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Phoenix, The

David Berg

—A Prophetic Prayer for the Poor!

—MOOctober 21, 1973GP No.276

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1. THE PHOENIX WAS A VERY UNUSUAL AND SUPPOSEDLY MYTHOLOGICAL SPIRIT–BEING with the form of a fabulously beautiful large scarlet and gold-coloured bird similar to the flamingo, with a very melodies voice.

2. IT APPEARS THROUGHOUT THE RELIGIONS OF THE ORIENT, all the way from Egypt to China, but is particularly associated with Egypt and the Arabs, especially the sun worship of ancient Egypt, whose principal magnificent temple was a Heliopolis‚ near Cairo.

3. THE PHOENIX WAS CONSIDERED A GOOD OMEN of prosperity, benign rule and the active principle of life in nature. It also represented resurrection, life after death and eternal immortality.

4. ITS LEGENDARY LIFE LASTED HUNDREDS OF YEARS, at the end of which it built a nest of aromatic spices, set it on fire and was consumed in the flames, from the smoking ashes of which it immediately rose to life again to live a new life of many more hundreds of years! Its presence was considered a blessing, but its departure was a warning of impending doom!

5. THE PHOENIX WAS ALSO SYMBOLIC OF THE ETERNAL SPIRIT which cannot be destroyed‚ but, despite seeming death, shall always rise again. Birds in the Holy Scriptures, or bird–like creatures, particularly in the Prophetic Scriptures, usually represented spiritual beings‚ angels, supernatural powers‚ spirits and even the Holy Spirit of God!

6. IN EGYPTIAN RELIGION, THE PHOENIX WAS THE SOUL OF OSIRIS, GOD OF THE SUN, and was said to have appeared in the sunrise from Arabia. It is also identified with Venus, the morning Star, which in Revelation 22:16, Jesus says that He Himself is—"the bright and Morning Star"! Christ also speaks of His Own Second Coming in the End Time as the rising of the Day Star," or again the Morning Star! (2Peter 1:19)

7. THE EARLY GREEK CHRISTIANS CONSIDERED THE PHOENIX DEFINITELY AS A SYMBOL OF JESUS, "Who came down from Heaven with wings full of fragrant perfume, His divine words!" He did indeed build a nest of spiritual spices, and then offered Himself in death for us‚ only to rise again from the ashes of the grave to live forever!

8. WHAT AN ACCURATE SYMBOLISM! Could He indeed have been represented in ancient mythology by the peerless Phoenix? Even the Phoenix' royal colours of scarlet and gold, its graceful form and lovely voice remind us of Him!

9. IN MALACHI 4:2, JESUS IS SPOKEN OF AS "THE SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS" which shall "arise with healing in His wings … unto you that fear My Name"!

10. I AM CONVINCED AS I HAVE SAID BEFORE, THAT MANY OF THE ANCIENT MYTHOLOGICAL CHARACTERS, EVENTS, AND RELIGIONS HAD SOME ORIGINAL BASES in actual facts, spiritual personalities and past battles, struggles and occurrences in the spirit world, between both evil spirits and good and evil spirits, the angels of God and the demons of Satan!

11. IN THE PROCESS OF TIME AND THROUGH LACK OF SPECIFIC RECORDING OR THE LOSS OF WRITTEN RECORDS, SOME OF THESE ACCOUNTS BECAME CONSIDERABLY CONTORTED, distorted and embellished by word of mouth into some of the odd tales which we have in mythology today which have been handed down to us from thousands of years ago.

12. IF CHRIST HIMSELF, THEREFORE, IS LIKENED UNTO THE SUN, and His Bride the Church unto the moon, only reflecting His glory, and the stars as angels, gods of the heavens, is it any wonder that some of the ancients through the passage of time and the darkness of ignorance of the full truth of God, and for lack of His Holy Scriptures, became confused and misled and began to worship the sun, moon and stars themselves as symbols of their Creator?

13. NO WONDER IN THEIR SPIRITUAL WANDERING HE BECAME TO THEM THE SUN GOD, EGYPT'S OSIRIS, god of all nature and the life-giving Nile, ruler of the spirit world, lord of resurrection and new life, the best, greatest and most beneficent of all Egyptian gods!

14. HIS WIFE BECAME THE VIRGIN ISIS, the good beautiful Goddess of West, Justice, Truth and judgment who introduces the departed spirits to Osiris in their second life in the spirit world!

15. AND COULD NOT THAT FEATHERY PLUME SHE BORE ON HER HEAD HAVE BEEN SIGNIFICANT OF OUR OWN DEAR PHOENIX, the very soul of Osiris, indeed his own son?—In fact she is often pictured with that plume alone as her very head! What a picture of the Wife of God, the church, with Christ as her Head‚ our beloved Phoenix, Jesus! Interpreting these things is like interpretation of dreams and visions which God has given me, Praise His Name!

16. FINALLY, IN RELATION TO THE FOLLOWING VISION, PRAYER AND PROPHECY REGARDING THE FUTURE OF EGYPT AND AMERICA, one of the stories about an eventful appearance of the Phoenix as a messenger of warning has particular significance to me in relation to America and its leadership problems. It goes as follows:

17. BOTH MALE AND FEMALE PHOENIX APPEARED TO EMPEROR WEN WONG (WENT WRONG?)‚ THE EVIL EMPEROR OF THE WEST (NITLER?) with this warning: "The Emperor has no principles! He oppresses the people and has brought disorder to the Empire!

18. "HE CAN NO LONGER BE TOLERATED BY HEAVEN! The powerful Spirits of the Earth have deserted him!" (Like most of his own staff!) How like America and its leadership which God so condemns, curses and predicts its downfall in a very miraculous manner in the following predictive prophecy!

19. AND IT IS ALSO VERY INTERESTING TO NOTE THE NUMEROUS ALLUSIONS TO EGYPT AND RUSSIA and their relationship in the following, wherein Russia is likened to ancient Assyria upon whom the king of Egypt leaned in his defense against Babylon‚ a type of America [and] Israel…!

20. ITS REFERENCES TO THE ARAB-ISRAELI WAR AND ITS OUTCOME‚ and the future of the Libyan Arab leader‚ Mo'amar Gaddafi, are also extremely significant and moving‚ as well as a vivid picture of the final fate of America itself!

21. THIS PROPHETIC PRAYER WAS RECEIVED IN A SPIRIT OF AGONISED WEEPING AND DESPERATE CRYING OUT TO GOD WHEN I WAS VERY ILL during the early morning hours of Sunday, October 21, 1973‚ the day before the cease-fire of the Arab-Israeli War, when it looked like Egypt had lost its objectives of regaining the territories which she had lost to Israel in the Six Day War of 1967: —"A PRAYER FOR THE POOR!"

22. IF SHE LOSES THE WAR, SHE WILL RISE AGAIN LIKE THE PHOENIX, FROM THE SMOKING ASHES OF HER RUIN! For her own arm cannot save her. Only the arm of God can save her! But she is now trying to save herself by the arm of flesh. But the arm of the flesh cannot save her. But she will rise again by the miracle of God!

23. SHE WILL RISE AGAIN BY THE HAND OF GOD, so they all may know it is not her own hand that hath saved her, but the arm of God! And so she shall know, and all men shall know, that God hath saved her by His power and not by the might of her own arm and her own flesh, nor that of her fiendish friends!

24. ONLY THE POWER OF GOD CAN SAVE HER! O Lord‚ in Jesus' name, have mercy! Rebuke her enemies and those which are anti-Christ! Let her not trust her own arm, nor the arm of flesh, nor the arm of her friends. They must cry out to God for salvation, and God can work a miracle before the world to show them only they that trust in the lord can be saved. Them that trust in might, and them that trust in armour and their own might, shall perish.

25. THEM THAT TRUST IN THE LORD THY GOD SHALL BE SAVED AND SHALL RISE AGAIN LIKE THE PHOENIX FROM THE ASHES OF DEFEAT by the miracle-working power of God, like a resurrection! This shall he do, and this God shall do for him, if he crieth unto Him against these anti-Christ enemies, as a testimony unto His holy name forever, and to vindicate His servants the prophets! So shall God do it!

26. THEY THAT TRUST IN ARMOUR SHALL BE DEFEATED but he that putteth his trust in the living God shall never fail! Even though he be smitten, he shall rise again for the glory of the living God! Thine arm is not shortened that it cannot save, neither is Thine ear deafened that it cannot hear, but their sins have separated them from Thee!

27. THEREFORE THOU SHALT HAVE MERCY, O LORD, IN THE TIME OF AFFLICTION‚ that Thou shalt save in the hour that they cry unto Thee. O Lord, our God, have mercy upon Thy Children! Rebuke them that are anti-Christ! Rebuke Israel…! And raise them up which were no people‚ O God‚ who trust in Thy Name and give them strength, O God, and protect them from Thine enemies!

28. O GOD‚ HELP MO'AMMAR TO PRAY UNTO THEE AND CRY UNTO THEE! HELP HIM THAT HE MAY RISE LIKE A PHOENIX FROM THE ASHES OF DEFEAT, TO PROCLAIM THE WORD OF THE LORD FROM ASHES OF DEFEAT, and to bring victory for the glory of Thy Name by Thy hand and the hand of them that love Thee, against them which hate Thy Name, and against them which rise up against Thee, and against them that are anti-Christ …, but [who] shall grovel at Thy feet in the ashes of their ruin!

29. O GOD, HAVE THY WAY! HELP MO'AMMAR TO WEEP UNTO THEE FOR THY SALVATION! O God‚ may he follow Thee and not the voice of man, but the voice of God his Saviour! May he cry unto Thee for Thy salvation against them which hate Thee. Then, O God, Thou knowest it, Thou shalt succour him.

30. O GOD, HAVE MERCY, O LORD‚ UPON THY CHILDREN AND UPON THEM WHICH LEAD THEM‚ O GOD! Curse their enemies, O God, and defeat the enemy armies … which are anti-Christ, them which are anti-God! My God, show Thy arm, Thy strength! (Strong weeping)

31. O JESUS, VINDICATE THY SERVANTS, O GOD! Vindicate Thy Word, O Lord! Vindicate the prophets of God, O Lord, they that proclaim Thy salvation, O Lord! O God, vindicate Thy Word, Oh Lord! Vindicate Thy Word-givers, O God! Give salvation, O Lord! Give salvation by Thy miracles of love unto Thy Children that love Thee, O Lord, they that give Thee the glory, O God!

32. REBUKE THEM WHICH ARE ANTI-CHRIST, O GOD! Rebuke them which hate Thee‚ which despise Thy Name, O God, which spit upon Thee, O God! Rebuke the forces of the Enemy, O God, and the forces of them which call themselves Christians and yet pray for them who are not of God!

33. MY GOD, REBUKE THE FORCES OF THEM WHICH CALL THEMSELVES BY THY NAME BUT ARE NOT THY CHILDREN, O GOD, which side with them which are anti-Christ, them which despise Thy Name, them which hate Thee! O God rebuke them! ... O God, deliver the poor, O Lord, condemn the rich, my God! O my God, show Thyself strong in favour of Thy Children!

34. 0 MY GOD, MY GOD, MY GOD, HAVE MERCY UPON THY CHILDREN! My God, my God, my God, have mercy upon them which cry unto Thee as their Father, crying, "Abba, Abba, Abba, Abba! Allah, Allah, Allah!" O my God, my God, my God, have mercy! O God, my God, my God‚ hear the words, the plea‚ the cry, the tears of their father David‚ O God!

35. O MY GOD, MY GOD, HEED THE VOICE OF THEM THAT CRY UNTO ALLAH‚ they cry to their Father, O God‚ even though they know Thee not! My God‚ they cry for mercy unto Thee that they may know Thee and Thy Christ, Lord, their Saviour, O my God!

36. O MY GOD‚ DRIVE BACK THE FORCES OF ANTICHRIST AND THOSE THAT HATE THEE AND HATE THE NAME OF JESUS, O my God, drive back their armour, and drive back their horses, and drive back their sword, my God, and may Thou defeat them that hate Thee, Lord, and them that would draw forth the sword against Thee, O God, them which slaughter Thy Children, O Lord, them, O God, who hate the poor and who seek the succour of the rich!

37. MY LORD GOD‚ HAVE MERCY UPON THY POOR, O LORD, HAVE MERCY UPON THY POOR! O my God, my God, my God, have mercy upon them that cry unto Thee in their hour of trouble, O Lord! Have mercy upon them that cry unto Thee in distress, O Lord! Have mercy upon Thy poor, O God—even upon those that know Thee not. O Lord, have mercy, for they cry unto Thee!

38. O GOD, REBUKE THE ENEMY! (STRONG, VERY FORCEFULLY:) BY THY ARM AND THY STRONG ARM AND THY FISTS, O GOD, REBUKE THEM AND SMITE THEM, O God, in their very armour, O God, and burn them, O God, in the fires of Thy justice and Thy judgment, O God, and them that defy Thee, and them that spit upon Thy Name! My God, rebuke those that are anti-Christ, O my God, and rebuke them that hate the Name of Christ! Rebuke them‚ O God, who hate You, Jesus, … who say they are Israel and they will never be! O God, rebuke them, O God‚ by the power of Thy might in the Name of Jesus!

39. SUCCOUR THOSE THAT HAVE THE LOVE OF THY FATHER, succour them which have the favour of Thy father, O God, save them which have the favour of David Thy Prophet, O God, save them which have the mercy, Lord, of Thy Children and them which are poor and needy and need Thy help. My God, have mercy! O my God, push back the forces of evil‚ Lord even for the name of Thy Prophet‚ Thy servant, the name of Thy father David‚ even Thy Own Name, O Jesus, vindicate Thy servants and Thy handmaids, O Lord!

40. DELIVER THEM THAT HAVE TRUST IN THEE, DELIVER THY CHILDREN, O GOD, WHOSE PRAYERS RISE UNTO THEE! My Lord God, have mercy, O God, upon those forces, have mercy upon them that trust in Thee, O Lord! They that put their trust in horses and they that put their trust in the sword and in armour, shall be put to shame! But‚ O God‚ them which put their trust in Thee shall never be put to shame!

41. HELP MO'AMMAR, O GOD, TO TRUST IN THEE, O GOD! Help Gaddafi, help him to put his trust in Thee, O Lord! Help him to cry unto Thee, O God! Help him to have mercy, help him to seek Thy mercy, O Lord, to defeat the forces of evil! But the man who puts his trust in the arm of flesh, and who puts his trust in the Assyrian, it shall never bring him salvation‚ O God! But deliver him, Lord, who putteth his trust in Thee!

42. RAISE UP THY SON, O GOD, OF WHOM THOU HAST SPOKEN, LORD, THAT PUTTETH HIS TRUST IN THEE, O GOD! Raise him up and give him power, and raise him up, O God, even from the ashes of defeat, that he may show that Thou art the one who has glorified Thy Name, O God, and only Thou canst vindicate, only Thou canst save, and only Thou canst bring them salvation unto Thy Poor!

43. O MY GOD, MY GOD, SAVE THEM THAT PUT THEIR TRUST IN THEE, O GOD! Save them that put their trust even in their father David, O God! Save them that put their trust even in him which would love Thee, O God! My God, have mercy upon Thy Children, O Lord, Thy little ones, O Thy little ones, Lord, even those that know Thee not but cry unto Thee! O Jesus, have mercy!

44. MY GOD, MY GOD, MY GOD, HAVE MERCY UPON THESE POOR AND THESE LITTLE CHILDREN, LORD, who are so simple and so childlike, Lord, and so foolish! They're so foolish, O God, who can never save themselves, O my God, by their own arm, by this arm of flesh, this arm of armour, O Lord, supplied unto them by them that know Thee not! My God‚ deliver them for Thy glory! My God, save them for Thy sake!

45. MY GOD‚ SAVE THEM FOR THE NAME OF THY SERVANTS AND THY PROPHETS! My God‚ save them for Thy Own Name that is spoken, the name of Thy father David! O my God, save them for the sake of them that love them! Save them, my God, for the sake of them that trust in Thee! O my God, save them for the sake of them that have love for the poor! Save them‚ my God, for the sake of them who would have mercy upon the weak!

46. SAVE THEM‚ O GOD MY GOD, BY THY LONG AND STRONG ARM! Save them, Lord, for the sake of them that cry unto Thee in Thy Name and that trust in Thee‚ O God! Save them for Thy holy Name's sake‚ O God! Save them for Thy Own sake, O God! Save them for Thy holy Word's sake, O God, save them!

47. REBUKE THE POWER OF THEIR ANTI-CHRIST ENEMIES, O GOD! REBUKE THE POWER OF THAT ... THAT GOD-DAMNED, CHRISTLESS NATION AMERICA that Thou shalt smite with the sword and with the voice of Thy Spirit, O God! Rebuke them, O God‚ and rebuke them that look unto them, even them that look unto them that are anti-Christ, that are anti-God, that are against Thy children and against Thy servants, who persecute the poor and who would smite Thy servants, O God, and who would seek to kill Thy Children, O God!

48. MAY MO'AMMAR CRY OUT UNTO THEE O GOD, may he seek Thy help, O God, may he know that Thou art with him, O God, may he bring out of defeat the victory that shall give Thee the glory, O God! In the Name of Jesus, O God, we require it of Thee, O God!

49. IN THE NAME OF JESUS, O GOD, WE DEMAND IT OF THEE, O GOD! We insist, O God, that Thou honour Thy holy Name and Thy holy Word Thou hast given unto Thy prophets‚ O God! We command thee‚ O God, to fulfill Thy Word, Lord, to fulfill the word of Thy prophets‚ O God, to honour Thy Name and the Name of Jesus Christ, O God, that Thou help these that seek Thy help, O God, and deliver them from the hand of their Christless, anti-Christ enemies!

50. IN THE NAME OF JESUS WE ASK THEE, O GOD, DELIVER THEM in spite of everything‚ in spite of all that God-damned America and Russia can do! In the Name of Jesus‚ rise up a mighty one unto Thy glory, O God! Raise up a sign that they may save Thy Children, Lord God, that it shall be honoured‚ and it shall be fulfilled, and that, O God, shall find the victory‚ in the Name of Jesus we ask it!

51. O GOD, HAVE MERCY, O GOD, DELIVER, IN JESUS' NAME, THEM THAT CRY UNTO THEE IN THIS HOUR OF BATTLE! O Lord, vindicate Thy Name, vindicate Thy servants, vindicate Thy handmaidens, Lord! Defeat them, Lord, which curse Thee, which spit upon Thy Name! Defeat them … which call themselves Israel but are not, O God! Even defeat them even by them which are no people‚ O God, them which even know Thee not, O God, but are innocent and ignorant in Thy sight, O God!

52. DEFEAT THEM BY THEM WHICH CALL UPON THE ONLY NAME THEY KNOW, O GOD, ALLAH, them which cry unto Thee, O God, and call unto Allah their Father for succour, and which give glory to Allah, their Father, for victory, O God! Disappoint them not! O God! O God, disappoint them not! Give them victory, O God! Show them Thy truth, O God! Show them Thy victory, O God! Show them where their hope lies, O God, in Thee, and in Thee only, O God!

53. NOT BY MIGHT NOR BY POWER, BUT BY THY SPIRIT, LORD, THOU SHALT DEFEAT THESE THINE ENEMIES WHICH HATE THEE THROUGHOUT ALL THE EARTH in every nation upon the face of the earth, these which go about to destroy them, O God, which love Thee, these which go about to deny Thy truth, these God-damned ones who are anti-Christ, O God, and defy Thee‚ and hate Thee, and who do not love Thee, and do not give Thee the glory‚ who despise Thee‚ and spit upon thee, and who are not Thy Children! My God, defeat the forces of anti-Christ! My God, defeat the forces that would spit upon Thy Name! My God‚ have mercy, have mercy, have mercy!

54. IF DEFEAT BRINGS GREATER VICTORY, THY WILL BE DONE. If defeat makes greater dependence upon Thee, Thy will be done. If defeat causes Thy Children to cry unto Thee‚ O God‚ Thy will be done! But defeat them which kick Thee, O God! Defeat them which crucify Thee! And defeat them which despise Thy Name! Hallelujah! Thank You, Father! Thank You, Jesus! Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord‚ Hallelujah! We believe You're going to get the victory, Lord! We don't know how, Lord, but even in defeat Thou dost bring victory!

55. THEY SHALL RISE AGAIN, EVEN FROM THE ASHES, THE SMOKING ASHES OF DEFEAT, O GOD, LIKE THE PHOENIX OF THY POWER, the Phoenix of Thy resurrection, the Phoenix of Thy Spirit! By the Spirit of God they shall rise again for Thy Glory, to give unto Thy Name and the Words of their father David, O God, and to give thanks unto them that pray for them‚ and to give thanks unto them that have honour unto their David, in Jesus' name.

56. THANK YOU, LORD! O THANK YOU, JESUS! Thank You, Lord! My God have mercy! My God, honour Thy Word, Lord! My God, fulfill the Word that Thou hast spoken unto Thy servants, O God! Have mercy upon the poor and them that cry out unto Thee in their afflictions that Thou shalt save them, O God!

57. REBUKE THE FORCES OF MIGHT, AND THE FORCES OF ARROGANCE and the forces of power in Jesus' name!

58. HE HEALED MY COUGH. I cried to the Lord, and He saved me! When I cry for others, the Lord has saved me. When I pray for them, the Lord prays for me. When I save them, God saves me. Even so be it Lord Jesus. Even so be it Lord Jesus. The Lord shall hear them in the day of their affliction, He shall rise up and save them.

59. THE LORD SHALL HEAR THEM IN THE DAY OF THEIR AFFLICTION AND SHALL RISE UP AND SAVE THEM THAT CRY UNTO THEE! Hearest thou not the voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, "Prepare ye the way of the Lord! Make straight His paths, that He might come unto thee and save thee!" O that thou wouldst hear the words of thy father, that thou mayest honour the Father of fathers Who hath ordained him and Who hath chosen him for His Own glory, that God may honour Himself! In Jesus' name!

60. IT IS FINISHED, IT IS WRITTEN, THE THINGS WHICH I HAVE SAID UNTO THEE SHALL BE PERFORMED, THY PRAYERS SHALL BE ANSWERED, and thy voice shall be heard. For I have seen thy tears, I have heard thy cry unto Me, and I shall save them for whom thou criest, whom I have ordained to defeat these mighty which rise up against them! Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit shall the mighty be defeated, and they which glorify themselves shall be put to shame!

61. SO SHALL MY ARM SAVE THEM THAT ARE POOR, AND SHALL SUCCOUR THEM THAT ARE WEAK, AND SHALL RAISE AGAIN THEM WHICH ARE DEFEATED, and shall vindicate My holy Name and the words of My prophets, and shall bring to destruction and to shame the mighty Americans which rise up against them!—They which call themselves Americans, but which are not!—They which call themselves God's people‚ but which are not! And they which call themselves Christian but are not, but who side with them which are anti-Christ, and who help them which hate my Name, and would save them which despise Me and curse Me and know Me not!

62. BEHOLD! I WILL RAISE UP A PEOPLE WHO ARE NO PEOPLE and who even know not My Name! But they seek Me and they shall find Me, and I shall save them and they shall glorify Me, for I have spoken it through the words of My holy prophets! Will I not also perform it? Shall I not fulfill that which I have spoken? Shall I not also fulfill that which I have promised, and give that which I have given unto them which love and fear Me and who glorify My Name‚ even them which seek me, though yet they know Me not!

63. ON THEM SHALL I HAVE MERCY, AND NOT UPON THESE WHO CRUCIFIED ME AND NOT UPON THESE WHO STILL REJECT ME, and these who yet hate Me‚ and these who spit upon Me and despise My Name, and cohort with the wicked‚ the shameful‚ the sinful‚ and the powerful which abuse the poor, and which persecute the downtrodden‚ and which exploit them that are weak.—Against them shall I rise again to bring glory to My Name and defeat them which hate Me. Hallelujah, thank You, Lord!

64. FOR BEHOLD, THE LORD HATH HEARD THE PRAYER OF HIS SERVANT! Behold, the Lord hath heard the cry of thy David! Behold, the Lord hath heeded the plea of thy father and He shall answer. Thou shalt see the glory of God! Thou shalt see the Spirit of God moving upon the face of the waters of the great multitudes who cry unto Me in My Name. In Jesus' name. Amen. Thank You, Lord. Have Thy way. Thy will be done, Jesus.

65. DELIVER US, O GOD! DELIVER GADDAFI, O GOD! DELIVER THEM THAT TRULY AND SINCERELY CRY UNTO THEE WITH THEIR WHOLE HEARTS. You promised to answer them. Deliver them! Rebuke the forces of might! Rebuke the forces of power! Resist the hand of armour! O God, break the band of the wicked, and defeat the source of his strength, and deliver them which cry unto Thee, O God! In the Name of Jesus we pray.

66. O LORD WE ASK TO HAVE MERCY ON THY LITTLE ONES, UPON US, O LORD, AND UPON THEM FOR WHOM WE PRAY, O God, these little ones who cry, "Akbah, Akbah, Allah, Allah, Akbah! Glory, glory be unto God our Father for the victory!" May they not be disappointed, O Lord, may they not be defeated, O God, may they not, O Lord, despair, may they see the might of Thy Hand‚ the glory, O God, of Thy Righteousness for their righteous cause, O Lord!

67. DELIVER THEM OUT OF THE HAND OF THEM WHICH HATE THEE AND CURSE THEE AND SPIT UPON THY NAME! Deliver even these simple Children, O God, who cry, "Allah, Akbah! God is our glory! God hath saved us! God hath delivered us!"—And they give Thee the glory, O Lord, as best they know. Deliver these Thy simple Children, these ignorant ones, O God, these little ones, O Lord, these poor and needy, O God! My God, if Thou art God we know Thou shalt deliver!

68. IF THOU ART A GOD OF THE POOR AND THE NEEDY, THE SUFFERING, AND NOT THE GOD OF THE POWERFUL, THE RICH AND THE ARROGANT, THEN, O GOD, THOU SHALT SAVE THESE THAT CRY UNTO THEE. Thou shalt deliver these that seek Thy Name, O God! May they cry after Thee for their help! Defeat them‚ which rule over them! Defeat them, O God‚ which lead them astray! Defeat them‚ O God, who do befriend them for no good, the Assyrian which defendeth them for evil, upon whom they have leaned as a broken staff which pierced their armour! Deliver them, O God, from them which rise up against Thee! Amen, amen. In Jesus' name, amen.

69. HAVE MERCY, O LORD‚ HAVE MERCY O GOD! VINDICATE THY SERVANTS. Vindicate Thy Children. Vindicate Thy prophets, O Lord. Vindicate Thy Word, O God! Vindicate Thy Name, O Lord! Vindicate Thy promises‚ Lord Jesus! Have mercy upon whom Thou wilt have mercy, O Lord, in Jesus' name, Thank You, Lord! O God!

70. YOU HEAR YOUR FATHER? YOU HEAR THE CRY OF HIS BOSOM? You kiss the words from his heart? You believe that God hears his prayer?—The Lord will save His people?—Deliver His Children?—And give strength unto them that fear Him? Amen. Amen. It's in His hands. We commit it unto Him.

71. BUT THERE MUST BE THEM WHICH CRY OUT UNTO HIM IN AGONY OF SUPPLICATION FOR THOSE THAT ARE IN NEED. The prophets of God must pray the word of the Lord for them which are in need. The Children of God must agonise for His little ones! They must pray! They must pray! You must tell them to pray that God will save, even through defeat, that they may trust Him, and not their own arm of their own armour or the armour of his enemies!

72. SLEEP NOW, TAKE THY REST, FOR THE HOUR IS COME! I HAVE HEARD THY PRAYER AND I SHALL DELIVER THEM AFTER MY FASHION BUT NOT AFTER THEIRS. I shall save them in My Own way, and not in the way of the flesh! I have heard thy prayer and I will deliver them, according as thou hast cried unto Me for the sake of their poor and their little ones and them which honour Me though they know Me not, but give glory unto Me though they have not yet known My Name.

73. I WILL OPPOSE THEM WHO WOULD STONE ME, AND HAVE HEARD OF ME BUT HAVE REJECTED ME‚ AND HATE ME, despise and curse Me, and wish not to know Me! But they honour the god of forces! They honour a god their fathers knew not! They glory in the power of their own might‚ which shall fail them!

74. REST NOW IN THE WORDS OF THY FATHER. Kiss now the words of His servant, for they shall come to pass and they shall be fulfilled, even as I have spoken it. For I shall show Myself strong to defend them which call upon Me, and not them which blaspheme My Name!

75. HALLELUJAH! THANK YOU, JESUS! PRAISE YOU, LORD! HELP US, IN JESUS' NAME, HELP US! Thank You, Lord! I have prayed and He has heard me, and He will answer and that right early. So you shall see the glory of God and His salvation! You shall see! Just wait. Just wait.

76. BUT IT MAY NOT BE AS MAN THINKETH AND IT MAY NOT BE AS THE NATIONS UNDERSTAND. For I save them which are poor in spirit, and I give the earth to them which are meek‚ and I have mercy upon the merciful, and I raise up them which are cast down, contrary to man's expectations.

77. DO YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR FATHER? Knowest thou these words of his bosom? Suckest thou his words from his teats? You hear your father?—Then obey the words I have given unto David and believe! Amen? Jesus has heard me, because I cry for the healing of others. Jesus will rebuke my enemies, even as I cry for God to save them from theirs. Now we must rest, we must rest.

78. IT'S A MIRACLE, A MIRACLE OF GOD! He gave me the breath, He gave me the voice to cry for them which need His help.—You know? When I myself need His healing hand, I cry for others, and He healed me! In Jesus' name, amen. Jesus help us! O God, help us! Lord Jesus, help us, have mercy!

79. TURN BACK THE FORCES OF DARKNESS, O GOD! DELIVER THY CHILDREN, THY LITTLE ONES, and put to shame, put to rout Thine enemies! Thy will be done.


81. WE HAVE PRAYED AND GOD HAS HEARD OUR PRAYERS, AND GOD HIMSELF SHALL TURN THE TIDE OF BATTLE, and God Himself shall answer in His Own way, not according to the expectations of man, but according to the wisdom of God! For God knows best what shall bring victory! Even out of defeat shall they rise again like the Phoenix, from the ashes and from the smoldering ruins!

82. CAN'T YOU SEE THEM, HONEY? YOU DON'T SEE THEM, HONEY? DON'T YOU SEE THE RUINS STILL SMOKING! They're still smoking‚ and when they think all is lost, God shall rise again! And He shall shake Himself like a mighty man of war, and He shall shout with a great shout, even as him which shouteth by reason of wine!


84. THERE SHALL BE A VERY GREAT SHAKING IN THE LAND, AND THE LORD HIMSELF SHALL COME, and He shall utter His voice in the heavenlies and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken, and the earth itself shall tremble, and the high places shall be destroyed and brought low! ... All those high places! ... Those towers!—And only them which call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved!