KEYWORDS: door, hell, spirits, green

Green Door

David Berg

—A Dream of a Polished Hell!—MO

August 29‚ 1973—NO.262—GP

Box 31 London WC2E 7LX England‚ or BP 752, 75123 Paris, Cedex 03, France

1. I STILL DON'T KNOW HOW WE GOT DOWN THERE! IT REMINDS ME A LITTLE BIT OF ALICE IN WONDERLAND! You were kind of like Alice leading me along by the hand, but I can't remember how we got in there. It was almost like we'd wandered in by accident and we weren't supposed to be there. I think maybe we were out walking and found this passageway and I wanted to explore it.—You know me!

2. IT ALSO REMINDED ME A LITTLE BIT OF THAT "DRUGSTORE VISION," BECAUSE IT WAS ALL UNDERGROUND with all these brightly lighted passageways. Only this time, instead of like caves or catacombs, it was almost like a hospital, because it had very nice polished floors, and we were wandering along hand-in-hand looking at things, trying to peek in the different rooms to see what was in them, like Alice in Wonderland. She did that, didn't she?—Going along corridors and different rooms, peeking in? And in each room there were different people doing different things‚ all very busy.

3. BUT IT WAS SO UNLIKE MY OTHER DREAMS IN THE SPIRIT WORLD: IT SEEMED LIKE EVERYTHING EVERYBODY WAS DOING WAS TOTALLY FUTILE AND USELESS and just a waste of time! They were all very, very busy accomplishing nothing! The scientist was conducting endless experiments that never bore any results, and they were shooting rockets and more rockets into space that either never got off the ground or that never went anywhere! The soldier was on the battlefield and bombers were zooming overhead and shells screaming and landing all around him, and he just seemed to be going through the endless hell of war just like he had been on earth.

4. AND NITLER THE FUGITIVE POLITICIAN WAS RUNNING FROM THIS SCREAMING CROWD THAT WAS MAD FOR HIS BLOOD! Seemed like they wanted to mob him or lynch him‚ and he was running and running trying to hide. He finally found an empty room. Seemed like he was so exhausted he couldn't run any more, and he just curled up on a bench like a little baby with his thumb in his mouth and tried to go to sleep.

5. WE PASSED BY ONE ROOM WHERE A SEAMSTRESS WAS SEWING AWAY, BUT NEVER GOT ANYTHING FINISHED. The seamstress was Gracie, and she was sewing on this jacket. She'd embroidered a name on the back of the jacket, and she turned the inside or seamy side up to show it to us. It's funny, but she didn't show us the nice back but the other side!—And it said "COOSA." She said, "You see?—It's my boss's name!" And I thought, "That's a funny name!—I must remember that—COOSA." Now, come to think of it, it that was the inside of the jacket that would be backwards, I never thought of that!

6. EVERYTHING WAS NOT ONLY ENDLESS AND FRUITLESS AND FUTILE, BUT SORT OF BACKWARDS! I HAD A FEELING THINGS WERE EITHER INSIDE OUT OR UPSIDE DOWN!—SO PECULIAR! It was all like as though if you just turned your head at the right angle or moved around these people at a different angle, you'd sort of move out of their dimension and they'd all vanish like one of those three-dimensional postcard pictures!—You know:—If you tilt it a little bit one image vanishes and the other appears, if you tilt it just so. We would move or I moved around the end of the desk and looked at them edge on‚ and they just vanished!

7. AFTER GOING DOWN ALL THESE HALLS LOOKING AT ALL THESE ROOMS‚ ALL THESE PEOPLE SO BUSY DOING NOTHING, ACCOMPLISHING NOTHING, AND GETTING NOWHERE, uselessly, endlessly, fruitlessly‚ futilely working but getting nowhere, what else can I say? It's like they're all just going through the motions, an endless waste of time, all busy and working hard but accomplishing nothing!—And I had this terrible apprehensive feeling all the time: "How horrible! How terrifying!" It didn't have at all the spirit of the catacombs, the caverns. It had an awful, foreboding spirit, terrible!

8. I THOUGHT TO MYSELF, "WOW! THIS MUST BE HELL!" I thought, what could be worse than that for the wicked—an extension of life after death for the wicked would be just a hellish extension of the same meaningless, purposeless, fruitless existence, painful existence‚ sorrowful existence, sad existence! The longer they live the more useless they are and the more they keep doing the same things and getting nowhere and accomplishing nothing except going through all that agony and suffering and pain, just like on earth, but now without any end, without any hope of being able to die!—It was terrible! They're still at it, the same things—working, but not really progressing—endless, endless labour, but all of no avail, fruitless, hopeless‚ useless!

9. EACH ONE WAS CONTINUING IN HIS OWN LITTLE PRIVATE HELL OF HIS FORMER EXISTENCE WITHOUT ANY RELIEF, no surcease, no hope of it ever ending, and yet absolutely all useless—just about like what the Systemites are doing here now! They get up‚ they go to work, they do the same things every day, they come home, they go to bed.—What do they accomplish? The world's getting worse, people are getting worse, and they're not making any progress!—What they're doing is not profitable. It is not making any progress or getting anywhere.

10. I THOUGHT, WELL!—IF THIS IS HELL, I NEVER THOUGHT OF HELL BEING LIKE THIS! THIS IS ABOUT THE WORST POSSIBLE THING I CAN IMAGINE!—Not just burning up with literal flames, but constantly burning with that fruitless fire of endless, useless endeavour, ceaseless struggle, pointless pain, and seemingly endless sorrow and suffering! It was just like a continuation of the hell on earth—only it was Hell hereafter, and seemingly forever‚ with no escape and no way out!—Not even death!—The same old endless jobs‚ the same old endless treadmill, the same old endless, useless existence, never getting anywhere, never accomplishing anything worthwhile, never really...never, never, never!

11. WE WERE JUST RUNNING UP AND DOWN THESE HALLS, AND IT WAS SO PITIFUL! IF THIS IS HELL, WOW, IT IS TERRIBLE! WHAT GREATER HELL COULD THERE BE than for the world, the sinners, the wicked, the evil to endeavour just to continue their same wicked, useless‚ evil‚ fruitless existence, and their same futile, worthless work forever!—To live the same lives they've been living, without ever any hope of it ending or ever being able to get out of it, and no hope of ever any change, just the same thing over and over and over again!


13. I TURNED TO YOU AND SAID, "LET'S GET OUT OF HERE FAST!—I DON'T WANT TO BE REGISTERED HERE!—I don't want to stay here! I'm not staying! I'm going, leaving!" We started running and walking real fast down the hall‚ when suddenly we came to this big foyer, like a huge hotel lobby or hospital lobby with this big front desk like a hotel or hospital desk, or reception desk. Just then the little desk clerk saw us and said‚ Oh, there they go! There they go!"— And we began to run!—The desk clerk shouted, "Stop them! Stop them! They're not registered! They're not supposed to be here! Stop them!"

14. IT WASN'T AT ALL LIKE THE DREAM OF THE BRILLIANTLY LIGHTED CATACOMBS BELOW THE "DRUGSTORE" the time when I met Mother‚ where Mother led me, and where the walls were all glowing and everybody was so happy! Everybody was busy, but they were all naked and there was a totally different feeling there like they really were accomplishing something! It was very‚ very busy and exciting and thrilling because they were really doing something worthwhile, really accomplishing something!

15. BUT HERE IN THIS PLACE THEY WERE ALL SO HOPELESS AND USELESS!—THERE WAS TOTAL DESPAIR! NOTHING WOULD EVER CHANGE, nothing would ever be any different! It would always be the same monotony, the same grinding, grueling grind, the same old thing day in and day out, like there was no night and day, just all these endlessly lighted corridors and rooms! Even as we ran, and we ran outside for a while‚ even out there was nothing but battlefields and hellish wars and all kinds of funny mechanical noises like machinery and factories and industries and refineries and endless conveyor belts and assembly lines and that horrible acrid, burning sulfuric smell, those choking foul fumes!

16. IT'S FUNNY: PART OF THE TIME IT SEEMED LIKE THE HOSPITAL WAS ONE HUGE GIGANTIC SHIP, because I remember going out to the stern and looking out and it was all dark and night, and the huge ship was moving slowly down this big black river, a very ominous scary kind of river, deep dark water! I thought to myself at the time, "It looks like the River Styx‚ River of Death!" Along the sides here and there were ships that had already arrived and were anchored or moored. They were very, very ancient ships. Some looked like old Egyptian barges and old Roman galleys and Grecian vessels, very, very old and very ancient. I thought, "Wow! Those are thousands of years old! I wonder when they got here, I wonder when they moored here?—They must have come a long time ago to be so old! What a dark, terrifying, mysterious place! How frightening this place is, so dark!"

17. THE RIVER SEEMED TO MOVE ON RELENTLESSLY, SLOWLY. EVERYTHING KEPT MOVING AT A VERY SLOW PACE, BUT NO STOPPING. YOU NEVER STOPPED WORK, you never stopped fighting on the battlefield, you never stopped experimenting, you never stopped sewing, you never stopped writing. Whatever you were doing you just never stopped! You were just doing it all the time continuously, and yet never seemed to accomplish anything or get anywhere. I thought, "Wow! If this is Hell, it sure is some hell, because it's like the wicked's life on earth‚ just an extension of it!"

18. IT WAS JUST THE OPPOSITE OF THE, ECSTASIES OF LIFE IN HEAVEN FOR THE SAVED AND THE BLESSED! When I was in Space City and when I was underground in that catacombs, it was just like it was the extension of the present happy life we now have. We're happy now in our work!—And though we'll have work to do there, we'll be even happier, with lots of mobility and accomplishment, achievement, progress, exciting, thrilling work, variety, travel, freedom‚ messenger work, all kinds of work, but thrilling, interesting, fascinating to us and service for the Lord, as we carry on the business of the Universe, travelling around from one planet to the other, one star to the other, one galaxy to the other!

19. IT'S JUST AS THOUGH HEAVEN, OR THE LIFE HEREAFTER FOR US, GOD'S CHILDREN, THE SAVED, IS AN EXTENSION OR AN AMPLIFICATION, A MULTIPLICATION OF THE JOY AND THE THRILLING, EXCITING LIVES WE NOW LEAD! It was just like our present happiness multiplied many times over! Heaven and Space City were all busy‚ but they were things we liked to do, we loved to do‚ enjoyed doing for the Lord, just like the things we do now. Do you understand what I mean? It's like Heaven was a continuation of our present kind of life, only much much better, happier, and with manifold blessings, achievements and even more thrilling and exciting work!

20. BUT HELL IS THE EXTENSION, MULTIPLICATION, AMPLIFICATION‚ CONTINUATION, ENDLESS CONTINUATION OF THE SAME MONOTONOUS, HUMDRUM DRUDGERY AND AWFUL LIVES THAT THE WICKED PEOPLE OF THE WORLD LEAD EVEN NOW!—Useless existences, fruitless, absolutely purposeless existences—never getting anywhere, never accomplishing anything‚ never improving anything or making any progress or helping anybody—just totally useless, only endless, non-stop, even when you're weary you couldn't quit! Nitler ran and was running from the mob. He curled up in this little ball and tried to sleep in this corner, but he couldn't sleep, and yet he never seemed to be able to get entirely away from them! It's just like he was going to have to continue to live the hell he's going through right now forever in the afterlife.

21. WOULDN'T THAT BE A HELL! GOODNIGHT, IT SEEMS TO ME LIKE LIVING IN SOME KIND OF A HOT PLACE WITH JUST LITERAL FLAMES WOULD BE ALMOST A REST AND A RELIEF CONSIDERING WHAT they were going through! Maybe flames are symbolic of the torture and endless torment of the damned. It's just like endless dissatisfaction, endless unsatisfied desire, always going, never arriving‚ always working and never finishing, always desiring and never getting—it's horrible!

22. SO YOU GRABBED ME BY THE HAND AND SAID‚ "WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!"—And we were running through the halls again. You said, "We've got to find how we got in here! We've got to find the way out like we came in!" I said, "I think it's behind that desk, the main desk, because every time I go around the corner of that desk it all vanishes—all the people disappear. If I'm at a different angle of refraction I seem to slip out of their dimension and they just disappear." So you grabbed me by the hand and pulled me round and we ran around the corner behind the main desk, and, sure enough, there was this doorway that said "Exit"!

23. WE WERE RUNNING LIKE MAD NOW, AND YOU JUST RAN AND RAN AND RAN! IT WAS A CORRIDOR, A SPIRAL CORRIDOR THAT LED DOWNWARD, and we ran down, down, down, down, around and round so many times I don't know! It makes me dizzy even to think of it! Suddenly we came to the end, another door that said "Exit"‚ and we threw open the door and it was just a little short flight of steps, not more than maybe a dozen steps leading upward. it was like we were coming out of a basement, a little dark basement, out of the dark cellar of this old building.

24. WE CAME UP THIS LITTLE SHORT FLIGHT OF OLD‚ OLD BASEMENT STONE STEPS AND FOUND WE WERE COMING BACK UP TO THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH. I don't understand that, because it seemed like where we were had been far underneath the surface of the Earth. Yet to get out we had to go down this long spiral corridor and out this little door and a simple short climb up and there we are, we're on the Earth's surface! It must be that down was up!—Oh, I don't know where the spirit world is! It's like another dimension somewhere!

25. AS WE CAME UP THIS LITTLE SHORT FLIGHT OF OLD STONE STEPS AND STEPPED OUT ON THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH, WE BOTH EXPERIENCED A PECULIAR FEELING like a thrilling sort of ripple that went through our whole bodies from head to toe, like we were miraculously transformed back into our earthly bodies! I remember that when we were in that hospital, or that polished hell or whatever it was, we were in what seemed like our bodies‚ and we walked and we ran‚ and yet it seemed like we could also fly part of the time.—Like it was spiritual, and yet partly physical, I don't understand it. As we came up out of this little short cellar stairway of steps we both suddenly felt this little electrical wave or this magical ripple that transformed us, and we were back in our dimension!

26. I LOOKED AROUND AND THE LITTLE SHORT CELLAR STAIRWELL WE'D JUST COME UP WAS A VERY DARK HOLE, LIKE A DARK GREEN GRAVE about 3' by 6', all covered with evil-looking dark green weeds and vines. It was just about the size of a grave!—Exactly, just like a grave!—That cellar steps stairway hole made of old cold stones now was all covered with this thick mound of dark evil green weeds and vines, just the shape of a grave! I thought, "My, how like a grave that is‚ all covered with those evil dark green weeds and vines!"

27. IT REMINDED ME OF THAT OLD SONG, "THE GREEN DOOR", that we used to sing about the "Green Door" or the green grave! Did you ever hear it? It was about this fellow who was wondering what was on the other side of the "Green Door," the grave‚ and he thought he could hear music and so on.—And it turns out the "Green Door" was the grave! What he meant by the "Green Door" was this fellow's way of expressing that the only way out or to the next life was through the grave! How true!—The "Green Door"!

28. THERE WAS A LITTLE WEIRD BUILDING OF WHICH THIS WAS THE BASEMENT DOOR. It was just a small old vine-covered stone building that looked like one of those old utility buildings in the cemetery where they keep the tools and the lawnmowers and stuff, or maybe a crypt or mausoleum where they bury bodies. It was an old stone building, very, very old, and I thought to myself, "It looks like one of those toilets in a British park." From the outside it was all locked up like so many of them are. I don't know what significance the building had, but it was very old.—And this basement, that we could come out of its basement, seemed to mean it was there to cover the entrance or something.

29. I LOOKED AROUND TO SEE WHERE WE WERE AND IT WAS JUST DUSK, GETTING DARK, and there was a house to our right and I heard voices. I listened very carefully. What a relief when I realised they were good British voices speaking English! I thought, "Oh, thank God! We're back!" I looked up and noticed the road was kind of a country road, dirt road, and led up a hill ahead of us, through the trees, very dark, and there was another house on the right up there.

30. A CAR WITH HEADLIGHTS BLAZING SUDDENLY APPEARED OVER THE CREST OF THE HILL and was coming down the road towards us. I thought, "Uh oh! I wonder who that is!—Maybe they're coming after us!" But the sports car coming down the street up ahead stopped at this house that was on the right‚ our right, his left. Then he turned off his lights‚ got out of his car and went into the house, and I thought, "Oh, thank God! It wasn't somebody coming after us!" Then we held each other's hands and started to walk slowly up the road which seemed to lead back toward friends and loved ones and civilisation, and I was so relieved that we were out, we'd found the way out! It was really something!

31. IF THAT'S SUPPOSED TO BE A VISION OF HELL IT SURE DID THE TRICK: I SURE DON'T WANT TO GO THERE!—IT WAS AWFUL! It was like everybody was being rewarded with exactly what they deserved, the same useless, fruitless, hopeless monotonous routine in Hell that they're living right now on Earth, only under controlled conditions like a hospital!

32. THERE WERE THESE KEEPERS, THESE OVERSEERS.—OH, I FORGOT TO TELL YOU ABOUT HIM!—After we came out of Mr. Coosa's office without ever getting to see him, and we decided we were going to make a run for it and get out of there, about that time one of the keepers, a very handsome grey-haired gentleman (who later turned out to be Mr. Coosa himself) began following us down the hall. They all wore these tight-fitting tunics almost like a wetsuit or a ballet suit, skin-tight. Everybody wore these skin-tight things—the keepers—not the people.—The people seemed like they just wore the same old stuff.

33. THE KEEPERS WERE DEFINITELY DIFFERENT, SORT OF MAGICAL, and their skin-tight suits seemed to be something sort of..."magical" is the only word I can think of! They could fly in them and they were impervious to any injuries, just as though they were spirit beings. Only they looked just like people‚ just like us, and they were in charge of the "hospital"‚ apparently, and they seemed to be running the whole operation.

34. AS WE CAME OUT OF MR. COOSA'S OFFICE THIS MAN (WHO TURNED OUT TO BE COOSA) CALLED GRACIE TO FOLLOW HIM, to come to his rooms. It was as though she was his personal prostitute, just like she was his slave, and she had to do whatever he said and follow him to his rooms or apartment—all in the same huge hospital-like building. I yelled at her—I said, "Gracie, Gracie! You can't go in there! Don't do it!" Whereupon Mr. Coosa turned around and rebuked me and said, "You have no position here to tell anybody what to do!—You don't even belong here now!"—And he began to chase me. He chased me down the hall until we got near the end of the hall where I grabbed this broomstick, a broom somebody had left sitting there, and I tried to hit him with it to drive him off.

35. SUDDENLY THE FUNNIEST THING HAPPENED! THIS SOUNDS SILLY, I KNOW! But he plucked three little hairs out of the back of his neck, and he kind of rolled them between his thumb and forefinger like that, sort of crushed them to a powder or a fine mist, and then he threw and blew this powder or mist in my face, and immediately I began to get dizzy and drowsy! That's when you grabbed me by the hand and said‚ "We've got to get out of here! We've got to run! We've got to go!" That's when we ran back, and I said‚ "I think the exit must be somewhere near the main desk, cause that's where we came in."

36. WHEN I WOKE UP BACK IN MY OWN BED I WAS STILL DIZZY—I'm still dizzy right now, it's the funniest thing! It s just like he was telling me that I had no business there, that it was not my business nor my affair, I had no jurisdiction there and no right to tell him what to do because that was their domain, they were assigned to that work of taking care of all those inmates and we were interfering with their job and we were to get out. It was too late and there was no use, nothing we could do to help them and it was hopeless.

37. SO ANYHOW, THE NEXT THING I REMEMBER WE WERE BEING QUESTIONED BY THIS GROUP OF SCIENTISTS ON EARTH. They were asking us all about our experience, and how it happened‚ and how we got there, and so on. The main thing they seemed to be interested in was where this hole was that we had gone through, this grave‚ this stairway, cellar stairway like a grave, the "Green Door", and what it was like, and had us describe it, and the end of this road, this graveyard and so on.

38. THE LAST THING I RECALLED, ONE OF THE SCIENTISTS SAID, "YOU KNOW, I WAS WORKING ON A PROJECT DURING THE WAR, on something to do with Einstein's Theory of Relativity and time lapse or time warp, sort of like a `deja vu' thing, where two stratas of time had developed a crack and one sort of slipped a little over the other one."

39. THE THEORY THAT HE HAD WAS THAT IF YOU COULD FIND SUCH A CRACK IN THE DIMENSION OF TIME, IT WOULD BE POSSIBLE TO SLIP OUT OF TIME AND OUT OF THIS DIMENSION INTO ANOTHER ONE. So he was saying, "Well, I think it's possible. You could possibly have had such an experience, that you've managed to find the crack or the overlap," he called it overlap, "this slippage which you found, that place where you got through into another world of time or space or timelessness or some other dimension."

40. HE WAS SAYING, "IT'S POSSIBLE, I BELIEVE IT'S POSSIBLE‚ I WAS WORKING ON A PROJECT LIKE THAT! It's theoretically possible. I thought I'd found such a spot, but I never could prove it. I was afraid to go in. But it's possible that you found the spot." He must have really found the place‚ or thought he found it, but was afraid to try it or go in. But anyhow, I remember the last thing he said was that he had found this was true and he believed it, and we had apparently found the way. That was it!—And I woke from the dream.

41. WHEN I WENT BACK TO SLEEP, THEN I HAD THAT OTHER FUNNY DREAM, LIKE WE WERE BACK ON THAT SAME HUGE SHIP and it was coming slowly up the same dark, dark river. We were trying to get off, and as it came close to this wharf I said, "I'd better jump first to see if we can make it, and then you jump and I'll help you, catch you." We had to jump off the high deck of the ship onto the wharf in the dark. I made it, but you missed it and fell in the water. I waited a moment 'cause I thought you'd come right up and I'd reach down and pull you out, but you didn't come up! That's when I jumped in after you and sank down, down‚ down in this dark cold deep dirty water! I'll never forget what a nightmare that was! Finally I felt your tiny hand slip gently around my foot‚ and I was so relieved I'd found you!—And I woke up!

42. BUT TO GET BACK TO THE "GREEN DOOR" DREAM: THE LAST I SAW OF COOSA HE WAS SAYING: "THIS IS OUR JOB, this is our business, and it's none of your business! You just get out of here!" He was somebody very, very important. I mean, he's the only leader I'd met!—The other guy was just a desk clerk, and there were the people up and down the halls, but he was the only really important man that I met at all. She called him "The Boss!"—Coosa: That might make sense if it was actually a name. I was trying to figure out if it was the initials of something, or spelt something backwards—Asooc. But Gracie and his secretary both said, "Coosa."

43. IN OTHER WORDS, IT WAS LIKE IF WE DIDN'T WANT TO REGISTER WE HAD NO BUSINESS BEING THERE! If we didn't want to stay and register and enter in we couldn't stay if we weren't registered.—Like a hotel or a hospital with visitors. But we couldn't tell them what to do or how to run their business, or in other words‚ how to run Hell!

44. (MARIA: YOU HAD IT ON YOUR MIND WHY THE FLOODS ARE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW IN MEXICO AND INDIA, and you said something about the floods and earthquakes. It had something to do with the dream.—What was it?) It was like that was all a part of their operation or something.—Like all the different things like disasters were their business. Now that makes sense!

45. THEN‚ WHAT WE SAW OUTSIDE THE HOSPITAL‚ ALL THESE WARS AND ALL THIS MACHINERY‚ AND ALL THE EVIL SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENTATION AND SO ON, THAT IS ALL THE DEVIL'S BUSINESS!—War and false science and evil inventions and automobiles, etc.! Outside there were nothing but endless factories and chemical plants and refineries and all this huge horrible mess It just cluttered up the landscape something awful!—Industries, pollution and all that kind of junk! It was horrible!

46. I MEAN, YOU TALK ABOUT MY IDEA OF HELL, ABOUT THE CLOSEST THING I CAN THINK OF ON EARTH THAT'S LIKE HELL IS THESE BIG CITIES LIKE NEW YORK! Outside down there it was about like New York—all these buildings and factories, battlefields, rocket launching pads, all these horrible creations of man, that's what that was! Obviously, therefore, they must be the ingenious inspirations of the Devil, all of these things that the Devil has inspired man to create. It was kind of like that was his surface operation outside the hospital or this big building. That was his surface operation, and we were inspecting the underground operation.

47. (MARIA: YOU WANTED TO REMEMBER THE "DISCOMFORT THE SPIRITS SUFFERED THROUGH THE UNDERGROUND ATOMIC EXPLOSIONS upsetting the underground balance and causing the strata to shift, which caused the earthquakes." How was that?) My impression was that man was tampering with the forces of darkness and upsetting the balances of God's Creation, in that the storms and floods were related to the earthquakes and the underground explosions.—How about that! I remember dreaming something about that! It's funny I couldn't remember anything about it. It must be that I was still pretty much in the spirit.

48. (MARIA: THERE ARE SEVERAL THINGS YOU MENTIONED THAT YOU CAN'T REMEMBER NOW.) I'm sorry I'm still kind of in the spirit or out of it or something! I'm still a little woozy! I hardly ever am dizzy, but after that powder he threw in my eyes it made me so dizzy that when I came through that ripple out of that cellar through that time warp or whatever it was, that kind of made me dizzy too! You sure got a crazy old prophet!

49. WELL IT MUST MEAN SOMETHING!—REMINDS ME A LITTLE BIT OF ALICE IN WONDERLAND! Coosa reminded me a little of that guy in charge of those zombies in "Night Slaves"! It also reminded me a little of that TV thing we saw about the people that after death, arrived in the "Garden of Eden," as it was called. Each one had what he had always wanted, and what he'd always been doing, but they discovered they were all dead‚ and though they had their heart's desire, now that's all they'd ever get: There was never any hope of any change‚ no release, no change, always the same forever!—And this was hell on Earth! I meant it had an element of that a little bit. It shows you there's some truth that God's trying to get across in some of those things. I mean there's a message! (Maria: And the movie, "Night Slaves," where the people were temporarily transported to work all night under supernatural control.)

50. (MARIA: YOU SAID "ASSIGNMENTS"—THAT WAS A POINT YOU TOLD ME THAT YOU WANTED TO REMEMBER ABOUT THE "GREEN DOOR" DREAM: "Check in at the desk, and then assignments.") Well, it was like checking into a hotel, hospital or school: You're assigned your room and your job.—Or at a school you get your assignments.—Or, in the military, your orders. But we didn't check in, we didn't register, and that's why they were after us. We had no business being there, we weren't registered.—Thank God we weren't registered! My Lord! What a hell of a place!

51. (MARIA: YOU ALREADY TOLD ME ABOUT THE CYPRUS SPIRITS AND THE BRITISH SPIRITS?) IT WAS THE CYPRUS SPIRITS THAT HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH THAT TRIP. They came in the Cyprus wine. It was the Cyprus spirits that had something to do with that trip—very, very ancient spirits, very old. Ol' Makarios will sure be surprised to find out he's not only bottling wine but spirits over there, and shipping them all over the world!—Ha! You know how loaded Cyprus is with spirits—I mean it's got spirits thousands of years old there!—How's that for "vintaged"—Ha?—Thousands of years of the dead, and great and famous, too!

52. THINK OF IT! (LAUGHS: ) ONE OF CYPRUS' MOST IMPORTANT PRODUCTS. THE EXPORTATION OF SPIRITS all over the world!—Bottling wine and spirits together and shipping them all over the world!—How 'bout that! You know spirits require some kind of vehicle usually‚ it's a strange thing, they seem to require a vehicle of some kind. I remember thinking of "I Dream of Jeannie". You know, her living in the bottle Well, that's an old belief of some kind that spirits sometimes lived in bottles, particularly liquor bottles. They were contained in the liquor. Isn't that funny?

53. WELL, I GUESS THAT WOULD CERTAINLY MAKE A VERY GOOD VEHICLE WITH WHICH TO GET INTO PEOPLE! So dear ol' Makarios is exporting wine and spirits, of which they've got plenty of both in Cyprus! That's really a dilly! PTL! God bless you! I love you! Can you put up with your ol' Crazy Crusader? Thank you! Maybe that's why we had such a hard time getting the tops off the Cyprus bottles: They wanted to make sure those spirits were bottled in there tight! We couldn't get the top off either one of those bottles! It was really funny!

54. (TO MARIA:) YOU DON'T REMEMBER HAVING ANY PECULIAR FEELINGS? WE WERE LIKE FOREIGN SPIRITS and not under control, like strangers wandering in, and they were concerned about us. We were not prisoners, but they were trying to capture us and control us and trying to guide us. They seemed to be actually afraid of us and concerned about our movements because we were questioning what was going on, trying to analyse it.

55. THERE WERE SO MANY CORRIDORS AND SO MANY ROOMS!—Then there was the great ship in the very dark river. I must remember how Maria led me and rescued me and led the way and brought me out, and the way she ran ahead and insisted that I had to follow.

56. THE ESCAPE DOOR WAS LIKE A GRAVE leading under the little building—same size and shape as a grave—and it came out from under that little building like a cellar door. It led under some kind of utility building or old closed burial crypt or something not used any more, part of a park or cemetery.—The door was all covered with vines and weeds and it was green. But when we looked back after leaving it was all dry and dead and very dark.

57. I KEPT THINKING, "I MUST REMEMBER THE LOCATION, exactly where it is and the angle from the end of the street and its exact position, so I won't forget if we want to find it again." It reminded me afterwards of Alice in Wonderland and the Rabbit hole.—There must be something very spiritual about that story!

58. I'VE THOUGHT OF THE DISCOMFORT THE SPIRITS MAY HAVE SUFFERED THROUGH THE UNDERGROUND ATOMIC EXPLOSIONS upsetting the underground balance causing the strata to shift, which caused the earthquakes. That's their realm, you know. They're confined there. My impression was that man was tampering with the forces of darkness and upsetting the balance of God's Creation, and that the storms and floods were related to the earthquakes and the underground explosions.

59. I HAD A FEELING LIKE WE WERE ALWAYS ON THE RUN BECAUSE THEY WERE SEARCHING FOR US BECAUSE WE DIDN'T BELONG THERE, and when we went to sleep in that room they locked the door and were trying to decide what to do with us, but somehow we got out. They weren't trying to hurt us, but always trying to corral us‚ as we had sort of upset things by coming down there‚ because we weren't supposed to be there. We apparently didn't belong there. It was almost like we were invaders. The impression was that we were finding out things we weren't supposed to know or they didn't want to be known, and they were afraid we were going to discover what was happening, and we would find out and tell.

60. I REMEMBER ALSO THINKING IT WAS A LITTLE LIKE DANTE'S "INFERNO" and his trip to the underground regions, but sort of a modern style version. I remember thinking it was funny that Dante saw Hell in the terms of his experience and his day and the things he could relate to‚ and what I was seeing was sort of a modern streamline version of my day! I remember thinking‚ "Do you suppose Hell has undergone any changes to sort of bring it up to date?"

61. I REMEMBER I WANTED TO STAY AND LOOK AROUND and investigate further, but you said we had to go quick before I went to sleep. Boy, we sure barreled out of there in a hurry! The powder that grey-haired keeper who was taking Gracie away threw in my eyes made me so sleepy! I began to get drowsy and you grabbed me by the hand and started running.

62. THE EXIT was right behind the desk and I couldn't understand why it wasn't guarded, but nobody seemed to know it was there but us, or even be able to find it, but us. It was like it was hidden from them and we were the only ones who knew where it was. Can't remember how we got in, but we must have come in the same way because it seemed to be the only entrance or exit and the reception desk seemed to control it.

63. THESE WERE DIFFERENT SPIRITS, MUCH MORE ANCIENT and more Egyptian and from Cyprus and they came in or with the Cyprus wine, but the British wine brings Old English British spirits. Cyprus wine brings ancient, very‚ very ancient Eastern Mediterranean spirits. This dream had something to do with them. I don't know what.

64. THE DOOR WE FOUND WAS IN BRITAIN because I remember listening carefully to the voice of somebody in a house by the graveyard as we came out‚ and I was so relieved to find they had a British accent. But the underground seemed to go everywhere, and, although we made our entrance and exit in Britain, it was the power of the spirits of Cyprus that brought the dream. They're the ones that engineered it and introduced us and seemed to be guiding us, and showing us.

65. HALLELUJAH! HE CANNOT FAIL, FOR THE SPIRIT WORLD IS WITH HIM! (MARIA: WHO ARE YOU SPEAKING OF?—DAVID?) NO, GADDAFI.—Otherwise he wouldn't have a chance. It is all in the spirit world. Everything is going on in the spirit world. What's happening on the surface is nothing but a little physical manifestation of the real action. Where the real action is is in the spirit world and it is in full control. You don't have to worry. Everything's under control.

66. I DIDN'T WANT TO COME BACK. EVEN HELL IS MORE INTERESTING THAN THIS WORLD, but you made me. I don't know why you seemed to think we had to get out of there. We didn't belong there. Anyway, they didn't seem to want us there. It was almost like they were afraid we were going to tell what was going on.

67. WHAT A HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE CONCEPTION OF HELL!: IT WAS LIKE A MAGNIFIED EXTENSION OF THIS LIFE OF HELL ON EARTH! That's the best explanation of Hell I ever heard! The prostitute continues to be a prostitute, but she is no longer under her own control and there is no escape. The soldier continues to relive his battlefield experiences and all of that hell! And the politician continues to suffer the agony of shame and scandal and reproach and disgrace, like Nitler, all alone, so tired, so weary, he has no rest, no peace!

68. IT WAS ALMOST LIKE THERE WAS NO TRUTH THERE‚ because you didn't know what to believe! You didn't know what was fact and what was fancy, because when you got around to one side of the desk you're behind some of those people. It's like you got around to look at them edge on and they'd disappear!—Like Polaroid refraction. If you got around to a certain angle edge on, instead of head on or face on, it all disappeared‚ so you didn't know what was real and what wasn't.

69. AND THE SCIENTIST KEPT ON AT HIS ENDLESS, INTERMINABLE EXPERIMENTS, never satisfied, never finding any end. It was all a very nice well-organised place, but it was really hell! There was no end, no peace, no rest, and you didn't know what was truth! Everybody just had to keep going.

70. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHO MR. COOSA WAS. It seemed like he was supposed to be like our counsellor or guide, the one in charge of us. When we went to his office, he wasn't there. But then we went into another office, his secretary's office. Gracie was one of his secretaries‚ and she showed us this material she'd been sewing on the sewing machine and his name was embroidered on it. When I looked at his name, I thought, "I must remember how to spell it!—It must have some significance." Everybody has somebody in charge of them‚ and he was our counsellor or guide. Gracie had to do whatever they said. She couldn't resist them—it was like she belonged there.

71. BUT WE SEEMED TO BE INDEPENDENT SPIRITS THEY COULDN'T CONTROL. We'd come, but we still had a will of our own and were able to make decisions and do as we pleased and to run and escape if we wanted to. (To Maria: ) You don't remember a thing about the whole trip? (Maria remembers nothing.)—I thought you'd remember, because you were so strong!—You just refused to stay, you ran off and I was afraid I'd lose you and I had to run after you. You don't remember when we came up through that green grave door that it was like a ripple that went over us all of a sudden? You don't remember that transformation at all?

72. I REMEMBER THINKING IT WAS JUST LIKE THAT TIME I DIED, ONLY IT WAS IN REVERSE. I was in the spirit‚ and then when I came up through the door into human natural physical life in the material world, this funny ripple passed all through my body and all of a sudden I was in my body and lying here in my bed, just like I'd been dead or died again. All of a sudden I came back to life, like a resurrection.

73. THOSE MEDITERRANEAN SPIRITS ARE STRONG SPIRITS! They're very interesting though—so old! They know so much! (Maria: And they came through your wine?) Yes. How about that?—Bottled Cyprus spirits imported from Cyprus! Seems like they have to have some kind of vehicle for some reason, like the swine in the Bible, or "I Dream of Jeannie's" bottle, or Aladdin's Lamp! They're totally different from the British spirits. They have lots more flavour and they're much stronger and much older, and they're full of much, much more ancient wisdom and knowledge! They really know the score! These British spirits are almost like novices by comparison.

74. THE REAL CENTRE OF THINGS IS IN EGYPT. Seems like those spirits' headquarters are in Egypt. Those Cyprus spirits know all about that. They understand Egypt. They know what's going on. But you know what? They're not under the total control of the Devil!—None of them are! He's sort of the manager of his department, but they're all under the control of the Lord, and they know it, and there is nothing they can do without the Lord permitting them! The Devil is under His control and all of the spirits are in the control of the Lord, and they have to do whatever He says!

75. THERE IS SOMETHING VERY BIG COMING UP THEY'RE ALL GETTING READY FOR. They're all excited. Their attitude was, "Don't you know what's about to happen?—This is the big thing! This is really it!—The grand finale!"—They're all excited! They know what's going on. Something big is going on and about to happen in Egypt. (Could it be the Egyptian-Libyan merger scheduled for Sept.1st?) The spirit world is all excited about it!—But you jerked me by the hand and you ran out, and I didn't even have a chance to find out what was happening!

76. I HAD TO CHASE AFTER YOU BECAUSE I WAS AFRAID YOU'D GET LOST, and I told you not to go out that door or we wouldn't be able to get back in. I don't know why you always want to get out and run and run and run and pull me to the door! I don't think that's very nice of you, Honey, to be so stubborn and insistent.—It was such an interesting place! I don't know if I can find the door again. I don't know if it is permitted.

77. NOW, WHO WANTS TO TAKE MORE TRIPS TO HELL!—Not very many people! Dante made the trip, but I don't remember that he wanted to go back. Besides, the door is all overgrown and covered now by many strong powerful weeds like guarding spirits‚ and I don't think we can go back.

78. THE SCIENTIST AT THE CONFERENCE SAID HE DISCOVERED THE DOOR DURING THE WAR in his experiments—that it had something to do with time and space and relativity. But he'd been afraid to tell anybody because he didn't think they'd believe him—like he'd found this crack in Time. It's like he had found something spiritual and was afraid of it! He was British and grey-haired, and when we came out and told our story, he confessed that he knew about the door because he'd found it during his experiments in the psychic or something, but he'd been afraid to go in.

79. BUT WE BOTH WENT IN AND CAME OUT AGAIN! He said it so scared him, that he didn't pursue his experiments any further when the war was over, and his project was cancelled. But it was like he was confirming our story that it did exist and the door was there and it could be entered, and that time warp or overlap was like a crack where you could slip in between the worlds from one to the other.

80. IT'S SORT OF LIKE PASSING FROM THE FLESH TO THE SPIRIT‚ WHICH OF COURSE IS LIKE DEATH. It's really very simple: Everybody does it when they die! The spirit world is so interesting! Even Hell is far more interesting than this life! I wanted to stay there a little longer and see what it was like, but you wouldn't stay.—You tried to drag me out! But then you knew I would run after you, so you ran. You knew I would, didn't you?—Of course! You knew I would be so afraid we'd get separated that I would run after you!

81. YOU HAVE THAT CONTROL OVER ME. I don't know if that's always good or not. Maybe it is, because Jesus put me here in your care. You knew I'd run after you.—You wouldn't even hold my hand! You were out of sight on the spiral staircase, so I ran after you because I didn't want to get separated from you, Honey. I didn't want you to run out the door and leave me behind.

82. ALL OF A SUDDEN I WOKE UP AND I WAS HERE AND I COULD FEEL MY BODY AGAIN. It was really a terrible disappointment! It wouldn't have mattered if I'd gone to sleep. I would have been transported to wherever I belonged. But in the spirit I could have become a spirit if you'd let me go to sleep! I was learning so many interesting things about how God runs things and takes care of the departed spirits!

83. GRACIE WAS LIKE THIS GREY-HAIRED KEEPER'S PERSONAL PROSTITUTE‚ AND SHE LIVED IN HIS QUARTERS with her two children, and I was trying to get her out. But he wouldn't let me take her away‚ and that's when I picked up the broomstick and tried to hit him, and he threw that powder in my eyes and said, "Here!—This will take care of you!" And I began to get so sleepy and dizzy, and he just turned back and went calmly down the polished corridor to Gracie's room, as though that was the end of me! That's when you grabbed me by the hand and said, "We've got to go!" That little building was at the end of that long dark country street.

84. BUT I MUST CONFESS I THINK I WAS KIND OF GLAD TO BE BACK IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING! I remember thinking how I'd much, much rather die than go back to America, that horrible hell on earth!—Even Hell itself would be better! I must remember all those things!—The Statesman; the lovely country road; the Egyptian barges; the Chinese junk.—They looked like ceremonial barges, like the Egyptian ships they buried in the tombs with the Pharaohs.

85. —AND THERE WAS A LITTLE HIPPIE SLAVE GIRL standing on the back end of one of those boats turning this big wheel with a big handle that apparently made the boat go. She looked up so hopelessly and helplessly, like she was bound to that job forever! Maybe that round and round motion is symbolic of drugs. She was real ragged.


87. LATER WE WENT INTO THIS HUGE THEATRE. IT WAS A PART OF THE HOSPITAL BUILDING, LIKE AN AUDITORIUM, where all the people were gathering in compulsory attendance. It was there we saw Gracie and her children sitting over against the wall on the right, and we wondered what they were doing there.—That was the first time we saw her. So we went over and sat down beside them and started asking her questions. But she was afraid and said, "I can't talk to you now," and she got up quick and left.—Like she was afraid of getting caught talking to us. She grabbed her kids and ran out a side exit and we followed her, and I guess that's how we found her in her little sewing room.

88. WHEN YOU WERE TRYING TO DRAG ME DOWN THAT SPIRAL STAIRCASE, I FLATLY REFUSED TO GO, BUT YOU'RE A REAL PSYCHOLOGIST!—I was too heavy and you couldn't pull me, so you just let go of my hand and ran, because you knew good and well I'd run after you! I thought, "My Lord! I've got to run after her and take care of her!"—And so I did.—That's how I followed you out the "Green Door". You were running like Hell was after you!

89. THERE WAS THIS STRANGE EXTENSION OF EACH LIFE UNDER TOTAL CONTROL IN THAT POLISHED HELL! All the people were prisoners or inmates. After the dream I'm still very dizzy, the same sort of dizzy feeling I had when I would change the angle of my vision, if I would turn my head just so, I would go from one dimension into the other. (I've now been dizzy for seven days after the dream!—Reminds me of Daniel 8:27: "After the vision I fainted and was sick certain days"!)

90. WE SEEMED TO HAVE AN APPOINTMENT WITH MR. COOSA. Everything was compulsory. This grey-haired master was very distinguished looking, a very outstanding authoritative man with long wavy silvery-grey hair, and he looked terrific in that beautiful form-fitting sparkling silvery suit which completely enclosed his body except for his hands and head!—Kind of a shimmering, sparkling material, almost like some kind of soft woven metallic material. The suits had some kind of magical or mystically powerful quality to them: It seemed like they protected them and helped them to fly and everything. He looked like a distinguished English gentleman. His secretary and Gracie called him Coosa.

91. IT WAS IN THE BIG STATEROOM THAT WE FOUND NITLER ALL CURLED UP ON THE BENCH LIKE A BABY, sucking his thumb and whimpering. It reminded me of those dreams we had recently about him having some kind of breakdown and being in a monastery or mental hospital all alone!—Then we ran out of the building to where the war was going on‚ but it was horrible!—So we ran back into the building. But it seemed you couldn't stay there without being registered.—Everybody had to have some kind of Registration.

92. (FIVE DAYS AFTER THE DREAM WHILE BEGINNING TO WORK ON THIS COPY FOR PUBLICATION DAVID WAS STILL WEAK AND SICK AND DIZZY. It struck me suddenly that the evil spirits were specifically trying to kill him off before he could tell what he had found out! When I mentioned this to him‚ he broke out in strong prophecy with interpretation:) "O God‚ Thou art our Help and our Strength! Thou art our strong Sword! Thou art our Shield and Buckler, the only defense of David, Thou art our strong Tower, Thou art our Fortress, and our Hiding Rock, our Refuge forever for Thy David! In Jesus' Name!

93. "—I REBUKE YOU, OPLEXICON, IN THE NAME OF JESUS! WE RESIST YOU, SATAN, IN JESUS' NAME! (MO: I have to pray it out loud.—By thy words shalt thou be justified, and by thy words shalt thou be condemned.) Resist them by the power of Thy Spirit through the words Thou hast given unto David! (Prophecy:) O God‚ why hast Thou revealed these mysteries, these awful mysteries—unto Thy servant David?—These terrifying mysteries!"

94. (LATER WHEN MO HEARD OF THE BRITISH SUBMARINE THAT SANK:) THEY WERE INVADING THE REALMS OF THE EVIL SPIRITS, and the spirits didn't like it! They have powers there! It's almost like the men went into the subterranean spirit world, and the spirits didn't like it. Certain spirits seem confined to certain realms‚ like under the earth and sea, and that is their assigned domain and they control it and rule there, and they don't like it being invaded or disturbed by man!—That's why man has so much trouble down there. That whole operation was jinxed!

95. SO WATCH OUT, BELOVED, FOR THAT "GREEN DOOR"! It may lead to a realm where you don't really belong and certainly would never want to be! So be sure you don't register there! Have your name put in the Lamb's Book of Life in Heaven so you'll be sure you've got your reservation confirmed for one of those mansions in God's golden Space City instead!—That's the place you'll be happy forever with Jesus!—If you love and receive and live for Him now‚ you can enjoy Him and Heaven forever!

96. THEN YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE AFRAID WHEN IT COMES TIME TO ENTER THAT "GREEN DOOR"—you'll know which direction you're going!—Not down to a polished Hell, but up to a happy Heaven!—God bless you!—See you there!—Amen?

There's a funny old song we used to sing called "The Green Door" by Marvin Moore and Bob Davie and sung by Frankie Vaughan on an old Philips label back in the fifties. It's like the heartcry of a lost soul who doesn't know where it leads:

MIDNIGHT, one more night without sleepin'.

Watchin' till the morning comes creepin'.

Green Door, what's that secret you're keepin'?

THERE'S AN OLD piano and they play it hot behind the Green Door.

Don't know what they're doing but they laugh a lot behind the Green Door.

Wish they'd let me in so I could find out what's behind the Green Door.


MIDNIGHT, one more night without sleepin'.

Watchin' till the morning comes creepin'.

Green Door, what's the secret you're keepin'?

Green Door, what's the secret you're keepin'?

Green Door!

KNOCKED ONCE, tried to tell 'em I'd been there.

Door slammed, hospitality's thin there,

Wonder just what's goin' on in there.

SAW AN EYEBALL peepin' through the smoky cloud behind the Green Door.

When I said, "MO sent me," someone laughed out loud behind the Green Door.

All I want to do is join the happy crowd behind the Green Door.

(Chorus: )

MIDNIGHT, one more night without sleepin'.

Watchin' till the morning comes creepin'.

Green Door, what's the secret you're keepin'?

Green Door‚ what's the secret you're keepin'?

Green Door!

Is that final "Green Door" gonna lead you to the "happy crowd" that "laughs out loud" in some naked hippie heaven—or to the sad, endless agonies of a polished Systemite hell?—Are you ready for that Green Door?