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David Berg

—MO November 4, 1973 NO.278—GP

—The Coming Comet of the Century!

(Commentary on an article in "The Boston Phoenix" of October 16, 1973:)

1. THE WORLD IS BEGINNING TO AWAKEN TO THE POSSIBLE IMPLICATIONS OF THE GIGANTIC COMING COMET, KOHOUTEK. Besides the facts already mentioned in our own pervious article‚ "The Christmas Monster", in his article "Kohoutek is Coming!" Mr. Well brings out some additionally-interesting information.

2. HE INCLUDES A FAIRLY ACCURATE MAP OF THE COMET'S NOW WELL-ESTABLISHED TRAJECTORY through the Earth's orbit and around the sun, along with the exact positions of both the Earth and the Comet on certain specific dates and their relationship to each other, plus a good deal more history of past comets and their effects and relationships to specific events!

3. HE TELLS US AGAIN HOW MONSTROUS THIS COMET IS TO BE, much, much larger than Halley's spectacular comet, and which, because of its greatness and brightness, Kohoutek appeared much earlier and further from the sun, nine whole months away before its arrival, which proves the Comet unusually large!

4. IT WILL BEGIN TO BE VISIBLE TO THE NAKED EYE ABOUT MID-NOVEMBER‚ reach the sun on Christmas Eve and then remain visible for an additional six weeks after Christmas, or a total of nearly three months in all!

5. AS IT APPROACHES, IT WILL BE PLAINLY VISIBLE IN THE EARLY MORNING SKY just before sunrise and reach its brightest just before Christmas Week, as well as its fastest speed, then emerge in the evening sky after sunset as it leaves the sun, crosses the Earth's orbit and departs from the solar system.

6. IT SHOULD BE MOST SPECTACULAR IN THE MIDDLE OF JANUARY AS IT COMES CLOSEST to the Earth on January 15, fully visible, in the daytime with its huge tail covering a third or more of the sky, streaming out a hundred million miles long, more than the distance from the Earth to the sun!

7. WHAT AMAZES ME AS I STUDY THE MAP OF THE TRAJECTORY OF THIS HEAVENLY PROJECTILE from outer space is that, as it enters the circular orbit of the Earth and circles the sun, its own narrow elliptical orbit looks very much like the tip of a penis entering the mouth of the orbital vagina of the Earth, with the sun itself as the hole in the tip of the penis! Not only that, but as the comet descends into the mouth of the Earth's orbit it increases tremendously in speed of action, travelling nearly three times as fast as it did in its approach, and reaches its climax on the exact plane of the Earth's orbit just as it swings furiously around the sun at the very turn of the year!

8. IT THEN APPROACHES ITS DEEPEST PENETRATION AND VERY CLOSEST PROXIMITY TO EARTH in the middle of the month, climaxing in its most brilliant emission of pyrotechnical fireworks in its orgasm of intercourse between itself and the Earth!

9. WHO KNOWS WHAT A CLIMACTIC EFFECT THIS MAY HAVE UPON THE EARTH HERSELF and what Earthshaking events she will bear from the fruits of this heavenly rape of her earthly body! What thrilling excitement will this starry emission cause our lives, and what pitch of emotion will we reach during the height of this astronomical orgasm‚ and what will be the final fruits of its deep penetration!

10. WILL THE EARTH LIKE IT OR LEAVE IT, AS HER NEW LOVER DEPARTS? Will she rejoice at his coming, or mourn and bewail his visitation? Will she bear him good fruit that will gladden her heart‚ or some hideous monster that will be a bastardly curse unto her?

11. THE ANCIENTS NEARLY ALWAYS ASSOCIATED THESE COMETLY VISITATIONS WITH THE RAPE OF DISASTER AND THE DEATH OF GREAT LEADERS AND EMPIRES, AS WELL AS THE BIRTH OF THE NEW! Comets signalled the deaths of such greats as Attila and the emperors Valentinian, Vespasian and Charlemagne, Vespasian scoffed at the Great comet of 79 A.D., but he died within the year!

12. THE GREAT JEWISH HISTORIAN JOSEPHUS DESCRIBED HALLEY'S COMET OF 66 A.D. AS A "SWORD OF FIRE" HANGING OVER JERUSALEM shortly before its destruction by the Romans in 70 A.D.! The same comet later signalled the fall of Constantinople to the Turks and Britain to the Normans!

13. A GREAT COMET OF 1528 WAS SO HORRIBLY FRIGHTENING TO EUROPE THAT IT PRODUCED SUCH GREAT TERROR AS TO SCARE SOME people to death and sicken many others with its giant tail the colour of blood!

14. IN 1680, BOSTON'S FAMOUS ORATORICAL PREACHER, INCREASE MATHER, SPOKE OF THE COMET OF THAT YEAR AS "HEAVEN'S ALARM TO THE WORLD", which presaged great changes, calamities and judgements, God's lightning bolt of warning to a sinful world! "God, before He smites us, causeth such sign in Heaven to awaken us out of our security!... Let us prepare for trouble and tribulation!"

15. THIS WAS ABOUT THE TIME OF THE FOUNDING OF NEW YORK CITY WHICH HAS CAUSED PLENTY OF TROUBLE; the last great Turkish onslaught on Europe at Vienna; and the British Revolution, fall of James II and the beginning of the reign of William and Mary—the death of the old and the birth of the new‚ sometimes good‚ sometimes bad!

16. THE RETURN OF HALLEY'S GREAT COMET IN 1910 in the year of Mark Twain's death just before the First World War and the Russian Revolution which surely changed the world, the Earth actually passed through its blazing tail in a baptism of fire which caused a wave of insanity and suicide throughout the Earth! (Abrahim: "O God, may they heed the words of thy prophet David and listen to the words of their father.")

17. THIS INTERRELATION OF COMETS WITH CLIMACTIC EARTHLY EVENTS IS RECOGNISED by the great scientific philosopher, Carl G. Jung, in his concept of "synchronicity" which he calls a "curious principle in the coincidence of events in space and time" and their "peculiar interdependence" having some strange influence on the "subjective state of the observer."

18. SO THESE HEAVENLY EVENTS HAVE A DEFINITE CORRELATION WITH THOSE ON EARTH, and the time of every great comet, therefore, has always been a special time in the Earth's history!


20. THESE EXOTIC STARS RAISE IN OUR MINDS THE SUBLIME CONCEPTION OF GOD! "Will Kohoutek make you think about God and His destiny for you and the world? You cannot escape it! Are you ready for it? If not, write to us or visit us and we'll tell you how to get ready!

21. ONE OF THE MOST ASTONISHING DISCOVERIES WHICH I MADE PERSONALLY ABOUT THE COMET KOHOUTEK was when I was studying the above map of its path in relation to the Earth's orbit‚ and trying to measure for myself its juxtapositions and distances from the Earth on these various coming dates.

22. TO DO SO, I DREW LINES FROM EACH POSITION OF THE COMET ON THESE DATES TO THE CORRESPONDING POSITION OF THE EARTH on each of these same dates, and to my amazement, I found, as you can see that all of these lines from November 1 to the middle of January intersected at exactly the same point in space within the Earth's orbit, so that when they are joined together they have the appearance of an eccentric wheel, all of whose spokes radiate from a common hub to its lopsided rim!—Like God at the centre of lopsided and bungling humanity!

23. AS YOU WILL NOTICE, THIS IS ONLY TRUE FROM THE APPROXIMATE TIME OF ITS FIRST APPEARANCE to the naked eye in November as it is about to intersect the Earth's orbit and enter it to the middle of January when it is at the height of its speed and brilliance as it rises to the exact same plane as the Earth's orbit and approaches the point of its closest proximity to the Earth itself just before exiting from Earth's orbit and flying off into space again!

24. THESE DATES, THEREFORE, SURELY MUST HAVE SOME SPECIAL SIGNIFICANCE FOR ITS INFLUENCE ON THE EARTH, all centering about a common center, like the hub of spokes on an eccentric Solar wheel! As the Comet does not rise to the Earth's actual orbital plane until it passes the sun and approaches its greatest size, brilliance and proximity, I am wondering if this has any particular spiritual significance?

25. WILL ITS APPROACH TO THE SUN HAVE A GREATER SPIRITUAL INFLUENCE UPON US, LIKE A MESSAGE OF WARNING‚ and preparation, while its greatest physical effects may be felt after it passes the sun and approaches the Earth in greater power, proximity and pyrotechnical display?

26. THIS REMAINS TO BE SEEN AND FELT, WHATEVER ITS INFLUENCE MAY BE! Whatever its effects and meaning like a boomerang from the hand of its Maker it will slice through our lives and return to the hand of Him that flung it, as it begins to depart from us by the end of January, 1974 having accomplished its mission, wreaked its havoc or portended its crises and decided its events, whatever these may be!

27. ODDLY ENOUGH‚ AS I CAME TO THIS CONCLUSION I SUDDENLY REMEMBERED THAT WE HAD SEEN OUR LITTLE AMERICAN NERO NITLER CURLED UP ON A BENCH AND SUCKING HIS THUMB in those ne'er-do-well nether regions of the spiritual underworld which we viewed while on our spirit trip through that "Green Door"!

28. COULD THAT HAVE MEANT THAT HE IS SOON TO CROSS THE RIVER STYX AND JOIN THE SPIRITS OF THE DEPARTED WICKED in a polished Hell that resembled a mental institution? Does this mean that he is soon to resign and die because of ill health or be removed because of a mental breakdown or even possibly in his prodigious pride and self-sympathy destroy himself through an overdoes of either his drugs or an attempted military coup?

29. TIME AND KOHOUTEK WILL SURELY TELL! THIS COULD BE THE END OF FASCIST AMERICA AND ITS NEW NAZI EMPEROR and the beginning of a new day for the whole world! We pray God this is so and that the new day will be a better one in the end, as we bid farewell to God's messenger, Kohoutek, and its coming crises! Amen?