KEYWORDS: things, demons, letters, they


David Berg

—MO October 7‚ 1973 NO.275A—DFO

—Another Spirit Trip!

1. THE FIRST THING I SAW WAS THESE FOUR ROUGH STONE MOLDS, two sets of two, stacked together side by side, one on top of the other. They were very rough and irregular on the outside, with a dull gray color and very uneven exterior, and they were just about the size and shape of coffins. Then somebody stole two of them and left the other two sitting there!

2. ALL OF A SUDDEN THE TWO REMAINING STARTED TO RUMBLE AND CRACK OPEN AND OUT OF THE TOP ONE CAME THIS MONSTROUS DEMON, AND IT WENT CHASING OFF AFTER THE OTHER TWO MOLDS AND THE PERSONS WHO STOLE THEM! It seemed like he didn't like it!—Because these four demons wanted to be together. And the persons who stole the other two molds didn't really realize what was in them, but knew they were something valuable.

3. I THOUGHT‚ "MY GOD, WHEN THEY OPEN THOSE MOLDS, ARE THEY GOING TO BE SURPRISED!" I thought, "He sure better find them before they open them!" Although I didn't know which was worse—him finding them, or them opening the molds! They were rough things, like rough-hewn blocks of stone, very irregular on the outside. They were about three feet wide and two feet thick and six feet long. It sort of reminded me of mummies coming out of their shells!

4. AND THE NEXT THING I REMEMBER WAS THIS BIG DEMON HAD THIS YOUNG COUPLE down on their knees in some king of cellar or dungeon, and he had one big hairy hand on each of them, like he'd caught them and was holding them down by the back of the neck, and he was very angry and they were scared to death!

5. THEY WERE COWERING THERE SORT OF WHIMPERING LIKE THEY HAD NO IDEA WHAT THEY HAD STOLEN and were sure sorry they had, and the other two molds were right thee in the background in the darkness behind them. But then, as though he was in punishing the young couple, he suddenly released them and took off with the other two molds! He went off with one under each arm, like a big ape.

6. THEN SUDDENLY, JUST AS THE BIG DEMON DISAPPEARED, A MAN RIGHT BESIDE ME ON MY LEFT SHUT OFF SOME KIND OF PHOTO EQUIPMENT he was operating and said rather triumphantly, just as though he'd been giving me a demonstration of some new scientific equipment. "Now that's what we call 'demonography'!"

7. HE WAS SOME KIND OF SCIENTIST EXPERIMENTING WITH ESP AND TRYING TO PHOTOGRAPH PHANTOMS and stuff like that. And I thought "I must remember that word"! You know how some words stick with me from a dream. It was not even all in words, but more by impression, like telepathy or thought communication. I somehow just knew it, like mental telepathy.

8. HE WENT ON, "THEY WILL SUDDENLY APPEAR, AND THEN THEY FADE OUT. I'll show you" and he pressed a button. All the time the young couple were still there on their knees squatted down, quivering with fear.

9. BUT AS THE SCIENTIST PRESSED THE BUTTON ON HIS MACHINE, SUDDENLY ANOTHER HUGE UGLY LOOKING DEMON APPEARED, towering over these two young people and holding them down with his two hands! Then he faded right out, and the scientist said, "You see, the apparition only lasts a moment. We don't know what causes it, but for lack of a better name we just call them demons, because they're so ugly."

10. HE SAID, "YOU SEE, I'LL TRY FOR ANOTHER ONE", AND HE PRESSED ANOTHER BUTTON, AND ALL OF A SUDDEN ANOTHER UGLY DEMON APPEARED behind the young people this time—a real peculiar looking thing!—Like a cross between some kind of monster and a clown!—He had a blue head, and his features looked like they were painted on in white. And his head came to a point, and his ears cone to a point‚ and his ears came to a point—he was all pointed! He looked more like an animal than the others.—His body was big and fat and all covered with white polka-dots! He looked like some kind of animal, only he stood up like a man.

11. THE OTHER DEMON LOOKED MORE LIKE A GORILLA, only he had a face like an ape–man. And the other guy was all hairy—big hairy hand like you see in the movies sometimes—the fingers ended in claws, but sort of like ape hands. The last two were entirely different from each other. But the terrifying thing about the last one was that he didn't pay any attention to the young people, but he just stared right at us! And it scared me almost to death!

12. I TOLD THE SCIENTIST, "SHUT THAT OFF! I DON'T WANT TO SEE ANY MORE!" I thought, if he leaves that on much longer‚ that thing will start coming at us! But the scientist just laughed and said‚ "Well, the image of these apparitions never lasts more than a few seconds. Don't worry, they always fade out."

13. BUT I THOUGHT TO MYSELF, "BROTHER!—YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE GETTING INTO! You're getting pictures of what you think are some kind of photographic phenomenon, but what you're actually seeing is the real article, real demon spirits, and you better quite fooling around with them!" I didn't tell him so, but that's what I thought to myself.

14. MY WHOLE IMPRESSION WAS THAT THEY HAD INVENTED SOME NEW KIND OF CAMERA or machine that while taking pictures or focused on anything would momentarily cause these things to appear or materialise. Then they'd just fade out.

15. HE SAID, "WE CALL IT 'DEMONOGRAPHY' and 'demons' for lack of a better name‚ because they're so ugly. But we really don't know what causes them.—They're some sort of an optical illusion or scientific phenomenon." He was laughing and thinking it was all a big joke. But it scared me half silly!

16. I THOUGHT‚ "THIS GUY'S CRAZY! HE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT HE'S GETTING INTO! He's really delving into the spirit world! He's managing to catch brief glimpses of these horrible monsters somehow‚ and he just thinks they're some kind of phenomenon or something, or just a trick of his camera.—He thinks they don't really exist, but it just looks like it, and they just accidentally take these funny shapes!"

17. BUT HE KEPT SAYING, "WE DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS OR KNOW WHY IT HAPPENS, BUT WE DISCOVERED THIS while we were working on this new scientific high-powered photographic process, and then there they were!" He said, "They never appear for more than just a moment, then they fade out."

18. THE CAMERA WASN'T JUST AN ORDINARY CAMERA. IT WAS A TERRIFICALLY BIG MACHINE! The camera itself seemed to emit some kind rays that activated these "images", as he called them, and that would cause them to appear.

19. HIS CAMERA WAS CAUSING THEM TO MATERIALIZE almost as though his camera could turn on some kind of black light or ultraviolet or infrared rays or laser beam that would catch a brief glimpse, but wasn't powerful enough to hold them. He'd press a button, and in one tremendous burst of energy these creatures would appear real bright and vivid, and then just gradually fade out!

20. I WONDER IF THAT COULD BE SOMETHING THOSE RUSSIAN SCIENTISTS ALREADY HAVE IN OPERATION?—But he was belittling the operations and taking them very lightly: "Oh, they're just a phenomenon we can't explain yet. All we know is, it happens!"—Like the ghosts in that Russian space movie, "Solaris"! I'll tell you what it reminded me of: There's nothing I can quite liken it to exactly, but the picture would appear in a sudden burst of energy, and then just fade out and disintegrate‚ something like those fire-works you see, those sky-rocket bursts that suddenly explode in a brilliant display of colour in the sky, and then just fade out.

21. HE WOULD PRESS THIS BUTTON OR DO SOMETHING WITH HIS MACHINE AND IT WOULD SUDDENLY FLASH IN ON THESE THINGS, and then the picture would just fade out. He wasn't showing pictures or projecting films, but he was actual pointing his huge, peculiar camera, like a giant X-ray machine, at this young couple kneeling on the floor in this basement-like room. Come to think of it, the System must've finally caught them, the two kids, a boy and girl!—And he was apparently demonstrating it on them, because when he pressed the button, these things actually appeared right in front of your eyes like ghosts!

22. IT WAS JUST AS THOUGH THEY'D INVENTED SOME MACHINE THAT THEY COULD FOCUS ON GHOSTS IN THE SPIRIT WORLD, and with this terrific burst of energy from the machine, it would cause the ghost to appear, and then suddenly fade away. But each time he did this, the ghosts would look startled! The first the one looked annoyed, too.

23. WHEN HE PRESSED THE BUTTON AGAIN WE COULD SEE FIRST ONE WAS TROTTING AWAY in the darkness with the boxes under his arms. The next one was sitting there like a clown with funny short legs and glaring at us with those two big saucer-size eyes with no pupils, but just streaks that radiated from the center. They were horrible!

24. AND THIS CREATURE WAS LOOKING VERY ANGRILY AT US FOR TAKING HIS PICTURE, or whatever this guy was doing. It was obvious the spirit didn't want to be seen by him, and didn't like it! That's when I told the scientist‚ "Shut that machine off! I don't want that thing coming at us!"

25. THOSE MOLDS REMINDED ME OF SOME KIND OF PACKING CRATES or containers in which these demons were being carried around, and when they were opened up the demons were released.—Like they were being shipped. I thought‚ "That reminds me of those things they have at the Chinese Exhibit", only there wasn't anything beautiful about these demons at all!

26. THE NEXT THING I REMEMBER I WAS BEING CHASED BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT I HAD THE BOXES, and I was being chased by the authorities. But I knew that that big demon had the boxes, because I saw him run off with them! But I had no way of proving it. And somehow they'd gotten the idea I had them, and they were looking for me.

27. ALL THAT THE AUTHORITIES KNEW WAS THAT THESE BOXES HAD BEEN STOLEN from this place, like the Museum or something, and so they were looking for them. The only thing I can thing of‚ why the authorities thought I had them, is that when I first saw the boxes, I'd been very curious about them and snooped around them like I wanted to look inside, and therefore they suspected me of stealing the two that were gone. But really, I was only curious to see what they were or meant.

28. DURING THIS EXPERIENCE, PART OF THE TIME I WAS JUST A SPIRITUAL OBSERVER, AND PART OF THE TIME I WAS REALLY THERE and I could be seen. It was like I had come there in the spirit and materialized while there looking at the boxes. So I had then again disappeared in the spirit and followed after the two boxes that had been stolen, when that big demon broke out of the other one and started chasing them, and I went after him to see what was going to happen.

29. MAYBE I SHOULDN'T BE SO CURIOUS ABOUT SUCH THINGS! I was thinking afterward when I woke up‚ the peculiar parallel that comes to me: It's as though it's partly literal—that there are such demons and monsters in the spirit world. And the part about the scientist seemed quite literal, not necessarily symbolic‚ except that these scientists were messing around in a field they knew nothing about‚ and the demons didn't like to be seen.

30. MAN IS TAMPERING IN A FIELD WHERE HE DOESN'T BELONG‚ and he's really sticking his nose into dangerous territory! Somewhere in the world they must be carrying on experiments like that, where these things will appear and they can take pictures of them!

31. I WONDER WHAT THAT SCIENTIST WAS USING?—WHAT KIND OF RAY, FORCE OR POWER was so powerful as to literally penetrate the spirit world with that beam and momentarily cause the spirits to be revealed! It's like in the natural world: Take a searchlight in the darkness and focus it on somebody.—But if the batteries were low, the searchlight would only stay on for a moment and then fade out because it took too much power.

32. SO IT WAS REALLY THE POWER OF THE SCIENTISTS' EQUIPMENT THAT WAS FADING OUT, THE SPIRITS THEMSELVES WERE NOT VANISHING, only to the eye. Because they were obviously still there when he turned it back on again! But his equipment would make them only momentarily visible.

33. BUT AT THE SAME TIME I COULDN'T UNDERSTAND WHY THE AUTHORITIES WANTED TO BLAME ME FOR IT ALL! Then it came to me, "Well you've been snooping around in this sort of thing, so they just figure you must have something to do with it! You, in other words, have been revealing these things and turned them loose on the world, so they're going to blame you for it!" It was as though that was symbolic. While really I was only an observer trying to figure it out, I was kind of poking into them, I confess‚ and maybe it was my fault! I might have let that big demon out, because I was there! I don't know.

34. IT WAS KIND OF LIKE PANDORA'S BOX! But he didn't seem to mind me at all!—He just zoomed off after the young couple that stole the boxes! But he didn't like his picture being taken and the minute they started taking pictures of him, he let go of the young couple and ran off with the boxes! But this other mean clown-like thing, he was really angry at having his picture taken like he was going to come after us if we didn't stop!

35. SO THE NEXT THING IN REMEMBER WAS I WAS BEING CHASED BY THE AUTHORITIES. Lord I asked, what does all this crazy stuff mean! It's obvious I was dabbling and poking around in the spirit world, and I was watching all these things happen, but it's a funny thing: The demons didn't seem to mind me at all!

36. I WAS JUST LIKE AN OBSERVER—I was sort of in their dimension like an angel or a spirit being. But they didn't like those scientists poking into their business! The scientists didn't belong there at all and the demons were very angry!

37. BUT THEN THE FACT THAT THE AUTHORITIES BLAMED ME, LIKE I WAS TO BLAME FOR TURNING THE THINGS LOOSE, GAVE ME THE FUNNY IMPRESSION LIKE THE BOXES, THOSE ROUGH MOLDS, THEY WERE MY LETTERS!—And I was turning these horrible demons loose upon the world! they were like monsters of judgment, death angels! Like I was actually, or God was allowing me to let loose these horrors on the world because of the world's wickedness and their sins! We'd never be able to tell people this! They'd never understand it!

38. I WAS REVEALING THESE THINGS OF THE SPIRIT TO THE WORLD, AND THE SYSTEM DIDN'T LIKE IT! The system really didn't want to know about them, and the system didn't like these things to be known by the public. They didn't like my letters and the things my Letters were revealing and turning loose, so they were looking for me! And it's a funny thing: when I look back now‚ I remember how those casts or molds opened!—They opened like they were hinged‚ like the pages of a book!

39. SO THE FINAL INTERPRETATION THAT CAME WAS THAT THOSE BOXES WERE MY LETTERS, and they were letting loose on the world these huge spiritual powers, and revealing things to the world, and turning these things loose on the world, and the system didn't like it at all! But these monstrous things didn't seem to mind me at all!

40. IT WASN'T LIKE WHEN I WAS IN THE GREEN DOOR, where they seemed to be quite upset and annoyed that I was there. But this time it was like they were operating up here in my realm. And as far as the demons were concerned, I was not out of my realm here—they were in mine!

41. IN THE GREEN DOOR I WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE OR TELLING THEM WHAT TO DO. But here I was in my proper realm and carrying on my authorized functions, whatever‚ they were, I suppose of observation and revelation. I can't say that these things were obeying my will or doing things I was telling them to do. I was just watching. But the authorities were blaming me!

42. IT'S JUST LIKE MY LETTERS! ALL I'M DOING IS TELLING THE TRUTH AND REVEALING THE WICKEDNESS and sin and horrors and the demons that already exist!

43. BUT INSTEAD OF THE SYSTEM BLAMING THEMSELVES AND THEIR OWN SINS FOR THESE THINGS‚ THEY'RE BLAMING ME FOR EXPOSING THEM! That's exactly what they did with Jesus and all the other prophets! It was as though they considered I was to blame for the demons and for opening the boxes!

44. WELL, I WAS TO BLAME FOR PEEKING IN, BUT I DIDN'T MAKE THE DEMONS, and I wasn't really telling them what to do that I know of! I was just watching what was going on. But the System was blaming me for it all, when it was really their own fault!

45. I WONDER WHAT THE SIGNIFICANCE WAS OF THE FOUR BOXES? Two had been taken by the young people—and the authorities considered them stolen. But it was like the authorities were fearful and afraid: They wanted the boxes—but it was like it was stolen truth. It was dangerous to possess the truth! My Letters! My Letters! You get it?

46. THE AUTHORITIES ARE AFRAID OF THOSE BOXES: THE LETTERS!—And that they're going to unloose more of these demons! They were afraid, so they were after them. Then they were after me because I had something to do with it.

47. IT HAS SOME VAGUE CONNECTION WITH THE "CHINESE SPIRITS" LETTER: Like I'm revealing what is really happening there and the authorities didn't want that to get out! It might scare people away people away from the exhibit!

48. THEY DON'T WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW WHAT'S IN THOSE BOXES! They don't want the awful truth revealed—those hideous‚ monstrous evils!—And they're after me because they think I'm responsible for it all! Look! See? Get that!

49. IT WAS ALL RIGHT FOR THE SCIENTISTS AND THE AUTHORITIES TO REVEAL THESE THINGS IN THEIR WAY‚ just little tiny snatches or glimpses of the truth, especially since they don't really believe in it: "Well‚ yes, we've seen these things too, but they don't really exist!"—And with all their elaborate equipment, they were doing it the System way.

50. WHAT THEY WERE REALLY TRYING TO DO WAS DISCREDIT THE THINGS with their equipment! "Yes, we've seen them, but they don't really exist.—They just vapourise!" It's all right to explain scientifically.

51. WHAT WERE THEY ANALYZING?—THESE THINGS THAT I WAS TURNING LOOSE, and they were trying to explain them away with all their scientific equipment! Here I am exposing these evils and revealing these things, but they were saying‚ "Well yes, it appears that way, but it isn't really so." How about that! See? Do you understand?

52. ONCE I REVEAL THESE THINGS, THEY'VE GOT TO COME UP WITH SOME KIND OF EXPLANATION! "It's just an apparition or delusion or an optical illusion!" The people are seeing these things, but the scientists are trying to explain them away!

53. AFTER ALL, THE LORD'S DIRECTING THE WHOLE SHOW! He's telling the demons what to do, so why shouldn't His prophets tell them what to do? That's what they said about Jesus: "This man is dangerous!" They said they had to destroy Him, lest He subvert the people!

54. THERE ARE MONSTERS THAT GOD CONTROLS DURING THE END-TIME (see the Bible: Revelation, Fifth and Sixth Chapter.) And it says He tells them: "Hurt not those that have the seal of God in their forehead!" They weren't allowed to bother God's children at all! Even the monsters, the demons of Hell, are on our side! They can only hurt the wicked! They can't bother us really—not if we stay close to the Lord and rebuke them.

55. THERE ARE SOME SPIRITS APPARENTLY ASSIGNED TO TRY TO GIVE US A LITTLE TROUBLE IF THEY CAN, like Oplexicon, just to keep us on our toes! But most of them are too busy giving the wicked trouble to bother with us! After all, the demons and devils are God's tools!

56. THIS ONE BIG DEMON BURST OUT OF HIS MOLD OR COFFIN, AND WAS MAD BECAUSE THESE KIDS HAD RUN OFF WITH TWO OF THE MOLDS! He went and recovered them and ran off with them himself when he saw me coming! These kids, he seemed to be very angry at them! Could it be because he didn't want them to possess the Letters?—That's obvious!—I really didn't turn him loose.—He sort of burst out!

57. NO DOUBT SOME OF THE DEMONS I EXPOSE DON'T WANT THE KIDS TO HAVE THE LETTER'S BUT NEITHER DOES THE SYSTEM! First he grabbed the kids because they had the Letters. But then when I showed up, he let go of the kids and ran off with the Letters. Then last thing the authorities were doing was looking for me! (Prophecy:) "Why marvelest thou at these things which are so natural unto Me that I reveal unto thy father?"

58. WOW! AND DO YOU KNOW WHERE THE AUTHORITIES REQUIRE OUR LONDON COLONY TO FILE COPIES OF ALL MY LETTERS?—AT THE BRITISH MUSEUM!—They store copies of all my Letters in the Museum! Wow! How about that! Now it all begins to make sense! Wow!—What a dream! Neither man nor demons want the kids to have my Letters!—And they may yet come looking for me because of them! So get 'em out fast!—Amen?—Love you!—MO.

59. P.S. I THINK THIS DREAM WAS A WARNING to some of you kids who don't realise how dangerous some of my Letters are, and how much the demons hate them, and the System may resent them if found on you where and when they shouldn't be.

60. PARTICULARLY THESE LT AND DFO LETTERS YOU SHOULD DO YOUR BEST TO KEEP FROM FALLING INTO THE HANDS OF OUTSIDERS AND ENEMIES, as happened recently in a London incident—or you may even endanger me personally!

61. LT AND DFO LETTERS ARE NOT FOR THE PUBLIC AND SHOULD NOT BE CARRIED WITH YOU IN PUBLIC! So please try to be as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves when witnessing to the public, or you could even cause some of these Letter to be lost to the enemy, and their usefulness destroyed by some legal action against them!—When in doubt, don't!