KEYWORDS: spirits, maria, old, children, world, time

Chinese Spirits

David Berg

—MO September 30, 1973 NO.273—GP

(We had seen pictures of the Chinese Exhibition in London. Early next morning MO began to murmur in his sleep. By the foreign accent‚ it was apparently the voice of Abrahim again, one of his spiritual helpers:)

1. OLD THINGS FROM CHINA COME TO BRITAIN. They buried them for many generations and just recently dug them up.—Thousands of years old! They brought them to Britain so Britain leads the world and has many old‚ old Egypt spirits and Chinese spirits to lead them in the time to come. Many young spirit in Britain. They will follow the old spirits and help to lead the world!

2. MANY MANY OLD SPIRITS THEY DUG UP. The old, old idols buried long time, thousands of years. God let spirit do 'cause the time is now ready. And old spirits much smarter than young spirits, and many old ancients come to lead and guide. Many old and very wise people today know nothing compared to old ancients.

3. OLD ANCIENTS WELL VERSED IN MANY ANCIENT ARTS AND CRAFTS. Have much very old knowledge of spiritual things, things which these young people lack. But they not going to lack, but they going to visit old things in shrine and pick up many‚ many ancient spirits and fathers to lead big world revolution! New young bodies. European, German, French—they come see and pick up.

4. THEY HITCHHIKERS, SPIRITS HITCHHIKERS. They hitchhike on idols. They come from deep down in earth in China, and kids come see and they jump off and they take new ride and find new bodies. You see, very simple! Very, very simple.

5. THE LITTLE‚ LITTLE BOOK IS VERY, VERY OLD and goes from back to front and bottom to top, and as you go through, the more pages you turn the fewer they get‚ and it's all full of pictures. We have to make ours have much more pictures so can show kids. And do quick! Time is short!

6. (MARIA: WHAT IS THIS LITTLE BOOK?) IT IS OUR BOOK. Our book show kids what happen. (Maria: What kind of pictures does it have?) All the pictures God show us: Upside down, backwards, from many to few. (Maria: Does it have animal pictures?) Some of them‚ yes. Many pictures about what God show us. Artist must write many words of David in pictures. Devil don't like! Must make many words few, but artist make pictures and they don't forget.

7. THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF BRITISH YOUNG PEOPLE GO BY BIER OF ANCIENT KINGS and queens of China and idols of very old gods and pick up spirits. They wait in line to pick up spirits like cafeteria‚ and they happy to get new spirits! Not new spirits but very, very old.

8. HAVE YOU NO CARE FOR YOUR POOR OLD FATHER AND HIS REST? You don't listen to his words! You don't care what he say? You don't hear what he says! (Maria was having a difficult time understanding some of the words and was asking David to repeat them.)

9. (MARIA: WHY ARE THE PAGES UPSIDE DOWN AND BACKWARDS?) I don't know... (Long pause; then:) it's because they show about Devil's world. It's very great confusion!—Upside down, backwards, from many to few and disappear and all gone, poof! See?

10. (DAVID LOOKS AT THE CLOCK which is just turning 8 o'clock. He hits the clock sharply with his hand:) Eight hours come. I just make notion and they come. To bring time to standstill, and I make it go backwards. You see? You want to see me make it go backwards? (Maria says yes.) Nah, you're a bad child, honey, if you want curiosity just for nothing, 'cause time cannot go backwards!—But it can go forwards!

11. THEY COME FROM BACKWARDS TO THE FORWARDS, SO THE FORWARDS CAN GO BACKWARDS. They come from much‚ much, much backwards many years ago, ancient, ancient spirits from much, much backwards many thousands of years backwards! They come now to England to much, much forwards and many young people. Backwards come forwards so forwards can go very much backwards.

12. THE VERY OLD SPIRITS COME TO VERY, VERY YOUNG, SO CAN MAKE YOUNG VERY, VERY OLD AGAIN. Very simple. It's a simple little thing. If you can't understand that, how are you going to understand upside-down backwards and diminishing world? They very real world, but this young generation they seek for very old world. Old folks seek for young new world that doesn't even exist! Young folks seek for old new world that exists many generations, and they find too!

13. THEY TAKE EACH SPIRIT, A PIECE OF EACH ARMOUR OF OLD, OLD KING come to grace their land and bestow onto them many favours and many spirits in great graciousness to give them new power to carry on! (Each piece of jade carries a different spirit!)

14. WHY DON'T YOU REST IN THE BOSOM OF YOUR FATHER? (Maria: 'Cause I want to know many things.) Oh, it is too much! You can't learn all these things! I love you. I really do love you! You want to go and see queen and pick up old, old spirit? You can have if you want to! I think I'm ancient enough. You can't even remember all I say—all about us!

15. YOU DON'T EVEN PICK UP EVERYTHING I SAY! HOW YOU PICK UP OLD SPIRIT? YOU GET ALL MIXED UP! You don't even know all Abrahim says yet! You're very weak stupid little child, and you can't even learn very much! But if you want old ancient spirits from China, you can have, to get you all mixed up!

16. (MARIA: WOULD THEY BE GOOD SPIRITS?) Oh, some maybe, but not many—mostly bad, because China be very bad! China be very, very bad because she don't like Jesus! (Maria: When did she find out about Jesus?)

17. LONG TIME AGO, LONG TIME AGO ST. THOMAS GO TO INDIA AND CHINA many, many years ago. (Maria: They didn't like him there?) You don't care about strength of your father, honey!—Of course some like him! Many receive him, but many bad, evil kings, they wipe out! Have darkness rather than light, so Jesus give them very big darkness! They have many, many children of darkness!

18. THEY BRING MANY, MANY HERE:—EACH PIECE, EACH LITTLE PIECE! They bring old children of darkness to new children of England, who are now ready to take up their spirit to lead the world to the end! Don't you understand? They need very much power and ancient leadership and great old wisdom to carry things to the end, not stupid little machines! They many‚ many old ancient spirits with great wisdom!

19. (MARIA: WILL THERE BE MANY CHILDREN OF LIGHT FROM CHINA?) No, I don't think so. I don't see any. Most all very, very great and honourable spirits of darkness of many, many generations! Children of Light very few. Mostly you need to give. (Maria: Give what?) What you get!

20. (MARIA: WILL DAVID HAVE CHILDREN FROM CHINA?) OH, OF COURSE, DAVID HAVE CHILDREN FROM EVERYWHERE!—Chinese children‚ Indian children, Aborigine children, everybody who love Jesus become children of David if they hear truth. (David sings a little song softly in another language.) (Maria: What's that?) I sing myself lullaby 'cause you don't put me to sleep!...Many Germans‚ many Scandia, many others. Old have new. New have old.

21. (MARIA: IS THERE ONE SPIRIT WHO LEADS ALL THE OTHER CHINESE SPIRITS?) Of course‚ there is one big...(Maria: One big what?) (But David has fallen asleep! Suddenly he stirs a little:) God take me from them and give me to you 'cause you believe. (Maria: Who did he take you from?) Old gypsies. (Maria: Because they didn't believe?) They no longer believe like in old times. They don't believe. They just want things!