen! I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it does! You and I know that that comet is not coming for nothing!—That's one thing you can be sure of! Even if you don't believe a word I've said or anything God ever revealed to me, you know, if you believe in God at all, that this is His Creation. He doesn't send those comets for nothing and it's been proven by history that something always happens.

8. FROM WHAT THE LORD SAID IT SOUNDS TO ME LIKE THE FALL OF AMERICA—that's the way I'm saying it‚ I'm not saying specifically, I'm saying it sounds to me like the fall of America! I was very careful to word all of my things along that line, and not say it was any specific day, or that I knew that's when it was going to be. I don't think there's anything in those Letters where I've said that definitely.

9. I'M REALLY LEARY ABOUT TIME PROPHECIES! So, how could so many people have the gall to write me such a letter? Now, if they were just stupid little children and it was just plain childish ignorance, I'd forgive them. You don't blame poor little kids for making stupid little mistakes‚ they're just children. But those people are supposed to be leaders. They're supposed to be able to read MO Letters and know what they say! But, I got a terrible spirit off that letter! I'm sorry to say it but I did!

10. IT WAS LIKE THE VOICE OF SATAN TAUNTING ME, literally taunting me, "Ha! You're predicting the fall of America on a certain date! Now watch & see what happens! I'm going to prove you're a false prophet!" Those poor little ignorant kids.—They may not have meant anything by it, but if that's what they thought I said, they were deluded by the Devil and they better get in better tune and they better read those Letters more carefully. They better be more in the spirit than that!

11. SOMETIMES I BEND OVER BACKWARDS TO TRY TO KEEP FROM BEING TOO SPECIFIC. I can't be specific because God never told me that America was going to fall on any particular date. God has told us time and time and time again that America is going to fall. I think those revelations seem to indicate that that's the event God's talking about and why the comet is coming. All signs point in that direction‚ but it's like circumstantial evidence until God specifically states it! If God says it's going to fall on a certain date that's a different story. But if He doesn't say a specific date neither can we! Sometimes God likes to keep you in the dark about the exact times, exact hour or day because some people will always wait till the last minute.

12. IT'S JUST LIKE THE ENEMY TRYING TO GET ME INTO A TRAP and trying to discredit the Word of God as being false! I'm sure the kids themselves had good intentions, but the fact is, the Enemy got in there somewhere, because I never said anything about the date that America was going to fall or Nitler.

13. YOU KNOW A MAN LIKE NITLER'S GOT TO FALL.—Just because of the general principles of God, he's got to fall. I mean you don't have to be a prophet to predict that, he's already falling, for God's sake! You know America's got to be checked, you know she's got to fall, you don't have to be a prophet to predict that! God has told us that dozens of times.—But the exact date I have never predicted.

14. I KNOW GOD GAVE ME A 40-DAY PROPHECY and I know those two 40-day periods have some significance, but exactly what I don't know for sure. Now, I'll say I believe that's a little different, not I know but I believe, they have something to do with the fall of America and the fall of Nitler.—That's different! But not once in anything did I predict that America is going to fall on a certain day.

15. GOD MUST BE WARNING US OF SOMETHING OR HE WOULDN'T WARN US! Something's going to happen!—Therefore, I don't want their blood on my hands and I want them to get out if possible, but I still didn't say that it's going to happen on a certain date because God never told me that. All I know is that there are two 40-day periods of warning.

16. THE WARNING BEGAN EXACTLY ON THE NIGHT OF THE DAY THAT THE CEASE-FIRE BEGAN when they were all crying‚ "Peace, peace, peace!" That began the first 40 days, and the warning will end exactly on January 31st! How about that!—Think of that! Why would I ever dream up such a thing as that? I mean I never figured all that out‚ the Lord did! But exactly what's going to happen, I don't know.

17. I HAVE TOLD YOU IN ORDER TO BE FAITHFUL TO WARN YOU! GOD ALWAYS GIVES A WARNING! HE SENDS THIS COMET AND TELLS US THAT WE HAVE 40 days to get ready and another 40 days of warning! The first warning is for us and the second warning for the world. I've warned you of what I think it is‚ what I believe it is, that it has something to do with the fall of America and the American System.—Everything's heading up that way! It sure could happen easy enough with the oil crisis and the war and everything else, and Nitler's a madman! And from what the Lord has said, that seems to be what is indicated, but He has not ever once that I have known of in any of those Letters been so specific that I said America's going to fall on January 31st. It may, wouldn't you be surprised? I don't think you would! I don't think I would either! I doubt if it will happen before that!—I don't know! So‚ my first guess is naturally that I personally believe it has something to do with Nitler in America. Whether my guess is right or not, we'll soon see.

18. YOU GUYS MUSTN'T TAKE MY GUESSES AND MY SUGGESTIONS AS THE LAW. God is His own boss, and He is going to do things the way He sees fit. I believe something's going to happen. When I say "I believe" you guys, God bless you, you're so trusting, well then it's going to happen. Just because I believe it's going to happen‚ doesn't necessarily mean it's going to happen.—I could be wrong. I may be guessing and mean Nitler and America, when it might be the Prince of the Powers of Darkness of America that will be overcome at that time. After that, America will be a pushover when the Devil stops protecting her, and God has won the battle in the spirit world!

19. THE ONLY DIRECT PROPHECY I THINK I GOT IN THAT WHOLE LETTER, outside of the two verses and the Lord's guidance on those 40-day periods, was this—"Beware unto them which behold the end of the 80 days." Who? Where? Who is God warning? I expect to behold the end of the 80 days.—What's God warning me about? Don't you expect to be alive January 31st?—By all normal faith and reasoning you probably will, God willing. He's warning all of us to beware!—But notice He did not say, Woe unto them which behold the end of the 80 days. A lot of people misinterpret things, misunderstand. What does "beware" mean? It literally means "be warned". I have warned you.—That's fact. Everyone of you that's still alive on January 31st the Lord is saying‚ don't forget I warned you of whatever's going to happen, whenever it's going to happen.

20. "BUT BEWARE UNTO THEM WHICH BEHOLD THE END OF THE 80 DAYS which I have shown thy father David." That was a direct prophecy of God and I believe it! I'm going to beware! I'm going to be looking around and wondering what's going to happen. I'm so wary I listen to the news all the time! I hate to miss those news breaks!

21. "SO SHALL THE FUTURE BE AS I HAVE TOLD THEE BEFORE." What has God told us before? What is the future going to be? He's told a lot of us a lot of things about the future. "Even so shall the future be as I have told thy father. It shall come in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye! But they will not believe your father." Is that a warning, that last thing, they will not believe your father? Because it didn't happen at the end of 80 days, is that why they're not going to believe me? Are they going to go off scoffing saying, "Ha! See! It didn't happen—false prophet! It's not going to happen!" and then—Boom! It would really catch them napping, amen? Wouldn't that be a good way for the Lord to really trick them? I mean they'll all be waiting—let's wait and see if it's going to happen—but then if it doesn't happen right at the end of 80 days ... you know what? That sort of thing weeds out the unbelievers and the scoffers and it makes them show their true colours. "Ha, ha, I never believed it the whole time! See, it didn't happen. I knew he was a false prophet."—And then God can really judge them.

22. NOAH DIDN'T KNOW HOW IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN EITHER‚ I suppose he thought it was going to happen right away, very soon, especially as soon as he got the ark built. But he waited days and days and days after he got the ark built before it even started raining.

23. MY PERSONAL OPINION IS THAT'S THE WAY AMERICA IS GOING TO BE DESTROYED!—BOOM! I think she's already being destroyed. She's crumbling now, but when she really gets wiped out I think it's going to happen suddenly! I mean that's the picture of Babylon‚ in one hour, it says. Either it's going to be an earthquake, or the comet, or atomic war, or I don't know, but that's my opinion, that's what I believe.—You don't have to believe it! But I believe He's talking about America, and I believe her judgement's going to come suddenly, and I believe it's going to happen sometime soon! That's my opinion.

24. MOST OF THE THINGS I BELIEVE, HAVE HAPPENED. But God didn't exactly say that, so please do not misinterpret me and go around saying that I said America's going to fall on the 31st of January.—I did not! If you are that specific and that foolish to predict it, I don't think people will believe you anyhow!

25. I DON'T KNOW, MAYBE I'M WRONG ABOUT THAT, but since I am your leader and I am your prophet and God uses me as His channel, that doesn't mean that you can't prophesy, but any outstanding new revelations which come to you first and not to me I'd be leary of. I'm inclined to believe that the Lord would reveal things to me before He'd reveal them to you! Now if they are an enlargement or confirmation or a little more detail about something that God has given you through me, that's fine—it's like the Bible. It's like what God has given me is filling in some of the details of Biblical truth.

26. I'D BE LEARY OF ANYTHING THAT IS TOTALLY NEW AND NOT IN THE BIBLE OR NOT IN THE MO LETTERS! I mean you've got to watch out about misinterpreting what people say, twisting our words. Are you going to go out now and say that the heat of this comet is going to be seven times the heat of the sun‚ just because in this prophecy it says, "O God, that they might believe the words thou hast given unto their father! O Jesus, that Thou wouldst have mercy upon those that hear the words of their father!" Now, this is a prayer, "O Jesus, have mercy upon them that they may repent at the words of their father! For the heat of the sun shall be as seven fold and men shall gnaw their tongues for pain." What sun? When? I don't know! I put in there the word "comet"‚ question mark! I'm just suggesting maybe it's the comet! Does this mean, in other words, the comet is going to strike the earth? I'm suggesting a possibility.—Maybe the comet will pass that close to some part of the earth or even strike the earth.

27. THEY CLAIM THEY KNOW ALL ABOUT COMETS BUT THEY DON'T. They don't yet know exactly what a comet's made of. They've got all kinds of theories but they talk about it like they knew all about it. They don't yet know what the head's made of, they don't know what the tail's made of, or what makes it shine. They don't know anything about it.—Isn't that amazing? But oh boy, they hate to admit they don't! Isn't that something? They don't know if it's made out of rock or ice or gas or electricity or what! But they theorise that since it travels like it does it must have mass, since it seems to be gravitationally effective it must have mass, and that to be that large, come that far, shine that brightly and be this affected by the sun's and earth's gravitational pull and so on, that the head must weight several million tons at least. But let me tell you, if several million tons struck a spot on this earth they'd know it! And the heat would probably be more than seven times the heat of the sun, I don't know. If it even passed awful damn close it would be pretty hot!

28. I SUPPOSE SOME OF THESE STUPID PEOPLE THAT HAVE READ THIS ARE GOING TO INTERPRET THAT I'M SAYING THAT THAT'S ALL GOING TO HAPPEN RIGHT ON JANUARY 31ST. "Why, he said America and Nitler's gonna fall on January 31st and the comet's going to hit the Earth and the Sun's going to get seven times as bright!" O, my Lord, how people can misinterpret and get mixed up, but they're just little kids. They sure need to get straightened out. I believe God means what He says.

29. GOD MAY JUST SURPRISE ME LIKE HE DID WITH JONAH AND MAYBE NOTHING WILL HAPPEN‚ at least nothing I know about, what we can see or hear or read about. I don't know. I'm just a man. All I do is tell you what God tells me and how you or I interpret it‚ that's something else.

30. BUT I'M AFRAID NOT TO TELL YOU AND I AM AFRAID NOT TO TELL YOU WHAT I THINK IT MEANS TOO, EVEN IF I'M WRONG. I have told you a lot of times what I thought things meant, and just about every time that's the way it's worked out. I don't know any major thing I've been wrong about except Israel being our Promised Land and God's Chosen People, and I got that idea from my childhood onwards, that's my old church hangover. But when God showed me that was wrong I told you. And I'll tell you, that we're God's chosen people instead sure has proven to be right in more ways than one.

31. SOME PEOPLE SEEM TO THINK WE'VE WOUND UP ON THE SIDE OF THE ARABS‚ when the fact of the matter is we're only on God's side and whatever side He's on at the moment, and that's the right side of any question. It just so happens that right now the Jews are on the wrong side in this particular controversy and the Arabs are on the right side, so both God and we are with them as long as their cause is just and they deserve God's help.

32. SOME PEOPLE MISINTERPRET THIS AS MEANING THAT WE ARE, THEREFORE, ANTI-JEWISH, when this is not really true. Some of us are actually Jews in the racial sense and all true Christians are the children of Abraham by faith. So we are also Jews by faith, having accepted Jesus as our Messiah, which makes us more Jewish than the so-called Jews themselves who have rejected Jesus. …

33. THE FACT IS THAT WE AS CHRISTIANS LOVE EVERYONE‚ even our enemies, and we grieve for these Jewish enemies of Christ for whom we pray. God loves them, too, and even His judgements upon them are His loving chastisements on their unbelief trying to turn them back to faith in Him and His Son.

34. SO WHO IS ON THE LORD'S SIDE? We are, and all those that follow God and keep His commandments to love Him and our neighbours. In not loving Jesus, the Jews are not loving God‚ and in not loving the Arabs and recognising their rights the Israelis are not loving their neighbours. So God is against them at this point. His messages to them and the world through us, such as "The Real War", "Israel Invaded"‚ etc., are even God's loving warnings to try to persuade them to do what is right and to repent of their wrongs 'ere His judgements fall upon them for their sins.

35 SOME HAVE MISTAKENLY TAKEN SOME OF THESE MESSAGES AS BEING MOSTLY FOR THE ARABS, when actually they are primarily God's messages for both the Jews and the rest of the world to try to help them see the righteousness of the Arabs' cause and sympathise with the rights of the Palestinians who deserve their help.

36. I BELIEVE SOMETHING'S GOING TO HAPPEN AT THE END OF JANUARY. I'm warning the people in the States, you better get out if you can. I don't know what's going to happen. But I believe something's going to happen. "Remember: We warned you! And God has been warning all of us for years! Now is the time! It's later than you think! Hallelujah! The End is near!"—The end of what? Well, I believe the end of something is near, I don't know what!

37. I'M INCLINED TO BELIEVE IT'S THE END OF AMERICA, aren't you? What other leading world power is there but America that's ready to collapse and fall? Comets almost always signify the fall of a world power or its king. And which one is riper for fall than America? Certainly not Russia‚ Russia is the up and coming young power‚ the new rulers of the world. So is China, so is Gaddafi. America's the old has-been. America's the empire that's ready to fall, collapse. It doesn't take much sense to figure that out. But I may be wrong.

38. WELL THAT'S IT! DON'T GO AROUND PEDDLING ON THE STREET'S SAYING‚ "HEY, HAVE YOU HEARD, AMERICA'S GOING TO FALL ON JANUARY 31ST?" Or it just could be you'll wind up the biggest fool in town and we'll all be made fools of. Why don't you do like Jonah did?—He just went down the streets. "40 days and Nineveh shall be destroyed! 40 days and Nineveh shall be destroyed! 40 days and Nineveh shall be destroyed!" Let them try to figure out what you mean! Like the newsboy on the streets in Los Angeles‚ every time we passed him he was holding up the new newspaper, "It won't be long now! It won't be long now! It won't be long now!"—I mean you could have interpreted that a half a dozen different ways. Nothing wrong with quoting scriptures!—But going out there and telling them you think you know exactly what's going to happen and when it's going to happen, that's a different story.—But I'll sure be glad when it happens that we warned them.

39. JONAH JUST SAID 40 DAYS AND NINEVEH SHALL BE DESTROYED. He didn't know how it was going to be destroyed. He didn't know how soon after the 40 days it would be destroyed‚ all he knew was they had 40 days' time to repent and 40 days of warning. And the fact of the matter, he didn't even know if it was going to be destroyed except that's what God told him to do. And he just obeyed the Lord and that's all I've done.

40. GOD TOLD ME TO WARN YOU AND WARN THEM AND WARN THE WORLD AND I'M DOING IT. If He doesn't do it, that's His business.—Or if He doesn't do it the way I think He's going to do it or I thought He was going to do it, or the way I guessed He was going to do it, or the way I believe He's going to do it.—God's able to do it any way He wants to do it. Right? My conviction is that something is going to happen at the end of this period. How soon I don't know, but I know it's God's warning and I know it's not for nothing! It's got to be for something and my personal conviction is that it's America.—And I don't believe I'm wrong, and I'm usually right, but I could be wrong, but I doubt it! But I still didn't say America's going to fall on January 31st. I believe somewhere around there that it's going to happen. God may have other ideas! Maybe they'll pray and repent and call out to God when they see the comet, and ask Him to forgive them, and God may spare them a little longer!—Who knows?

41. THE WARNING WILL BE OVER AT THE END OF JANUARY, SO IT COULD HAPPEN ANYTIME AFTER THAT. It might take a year, it might take two or three like it has in some cases. Like that particular Roman emperor, he scoffed about the comet, but he died the next year. You see that's the trouble with time prophecies, people immediately misinterpret them and try to twist them.

42. WHEN I SAID SOMETHING ABOUT CALIFORNIA FALLING IN THE OCEAN AND BECAUSE I SAID IT IN THE YEAR 1969, THEY TWISTED THAT AND SAID THAT I PREDICTED IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN THAT YEAR!—I never did! I never made the prophecy in the first place! I just believe it! I may be wrong, but I'll be surprised if it doesn't happen 'cause I think that State really deserves it! With FreeCOG and Ronald Reagan and the rest of his gang, Black Lightning and whatnot, they deserve it! America deserves it! Nitler deserves it! But not once have I ever predicted the exact day. I didn't even say it had to happen this coming year, but I'm inclined to believe it probably will happen, that's my interpretation of the prophecy. It's one thing to accept direct prophecy. It's another thing to interpret it or misinterpret it.

43. JEANE DIXON HAS PROPHESIED A LOT OF THINGS BUT I EVEN HAD TO SHOW HER WHERE SHE MISINTERPRETED ONE OF HERS. In her first book she never said a thing about even being a bit afraid of that snake that coiled itself around her naked body clear up above her bosoms and looked her right square in the eye and what she saw was the knowledge and the wisdom of all the ages and so on. She said she had a good feeling about it. It wasn't until her next book that she realised that that thing was of the Devil. And in the first book she'd never said a thing bad about that young man who's going to rise to lead the world and unite the world's religions and bring peace on earth. She practically heralded him as a saviour. But in her next book, after I got through with that little warning tract, I warned her about it‚ tried to show her, and mailed it to her. She came out in her next book with a totally different interpretation.—Shows the Lord had showed her that that was the Antichrist.

44. PROPHETS ARE ONLY MEN AND WOMEN AND THEY ARE FALLIBLE and they can misunderstand, and they can misinterpret and I can be wrong, dead wrong with an interpretation. I have misinterpreted certain things because I rejected the first answer I got. But almost always the first answer I get is the right one! Sometimes I have rejected that answer because I just couldn't believe it.—It was hard to believe. I gave you a sample of how God leads us in interpretation in "The Frog." Maybe the Lord just wanted you to see how it's a battle and how you learn.—How God showed me the first answer was the right one, but I just couldn't believe it. So, if I reject some of the things I get because they're hard to believe and I try to search around for another meaning I could misinterpret something.

45. WHEN YOU REJECT THE TRUTH GOD LETS YOU HAVE DELUSION. I'm human and the only thing I really know is What God says.—But my interpretation of it could be mistaken. So far I don't think I have been‚ believe it or not! If you read those old Letters you'll find that it's pretty close to the truth, all down the line.—It's all happened just the way the Lord showed it to me. A lot of that was not direct prophecy, but the Lord showed me those things nevertheless, so I certainly have to give Him the credit for it. If there's anything wrong, then they can blame me, it wasn't the Lord's fault.

46. THE SAME THING IS TRUE ABOUT THE KIDS SAYING THAT GADDAFI IS THE ANTICHRIST! I have never ever come out and said he was the Antichrist! I suggested he might be.—I suggested he might even be the False Prophet. I suggested he might be the forerunner of both. I suggested all these possibilities, but what the Lord meant exactly I don't know‚ because not in one direct prophecy that I know of, did God ever call him, or even indicate, that he was the Antichrist! Now frankly, if Gaddafi is definitely going to be the Antichrist, I'm more inclined to believe that the Lord would reveal that to me before He'd reveal it to you. Kind of reminds me of what my mother said to that woman that came up to her one day and said, "Sister, I think there's something you should know about brother So-and-so." My mother said, "I'm on pretty good terms with the Lord. If the Lord wants me to know He'll tell me."

47. THE ONLY THINGS I KNOW ARE THE THINGS GOD HAS SAID. But what they mean, that could be something else—that's another thing. I'll never forget the time when I was walking down the street after talking about Gaddafi in a little hotel in Paris‚ and all of a sudden the spirit hit me boom, like that, and God spoke specific words to me and I know it was God. But exactly what those words mean, that is another thing.

48. IT WAS JUST AFTER NASSER DIED and the Lord said that after him there shall rise another king in Egypt. I mean Sadat had already taken over after Nasser, and the Lord said there shall yet be one more king and in "Pied Piper" Maria was wise enough to ask, that was once she sure asked the right question about Gaddafi‚ and the Lord said he would be second in Egypt, something like that. Well‚ that's already happened if you want to accept the interpretation that Sadat was the first king after Nasser and that Gaddafi is second under him.—That's exactly what he is in United Egypt and Libya. They're having a hell of a time trying to get together because Sadat doesn't want to get together. But if this war goes on and ends in the wrong settlement, that'll be the end of Sadat. The people will lose confidence in him and they'll probably follow Gaddafi. Now, that is a good example of an interpretation. That was not a prediction nor a prophecy and I have said things to that effect in the Letters.

49. MANY THINGS I SAY IN THE LETTERS I AM SAYING AS MY INTERPRETATION‚ or even my guess, that this is what I think is going to happen, but that doesn't necessarily make it so. So far it has happened‚ praise God.

50. I HAD THE BIGGEST BATTLE WITH THAT 40 DAYS' PROPHECY. I didn't want to get it out because I know how many religious leaders and Bible prophecy teachers have been hung on their time prophecies. It was almost the end of the Jehovah's Witness Movement. It was the end of the Adventist Movement of the Millerites because he predicted the Lord was going to come on a certain day and they all got up on their housetops and on their roofs draped in sheets waiting for the Lord to come. Sold everything they had and gave everything away and stood up there all night wrapped up in sheets waiting for the Lord to come. When it didn't happen he was discredited, and that was the end of Miller. People didn't believe anything he said after that.

51. IF YOU GUYS START SPREADING WORD THAT I SAID AMERICA IS GOING TO FALL ON THE 80TH DAY, THAT IS A LIE—I NEVER SAID IT AND GOD NEVER SAID IT! He may have implied it.—I may have implied that I think it's possible, but I did not predict it. But the Devil would love to seize on that and spread that abroad and say that we have predicted America's going to fall at the end of the 80 days‚ and when it doesn't happen, or if it doesn't happen, then he'll say, "Ha‚ ha! They're just a bunch of false prophets. You can't believe a word they say after this!" And that's one of the worst things that can happen to us! I want you all to correct that and correct it fast!—Stop that kind of foolishness!

52. I DID NOT SAY 40 DAYS AND AMERICA SHALL BE DESTROYED! In fact, I didn't even say 40 days and Nineveh shall be destroyed‚ Jonah did! I am merely quoting. He didn't say it in so many words, but that was the idea. God said it!—In fact, Jonah didn't say it, God did, right? God's own prediction. So God didn't do it, so God's a liar? Hm? No, the people repented, so God repented and He didn't do it and Jonah got mad. We have some little Jonahs running around who are broadcasting this blah, blah, blah on the streets and expect America to fall on the 40th day, and then they're going to get mad and disgruntled and upset and disillusioned and start murmuring that we're false prophets because it doesn't happen.

53. I CHALLENGE YOU TO FIND ANYWHERE IN THERE THAT I SAID AMERICA IS GOING TO FALL ON ANY PARTICULAR DAY. The closest thing that I came to anything like that at all, was I said this, "But God gives us 40 days before the world, then He gives the world 40 days. He gives us 40 days like Prophet Jonah, you know? And then He gives Nineveh 40 days.—And that's the end! Either January 11 or January 21 or January 31, somewhere in there God's going to destroy modern Nineveh, modern Babylon and its king, King Richard—the Last! ... King Richard the Lyin' Hearted! Forty days and Nineveh shall be warned, and 40 days again and Nineveh shall be destroyed!" Now that scripture (Jonah 3:4) I know I got from God‚ and the other one, "Peace‚ peace!—then cometh sudden destruction."—that I know was from the Lord. I believe I got the right interpretation from the Lord. I believe something is going to happen, that's my conviction, but I don't know it, or know what or know the exact day!

54. BUT I DON'T WANT THEIR BLOOD ON MY HANDS! I don't want to be unfaithful and not warn the people! I delivered my soul and I've told you what I thought it means. It's my conviction that something is going to happen. What and the exact day, I don't know, but it has something to do with the 40 days and 40 days. "40 days and Nineveh shall be destroyed." Who knows, maybe God might have put off the destruction a year after the forty days. Forty days and Nineveh shall be destroyed when? At least He gave them 40 days' warning. He could have destroyed it anytime from that moment on and He would have been playing it fair.

55. ALL I KNOW IS GOD IS GIVING TWO PERIODS OF WARNING, 40 DAYS AND 40 DAYS, that I know!—That's what the Lord gave me very clearly. What's going to happen and when and how much longer after that I don't know.—Or whether it's going to be at the stroke of midnight January 31st I don't know. But don't let anybody go around saying that I predicted the exact date of the fall of America. I don't like that!

56. I WOULD RATHER COME TO THE END OF THE 80 DAYS AND HAVE NOTHING HAPPEN AND HAVE THEM CALL ME A FALSE PROPHET, THAN TO COME TO THE END OF THE 80 DAYS AND HAVE IT HAPPEN WITHOUT WARNING‚ BECAUSE I WAS AFRAID TO TELL THEM FOR FEAR I WOULD BE CALLED A FALSE PROPHET! That's the battle every prophet has, I had to go ahead by faith and tell them whether it happens or not. I was sticking my neck out when I told you what God told us about Gaddafi.—That was three years ago. I mean I was crazy to do that. Just crazy enough to believe God. I was sticking my neck out because that was so specific that Gaddafi was going to become so very important. I mean we were out on the limb, right? But it happened! It happened!

57. "AFTER 80 DAYS PEACE, COMETH SUDDEN DESTRUCTION!"—I believe it! I believe it by faith. How long after, I don't know.—But all God's able to do is give us the warning. If He said He's going to give us 80 days' warning, He's given us 80 days' warning! Right? When it happens after that—that's up to Him and that's our worry, I mean He's given us all the warnings we deserve‚ and the world all the warnings they deserve. It could happen anytime. It can happen on the last day, but I didn't say it was going to happen on the last day.

58. I DID SAY, "JANUARY 31ST MUST BE THE DAY OR CLOSE TO THE DAY." It's obvious that I am guessing there. It does not say January 31st is the day! It must be the day for what? For what? I don't know what's going to happen. Nineveh shall be destroyed. What's Nineveh? My interpretation is He's talking about America‚ the modern Nineveh, the modern ruling power of the world today. What if by that time He means He has destroyed her spiritually or destroyed her spiritual rulers?—Then it will take a little time for her to actually collapse.—Could be in the spirit world.

59. JANUARY 31ST WAR—WHAT WAR? Where? What kind of war? In the spirit world? Political war in America? Eruption of the war in the Mideast? I think this Mideast war's going to explode before that but I could be wrong. Now I will admit anybody who didn't read this in the spirit and very wisely and cautiously could easily have misinterpreted what I said and come up with January 31st, that's the day, the end of the world. But I didn't say that!

60. WHAT GOD HAS SAID I KNOW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT! I know I got those two scriptures, and I know I got those two 40-day periods, that I know came from the Lord. But exactly what's going to happen, how it's going to happen, to what it's going to happen and when it's going to happen, that I don't know. I assume, it's my guess that something is going to happen at the end of that period.—But whether we will know it has happened or not I don't know!

(Further references on interpretation of prophecy can be found in ML#156:15,16,27, etc.)