KEYWORDS: cat, frog, god, world, lord

Frog, The

David Berg

—MOOctober 16‚ 1973GP No.275

P.O. Box 31 London WC2E 7LX England‚ or BP 752, 75123 Paris, Cedex 03, France

1. I HAD ANOTHER OF THOSE DEFINITELY SYMBOLIC DREAMS, again last night because it was so strong and so clear, and it startled me so! They're always so clear, I can remember every little detail‚ and they immediately wake me up wondering what in the world they mean! It happened early this morning, and the dream woke me up, and I was so startled! It was so odd, so peculiar! It was so strange, and yet in some ways it was almost funny!

2. IT KIND OF REMINDED ME OF ONE OF THOSE "TOM AND JERRY" CAT-AND-MOUSE CARTOONS, only there was nothing cartoon about it but the funny action. But it was so clear and so vivid and so rather shocking, that it's almost like it wasn't even a dream, but like I was actually there, and when I woke up I had the feeling like it really happened!

3. THE LORD GIVES ME THE STRANGEST PICTURES I've ever heard of—and this one I've been praying about for hours, and I still haven't been able to get the interpretation. Maybe you've got it, maybe you'll get it.—You have lots of times on some of these things. I've got a little bit of it, it's so strange it almost sounds kind of unbelievable! (Laughs.) It's just the most amazing thing‚ the way the Lord pictures things in such striking pictures!

4. YOU KNOW MY CAT, MY BIG BLACK CAT that's always coming and meowing to get in, that huge magnificent creature! He's so big and so powerful and so all male, and he walks with such confidence, and he's so strong and beautiful!! He was lying there—now all I can do is describe the picture as I saw it, and because directions often mean something important, like they did in some other dreams, I have to explain.

5. OH—THAT WAS THE POSITION HE WAS IN!—JUST LIKE THE SPHINX!—SO IT COULD BE EGYPT! How about that! Well, that's the impression I had, but the rest I don't understand. Well, he was lying there, and I couldn't tell you whether I was sitting or standing or kneeling or what, in relation to him as he was lying there, that huge magnificent black shiny tomcat! You know, he's so husky, he's not fat, but he's huge and all muscle! He was lying there stretched out on the floor, the ground or whatever it was. I don't know, really‚ because there was nothing, I can see nothing in the background‚ nothing that I recall right now. Maybe it'll come as I go.

6. BUT I MUST HAVE BEEN SITTING ON THE FLOOR WITH HIM, because I was at about that angle from him, my head and my point of vision, because as I was sitting like this on the floor, and he was lying on my right facing me, at about a 45-degree angle, not directly in front of me, but to the right‚ facing me at about a 45-degree angle, he was lying there in the exact position of the sphinx!

7. NOW YOU KNOW WHAT THE SPHINX LOOKS LIKE: HUGE LION LYING DOWN on all fours with his rear feet sort of tucked under him on each side, almost crouched, in a way‚ and yet lying down.—He was lying in perfectly peaceful repose, with his front paws somewhat stretched out slightly in front of him, leaning on his elbows, just like this. It never came to me until just a few moments ago that the position that all these Sphinxes are in that you see in these pictures from Egypt, in fact just like the big Sphinx, the big Sphinx of Egypt!

8. MY CAT WAS LYING THERE IN MAJESTIC CONFIDENT REPOSE, LIKE A HUGE LION, just like a big lion, just perfectly at ease and confident and not the least bit disturbed. You know the Sphinx is a sort of a symbol of Egypt. I guess that huge Sphinx in Egypt must be one of the world's largest statues! Egyptians, of course, used to worship it. They used to worship the cat—the cat god.

9. IT CERTAINLY IS SYMBOLIC OF EGYPT! I believe it must be. That's all I could get about the cat. I got that a long time back‚ hours ago‚ even before I realised it looked like the Sphinx! I don't know why I'm having such difficulty, usually the interpretation comes to me right away, but it may be the Lord's hiding something from me that He doesn't want me to know right now. O Jesus, You know, help me in Jesus' Name. Help me tell it, whatever it means.

10. IT WAS AS THOUGH WE WERE SITTING THERE HAVING A FRIENDLY LITTLE CHAT or something, he had I. He was so big! I mean, he was as big as a dog. I mean bigger than I've ever seen him! He is huge and magnificent, but he's not that big! He was as big as a German Shepherd dog, he was so big!—Huge!

11. AND ALL OF A SUDDEN FROM MY LEFT CAME HOPPING ALONG FAST AND FURIOUSLY THIS LITTLE TINY, ITTY-BITTY BRIGHT GREEN FROG, about the size of the end of my thumb from my last knuckle, a little tiny frog! And he was just hopping away fast and furiously for dear life!

12. BECAUSE CLOSE ON HIS HEELS WAS THIS UGLIEST LOOKING SKINNY, SCRAWNY‚ MANGY LITTLE SICKLY LOOKING GREY-GREEN CAT! A grey-green cat!—About the colour of those olive-drab U.S. battle uniforms! Well mind you, it was the ickiest looking thing! It sickened you even to look at it! And it was chasing this poor little frog! But the grey-green cat seemed like it was so sick it was kind of unsteady on its feet. I mean, any good healthy cat could have caught up with that frog in nothing flat! But this cat was kind of staggering along after the frog, chasing it.

13. AND JUST ABOUT THE TIME WHEN THE FROG WASN'T MORE THAN TWO OR THREE FEET IN FRONT OF THE SICK LITTLE CAT‚ about the time they both got almost directly in front of me, the frog was right straight in front of me, and the little ugly cat was still a little bit to my left, the frog was hopping, hippity-hoppity-hip, as fast as he could go, right towards my great big black cat! Right straight toward him! I mean the frog didn't act like or know I was there, I don't know, maybe it did. Maybe he was in too big a hurry to worry about it!

14. AND THE LITTLE ITTY-BITTY FROG HOPPED RIGHT UP TO MY BIG CAT, right to his big right forearm, now mind you, of my big cat lying there. And as the little frog came toward my cat, my cat kind of looked down at it rather surprised and curiously‚ as though, "That's odd! That's really strange!" He was not perturbed or disturbed, but just surprised and curious. You know how a cat will look at something curiously‚ like it wonders what it is, and looks with its head first on one side and then on the other, trying to figure out what this little frog was doing.

15. AND THIS POOR LITTLE FROG HIPPITY-HOPPED RIGHT STRAIGHT UP TO THAT BIG RIGHT ARM OF MY CAT! And to both my surprise and my big cat's surprise, this huge Sphinx-like cat‚ the little frog crawled right under his right arm! He hopped right up to him and wriggled quickly under his arm! You know how a frog will squirm under a rock sometimes. They flatten themselves out and they push with their back legs, or they bury themselves in the mud. If you've ever seen frogs when they're trying to get away from something, they kind of burrow and bury themselves.

16. AND HE JUST BURROWED HIMSELF RIGHT UNDERNEATH THE RIGHT ARM OF MY BIG BLACK SPHINX-LIKE CAT! And before either one of us, the big cat or me, could even hardly think, this ugly cat started straight for my big black cat and the frog underneath it‚ like that wasn't going to stop him from getting that frog, just because it crawled under my big cat! The little kids would have loved this if I'd had a movie of it!—Except the end is kind of horrific!

17. AND IN A SPLIT SECOND I REALISED WHAT THAT MEAN LITTLE CAT WAS UP TO! It seemed I suddenly became conscious of what that little sickly cat was going to do, that it was still going to try to get at the poor little frog! If you've ever seen a cat chasing a mouse, you know how a mouse will crawl into a small hole or something, and the cat will stick its paw in there and try to scoop it out. And I saw that that's exactly what that little ugly-looking cat was going to do! It was actually going to dive down there and try to get his paw under my cat and scoop out that little frog!

18. SO I SUDDENLY PUT MY HAND DOWN THERE IN FRONT OF THAT LITTLE UGLY CAT, and it just batted at me with one of its claws, and it scratched me 'cause I was trying to interfere and keep it from reaching the frog! You know how cats move so fast, quick as a flash! I mean they move so fast you can hardly see them sometimes, their movements are so quick when they strike or pounce on something!

19. AND THAT LITTLE UGLY CAT REACHED UP AND SCRATCHED ME SO QUICK JUST AS I WAS TRYING TO REACH OUT MY HAND TO PROTECT THE LITTLE FROG! I wasn't worried about my big cat: My big cat could've taken care of 10 sickly-looking little cats like that! But that damn little cat had the nerve to reach up and scratch me! You see, I had my hand right down almost at floor level‚ 'cause I suddenly sensed what that little cat was going to do‚ and I had my hand right down there between the two cats, and between the little cat and the frog which was under my big black cat. And that little ugly-looking cat literally scratched me!

20. I MEAN SCRATCHED MY HAND BAD, AND THE BLOOD RAN DOWN the back of my hand! See, I reached my hand down like that, and it reached up and scratched my hand‚ right here on the back of my hand. He really scratched! Two lines I can remember, but there might have been more. But I remember two lines were actually bleeding.

21. AS I JERKED MY HAND BACK AUTOMATICALLY THAT LITTLE UGLY CAT IN A FLASH HAD SHOVED ITS RIGHT PAW RIGHT UNDER MY BIG CAT!—I mean, it happened so fast even my cat was surprised!—My cat was absolutely shocked, just like: "Why, the nerve of this little cat!" My cat had been lying there just as calm as could be, like nothing in the world could disturb him. He was almost ignoring that little cat, it was such an ugly sickly-looking little thing, no threat whatsoever.

22. BUT THAT UGLY LITTLE CAT ACTUALLY HAD THE NERVE TO RAM HIS PAW UNDERNEATH MY CAT'S LEG AND SCOOP THAT LITTLE FROG OUT IN NOTHING FLAT AND POP IT RIGHT INTO HIS MOUTH, JUST LIKE THAT! If you've ever seen a cat catch a mouse or a bird or a little creature of some kind like that, you know what I mean. It just zoomed in and in went the paw, and out it came with the frog in it‚ and it popped the frog right into its mouth, just like that!—To my amazement and my big cat's amazement! We both just sat there in horrified astonishment! I mean, it happened so fast we couldn't even stop it!

23. AND THE POOR LITTLE FROG WAS GONE!—He was a gone guy!—He was a goner! Gulp!—And Boom! Just like that! In went the poor little frog, and that was the end of him!

24. AND JUST AS THIS UGLY, SICKLY LITTLE CAT DID THAT, IT KIND OF SAT BACK on its haunches—you know how cats will do sometimes: They'll raise their front paws off the ground‚ you know, when you offer them something to eat or something.—Or they'll sit up, and with their two front paws they will sort of help get their food into their mouth.—Or when they're playing with something, they'll sit up like a dog will sit up when you tell him to sit up and bark for something.

25. THAT UGLY LITTLE CAT WAS NOW SITTING‚ NOT DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME, BUT SLIGHTLY TO MY LEFT. It had backed off a bit and was sitting right about over there, sort of facing me‚ but turned a little toward the big black cat. It sat up on its haunches or back legs, sitting down on the floor but with its two little front paws up like this, just hanging limp like this, like a cat will sit sometimes, as it gulped down the frog.

26. BUT SUDDENLY AS IT GULPED DOWN THAT LITTLE FROG, IT BEGAN TO CHOKE!—That tiny little frog! I mean, it wasn't hardly a cat mouthful, but the little ugly cat began to choke on it like the frog was poison to it! And I and my big black cat (I'll call him Sphinx from now on) just looked on in dumbfounded amazement. Here we were both sitting there watching this whole thing going on‚ and it happened so fast that we couldn't stop it, and there was nothing we could do about it now, the frog was gone!

27. BUT AS WE GAZED IN HORROR AT THAT LITTLE UGLY-LOOKING CAT, IT SEEMED TO BEGIN TO CHOKE AND GET SICK, REAL SICK FROM SWALLOWING THE FROG, and it closed its eyes like it was real sick. But it was still sitting there in that funny position with its little front paws held right in front of it, kind of limp, and he closed his eyes and laid back his ears‚ you know how a cat will do when it's afraid you're going to hit it.

28. THE LITTLE CAT SAT BACK ON ITS HAUNCHES LIKE THAT, AND IMMEDIATELY FLATTENED OUT ITS EARS AND SHUT ITS EYES TIGHT‚ kind of scrunched them up like a cat will do when it's afraid you're going to hit it for being naughty.—You've seen cats do that. It just scrunched them up so tight, shut its eyes real tight, flattened out its ears real tight, and recoiled from both me and my cat, as if it was afraid one or the other of us was going to sock it, going to hit back. In fact‚ I was just about to sock it one!

29. BUT BEFORE EITHER I OR THE SPHINX HAD A CHANCE TO SWAT IT, ALL OF A SUDDEN IT BEGAN TO LOOK SO SICK! And as it began to look sick, the strangest thing happened!—It began to change colour! And the first peculiar thing I noticed about it was that this time when its eyes began to come open slowly, its two big round eyes, they were so strange, so odd, they weren't at all like a cat's eyes any more!—They were two big round black eyes, with no pupil or iris or anything like a cat has! You know how a cat's pupils sometimes are large, or it looks like it's all pupil.

30. BUT NOW THE UGLY LITTLE CAT'S EYES WERE JUST LIKE TWO BIG GRAYISH-BLACK MARBLES, LIKE THEY WERE DEAD, ABSOLUTELY DEAD! As its eyes opened all the way, they were just staring at us like they were totally blind, unseeing, like this creature had absolutely died! And then I suddenly noticed that its ears had stood up again! Only now instead of having typically pointed cat ears, it had these odd round ears!—Round ears, mind you! Big flat round ears!—And they were both facing us‚ looking about like Mickey Mouse ears, only smaller!

31. RIGHT THERE BEFORE OUR VERY EYES THIS LITTLE UGLY-LOOKING CAT WAS TURNING INTO SOME DIFFERENT KIND OF AN ANIMAL ENTIRELY, AFTER SWALLOWING THE FROG! It seems that's the kind of effect the frog had on it somehow or another, and it either choked it or poisoned it and killed it. And as it sat there dying or dead before our eyes it was almost like lycanthropy, some of that stuff they tell you about in all those old legends and fables and fairy tales, where people turn into animals or animals turn into people.

32. A SORT OF METAMORPHOSIS WAS TAKING PLACE RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF OUR EYES, TO OUR ABSOLUTE HORROR! That ugly-looking little cat turned into another creature entirely as it died! Still it was exactly the same size, but with this funny little face now, and a different kind of nose, round ears, and these big black, sort of beady grayish–black eyes!—Only they just looked dead when they opened up! They looked like they were blind, like it had suddenly gone blind‚ and it was dead!

33. THE EARS STOOD UP, AND ... I WAS WONDERING "WHAT IS IT THAT CAT BEGAN TO LOOK LIKE WHEN IT DIED?"... As we looked on in horror at this ugly grayish-green sickening little cat, he suddenly turned sort of greyer, and those big round ears came up‚ and he opened these big beady blind eyes, and they were no longer cat eyes! They were these big black, grayish-black beady blind eyes!

34. AND YOU KNOW WHAT HE WAS?—Sitting there on his haunches with his little feet up like this, you know, hanging limp in front of him‚ sitting up! He was a great big, huge, grey—guess what! Alright, what has eyes like that and ears like that?—A mouse?—Yes, but he was a hundred times as big as a mouse!

35. HE WAS A HUGE BIG DEAD RAT! A great big grey packrat‚ one of those huge big rats! I mean‚ he was as big as a cat! He was exactly the same size as that small cat! He was exactly the same size as the cat had been, but now he was this huge big dead rat! As the cat died‚ it changed form, just as though somehow or another its death exposed what it really was!

36. AND SWALLOWING THAT FROG, I DON'T KNOW HOW OR WHY, SOMEHOW KILLED IT! It seemed to cost the poor little frog's life, but it killed that ugly-looking little cat, which turned right into a huge big rat as it died‚ sitting there glaring at us with those big black blind beady eyes, it turned into a big filthy dead rat!—It was just as though as it died it was exposed for what it really was! Now I've been lying here for hours trying to think of what in the world the interpretation is!

37. THE BIG BLACK CAT, SO SPHINX-LIKE, MY CAT, WAS OBVIOUSLY EGYPT! And it was definitely my cat, and I was friendly with it. But this other little ugly cat, it was not friends of either one of us! It was an enemy! And it certainly was no friend of the frog! (Laughs.) Poor little frog! He was hippity-hopping away‚ trying so hard to get away! He dove right under my cat! But before I or my cat could do a thing‚ that little ugly rascal of a sick cat had scooped out that frog and popped it into its mouth and sat back on its haunches and swallowed it!

38. I MEAN, AS THE LITTLE CAT SAT BACK, IT WAS ALMOST LIKE IT GRINNED, LIKE IT WAS VICTORIOUS‚ you know, like it had won!—But all of a sudden that grin faded off its face, its eyes came open and those ears stood up‚ and to our horror, it died! It was dying, and we knew it died right before our eyes! The frog had killed it!—And it turned into this huge big monstrous ugly rat, as big as the small cat!

39. WHY DO I HAVE TO GET THESE CRAZY DREAMS?—Lord forgive me, I'm sorry if that's a complaint, but I just was thanking the Lord when I woke earlier this morning, "Thank You, Lord! No more dreams or visions! Thank You, Lord! I've written too much already that's too dangerous to print‚ and I don't want any more of this kind of stuff! It's just too risky! I'm going to get back to nice, simple, safe little things like 'Revolutionary Sex' or something!" But I just haven't been able to forget what these things mean!

40. NOW I'VE GOT A PRETTY GOOD IDEA WHO THE LITTLE CAT WAS, although it's not exactly a safe thing to tell you. It represented another people who are enemies of the Egyptians—America—and who, in catching the frog and swallowing it‚ were killed and exposed for what they really are, a big old dying rat! You get what I mean? It was already showing the characteristics of a rat when sickly chasing the frog: scraggly fur, unsteady awkward gait and grayish colour! If the big black cat was the Egyptians, or symbolised the Arabs or Egypt, this other cat was the enemy of it, and it's pretty obvious who the real enemy is!

41. BUT I CAN'T FOR THE LIFE OF ME ACCEPT WHAT I GOT FOR THE LITTLE FROG! (Maria: Why can't you accept it?) This all came when I prayed‚ and as the Lord usually does, you know, He gives me the interpretation afterward. But I just have rejected and rejected and rejected it! I can't believe it, because I can't see how that could ever happen! I don't really understand it!

42. WELL NOW‚ WHAT WOULD THE FROG BE? It was so tiny and so small and so insignificant and so helpless, and it dove under my cat as though for refuge. But that ugly-looking green cat dove right in after it and scratched me in the process of getting it out and swallowing it. But I've got the strangest interpretation for that frog that you could possibly imagine!

43. (MARIA: THE FROG'S NOT SYRIA?) Well, I thought about that... I mean that was my second reaction. But that only came after my first answer, as I thought, "No it couldn't be that! It must be, or could be maybe some other country, like Syria, that may get licked right now by the Jews‚ and it's going to dive under the protection of Egypt trying to get away from them. But that's still not going to save them, but swallow them, and yet the frog's still going to kill them!"

44. I THOUGHT, NOW SYRIA WOULD FIT PRETTY GOOD and it may be true! That's a pretty good guess. But I actually had that as my second, after I'd been praying for hours about the first interpretation I got. That was my second interpretation.

45. BUT GUESS WHAT MY FIRST REACTION WAS! And I don't like the comparison, because frogs are not usually very pretty! They're kind of ugly, and they ... well, in the Bible they don't usually symbolise anything very good. (Laughs.) I don't like the idea‚ but the first thing that came to me was not Syria, although it looks like something like Syria would fit better.

46. BUT THAT LITTLE FROG SEEMED LIKE WE WERE FRIENDS OR SOMETHING, LIKE IT WAS KIND OF LIKE OUR LITTLE FROG, though we didn't move fast enough to save it, and in letting the little cat put an end to it‚ the ugly cat also scratched me! (Maria: It could be Libya?) No, it's not a country, it's not a country. Alright, let me give you a good tip, a good hot tip or clue! Make a good guess!

47. WHAT IS IT ABOUT US RIGHT NOW THAT AMERICA REALLY HATES? (MARIA: OUR LITERATURE!) EXACTLY! They are absolutely furious about our little hippity-hoppity frog hopping around the whole world! To them, we're an ugly-looking little thing! After all, compared to the world's literature we're pretty ugly-looking and foolish and ridiculous–looking and awful small. But when that smaller cat, which was enormous compared to us, swallowed the little frog, I mean it was like that was the final result of the frog.

48. IT KILLED THAT THING AND EXPOSED IT FOR WHAT IT REALLY WAS, that beast that it was really all the time, a big fat rat! Now that's a pretty weird interpretation, and I've still had a battle trying to accept it, or trying not to accept it!

49. I DON'T PARTICULARLY LIKE OUR LITERATURE AND LETTERS TO BE COMPARED TO A FROG! But he really was a very harmless little frog. At least he looked like he was innocent and harmless‚ awfully small and weak, and he was diving under Egypt for cover‚ like Egypt was his friend. But he eventually killed the other cat, the ugly little American cat!

50. AND YET THE INTERPRETATION OF THE LITTLE UGLY AMERICAN CAT DOESN'T SEEM TO REALLY FIT, EITHER, BECAUSE, GOOD NIGHT, AMERICA IS SO BIG AND POWERFUL and looks so magnificent to the world, it looks like they're running the whole West, especially Western Europe and Israel! They've got the power, and it seems like they should have been portrayed as a big, magnificent, powerful creature, much larger than even my big black cat by comparison, even though my black cat looked as big as a German Shepherd!

51. BUT MAYBE THAT'S THE WAY AMERICA LOOKS IN GOD'S EYES! Maybe that's the way God looks at them. But because of the Arab's poverty and their need and the righteousness of their cause, the Arabs look bigger to God than do the big‚ rich, powerful Americans! America is not only a sickly, staggering...I mean the cat looked already like it was dying. You know? That's one of the first things I got about what the cat was: well, what is dying? And it immediately came to me, America is dying!

52. WHAT COUNTRY'S DYING, WHAT COUNTRY ALREADY LOOKS SICK AND IS STAGGERING AND ABOUT TO COLLAPSE ANYHOW? And it came immediately, it's America! But in our eyes, and the eyes of the world, it looks like America ought to look big and huge and powerful and monstrous and handsome compared to poor little Egypt and the Arabs!

53. HERE IN GOD'S VISION EGYPT AND THE ARABS ARE PORTRAYED AS MY HUGE BLACK SPHINX-LIKE CAT, as big as a German Shepherd dog! Whereas this ugly little grayish-green American cat was sick and dying and could barely stagger, and ran sort of drunkenly after the little bitty frog. And it was really after it, I tell you! It didn't like it! And it just snatched it right out from underneath Egypt and gulped it down!

54. OBVIOUSLY THE UGLY GREEN AMERICAN CAT WAS TRYING TO KILL OUR POOR LITTLE BRIGHT GREEN FROG, TO EAT IT, BUT IT KILLED THE CAT INSTEAD! And as the cat died, it slowly changed into what it really was, a big rat, so that we could all see what it really was, that all the time it had been a rat, the big American rat!—Which Watergate, Nitler and the news show more of daily!

55. (MARIA: BUT‚ HOW COULD THAT PUT AN END TO THE FROG?) Well, I don't know whether it really did put an end to the frog! I just supposed so, as I was watching, thinking, "Well, poor guy! That's the end of him!"—But, instead, the cat died! That's when—boom—I woke up! That's as far as I go!—Who knows? Maybe he crawled out of his mouth afterwards! You know, frogs can swim underwater and live for years inside things in hibernation! But it temporarily put an end to his activities, that's for sure! He was out of sight!

56. I'M TELLING YOU‚ THAT DREAM WAS OUT OF SIGHT! Of all the peculiar...! If that's what that means, the Lord certainly has some strange ways of depicting things! But it's so simple! Even a little child could understand it! It's like a Tom and Jerry cartoon! Anybody could understand it, if that's the interpretation.

57. LET'S FACE IT: THAT LITTLE CAT WAS EVEN CHALLENGING MY BIG CAT IN A WAY! It was even defying my big cat in going after the little bitty frog! Now, that was the only thing I could think of: What is it they don't like...? If it's America, what is it they hate?—Not only my little frog, but they didn't seem to be afraid of the big black cat either, if it was Egypt!—And obviously they don't seem to be very afraid of it!

58. THAT LITTLE CAT WASN'T WASTING ANY TIME! He wasn't exactly sticking around either‚ but it was like he was going to have to reach in and grab it quick, or he wouldn't get away with it! But as soon as he did, and popped it in his mouth and gulped it down, then suddenly he really turned sick and died right in front of our eyes!

59. NOW WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE? Maybe my interpretation about it being us and/or our literature is wrong. But when I reached out to protect the little frog, that cat scratched me!—And it hurt!

60. (MARIA: OUR LITERATURE IS ONE OF THE GREATEST EXPOSS OF AMERICA THAT THERE IS.) Well, God help us! Whew! Lord help us! The Arabs are trying to, but they don't get their message across to the West, because all the channels of information and propaganda and the public news media and so on are controlled by their enemies. So I'm sure they need our words, now that they know. But, can the prophets of God really manage to stay out of politics, and forget telling the king and the people the truth and what's wrong with them?

61. (MARIA: THE PROPHETS OF OLD ALWAYS GOT MIXED UP IN POLITICS.) Yes, they were always going cattywompas of political affairs and falling afoul of the authorities for speaking the truth of God and condemning the people and the rulers for their sins and predicting their end‚ their judgement. So what are you going to do? I mean, what are we going to do?

62. I KNOW IT'S THE TRUTH, BUT I'M EVEN AFRAID NOW TO TELL THE KIDS AND THE PUBLIC ALL I KNOW ABOUT THE SITUATION, YOU KNOW THAT! We've never yet released some of these things to the public—not even to the kids! I'm afraid to let them have it, or it would get out.

63. SO YOU KNOW, THIS WHOLE THING IS A WAR BETWEEN THE DYING ANTI-CHRIST CAPITALIST WEST AND THE RISING ANTI–CHRIST COMMUNIST EAST! What a picture! Wow! Wow! I mean the Lord paints things almost too clear! If that's what it means, it is down right dangerous! That is just too clear! So I'll tell you, that's a dangerous picture!

64. BUT IF IT HADN'T BEEN SO HORRIFIC, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN FUNNY! It was like a cartoon! (Laughs.) If it hadn't had such a terrible meaning! But that's the way I arrived at it: I asked the Lord, "Now Lord, what does it mean?" You know, that's a funny thing: That's the way the Lord does me. It's like He suggests it. It's just like He's a teacher, and He asks me questions and tries to get me to think, as though: "You should learn how to interpret!"

65. NOW WHAT NATION OR POWER IS REPRESENTED BY A CAT, A BIG BLACK CAT, AND ALSO IN THAT POSITION? Well, immediately I thought of the black cat goddess of Egypt, of course. And then about the other one, I thought, "Now, what nation is now proving itself an enemy to Egypt, and yet it's sick and dying?—Well, America of course!"

66. BUT THE WORST THING I HAD TO TRY TO STOMACH WAS THAT WE WERE THE CUTE LITTLE GREEN FROG even though it was so cute! He was sure running for his life! But he was obviously friendly with me‚ and I was trying to defend him‚ I got scratched by the little cat. But then when the little cat ate him, he killed the cat!

67. I JUST SUPPOSED IT KILLED THE LITTLE FROG, BUT IF IT'S GOD'S WORD‚ IT COULDN'T KILL IT! It probably crawled right back out again! (Maria: There's something in the Bible about a frog crawling out of a mouth.) Yes, there is, and that's one reason I didn't like that particular connotation, because in the Bible that frog represents an evil spirit! (Maria: Good spirits could do the same thing.) Well, yes, I suppose so.

68. IN THE BIBLE, IN REVELATION 16:13-16, A FROG LIKE AN EVIL SPIRIT CAME OUT OF THE MOUTH OF THE FALSE PROPHET of the beast and went out into all parts of the world to help deceive the nations and gather them together to war, the Battle of Armageddon.—But I sure don't want the interpretation that I'm the false prophet‚ and that's my evil little frog that's coming out to gather the nations of the earth to battle!

69. THAT LITTLE FROG WAS LIKE IT WAS POISONOUS! That ugly cat immediately choked to death! Of course, the Truth feeds some, and chokes others. (Maria: But what would that have to do with the Sphinx?) Oh, she strangled! The Sphinx goddess told riddles and strangled her victims! That's where we get the word "sphincter," for muscles that close body openings!—From the black Sphinx!

70. MY LETTERS ARE KIND OF RIDDLES THAT SOME PEOPLE CHOKE ON! They strangle the people that won't follow them! You know that little frog leaped under that black cat like it was his mother, the Sphinx, just like a little baby chick or something will do with its mother. When they're trouble, they'll just come running to their mother. It was like the frog had come from the Sphinx, and ran back to it!

71. WELL‚ A LOT OF THE WISDOM I GET FROM THE LORD, THROUGH ABRAHIM‚ I'M SURE, IS THE WISDOM OF EGYPT. Even "Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians"! (Acts 7:22) So from Egypt came the wisdom of the Ancients that the Lord gives me, to understand the mysteries of the spirit world. After all, Abrahim is a gypsy, and they lived in Egypt for years.—That's why they're called "Gypsies," from Egypt!

72. (MARIA: THE LORD SAID OUT OF EGYPT HAVE I CALLED MY SON.) My, that must have caused a stir amongst those spirits in Egypt when Jesus came down there, huh? Why else would God have had Jesus come down to Egypt?—But you and I got that as a modern application, that a great leader is going to come out of Egypt. That's something the churches couldn't understand, how Gaddafi could be God's "son," or the Devil could be called one of the sons of God as he is in Job, or that the Antichrist could be called God's son‚ when he's also the son of perdition! God created perdition, and He created the Devil also! They're all His "sons" in that sense‚ whether they be angels or demons or what! Even we're His sons!—But only Jesus was His "only begotten" son, the only son He had by a woman, Mary.

73. THAT CHANGE OF THE UGLY CAT INTO A RAT REMINDED ME SO MUCH OF WHAT WE'D HEARD ABOUT LYCANTHROPY. There's something real important about that. There's something real about that, the belief that a person can by witchcraft or magic take on the form and nature of animals. That was a very widespread belief in ancient times when they believed in spirits and the spirit world!

74. THE MOST COMMON WAS BELIEF IN THE WEREWOLF, the person who changes into a wolf and then returns to human form, mostly in Eastern Europe. It is characteristic of certain psychoses, also, called lycanthropy. Did you know there's a form of insanity which is lycanthropic?—A morbid craving to eat human flesh! They've already got the nature of the wolf! They've already got the spiritual characteristics of the animal!

75. NOW LYCANTHROPY IS A WHOLE STUDY IN ITSELF! Isn't that something! I forgot about that all these years, but it came back to me when the Lord reminded me of that as clear as anything, that my father said that he believed or suspected that some people in the afterlife, as their punishment, were going to be turned into the kind of animals they were in this life! They'd be and look like hogs‚ pigs, foxes, snakes, wolves and so on!

76. THERE ARE ANIMALS IN THE SPIRIT WORLD,—I'VE SEEN THEM! And remember what we got about my old dog Rex, whose spirit is still with me? The Orientals believed human spirits inhabited animals. So why not? Isn't that amazing!—And those demons Jesus cast out entered those swine!

77. THE PROPHETS DANIEL‚ EZEKIEL AND JOHN ALL SAW BEASTS IN HEAVENLY PLACES! There were even the four creatures, the four beasts of God around His throne! Now they were heavenly, they were God's beasts, but they were some kind of animals according to the prophets. They looked like animals to them! How 'bout that? I'd always heard in church that they were only symbolic, you know, and blah, blah!

78. BUT MAYBE THEY'RE SOME KIND OF POWERFUL CREATURES OR MONSTERS THAT GOD OWNS! It was a mark of distinction and power in the ancient courts of the ancient kings and queens to have huge chained lions or tigers around the throne, sort of symbolic that they had conquered creation, you know, and had conquered these huge beasts.

79. SO THERE ARE ANIMALS IN THE SPIRIT WORLD! DEFINITELY! Now the Lord in those visions often symbolised nations and peoples by animals in the various visions of the prophets, but of course we were always told they were considered strictly symbolic. Who knows? Maybe their people are like that, and that's why the Lord symbolises them like that! Maybe the very people of those countries are like that.

80. I CERTAINLY WOULDN'T HAVE PICTURED AMERICA IS A SKINNY SCRAWNY, MANGY, GRAYISH-GREEN, DECAYING‚ DYING CAT! It really doesn't look that bad off yet! But, maybe that's the way it looks to God! But man, my black cat, if that was Egypt, it sure had grown a lot!

81. IT WAS LIKE EGYPT WAS ON THE INCREASE AND AMERICA WAS ON THE DECREASE! Egypt is growing and getting bigger and more magnificent and powerful, while America is fading out and dying! That's true, that's really going to be true!—And that's the way, apparently, that God sees things in the spirit. Now that's scriptural of course: "God sees not as man sees." There's a scripture for everything, praise God!

82. OH, WHAT A HORRIBLE PICTURE OF AMERICA! THIS SICKLY‚ STAGGERING MANGY, DIRTY, OLD CAT THAT REALLY IS A RAT! Whew! Oh my God help us! (Maria: It wasn't Israel?) No—it was dying America. Of course Israel's a part of America, let's face it, so God would just picture it together, you know. When it choked on the frog it died—it strangled.

83. AND THE FROG WENT BACK TO THE SPHINX, SO IT MUST HAVE COME FROM THE SPHINX, and it was almost like that Sphinx was its mother, the big black sphinx cat goddess of Egypt! Only it was my Sphinx, it was my cat, it didn't have a man or a woman's head, it was my cat! Big and beautiful! Oooh, he's so beautiful—or she is, I don't really know if it's a he or a she! (Laughs.) It's hard to tell with cats!

84. NOW IT SEEMED LIKE FROM WHAT MADAME M SAID TO ME THAT SOME OF MY WISDOM IS LIKE THE WISDOM OF EGYPT. So maybe that's where some of it springs from: Abrahim! He is a Gypsy! Although the Lord showed us the Gypsies were originally Semites and came from Israel, they're noted for centuries now for being supposedly Egyptian. That's where they got the name "Gypsy"—from Egypt! (Maria: Abrahim knew about the Chinese spirits, and he talks about the Egyptian spirits too.) So obviously a lot of his wisdom must have come from Egypt. A lot of the Gypsy wisdom must have come from Egypt.

85. BUT I DON'T THINK THAT'S VERY COMPLIMENTARY TO CONSIDER THAT MY WORDS OR LETTERS ARE LIKE FROGS! (Maria: Well, you didn't think that dream about "Demonography" was too complimentary either!) I never liked frogs, I never thought frogs were very... I'm going to look up frogs in this encyclopedia. Aren't they the ugliest little things?

86. BUT YOU SEE, IF MY WORDS ARE BEING PICTURED AS HOW THEY LOOK TO THE WORLD AND OUTSIDERS‚ I GUESS THEY'RE PRETTY UGLY, HUH? I mean they sure aren't very beautiful according to their scholastic standards! My grammar isn't too good, and my expression isn't too good, and I use the commonest kind of English and street language sometimes, I mean the average highly educated refined person might consider my words very ugly.—They're never going to take any literary prize!

87. FROGS HAVE SUCH BIG EYES! THEY'VE GOT TREMENDOUS BIG EYES! THEY MUST BE ABLE TO SEE EVERYTHING! AND THEY'VE GOT THE MOST HUGE MOUTHS! I mean frogs go, "Honk, honk, honk!" and you can hear them for miles! Out on the Ranch you could hear those frogs miles away! And man, can they jump! They've got the most powerful hind legs! That's almost the biggest part of their whole body!

88. AND THEY KEEP JUMPING FROM PLACE TO PLACE, JUST LIKE US! (Maria: It's pretty hard to catch them too!) Yeah. They've got big strong legs, and they really jump around, and they can really go fast if they take a notion!

89. AND THEY'VE GOT SUCH BIG MOUTHS! THEY REALLY MAKE A LOT OF NOISE JUST LIKE US! And they've got such big eyes! They can see everything‚ just like the Lord shows us, you know! So come to think of it, God made them‚ so maybe they're not so bad after all! I just thought they were awfully ugly!

90. WHEN I WAS A LITTLE BOY WE BELIEVED THAT IF YOU TOUCHED A FROG IT GAVE YOU WARTS!—Ha! And if we got warts, then we had to go through a certain little ceremony to get rid of them taught to me by one old Hungarian woman who could hardly speak English. She found out we'd picked up this frog, and so she got all excited, and we had to go though this little thing where we threw something over our shoulder and all kinds of crazy stuff! (Laughs.) She was so superstitious! I thought it was so funny!

91. FROGS CAN NOT ONLY JUMP VERY RAPIDLY‚ BUT THEY CAN ALSO SWIM VERY RAPIDLY. Boy, they can swim so fast! I mean they can live in either kind of environment. They can live either in the water or out of the water! It's like going back and forth between two dimensions, two worlds, right?—This world and the spirit world! It is! It's like they live in two worlds! They do!

92. (MARIA: THEY ALSO HIBERNATE UNDERGROUND IN WINTER.) THAT'S RIGHT! And they've got four fingers on their front feet and five on the back.—Now what does that mean? I don't know what that means, if it means anything. They hibernate in the Winter?—Well, I'm sure cold–blooded!—I always feel like hibernating in the Winter! (Maria: That's like a spiritual significance.) How? (Maria: Like Winter is almost like time of trouble, too, almost underground, when things get cold and wintry out, or trouble or persecution comes, we hibernate too!—We go underground!)

93. AND DO YOU KNOW HOW FROGS CAPTURE THEIR PREY? WITH THEIR TONGUE! Ha! Ha! Ha! How about that! Now that is certainly significant! Really symbolic! Whew! What a tongue God's given us! (Maria: We're finding out that we're like all the things we've always sort of hated‚ and creatures we looked at with disdain, like the Lord called you a spider, an old spider.) Well, God made 'em! Whew! Well, we are the most contemptible in the eyes of the world and the church, that's for sure, and abhorrent to the system!

94. (MARIA: IN SOME SEASONS FROGS PRODUCE IRRITATING OR POISONOUS SECRETIONS, LIKE OUR WORDS, so it could have poisoned that cat!) They have sticky tongues too! Some folks get stuck to our tongue‚ our words, like our kids, I guess. They're stuck to my tongue, trapped by my words! (Maria: They bear fruit too, 'cause they lay eggs which are fertilised as they are layed in early Spring.—Oh and you know what? They secrete a covering which causes the eggs to adhere in mass!) Colonies! Colonies! Their young are born in Colonies! (Maria: Giving buoyancy and protection!) How about that—isn't that something?

95. AND LOOK HERE, SEE, LIKE I TOLD YOU: "THEY HAVE A CROAK THAT CARRIES FOR MILES" (Laughs.) We really can be heard around the world!

96. DID YOU KNOW THERE'RE EVEN FROGS THAT FLY! THINK OF THAT! THEY LIVE IN THREE DIFFERENT ENVIRONMENTS, three different realms! They fly in the air, they can jump on the land, and swim in the water! I guess that must be the only known creature that can operate in all three different spheres, realms, or worlds.

97. KIND OF LIKE US: WE OPERATE IN THE PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL WORLD. I don't know what other world there is, kind of a mental world, which even the world can operate in. But then there's the spiritual world where we fly! Underground we can swim like mad, out of sight! On the land we can hop pretty fast too, and hop from place to place.

98. THEN IN THE AIR‚ IN THE SPIRIT WORLD, WE CAN REALLY FLY! (Maria: It says they usually live in quiet fresh water or woods.) We certainly prefer that if we can get it physically, but we do live in that in the spirit. Amen? (Maria: The fresh water of God's spirit!) Praise God, thank You, Lord! Well, now let me see the Bible Dictionary.

99. GOD COMPARES US TO A FROG, HOW 'BOUT THAT! APPARENTLY IF AMERICA EVER TRIES TO SWALLOW US‚ IT'S GOING TO CHOKE THEM TO DEATH! As I recall, the Bible's not too complimentary about frogs. It says here: "An amphibious animal mentioned in Exodus 8:3 and Revelations 16:13." (Maria: It was a plague!) A judgement of God on the wicked world! Wow! We're sure a plague to the world, part of God's judgements on them!

100. IT SAYS HERE: "THE FROGS MENTIONED IN THE OLD TESTAMENT WERE PROBABLY THE DOTTED FROG OF EGYPT," how about that! That frog was hopping back to Egypt—its mother. That big, black Sphinx-like cat was the frog's mother! It acted just like it thought the big black cat was its mother, and it jumped back there in terror and squirmed right underneath her arm! Isn't that funny? Only my frog was all bright growing green like us! The ugly American cat was a dirty old decaying green—a dying green! But we did originally come from America‚ so we're both green!—Only she's old and dying and we're young, bright and growing!

101. IT ALL BEGINS TO MAKE SENSE, IT REALLY DOES! I bet I fought that meaning about that frog being us or our words for at least 3 or 4 hours! Everytime I'd wake up, I'd think, "No‚ Lord! We're not frogs! I don't want to be likened to frogs!" (Maria: Isn't that something, how the church system has you so brain–washed and indoctrinated to think some things are bad and some things are good, when actually they may be just the other way around!—Like they say sex is sin when it's really a good creation of God!)

102. WELL, FROGS WERE CONSIDERED UNCLEAN BEASTS, UNCLEAN CREATURES. WELL WE'RE CONSIDERED UNCLEAN TO THE WORLD!—"THEY'RE UNCLEAN, THESE DIRTY HIPPIES!"—And they were the scourge, isn't that what Exodus 8:3 is?—When the frogs were one of the plagues, the curses? (Maria: "And the river shall bring forth frogs abundantly, which shall go up and come into thine house and into thy bedchamber and upon thy bed, and into the house of thy servants‚ upon thy people, and into thine ovens‚ and into thy kneadingtroughs.") Can you imagine anything more horrible than climbing into bed with a frog? (Maria: They're slimy!) Ick!

103. WELL, THAT'S JUST ABOUT THE WAY THE WORLD LOOKS AT US! UGH!—THEY CAN'T IMAGINE ANYTHING MORE HORRIBLE THAN US. "THOSE DIRTY HIPPIES that live in those horrible places, ugh!"—Gives them the willies to even think about us! (Maria: Well anything the Devil has is just a counterfeit of what God has, right?) That means God's going to have the reality, if the Devil has the counterfeit!

104. LISTEN TO THE REVELATION 16:13 & 14: "AND I SAW THREE UNCLEAN SPIRITS LIKE FROGS come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet." One out of each one. (Maria: "For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty."—Armageddon!) Then they were spirits, right? Really spirits, they were really demons‚ those frogs!

105. WELL, NOW, IF GOD HAS A REALITY OF WHICH THIS FALSE PROPHET'S FROG IS THE COUNTERFEIT, THEN THERE MUST BE A TRUE PROPHET WITH A GOOD FROG, A GOOD SPIRIT, SOMEWHERE! God of course we know, here's the false prophet in this passage here, we know there are the true prophets, here out of the mouth of the false prophet comes what?—An unclean spirit, right? So out of the mouth of God's true prophets come what?—Clean spirits! So, what if they look like frogs?

106. EVEN OUR CLEAN SPIRITS WOULD LOOK LIKE FROGS TO THE WORLD, THAT'S FOR SURE! I mean we really do look like frogs to the world! We hippies and Jesus freaks are considered undesirable, unpalatable‚ we are a disgrace, we are the offscouring of the earth, the scum of the earth, the dregs of society, we are the frogs of the animal world to them! That's the truth!

107. BUT YOU KNOW, THE FROGS REALLY DO A LOT OF GOOD! On our Ranch in Texas I used to always forbid the boys to kill them, because the frogs were always eating up the bad insects and getting rid of the ants, mosquitoes‚ flies and insects that were pests. Always getting rid of the pests. They just flip out their tongue and blip!—They've swallowed another pest!—So quick!

108. YET THE WORLD CONSIDERS US A PEST, US! You know at first that American cat was actually afraid of me! You know? Like it was actually afraid of what I was going to do, because it scratched me‚ it hurt me! And then it acted just like a cat does when it thinks it's about to get hit, about to get clobbered!—When all of a sudden it began to choke to death on my little frog, on my words!

109. YOU SEE, THE DEVIL IS THE OPPOSITE OF GOD, AND THE ANTICHRIST IS THE OPPOSITE OF CHRIST, AND THE FALSE PROPHET IS THE OPPOSITE OF GOD'S TRUE PROPHET! Out of the mouth of each of them, God, Christ and His True Prophet, of course, comes a clean spirit. Since there was a False Prophet here (in Rev. 16) for the Devil and the Antichrist, so there must be a True Prophet for God and for Christ, and out of his mouth comes the true spirit of God! Right?

110. AND IF THE DEVIL'S EVIL SPIRITS ARE GATHERING, it says: "For they are spirits of Devils working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world‚ to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty!" Well, that's on their side of the battle, right?

111. THEN FROM THE MOUTH OF GOD AND CHRIST AND OF HIS TRUE PROPHET, THERE MUST COME CLEAN SPIRITS, angels, also working true miracles‚ which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world and gather the good forces together, to do battle against the forces of evil! So that's really what we're doing! We're summoning the forces of good together calling them together to oppose and fight and defy the evil!—To gather them together to a great battle, the battle of the great day of God Almighty! How about that!

112. AND HE GATHERED THEM TOGETHER INTO A PLACE CALLED IN THE HEBREW TONGUE ARMAGEDDON!" You know where that is?—That's just south of Haifa, that valley that stretches from Mt. Carmel on down toward Jerusalem!—The Valley of Megiddo where Armageddon is to be fought is only a little S.W. of the Syrian front en route to Sinai!

113. (MARIA: SOME PEOPLE HAVE A PROBLEM IN UNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE DEVIL'S WORK AND THE LORD'S WORK.) Because the Devil's work is such an imitation and such a close counterfeit! (Maria: If the world could just understand this one little point: That everything that God has‚ the Devil has a counterfeit of it‚ then it would be easier for them to understand.)

114. IN FACT, THE DEVIL CAN'T DO ANYTHING, HE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO, EXCEPT TO IMITATE GOD! Because he knows what God does works! And so in everything he does, he's trying to be God, he's trying to be God and imitate God‚ so everything he does is trying to imitate the Lord. So that is interesting!

115. SO WE ARE GATHERING TOGETHER THE FORCES OF GOOD ON THE OTHER SIDE TO OPPOSE THE FORCES OF EVIL! How 'bout that! Think of that! Isn't that amazing? Now in this passage, they're all gathering together toward this big battle, Armageddon, which is to be in Israel! My God, could this possibly be it now?

116. "AND THE SEVENTH ANGEL POURED OUT HIS VIAL ON THE AIR and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven‚ from the throne saying, 'It is done!' You know the message we got from the Lord on the Arab war, "Prepare ye the way! The time is at hand!"—It could be! "At hand" means it's about to happen! "And there were voices, and thunders and lightnings, and there was a great earthquake such as was not since men were upon the earth!"

117. THE AIR! THE COMET! KOHOUTEK! MAYBE THAT'S WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN WHEN THAT COMET COMES! If this is that war, then God could send that comet and do all these things now!—"and there was a great earthquake‚ such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake and so great! And the great city (Babylon: America?) was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of His wrath!"—The fall of America?

118. "AND EVERY ISLAND FLED AWAY, THE MOUNTAINS WERE NOT FOUND, AND THERE FELL UPON MEN A GREAT HAIL OUT OF HEAVEN, every stone about the weight of a talent!"—Think of it! These hailstones are probably "fire and brimstone," volcanic rocks a hundred pounds or more apiece! Think of that! Can you imagine how big a rock like that would be, and how much damage it could do from any height at all!—They could batter down whole buildings flat to the ground! Whew!

119. "AND MEN BLASPHEMED GOD BECAUSE OF THE PLAGUE OF THE HAIL!" SEE‚ THEY STILL DON'T REPENT, they still don't say they're sorry, or call on God! They just curse God because of their wickedness! Instead of repenting and crying out to God for mercy and forgiveness and salvation, they curse God! "For the plague thereof was exceeding great!" And then of course the next chapter, 17, explains who the Whore, Babylon, the Beast, the final world government and all that are, and the 18th Chapter describes in detail Babylon's fall.—America?

120. THEN THE 19TH CHAPTER DESCRIBES THE COMING OF CHRIST—THE VICTOR! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! I always wondered why God stuck that verse about Christ's coming right after that business about the spirits of devils going out to gather the earth together, to the battle of the great day of God Almighty, Rev.16‚ 14th verse: Boom!—And the Lord says, in vs.15‚ "Behold I come as a Thief! Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked (spiritually) and they see his shame!"

121. IT'S JUST AS THOUGH HE'S SAYING: "I'M GOING TO COME PRETTY SOON!"—RIGHT AFTER OR DURING THAT BATTLE, THE GREAT BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON, at the time of that battle! See, He comes‚ apparently, according to Revelation here. He comes during or right after the Battle of Armageddon! He comes and He settles the Battle of Armageddon, when the nations are fighting against each other in Israel‚ Jesus comes!

122. (MARIA: BUT JESUS ISN'T GOING TO COME YET THOUGH?) I JUST DON'T KNOW, THIS WAR COULD GO ON FOR A LONG TIME, this war between the Jews and the Arabs, and has been going on for years and years and years already. Good night, it's been going on in Israel now for about 30 years! See, off and on, off and on‚ off and on! So this war could easily stretch out, off and on, truce and cease-fire, then back at it again‚ for another 20 years!—Which would bring us right up to the period that we got for the coming of the Lord! Right? So, wow!

123. TO THE PROPHETS AND TO THE LORD IT ALL LOOKS LIKE ONE, ALMOST LIKE ONE EVENT, you might say, but it can be stretched out over a number of years. It's the great grand End, the culmination, and yet the End is composed of a series of a whole bunch of minor events, this major period of the Endtime!

124. IN FACT THE "LAST DAYS," ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTURE IN HEBREWS AND ALL, BEGAN WITH THE FIRST COMING OF CHRIST, AND WILL END WITH HIS LAST COMING nearly 2,000 years later!—2‚000 years of "Last Days!" Paul says in Hebrews, "In these Last Days, God has shown us by His Son‚" and so on. So the last days began with the first coming of Christ, and will end with the second coming. So it's all the End as far as God's concerned! But The End, the real time of The End He speaks of, is these last few years, and I believe we're already living in the time of The End!

125. THESE ARE THE ENDTIME EVENTS RIGHT NOW‚ EVEN THOUGH THEY COULD STILL STRETCH OUT FOR ANOTHER 20 YEARS OR SO! It tickled me when I heard that guy on TV worrying about what were they going to do in a hundred years because of that increase of population and pollution and the decrease in food and fuel, etc.—Ha!—Buddy, you're not going to have to worry about it a hundred years from now! (Laughs.) The Lord's going to solve the whole problem in only about 20 or 30 years or so! Well, that makes sense, praise the Lord!

126. CERTAINLY OUR WORDS SOUND AND LOOK LIKE UGLY FROGS TO SOME OF THE PUBLIC. I'M SURE! Like ugly frogs‚ they don't like. But to people who really know and understand frogs, they're really not bad creatures at all! Some people even like to eat frog legs! Very palatable to some. But they're just a kind of a chosen few. Not very many people like frog legs. (Laughs.)

127. THEY'RE CONSIDERED UNCLEAN MEAT TO SOME, especially to certain religious ones, frogs and frog legs are unclean meat! Ha! Ha! Ha! How about that! The Lord couldn't pick a type of anything better that some religious hypocrites would abhor! We to them are unclean, and our words are unclean meat! How about that, isn't that amazing?

128. WHAT A PICTURE!—ONE SIMPLE LITTLE PICTURE GOD CAN GIVE YOU, that is just a simple childlike picture of the whole thing! Isn't that amazing? Wow, wow, wow! It's like that, the whole thing makes sense now!

129. IT'S LIKE THAT BIG BLACK CAT IS EGYPT AND THE BEGINNING OF THE COMING WORLD GOVERNMENT, REALLY, AND IN A WAY I WAS FRIENDLY TO THE CAT, it was like my cat, you know? Just like the Lord has predicted that at first we're sort of going to be on good terms with the coming world government. Maria: We help it to power.) Yes, think of it!—And it's growing now, we're even helping it now!

130. AND IT'S IN ORDER THAT WE MIGHT BE OURSELVES PRESERVED‚ JUST LIKE MANY OF THE PROPHETS WERE BY THE HEATHEN KINGS and the former world powers that were anti–God, anti-Christ and whatnot! But God had to have His prophets, He had to have His people there to keep delivering the Word, and this helps spare His people. So there you are‚ see? Here's the big growing black cat of Egypt and the coming world socialist government that's going to take over the world!

131. AND HERE'S THIS SICKLY DYING CAT OF AMERICAN AND WESTERN CAPITALISTIC FASCISM THAT'S GOING TO CHOKE TO DEATH ON OUR WORDS! Even though they do apparently get a swat at us now and then, and scratch us, it's nothing but a little scratch. It hurts and it bled, but it was just a scratch. So whatever they can do to us apparently is just going to be a scratch by comparison to what's going to happen to them by swallowing my frog! It's going to choke them to death! (Maria: It's already made them sick.) Yeah!

132. (MARIA: DID YOU KNOW THAT IN CHAPTER 15 JUST BEFORE THIS 16TH CHAPTER ABOUT THE FROGS, CHAPTER 15 TALKS ABOUT "THEM THAT HATH GOTTEN THE VICTORY OVER THE BEAST, AND THAT HAVE THE HARPS (GUITARS?) OF GOD, AND THEY SING THE SONG OF MOSES‚ servant of God, and the song of the Lamb?) That's where that passage is? How about that! Do you know we may be further along than we've realised! (Maria: We are bringing plagues on the world. It said "till the seven plagues of the seven angels were fulfilled," because we're bringing the plagues!

133. YOU SAW THAT IN "DEMONOGRAPHY," YOUR DREAM ABOUT THE PLAGUES OF OUR WORDS BRINGING THE JUDGEMENTS OF GOD.) Opening those caskets or whatever they were, was like opening Pandora's Box! O Lord, what a terrible comparison it was, what an awful picture! It doesn't sound very beautiful of us! I was there like a big human being overlooking or overseeing the whole event, like an observer in the spirit, but I did stick my hand in to try to stop it.

134. MAYBE THAT'S A WARNING FROM THE LORD THAT I'D BETTER KEEP MY HANDS OUT of trying to interfere in what God's allowing to happen to the kids and His Words! I mean‚ you know‚ like trying to enter in too personally in administration or interfering with the kids and their affairs, or trying to personally protect them and the publications and all. I mean, I ought to just stick to the Word of God and stay away from tending tables! (Maria: That's right!) I mean I was fine, but I didn't help it a bit by trying to interfere!—I just got scratched by sticking my hand into it‚ sticking my finger in the pie, and it didn't stop the American cat from getting the frog! That's clear as day now.

135. GOD WANTED THE CAT TO EAT THE FROG, SO IT WOULD CHOKE TO DEATH ON IT! (Maria: And be poisoned too!) Yes, think of that! And I was trying to interfere and save the frog and keep the frog from the cat‚ to keep the cat from getting the full word! (Maria: Fear of persecution.) Yes.—I've tried to keep from revealing the whole of God's truth, for fear they'd really get after us! Well, it didn't help or change anything, anyway, and I only got scratched for my trouble.

136. WELL, YOU'VE GOT TO LET THE KIDS OPERATE ACCORDING TO THEIR OWN FAITH, they've got to each operate according to his own faith. I don't want anybody passing out literature that they're afraid to pass out, or if they don't have the faith for it and are not willing to suffer for it, they don't have to. The prophets of God have to have the faith of God to proclaim the Words of God, and they suffer the same persecution as God in Christ. But praise God, they get the rewards of God, amen? So it fits better all the time!

137. IT'S NONE OF MY BUSINESS TO INTERFERE WITH THEM GETTING THE WHOLE WORD‚ THE WHOLE FROG‚ the whole-hog, the whole-frog! Oh my Lord, I hope it doesn't mean that! We've got to give them the whole works, the whole counsel of God, the whole frog? Oh Lord help us!

138. HIPPITY-HOP! THAT LITTLE FROG‚ HE REALLY WAS BOUNCING ALONG! I tell you, he was going so fast, you know how fast a cat streaks, that cat was kind of sick, but he was still coming on strong, even though he was kind of staggering and reeling along after the frog. But that frog was really making time, he was really hopping!

139. THEY CAN JUMP SO FAR AT ONE SINGLE JUMP, FROM HERE TO THERE TO THERE AND GONE AGAIN! IT'S LIKE US! (Laughs.) You know what Fred said about me when I was on the road for television? At some time or another he wanted to get in touch with me and he couldn't find me by phone.—And he was so mad, because he wanted to tell me something when I was on the road, and he couldn't locate me. And he phoned where I'd just been, and then he phoned someplace else, and I'd just been there, just left there, etc. So when he finally got hold of me he was burning up! He said,

140. "DAVID, YOU'RE LIKE THE IRISHMAN'S FLEA!—JUST WHEN I THINK I'VE GOT MY THUMB ON YOU, YOU GO AND JUMP AWAY AGAIN!" Ha, Ha, Ha! Now that's the picture of the frog! Just about the time the System thinks they've got their thumb on us and they're about to crush us, we've gone and hopped away again! (Maria: We wriggle right out! Even if you put your hands on frogs‚ they can squeeze right out!) Hopped away again!

141. AND THE FROGS ARE ALWAYS BURYING THEMSELVES WHEN YOU'RE CHASING THEM! They jump in the water, they jump in the mud, and they make a few little wriggles and they're right underneath the mud, right down they go! Or under a rock—they can squeeze into the tiniest smallest little places you ever saw, just like our crowded Colonies (Laughs.) The frogs! They can call us the Frogmen, ha!

142. SO, AMERICA IS GOING TO CHOKE TO DEATH ON US! My God‚ I didn't realise we had that much effect! (Maria: Of course we do!) It's the Words of God!—They're going to choke to death on the Word of God! Thank You‚ Lord, Hallelujah! You know what I just got?—Another Scripture!—You know what Jesus said to the scribes and the Pharisees, the religious hypocrites, who are our bitterest enemies also‚ you know what He said? Don't you remember? Jesus said (in Mat.23:24), "Ye choke on a gnat and swallow a camel!" That's what just came to me! They choke to death on a gnat!

143. WHO ARE WE?—WE'RE NOTHING BUT A LITTLE GNAT‚ BUT THEY CHOKE TO DEATH ON US! That reminds me of that atheist I heard about that was preaching against God, like Mussolini. It used to be one of his favourite tricks to get up there and take his watch and say: "I don't believe in God! There's no God!—If there's a God, let Him send a bolt of lightning from heaven and strike me dead in five minutes!"—And he'd stand there and watch his watch until the time was up while the crowd waited breathlessly. Then when it didn't happen, he'd say: "You see! I told you there's no God!"

144. AND HE KEPT STOMPING ALL OVER THE COUNTRY DOING THAT and saying that all the time. And you know what finally happened? You know, he was challenging God to some big nice fiery display! He wanted the people to know how brave he was, that he was defying God to strike him dead with a lighting bolt! But he was standing there one time looking at his watch after his little demonstration was all over and he'd made fun of God saying, "See there? There's no God! He didn't strike me dead! If there was a God, he would have struck me dead!"

145. AND WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE HAPPENED?—ALL OF A SUDDEN HE CHOKED ON A GNAT and began coughing and choking and choked to death on a gnat right there in front of all of them! I mean God wouldn't even stoop to his level to send him a lightning bolt! God just let him choke to death on a gnat! Think of that!

146. THAT CAT GODDESS OF EGYPT STRANGLED HER VICTIMS! Isn't that amazing! They choke on a gnat, but swallow a camel! That's something Jesus said to the Pharisees, His religious enemies! Well‚ praise the Lord‚ that's really some parallel, isn't it?

147. I KNEW THE PICTURE MUST MEAN SOMETHING‚ IT WAS SO VIVID and it so shocked me it woke me up just like those message dreams always do! The Lord woke me absolutely wide awake, and I was just amazed!—Wow!—What a picture!—What in the world does this peculiar ridiculous thing mean anyway?

148. WE'RE NOTHING BUT A LITTLE FROG OR LIKE A LITTLE GNAT, BUT THEY'RE GOING TO CHOKE TO DEATH ON US! We're going to choke them to death because they cannot swallow us, they can't stomach us! Isn't that something? They're going to choke to death trying to cough us up! We're actually, literally‚ going to strangle them, the System, America, and the things it represents! They're going to choke to death on us and our words! Praise God! Thank You‚ Lord! Hallelujah! It makes sense!

149. I JUST RESISTED AND FOUGHT AND FOUGHT IT FOR HOURS, THAT BUSINESS OF US BEING A FROG!—I couldn't stand that comparison! I thought, "Now Lord‚ that is too much! I've already given the kids that one where You pictured me as a spider! That was bad enough! But now to picture me as a frog, the ol' frog! We used to call some people old frogs that croaked!—Somebody we didn't like.

150. GOD HAS MADE US THE SCUM OF THE EARTH, THE OFFSCOURING OF THE EARTH, THE DREGS OF SOCIETY, THE LITTLE SLIMY FROGS! But look what useful creatures frogs are, and what talented creatures they are‚ and how they get around‚ and how they can even kill with their tongue! And their tongues move so fast you can't even see them when they catch insects!—The hippie pests!—Ha!

151. BUT OUR ENEMIES, THEY STRAIN AT A GNAT AND SWALLOW A CAMEL!—They swallow the foolish camels of evolution and godlessness and communism and everything else in one gulp, no sweat! But they absolutely choke to death on our words, on us! They make a violent effort to get rid of us, cough us up, vomit us out or whatever! Isn't that something? Isn't that amazing! I can't get over that! I just fought that interpretation for hours!

152. BUT THAT UGLY AMERICAN CAT WAS CHOKING TO DEATH ON THAT LITTLE TINY FROG, AND THAT FROG WAS US AND OUR WORDS! So that means that America is going to literally choke to death on the Words of God and the people of God! They're going to try to cough us up and get rid of us, but they're going to strangle on us! We and our words, God's Words are going to choke them to death, strangle them!

153. AND IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH EGYPT and the Ancients and that Ancient wisdom—Abrahim! Abrahim! It's Abrahim! Of course! An Egyptian Gypsy! I mean it was Abrahim that the Lord sent to reveal all these things to me, to give us all these Words, God's Words! (Maria: He knows so much even about the Chinese spirits, Egyptian spirits, etc., too!)

154. THIS IS WHERE WE'VE GOTTEN ALL THESE REVELATIONS, FROM ABRAHIM THE GYPSY, EGYPTIAN, EGYPT! (Maria: Does he look like an Egyptian too?) Yes! I told you how Abrahim looks! I told you he's quite dark and has jet black hair, remember? He looks like a Gypsy, very dark-skinned, jet black hair.—I mean a pure Gypsy.

155. SO HOW ABOUT THAT KIDS? WE'RE THE FROGMEN, GOD'S FROGMEN, WHOM THE WORLD HATES BUT GOD LOVES! We serve many useful purposes‚ and we're very‚ very useful to the Lord! We're very versatile in our ministry, too! We and our words can operate in several different realms: In the realms of the physical sex, mental reasoning‚ or the spiritual world's revelations!

156. GOD USES US IN ALL REALMS, JUST LIKE THE FROGS! Underwater, underground, on the land, or even in the air! Do you know there are flying frogs? Yes, flying frogs!—So we can survive, live and operate in almost any kind of environment the world over! Hallelujah!

157. AND WHEN OUR ENEMIES TRY TO SWALLOW US UP, THEY ONLY CHOKE THEMSELVES TO DEATH ON US! You know, in my dream that was the last thing I saw: The ugly American cat–rat choked to death on the little frog and keeling over stone dead! So I was wondering if that was the end of the poor little frog, when I suddenly got a picture of the itty-bitty bright green frog crawling slowly, quietly out of the cat-rat's dead mouth, looking all around to see if the coast was clear, then hopping gleefully away, lickety–split‚ hippity-hop, right back to his mother‚ the big black Egyptian cat! Wow! How 'bout that!—He survived it! He made it!

158. THE SICK UGLY AMERICAN CAT COULDN'T SWALLOW HIM AFTER ALL!—HE ONLY CHOKED ON HIM, AND THEN THE FROG GOT AWAY AGAIN!—Isn't that great? So be it with all our enemies!—If they try to swallow us up, they'll only choke on us, and we'll just crawl right back out again, and God's Truth will go marching on!—That is‚ hippity-hopping and jumping along like mad with glee! Hallelujah!

159. AND GOD'S ABRAHIM AND EGYPT ARE STILL GOING TO HELP US!—Praise the Lord! Isn't that wonderful?—Frogmen for Jesus! Are you willing to be a frogman for Jesus? Did you know frogs can be buried for years and still come out alive! It doesn't matter what our enemies try, swallowing or burying, we'll still come out alive and kicking! Hallelujah!