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Madame M

David Berg

—MO Wednesday‚ April 25‚ 1973 NO.268—GP

—Or, From One Psychic to Another!

1. (A FEW DAYS AFTER HEARING OF MY SON'S DEATH I was feeling a little low and in need of encouragement, when I happened by a Gypsy tent I'd often passed before. It bore the sign: "MADAME M—clairvoyant—Psychic Reading". In passing I'd thought before‚ "I wonder what she'd get on me!")

2. THIS DAY I FELT I NEEDED HELP, so my curiosity could stand it no longer! Claiming the Scripture, "That it may be established in the mouth of two or three witnesses‚" I asked for an appointment. She had always been busy or booked up before. Again, today, as I tried to get the appointment, she again told me she was all booked up.—Sorry!

3. BUT I SAID‚ "LORD, SHE SAYS SHE'S ALL BOOKED UP, but Lord, you can make her take me anyway!—And Lord, let me get the last appointment of the day, please, so we won't be rushed!—Please, Lord?"

4. SUDDENLY SHE CHANGED HER MIND and said, "Well, I guess I could take you last, at 7:00 p.m." The Seventh Hour!—It was a confirming sign! While waiting for the appointment, I kept thinking, "Lord, it seems I should go to some more important and more famous psychic!—Why should you lead me to this little woman fortune teller?"

5. I DIDN'T KNOW UNTIL LATER THAT IT WAS AS MUCH FOR HER ENCOURAGEMENT AS FOR MINE! God loved her, and wanted to bless her with a special treat! So I said to the Lord, "Well, here she is Lord, and she's the one I feel led to! You put her across my path, so I'm going to take it as from You that this is the one! You're just as able to speak through her as anyone!

6. THE LORD MUST HAVE CHOSEN HER! It seemed like a very special day, as this is the first time I'd ever seen her wear a hat, and it looked just like a little crown! In simple language that nearly all could understand, she was soon to feed me, and I was to feed her—spiritually—each one as though with a spoon in hand, tenderly placing food in the other's mouth as we sat across the table from each other!

7. I HAD ASKED IF MY SECRETARY COULD BE THERE TO TAKE NOTES, and MADAME M had reluctantly consented‚ so Maria sat expectantly on the floor at my feet. Later we were all to be glad of this, as she eventually gave Maria a reading as well, so we now have an accurate and beautiful record of the wonderful things that transpired!

8. MADAME M WAS VERY THOUGHTFUL OF OUR SECURITY, as you'll see, as I told her I didn't want to be known, and that I was sorry I couldn't tell her my name. The Lord was very wise with His security as well, as He revealed to her only as much as necessary and which she could be trusted with, but at the same time in terms He knew I'd understand. He would give her just enough, almost like she was getting the message in code, while I was getting the interpretation by the Spirit!—Like the royal "R" that she saw in each of our hand!—She didn't know what it meant, but we did!

9. HER LITTLE BOOTH WAS LIKE A GYPSY TENT.—How could so many Gypsies have that gift! I guess they've had to have it to help them survive!—Both their beautiful music and their spiritual gifts have helped them to survive throughout centuries of worldwide wandering and persistent persecution!

10. AS WE LOOKED AT HER CRYSTAL BALL on the table between us, I thought of what our spiritual Gypsy guide, Abrahim once said in a psychic session: "We dance, we sing, we play music and we see visions!—Crystal ball nothing!—We get vision from Jesus!—Crystal ball only make think, make think hard. Make think in one place, one spot. We think so hard, we look and see picture from Jesus!—Ball itself nothing!—We just make think with ball!"

11. MADAME M TURNED MY HANDS PALM UPWARD on the table between us. Looking at their physical appearance, she began, speaking slowly, deliberately, and pausing thoughtfully between statements:

12. WHAT IS YOUR DATE OF BIRTH?—OH, YOU'RE AQUARIUS! Your hands aren't very strong at all!—That's surprising, because I expected you to have much stronger hands, more businesslike hands, not the hands of an artist or psychic! Your hands say you've had some mental upsets. (We had been through some severe spiritual crises, including my son's recent death.—My Mother used to read palms‚ and she said that the palms of your hands were like a map of your life‚ both past‚ present and future!)

13. MONEY DOESN'T REALLY INTEREST YOU.—You don't do anything for money alone!—But there's no shortage of money.

14. ARE YOU PSYCHIC?—YOU HAVE SUCH VIBRATION! IT'S QUITE FANTASTIC!—Your hands are overwhelming! (Now she's feeling their spiritual strength!) I couldn't do the reading if I touched them!—It would knock me out! I wouldn't be able to hold my own! (In other words, the power of my spirit was almost too strong for her.)

15. YOU'VE TRAVELLED AROUND THE WORLD?—VERY GREAT DISTANCES! Was your travel done reluctantly? ("Yes," I answered, as I thought to myself‚ well, I am an exile—a refugee!) There's

more travel to come, to very strange places indeed! You'll stand in some strange buildings.—It will really be quite fantastic! (Space City was the first thing I got, and then I thought it could be some future Eastern land.)

16. SOMETHING VERY SPIRITUAL ALL THESE DIFFERENT SHAPES! MANY TEMPLES! THERE'S AN INITIAL "R" which is very good. (Immediately in the Spirit I got the Latin word "Rex" meaning a "King"—which I am!) Might be a place you're going to, or someone you have an affinity to? (Immediately again in the Spirit it came just as clear as anything: "Regnum!"—the Latin word for "reign" or "Kingdom"!)

17. ARE YOU MARRIED—YES? You're not very happily married, but I don't think you're unhappy. You have children, haven't you?—And they should do very well indeed, and also, so will you! You're not in business.

18. HAVE YOU GOT HEALING HANDS? I CAN FEEL POWER! If you wanted to use your hands for healing, it would be quite fantastic! You should be an intellectual.

19. ALL THESE STRANGE BUILDINGS!—ARE THEY TEMPLES?—PILLARS, OR SOMETHING? And there's funny feeling there—not an unpleasant feeling‚ but a strange feeling! It would be impossible for you to have an ordinary job.

20. WHY THIS LACK OF CONFIDENCE, CONSIDERING YOU'RE DOING SOMETHING YOU MUST LIKE? Why the lack of confidence?—Or is it just because people that are gifted can't have too much confidence or they'll get big-headed, so you don't ever get the feeling that "I am the great I am"!

21. THERE'S A JOURNEY THIS YEAR THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT, THOUSANDS OF MILES‚ and then, of course‚ you'll go to about four or five countries this year.—South America?

22. YOU HAVEN'T BEEN TO EGYPT?—YOU'RE GOING, AND IT'S GOING TO BE QUITE WONDERFUL, and you'll have a very strange feeling! It won't be unpleasant, but something very moving!

23. YOU'LL SEE THE PYRAMIDS! (I had a feeling that that strange feeling was that maybe I was going to have an interview with Gaddafi.)—Interesting to the extreme!—But anybody else would think, "I want to get out of here!" It's like a musty smell, something out of the past.

24. There'll never be a shortage of money. You're going to write or put something together. (We were right then putting our Books together!) Your secretary does the writing. You sit there on a canvas stool with quite a loose shirt and trousers. (That's the way I used to dictate on our little sun-porch in Cyprus.) Something perhaps in the future in a tropical and warm climate? (Egypt?—Libya?)

25. ARE YOU PAINTING? Maybe just taking stock. (She could have seen me seeing visions, as though I was looking at the scene to size it up or to paint it.—Or maybe she may have even seen me making the rough sketches for our artists' illustrations!)

26. WHY ARE YOU SO WEARY OF LIFE? YOU'RE VERY TIRED, but it's not unpleasantly tired. You're weary in a pleasant way. You wouldn't mind if you "closed the door" tomorrow! (Like leaving this life is just going from one room to another and closing the door.)

27. IT'S MORE OF A WANTING TO GO BEYOND THE BOUNDS TO DISCOVER THINGS. A certain amount of weariness. Rather strange and marvelous! But you're not without depression at times.

28. YOUR TRAVELS SHOULD TAKE YOU TO MANY STRANGE PLACES, EXTREMES LIKE RUSSIA AND EGYPT and South America, and obviously the Far East and Africa. I don't know whether you'll love South America like you'll love Egypt!

29. HAVE YOU BEEN TO THE HOLY LAND? (As you know, I have!) You'll draw more toward those places‚ but not so much South America. It's exciting (Prophecy: "Even so, with those that look into the bosom of David!"—She was looking into my bosom! It's as though she was looking into my heart! She got excited with what she saw!)—Places where there're deserts and things!

30. YOU DON'T HAVE VISIONS OR SOMETHING, DO YOU?—I SEE YOU STANDING ON THE EDGE OF A DESERT, and it's almost like you can see things!—Quite fantastic! It's mostly good, but I don't know whether you should get mixed with this. There's really not so much need to worry about it, but you're always on the fringe that it might not be.

31. YOU KNOW THERE'S THE OTHER SIDE. I don't know whether you've studied black magic.—I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole, but I like to know about it. (I was seeing the good and the evil both, she was saying, and I was right on the fringe where I could see the good and the evil, both sides. There's a great deal of the supernatural in Libya and Egypt. I could see with her that I was standing on the edge of the desert looking in.)

32. ARE YOU UNUSUAL, OR DO YOU CALL YOURSELF SOMETHING UNUSUAL? (I said, "I'm called something by others.") You are unusual!—Very unusual! You cannot possibly have both feet in this world! You're tremendously spiritual or leaning towards the spirit, almost as though you've stepped out of the Bible! I don't know if you understand what I mean.

33. YOU'LL SEE PLACES THAT WILL INSPIRE YOU much more than you've ever been inspired before! I think you will have a lot of inspiration in Egypt. (Hallelujah! Prophecy: "Such are the foreseeings of the things that will come to David!")

34. I THINK YOU BELIEVE IN REINCARNATION, DON'T YOU? (David: "In a sense," I answered. It is as though Abrahim my angelic helper comes in and blends with my body. When we're inspired of God's Spirit, we are in a sense "reincarnated.") Oh, there's many places you will see that you will feel you've been to before! (David answers: "I have seen places in visions which I later found." I was thinking of "Mountain Island Villa," Cyprus.)

35. YOU HAVE SUCH POWER!—LIKE MERLIN THE MAGICIAN!—ANYTHING YOU'D LIKE TO SEE! (In other words, I could have the power of the greatest of the magicians of the world to help me if I wanted it, even like Merlin the Magician, King Arthur's court magician! The Lord could have anybody I wanted to help me, even the most powerful of ancient magicians!)

36. (PROPHECY:) "DAVID CAN HAVE ALL THE POWER THAT HIS BOSOM DESIRES, IF HE WANTS IT!—(All the great magicians would have to serve him!") ("Madame M" again:) You can cut it off, without a doubt, I was sort of misled by the secretary. You're not the business sort. These hands are quite full of faults.—But, of course, this is the way it should be: Gifted people are full of faults.

37. YOU HAVE A LOT OF WORK TO DO, AND A LOT YOU WILL DO, (I think she saw me handling lots of papers.) Is there quite a lot of money‚ or money to come?—I think you'll like it, because it makes other things possible. You won't want it for the luxury‚ but people have to think of comfort. You need it for your needs.

38. YOU'RE A MAN OF EXTREMES! You would starve yourself one day‚ and then go back to normal. I don't think any woman could live with you as a wife and be perfectly happy.

39. YOU HAVE DONE REMARKABLY WELL CONSIDERING THAT YOU SHOULD HAVE GONE OFF INTO THE WILDERNESS‚ by rights! (What I got off that, is, "You're a prophet like John the Baptist, and if you'd really had your way, you would have gone off by yourself into the wilderness!"—I always did prefer to wander off alone.) You've been a reasonably good father‚ though. It's just part of you‚ and you just can't help it.

40. YOU'RE GOING TO CHANGE HOUSES, and fairly quickly, this year. Your health is not all that good. I don't know whether it's fatigue. Your health isn't marvelous, but basically all right. You're weary. You give out a lot of yourself. You give more than you take. It's better. It keeps you healthy.

41. I LONG FOR SOMEONE SPIRITUAL TO COME IN AND GIVE ME BACK MY ENERGY.—PEOPLE LIKE YOU DON'T DRAIN ME. (It's just like she was being recharged, or getting a charge out of me!)

42. WHAT VOLUMES ARE GOING TO BE WRITTEN! (It was as though she could see them!)

43. THERE'S A TERRIFIC BOND, AN AFFINITY, A TERRIFIC AFFINITY BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR SECRETARY! This is the sort of woman you should have married. This is the person you have the affinity with. She's more than a secretary.—Very‚ very important! It definitely is not completely physical, but is very spiritual. It isn't just the writing, but the inspiration. It helps you. On your own you would become so drained you would have no strength.

44. SHE MAKES IT POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO ACCOMPLISH THINGS. You've been able to face it and believe it. Before, there was a lot of doubt. You haven't always been successful, and you've done a lot of things you didn't like to do. (Church work!) The boredom was awful! Now you're doing exactly what you've always wanted! There's no question about your ever stepping back!

45. YOU DON'T COME FROM THIS COUNTRY. It doesn't seem you want to or will return to your country:—It's not for living in at all! Your happiness is in other countries.

46. I DON'T KNOW WHETHER ONE COUNTRY WILL CLAIM YOU. I don't know whether it is this one. It could be pleasant here. You have a lot of inspiration here. But I don't think you could ever live in rustic harmony forever. (I saw us living in a little cottage.)

47. YOU COULD COME BACK HERE FOR A REST, and there could be nowhere better. But for the stirrings of the imagination you must go elsewhere.—For stimulus, for inspiration. (Prophecy: "Many are the inspirations, and many are the stimuli of David!") This isn't the place for inspiration‚ but you must have somewhere like this. You are a material being, even if sometimes you don't feel like it.

48. I KEEP SEEING TEMPLES! (David: "What kind of temples?")—ancient Eastern temples of some kind! (I keep getting a picture of the East, too!) The shape suggests a very hot place, and there's sand or desert around. I'm not sure if I get the Far East strongly. You may go, and it could be, but it is only certain places, and I can't see you running all over.

49. BUT IT WILL BE MORE THAN ONE TEMPLE AND MORE THAN ONE RELIGION. There is just a lot to be done—a very busy and happy life!—But never really fully happy. Happy because of what you're doing, but never really completely happy, but not unhappy. (In other words, never really satisfied, because you can never do enough.)

50. YOU'RE GIFTED, BUT HAVE A TORTURED SOUL.—Well, not exactly tortured, but you get to feel you want to "take of"—the spiritual part of you. (I just feel sometimes the job is too big for me!) Great gifts are a great responsibility. (Sometimes I feel it's a burden more than I can bear.)

51. I WOULD SAY TO GO FORTH WITH THE UTMOST CONFIDENCE TO THE PLACES YOU ARE GOING TO SEE.—And there is lots you are going to do, and peace of mind and contentment and happiness. You might find a place in England that has a lot of space—unusual!—The garden and the trees! You'll live as you want to live.—Perhaps these things were brought back from abroad? (She sees this big fancy place where we're going to live, with strange furniture, old furniture, antiques.)

52. IF YOU WANT TO DO SPIRITUAL THINGS, YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED, YOUR VIBRATIONS ARE SO GOOD! The things you can do are unlimited in a spiritual way! But because of your weaknesses you sort of "tame" it‚ always accompanied by this sense of weariness. It's strange—your feeling sometimes of not wanting to go on!—But yet you don't really mean it.

53. YOU'RE GOING TO BE QUITE A FAMOUS MAN!—VERY FAMOUS! YOU CAN'T AVOID IT! It's just one of those things that you must accept along with everything else. (Prophecy: "Hear what is said! Hear ye! Listen! Do not doubt it!")—But ordinary could never be the word!

54. YOU EVIDENTLY ARE NOT OF ANY PARTICULAR RELIGION.—You seem to take it all. (I got a picture of Bahai temple.) You seem like you see the best in everything—every religion. You seem as if you embrace them all, and do not say, "This is this, and this is that!" (What I saw there was like we belong to all mankind, to no particular religion, but to all men—which is true!)

55. YOU HAVE AN OPEN MIND‚ MORE LIKE YOU'RE INTERESTED IN ALL OF THEM. It's not so much that you're part of them‚ but are interested in all of them. You may say, "I like this philosophy or that way of life."—You're not bigoted. You can't just say‚ "this is it, and there's nothing else!" You realise there's a Superior Being, but you can't say, "I'm only a Catholic and nothing else!" But you believe your faith covers everything.

56. ARE YOU GOING TO TELL ME YOUR NAME?—No?—Please don't then.—I would hate for you to break your security. I won't refer to you if I see your picture in the paper.—It's been a pleasure to have you‚ because it has been very inspiring!

57. BELIEVE ME, YOU HAVEN'T REALLY STARTED THE REAL WORK‚ COMPARED WITH WHAT WILL COME!—AND IT WILL THRILL YOU!—And it is definitely temples, and queer feelings in temples!—Quite weird!—Provided you must have material rest and look after yourself!—And it is essential you have the rest and your secretary to look after you. You don't bother much about your health and if you were on you own wouldn't bother.

58. THERE'S A LOT IN THE FUTURE‚ not all material. You're a bit short on not all material. You're a bit short on strength, at a very low ebb right now. You've got quite a bit of time, but there's much to do. In order to do as much as you want to do, you would even need more time!

59. BUT YOU WILL DO SO MUCH AND SEE PLACES LIKE EGYPT! I KNOW YOU WILL LOVE IT!—But there's somewhere else, too.—It wouldn't be Petra, would it?—It's somewhere you will go, but not South America way. There might be inspiration in Greek temples, but it is vague there.

60. YOU WILL HAVE A LOT TO DO WITH THE MIDDLE EAST—A GREAT DEAL!—Might be a ruined city, maybe on a island. I see many strange places and strange civilisations—things that belong in the past too—the distant past—a long time ago! You'll put it all down.—Perhaps I'll read about it! This is between you and myself.

61. (DAVID THEN ASKS IF "MADAME M" WILL DO A READING FOR ME, MARIA, and she looks at me and says:) (From David's notes:)—She's a good girl, too! I see around you a Red Indian Maiden! It could be just the hair, but I don't think so.—you're a Leo? You're quite strong, and you have a lot of confidence.

62. YOU'VE TRAVELLED A GREAT DEAL. The travel lines in your hands are very strong. You started at an early age. You may return home when your life changes, probably in the very distant future, maybe when you are very old. I see lots of money!

63. ARE YOU MARRIED? DO YOU HAVE CHILDREN?—NO? Have you had some illness? (David: She's not very strong.) I think you'll have two children. (The same as the Cyprus gypsy predicted!) You have good hands, lovely hands! Where you ever a teacher?—You could be a good one!

64. YOU'RE GOOD AT MANY THINGS! You could even cook a delicious meal, but you have more important things to do. You can't stay in one place too long. You like to keep moving.

65. YOU'LL HAVE AN ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC CAREER!—Which will be much enhanced by love! Of course you might have another love that could make you reasonably happy, but never one like this!

66. I SEE THE INITIAL "R" FOR YOU‚ TOO! (For "Regina:" A Queen!) I keep getting something Victorian, like something out of Victorian times—old fashioned clothes, etc. (Her long dresses?)

67. YOU'RE GOING TO GET A VERY IMPORTANT LETTER coming in the mail soon, which you will be happy about, which will open the door to travel. Where you thinking of going to Europe?—to Paris?

68. YOU'RE VERY SPIRITUAL, but you're more practical and down to earth, and he's the spiritual one! You keep him down to earth.—Otherwise he'd fly away! You have a good balance between the spiritual and the practical:—You're just what he needs!

69. IT SEEMS LIKE THIS IS THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE!—I don't see you married to anyone else!—I just couldn't see you loving anyone else! (She couldn't understand how I could ever be married to someone else and still be so close to David!)

70. YOUR STRONG SPIRIT WILL OVERCOME YOU FRAILTIES OF YOUR BODY, and you would climb a mountain—if he were at the top! You have a good sense of humour.

71. I SEE YOU LIVING TO BE VERY OLD OVER 80 YEARS OF AGE, a very fulfilling life! (The Cyprus gypsy said 93, but maybe it means 1993?) I see you living in a very large old-fashioned grand house, possibly in England or your country—not in the near future, but quite sometime from now.

72. I SEE YOU GOING TO MARVELOUS PLACES, THE PLACES I'VE DREAMED OF GOING!—But not to live there permanently. You, too, are going to see temples, but you'll leave them for maybe a log cabin or lodge after that. I see him in temples! (David saw himself robed like the llamas when she was talking about temples.)

73. YOU'RE THE KIND OF WOMAN THAT HE SHOULD HAVE MARRIED! This is really a marriage in the true sense of the word!—It is more than physical, united not only in body, but spirit! You're very understanding, and you have a good sense of humour. You're just what he needs!

74. YOU HAVE A STRONG SPIRIT, YOU'RE A STRENGTH TO HIM, JUST WHAT HE NEEDS! You sort of support him. Without you he would have been lost. You're very good at the material. He doesn't care, but you are good at that, and he needs you to take care of those things. You know him very well. I see you with a very lasting marriage that will last a long time!

75. YOU'LL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER LOVE LIKE THIS!—Never‚ never! You may have another in the very far future‚ but never like this!

76. ARE YOU TIED IN SOME WAY TO YOUR COUNTRY?—I SEE MOUNTAINS AND CABINS. Are you returning to your country?—Perhaps it's going to be much later, after the temples, and maybe just for temporary visits.

77. YOU'LL HAVE AN EXCEPTIONALLY HAPPY "MARRIAGE"!—But you weren't happy: I see you searching‚ like you're lost. You liked to be alone. I see you strolling back and forth. You couldn't seem to communicate with many people‚ and they'd look at you and see you were happy‚ but not really fulfilled.

78. YOU NEVER QUITE FOUND THE RIGHT ONE FOR YOU UNTIL NOW! You may have had another love‚ but you were searching. I see you swinging back and forth. I still see you with very old fashioned clothes: If you had lived back in Victorian times, you probably would have stayed at home and helped your husband to become a great man.


80. (NEXT DAY, EARLY MORNING WHEN DAVID WAS IN THE SPIRIT:) (From the accent, it sounds like the Gypsy Abrahim speaking:) That's why I was sent there because Madame M needs my love, and I will see her again. She's really a radical at heart. She wants to be, but it's hard for her.(She wears a little radical hat!) But she doesn't know how to be, because nobody understands her.

81. THEY DON'T KNOW WHY SHE'S SO INTERESTED IN EGYPT! They just don't understand what big things are going to come out of Egypt! She senses it, and people think she talks too much about Egypt.

82. I WANT TO DO SOMETHING FOR HER! I WANT TO COMFORT HER! First we comfort her with words about David—her own words from God the Giver. We comfort her with her own words Jesus give her about me. I'm going to love her‚ and she's going to be very thankful for David's love. She need it very much to encourage her.

83. SHE BEEN VERY SAD LATELY. WE'RE A VERY GREAT BLESSING TO HER! We going to make her smile! We going to make her feel it's all worthwhile—all her hard work! She going to be very thankful for David! Dear "Madame M"!—She minister to everybody, but nobody minister to her but Jesus! He sent me to her `cause she needed encouragement.

84. SHE HASN'T GOT MUCH LOVE ANY MORE. HER LOVER LEFT HER. He couldn't understand her, `cause she likes love in spirit, and he didn't know how to love her in spirit! But she likes love of David in spirit. She's very lonesome, and for first time yesterday she thrill with real love.—She's thrilled with all things she wants! She senses all her heart's desires in David, mostly in spirit.

85. SHE GETS BIG CHARGE IN SPIRIT AND THAT'S WHAT SHE LIKES BEST! She likes to make love in spirit better than in flesh, but she likes flesh too. She needs to know she's loved. We need to see her again, you know, to give her words about David. She likes your David! She appreciates your David and she envies you!

86. BUT PEOPLE DON'T UNDERSTAND HER. They suck and suck and suck of her, but don't give her nothing, and drain her dry, but don't give her anything! But David wants to fill her and satisfy her thirst for love and knowledge, and David can, if he will. She has to kiss the words of David to be satisfied, and she will, if I kiss her with David's love.

87. I HAVE A NEW FRIEND, AND SHE'S ALL THRILLED ABOUT ME! She go home and tell somebody—I don't know who—some friend. She has a friend.—Maybe it's a man?—And I think he's very jealous, but she gets no real spirit love from him! He don't even know spirit‚ and she long for spirit love!

88. SHE DON'T MEET MANY PEOPLE WHO KNOW HOW TO LOVE HER IN SPIRIT. Everybody want to take from her.—Nobody want to give but David. She long for people who have spirit to feed her.—You know?—She said she longed for somebody with spirit to feed her. She like me!—She needs flesh, but she needs spirit more. He minister to her flesh‚ but he don't minister to her spirit. I could easily take her away, and she would go with me to Egypt. But I think maybe all those trips are in the spirit. Could be. She thinks maybe all those trips are literal.—She doesn't know how many trips we take in the spirit!

89. SHE HAS LOVE IN FLESH, BUT NO LOVE IN SPIRIT. She hungry for love, for my love in the spirit. Yesterday she feel for first time she don't even want to say good bye!

90. SHE'S JUST LITTLE PSYCHIC‚ BUT JESUS LOVE HER, AND HE SEND HER A BIG PSYCHIC TO FEED HER SOUL! She's been lonesome in spirit long time, and she's hungry for spirit love, and she could love with all her heart—spirit love.—Because she loves spirit most of all. She don't like to sell spirit!—Makes her angry!—But she have to have the money.

91. (DOES SHE HAVE CHILDREN?) I THINK MAYBE SHE HAVE CHILDREN, BUT THEY DON'T MAKE HER HAPPY. They don't follow her profession. She don't have gifted children like her to carry on her work. "Madame M" would like to have what you have:—the Symbol of spirit! She like to have spirit of spirit within her to spark her spirit! She like it very much!

92. SHE HAS LOVERS IN THE FLESH‚ BUT A PROPHETESS IS NOT WITHOUT HONOUR, SAVE IN HER OWN FAMILY. She needs very much to know she's loved. I love her and want to feed her. She'll know there's been a prophet in her land! She'll know she ministered to the Prophet, like the Widow of Zarephath.

93. SHE LIKE THAT GODDESS—THE CAT GODDESS. SHE'S LIKE THE CAT GODDESS OF EGYPT! She knows! She like! She has good fellowship with me in spirit. Very much! She very young in spirit‚ very young. She long for spiritual love of David. She don't have till now any spiritual love, and she now happy. She just learning to love David. She never met him before, but she look for his kind of love all her life!

94. SHE'S SO THRILLED SHE FIND WHAT SHE LOOKING FOR! SHE KNOWS ABOUT EGYPT‚ and first time she found somebody so interested in Egypt! She never been loved like this! She find love of her life in David, so I honour her.

95. SHE WAS FAITHFUL TO DAVID‚ TO TELL DAVID MANY THINGS, even though she couldn't understand them. Where she works they don't even like her, and they bang on her booth! God damn those devils! It's just like she's dwelling in temporary tabernacle!

96. JESUS SHOWED HER, JESUS TELL HER. SHE GOT GIFT OF GOD! She has faith for others, but she has hard time having faith for herself—like me.—You save others, but yourself you cannot save! Thank God for Madame M!—I love her!