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What's Behind the Mideast Build-Up?

David Berg

DO 2637RV11/08/90

—And Other Jewels!

1. Do you think by your wildest imagination that Bush would be sending such huge forces to the Mideast unless, as he has openly declared, he intends to overthrow Saddam Hussein entirely?

2. They say that the American forces in Saudi Arabia could reach 250,000! You know who's behind it, don't you?—The ACs! They're not sending in these giant forces just to liberate Kuwait & protect Saudi Arabia! They're going in there to make sure that the greatest enemy of Israel in the Arab World is overthrown.

3. Of course, Bush would never confess that, the fact that big influential American ACs have put the pressure on & said, "Now is the time to destroy Iraq!" The ACs have feared Iraq as their worst enemy for years. The ACs are behind the whole thing, wanting to send in a huge unbeatable force to make sure Hussein, their major enemy, is wiped out. Who knows, maybe they're also thinking that after he's taken care of, they can also wipe out Syria!

4. The U.S. is bragging about the agreement of the Arab League to support the U.S. invasion of Saudi Arabia. The truth of the matter is that nearly half of the Arab countries abstained or voted against the invasion of the U.S. into Saudi Arabia. And they only agreed to sending their own forces providing they would be a totally separate command, having nothing to do with the American forces or their operation, so that they won't be blamed for supporting the U.S. & fighting for the U.S. Now can you imagine such a thing?—Two armies fighting against one country & not in any kind of cohesive force or unified command? Can you imagine such confusion? I mean that's impossible!

5. And of course you heard that Saddam is calling for the Arab World to unite against the invading infidel USA.—A Holy War against the U.S.! The common Arabs are signing up in hordes to join him as volunteer forces to help him wipe out their "great Satan" enemies, the U.S. & Israel!

6. Well, this could be a big operation. Bush is not sending in these huge forces & tremendous armaments just to defend Saudi Arabia. While they're all there, he'd like to wipe out all the enemies of Israel. Here again you have Israel with the U.S. fighting its battles for them like they did in WW2 against Hitler. The ACs stirred up the U.S. to fight their battles for them against Hitler. Now they're doing the same trick over again, getting the U.S. to fight their battles for them in the Mideast! Isn't that something?

7. Well, that's what came to me very strongly: It's all inspired by the ACs! I mean, the U.S. or the U.S. president couldn't do this without the guidance of the ACs. They probably wouldn't even think of it, except at the insistence of the ACs.

8. No president in his right mind would have attacked an enemy that has over 4‚000 of its own citizens there, unless he's optimistically expecting to immediately overcome that country & set them free. Otherwise, he is jeopardizing the lives of over 4,000 of his citizens & all the other foreigners that are there! He certainly must be expecting an easy victory in which they can oust the Saddam government before it lines the hostages up & slaughters them!

9. The Americans think they're all-powerful & can defeat anybody! One of their greatest humiliations is the fact that they lost the Vietnamese War‚ but they never learned anything from it. Bush is expecting to clobber Iraq quickly so that he can win the war, save the oil, save the U.S. citizens, save Israel, blah, blah, blah!

10.And they may get a real sad surprise because Saddam has lots of forces & lots of planes & guns & tanks & equipment that he got from Russia, & chemical warfare—which is the thing the U.S. fears the most. (Maria: It's not very smart to treat a desperate madman that way, who has hostages & chemical weapons.) No, it certainly isn't! He's going to hit you where it hurts! If Saddam falls, he'll take as much as he can with him to really hurt his foes!

11. Bush has given Saddam the greatest possible opportunity to hold the largest number of American civilians that has ever happened as far as I know in any war. Well, this is it, & it's going to be one hell of a mess & Bush is almost glib about it! He's so smart-alecky & proud & self-righteous, he's acting like he's already the conqueror. And when they asked him about all the Americans there, etc., he said, "Never mind, don't worry about it. We'll take care of it." How? That's why I believe he expects a quick victory. He's sending in enough troops that he's confident he will be able to crush the Iraqi forces immediately in time to save the Americans!—While jeopardizing the lives of tens of thousands!

12. He may be sending in a quarter of a million troops, but Saddam has a million troops already—& they're there! They don't have to ship them in. So it's one hell of a mess, I'll tell you! May this bring the Americans to humiliation, if nothing else. If they accuse Saddam of being power-hungry‚ how much more has Bush's power, which is far greater, gone to his head, like it usually does with powerful leaders‚ so he thinks he's invincible! There has never been such a huge military build-up yet that didn't eventually end in some kind of war!—And "This is it!"

13.Wouldn't this be a marvellous opportunity for the AC to arise, while the West is busy in the East!—Ha!—God help us!—In Jesus' name, amen!