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End of Allende?, The

David Berg


—MOSeptember 26, 1973GP No.272

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1. ALLENDE BROUGHT ABOUT HIS PEACEFUL COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT IN CHILE BY BALLOT, NOT BULLET. But, you see, both Marx and Lenin taught that you'll never get the rich to give up their riches and share their wealth willingly, therefore you cannot legislate it. You cannot just pass laws to get them to do it, because they won't stand for it.

2. BUT THE RICH WILL NEARLY ALWAYS FIGHT AND DIE FOR THEIR RICHES. The rich would rather die than lose their wealth. That's why they fight their wars and send their own sons to die for them! So anyone trying to bring about a peaceful, nonviolent communist or socialist revolution is just wishfully thinking!

3. THE RICH AND THE POWERFUL ARE NEVER GOING TO TAKE IT LYING DOWN and allow the socialists to merely pass laws and vote their riches out of existence! They will use their power and wealth to buy the military and pay them to defend them.

4. THIS IS WHY SO MANY FASCIST TAKEOVERS HAPPEN. This is why Hitler‚ Mussolini, Franco and many others came to power. The rich are clever and smart and the best educated and the most influential, and they know how to pull the strings and ropes and how to engineer things.

5. THE RICH ARE CLEVER ORGANISERS WHO KNOW HOW TO ENGINEER A MILITARY COUP, as they're going to do in the U.S. rather than become communists. As one writer pointed out, in the late '60s the U.S. was ready for a tough fascist Hitler, a get-tough, law-and-order man with a military coup to put down the radicals and the youth.

6. BUT THEY TURNED TO NITLER INSTEAD, AS A COMPROMISE CANDIDATE‚ A LITTLE MORE PALATABLE NEO-FASCIST. In other words, they knew they had in Nitler the man that, if the going did get tough, he would go to the extreme of martial law and military rule. He's a great pretender, a real ham actor, and he's making the public think he's a great humanitarian and a great democratic leader protecting the people.

7. BUT NITLER IS REALLY NOTHING BUT THE FRONT MAN FOR THE RICH TO KEEP CONTROL.—HE STARTED OUT AS THEIR PUPPET, but puppets have a funny way of getting out of hand and believing they are gods! So something very strange is happening in the world right now!

8. ALLENDE'S GOVERNMENT WAS ONE OF THE FIRST COMMUNIST GOVERNMENTS EVER VOTED INTO EXISTENCE DEMOCRATICALLY. But you must remember he only got into power by one-third of the votes. It just so happened that he got a few more votes than either of the other two candidates—the conservatives and the moderate left-wing Democratic Party. But he had two-thirds of the country really against him. In their multi-party elections they don't have to get over half the total votes, or a majority. They just need a plurality. So he only had one–third behind him.

9. BUT AGAINST HIM WERE MOST OF HIS OWN COUNTRY, PLUS THE AWESOME POWER OF THE UNITED STATES and its CIA and the huge and powerful multi-million–dollar firms like Anaconda Copper and ITT, which he immediately confiscated when he got into control. So the big rich U.S. corporations were willing to put up millions to defeat him

10. BECAUSE THAT IS THE ONE THING THE U.S. GOVERNMENT DID NOT WANT TO SEE HAPPEN: —FOR ANY PEOPLE TO ELECT VOLUNTARILY A COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT—which would disprove what they have always maintained about socialism: That it always has to be forced on the people. But in a way they're almost right!—It certainly has to be forced on the rich! So poor Allende had a tough situation all the way around! The large semi-rich middle class and the conservative rich class and all these powerful U.S. corporations and the U.S. government with multi-billions of dollars were against him!

11. THE U.S. GOVERNMENT HAD TRAINED AND EQUIPPED THE CHILEAN ARMED FORCES, and were therefore in good control and communication with the top military officers. The Chilean militarists wouldn't have had their boats and tanks and planes and guns if the U.S. hadn't supplied them. So Allende was licked from the start‚ really, because most of the people and the powerful were against him!

12. DEAR ALLENDE WAS A MOST DEMOCRATIC, MODERATE, FREEDOM-LOVING, FAIR-MINDED SOCIALIST TRYING TO DO THE RIGHT THING BY LEGAL PROCESS AND BY THE BALLOT of the democratic way! But he had two-thirds of his own country, the U.S. government and all the big corporations against him! But strangely enough, although the communists and communist countries of the world paid him lip service, he was trying to prove what Marxist-Leninist doctrine declares is impossible: that you can have a peaceful, nonviolent revolution!

13. BUT THE RICH ARE NEVER GOING TO VOLUNTARILY, WILLINGLY SURRENDER THEIR RICHES WITHOUT FIRING A SHOT! They've already fired many shots around the world, and there are thousands dead in Chile right now to prove it! So in other words, Russia never went to his rescue to supply the money and the help he needed, because they weren't too anxious to prove you could do it peacefully.


15. RIGHT NOW THE WORLD IS DIVIDED INTO THREE CAMPS: THE FASCISTS, OF WHOM AMERICA IS THE CHIEF and helps finance, arm and train all the other fascist anti-Communist governments. There is no in-between: America was forced to go one way or the other, and the most likely way for her to go was fascist, because she's rich.

16. ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE IS THE TOTALLY COMMUNIST WORLD—Marxist‚ Leninist, Maoist—all of which believe according to their own doctrines that there is no such thing as a peaceful revolution. It has to be by force! The dictatorship of the proletariat has to bring about enforced communism until the people see it as a good way of life and then accept it voluntarily. At first they have to be forced to accept communism because they're not used to it.

17. BUT ON THE FENCE IN-BETWEEN, ALL THESE YEARS THERE'S BEEN DEVELOPING THE AS–YET UNDECIDED OR UNCOMMITTED THIRD WORLD. In fellowship and doctrine and common cause of the poor and independent, they range from the liberals and socialists to the so-called peaceful and legal communists of France‚ Italy, Yugoslavia, Scandinavia, Britain, Africa, Asia, etc.

18. THEY'VE BEEN SAYING, "IT CAN BE DONE PEACEFULLY! WE CAN VOTE IN SOCIALISM and force the rich to give up their riches and share with the poor just by law!" There are many, many people including many communists who have felt that they must work legally and peacefully toward gradual socialism. In fact‚ a lot of them are even pacifists!

19. ALL THESE MORE MODERATE THIRD WORLD PEOPLE HAVE BEEN HOPING TO BRING ABOUT SOCIALISM OR SOME FORM OF INDEPENDENT COMMUNISM BY THE BALLOT RATHER THAN THE BULLET. They've been striving to attain some sort of legal, lawful and peaceful socialistic revolution by democratic processes.

20. BUT FOR YEARS MARXIST, LENINIST‚ AND MAOIST THEORISTS HAVE BEEN TRYING TO CONVERT THESE INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC PEACEFUL COMMUNISTS, SOCIALISTS AND LIBERALS TO MILITANT COMMUNIST DOCTRINE and tell them, "You cannot do it that way! You'll never make it without taking over by force and liquidating with violence the opposition, just like their rich fascist enemies are doing right now in Chile, so the opposition cannot rise again!

21. THE RADICAL COMMUNIST DOCTRINE OF VIOLENCE IS SIMPLY THAT YOU HAVE TO GET CONTROL AND LIQUIDATE THE ENEMY BY FORCE, the capitalists and all those of capitalist culture and inclination, because they cannot be re-oriented or brainwashed. It's just like we say of the church people: "Forget them! Let the dead bury the dead! You cannot convert them! You have to start with new young blood, a totally different, spiritual revolution!"

22. SO THOUGH THE ORTHODOX COMMUNIST COUNTRIES ARE DULY AND LOYALLY SEVERING DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS WITH THE NEW U.S. SPONSORED FASCIST GOVERNMENT IN CHILE and extending their sympathies formally on the surface to Chile's defeated communists, actually what they're really doing is laughing up their sleeves and congratulating each other behind the backs of all the liberal and independent socialists of the Third World that they, the communists, have been right all along, and this has now proved that peaceful revolution will never work!

23. SO WHAT THE END OF ALLENDE IS GOING TO DO IS HELP TO CONVERT A LOT OF FORMERLY LIBERAL AND NONVIOLENT PEACE–LOVING SOCIALISTS AND MARXISTS TO THE VIOLENT COMMUNIST CAMP! They see by the sample that they cannot win any other way. So although the U.S. Government thinks it has won a great victory in helping stamp out communism in Chile, it is cutting off its nose to spite its face‚ and has been given enough rope there to hang itself, by literally driving the formerly noncommitted and heretofore undecided Third World totally communist!

24. THE U.S. GOVERNMENT BY ITS DEFEAT OF CHILEAN DEMOCRATIC PEACEFUL SOCIALISM IS DRIVING THIS BIG SEGMENT OF THE THIRD WORLD RIGHT STRAIGHT INTO THE ARMS OF THE MILITANT COMMUNISTS, and is going to encourage by what they have done in Chile more violent revolution than they have ever dreamed could happen! It could make the whole world practically explode! Because most of these militant communists are a very small minority in each country, and what they need is the help and power and influence and personnel of these in-between socialists.

25. THE COMMUNIST WORLD NEEDS THE THIRD WORLD TO HELP THEM TAKE OVER THE WHOLE WORLD, AND ALLENDE'S AMERICAN MARTYRDOM IS GOING TO HELP DRIVE THE THIRD WORLD RIGHT INTO THE ARMS OF THE COMMUNISTS! They now see they cannot trust the fascists to let them rise independently and on their own. Chile was a small‚ poor Third World country, and right now, while the fascist U.S. is rejoicing over the End of Allende and his Chilean communists government, so are the communists rejoicing, and they're going to laugh last!

26. THE U.S. HAS SIGNED ITS OWN DEATH WARRANT IN BACKING A FASCIST MILITARY COUP IN CHILE! The whole U.S. Government of the United States would have gone to almost any length to see Allende's government brought down, because it was proving you could have peaceful communism. But the funny part about it is, neither do the orthodox communists really want it to succeed!

27. SO THE U.S. FASCISTS WERE LITERALLY SERVING THE CAUSE OF COMMUNISM IN TERMINATING THE PEACEFUL ALLENDE GOVERNMENT! Because in violently crushing Allende, they were proving to the whole Third World: "Forget your ballots and grab your bullets! You'll never make it the nonviolent way, because the fascists will grab their guns and bullets if you don't!"

28. AMERICAN FASCISM HAS PROVED IT IS NOT ONE BIT INTERESTED IN THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS! The rich of the world, who back the forceful fearful fascist governments to protect them‚ the capitalist Systemites who claim to be proponents and the supporters of democracy, are hypocrites! The fascist but so-called democratic governments will be no more democratic than the solidly communist countries when faced with total socialism!

29. THEY WILL RESORT TO THE GUN JUST AS QUICKLY TO PUT DOWN ANY FORM OF PEACEFULLY SHARING THE WEALTH‚ OR PEACEFUL SOCIALISM‚ as the communists will take up the guns to force it on country! The fascists are just as ready to take up their guns to prevent it! So neither the fascists nor communists believe in democracy, or that they can ultimately bring about their form of favourite government by democratic means!


31. WHAT HAS JUST HAPPENED IN CHILE, STRANGELY ENOUGH, IS PROBABLY NEXT GOING TO HAPPEN IN ARGENTINA, because Argentina has just done the same thing. It has voted in a socialist government: Peron. The only difference is that he does not claim to be a communist like Allende or that his government is communist. The fall of a literal leftist government in Chile has proved you cannot have peaceful communism.

32. NOW ARGENTINA IS PROBABLY GOING TO BE THE NEXT EXAMPLE to prove that neither can you have a non-aligned‚ non-communist peaceful, socialist government, such as Peron's. In other words, once again, "There are No Neutrals!" There can't be anything in-between, because they're forced into one form or the other, except by some miracle of God!

33. FOR IN ARGENTINA RIGHT NOW THE COMMUNISTS THEMSELVES, THE MILITANT LEFTISTS, ARE TRYING TO BRING ABOUT THE DOWNFALL OF THE MIDDLE-OF–THE-ROAD SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT OF PERON. They're going to do their best right now, and with the U.S. Government also hating Peron as it always has, Peron hasn't chance! The U.S. helped before to bring his downfall, just like Allende, except that Peron was smart enough to get out and be exiled instead of shot! The U.S. Government had given the rich anti-Peronists support, and trained their Navy and controlled it, and it was the U.S.-supplied and trained Navy that started the military coup that ousted Peron! Navy planes from the U.S. bombed Peron's palace just as they did Allende's!

34. PERON IS LICKED BEFORE HE STARTS BECAUSE HE AGAIN HAS BOTH FASCISTS AND COMMUNISTS AGAINST HIM! Both American fascism and Russian communism will be out to get him! They have already assassinated the head of his labour movement and also the head of his youth movement‚ both of which were his primary strength and support. They are going to prove to the Third World once again that you can't go it alone! Now the fascists and communists both will be very happy to see Peron's government fall!

35. SO IN ARGENTINA THE U.S. FASCISTS WILL HAVE THE HELP OF THE COMMUNISTS, SO PERON IS DOUBLY DOOMED! At least the communists were pretending to help Allende. They weren't fighting him, as far as we know—although they might have been undercover! The U.S. fascists would like to prove that socialism doesn't work in any form. Although Peron is not a communist or Marxist, he is a moderate socialist, so the U.S. will still be doing their best to bring him down! Besides, he's been a longtime avowed enemy of the U.S. He is both anti-fascist and anti-Communist.

36. BELIEVE OR NOT, FASCISM AND COMMUNISM ARE BOTH SOCIALISTIC FORMS OF GOVERNMENT! FASCISM IS THE SOCIALISM OF THE RICH, WHEREAS COMMUNISM IS THE SOCIALISM OF THE POOR! Communism is the socialism of the poor, where the poor get the rich to share there well wealth with them, and force them to do it at point of a gun! Fascism is the socialism of the rich in which the rich get together and cooperate to protect and keep their wealth and enforce their form of government on the poor at the point of a gun! In other words, the rich fascists force the poor to share their wealth with the rich, virtually all of it!

37. SO WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW, IS THAT BOTH FASCISTS AND COMMUNISTS, ARE WORKING AGAINST ALL OF THESE FREE, LIBERAL AND INDEPENDENT FORMS OF SOCIALISM, INCLUDING THIRD WORLD SOCIALISM IN GENERAL! Both are trying to bring about the downfall of on-the-fence Third World socialism. So how can the Third World possibly survive, when both the fascists and the communists are out to defeat it if they can? Well‚ it would certainly take a miracle of God that's all I know!—Or a miracle man? Some kind of Superman with superhuman power and persuasion, and some kind of power to back it up?

38. BUT I'M INCLINED TO BELIEVE THAT OUR THIRD WORLD SUPERMAN IS PROBABLY EVENTUALLY GOING TO HAVE TO BE FORCED TO TURN FOR HELP TO ONE OR THE OTHER, fascism or communism, in order to really attain power, and he is certainly not going to go to fascism! He doesn't like communism, and he might prefer to remain independent, an independent socialist. But since he does believe in socialism, he has a lot more in common with communism.

39. SO HE MAY HAVE TO MAKE A DEAL, SOME KIND OF PACT OR A COVENANT OF SOME KIND, TO GET COMMUNIST HELP TO BACK HIS SOCIALISM and protect him from the fascists. The communists probably wouldn't help him unless they thought there was some chance of eventually defeating him or taking him over or making his Third World communist.

40. BUT THE FALL OF ALLENDE'S INDEPENDENT COMMUNISM AND THE COMING FALL OF PERON'S INDEPENDENT SOCIALISM ARE GOING TO HELP PERSUADE MOST OF THE INDEPENDENT SOCIALISTS THAT THEIR ONLY HOPE OF SURVIVING IS TO JOIN THE COMMUNISTS‚ and that their only hope of effecting any kind of total socialist revolution is by force and violence and total liquidation of the opposition.

41. SO, AS MARX PREDICTED, CAPITALISM IS HELPING TO BRING ABOUT ITS OWN DOWNFALL BY WHAT IT THINKS ARE VICTORIES over independent communist and socialist governments. It is literally defeating itself by proving to the uncommitted Third World that without going totally communist and going totally for violent revolution, there is no hope. Next time the formerly peaceful socialists get control they're not going to try to keep it democratic or lawful or peaceful!

42. AMERICA'S FORCEFUL FASCIST REPRESSION OF LATIN AMERICAN DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM IS TURNING THE WORLD TOWARD VIOLENT REVOLUTION AND TOTAL COMMUNISM.—The fall of communist Chile and the soon fall of socialist Argentina are going to be two of the greatest victories in recent history: Not for the U.S. and its fascism, but for communism! In helping to defeat independent socialism around the world, the fascists are guaranteeing their own eventual defeat and demise. They're tolling their own death knell and sealing their own doom!

43. AS MARX TAUGHT: "YOU WON'T HAVE TO DESTROY CAPITALISM—IT WILL DESTROY ITSELF! All you have to do is help the process along and encourage it on its way!" And that's exactly what the capitalists are now doing! What's happened in Chile and what's happening in Argentina, and anywhere else where peaceful socialism fails or the militant fascists prevail, will help convince the whole Third World that their only hope is in militant violent communism—the communism of Big Brother Marx or Little Brother Mao!

44. SO IT'S A SAD DAY FOR THE POOR MAN!—HE'S CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE: A sad day for the poor little uncommitted fellows trying to be neutral and independent, the poor Third World countries! They're learning by what's happening that now they're going to have to turn to the communists for help, and the communists are glad it's happening to help convince them!

45. BY DEFEATING THE COMMUNIST CAUSE IN CHILE, THE U.S. HAS PROBABLY WON MORE MILLIONS TO THE COMMUNIST CAUSE THAN CHILE ITSELF COULD EVER HOLD! Chile was the prime example held up to the rest of the world to show that peaceful socialism was possible, but now this has all been knocked flat. The U.S. is so stupid!—They have sowed the wind, and they're going to reap the whirlwind!

46. BY HELPING DEFEAT A HANDFUL OF COMMUNISTS IN CHILE, THE U.S. HAS HELPED TURN THE WHOLE WORLD COMMUNIST! I still believe that communism is going to be the basis of the final world government, because communism has all the characteristics ascribed to it in the Bible‚ from the Red Beast to its Godlessness, and the Antichrist or Superman who will be the head of it.

47. IT JUST MAY BE, WITH GOD'S PERMISSION AND THE DEVIL'S HELP, THAT THE ANTICHRIST OR SUPERMAN WILL FIRST SOLICIT THE AID OF THE COMMUNISTS to get into power, but then the Biblical picture is that he will take them over! They think they're going to take him over, but he winds up taking them over by the power of Satan‚ supernatural power!

48. SAD DAY FOR THE POOR MAN!—BECAUSE UNTIL NOW THE THIRD WORLD HAD SOME HOPES OF INDEPENDENT SURVIVAL. Now they know their only hope is in communism, and of course there's no hope for fascism!—It's going down the drain, in spite of having its last fling under American leadership! But it's also a glad day for the poor man, in that this all means that things are going to move very fast now‚ because this is going to give things a tremendous push in the direction of the End, helping to wind things up!

49. LIKE MARX TAUGHT: "THE CAPITALISTS ARE SO BLIND THEY DON'T REALIZE THEY'RE BRINGING ABOUT THEIR OWN DOWNFALL!" AND AS LINCOLN SAID, "HE WHO FORGES CHAINS FOR OTHERS, FORGES CHAINS FOR HIMSELF!" If Allende had been a true Marxist‚ the moment he got in power he would have liquidated the opposition to be sure they did not get back into power again! But he was a Marxist-communist in name only. It might shock you to know I agree with them:

50. PEACEFUL SOCIALISM IS AN IMPOSSIBILITY, BECAUSE THE RICH WILL NEVER VOLUNTARILY SHARE THEIR WEALTH! They will fight to the death, and prefer death to poverty! So if the poor don't pull out the guns, the rich will‚ as they have now done in Chile! A peaceful socialist revolution just will not work! It is an impossibility, because the rich will never voluntarily give up their riches and share them with the poor peacefully!—They have to have them taken away at the point of a gun!

51. THE RICH CAN NEVER BE CONVERTED TO COMMUNISM, so therefore their continued existence is a danger to any communist state. Therefore the communists teach they must be liquidated.—"The liquidation of the bourgeois parasites" is also not just the out-and-out enemies, but they too believe there are no neutrals. The communists teach that if they are not committed, dedicated, hard-line, party-line friends‚ they are potential enemies and must destroyed.

52. ALLENDE HIMSELF, PERHAPS IN HIS FINAL HOURS, CERTAINLY MUST HAVE SEEN THAT and decided to die as a martyr for the cause, knowing that his martyrdom will literally help to further the cause of communism by proving that it can't done without guns! We the Children of God, however, do not believe in using violence ourselves if we can help it. So we prefer to let the Lord do it for us, and He will eventually!

53. IT MAY BE LATER THAN WE THINK!—ALLENDE'S DEFEAT HAS DROPPED THE REST OF THE WORLD RIGHT INTO COMMUNIST HANDS! It's probably been the greatest thing that's happened in recent years to speed the rise of communism and the fail of capitalism. So Allende did not die in vain, but as a martyr for the cause! Just as the death of the Christian martyrs convinced many there was no hope of compromising with the System: It was either one or the other, either deny your faith in order to live‚ and compromise with the System and accept it, or die as a testimony and martyr to the cause to convince the rest of the world there is no compromise!—You lose your life one way or the other, so you might as well die for something as to live for nothing!

54. MY, THE STUPIDITY OF THIS WORLD, ESPECIALLY THE FASCIST‚ CAPITALIST AMERICAN WORLD! Think of it: In bringing about the downfall of Allende, they actually think they've helped to save themselves, when, in fact, they have literally helped to speed their own downfall! It will probably even turn many former liberal socialists and democratic communists in the States into out-and-out militant Marxists, where, of course, they will probably have to die for their faith.

55. AMERICA NOW IS THE LEADING FASCIST COUNTRY OF THE WORLD, and will soon have a military junta fascist government itself, because it cannot survive much longer any other way! It does, in effect, really have that already, but Nitler is just doing it so nice and quiet and easy and sneaky like‚ that not many American seem to realize it!

56. HE'S ALREADY SURROUNDED BY PENTAGON MILITARY GENERALS WHO ARE ALREADY PRACTISING MILITARY COUPS IN OTHER COUNTRIES LIKE CHILE! However, even if the American public found it out, they really wouldn't care! He has just helped them to save face, 'cause he's such a liar! He tells them they're free and democratic and Christian‚ when they're actually suffering under a dictatorship that's anything but democratic, and certainly anti-Christ and not free!

57. WHAT THE COMMUNISTS WILL AIM FOR IN A COUNTRY LIKE ARGENTINA IS TO MAKE A DESPERATE PLAY FOR WINNING and really take over the country by force if they can. If they get it‚ they won't play around: They will liquidate the opposition this time! But even if they lose, and the U.S. helps to create another fascist puppet dictatorship again, the comrades will have really won and proved their point:

58. THE ONLY WAY THE POOR CAN ESTABLISH A COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT IS NOT BY BEING COMMUNIST AND VIOLENTLY MILITANT, BUT, TO DEFEAT THE MIGHT AND POWER OF DOMINATING AMERICAN FASCISM, YOU ALSO NEED THE HELP OF BIG BROTHER RUSSIA! That'll be the next step: Even if you decide you've got to have violent militant communism, you can't "do it yourself"!—You have to have outside help! So if the local yokels try to have a violent revolution and wipe out the moderate socialism of Peron but lose, and they themselves get wiped out instead, that will prove that you can't even have a violent revolution without outside help.

59. THE ONLY REASON CUBA HAS SURVIVED IS BECAUSE IT HAD HELP FROM THE SOVIET UNION. It had to have constant communist help.—So even if you pull your own violent revolution like Cuba did, you can't survive without outside Russian help. That's what is being told the world through the End of Allende, I'm sure!

60. WORLD COMMUNISM IS VERY HAPPY THE WAY THINGS ARE GOING, BECAUSE CURRENT EVENTS ARE PROVING YOU CAN'T HAVE A DO-IT-YOURSELF REVOLUTION NOR DO-IT-YOURSELF SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT. You've got to have outside help one way or the other‚ either to pull your revolution or to survive afterwards. So the End of Allende has thoroughly convinced the rest of the world that there's no other way but Big Brother and his way with his help!

61. THE END OF ALLENDE IS BOUND TO SPEED THINGS TOWARD THE CULMINATION AND SPEED THE TAKE OVER OF THE WORLD BY COMMUNISM and communists everywhere, by turning most of the former liberals and socialists into tough, hard–line, militant communists, along with their revolutions and governments.


63. I DON'T SEE HOW GADDAFI CAN POSSIBLY WIN, IF HE'S GOING TO WIN, WITHOUT COMMUNIST HELP in some form.—Maybe it'll come from China, from the Maoists. After all, China is, in a way, part of the Third World, a pretty poor country. It's just that it's big and does have the atom bomb and a lot of people. But at the moment it's not nearly as big and powerful as Russia. Yet Russia has in sense left the arena of the persecuted poor and entered the grandstand of the rich, powerful bourgeois.

64. SO IT JUST COULD BE THAT GADDAFI WILL HAVE TO TURN TO THE CHINESE for help, and it just could be that they would be smart enough (as they were at the meeting in Algeria) not to push him too far, but let him sort of make it on his own with only a little incognito help on the side from them—not obvious or advertent, but a sort of unobtrusive. They have been a lot more clever than the Russians in helping some of these poor countries, without seeming to ask anything to return.

65. THE RUSSIANS IMMEDIATELY WANT STRICT ADHERENCE FOR THEIR FAVOURS. If you see that movie "Happiness in 20 Years," you'll see how Russia demands absolute loyalty and obedience and identification with them in return for their help. The Chinese might be smart enough, to get around that some way.

66. RUSSIAN COMMUNISM IS HARD-SELL COMMUNISM, TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT! BIT SO FAR, CHINESE COMMUNISM HAS BEEN SOFT–SELL: "We're just wanting to help you. We don't want to control you or run you. We will just work together. We're just here for the beer!" They may be sincere in that, and right now they're influencing a lot of people with the quite, gracious, soft-sell voluntary cooperation.

67. THE CHINESE HAVE GONE INTO A LOT OF COUNTRIES AND GIVEN THEM MONEY BY THE MILLIONS AND HELPED THEM DEVELOP WITHOUT ACTUALLY ASKING FOR ANYTHING IN RETURN. Where, for example‚ have you heard of the Chinese taking over any of the countries they're infiltrating?—Most of the time people don't even know they're there! We used to have an old saying, "Darn clever these Chinese!"

68. THEY JUST MIGHT BE WISER THAN THE RUSSIANS ON THIS SCORE, because those countries are going to remember who were their best friends!—Was it the Russians, who didn't give them anything without something in return, who never gave them something for nothing or without insisting on taking over their government just like the Americans?—Or the Chinese, who just tried to help them to remain independent?

69. LET'S FACE IT: HAVEN'T WE THE CHILDREN OF GOD PROVED THAT VOLUNTARY SPIRITUAL LOVING LOYALTY is the most effective‚ binding and lasting, rather than force? As far as religious movements are concerned, I think the Catholics have proven that force doesn't work! The Mohammedans have already proved it, too! Maybe the Chinese will prove that brotherly love, sincere friendship and influence more people and gain more loyalty than the forceful "help" of the Russians!

70. MOST OF THE THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES IN THEIR SOCIALISM HAVE ALREADY BEEN LEANING MORE TOWARD MAOISM than toward Russian communism. So the End of Allende may drive the Third World not only into the arms of the communists, but the Maoists rather than the Russians! They will now feel forced to choose some from of outside communist help to survive. But they may decide they stand a better chance to retain their own independence and self-government with Little Brother China rather than Big Brother Russia!

71. IN GRANDMOTHER'S WARNING PROPHECY THE LORD SAID THAT THE COMING WORLD LEADER WOULD HAVE HELP FROM A "GREAT NATION AND EASTERN NATIONS." It's obvious who the "eastern nations" are, but I've always wondered who the "great nation" was. But the use of the term "and eastern nations" seems to put the "great nation" somewhere other than the East. What that help means only God knows!

72. IT IS AMERICA THAT HAS REALLY MADE GADDAFI—HER MONEY AND HER NEED FOR OIL! On the other hand, maybe the Lord considers the Arab world a great nation on its own. Or maybe Russia will help, especially if they see China doing it.—They'll compete, as they are even now doing, for the Third World's leadership.

73. I THINK THE RUSSIANS ARE MORE WORRIED ABOUT THE CHINESE THAN THEY ARE ABOUT AMERICA!—Maybe not all at the moment, but in the future. At the moment the U.S. has more power and guns and missiles. But, in the kind of ideological propaganda war that communism wages for men's minds, which is not primarily with bullets and force, Chinese communism is the greatest threat to Russia and stands a better chance of winning the hearts of the Third World!

74. SO THE END OF ALLENDE MAY RESULT IN A TREMENDOUS INFLUX INTO THE CHINESE CAMP, as at the present moment China has proved herself really the greatest true friend of the Third World by not trying to force herself or her control on the Third World countries. As the Chinese themselves said of Russia's message to the Third World congress in Algiers: Russia's very defense of herself as being the greatest friend of the Third World by sending that message to Congress proved that Russia was trying to influence on them, whereas the Chinese were smart enough to keep quiet!

75. THE RUSSIANS WERE TRYING TO PUSH THE THIRD WORLD WITH THE HARD-SELL METHOD. The Russians are too much like American and the West themselves: They're too pushy! The Chinese are like that little joke I always tell about a war between China and her enemies years ago. This was actually supposed to have been said to a Japanese general during one of the Sino-Japanese wars when the Japanese saw it was an impossible situation to lick the Chinese, and so the Japanese were suing for peace because each side was losing about the same number of men each day and getting nowhere. However‚ the Chinese general said he wasn't too worried because: "Plitty soon all of you dead, but still plenty Chinese!" In other words, "We just plain outnumber you!—We're bound to win just by sheer weight of numbers!"

76. DURING THE KOREAN WAR AMERICAN REPORTS USED TO BRAG ABOUT HOW MANY CHINESE THEY HAD KILLED.—But the American hadn't actually gained an inch of ground! Whereas the Chinese by sheer weight of force and numbers were keeping the whole American military might pinned down on a few little hilltops! The U.S. had to finally sue for peace‚ just like the Americans had to do in Indochina.

77. HOW CAN YOU LICK THE POOR WHEN THERE'RE SO MANY OF THEM? As someone once said of the poor, "God must love them, He makes so many of them!"—And Jesus said, "The poor you have always with you," and "The meek shall inherit the Earth!" God is almost always on the side of the poor, and the poor win every time in the long run! So that's another reason the poor are bound to win, because God's on their side, no matter whether they're communists or otherwise!

78. IT'S A DARN SIGHT SURE THE POOR ARE NOT GOING TO BE FASCISTS, BECAUSE THE FASCIST ARE ALWAYS THE RICH, except for the poor people they oppress! Fascist government are always the rich oligarchies of the rich.

79. SO THE END OF ALLENDE MAY PROVE TO BE ONE OF THE GREATEST OF BOONS TO MAOISM! And remember this too: Marx was purely a theorist. He never really had any practical experience at revolution or making communism work. Lenin was a successful revolutionary, but he never really made communism work either! Who is the other greatest world leader and writer on communism?

80. MAO WAS BOTH A SUCCESSFUL REVOLUTIONARY, LED A SUCCESSFUL REVOLUTION, AND LEADS A SUCCESSFUL COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT‚ having established a successful from of communism. Mao's also a lot more up-to-date: His revolutionary communism is only half as old as Russia's! He has also been a lot more insistent about people studying and memorising his words and works and implanting them on their hearts and minds to thoroughly communise them. Because unless you change hearts‚ you haven't accomplished anything! Mao has been a better soul-winner than either Marx or Lenin!

81. SO CHINESE MAOIST COMMUNISM MAY BE THE GREATEST BENEFITER IN THE END OF ALLENDE AFFAIR! Because the Third Word is now going to be force to choose its communist helper, and they'll look for the lesser of the too evils that they didn't want either of!—So they're probably going to choose China and Chinese help, which some have already been getting. Even the French leader Pompidou has made a trip to China! With Big Brother Russia breathing down his neck, he probably would be greatly relieved to have Little Brother Mao's help on his side, but a little further away! One thing for sure, he isn't making any trips to U.S. nowadays!

82. MAO IS DOING ALMOST THE EXACT OPPOSITE IN CHINA OF WHAT THE COMMUNISTS ARE DOING IN RUSSIA. Lenin's first big push, and that of every Russian leader since then‚ has been toward high-powered industrialisation and heavy industry, huge manufacturing plants, munitions plants, power plants, gigantic projects, trying to beat the capitalists at their own game of industrialisation! But in so doing they have become rather capitalistic themselves in the process! Russia is amongst the rich, powerful and bourgeois!

83. BUT MAO IS GIVING EVERY LITTLE LEE, CHING AND FU A PICK OR AX OR HAMMER OR SICKLE‚ common little ordinary individual and tools, and saying, "Now lets all get out there, all 800 millions of us, and let's build our communism together!" He's refused to bring in the big machines. He said the main idea is to keep everybody busy, put everybody to work‚ make them all feel a part, and give everybody something to do and in a way everyone can do it, with tools anybody can use.—No unemployment, no industrialisation and no pollution!

84. IT LOOKS ALMOST RIDICULOUS WHEN YOU SEE HOW SIMPLE AND PRIMITIVELY THEY DO THINGS IN CHINA!—Each woman carrying one little basket of dirt on her head, or one little girl with a rock in her hand, or one little boy with a hammer in his hand! They each feel like they're really building their country personally! Now if Mao could be that a smart there, he might just be this smart with these other countries by encouraging them to have a seemingly do-it-yourself form of communism, but with the Chinese help and encouragement and friendship which they need.

85. GADDAFI HAS BEEN MORE INFLUENCED BY MAOISM THAN MARXISM‚ so if he's pushed in that direction, as he will now have to be, he'll probably go to the Chinese for help, not the Russians! After all‚ the Chinese don't have huge navies cruising the Mediterranean along his shores or huge armies on the borders of the Mid–East! So China doesn't appear quite such a near threat breathing so closely down his neck as does Big Brother Russia!

86. THE END OF THE ALLENDE IS REALLY GOING TO SPEED THINGS UP, AND ITS GOING TO SPEED THINGS UP IN THE FAVOUR OF CHINESE COMMUNISM! This may be just what China has been waiting for:—A real boost—a whole bunch of friends dropped into her lap almost overnight, as the Third World all try to jump out of the fire into the frying pan!

87. (PRAYER: ) LORD, WE KNOW ALL THESE THINGS ARE ALL GOING YOUR WAY, whatever way they're going, and that You're behind the sense and its all Your doing. We know "all things work together for good to them that love the Lord!" All are forces You've allowed to be set in motion, or have directly set them in motion Yourself. So we know it's all in Your hands‚ Lord, and You're in control, and everything's going Your way—and the faster the better! The sooner the better, Lord! Even the sooner the worst comes, the sooner the best is going to come!

88. SO HELP US, LORD, TO SPEED THE PROCESS ALL WE CAN. We know that You're waiting to get the Word to the World, so they'll all have had a fair chance to choose, before you let the Enemy close in and bring an end to things. So, Lord, in a way You're really kind of waiting on us! So help us to do the job and get it done as soon as possible so You can wind things up. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

89. THANK YOU, JESUS, HE'S SO MUCH HAPPIER IN THE SPIRIT, that gave his life for the poor! Poor Allende tried so hard‚ and so few appreciated him!—Now he knows you gotta change hearts first. He's better now—much better than all those God-damned American killers, those devils God's going to doom and punish! I hate them with a perfect hatred, as God hates them, for their cruelties and their horrors! (Psalm 139:22) God damn those American killers!