KEYWORDS: lord, jesus, god, help, thy


David Berg

— A Spirit Love Affair!—MONovember 19‚ 1973GP No.282

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(David describes in the Spirit a recurrent dream: )

1. EUROPE IS OLD AND POOR AND BEAUTIFUL AND DEAR TO THE HEART OF YOUR FATHER, Honey. You come with me and let's love Europe together, okay? Oh, I love Europe! I love them with love forever!—All its dear people in those poor places, you know? You understand? They try to find happiness, but they can't be happy without me, you know? They can't be happy without Jesus. Only Jesus can make them happy. So we have to hurry! We don't have much time left, Honey.—God bless the kids and help them to get it out!

2 GOD BLESS EUROPE! SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND MELLOW and has such grace and such flavour, such experience! She's like old wine, good vintage. Europe's like very old wine, so good, so beautiful, so rare‚ so good for you! She's so wonderful, so precious, so experienced! She makes love to me like you‚ Sweet Baby. I love you, Sweet Baby. I love you, Europe! I love you, Europa! Make love to me!

3. SHE'S THAT GIRL WITH SHORT DARK HAIR, AND SHE'S WOUNDED OR SICK OR SOMETHING, and I carry her in my arms till she recovers. I pick her up and I bear her away in my bosom. She's so beautiful! She's so sweet and she's so helpless, Honey. I have to help her, Honey Baby, You know what? She longs for me and she loves me and she don't understand it. You know?

4. SHE'S SO THANKFUL FOR MY LOVE, EVEN THOUGH SHE DOESN'T KNOW ME. She puts her arms around my neck and she clings tight 'cause she's afraid, and somehow she knows that I love her and I'm going to help her and I'm going to see her through. Jesus said so. That's why I keep seeing her, you know? She's so sweet! She's so beautiful and she's so helpless and she needs me so much, you know that? And I love her! I really love her, Honey.

5. IT'S FUNNY: SHE'S THE SAME GIRL I RESCUED IN CALIFORNIA in the Mountainslide and I've been seeing her again lately, and she's always sick and wounded and I have to pick her up and carry her and take care of her, and I have to love her and kiss her and show her that I love her. She's like poor young Systemite that needs help. She's so hungry and she's so thirsty! She's so weak and so helpless!

6. BUT I FEED HER AND I GIVE HER STRENGTH AND I GIVE HER COURAGE AND I GIVE HER FAITH and I build her up.—I do!—So she can go on. Wonderful! Praise You, Jesus! Thank You, Lord! I love You, Jesus! I love you, Europa, so precious to me! I love you‚ Sweet Baby. I'll carry you and take care of you and kiss and love you!

7. ALL THE TIME I SEE HER, AND SHE'S SO LOST AND LONESOME AND SHE NEEDS ME so much‚ and now she sees me! You know? And she believes! You know that? Yes, yes! Thank You, Jesus! Bless her, Lord, in Jesus' name! I don't know: I don't know if I ever find her in person.

8. BUT I KNOW HER AND SHE KNOWS ME AND LOVES ME, and I'm still searching for her. I found her, but I'm still searching for her. I want more of her and I'm still searching for her. I want to carry her in my arms and take care of her. So sweet and so sad! In Jesus' name, bless her, Lord. Have thy way. For Jesus' Sake. Amen.

9. DID I TELL YOU ABOUT EUROPA?—SO BEAUTIFUL AND SO SWEET! She has such dark hair! But she needs to let it grow longer. She needs to get out of the system rut. You know? You remember? I've been seeing her for a long time, ever since we were in Israel. She's my seventh love, right?—That's what she is! I love you, Sweet Baby. You're so good to me!

10. SHE'S SO PRETTY AND SO SWEET, SO REFINED AND GENTEEL! But she's so weak and infirm, almost like she's crippled. I have to take her and pick her up in my arms and carry her. But God loves her. He's going to take care of her. Amen? Bless and keep her and give her strength. Help her to receive the love and words of David. Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus. I love you, Sweet Baby. I love you‚ Sweet Baby!

11. YOU MUST SLEEP, SWEETHEART, AND PRAY FOR EUROPA, She's so sweet and so beautiful, so wonderful, Honey. You know? I love you, Sweet Baby. I have to take her out through the door. I have to get her across the gangplank away from America, you know?—And the stupid American ship! I have to get her away quick before it sinks!

12. SHE'S SO SWEET AND PRETTY! BUT SHE'S SO AFRAID‚ and I have to love her, Honey, and reassure her and be extra good to her. You understand?—'Cause she's so fearful! In Jesus' name, Lord‚ help me to help her! I have to take good care of her 'cause she's sick. You understand? You help me? You promise?—Jesus sent us just in time to catch her, Honey!—You know?


13. AMEN, SO LORD DO HELP US IN JESUS' NAME TO BE FAITHFUL, faithful mouthpieces of thy Words, Thy truth.—Faithful revelators‚ Lord, of the realities of they revelations, to voice Thy Words and Thy pictures, Lord, to show the world what's happening, and where it's really going and why.—And to present to them a decision, make them to choose, Lord, between Thy message and the lies of the Devil.

14. CHOOSE YE THIS DAY WHOM YE WILL SERVE!—If God be God, serve Him!—If Baal be God‚ then serve him! As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord! We must tell them: "If you want to serve Him you can come with us, work with us, join us, live with us, or help us."

15. SO, LORD‚ WE'RE PRESENTING THEM THIS CHOICE, we're giving them this, and we thank You for it, the opportunity to be faithful servants and faithful stewards of the oracles of God, and to give the world the message to deliver our souls, that our hands will be free from their blood, for we will have warned them!

16 WE THANK YOU, LORD, THAT BRITAIN AND EUROPE ARE TAKING A FIRM STAND AS NEUTRALS in this war, refusing to help Israel or either side.—And now America's really going to stand alone, really go it alone this time, thank You, Lord! We believe that Your Word has had some effect in Britain, and that many people have been caused to think about these things and awaken to the truth, that some are heeding Thy warnings.

17. THEY ARE MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICES AND THE RIGHT DECISIONS‚ REFUSING TO BE DRAGGED DOWN BY AMERICA OR DRAWN INTO HER WARS and foolishly siding with the sinking ship! Thank You‚ Lord, for the courage of our leaders, the Prime Ministers and the Foreign Ministers, in making such decisions of strict neutrality, refusing to supply arms to Israel or the Arabs.

18. THIS TIME HELP EUROPE TO REMAIN MEEK AND STAY OUT OF THIS WAR SO THAT SHE MIGHT BE SPARED, Lord, and not join either side, stay out of it completely! Lord, help her, Lord, in Jesus' name, that she might survive to carry on the work of salvaging what's left! And help us, Lord, to be faithful to help those who help Thee and obey Thy Words, who heed them, Lord, and follow them.

19. HAVE MERCY ON THEM! HAVE MERCY ON THOSE THAT HAVE MERCY ON US, Lord‚ and are conscious of Thy truth. We thank You, Jesus for Britain and for Europe who have learned their bitter lessons!—Help them now, Lord, to not forget them under the damnable pressure of damned America! Help Europe, Lord to stick to her position of hands off, stay out, remain meek‚ not become involved as one of the combatants, in Jesus' name. Thank You, Lord!

20. WE BELIEVE YOU'LL BLESS HER FOR REFUSING TO FIGHT and refusing to take part, sticking to a position of peace and neutrality. You'll bless her no doubt, Lord, with Arab oil, for one thing, favour of the Communist world, and with peace instead of strife, in spite of all America may try to do! You'll bless her for not getting involved with America!

21. YOU'RE GOING TO BLESS EUROPE, LORD, IF SHE OBEYS THEE, obeys Thy Word, heeds Thy warning. Lord, You certainly have given Europe a chance, You've saturated her with our doctrine, Thy Words‚ made her conscious of the truth. She's going to be driven now to a choice‚ Lord.

22. SHE'S BEING DRIVEN VERY, VERY MUCH UP AGAINST THE WALL OF CHOICE AT THIS MOMENT WITH THIS WAR, forced to make a decision as to where she's going to stand, and we truly hope and pray, Lord, she will stand for the right and stand for that which is right and that which is true and that which is best and that which is blessed and most peaceful, Thy way, Lord‚ and stay out of this affair‚ out of this war, on either side. In Jesus' name.

23. LORD, HELP HER IF POSSIBLE TO HAVE THE ROLE OF PEACEMAKER! You said, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall inherit the Kingdom of God!" Thank You, Lord! Amen, Lord: Britain as a peacemaker! Give her Thy Kingdom as well and Thy mercy and Thy blessing. If Europe remains as peacemakers, Lord, we believe You're going to bless her. In Jesus' name, thank You, Lord! Help her to be so, in Jesus' name. Amen, Lord! Thank You, Lord!

24. HELP THE POOR BOYS TONIGHT HAVING TO FIGHT THIS DIRTY WAR! Oh God have mercy! Help the side to win, Lord, who deserves to win and have a right to win‚ whose right it is‚ whose lands they are! Help it, Lord, to truly be a peace with honour, and a victory for the righteous cause of the poor, in Jesus' name.

25. SAVE THY CHILDREN, LORD, AROUND THE WORLD! KEEP THEM SAFELY IN THE HOLLOW OF THY HAND‚ in Thy care. Keep them faithful in delivering Thy message‚ Lord, and deliver their souls, so that the blood of this world be not on our hands, and so they will suffer from their own sins. Help‚ Jesus‚ Thy Children everywhere to get the message out quickly, the time is so short!

26. THANK YOU, LORD, THAT WE CAN SAVE AS MANY AS POSSIBLE. Thank You for the wonderful results from Thy Letters, Lord! Souls are being saved, families and homes are being saved!—So many encouraging reports on the good that Thy Word is doing around the world! Thank You‚ Jesus, for Thy faithfulness! Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord!

27. WHAT WAS THAT VERSE IN PSALM 68?—"THE LORD GAVE THE WORD, AND GREAT WAS THE COMPANY OF THEM THAT PUBLISHED IT" Hallelujah! Thank You, Lord! That's our job, Lord. You give the word, You're doing Your part. We just receive it, and it's our job to publish it. Help us to be faithful publishers of Thy Words. Thank You, Jesus! Praise You, Lord! Amen, Lord!

28. "KINGS OF ARMIES DID FLEE APACE, BUT SHE THAT TARRIED AT HOME DIVIDED THE SPOIL" Help us to mind our own business, Lord, and stay at home and divide the spoil (or the oil), and not get involved in the world's wars and all of this! In Jesus' name! Thank You‚ Lord, for not letting us get involved more than we have to, Lord, just by Thy truth in Thy Word. Bless and protect Thy Children from those that will not like the truth, even though sometimes on both sides.

29. LORD, WE'RE CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE! HELP US TO BE FAITHFUL PUBLISHERS OF THY WORD. Thank You, Jesus! Praise You, Lord! Hallelujah! Even so let it come quickly, Lord Jesus, whatever. ... Amen. Amen, girls and boys, God bless you all! I love you and thank you for your faithfulness and all your help getting His Words that are doing such a great work to the world that's waiting for them! Praise God! God bless you!

30. WE'RE ONE OF THE FEW VOICES THAT ARE RAISED FOR THE TRUTH. "The cry of one in the wilderness"! Looks like we're only one in the wilderness compared with the millions! But with God on our side we're a majority, praise God! We're bound to win because we're telling the truth and we're doing God's Work, and if God be for us, who could be again us, Amen? Praise God!

31. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! THANK YOU AND EVERYBODY‚ ALL THOSE THAT ARE HELPING, all of you! God bless you, it's a big job!

32. THEY'RE TERRIFYING WORDS SOMETIMES‚ BUT THEY'RE GOD'S WORDS NEVERTHELESS! Praise God? The prophet said he "saw the Lord great and terrible sitting upon His throne," so ... they're terrible words sometimes, but they're the truth! Thank you, Lord! So God bless you, and I know He will, every one of you that has anything to do with His Words and furthering His Words, getting His Words out to the world! God's going to bless you and you're going to have great satisfaction, for "great is your reward in heaven!"

33. PRAISE GOD FOR A JOB WELL DONE, TO KNOW THAT YOU DID THE JOB AND YOU TOLD THE WORLD WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN, so it's not your fault!—Amen? Praise God! God bless you all. XXX! I really love you and thank you so much for receiving His Words!

34. AMERICA HAS AS GOOD AS DECLARED OPEN WAR ON THE ARABS! They must stick to their guns and not weaken! The Arabs need guts right now. They need the faith to defy America! We need to write and encourage them.

35. KING FAISAL IS THE KEY, he needs to have conviction that he's on the right side, and not side with America‚ Jesus help him, Lord, in Jesus' name.

36. MY GOD, GIVE THE ARAB LEADERS WISDOM, in Jesus' name! Lord God, help them to have conviction‚ O Lord, that Thou art with them‚ and not to be deceived by the God-damned Americans‚ Lord! Help Faisal, O Lord, to be true to his convictions! Help him Lord to cut off America's oil! Help him to help destroy America, Lord! (Prophecy:) Oh that they would listen to the Words that Thou has given unto their father David‚ in Jesus' name, O Lord!

37. "HE THAT GIVETH TO THE POOR LENDETH TO THE LORD AND THE LORD WILL REPAY!" He that heareth the cry of the poor‚ their anguish, God will hear his cry when he needs help, you know? The poor Palestinians need help!—O God, help keep them alive a little longer!

38. MY GOD, DAMN THOSE CHRISTLESS ONES WHO ARE BRINGING THE WHOLE WORLD INTO WAR FOR THEIR GODDAMNED SELFISH PRIDE! I think this is really it, Honey! I think that's what the Lord meant‚ "Prepare ye the way! The time is now!"

39. I THINK THE TIME OF AMERICA'S JUDGMENT IS AT HAND! She's taken the wrong side. All those that help her will go down with her. O my God‚ help Europe not to side with her! Jesus, help Europe to stand firm against America's God-damned anti-Christ leaders, Lord!

40. IN JESUS' NAME, HELP EUROPE TO STAND FIRM! HELP OUR LEADERS TO STAND FIRM, LORD GOD! Help them, Lord Jesus, not to yield to this Christless pressure of the anti-Christ ones, Lord! In Jesus' name! Thank You, Jesus! Jesus, precious Jesus! Help Europe to stick to its anti-guns policy, Lord, in Jesus' name! Help our kids to understand, in Jesus' name! In Jesus' name! Thank You, Lord! O Jesus, help us Lord‚ in Jesus' name!

41. WE MUST BE PREPARED AND BE READY TO RATION THE FOOD AND THE WATER TO SURVIVE IN ANY EMERGENCY, Sweetheart. The kids must have some way to keep warm in case there's no fuel. Thank God we have coal! We must conserve it in case electricity and gas go off. In case utilities go off—-electricity and gas. You understand? It must be "the time," Sweetheart. The Lord said, "Prepare the way"!

42. I BELIEVE HE'S ABOUT TO DEAL WITH AMERICA, Israel is a little bit of America, you know. I think God is ready to deal with America. The U.S. is siding with those who are anti-Christ!

43. THE U.S. IS SIDING AGAINST THE LORD!—In 280 flights they delivered 4 billion tons of war material! Hundreds of aircraft, American aircraft flying through the Azores Islands. This may be it, Honey! The ponce a d'etant of the Jews! That's what Moscow means by that. Three parliaments are hearing it today: Israel, Egypt and England. It's sponsored by those damned anti-Christ Americans! God damn those who are anti–Christ! All those recent Russian internal airline crashes are a result of their sabotage!

44. (BIRDS CHATTER AT WINDOW FOR FIRST TIME SINCE "BYE, BYE, BIRDIE!", See Letter No.231:) THEY HAVE COME TO WARN THE KING and bear the instructions to the king to warn their father David and to tell him that in time of trouble the Lord is with him! Thank You‚ Jesus! They've come to warn us of the time of trouble! Birds are always a sign of God's blessing, and they come back to tell us, to warn us!

45. THEY DIDN'T WANT TO BOTHER ME BUT THEY WANT TO WARN ME! (Maria: Who?) The birdies!—First time they've come back since I told them, "Bye, Bye, Birdies!" They want to warn me it's a time of trouble coming! The spirits were in such a turmoil in the "Green Door" (see Letter No.262), like they were really getting ready for something big!

46. AFTER ALL‚ WHAT IS ALWAYS THE AMERICAN ANSWER TO EVERYTHING?—FORCE AND VIOLENCE! I think the reason she's not worried about the Arab Oil is that she's planning an attack on those Arab countries to grab the oil by force!

47. AS SOON AS I TOLD YOU WHAT THE BIRDIES HAD TO SAY THEY LEFT! God bless them! Praise the Lord! Thank You, Jesus!