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This Is It

David Berg

DO 2634RV5/8/90

—Discussion with Techi about the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait.

1. Have Thy way, Lord, about this invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. You know what the future holds because You hold the future! When I was trying to figure it out, it was almost like You said, "Well, just ask Me & I can tell you!" I said‚ "Okay, Lord, what does it mean?" And You or Your Angel said, "This is it!" We don't know exactly what You mean by that, Lord, if it means this is going to precipitate the Crash or the War or bring on the Antichrist or what! But anyhow, we'll be seeking Thee & following it closely to see what happens. Help us always to be prepared, Lord, for any eventuality! TYL! Bless & keep us no matter what it is, in Jesus' name, amen!

2. Wasn't that something? (Techi: Yes! I wonder if someone like Saddam Hussein is going to be the Antichrist?) No, I don't think so. (Techi: Because he didn't come from Russia.) No, & he didn't come from Egypt, & he hasn't really got a very fierce face. It sounds like the Antichrist is going to have to have been to Egypt & come out of Russia. But this could be the beginning of the invasion of Israel, because he really hates Israel!—And he loves the Palestinians.—In fact‚ Arafat now lives there!

3. So it must be something real important! (Techi: Does that mean it could be sooner than we thought?) Well, something could be sooner than we thought! I don't know what "it" is! (Techi: It's funny how the Lord does that, isn't it?) He really loves a mystery. He loves for us to have to figure out puzzles, finding treasures old & new! Anyhow, it's a kind of a warning to be prepared for "it," whatever "it" is!

4. I said, "What do You mean, Lord? What's 'it'?"—No answer! Well, I did get sort of an answer. It was sort of like, "Well, you just wait & see!" So, praise the Lord! (Techi: You mean you just got that in your mind?) Yes. You hear the still small voice of the Lord‚ & that's it!

5. In the documentary-type movie "Countdown to Looking Glass," it was right there in Saudi Arabia that the big war started. The U.S. had a defense treaty with Saudi Arabia which stipulated that if she's ever attacked, the U.S. would come to her defence. Well, it looks like Saudi Arabia is about to get attacked, & if so, the U.S. is talking war! In the movie, the first thing the U.S. did was send in paratroopers, because it's the fastest thing. They landed a lot of paratroopers in Saudi Arabia to start defending Saudi Arabia. Of course, they had big ships & planes on the way & a lot of other things. According to the movie, this then started a war between the U.S. & Russia. But that doesn't look likely in this case, because Russia has agreed with the U.S. that Iraq should not do this. The U.S. & Russia issued a statement together condemning Iraq for invading Kuwait.

6. Because the Saudi Arabians supply the U.S. with a lot of oil, the U.S. has given them weapons & has been helping them to learn how to use them.—Weapons that some members of the U.S. Congress didn't want them to have because they were very sophisticated weapons. They have these big planes called AWACs with big circular radar domes on top that can spot other planes that are 250 miles away!

7. (Techi: So is Iraq stronger than Iran?) They licked Iran! (Techi: They did? I thought no one won the war! I heard that they just kept fighting & then they said, "No, we're not going to fight any more.") Khomeini said no more war, so Iraq won the war, & now Iraq has been emboldened to take over this little tiny country, Kuwait, which has a lot of oil. (Techi: And they were doing something to them, weren't they?) Well, they were having a big argument with Kuwait. Iraq said the boundary between them was undecided & Kuwait was stealing some of their oil, but it may have been just an excuse to move in to get Kuwait's oil.

8. And Saudi Arabia has much more oil! They're really an ally of the United States, & the U.S. has promised to defend them if they're attacked. (Techi: Bush said, "We'll defend our friends in the Gulf!") He's been talking pretty tough lately!

9. Now here's another very interesting thing. (Shows map:) Here's Iraq & here's Jordan, & guess what the next country is after Iraq & this little country here? (Techi: Israel.) Yes! And in my Letter "Israel Invaded" (ML #281), this was the route that I said the invading forces would come, this way, either through Syria or Iraq. Because Iraq goes way up there right near Russia, I said they would come this way. Because there is a city in Iraq called Bozrah (Basra) & there is a Scripture, a prophecy in the Bible that says, "Who is this that cometh from Edom, with garments stained red with blood from Bozrah?"—Isa.63:1.—"Garments dyed red with blood!" So this is one reason I believe the invasion will come this way.

10. But the strange thing is, that there's also this town over here in Southern Syria called Bozrah‚ it's just spelled a little differently. So it could be both, in a way.—Or they could just come from Iraq where they have all these forces that have just taken Kuwait‚ right here on the border of Saudi Arabia.

11. (Techi: Does Iraq cooperate with Russia?) Well, Russia has been supplying Iraq's weapons, but the Iraqis are not Communist at all‚ they're Muslims‚ Arabs. But they have the largest strongest army in that area.

12. Imagine this: Kuwait had an army of 20‚000 against Iraq's one million men! It's ridiculous! I mean‚ they didn't have anything! The Iraqis just rolled right in & nothing stopped them. The Iraqis had more tanks, guns‚ planes, soldiers, everything! (Techi: Did anyone give them any resistance?) Yes, they did, there was some resistance. But Iraq invaded by surprise at about five o'clock in the morning.

13. Saudi Arabia & all these places along the Gulf have a lot of oil. They're called the Gulf States because they're by the Persian Gulf, & this whole area is very rich in oil, all of it. (Techi: What about over in Iran?) They have a lot of oil too along the Gulf. For some reason the oil is all along the Gulf.

14. This situation has already created a group of hostages, almost 50 times the 60 American hostages who were taken in Tehran by Khomeini! Well, there are over 3,000 Americans alone there in Kuwait, lots & lots of oil men. Kuwait had to have them there to operate the refineries.—Americans, British, etc.

15. In fact, in taking over the country‚ the Iraqis have taken over all of these foreign oil workers. They couldn't possibly keep those refineries running without all those foreign experts.—Just like Godahfi had oodles of Americans living there, foreign experts to run his oil fields & refineries.

16. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Iraq goes right on & captures Saudi Arabia! (Techi: Because they have a bigger army?) Oh, good night, yes! They have the largest army in the whole Middle East!—A battle-tested army from having fought eight years of war with Iran!

17. They have the largest air force, the largest army—one million men—the largest tank force, they've got the largest everything in the Middle East! Khomeini was a hard man to fight because of the religious fanaticism of his followers, & the fact that they used children to run into the mine fields to explode all the mines to make a way for the soldiers! Khomeini was absolutely ruthless, fanatical, or Iraq would have swept across them long before.

18. All of these American & foreign oil experts are there in Kuwait, so in effect, Iraq has taken them hostage, because they can't leave unless Hussein lets them go! And why should he let them go when he needs them to run the oil fields? There are over 3,000 Americans, & I've forgotten how many British & other foreigners are there. He could effectively just hold them hostage & say, "Well, U.S., if you attack us, we'll kill all your Americans!"

(Later that evening:)

19. The Arabs are saying to the foreign powers‚ "Have patience, we can work out an Arab solution, don't act too soon." The fact is, most of them are quite afraid of Saddam Hussein, but they still say, "We love him." He's a very smart, strong leader‚ the strongest leader that the Arabs have right now, & they would rather keep him as a friend. They like him because he opposes Israel & is for the poor.

20. Oh boy, the U.S. is such a liar! Bush stands up & says Saddam Hussein of Iraq is a liar, but I'll tell you, the U.S. is a liar! They cover up in the news so much, they hide things & deny things, it's pitiful!

21. Iraq is one of Yasser Arafat's best friends‚ & some sources have said that the U.S. is afraid that Hussein is going to let the PLO in to run Kuwait. And King Hussein of Jordan has shown very fond friendship for President Saddam Hussein, & so has Mubarak of Egypt. Both of them have kissed & embraced him & admire him as their present greatest Arab strongman & leader, with the strongest forces in the whole Middle East outside of Israel. He's the one man that might be able to unite all the Arabs against Israel, because he has the strongest forces.

22. And of course this is one reason [they] & the … media are yelling for help against Saddam Hussein of Iraq to save Kuwait! [They] don't really give a damn about Kuwait! What they want the U.S. to do is go in & save Israel from Iraq & all the Arabs!

23. The U.S. is claiming they're sending their forces in to Saudi Arabia to protect her from Iraq. But all the U.S. really wants to do is two things: Protect Saudi oil, which they want‚ & protect Israel!

24. It's international policy & decorum that a country has to ask for one of the Superpowers to come in; they're not supposed to just force their way in. So Cheney (the U.S. Secretary of Defense) went there to try to persuade the Saudis to let them come in. (Maria: I wonder what kind of "persuasion" he used?) Oh‚ any kind that's legal or illegal, to try to force it. There will be all kinds of threats: "We'll not ship you any more arms‚ we'll not help you any more, you're no friend of ours. You've been one of our staunchest allies in the Mideast‚ but if you won't let us come in & 'protect' you—ho, ho—we're apt to just come in anyhow to protect Israel!"

25. Well, frankly, I think most of the Saudis would rather have Iraqi troops in their capital than U.S. troops! Of course the Israelis would certainly prefer U.S. troops, but most of the Arabs would rather have Iraqi troops go ahead & take over the Saudis. Of course, the Saudis wouldn't like that too much, but it's the lesser of two evils—Arabs or Americans—& the way they think, Arabs are a lesser evil than the U.S.

26. It's the Arab nature to wait, to be patient, don't act, but confer. An Arab solution involves lots of negotiation & waiting, but Bush doesn't want to wait for that.

27. There are hundreds of Americans working in Kuwait & also in Iraq‚ operating their oil rigs & businesses. If Hussein wanted to really get tough, the U.S. is going to have one Hell of a hostage crisis between Iraq & Kuwait!

28. Imagine them sending Cheney all the way to Riyadh to persuade King Fahd & to beg him to allow American forces to come in to fight Iraq! He's going to find out he's bitten off more than he can chew! "This is it!" Do you think that's kind of a warning? Does it sound like it's something good for the U.S.? (Maria: It doesn't sound very good.) No, it doesn't. It sounds to me like a warning, that the U.S. is going to get it!—Its foot stuck in the mud!—Or in the sand! It's ridiculous!

29. The Naval blockade of oil, etc., is a far wiser tack to take in order to whittle down Saddam Hussein safely & more gradually, because that would really give him problems economically. If he couldn't profit from this grab, then it wouldn't do him any good. But to go over there & invade, oh, that's just ridiculous! Almost any sensible person can see that. The U.S. has stuck its foot in its mouth several times that way, like they did in Panama, etc.

30. Kuwait & the United Arab Emirates have long been cheating on their oil production, lying, saying they're only producing so much but producing more than the quota they agreed upon, which has lowered the price of oil—which means that all the other OPEC nations don't get as much money for their oil. I've been reading about Saddam Hussein of Iraq, & he has a very strong sense of what's right & wrong, & he felt that he was invading Kuwait to punish them for their cheating, & for cheating Iraq out of its share of the oil, etc.

31. Bush is a real hawk! He just can't wait to use all of his arms, planes, tanks & butcher men. They're just butting their nose in where they don't belong. They should leave it up to the Arabs, because the Arabs don't want their interference!

(The next day, discussion with Family:)

32. Saddam Hussein is the strongest leader in the Arab World now. He surpasses Mubarak. He's got a better military force, seasoned from eight years of war with Iran, & he's a stronger personality. And although he's very forceful‚ a strong leader has to be forceful. In this World‚ in this System, he has to be ruthless to get anywhere. Kuwait was cheating him. In fact, all the Emirates were cheating him & they were cheating the other Arab producers too by producing more oil than they were supposed to. Both Saddam & Mubarak were angry about it.

33. I studied up on him a lot & he's a very strong character. I think he's about the strongest the Arab World has produced since Nasser of Egypt. Nasser didn't really have the funds or the forces to take the lead of the whole Arab World, but Saddam has. King Fahd of Saudi Arabia is a weak character & depends heavily on the U.S. all the time to help him through.

34. Saddam is very pro-PLO & very anti–Israel, of course. The Israelis consider him their most dangerous enemy. So if anybody could get the Arab World together & be strong enough & has the forces to do it against Israel‚ he'd be the one. That's why they're so furious at him. That's why the U.S. is so furious. They're not getting all stirred up like that just for the oil alone. You know who's stirring them up!—The ACs! Bush didn't even get that excited over Noriega. But Saddam Hussein is a real threat to Israel. I was praying for him last night that the Lord would have His way.

35. Those three words I got, "This is it!", sound pretty ominous, don't they? Well‚ that could mean several different things‚ but it sounds like a warning to me.—Either the start of the War or the start of the Crash. Since this has a lot of economic meaning, it's probably more than likely the start of the Crash, because the whole World is teetering on the end of the diving board right now, & there's no water in the pool!—And it won't take much of a push to push them over. They're all teetering right on the edge of recession‚ including the West, & particularly the U.S.

36. Of course, Russia & the Third World have already crashed! About the only thing that's been keeping the whole World from going down has been the U.S.' imagination: They don't know they've crashed! Western Europe & Japan are actually the strongest parts of the World today, but if there's a serious oil crisis, then it can drag them all down.

37. So, "This is it"! And I would interpret that as most likely being the push that nudges them over the edge & sends the whole World into a so-called "recession." They use a nicer word now than they used to; they hate that word "depression," that's the no-no word. They've all been told not to use that dreaded word.

38. The U.S. is in absolute bankruptcy! What nation can owe three trillion Dollars, most of it to foreign governments & foreign investors! Whoever dreamed the Japanese would go to the United States to set up factories to build cars in competition with U.S. autoworks?—Because they can build them better & cheaper!

39. But the average public is not worrying about the debt.—The total deficit. The big problem isn't just the yearly amount they keep adding to it, but the fact that the total is over three trillion Dollars! They keep adding over $150 billion to it every year, & it only takes six to seven years at that rate to make another trillion! And no government can keep on doing that, buying more than it's earning! Their yearly budget has gotten to be over a trillion Dollars!

40. If any of those foreign investors decide to start pulling out their money, the U.S. would be totally bankrupt! They'd go down the tubes economically. So the U.S. has not only got an oil problem‚ but it's got a financial problem, which is really their biggest problem. But people just don't feel that. They don't see it & they don't understand what it means. And now the U.S. has got a military problem! Saddam is no Noriega! Panama was peanuts compared to this!—"This is it!"

41. I believe that Saddam could be the instrument of God's judgements on some of those selfish wicked Arab states, as well as on the U.S.A. & the rest of the World! Bush had better beware, since he is fighting against God! And we know the Israelis are certainly fighting against God. We also know that the Palestinians are about half Christians, fairly good Christians, & they're not the ones fighting against God.

42. So, praise the Lord, this is it! I just took that to mean that in some ways it's the beginning of the End! It might take seven to ten years, but it still could be it!

43. Not only are the sea & waves roaring, but also the skies with warplanes nowadays! Wars here & wars there & uprisings. It seems like the whole World is boiling over! Our people who go out should always pray very earnestly, because it's a dangerous World! PTL! TYL! GBAKY!—In Jesus' name!